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Drive Safe & Save™

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  • Current Version: 3.8.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Safe drive 5/5

    By rebbeklutz
    I would urge everyone to work with State Farm concerning safe drive. It not only benefit you financially but it helps to make you a safe driver. Send
  • Feel like I’m getting hustled 1/5

    By Michael Bappe
    I like the automatic discount just for signing up but I really feel like the events are just given out at random. Some I understand but I could go a whole week without an event happening and my percentage stays the same or only climbs 1%. Then I am flagged for an event and it drops by 3%. At one point I went from 98% all the way down to 83% and only had like 3 events happen during that time. At times I’ve have 10-12 trips with no events and my percentage stays the same then I get one event flagged and it drops 2-4%. I just don’t fully understand it. I was driving on the expressway and got flagged for speeding 5 times. It said the plaster speed was 45 but it was not and is actually 55. It’s only 45 during a work zone and this was not during working hours but that’s what the app went with. I feel like there are a lot more discrepancies but there’s really no way to combat these. You just gotta go with what they deem an event and take it. It’s really disappointing because I do my best to drive safe and not get flagged but they keep flagging me.
  • Bindu ( customer) 1/5

    By SweetyOctania
    Pretty poor system
  • Drive safe and save 2/5

    By dirtydon9
    This app is crap. It just won’t work, even after several calls to.State Farm, and reinstall and setting adjustments. I’ll probably go to different company
  • Cell phone distractions 4/5

    By ugh2491
    It irritates me that when I need to wait in a parking lot for some reason, and I want to keep the car on and use my phone. Sometimes the weather is not conducive to keep the off.
  • Inaccurate and dangerous App 1/5

    By Euro253
    Absolutely inaccurate, identifies traffic situations wrongly, not usable, encouraging people to drive unsafe by rewarding dangerous behavior. Wants me to enter a busy highway on low speed and run stop signs. Invasion of privacy and questionable linkage between discounts and false recordings of driving behavior. Only a matter of time till a class action lawsuit I’ll be filed
  • Good concept but not well executed 2/5

    By DrGeekPC
    This app can easily become a distraction while driving simply by you trying to stay within the boundaries set by the app and not have your score decrease. And why not? After all you're using the "State Farm Drive Safe & Save" app and GPS unit to save $$ on your auto insurance. Your score begins at 100% and is based on five factors: 1.) "Acceleration" initiated too quickly and you get dinged, even if pulling “safely” out into traffic and attempting not to hinder traffic flow. DING! 2.) "Braking" to avoid a collision because someone impatiently entered traffic flow or the deer that's crossing the road in front of you. DING! 3.) "Cornering" on a 90 degree right turn seems to "upset" this app unless you make the turn very slowly, and maybe get hit from behind. DING! 4.) "Speeding" and going six miles over the posted speed limit. It can become distracted driving while constantly checking the speedometer. DING! 5.) Phone distraction: keeping your hands off the cell phone. That's an easy one! NO DING! The above are just examples of what I have experienced. It can almost become stressful attempting to avoid the DINGs. The solution is to just use it and ignore it or simply don't use it (and your phone’s battery charge will last much longer).
  • Inaccurate device 3/5

    By 2morrowis4ever
    The device is inaccurate on its’ reviews…
  • Good reminder 5/5

    By fivestst
    Watching driving habits, this tracks and helps me realize where to improve and exercise add’l caution
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chickasaw saya
    Great app to keep you on your toes, as this city continues to grow.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By groucyoleman
    It’s dumb. I mean really? It’s going to log distracted driving if phone screen lights up? I can’t control who is going to call or text at any moment. I don’t know what else to say except it’s dumb. I’m just putting down words now, I guess you have to have x amount of characters in order to send. Wow! This is dumb. Fred. Ralph. Susan. Dog. Cat. Apple. Peach. Banana. Good god. This app is getting dumber as we go. Abcdeidbtvbjsksns&27)[email protected];’dienneiw$$2^>]+¥{¥|£~+£~’dkdksownbrbjzhebkepdodkkdjddndnn Absolutely ridicules!
  • Access all the time? 1/5

    By Hal 123456789
    Your app does not need access all the time. That’s invasive and not necessary. I’m disappointed in your company making it a requirement. I’m a loyal State Farm customer and this will help me shop.
  • Few trips recorded 2/5

    By kust looking
    We have taken about 8 trips since loading the app on two phones and placing the transponders on both vehicles. So far we have had only 2-3 recorded. I sent a request about 5 days ago to find out if we were doing something wrong however, have not heard back. Linda
  • Need stats and badges 4/5

