Dream Family Sim - Mommy Story

Dream Family Sim - Mommy Story

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  • Current Version: 5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Epic Win Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dream Family Sim - Mommy Story App

Welcome to the ultimate family simulation game where you will live a kind of a second life virtual story, with your dream husband and children! In this amazing family game, you will have plenty of levels where to take care of your family by accomplishing multiple fun missions and levels! Your goal is just one and simple: decorate your new home and keep happy your family life. Imagine you have your house of dreams and your beautiful family and you really need to make everything works! From creative stuff like decorating the new rooms of your house or painting until more warming mommy experiences like bake cookies in the kitchen with the kids, pet caring or partying with the family! You need to help your super mom into all these activities! And you will be doing that in your amazing big new virtual home, a kind of an elegant penthouse full of moderns spaces and expensive furniture! Now, you need to take care of the bedrooms, terraces, swimming pool, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, play rooms, bathrooms…. Because in this dream family game now you are in charge of all your family member and need to do all activities to keep your family fun and engaged! Take uniform from cupboard and give it to kids, enjoy a barbecue party, play with your kids with the dolls or do some workout… These are just a few examples of this mom job simulator tasks game, where you only have one goal: to become the best super mom for your entire family. And the coolest thing about this game is that you are in full control over the view and perspective, so you are continuously discovering new views of your beautiful 3D house! You can freely move around the whole house, like it was yours in real life! Come on! Join the family and lead this story! Have fun!

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Dream Family Sim - Mommy Story app reviews

  • People 2/5

    By Emilyis50
    The girl in the beginning looks a lot like Alya from Miraculous Ladybug
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Joncarlo Gaming
    Just terrible. Poorly animated
  • Not what you think 1/5

    By chloe the bow
    You would think it would be like sims where you can do tasks and build a family but you have to do what the game says and it doesn’t let you explore your house
  • Bad game 2/5

    By lahsmskks
    This game is not what it says it is it’s bad quality and I do not prefer this game to any one.. it’s very glitch btw
  • The worst 1/5

    By craftygirl105
    This Game is the worst thing I didn't finish one level because I spent more than 30 seconds trying to get the kids to wake upit's just annoying and this game is people in the recap for that thing is worth two in the middle of nowhere where their neighbors get a chance with no neighbors no people their kids something to see me
  • Mommy Life Simulator 2/5

    By treelanternbox
    Hello! While this game is decent, I have noticed some things that would improve the game. First, the mom walks very slow- therefore, you can barely get to the places needed. Secondly, the animations need some work. The characters are T E R R I F Y I N G and the house is just poorly created. Lastly, there are A LOT of misspellings. I recommend going through and weeding out the many spelling errors.
  • There should be more! 2/5

    By ens and bees
    I expected more of this game when I first bought it.I wasn’t very happy when I saw what this game really was.😡I wanted more.It was a cool game,but in all,it was kinda lame that there where so little stages.I was addicted and I flew threw it within two days.That is my own opinion.
  • Ummm... 1/5

    By GameCritic345
    I read comments about this game saying it was not very good, and I decided to try it out myself. I only played for one minute, but the graphics are terrible and the game is glitch and altogether boring. Sry, but its the truth.
  • Happy Tears!!😁👍😍🤤 5/5

    By mr.poop 5
    I want to start off by saying I have played many mother simulator games and this is BY FAR the best! I was just starting to give up on the App Store when this gem appeared. I have been wanting kids for a long time but thanks to this app, that gap in my heart is filled! The gameplay is seamless and makes you feel like you really are the mother! I love how you can effortlessly glide through solid objects like Marvels Vision. I do have one complaint though; the dialogue between characters can be dull at times and I wish you could maybe work with the Kardashian’s to spice it up a little? But other than that a flawless must have! Sometimes I stay up all night playing this game!! Because when I try to sleep I have night terrors that recently started occurring. I could write a book about how amazing this game is! But, I don’t want to bore you. What am I saying?! a book about this game would be amazing!! So I’ve decided to release a new line of inspired children’s books that include the same gorgeous visual elements! My first book in the series is called; “Mother glitches through wall to stand on bed and wake children” pre order NOW!😁🤪
  • Suckish 1/5

    By Craypenguinlady
    This is the worst game I've ever "played". I couldn't even get in. I go in the game and hear horrible music. Then, it kicks me out and I go back in and it's black. Finally, I give up and delete the game right away. The fake reviews totally tricked me and I felt like I've seen worse reviews then that but the bad reviews are right. DON'T GET THIS GAME!!!!!
  • This is the worst game ever 1/5

