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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount of about 5 percent just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Good overall but several irritations 3/5

    By Ted 7009
    It’s a good app: it certainly has improved my driving enormously. But it is entirely unreasonably to ding me for speeding that lasted as little as 50 feet and nearly always at a transition point where the speed limit abruptly dropped by 15 or 20 mph. IMO, insurers should be more worried about persistent speeding - lasting more than, say, 400 or 800 yards.
  • App needs adjusting 1/5

    By ajrhchf
    I think that some of the safe driving criteria are subjective. I have had moments where drivers pull out in front of me causing me to rapidly brake. This gives me a hit and takes away my discount. I still ended up safe and without an accident. I think this is unfair.
  • Consider driving situations. 5/5

    By PT Cruiser TW
    I did notice when the App is active and you’re using Navigation it dings my phone usage rating down a point. I’m not using the phone for any other purpose. Also, try to keep in mind that areas in purple for speeding sometimes are unavoidable because traffic is heavy and it maybe safer keeping with the flow. Some slow drivers cause the faster ones to be careless and reckless at times. I hope you keep this in mind when reviewing member discounts.
  • Serious bugs and problems 2/5

    By Ughfhgfvhfhgfj
    This application has serious bugs and problems. The most recent example occurred today when the application showed a correct starting and ending point for a trip but showed a totally wrong route, at one point over a mile away from the roadway actually used. It has also dinged me for “sharp turns” on straight roadways where no turns occurred, and for “rapid acceleration” when pulling onto the freeway and getting up to merging speed from an on ramp ramp meter. Yesterday it also failed to record three trips and failed to record one this morning. The developers of the application have a lot of bugs to eliminate.
  • Why give up access to summary data? 3/5

    By JBSA62
    There are some great new features in this app including the ability to see ratings for each particular trip. That said, developers skimped on some of the details. I have 2 vehicles which obviously have 2 different tracking beacons so SF clearly knows which vehicle was used on each trip but doesn’t include that info in the app. The older version of the app also displayed mikes driven each trip which were accumulated monthly which was data I reviewed and used each month. Please bring that feature back. Phone use ratings should recognize and accommodate use of Bluetooth hands free speaker systems built into most vehicles today.
  • Phone use 4/5

    By XR650R supermoto
    I use my phone for music when I drive and get negative marks for phone use. Other than that this is a great app and great savings
  • Very disappointing - bring back the old version 1/5

    By sgfsue
    I’ve waited through several updates, but no more. I am fairly literate, but version is not user friendly and gives no helpful information. In fact, I’m considering discontinuing my use of it. Latest example is it didn’t record trips for 10 days. It did again three days ago. All of a sudden, my score plummeted this morning from 92% to 63%. Why? All the trips have 4 or 5 stars. There are no trends or further explanation as in the old version. Because of that there is no way to learn and improve. I also miss the trending discount feature. All we can see now is the current one. I could go on for pages, but will stop now.
  • Will improve your driving but flawed braking monitoring 3/5

    By 6298753
    It will make you a better driver but you will get dinged for “braking” when you go over a speed bump gently
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rogers44
    Enjoying this State Farm👍
  • Still a few bugs need worked out. 4/5

    By Coffihouse
    Overall the program works well and is accurate. One issue we have run into is cell phone use. We have the app on three ones and if any of them are used while driving the app doesn’t distinguish between the driver’s phone and the passenger’ s therefore it shows phone use for the trip when the driver is not using it. In addition, I question wether using a map app is recognized as cell phone use? Obviously, I would like to be able to use an app for driving directions.
  • Has its Pros & Cons 4/5