    By chadwykerrr
    Works great. I’d like to see the 2-week & overall stats on how I’ve been driving. I’d also like to see badges/awards like they have on the Steer Clear app. I’m not under 25 anymore but I still like that stuff. Let’s gamify safe driving.
  • A complete waste of time 1/5

    By Tiger_Storms
    Nothing like sacrificing your data so you can save some money
  • Not recording 2/5

    By walkeyes2
    Having problems with recording trips in both vehicles. Tried everything they said and even talked to them. Says not working. I give up.
  • Feature request… (Updated: 8/9/22) 5/5

    By DatBadWolf
    We have multiple cars and drivers using Drive Safe and Save. Is each trip and score associated to a driver or to the car? It’s difficult to tell as there is a filter by car but not by driver. In our household, it would be good to know who’s generating good scores or not, so we can improve.
  • Drive safe 3/5

    By forty chevy
    When someone pulls out in front of you and you hit the brakes you are penalized for it and have a light changes the same thing if you have to hit the brakes most all my penalties have been brakes or u turns would it be better to hit the person that pulls out in front of you I’ll run the red light this device makes you a better driver but I am about ready to give it back and don’t make sense
  • Driver 1/5

    By kypiano
    Not accurate at all. Don’t drive your car after 10 PM or it will cut you down. Will not let you achieve 100% and stay there. I cannot count how many times it has reduced my score to 96% with no incidents listed.
  • Safe 5/5

    By Ssegles
    I love saving money!!
  • Safe Driver 3/5

    By Tricker53
    Okay app. However, it wants you to drive the way THEY want you to drive! Also, when my wife drives with me, safe driver doesn’t recognize that she’s driving, but me. Dumb! They don’t match who it is driving & who isn’t.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By joshua0428
    Whatever is used to calculate the general driving is not accurate at all. I’ve tested it out many times while using the app and it is completely false. The events where the app captures “unsafe driving” is completely random. I wouldn’t recommend others to download this app. Plus, to keep the discount you have to always have your phone on, the Bluetooth, and location. Since I’ve had it on, my phone kept track and recorded me being at everywhere I’ve been. This is a scam just to record everyone’s data that could possibly be used against you. From a legal standpoint, it wouldn’t be wise to use it.
  • Trip classification 1/5

    By Gia's nana
    In the update it said if someone not driving that you could report on trip classification but gave no instructions on how to do it.
  • Nightmare 2/5

    By dfp609
    I recently downloaded the Drive Safe app, installed it, and set up the Bluetooth connection. I did this about one week ago. Since then the app is recording very few of my trips, essentially making the purpose of the system unusable.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By ysababyy
    I recently switched to State Farm and selected the drive safe program. So far not impressed…. I feel like the program is too finicky. Previously with Allstate

    By advrtizr
    Do you really want your insurance company knowing how many times a week you drive though a fast food joint? Or Dunkin’ Donuts? Or a bar? Or tattoo parlor? Or ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE you go? That’s the permission you give State Farm with this app. Personally I don’t trust this data is safe with them and used for my benefit as much as for thier’s. And saving $23 (or any amount) on my insurance isn’t value enough for that exchange. #FightThePower
  • Missing trips 3/5

    By 1dreemz
    Some trips are not recorded. Needs fixing
  • Lacks precision 3/5

    By Mattkayaker
    App does not account for accident avoidance with other drivers, unfair for my driving score to be penalized for hard braking/ turning when i am avoiding a pothole or another driver cuts me off. Also I am constantly penalized for cellphone use when my wife is using my phone while i am driving. Good idea but lacks certain precision to make me believe it is for more than just accident reconstruction…
  • App is faulty 1/5

    By Wellsnorgo
    Can’t login because the app keeps resetting my logins. Also it is impossible to get a great driving score because it way too sensitive. I got new brakes not too long ago and my suv brakes excellent. While the app keeps docking points off me.
  • Hate the App 1/5

    By AK-HI Petersens
    My biggest complaint is that the app requires location service on Always. There is nothing on my phone that I do not have turned off or on only while using. I do not like that State Farm feels they need to track me if I’m on a mountain hiking or in the ocean fishing. Why can’t it just be in while using? Also I’ve commented before about braking to fast. Would you rather I just hit the car that pulls in front of me? Why dock me points for avoiding an accident. Same with swerving to avoid an accident. Now it says I cornered too fast. Come on! Even sings me when I tell Siri to send me a text. Says I’m distracted from my phone. Or when my wife picks up my phone to put musing on Almost not worth the extra stress!
  • Location settings 3/5

    By Calvin1532
    I’m not saying I don’t get it. I just don’t like that I have to have my location settings on at all times. Also, (and I know there’s not a way to verify) but in the case of defensive driving, I hate that I suffer lowering my score for a “hard braking” event when avoiding an accident with a less competent driver ahead of me.
  • Great program 5/5