    By uuuuuiugfdefghygff
    It’s so slow when she walks she’s slow I can level1 done when you drive you bump into things don’t get this game
  • Not what I expected.... 2/5

    By wfrdbrsnj
    This game was kinda bad :(
  • I might not get it... 1/5

    By jojo yoyo gogo
    I don’t really like this game but it’s a good game if you like to do the same levels over and over again. Now I don’t know if it is a glitch on my phone but I have to keep doing the same levels over and well... you guessed it over again. I think it has a good story it’s just they could make new tasks not do this every morning.
  • Thought it was good but 😠😡😡🤬 1/5

    By teh eis
    So excited to try it but I was garbage The reason it was too much adds
  • Don’t believe Five stars reviews OMG 1/5

    By Amarald
    I just played this game for like 2 mins and here I’m writing a review. I can’t believe there are still people who have “five stars” “best game ever”. Oh my god, hello? Have you not played a game for like ever? I mean if you think this is a good game, then you’re not worth with other games like the sims or whatever simulation games. BAD GRAPHICS, NO OPTION FOR CHARACTERS, I’ve no idea what are we even doing. After I’m done writing this review, I’m so gonna uninstall this game. So byeeee
  • 😡What Garbage is this?!😡 1/5

    By Call meh craze
    I saw this when I was looking for kid games for myself to play. I found it and I was like “ohhh this looks good!!” So I got it. I played like 5 levels and then I rage quit. It was super glitchy, and the characters looked really weird. I also didn’t like that you could only play as the Mom and not play as one of the kids at school or the dad at work! Also what is up with the food the people in the game are eating!? Also why doesn’t the Mom have a car? And why do they live in the middle of nowhere, like I would expect that a mansion wouldn’t be in the middle of nowhere!! I would also expect as the Mom to go grocery shopping and go to work and also when the kids get home maybe have a sleepover or play date with a friend and THE PARENTS DONT EVEN HAVE FRIENDS!! They should also add a daily gift 🎁 for coins when people log in. Last but now least they should have neighbors and more things for your characters to do!! Ty if you read this!!
  • 2 star review 2/5

    By annabel_les
    Not to be rude but the game was awful I waited 3 months for it to come in and I only had it for a day because it was not worth it.!
  • Bad 5/5

    By adelina linthicum123456789
    It was hard you have to do everything no help
  • Not very good 2/5

    By P.H 0508
    I really don’t like this game. It was expected to be a lot better. You can tell that the creators didn’t take much time to go over it and try it themselves. They spell things wrong and you only get to do what the app wants you to do, not an options type thing. If you like apps like that where you have to do tasks, and get coins for doing them (they are pretty glitchy btw) then try it out. I personally do not like this game at all. I expected a lot to have a better game.
  • Not that good 1/5

    By Fatherbigshot
    I really thought it would be better than it is! I feel like you based the older sister with brown hair off of alya from miraculous. This game isn’t og at all I don’t think.
  • Girl that wrote perfect 1/5

    By hhsusuw
    You are a fake no s v n year old can right that food and I love roblox but you probably are fake
  • B͛a͛d͛ 1/5

    By B͛a͛d͛b͛i͛s͛h͛ 101
    T͛h͛e͛ t͛e͛e͛n͛a͛g͛e͛ g͛i͛r͛l͛ i͛s͛ t͛h͛e͛ g͛i͛r͛l͛ f͛r͛o͛m͛ a͛ N͛e͛t͛f͛l͛i͛x͛ s͛h͛o͛w͛ t͛h͛e͛ d͛a͛d͛ i͛s͛ f͛r͛o͛m͛ i͛n͛s͛i͛d͛e͛ o͛u͛t͛ I͛ w͛a͛s͛ t͛h͛i͛n͛k͛i͛n͛g͛ t͛h͛i͛s͛ g͛a͛m͛e͛ r͛e͛a͛l͛l͛y͛ h͛a͛s͛ m͛o͛v͛i͛e͛ c͛h͛a͛r͛a͛c͛t͛e͛r͛s͛
  • Best game 5/5

    By cykvhjh
    Me like game vary good harabay vary cool
  • It shows kids how to be perfect parents !!! 5/5

    By Delta0209
    ITS AWSOME the way it teaches kids how to be good parents and get them ready for parenting to their kids it shows them tall the things a kids needs to know!!!MAKE A UPDATE!!!😺😺
  • Kinda fun 3/5

    By BC284
    I like it but it is kinda boring I wish it was better and more fun please make it better I’m bored
  • Not that fun 3/5

    By Roblox is the real best game
    This game looks nothing like the picture it’s very blurry
  • Bad 1/5

