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DreamMapper App

Achieving a great night’s sleep with CPAP therapy happens when you take an active role in your own therapy. That means being in tune with how your therapy and equipment are performing – and how they should be performing – from night to night. DreamMapper is a mobile and web application that keeps you actively informed about your previous night’s therapy – with information like mask fit and therapy hours – so you know you are getting what’s needed for the great night’s sleep you deserve. DreamMapper provides all of the following: • Bluetooth® data transfer from your Philips PAP; • Daily feedback about your treatment and your therapy results; • Personalize your treatment management by setting alerts and personal goals; • Find the answers to your questions through a rich content including informational videos and guides; • Receive notifications about your therapy and your DreamMapper compatible equipment; Learn more about DreamMapper and the Philips devices it supports at www.dreammapper.com. Philips CPAP devices treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) so that you can sleep better at night and be more active during the day. Part of the Dream Family DreamMapper is part of the Dream Family from Philips Respironics. The Dream Family offers innovative, comprehensive sleep therapy technology like: • DreamWear: It looks different because it is different. The ingenious open-face design provides exceptional comfort with an optimal fit, easy freedom of movement and the ability to choose your most comfortable sleep position. DreamWear is User-friendly in every possible way. • DreamStation: Embrace your care with confidence with our most innovative obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) technology. With easy-to-navigate menus, remote diagnostics, a sleek, compact profile and incredibly quiet operation, DreamStation helps make it simple to start, customize and continue your OSA therapy. • DreamStation Go: Whether you’re traveling for business or venturing out on the vacation of a lifetime, DreamStation Go provides an easy, reliable and portable PAP experience for users who refuse to compromise. Philips DreamMapper has access to the following permissions: Location Approximate location (network-based): This is to set up Bluetooth communication. A location is required to acquire the pair. Photos/Media/Files Read the contents of your USB storage: This is needed to access the scanned and stored image that the camera takes of the Device Serial Number (DSN). Camera Take pictures and videos: Used to scan the DSN. Other reasons Receive data from Internet: DreamMapper needs to communicate with its Data Center. View network connections: Wi-Fi setup as well as the need for DreamMapper to communicate with its Data Center. Pair with Bluetooth devices: First-time connection to another Bluetooth device. Access Bluetooth settings: First-time connection to another Bluetooth device. Full network access: DreamMapper needs to communicate with its Data Center. Prevent device from sleeping: Prevents the phone from “going to sleep” while playing videos.

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DreamMapper app reviews

  • Bluetooth Gliches 3/5

    By JSchaefer316
    This app is an excellent idea and very useful. The resources are great. The one and only thing preventing me from giving this a 5-star rating is the repeated failure of the Bluetooth updates to my iPad. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the data to show up on the iPad even though the data is clearly on the DreamStation. I refresh and attempt to update many times each morning. Sometimes the data shows up after a couple of attempts; other times it is delay for up to 48 hours. Makes no sense at all. Update: The recent update failed to fix the problem with missing data. I have verified with my provider that the data IS in the machine on the SD card; but frequently fails to download to this app. The problem is random. Sometimes the data arrives after a few days, sometimes never at all. I will say that data arrives better than 90% of the time; but this problem makes the reports out of the app useless. Very disappointing...
  • Used 1+ years VERY flakey 3/5

    By alfish0128
    In the beginning it displayed the nights results. Now it SEEMS to send the info BUT that info is not displayed until days later. I DO want to see my AHI info to see how the machine believes I am doing. I have called support snd am told there are problems, but they do not know when they will be fixed. I find I am becoming less inclined to look. I am counting on the machine sending the info and my doctor monitoring it. Considering Phillips makes the equipment and is responsible for the app, this is a VERY SORRY state of affairs.
  • Dream mapper app 3/5

    By Wellslj814
    I love that you can synchronize the data is Bluetooth but it seems to be glitchy. It doesn’t always record or transfer the data and I’ve used the mask. Not sure what is up with that but it’s annoying.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By smoothypants
    This CPAP app used to work pretty good with an iPhone in 2017, now it takes up to 1.5 weeks to have it show up on my phone. It looks like I’m not the only one having problems. Very disappointing, lots of wasted time trying to get it to work. Definitely need a quality check on software before releasing it online.
  • When it works, great. But it isn’t ! 2/5

    By Telejug
    New to CPAP, so was excited to see I could monitor my results via iOS app. Paired with my iPad, and for several days- perfect. But past few days, says there is no new data, machine is only keeping the current night. However, doctor’s office says all the dat is there. So, what’s up with the app ??

