Dream Hospital: Doctor Game

Dream Hospital: Doctor Game

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  • Current Version: 1.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LAB CAVE GAMES
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dream Hospital: Doctor Game App

Become the hospital manager in the funniest game ever! Are you able to manage your own staff, treat patients and develop new cures? Make your clinic the most visited and famous all over the world! Here are the the main points the game offers to reach the glory: - Build real treatment and diagnostic rooms - Research for new medication and treatments - Produce various cures - Earn good reputation planning your strategy - Compete with other hospitals in the city - Send out your ambulance fleet to heal people Just enjoy! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING Get 80 daily diamonds with our weekly subscripcion and upgrade your hospital! - Diamond lifeline: 1 week recurring subscription for $5 (USD). The prices is for customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges will be converted to the local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to your account after confirmation of purchase. The suscription is renewed unless your turn it off 24 hours before the end of the current period. Users can manage their suscription and auto-renewal by checking the user's account settings after the purchase in the App Store. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscritpion period. More info: https://support.apple.com/HT207865 Privacy Policy: http://labcavegames.com/en/privacy-policy/

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Dream Hospital: Doctor Game app reviews

  • Frustrating 3/5

    By chevytrucks2021
    Great game. Super fun and addictive. But insanely frustrating. The building mechanics are awful. And patients dying Bc staff needs to be updated is infuriating Bc it won’t tell you where they are dying and from what.
  • Game stole my money 1/5

    By moonlight9136
    I paid $5 for 300 Diamonds and the game lost connection it took my $5 and didn’t give me my 300 diamonds
  • Uurggh 1/5

    By Scobie2001
  • What’s going on with the servers? 3/5

    By C Maurer
    I like the game I have been playing for a couple months now. It’s a fun game. I have a blast playing this game every two days I move the rooms around for the events so I can get a good score & go for the gold chest! Also you can earn in game currency pretty easy and chest. I am sitting on over 100 chest right now because I have open sum chests and then it said reconnecting to server! I logged it back in and realize I lost the chests & everything in the chests... I was hoping there would be an update they would’ve fix the server issues but it seems like it’s getting worse I can’t even play more than a couple minutes before it’s reconnecting again. At this point it’s getting to where I can’t even play.... please fix
  • Crashes 2/5

    By kikiw40
    This game is addicting. But I think it’s crashing too much. Patients are waiting in the cue too long and no one is in the chair in the office. I shouldn’t have to waste my diamonds to move them through and sometimes that doesn’t work it just stands still. People die because the queues stop moving which causes longer wait time
  • Open and closed 5/5

    By cool_marsh
    There should be this option where we could open and close over hospital

    By try try dy
    This game has many down sides like how all the doctors and handymen are male or like how the nurses are female. Also you can’t change the position of items or people. What do you do if you are unhappy with the place of something. Not to mention the horrible animation and pictures. All and all this game down right is bad.
  • My tutorial didn’t load 1/5

    By iluvpozza
    I got it and I didn’t get the tutorial and I can’t play
  • bug 2/5

    By alisscc
    need to fix the advisor list can click on the patients sometimes
  • Love it 5/5

    By Redfont1
    It started out very rough but it turned out really nice thanks for fixing the problems
  • Expanding is NOT possible unless if you spend $ 3/5

    By PfannMann19
    In order to expand your hospital you have to have blueprints which are very rare and hard to come by. Save your diamonds or purchase a lot of diamonds to expand. Not a very thought out idea for enjoyment.
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By bankconnected
    The touchscreen is horrible. Awesome idea for gameplay but please update the touchscreen. Most of the times when you touch something like the cures, complaints, info tabs, it does nothing. Also, hard time collecting your money.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Megaboo456788281
    Only gave 4 because it takes too long to earn money.
  • Good Game but big glitches 2/5

    By MSimpkins
    I’ve been playing this game since it came out & had gotten pretty far. Today I got on to play & lost all my progress. All my work gone. Would have given you four stars until today.
  • Good but could improve 5/5

    By MM2pro
    Now I love this game don’t get me wrong, but it could be better if it let you customize the rooms more. But if you like a relaxed but crazy building game this is for you. Another thing to improve the game is to change the patients,like different skins instead of just the different illnesses but otherwise it is amazing 5 star confirmed!
  • Update 1/5

    By Jenai19
    Once my game updated it reset my account. I was at level 20 and now it says I’m at level 12, I emailed the support team but have not heard anything back. Please fix my account back.
  • I like the game but.... 3/5

