Draw Car 3D

Draw Car 3D

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  • Current Version: 17
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Draw Car 3D App

You have never played a race like this before! Draw your car and win the race!  Any drawing will become a car! If you are stuck draw another car until you pass the obstacle!

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  • It’s not bad 1/5

    By undjdhhd
    It’s a fun game that you can play all day but it’s boring.For me when I’m in the middle of a game it logs me out and I have to go back on.And then it does it again and it’s annoying.
  • Ughh I hate this 1/5

    By Jacey Registet
    I hate level 99 it’s the BIGGEST scam you always end up losing the other player ends up jumping the little thing and you’re stuck there going over it and it’s just not fair I WILL be deleting the app it’s just UGHH!!!!!
  • Me and my Dad loved it.. but... 1/5

    By 40EggsDied
    Okay, me and my dad played all the time, but since the new update things have gotten bad. My dad was around level 400, but when the update came out he got reset. I was at level 78, and now when I finish a level it says “Level 7 Completed” or whatever. Also, we can’t figure out how to change our name. The ads have gotten really long, and your car is nearly ALWAYS flipping!
  • Play Watch Ad Repeat 3/5

    By KmooRising
    Like too many other games like this, prepare to play for 30 secs to 2mins then watch and add for 15 - 45secs after EVER run. I understand the need for ads but this type of balance is excessive. This has been a practice that has to go. If this means fewer games then so be it, better than making this practice acceptable and the norm.
  • There’s better out there for sure :( 2/5

    By A_Mac99
    Kind of a lame game... LOTS of ads and there’s no free play. You’re always up against someone else and a lot of the time they’re at a higher skill level than you- which means their car is faster and they automatically win. When you don’t win, you get a red ‘FAIL’. It’s not a very great game, and most of the ads are for horrible war/evil games. If you don’t watch the ad, you don’t get the point/upgrade, but they take your coins anyways. Hard to advance and not worth the time.
  • Ad Greedy 1/5

    By Meg010207
    You get to play for 5 seconds and then watch a 15 second ad. The levels aren’t even hard so far
  • You literally cannot loose. 1/5

    Yeah don’t think you’re slick, if you are falling behind, you’ll notice that the other “player” stops moving until you catch up. It’s nearly impossible to loose because of this, I want a challenge, not to be pampered by AI.
  • Bad update 3/5

    By Rockydog Monte
    I used to love this game, felt like you were racing real people. but the update made it kind of corny and childish, and has me racing the same fake opponent over and over.
  • Very fun but needs more content 4/5

    By Eradico
    This game is very addictive and lots of fun to play. The only downside is that it’s very easy to get all of the “upgrades” quickly and then there is nothing really to work for. I’m sitting on 70,000+ coins with nothing to buy. I would love to have a few additional upgrades and maybe some more tracks that are quite a bit longer.
  • Paid for free ads still got them. 1/5

    By quadAAAA
    Don’t play this game it all a scam. I paid $3 for ad free and still got the same amount of ads.
  • Unlocking Presets 1/5

    By andowns
    Only way to unlock presets is to watch ads, and the ads to unlock them don’t even work most of the time.
  • Way too many adds to enjoy 1/5

    By Moats u
    Way too many adds for any one to enjoy
  • Fun game, but kinda can’t play much... 3/5

    By kamycookies
    Okay, so, this is a fun game that you just can’t turn down. Well, for the first 5 seconds, that is. You are so excited to download this free game but then, you realize, You can’t. You just. Simply. Can’t 1) because there is way to many adds, I get that that’s how a free game earns money and all, but seriously, I didn’t download this app so I can watch a bunch of stupid adds. Yes, you can pay to take them away, but some people don’t want to pay for a video game, smart people. 2) the game is quite laggy and keeps kicking me off. Secret, turn off your WIFI when you start playing this, it saves the glitches and no adds, it helps for people who hate having time wasted on adds, and for people who have a glitchy device. So, voodoo, please, take away some of the adds, let us play aypt least 3 rounds before seeing one, and, less glitchy for the few of us who have bad and/or old devices. Thank you!
  • App is a joke 1/5