    By gfreemommy4
    UPDATE 2/17/2019 *having same issues as before update *since the new update, app will download new info, only to show all zeros UPDATE 1/9/2019 Well, I didn’t wait a week because it’s still glitchy. It will say I’m not connected to the server, but then it will either download and show my new data anyway or my data won’t show up at all. This app has helped prove to my daughter’s doctor that her apnea is more than just sleep apnea and he is willing to do another more in-depth sleep study as well as a narcolepsy study ALL BECAUSE OF THIS APP. This app is invaluable for my family, so please keep working to fix it. THANK YOU!!!! 🤗 UPDATE 1/5/2019 THANK YOU!! I think you guys fixed it!!! 🙌🏼💃🏻💥The app worked for me no problem this morning. I’m going to test it for a week and if it continues to work I will change my rating to reflect that. Awesome!! 🤗 UPDATE 1/31/2019 The system upgrade that was supposed to have been done on 1/30/19 DID NOT WORK. This is a great app when it works. PLEASE FIX THE APP. I use this app daily to check my daughter’s quality of sleep. Her apnea causes various neurological and muscular issues and WHEN THE APP WORKS, it is vital to understanding what is going on with her. EVERY DAY, I have to pair the app AGAIN, because it shows no information and it has lost connection with my phone. And the re-pairing is no guarantee it will work; it can be HOURS before her information will show up. In this day and age, this problem is RIDICULOUS. Apparently, this is an ONGOING ISSUE as reviews from a year ago state the same problem. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!
  • Please Fix 1/5

    By tblackford
    App used to work great, now when you open the app it says new data being received but the the data says zeros all the way across or nothing at all. New data will not upload till the next day.
  • Hit or miss on whether it works 2/5

    By Rich from Virginia
    As others have noted, this app can be extremely inconsistent on whether it works on any given day. Some days it downloads your data just fine. Some days it won’t work at all; other days it downloads prior days but not the current one. Earlier this week (Christmas 2018) it wouldn’t download data for three days, then on Thursday it downloaded those days but not the current day and it’s now 24 hours behind. Very strange. When it works, it’s useful to confirm whether you’re sleeping soundly, and that’s why I gave it three stars. There is really no acceptable reason for the operational issues, though. Edited to add: Now in the second week of January 2019 it’s getting weirder and I’ve knocked it down to two stars. On Monday it didn’t download. That’s not unusual, but then on Tuesday and Wednesday it showed Sunday night as zero hours despite displaying Monday and Tuesday night’s properly. Monday finally showed up today (Thursday morning), but now last night shows as zero hours. This is really absurd how random the behavior is. Edited again 2019-02-08: This week’s app update was touted as making downloads more reliable. Can’t say as it’s great, though. It worked fine for two days but is now back to its old habits—this morning no data appeared even though my machine shows 8.5 hours. Edited again 2019-02-18: Following up on my prior edit, the software update doesn’t seem to have changed anything. Current day still shows up blank.
  • App can’t keep up 1/5

    By Chmi100
    As I have seen with a few other reviews, the app is hit or miss(usually miss) in terms of actually populating the interface with data. It connects to Bluetooth and says it has downloaded fine but it just doesn’t display recent data. Maybe once in a week it will “catch up” and show everything. It is like the app just can’t hold more than a few weeks of data, because it worked for the first month or so and then started acting like this. Unfortunately it makes the app pretty much useless. You have to check your stats on the DreamStation itself. They should really have the developers go through and test the app with a high volume of data and then fix it...please.
  • Data takes days to arrive. 2/5

    By l33tChicken
    Even if I can see the Bluetooth transfer the app does not update with information until 24-48 hours later. Last update made it nearly instantaneous for about 4 days. Now it’s back to slow..
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Keetey Pablo
    This app used to work great. Each morning I could see how I slept and use that data to adjust the mask straps, etc the next night if needed. Now this app does nothing. It uploads the data but doesn’t show it for days or weeks at a time. “Poor Mask Fit” doesn’t do me much good 6 days later. Get this piece of junk fixed.
  • Go back to 2.17.0 1/5