    By Superroop
    This is a decent app, and in an ideal world, everyone would be required to have one, so they’d be less inclined to drive like idiots. It’s has nice features, such as keeping track of mileage etc. I’ll just list my Pros and & Cons though, and not rehash all of the apps features. Pros: •keeps track of mileage •monitors phone use and discourages that while driving (a plus for those that text and drive) •handy little map lets you know where your “infractions” were so you can adjust your driving behavior •gives a decent window for going over the speed limit. Sometimes it’s just unrealistic to think you can do THE speed limit. Mostly because other drivers would run you off the road, or ride your bumper. Cons: •the least little bit of acceleration is docked. I have one in a Scat Pack Charger and the other in my pick up truck. Acceleration is never a problem in my truck, but is certainly takes the fun out of driving my car. I like to give her a little gas, to feel that power, the whole reason I bought he car, but the app penalizes me big time for 2 seconds of fun. There should be some leeway on this, like extended rapid acceleration. •speeding. Sometimes you’re next to another driver for an extended period of time, and you’re both at the limit of what’s acceptable to the apps monitoring, and you must speed up to get over, or slow down and have the line of people behind you get mad. So, again, as mentioned in my gripe about acceleration, there should be a longer window for a move that may require you to speed up to pass someone, as opposed to someone who is speeding for a prolonged period, like a minute or more. •cornering. Same thing. My car handles very well, and you can go around a corner, safely and at the speed limit. But you get docked if you don’t crawl around corners. •phone use. Sometimes you get a call. Both my vehicles let me do hands free talking. This shouldn’t be penalized. Or if it’s a brief call, let it slide. There should be a way to develop this app to know, if I’m using Bluetooth to talk, or if the phone is being used to manipulate a texting app or social media app. I recently lost my wallet, and was on my way home, and it was a long drive. The hold time (to get cards cancelled) was quoted at over 30 minutes. The call was on Bluetooth, so it was hands free. Shouldn’t have been docked, for what was essentially listening to hold music for nearly 40 minutes. This app could use some minor tweaks, to the parameters, and it would be excellent.
  • Breaking & phone 4/5

    By tempurpedic
    My only issues with the drive safe is 1). I get dinged if I press hard on the break when a light turns yellow. 2). If my husband is in the truck with me, my phone rings he used to answer it. Now he can’t because I will get dinged.
  • Login, wrong tracking 1/5

    By J sid
    Why do I always need to login? Also I am not using phone while driving but the passenger on the other seat uses phone , this app says I am using phone , not right . Driver is not using phone but passenger is, this is not right way of tracking phone usage ..
  • Password 4/5

    By mnfarmgal
    It’s fun to look at and it made me a more conscience driver, but I wish it would remember my password.
  • Horrible, Not Accurate at all 1/5

    By JoApRe77
    The developer needs to figure out a way to make this more accurate. It logs me as cell phone use when my phone is at my house? House is this possible? When driving in rural places it logs the posted miles per hour wrong, for example it’s posted 40 mph and flags me for speeding saying it was 25 mph. Overall it seems like this app is made to make you drive and pay more rather than save!!!
  • App has problems 1/5

    By Bubba the trader
    The last app graded each vehicle, which was a quick identifier of how each vehicle is being driven. This ap grades all the vehicles on it combined, masking the ones who are driving badly, and not giving credit to those who drive good. How are we to improve when we don’t know, digging through maps doesn’t cut it
  • Score 3/5

    By Togrind
    The score keeps saying I’m on the phone when I’m actually playing Pandora through my phone.
  • Makes you drive less safe 1/5

    By Heister02
    You can’t even accelerate at all without it making a mark. If you are trying to Pass someone who might be driving 10 less the speed limits and accelerate to Pass then it will hit your score. I actually think it makes driving less safe.
  • Disappointed!!!! 3/5

    By Cindy A Y
    It shows that I’m to be saving a little over $50 a month. Well my premiums were about $170 a month, now it’s down to like $150..... Where is the discount I was told in the office I would be getting? I just may be better off switching to a different company
  • Good feedback for driver but software feels rigged 3/5

    By jderailed
    I liked receiving feedback on areas of my driving that I need to improve, but at times the software seems to randomly count errors. Also, having the official speed limit as the only source of measurement leaves aside the flow of traffic, which sometimes could be above 10 miles from the speed limit (i.e. getting onto I-85 from Atlanta on the way to Greenville).
  • Drive safe 3/5

    By gk2k18
    Does a very good job. Except for it not allowing me to use my navigation without docking me a point for “phone use”. Also sometimes doesn’t recognize speed zones and docks me because it thinks I’m speeding!
  • Be safe 5/5

    By What2play
    More drivers should have this plan. We all could use a little reminder in how to drive safely.
  • Speed limits 4/5

    By hammdown
    Speed limits on app do not match posted speed limits
  • Why is my discount so low? 1/5

    By ConfusedinFL
    I don’t understand how my discount can only be $2.51 when my grade was 97% when I last submitted my mileage & my annual miles is less than my friend’s & her % was less than mine but her discount is $156!!
  • Gray 2461 5/5

    By Gray 2461
    Great company to be a part of thanks
  • Decent analysis but can’t tell car/driver 2/5

    By TXnatv
    It’s nice to see driving analysis, but there is a major flaw. We have 2 drivers and 3 cars. We can’t tell which car/driver was tracked for each trip. This is a must have to ensure tracking is accurate (e.g. if I’m driving but my wife’s phone connects to Bluetooth first, we get an inaccurate score if she uses her phone while I’m driving). You have this information so please add to trip details.
  • Hard Braking 3/5