    By Smuleam23
    It’s actually hard to LOSE. And the adds are so long and when you click the x it brings you to the App Store every time. I feel like the creators spent like 5 mins making this game.
  • What happened! 3/5

    By 11danoman
    The new update is so weird seems like pixels look messed up too.
  • Did not work! 1/5

    By cheekierosie23
    Every time I tried to play it didn’t work for me. When I kept trying to log in, it would then shut down.
  • It kicks you out as soon as you get in 1/5

    By efghhyhyhyhgbgh
    It kicks you out as soon as you get in
  • Why 3/5

    By lune star
    Amazing game but why the heck is this game 12+ this game is fine you draw cars and race pls change the age rating
  • Hdhdnndj 5/5

    By cat loveer
    Yes I love you I love I can’t do you love I can’t do it I can’t do my hair I love it all you can love to do it all you can do it all you
  • Can someone help me? 3/5

    By Cir_cxxlQ
    How come every time I go to enter the app it says Voodoo Fabrika Games and then just takes me to some Black screen and just kicks me out!!????!! I really wanna play this game because it looks cool on the apps!!!!!!!anyways thanks for something? TikTok:@blackkpoppink Be sure to like!!! YouTube (not much) :•Midnxght• (or •Mxdnight•) Møøn Røse Be sure to Subscribe!!! Thank You, Voodoo! Thank You, Viewers Goodbye! I hope this gets fixed I don’t think anybody had the time or was lazy to read this ☺️😊
  • Couldn’t even play it.🤨 1/5

    By drumgirl411
    I don’t know if this happened to other people but I simply tried to OPEN the app and after 30 seconds of loading it sent me back to the homepage. Tried it again, same result. This happened about 7 times and then I just gave up. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, no other app has ever done this.
  • El juego no sirve 1/5

    By mm,max
    Se me carga y me devuelve a la página principal del iPad
  • Wack 1/5

    By unkn0wnwhy
    The app is refusing to let me open it
  • Doesn’t WORK 3/5

    By Neko_Meko
    I just got this game today and it’s fun but when I wanted a “unlock a random car” I watched an ad but it didn’t work,then I tried it again, IT STILL DOESNT WORK PLEASE FIX.(P.S:I still love the game.Thank you goodbye.)
  • Why? 2/5

    By pugloveryo
    I don’t like this game. There are so many ads. It makes it irritating just to see the same ad for the 50th time. Also a a lot of the things in this game is buggy. It still gives me the option to watch an ad to get a preset after I’ve collected all of them. Also I’m convinced that this game doesn’t have real people. After I stop it seems that the car will also stop. Also why does my cat not have to wait on the other car but they have to wait on me. I feel as if this game is just another one of those games that are for nothing but profit. Although the two stars I did put here are for the actual creativity of the game. I really enjoy that aspect of it. I feel like it could be polished a bit. Thank you for reading.
  • Will not let me in 😡😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By dhifxfyjcgh
    I played it once and then it kicked me out. Every time I tried to go in it, it kicked me out. The one time I played it it was fun but this is a bug they need to fix.
  • Saw this on a tik tok ad 5/5

    By Seoul_Legend
    Simple and fun
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Beckylovesboo
    I don’t like losing and this game makes me lose. I do not recommend . I repeat: I DO NOT RECOMMEND !!!!!!!
  • Terrible crashing 5/5

    By Lucy 🐩 Baker
    So I just get this game and as soon as I opened the app it instantly crashed about a minute after downloading I found myself still not being able to get in
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By hggjvfhbsrnb
    It took forever to load and when it did it kicked me out and I don’t know why. I tried to get back in it over 50 times but it kicked me out every time. Well that’s what ya get when u download a voodoo game. This is the worst game ever.
  • This game is fun but stupid 1/5

    By izzy23485
    The game is fun but it won’t let me play it. Every time I open it, it kicks me out.
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By Agent AaaaaaaaaAaaaa
    It is a horrible game because it won’t even let me in. So DON’T get it and it frizzed ALL the time😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 it NEVER LET ME IN😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺and The worst part of all is... IT IS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Meh 3/5