    By grampsto11
    Excellent app!! The only negative I have so far is that in trying to stop quickly for a changing light, the app dings you for hard braking. I fear that this may cause more drivers to run red lights than try and stop for them!!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By AJ 2051
    It deducts points from you when people pull out in front of you.braking on you, says you’re speeding when by law you are allowed 5 mph over speed limit,I was in a Wal mart parking lot it deducted point for going up one way and turning another. It needs work
  • Phone distraction 4/5

    By Gary 1986
    The only problem i have is i can be the driver and my wife the passenger. She will be using her phone and it counts that as a phone distraction. Even though she’s not driving.
  • great 5/5

    By P. Larry
    Just gets aggravating when you have to stop quick to avoid an accident
  • Like It 5/5

    By 77luca77
    Enjoying the safe driver app. It keeps me thinking about my driving. I think the acceleration part is a little to sensitive.
  • State Farm DriveSafe discount preventer 1/5

    By CathodeCathay
    The accelerometer in the DriveSafe windshield device is ridiculously oversensitive. If you hit a bump in the middle of a turn, the sensor says you were cornering too hard. The braking sensor is even worse. Normal disc grabbing, potholes while braking, or even slowdowns caused by your speed control all show up as hard braking events. All of these things reduce your score (and your discount). Your grandmother in a Lincoln Town Car would get bad scores with this device. No matter how carefully you drive, you’ll NEVER earn the top discount with this system. This is obviously by design. If you got DriveSafe in hopes of a big insurance discount, think again. This is a scam.
  • Frustrating App 2/5

    By PapaBear2Five
    I like saving money but the app is flaky. Sometimes it doesn’t record trips and you have to try several different fixes to get it to start again. If another family member has the app they must turn off Bluetooth before riding or you will get penalized for phone use on the trip. It is overly sensitive on turns and braking. If you have to apply brakes suddenly due to a reckless driver it will surely count against you! It also doesn’t like Teslas using full self driving.
  • Negative 4/5

    By buttertess
    When a passenger uses my phone, I get a penalty. I don’t drive and text or talk but pull over. I live in Alaska and in winter I’d run off the road if I used the phone.
  • Is unforgiving 3/5

    By viewdocs
    Driving conditions may require braking hard or accelerating fast especially when driving when everyone is going to work or merging onto a highway when all lanes are speeding.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By doffevrgr
    It does not give enough info
  • Great but need to be fair 5/5

    By yese ia
    Good afternoon I uesed your safe drive n I love it .i avoid many accident.people are very Carles out there is scary .what I don’t like about this is that I had great point on the account n someone in responsable trout her self n almost hit me I had to brake hard to avoid accident n then your safe drive took point of me not fear if is traffic n every body is braking n I put also my brakes they also take point is not fear I don’t understand why when is not my fault.thank you for the service.
  • Still needs work. 4/5

    By forked run
    Please work on the braking section. There are too many instances of “hard braking” where it just doesn’t exist. Also, my score has gone down on days where I haven’t even drove. What’s up with that? While this app is helpful, it is also maddening. Once again, my score has gone down from one day to the next with no events and no driving past early afternoon. As followup, score jumps all over the place. Yesterday, a 97. Today a 87, and I drove all of 6 miles. You have got major problems with this app.
  • No trips recording since 8/1 1/5

    By Heathj71
    No trips recording and 2-week history blank since 8/1/22.
  • Still needs some work. 3/5

    By CT_Arwood
    The tracking isn’t quite correct when it comes to cornering, acceleration, or breaking, and there’s no way to make a suggestion without contacting a support rep.
  • Safe drive 1/5

    By Icekittykat
    I just hate the whole concept. I have never had to put an device in my car and have it follow my every move while in my car. It doesn’t work efficiently. It doesn’t have anything to do with how State Farm charges. It seems as if State Farm and drive safely have no idea how to communicate. I Ihate this device. It’s an invasion of my privacy. Due to this little device I will definitely be looking for other insurance.
  • State Farm nonsense 1/5

    By SomeRandomGuy1854
    My wife is a State Farm agent, she set up my app for me and I have NEVER had it work once in the two months I’ve had it!
  • Continue increase 2/5

    By Sane2me
    I have a 8 year old vehicle, which I have placed 39,090 miles on it. I have had 1 ticket for speeding about 10 years ago. I have not had an accident in the past 25 years ago. I live in a small city but my insurance went up. I would like to know why your rates fluctuates every 6 months.
  • Excellent. 5/5

    By juhishankar
    The service is appropriate for safe driving practice.