    By IsThereAnotherGalaxy?
    Data uploads are annoyingly intermittent since 2.17.1 was released. Each update I hoped it would be better, but no change. Data is consistently three days behind. Without timely data to compare how you physically feel after sleeping, this app is useless.
  • WAS okay til the 19 update 1/5

    By learjetguynak
    Below: my previous review until I downloaded the update in Feb 19. Using bluetooth download no longer works. It crashes the app. Period. Cannot email customer support in the app because the contact page falsely tells me that my email address is invalid. Prior to Feb 19 update; Most every morning, I tap the app to let it do it's thing and download the information. I'm a bit of a numbers nerd, especially when it concerns me and my health, or how well I may have slept the night before. Really cool to be able to record and read the results and trends. I've let a few friends look at my new machine, and the app. A couple of friends are interested in getting it. It works every time ----important helpful information!
  • App works intermittently 3/5

    By sleepless in Queens
    I have to agree with most fo the negative reviews. The app’s ability to pick up data from the previous night is, at best, random. I typically get all zero or “—-“. And forget about contacting support. I have made three attempts to email support over the past two months, and gotten zero response. Nice machine. Crappy app. No support.
  • Last update wiped my info 1/5

    By Love the earth <3
    Updated the app Feb. 5 2019 and since have not recorded any data. Need to fix this as I use this app often to monitor my sleep habits.
  • Not Great Again 1/5

    By Timwittee
    The app was updated recently and worked for a little while but now it does the same thing. Fails to register the information until sometimes days later. Please fix this!
  • Pretty good, but not perfect 4/5

    By LeilaniKia
    I love being able to track my CPAP usage on my iPhone, but the app doesn’t always pick up all of the data. It is great when it works, but frustrating when the machine says X hours of use, but the app shows zero. This happened on 2 days this week.
  • Going down hill 3/5

    By Zhilbug
    At first this app was amazing. Steadily over the year it has stopped connecting intermittently and now won’t connect maybe once for every 10 tries. If you get a version that works then DON’T UPDATE THE APP! It seems like someone didn’t run their regression tests before making updates live.
  • Go back to last update. 2/5

    By Retread69
    I never get daily updates like I use to. Today is 15 Feb. I only have data showing up to 10 Feb. I like to see how I slept because it gives me and idea of how my day will go. Right now I give the app a 1 star, I give it 2 stars since I get data that at least a week old which I guess is better than not getting any data at all.
  • Bluetooth connection is poor 1/5

    By Reading in OH
    When I first got this app, it was great. Every morning I could see the data from the previous night's sleep. However, over the past 4 months, it's been very problematic. It's now to the point that each time it begins to transfer data, the app crashes and closes. I can't get any data anymore. My IOS is up to date and Bluetooth works for everything else, so the problem appears to be the app. Hope to see it fixed, because I used it regularly.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By qqq444 from PA
    This app is frustrating. It never uploads new data to my iPhone 6s Plus even though it says it does. It is always two days behind. You have to continually sync it and after many tries it finally updates only for the past two days of data to disappear the next day. I try logging out and back in, repair the Bluetooth connection, deleting and reinstalling the app etc. Nothing works. My phone’s operating system and the Philips app are both on the latest version. If I could give it negative stars I would.
  • poor performance 1/5

    By M Haywood
    App does not show daily data Sometimes it takes 3 days for data to show Even turning both machine and phone down, re-pairing bluetooth and resetting iphone. Nothing to show. Nicht. Nada. And there is no way to write notes either, so I cannot write down days that I have a cold or acid reflux or anything else. It really needs an update to fix bugs and improve on patient input.
  • Totally useless & unreliable 1/5

    By JazPrncess
    Consistently will not display the most recent nights data until 24 hours later. Now it's not even doing that. My history shows gaps in use/missing data even though I’ve been compliant. It’s become more of an annoyance than a help & customer support is no responsive. If you’re buying this cpap because of the app don’t bother.
  • Upload issues 3/5

    By sleepless in Lacey
    Lately I constantly have to delete the Bluetooth connection and re-pair to get it to load to my app.
  • App 3/5

