Drive and Park

Drive and Park

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  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
97,451 Ratings
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Drive and Park App

- Park cars. - Earn money. - Travel to around the world and collect cars from each location. Will you be the best car parker?

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Drive and Park app reviews

  • Lovely game 5/5

    By awsome girl 99
    Maybe you could make a game Like this game
  • Eh. 2/5

    By Tes_265085
    At first i loved this game but i just updated it the other day and now all it does is glitch. It freezes, goes in slow motion, and sometimes even messes up the game for me by glitching and hitting other cars. Please fix this, as we all love this game and want to play it more with no glitches.
  • Just like the rest. 3/5

    By Shushhhdbkjdujshfu
    It was kinda a original idea from the other many repetitive games, but like the rest it’s full of micro transactions and ad for the other “bet you can’t do this” and “it’s impossible “games
  • Will not open 1/5

    By Ac83*
    App will not open on iPod. Software is up to date, says it is compatible with IOS 9.0 and higher but won't open on iOS 9.3.5 devices. Have tried it on two different ones!
  • Soothing 5/5

    By VAD studios
    When ever I am having a not so good day, I play this game! It is so relaxing and it helps me sooth away my anxiety.
  • Too manny ads 1/5

    By KN9585
    You beat a level and boom advertisement. Option to watch an ad and get a free car in the game and you say no. Boom watch an ad anyway . Not worth the time to even bother playing
  • Drive and park 5/5

    By porterbrey
    Best game ever
  • Flappy Bird of Cars 5/5

    By Bwrauch04
    This game is a great way to pass time. It’s awesome that your cars can keep leveling up with you, I’m on level 150. Great idea that when trying to get a new car it can level up old cars instead of getting nothing. I’d only suggest two things, first that when cars have abilities such as being able to park in a “family zone”, that the car defaults to park there and not accidentally on the other side of the road. Second that maybe they create an ad-on to the game. Like driving away from the cop car and parking to hide until reaching a destination. Anyways great game. And if there’s too many ads I just turn off data or put on a vpn.
  • Fun!! 4/5

    By Randylikescars
    The update got me back into this game which is great. I like the daily goals. Am writing a review because I BROKE THE GAME. I can get billions of dollars on one particular park, and since I earned so much I can’t gain money anymore. Lol. Please advise.

    By ii_amcrazy
  • Games 5/5

    By hurt the boddy
    I love this game
  • To many ads 1/5

    By AMY 🥰😜😜😜😜😜😜
    To many ads to play the game and have fun idc how much you like it you guys probably agree so yeah they need to fix that 😤😡🤬😫😩😡🤬😠🤯😤🙄😬🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Ads 1/5

    By Numlee
    The amount of ads in this game is just absurd
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By jadendl6
    Fun game. How do u change cars tho??
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By kbritt76
    Update: The developers have fixed my 1 & only complaint. Thank you ladies & gentlemen. 5 Stars for sure. I used to love playing this game. I used to play everyday and I would check in almost every 4 hours to get my free cars. As soon as I switched over to my new iPhone Xs Max, the 4 hour check in to get free cars does not work. I have no idea what’s going on. Most of my other apps & games are fine. It’s just that that when I click that button for, FREE 4 Hour Check In & “Claim 3 Cars”, nothing happens at all. All the other features of the game work fine.
  • Pretty great tbh 5/5

    By im a kool kid cuz why not
    It’s rly fun and fresh and I have 0 complaints about it. The one thing that kind of annoys me is when you are picking out yr car you often get the same one over and over, but everything else is literally great and worth it💗
  • Drive and park 5/5

    By hchddhjx
    This is a awesome game. Can u add some tricks and other cool stuff
  • It’s not the best 3/5

    By Shauno Ahmed
    The game itself is really fun.The problem is there are way to many adds. For example you loose maybe two times there will be a add.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Delatorius dre
    The game is fun but app developers need to stop spamming ads so hard. It’s literally after every turn, it’s ridiculous.
  • 45 sec ads 1/5

    By Spdemon68
    You’ll be casually playing an ad will pop up - ok well that’s annoying - then you realize it’s 45 secs and you just quit and play something else. Don’t waste your time.
  • Not as Good as I Thought :( 2/5

    By panda lover 56
    When I saw this game on an add I thought it would be a great game to kill time. We were driving a long drive and I needed something to keep me occupied. So, I downloaded this game because it looked like fun. I could never be more wrong! There are way to many adds and I don’t think people have $2.99 laying around in their phone to remove it! Also, I don’t like how the cars speed up after a while, it would be better simply to just leave them the same speed. And, I don’t like how there’s a too slow but not a too fast! This game could have great potential if they would let it!! This game could be great but, how there running it now. IT NEVER WILL!! I hope the creators read this and listen to my ideas to help make the game better even a few of them will help. Thank you, Nikayla.
  • Game keeps crashing 2/5

    By Бисингцарь
    This is my first critical review I’ve ever written. I wanted to get into the game, and when the game works, it’s fun. But about 90% percent of the time, the game crashes before I can even start playing. The game will just freeze, and it won’t work. Even while I’m playing, the game will just freeze. I think it’s just an problem for me, and it’s probably just a small bug, but until it’s resolved I’m keeping this game at two stars.
  • Ehhhh 😐 2/5

