Draw Around!

Draw Around!

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  • Current Version: 1.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Draw Around! App

Use your finger to draw pictures. Don't simply break your pen and you'll be alright. Prove your drawing skills with hundreds of handmade levels! More levels are keep coming.

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  • Boring!!! 1/5

    By jjhhjyohyo
    This game is so boring all you do is pus on your phone/ tablet and after you latterly do anything you have an ad like you get a prize NOPE you get an ad you get done NOPE you get an ad you get close NOPE you get an ad Ike every single thing you do YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD AND ITS SOOOO BORING I do NOT recommend this game 😕😐😕
  • 👍 5/5

    By Dominic Tarento
    I givAre you at
  • Wth 1/5

    By Tearsofchi
    Honestly, there is one word to sum up this "game". ADS. Finish a level, 30 second ad. Get 3 keys, watch a 40 second ad. Open a FREE box, using, shocking, an Ad! I got this app because it looked like fun, and after about 3 minutes, I deleted it. I bet you all EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 5 star reviews are from people who work for the company that made this. If your making a game, don't make it an excuse to get money. WORK LIKE THE REST OF US YOU JERKS.
  • Meh😐 1/5

    By NTGaming
    It’s not the most fun and interesting game ever. I won’t recommend it to anyone and I’m a kid sooo,yeah.And kids like everything .And just like everybody else said, there are way to many ads .👎💩
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Jona Wena
    I mean the game is pretty decent it’s self but like I’m on stage 11 and it’s impossible please fix it also the ads are annoying and thank you.
  • Boring🙄 3/5

    By Rudegal107
    All we do is tap the screen I thought we were DRAWING
  • Suitable for toddler 1/5

    By Dfgiuybnmcxz

    By CatzelYT
    I love this game so much whether I’m playing it just before bed or whenever. One thing is that there are so many ads. I just turn airplane mode on to deal with that. I understand that since it’s a free game it has to have ads, but maybe cut down on the number of ads a little because it ruins the game a bit. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS! I was on level 102 I believe and it just recycled old levels. I WANT MORE THIS IS SO FUN PLEASE!! 5 stars definitely!

    By bskull12
    My name is Bella I’m 6 years old and I love this amazBals game
  • Game is a joke. You watch ads constantly 1/5

    By The game critics of America
    I honestly feel like the point of this game is to watch ads. -finish a level. Watch ad -unlock something by playing the game. You need to watch an ad to actually get what you unlocked. -get a free box. Watch ad to open it And I’m honestly probably missing other reasons why this game makes you watch an ad. And they aren’t even short simple ads either, everyone one is at least 30 seconds. Lol to bad you couldn’t give zero or negative stars cause that’s what this deserves. I feel generous giving it one star cause that’s as low as it can go.
  • Too much ads and crashes😡😤 2/5

    By Logi😌
    This game is okay but one problem. The ads!! It’s like every game like this has ads and you have to pay 2.99!😤 The game crashes too😡 So I don’t understand!!
  • YEYE 5/5

    By emma linkous
    I love this place I love this app
  • I been playing for one day and I love it 5/5

    By ayon olvera
    I been
  • Ads are SO BAD 1/5

    By tvtcftctvytcb
    I though this game when you do it you don’t just hold down on the screen I though you have to drag your finger and it’s just not fun I just got this game and it is so BAD it’s looks good in the ad but irl it’s BORING
  • Hashdjemde 5/5

    By Lodweed
  • Umm okay 3/5

    By Toeys rule
    I love the concept, but the game needs work. Every time finish a drawing I have to turn the page, to a new drawing and the ADS the ads are so annoying and, you have to watch an ad to get a reward so this is good but needs work, thanks
  • Way too many ads 3/5

    By My dog Thor
    Could be a lot of fun if there wasn’t long ads between levels. You can only get through 2 levels before you’re stuck at a 30 second ad. Not worth it
  • Why lie? 2/5

    By wolfie1012009
    I downloaded this games because I thought it was going to be fun which it is don’t get me wrong but you DONT EVEN PLAY THE GAME you just hold the screen down and wait for ads to pop up every 3 minutes and the ads take FOREVER!I just don’t understand why you would lie about drawing yourself I’m really disappointed but other people may like this game
  • Goooooooooood 5/5

    By toddpruzan
    Relaxing af ! Love it
  • That’s what ads are for 5/5

    By jojojo leka
    Yes it is a really good app but ads!!!! Everyone’s enemy! But guys there are ads so the developers can get money
  • Why the flip is it 12+ 5/5

    By uvyjvgvhvh
    Why is 12+ im 7 bruh nvm
  • Bad review 1/5

    By jmoney38373738383838
    This game is fun but There is a default in it when you reach level 100 you start it over
  • Fun but 4/5

    By plolp1235799
    I’m totally in love so addicting but my only problem is their is way too many adds I don’t care about another’s apps I just want to play the one I downloaded but anyway it’s super fun.
  • It’s ok. It’s nothing special 2/5