    By jjen20
    I really like this game but I wish there was a way you can edit your hospital and pause the game so that patients won’t have to die in the middle of changing the hospital. In addition when have different areas to put rooms in it so far away from each other patients die on the way to a different area so there should be a faster way to get them there without them dying. Hopefully that made sense!
  • Loved it till the update 1/5

    By Agibson626
    Now I cannot figure out how to diagnose my patients. Also, the amount of micro transactions in this game are ridiculous. I’d been losing interest due to the sheer amount of micro transactions one is going to need to make in order to make ANY progress in this game. Now, not being able to diagnose patients and the close boxes not working on VIPs, I think I’m just going to delete the game. Not worth playing something this glitchy.
  • Reset 2/5

    By UmieZoomy
    Trying to reset my hospital, so I can start over. And I put in the numeric code it makes me put in, and when I press “confirm” it says “reset cancelled” I’ve tried MULTIPLE times to reset my game, and the same message pops up...
  • Great game but!!! 3/5

    By sbMarzo
    This is a great game but few problems. The game lag or glitch when moving objects from one side of the building to the next. When pressing the buttons to check on patients needing medicine or diagnosis, the button does not respond. I’ve also experienced issues with opening the game at times it freezes and don’t load. I’ve had to uninstall the game to see if that would fix any bugs or issues. Still run into the same problems. Overall cool game to kill time on, but I hate to kill the time trying to get past these issues..
  • Wow 4/5

    By Bleu2020
    I hate the latest update! Now when I click on a urgent matter , whether regarding curing a patient, updating staff and props or letting you know if a patient has died or a ambulance is ready. No matter which link inside the new update it doesn’t always appear. So I have been left to guess until I succeed in finding out where the issue is. Overall I do like this game. Although I have never loved a game. Mainly because I get bored. It’s been almost a month and I have been playing everyday since downloading. I know for a lot it don’t say much , but to me it speaks volumes. This game doesn’t revolve around money. Sure you would progress rather swiftly if you used real money, but it’s very feasible to just play and wait out the time in order to gain the equipment /money/ blueprints needed. This is one of the best games I have played in idk a lot. A lot of years. My only hope is that I don’t get bored. And delete it. For an idle game. By far it’s my favorite.
  • All my progress was erased after the recent update 1/5

    By vicysy
    All my progress was erased after the recent update and linking to Game Center...
  • Game Progression Vs Level Ups 3/5

    By fresh1218
    I will begin by saying this is one of the better simulation builder management games out right now. The graphics are rich and vibrant and the gameplay keeps interest. However, similar to many of the reviews posted, there needs to be major change to the level of requirements from the patients vs the level the player achieved. The current settings honestly do not allow a player to “EVER” meet the needs of the patients. The time allowed to fulfill the patient needs before they become unhappy or dead is kind of joke. I know the current trend is to create enough difficulty to push players into actual purchasing items to get ahead but there should be at least some type of need vs ability structure that makes since. Right now it is all over the place. Lastly, the touch sensitivity within the game definitely needs attention. Even after the recent update the Advisor List is extremely unstable and you can barely click on any of the listed items.
  • STILL CRASHES!!! 1/5

    By HopeBeck
  • Great game 5/5

    By Naxelar
    One of the better hospital simulation games out there.
  • This app is listening to you 1/5

    By byukhtgyt
    While I was using this app I heard something I put my ear close and heard people in there house I could hear people talking to be safe don’t get this
  • Could be better... 2/5