    By Sldean99
    Good app but one thing you should look into is TO GET RID OF ALL OF THE ADS it’s ridiculous after every time I park it shows a 15 second ad!
  • more then 2 weeks now. and deleted game 1/5

    By GwaiLo.
    on your last update — dont seem to care you broke free claim. been a week
  • Yeet 1/5

    By the tile
    This game has a good concept but it could be better #mistfitspodcastgood

    By Zarri❤️
    i easily got addicted to this game , i think i’m on level 21 and now it’s wont load for me to play , this is the second time i had this happen to me the first time i was around the same level as now & i has to start over . please fix this & it would be 5 stars from me ...😬
  • Good game 5/5

    By n?c?n?m?
    It’s a good game
  • Great Game 4/5

    By Engy1
    Only suggestion would be cutting down on the amount of time between some spots. Don’t see the point in cruising down the street for what seems like forever. Lulls me to sleep.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Yony55
    It crashes every single time I try to play. I'm on iPhone Xs.
  • Good 4/5

    By Carebear❤️
    It is a very fun game it kills time I play it all the time if I have nothing to. But there is one problem, it is very glitchy like it just stops for a second. I L❤️VE THIS GAME.
  • Not the best. 2/5

    By Rosiecupcake2739
    The app is good and a nice time killer but there are a few problems. First is the ads. With all of these games there are too many adds. And whenever i get to drive in a new place and I get a new car the car is never a rare one or something like that, always common. And when it says watch an ad to get another and I press no right after there is an ad! Like WTH! Fix these things
  • Ads 5/5

    By OhhJhhu
    It is a really good game to kill time with, but there are wayyyyyyy to many ads.
  • Cant claim rewards 3/5

    By Rinori83618105
    Cant claim the daily reward!!!
  • Ads 1 star 1/5

    By Topnotch The 5th YT
    So I’ve been thinking and I’ve watched a lot of ads for gifts and never received them and I thought about deleting the game. So many times I’ve wanted to be at some place with no WiFi and play this game to kill time but, to be honest a lot of ads is too much so this deserves one star.
  • Ads 2/5

    By kenzie0209
    This game is really fun and a great time killer but like with many other games there is WAY WAY WAY too many ads! Every time you loose there is and ad!
  • Love it, but I have a problem 4/5

    By DeathReaper97
    I love this game and it’s very addicting. I always play it to pass time. However, I do have a little problem. Sometimes when playing, it starts skipping and glitches a bit and when I try to park, it’ll glitch and make me crash. It only stops when I fully close the game and I’m tired of doing that every few minutes. Otherwise, awesome game. But please fix that issue.
  • To many ads 3/5

    By i dont care about the name.
    I like the game but a lot of games like these have a lot of adds usually for the same game over and over and it happens everytime you fail
  • Unplayable 1/5

    By Bajaracer1
    Too many ads to play. It’s no fun when you can only play for 10 seconds and keep getting 30-45 second ads....
  • Too MUCH adds 2/5

    By maddison skye❤️
    This game is quite fun although the adds are a bit extreme. I mean literally you see a add every 10seconds of the game.And honestly the choose a car thing ,always gives me the same one. Do I recommend this game ,no
  • 😑 2/5

    By Anonymous;)2.00
    This game is fun but as you go on it gets harder and boring. And I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but this game glitches a lot while playing.
  • I love it 5/5

    By xxxmsncvcv
    I love it it is super cool and super addicting but it would be better if it was not like Crossy road
  • Fun Addicting 5/5

    By officeguy25
    Great game love playing it while I watch tv during commercials. There is a glitch where you can’t get your daily free cards for car upgrades. Overall great game simple but challenging!
  • Lag so much lag 2/5

    By GaSMaSkFReAk
    The game lags hideously because add have to play. This one problem destroys the game for me. It really should be fixed as this “free to play”game isn’t free as to play it you have to remove adverts for like 2$ or whatever Waste of time
  • Cars are not my thing🚖 4/5

    By taylarwailor☺️
    So I just got it today. Cars aren’t my thing. So I crashed everytime🥺. I got better at this game. I parked good 😆. I 💜 this game now 🚖🚖🚖🚖. But just a little. ☺️😃💛❤️💜😍☺️🤣👸🏽😒😀😅😇😍🥰
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Tasssssssssssst
    The game almost every other game will decide for you where you want to go resulting in a lot of crashes and fails and it’s hard to get into the game because of this.
  • Uhhjjkk 5/5

    By real reivews
  • The best 5/5

    By crazy.hally
    I can’t even describe
  • Decent game. Some issues. 4/5

    By Myyfz450r
    This is a fun and pretty simple game. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because I cannot claim the daily gifts. And every now and then it crashes. But not often enough to worry about it. Please fix these issues on ios please then I will change to 5 stars. All in all a good time killer.
  • Love it 5/5

    By mwari777
    This game is soon addictive I can’t stop playing

Drive and Park app comments

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