    By hannah abc
  • The game 5/5

    By ahehehwu
    This game is soo amazing you need to play the game you will not regret it
  • Ad 1/5

    By Spinner Blue
    I got this game because of the ad. I know I shouldn’t trust ads but I really thought that you got to draw :/ like what is the point in just holding down on a screen?! If you fine just pressing a screen then you found you app (also your weird) Like I get not drawing I guess but I wish there was more action and stuff like you have to hold down and if you go too long you start over or something different and more fun!
  • Too many ads and too simple 2/5

    By Blue pony kiln 14356
    Way to many ads. It’s not challenging at all and maybe this is meant for kids I’m not too sure. However even if it is there is an add between every single level. Anyone would get frustrated with that. It’s ridiculous.
  • Bad game 2/5

    By wdldshopper
    This game isn't awful, but I wouldn't say its good either. It's very clearly a cash grab. You don't even PLAY the game, you just hold down the screen and wait for ads. If you like watching the game do the work for you... Then this is the game for you. Also beware of the false gifts. I played about 5 levels to get a new pen holder. The holder comes, but I have to watch an ad to get it. EVERY gift is only accessible by ad. What's the point then? What is the point of this game, other than money? It's hardly even addicting, let alone fun. The only action in this game is lifting your finger. Please make real games. Thanks.
  • Good ...at first 3/5

    By soker kid 87
    At first it’s super fun but from the beginning it was really easy and I thought it would get harder, it didn’t, I completed every level in 1-2 days , and now it’s just repeating levels it started doing this at level 100-110, repeating cups it gives me , so my only hope for this game in the future is that it gets more levels and for the game to be harder , I also wish that the game would get different “holders “ or cups because it’s repeating through those too , any way have a wonderful day and remember, I don’t decide if you get the game , you do 😁
  • It’s good 4/5

    By Sandra, lololololo...
    Ok so I love this game and it’s pretty fun! I have a few reasons why it’s not the best...1: I don’t completely understand the meaning of the game I mean do you have the stick not hit you cause the pen just goes on and on.2: maybe you can lower down the adds I mean it’s not too bad cause I’ve seen a lot worse. Anyways you did a great job you should be proud!✌🏻😆👻👍🏻🥳😎😋🤪
  • Freeze 5/5

    By fcgvtvrc
    The game keeps freezing when I try to switch my pen please fix it also I love this game.😝
  • zayn 5/5

    By 1929zayn
  • On the first 3 levels no obsticals 4/5

    By chanocster4
    Try not get the pen broken
  • Amazing but needs some work 4/5

    By Ava kiernan
    I love this game but there are SOOOOO many adds. Every time I flip the page there’s a add it annoys me so much but I still like the game.
  • Drawing 3/5

    By hayib d
    It’s fun to draw best game ever
  • Fun🤪🤪🤪🤪 5/5

    By coolkid22222222282828288192
    It’s really fun and cool nothing bad about it.🐷👌🏻😆☺️😀
  • All you do is tap and hold? 1/5

    By Stef12420
    The ad I saw made it seem like you would be drawing on the screen but you literally just tap and hold the screen and that’s it. Lol I feel so dumb for even downloading this. If you’re looking for a game where you don’t even need to look at your phone, this one is for you!!!
  • Oof 5/5

    By ndbrfhfdbdjsk
  • Pretty good game 4/5

    By gymnastics lady
    I really like this game but it’s a little tiny bit boring i’ve only played three rounds so far so that’s probably why
  • Sanazap 1/5

    By sanazap88
    Are you kidding me ?the game is drawing not player
  • Ok it’s a good game but...... 4/5

    By SRM_atc
    So it is a really good game but you can’t draw your self but it is a good game 👍🏻
  • I love you 5/5

    By Foe65
    You are the best
  • So fun 5/5

    By tiyteif c
    This game is super fun and it will keep you up all night last you won’t be able to put your phone down🤩
  • Crashes 😬 3/5

    By 🤭🤗😳
    Whenever I try to watch an ad to get 3x gems or 3+ prize boxes, the game crashes
  • Fun game but to many ads 4/5

    By jaygirl2253
    I think this game is fun but it seems every time I turn the page theres another ad and barely any game time. But the game concept is ambitious
  • Quick money grab 1/5

    By android user on apple
    Just like all the other games you make, there is barely any skill needed to play this game and all it is a quick money grab. I would not recommend this game if your not a 5 year old and considering your reading this your not. If you want a good game I recommend spending 2 dollars on geometry dash or 7 dollars on Minecraft. If you don’t have that money get roblox, it’s free. Anyways don’t get trash money grabs like this.
  • One problem 5/5

    By Arianna Colon
    I wish I can do the drawing not just put my finger on the screen that makes it easier for me but I don’t like easy but everything else it’s okay sorry if I am giving hate But you tried
  • Draw Around 5/5

    By camlilly
    This game is AWESOME
  • Repetitive 2/5

    By JrodRuhl
    I agree the game is fun, however, the levels repeat themselves and it’s the same levels over and over again, which makes it less fun.

Draw Around! app comments

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