    By JamesBCA19
    My only really problem is lately it takes quite a while for the data to display in the app after it transfers by Bluetooth. But the info I get I pretty much already know, like how many hours I used it. My events per hour are usually low and it always says mask fit was 100% even though the air blowing in my eyes wakes me up often at night.
  • From good to horrible 1/5

    By gooch the mooch
    This app was okay at first but now it’s worthless. Bluetooth connectivity is terrible and won’t sync to download data. For a big company like Philips they need to invest in some real smart developers who can fix these issues.
  • Data inconsistent 3/5

    By T9998
    Generally I like this app. The biggest issue I have is that it will only give me data up to two nights ago, so last nights data will not be downloaded until the next morning. This did not used to happen. Does it all the time now. It will periodically, usually at least twice a week, not download anything at all. Just gives an error message that it can’t retrieve data. I’m usually standing right next to the machine when this happens. Then perhaps later in the day it might work or the next morning.
  • App Crashes on iPad 1/5

    By Not impressed 10
    After the Feb. 4, 2019 update to this app the app started crashing at the 20% point of the Bluetooth download on my iPad. I could not find a way to provide feedback to the app developers other than posting this review. Hopefully they are monitoring these reviews.
  • Worst Bluetooth ever 1/5

    By 1Tony52
    It just doesn't work for more than a day. Then you have to pair again. Now the last update shuts it down completely. It goes to 20% download than crashes. So forget this app.
  • Terrible Bluetooth capability 1/5

    By unhappywbluetooth
    I have had this app and machine for 13 days. Every day it is a struggle to get the Bluetooth to work.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Kardan1
    Good app but would like to see more data populate. It also keeps dropping the WiFi connection which makes using it frustrating.
  • No 1/5

    By jp453762
    I’ve used this app about 6 months now; and over the last month or two it has had trouble pulling the lasted data from my machine.... very annoying
  • Dream Mapper 3/5

    By Heinzbeanzrgreat
    Great when it works, love it, but most days it cannot connect with my CPAP to bring the data in. It tells me it “failed to connect - try again”, but trying again often doesn’t work. Maybe get the data every 3 or 4 days.
  • Problem with displaying last nights data 1/5

    By Big Tobin
    Update to my original- After Feb 2019 update still doing the same thing. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is? Dropping rating from 2 to 1 and next time saying goodbye. Hire someone who can fix the issue that everyone with a 1 rating gives it!!! The only problem I have with this app is that for some reason it stops displaying data. Sometimes it doesn’t display the final two nights data. I have deleted and restore the app three or four times in the last few months but I still have problems with frequent failure to display the data from last night. Very frustrating😡
  • Looks like the update didn't fix 2/5

    By Powerup777
    Can't get daily updates upon sync. Takes days to display the data. Horrible sync process. Still need the ability to enter daily notes for doctors visits recall of variance details. Sleep conditions challenges, mask type used. As is, only good for showing compliance hours- I can get that information from the front of the cpap screen.
  • Great, when it works 1/5

    By Lizzy_D
    Update 2/1/19: So I downloaded the update in hopes that the problems I described below would be fixed. For the first few days, the app worked fine in displaying my data, but now it’s back to its old tricks of not displaying the previous night’s data or giving me an error message. It doesn’t seem that this particular bug, whatever it is, was fixed in any way. I’m docking it a star. It shouldn’t be this hard for the app to work properly when there are others out there that do. ————————- When I first got CPAP machine and paired it with this app, it worked wonderfully. I got a firsthand look at my AHI rate, how many hours I was using it, and so on. Very useful info to track my mild sleep apnea. I’ve been using it every night since last June, and I had no complaints until these last few weeks. Some mornings after using my machine and turning it off, the data won’t display. All I get are dashes where the data is supposed to be or sometimes zeroes. I have turned off and on the Bluetooth on my phone. I’ve turned my phone AND the CPAP machine off and on. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. I’ve paired and repaired my phone to the machine over and over again, and the latest data still won’t display. Sometimes, I have to wait a day to see the previous day’s data. I’ve emailed the developer a number of times and finally got an answer to the effect that they know about this problem and are trying to fix it, but gave no timeline. I just want the app to work correctly. This is a very annoying problem and if I find another app that does the same thing, I will use it instead.
  • Does not read sleep data 1/5