    By Derpnado21
    The game wouldn’t even load for me. It’s kept kicking me out. It also made my phone turn off a lot.
  • 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 worst game ever 1/5

    By freugih
    It wouldn’t even let me login I reset my phone but it never worked.Good for you the other or use and they said that it sucked to.DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Playable 1/5

    By tghhhghtg
    Can you play it on iPad Make it be able to play and I will give you 5 stars Every time I try to play it it loads then the app crashes
  • Draw race 5/5

    By casual fan1
    I love this game and it makes me very happy I love this game because it gives me the best chance of winning
  • Update problem 1/5

    By ehhejejdmdmmrmfmfmt
    I was having fun with this game but then the update showed up and that’s when the problem showed up. Every time I tried to get back into the app, the game just crashes and I can’t play anymore which is why I’m giving this three stars. Even after I uninstalled it didn’t work.
  • Do Not Download. Gross Game Company 1/5

    By Ashhbashhhh
    Downloaded the game, seemed fun and was enjoying it so I purchased to almost $3 “remove ads” but instead nothing happened Could not restored purchase and spammed my phone to repurchase the in app removal even though I had already been charged This company is disgusting creating copious amounts of game content and just overloading them with money fueling ads and click bait. Requested a refund from Apple for the purchase.
  • Ads!!! 1/5

    By thelongandwindingroad11
    I have tried to buy the no ads over ten times and all this does is make the ads less frequent if doing anything at all.
  • Great game 4/5

    By ConcreteCasey94
    Lots of fun, the only thing is that I’d like more wheels
  • Update 3/5

    By Elostrange
    I downloaded this app, and I enjoyed it a lot until the most recent update. The graphics are completely different and I personally don’t like them as much. When I updated the app, it also glitched out and deleted all of my progress and brought me back to the beginning. I liked it a lot better before the update.
  • Please read. 1/5

    By whbsbskqksvbd
    1. Too many ads. After every frickin level a very annoying 30, some even 45, second long ad shows up. 2. And, the levels? They are all the same thing! They repeat once you get to about level 25. Why??? This is like most, if not all, other voodoo games with levels. It repeats. This gets boring very fast. 3. And what is the point of all the coins? And the wheels? The wheels don’t make you go faster. And all the coins are worthless. After you buy all the wheels, there’s nothing to spend it on. Can we like get customization things? Or buy like rocket boosters for the cars? These very annoying factors make it hard to play the game. After the levels repeat, there’s not much to do. Please take my review into consideration.
  • Bad 1/5

    By mnbbvvcc Z
    When I got a water tank it would not let me go past it
  • Made me buy something 1/5

    By Sugar pop137
    I was checking how much money no ads was and it kept popping up and I accidentally bought it.My mom is really mad at me thanks a lot voodoo
  • Adds 5/5

    By assfghjklqwertyuiop123
    I love the app but to much adds
  • Buggy 2/5

    By MLGgamer86054201
    So after I finish the race and use the keys to open the prizes the prizes won’t open. The only way to get out of this is to close the app and reopen it. Please fix this or add a cancel button, Thank you.

    By Wowboi272
    So, you think you’re cool VooDoo. Not anymore. This is like a streaming app of useless ads that you make money off. You messed up this game and I just downloaded it and it’s ridiculous. Just turn off the ads and get rid of the game. I’m now deleting all the VooDoo apps I have. All because you make your boring apps off ads. You are literally adding slow bots that are helping you win. I’m tired of you not smart developers who are lazy and make money off your useless ad- streaming apps that nobody like AT ALL. I’m tired of it. Give people responses that say what you actually what you will do. If this does not happen, I will give you bad reports always when I report to you.
  • it’s fine i guess 3/5

    By uuer mumay
    the game itself is really fun, but it takes a really long time for it to load up, and it’s laggy. Really laggy. I haven’t been able to finish a race for like 30 tries because it keeps lagging and taking me out of the game and the app completely. It’s really annoying but I still try and play it because it’s fun.
  • Bad 1/5

    By DBasso11
    Cannot open the game. Fix that and I will consider downloading this game again.☠️☠️☠️☠️💩💩💩👻👻👻👻💀💀💀

Draw Car 3D app comments

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