    By MsMelaRose
    I agree with a lot of the other users on their comments. 1. You earn coins very slowly and only when you're in game. 2. You can't control your cute rate, no matter what you do (I place plants, trash cans, benches, vending machines, multiple doctors offices, etc. and patients still get fed up with waiting or complain that there's no seating...or die...within MINUTES of coming into the hospital). 3. Patients die within minutes of coming into the hospital. This makes it impossible to fulfill the patient tasks during an event (maybe they only die this fast during an event...which is unfair). And you waste money and medicine trying to increase their health and happiness because they still die within minutes. I currently need lung patients for an event (that you have to pay coins for to enter btw). I need to cure 20 for the first round. I've probably let in 50 lung patients yet only 6 of them have been cured (What?!?!). The rest leave from waiting too long or die...most die no matter how often I increase their health and happiness (Ridiculous... What's the point?). 4. You can't store benches, trash cans, vending machines, etc. You can only sell them. We should be able to store them as well. 5. In some of the achievements the game isn't clear on what it's asking you to do. For instance, one of the achievements said that you must have ONLY two vending machines. I currently had 7 or 8. Well, since it wasn't counting the one's I already had I thought I had to get rid of them until I was down to ONLY two. Well, that didn't work. So I started purchasing my vending machines back. When I had purchased two and placed them (now having a total of four) it gave me credit for the achievement. PURCHASE two and HAVE ONLY TWO are completely different. 6. You get blueprints very slowly (so save those up from the beginning). However, everything seems to need blueprints. If you want to upgrade the doctors' offices you need coins AND blueprints. If you want to expand blocks you need LOTS of blueprints and coins! You don't get many blueprints from trades (although they require a lot from you) or reward cases and they cost too many gems (which are also hard to come by. 7. Gems are hard to come by, but you need them for everything. To speed things up, purchase things like blueprints and upgrades for the offices and doctors. Which they say will help the patients health and happiness and keep them from dying and the doctors and other staff from being unhappy. I doubt it will help much after doing all that, however, which again is like 'What's the point?!'. 8. For all the buildings they require during levels of gameplay, there just isn't enough room or resources to get you what you need. I have about 11 diarrhea patients who are waiting on me to build a gastroenterologist office. This becomes available at level 20, the patients have been waiting since in my hospital since level 12 maybe (I'm at level 16 now). How have THEY not died, huh?! Geez! LOL 9. Some hospitals ranked higher than me or at higher levels than me don't even have all the facilities I have or extra blocks for that matter. So I don't understand how that works. 10. Patients go all around the world to get to some of the rooms and their health declines so fast that most don't even make it to or past the first doctor's office before their health is depleted and they die. What's up with that?! Why not just have them go to the nearest doctor's office/treatment room so that you can cure them. And they make stops at the toilet and vending machines in between treatments. But you're doing tho! Why can't they do all that after they're cured if they die so fast? Or why not have these stops boost their health since getting treatment doesn't make them any healthier. 11. Patients' health declines way too fast! You've got to stay in-game constantly and babysit these patients (with medicine/boosters that you can't make fast enough for as much as you'll have to administer it to them) until they can get through all their treatment rooms in order for them not to die or not have health too low to be cured... If even after visiting all the treatment rooms these patients still can't be cured or die it's definitely the game. 12. You don't know when your warehouse is about to be full, so sometimes you lose items. 13. You don't know how low of health your patients can have to still be cured...so they die a lot or leave uncured. This causes you to lose points in your rating and such. The game just seems really unbalanced and it's rather frustrating. *Update: Added to the list and changed my rating from a 3 to a 2 because I literally just watched a lung disease patient go into the last treatment room needed with almost full happiness (87%) and pretty good health (34%), only to come out seconds later and not be cured because the game said his health was too low. Took screenshots, this is sad.
  • Super fun but with room to improve 4/5

    By haixbakaixbaoazjkaks
    This game is fun and challenging. I only wish I could sell the extra items I have like clocks and watches. When you have too many, you have l to delete them from your wardrobe to make space for everything else. Kind of frustrating seeing as how you still earned those items. I wish there was a marketplace where we could sell those. Or like a hospital “gift shop”
  • GOOD but needs some major improvement! 1/5

    By jaz.the.truth.teller
    I’ve been playing this game ALOT and to be honest it’s a good game but it needs improvement. The first improvement I would like to see is that we can add friends within the game, request help for patients from other players, find hidden treasures, give us a option to store trash cans and seats or sell not just sell, MAKE MONEY WHEN WE ARE AWAY! It’s not fair that want I come back 2 hours later I can’t collect money. Also I would like if we could do something to improve the doctors and nurses knowledge and also a way to speed up the process once a patient is in treatment. Also expanding should be an option not just starting another location. Sometimes the game freezes some of the features freeze when you click into it so it’s a little bit buggy I believe and upgrade will get rid of those. Please consider adding some of the things I mentioned. I play this game every day and would like to see it improves in a big way
  • Good so far except... 4/5

    By Doggmush
    I've been enjoying this game for a few days now and it's fun unlocking each new piece of the hospital. However, when I bought the cafe and placed it, I noticed no one ever goes into it. It just sits there without purpose. From what I've read from other ppl, this isn't supposed to happen. Can someone fix this issue?
  • Really 1/5

    By Capt Ron$$$
    Are you kidding me with the lack of wha rehouse space?? The game is trying to control what you can do be limiting your ability to store items. Stupid idea and horrible game. If they didn’t pay for good reviews this game would tank
  • Game lacking 3/5