    By Anti-Federalist
    Very inconsistent when uploading data. Shows the day with no data. If I could use a different app I would.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Kcrug
    When I got my cpap machine a year and a half ago this app was a lifesaver to me. But as Apple updated the iOS system for iPhones, this app became Useless. I have written and gotten replies that are useless. I know how to sync, I know how to troubleshoot. The bottom line is they don’t have anyone working on the app to keep it up to date with iOS changing technology. Wish there was. This app is useless now. They blame Apple but the app owners need to keep up on things. This fails miserably.
  • Issue downloading info 1/5

    By Marine 1970
    Still having problems downloading stats in the morning. Please fix
  • Sometimes useful but mostly irritating 2/5

    By CSilvey78
    This app is great when it works correctly. Every morning I open this to check my sleep data. Bluetooth connection works great and says new data was found and downloaded. However, after downloading, it does not display the data right away. Sometimes closing out the app several times and opening it again will work. However, days like today it doesn't matter how many times I do that, it just simply will not update the data on the screen. Phillips really needs someone who knows what they are doing to fix this app.
  • Still not getting data consistently 2/5

    By bmwdriver7175
    You say you’ve been working hard to get data faster. How hard have you been working since the update did not do much to fix the lag in time between last nights sleep and when the data shows up after Bluetooth transfer sometimes taking several days. This app has gotten unbelievably bad and your efforts have done little to improve that. I’m not sure how Apple allows this. Bugs are one thing but apps at a minimum should do what their stated purpose is and when they don’t Apple should step in.
  • Good, needs fixed 2/5

    By upd
    While in general I like this app, there are a couple things that need improvement. First, I had my Dreamstation replaced under warranty and disconnecting the old Bluetooth was not very straight forward. Even when deleting the DS from my iPhone settings this app would still attempt to connect to it. It wasn’t until I entered the new DS’s serial number that it attempted a new Bluetooth connection. Second, my water chamber’s serial number begins with an H. According to the app, that’s not a valid serial number. What gives? It’s like Philips is telling me the device they provided me isn’t supported. Even scanning the serial with my phone’s camera the app recognizes it, but then complains it’s an invalid serial when I go to save the information. Lastly, the app has trouble updating the data. It’ll transfer via Bluetooth, say “New data found” and then nothing in the app is updated it’ll I force close it, wait a moment, and reopen it. I don’t open the app every day to look at it, so maybe it has trouble updating multiple days’ worth of data.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By n1883pino
    So I’m trying to get it connected. The application will not allow me to register my device. So I did that on the internet. After I got myself registered the application will not log me in. So I can go to the web site on the internet and review a blank page with no info from any night prior. So maybe I will give them a few more versions to fix the bugs they currently have.
  • Bluetooth synchronization problems 1/5

    By Phildo42
    How do your engineers sleep at night knowing how much frustration their customers are experiencing due to this app’s abysmal reliability? This latest update has not helped at all. My professional advice: Fire the team that wrote this code and start over from scratch. My guess is that this team’s code is deficient not only in terms of reliability, but is probably full of security holes as well. This is NOT a free app. It’s part of the reason customers buy your brand in the first place, and you will lose customers if you don’t fix this important component of your product. Your current strategy is short-sighted.
  • A complete waste of time 1/5

    By PeterMedford
    The app constantly needs to resync and rarely records the data accurately.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yz9890
    This app quit communicating with my machine after about a week. I’ve gone through all the resets and deleted/reinstalled the app. It says it’s successful when I reconnect, tells me new info uploaded, and then says last connection was 3 months ago and I have no data. Garbage.
  • Broken App: no stars for you! 1/5

    By FIX-it-Please, now.
    Ok loading & deleting this lousy version four times, it is still crashing after 20% data on Bluetooth. Don't know what update other reviewers are mentioning, but the Feb6 version listed in AppStore is crap.
  • PawMill 2/5

    By PawMill
    What's going on now with Dreammapper? Since using it, starting in Oct 2018 I had no issues! Then it started getting more difficult to retrieve my data and now as of the up date version 7.17.3 on Feb 3, 2019 it won't work at all!!! When I open the App, it goes to 20% then crashes( closes)!!! 😏
  • Useless 1/5

    By Skuhstoss
    This software requires one of 2 letters as the first part of a serial number. However, my brand-new Phillips cpap has a s/n that starts with H, so this app won't work at all. Totally useless.

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