    By crcrded
    When I got the app there was too many ads 4 right when I got it don’t get!!! I wish I could give zero stars
  • straight wack. 1/5

    By PastorPoo
    the graphics are TERRIBLE and i don’t like reading and that this game is, is reading ! are you kidding me. i opened then game and it immediately glitches and lead to these trash graphics im disappointed lmaoooo
  • I have a suggestion 3/5

    By Catalog Dream
    In the game it makes foot prints telling you where to go, but if you removed the foot prints, or make it optional, then the gameplay would be harder.
  • Laggy 3/5

    By Dom4Ken12
    The graphics are a not that good I meant two stars. It always crashes when I click a single button, over priced, and you should definitely lower the price for furniture
  • Meh 1/5

    By hoolp!
    I just wanna do whatever I want and change the music so it has words and just make us free! It’s so boring and plus we can’t even change what our avatar is! It’s so boring and plus we can walk on water and I wanna go in the pool and we never get to see the baby!!! DO NOT GET THIS GAME!
  • So dumb. So, so dumb. 1/5

    By 15KC15
    This is absolutely mind-numbingly stupid. Literally follow the footprints to do tedious tasks, then pick overpriced items. Ads are constantly popping up. Don’t bother with this garbage.
  • This game is awesome. 5/5

    By ddgddggg
    Very awesomez
  • Not the best game 1/5

    By Rob571A
    I got this game thinking it was going to be amazing. It was ok at first but the graphics weren’t good and in some of the levels didn’t even work. This game is very glitchy.
  • MUST READ 5/5

    By kiwigirl209
    Thais game is ok but come on to meany adds it’s just poopy anyway Tysvm for reading this XD
  • Best gam evr 5/5

    By WaffleMan181
    Bettr then LEGO star war nd hair pot at Sam tim
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By this is amazing im addicted
    I can’t open the doors they keep closing on me
  • !Warning! 1/5

    By |~RobloxLover~|
    If you are reading this, Please do not download this game everything isn’t right and it doesn’t make me feel happy when I play like any game should they still have a bunch of stuff to fix up so if you still decide to play this game after I have warned you then be my guest and good luck.
  • This is a terrible game 1/5

    By Avacocottow
    I started to play this game and I began to see that it was tricking you for example it might say you can do homework with your kids really you actually don’t you just walk by the table and all the Homeworks done it is a terrible game it’s trying to trick you don’t download it
  • Not worth it. 1/5

    By Daniellllllllaaaaaa
    So, I accidentally pre-ordered this app, and at first was really mad that I spent my money ob it but then I thought I would try it out when it came out. When I tried this game it made me even more mad that I spent my money on it because of how low the quality was. I don’t recommend buying it.
  • Fell 5/5

    By foxy wolf girl
    I fell of the side behind trees behind back yard
  • Terrible 1/5

    By aubrey/aubs
    Ok firs5 you have to pre Oder it witch takes for ever second the game you go on levels and you sho7ld just be able to play around but the graphics are terrible the ads go on every second it’s super annoying
  • Really?? Don’t Bother Buying This Game 1/5

    By mialovesgamening
    This game was so glitchy it really got on my nerves and so I deleted it from my iPhone Do Not Buy This Game you’ve been warned 😤😡
  • Bad 1/5

    By elephant are amazing
    First of all the characters are creepy my kids like to play games like this just this game made them have night mares. It’s slow and laggy. When you play there is stuff to do but it is no fun. DO NOT GET THIS APP PS not happy at all
  • No way 1/5

    By Woopywopwopmoop
    This game is so boring and everyone in the family even the kids look super drunk and it says simulator but in simulators your supposed to pick what you want to do and it tells you what to do in fact you don’t get to do anything I wish I could rate this his game 0 stars
  • MIRACULUS??? 5/5

    By im awaome
    First of all I like this game just to do for fun. Next, does the creator of this game like miraculus and spirit riding free because in the new virson(that I love) the mom looks like Lucy, lucky mom and the daughter looks like Aliya from miraculus. The shoes are the same and the clothes are just different colors
  • El juego este 5/5

    By televisortrespantallas
    Este es el mejor juego que he jugado en mi vida este juego es Lo Maximo! XDXDXDXD LOL :v
  • Bleeeej 1/5

    By 🔔 N.
  • Kinda good 5/5

    By taliyah tika
    Hi y’all this game is kinda good I mean I know I’m 10 but this is pretty good it’s better than some boring games.But if u played it and u think it’s good than it’s a good game soo if your reading this it’s a good game soo try it out if u are reading this.

Dream Family Sim - Mommy Story app comments

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