    By Debcyd
    I love playing however blue prints are very hard to come by and then the game wants 20 or 30 to expand. I’m literally stuck because I can’t expand but services are needed I don’t have room for. It would also be nice if the game told you why the patient died. What doctor needs to upgrade or what services need to be changed instead of just saying ‘oops they died; you figure out why’
  • Good game 4/5

    By GreytTexan
    Was enjoying the game until the “special patient” locked me out. Deleted the app, reloaded and same thing happened again.
  • Help 1/5

    By Btug1234
    How do you get blueprints?
  • Won’t load 2/5

    By Geneva, Ohio
    Game will not load so tried re-installing. No difference. Liked the game but moving on.
  • Sudden Disappointment.. 2/5

    By AmberylKhayl
    I was enjoying this game a whole lot until I got level 8 and it completely froze. So I decided to download it on my iPad and it also got to level 8 and froze. I am highly disappointed because I was looking for a game of this sort and was even planning to buy some diamonds until it quit on me. I hope the problem is fixed so I can some day return to the game.
  • Question 5/5

    By AshBash J
    Can you make it where i can save my data and stuff and I won’t have to start all over when I get a new iPhone? Pls Game Center something
  • Consider this 5/5

    By Piposhish
    This is the best game I’ve ever played on my phone I play it everyday. It would be nice if when you clicked on your staff list, you could click the little search button and find where that staff member is. Just like you can do from the patient list to locate a specific patient.
  • Good, but 4/5

    By hehwhwwhwhwhwwhw
    It’s a great game only complaint I would have is it freezes from time to time
  • Special Patient stops the game 2/5

    By hazmat2
    When a "special patient" enters, I cannot click diagnose or send home, thereby stopping the game until the timer runs out. It's quite disappointing for a game that's been fun so far.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Lady.lani
    I would absolutely love this game but I don’t like how rare the blueprints are considering I am level 13 and stuck cause I can’t expand. A lot of my patients are dying. I wish there were more ways to obtain items needed in order to advance in the game without having to pay.
  • Fun and addicting!! 4/5

    By wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooppxbbdj
    I love how they made this game my only problem... it takes a while to unlock new diseases
  • Worried 2/5

    By ooooooôöòó
    When people start out it’s really hard to get money because a lot of the items are too expensive
  • Amazing Game! 5/5

    By Lanitabonita8
    It is very fun to play with most especially the game is more stable now and earning coins, blueprints and diamonds are already made easy by developers. I was able to buy the two bigger lots in a short period of time. Also, you are earning coins even when you are away now. Kudos to the researchers of this game because the symptoms of the illnesses are right and very informative. Though there is some wrong spelling like OPHTHALMOLOGY. I love the VIP patients because they inform me how much i need to improve the beauty aspect of my hospital. I love the events and daily tasks because I earn a lot of equipment, coins, blueprints and diamonds there. I am just hoping you will make the prices of the rooms a bit cheaper. I suggest that you should have a Surgery Clinic since you have n operating room. I also hope you will add more clinics like Dental, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic-Cardiovascular Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery. It will be more fun to see pregnant patient delivering babies and other patients undergoing operation. I also hope you will add Delivery Room, Nursery, Intensive Care Unit, and Emergency Department. I am also wishing that the ward will be more flexible and more beds cb be added in the room. Thank you so much for finally creating this awesome hospital game which is more realistic and enjoyable every minute.
  • Message to Nickjdunn 3/5

    By monkey9999864257447
    To nickjdunn The same is for me being bored. I am only a kid and can get 1 app every year. But I really want the helicopter so I am going to continue because I am a level 16 and about to be a level 17.
  • Great game 5/5

    By ZuleykaSB
    I really like this game. Just wish it didn’t freeze so much. It removes me from the app also.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Leonardo L.L.
    Randomly, my supplies will disappear. I’ll spend time producing certain items and within seconds some of the items are gone resulting with 0 ITEMS (without myself using the items)! It’s annoying. Also I won’t play the game for days, but when I log back on it states I’ve only been away for 3 seconds?? Confused by this. Lastly I know there’s been more than reviews than what’s shown. Sketchy business 🤔🤔
  • Happiness 5/5

    By Tamera16/17
    I love this game, except for one thing. When it says the patient’s health is too low, the patient has plenty of health. To me, the happiness is too low.
  • Needs 3/5

    By blcook38
    Mana meant of staff is entirely too taxing

Dream Hospital: Doctor Game app comments

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