    By Run_The_Atl
    Hi! The app is harsh on hard braking! I hope the app includes an algorithm that takes into account driving in a metro area - Atlanta. It's not if someone will cut you off in Atlanta, but when! You mostly have to give up defensive driving, or you will be dinged. I drive like my Grandpa now, and it's scary! One last thing, add a notes section for each recorded drive. The driver can give feedback on driving conditions. Thx!
  • Good neighbor tool 4/5

    By mmF150
    This is a neat tool. I like to review trips for my own benefit. The device doesn’t correctly recognize the legal posted speed on Highway 22 from the Interstate to the Carroll County line; the device shows me speeding for a few miles there every time.
  • Great App, but... 5/5

    By ssbrewer
    This app is great for keeping you on your toes. It will show you what kind of driver you are, which helps keep you conscientious of the rules of the road. If you want a discount on the ever skyrocketing insurance rates, then this app is for you! Now, let me be honest and say, there are times when I don’t want to go the speed limit because I’m running late. But I know if I speed, my score will drop and that’s when I begin to question whether or not I really want to use the app. When it comes down to it, the discount out weighs my need for speed. The only real drawback is the “phone use” scoring. Not everyone uses their phone to text while driving. Anyone else in your vehicle that has, and uses their phone in the vehicle is fine. But! If someone in the car uses the phone that the app is linked to, you will get dinged. So, using a map program is fine, as long as you don’t click the map or enlarge it, etc. The app states that your discount is not affected by phone use, yet it does show on your overall score. All in all it’s a great app. I think they should send a bumper sticker that says, “Don’t mess with my discount,” to all the folks using the app! That way the people behind us will know why we are being the turtle and not the rabbit! 😁
  • Poor judgment for cell phone use 1/5

    By PhalMMo
    It picks the cellphone usage when my passenger use the phone. That decreased my rating. I don’t know whom to complaint about it.
  • Inaccuracies 5/5

    By hrwehetteh
    This is a very good tool to have. It makes the drive aware of their driving habits and can help them turn their driving habits into good habits. They only issue I have with the app is the speeding inaccuracies that o have found in the town of Norway SC, Denmark, SC, Bamberg, SC and Barnwell SC. Other than that I love the app!
  • Payments 3/5

    By Samboodro!
    I have set up app and can track discounts and show I can pay bills online. But, app keeps saying no bill due! Does this mean y’all paying my insurance? This is aggravating 3 months I. And I can’t pay online!! Why????
  • The issues of the app 1/5

    By elham1296
    It Dose not work well. 1- It records a trip whenever it wants, and it does not record the rest of them. 2- If you stop in a parking and use your phone to call, and drive again after that, it considers that as a phone usage. 3- you cannot use the navigator of your phone, or use your phone to play music, because it considers that as a phone usage.
  • App rarely works. 1/5

    By Jeff Sturm
    I have called State Farm for tech support. They promised to return my call in 48 hours. They never called.
  • Gives false information!!! 1/5

    By deepblue12000
    If your kids play on your phone while you're driving, the app reports to State Farm you were using the phone while driving. When I questioned them on how I spent over three hours of a four hour trip holding my phone, they didn't have an answer.
  • doesn’t give discount in california 1/5

    By annarete
    according to my agent here in bay area, the app does not provide any discount on premiums. she didn't even know about the app and had to research it. seems state farm doesn't coordinate with it's own apps. obviously not worth the time and effort.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Cpt. Bootle T
    So far the app is proving to be very inaccurate. I have been given one star for phone usage when I never touched my phone. It also appears that family member’s phones have connected to the Bluetooth device and recorded a poor rating due to phone usage when they were not operating the vehicle.
  • Color coordinate vehicles 4/5

    By driverof5
    It would be nice to have a color represent an individual car. Make it earlier to determine which route is which car.
  • Maps need corrections 4/5

    By Bobcat0301
    I’m pretty pleased with the app. The only issue is that google maps has several speed zone corrections that need to be addressed. Have made several calls but of course they not State Farm seem to care.
  • Penalized for safe driving 2/5

    By DFPTA
    Overall, I’m pleased that this device helped us get a discount on our insurance. However, there are several flaws with the information it gathers. We are “graded” on our driving in a vacuum of context. Several examples- I’ve lost points on multiple occasions for rapid acceleration when I’m on a freeway on-ramp where rapid acceleration is appropriate and necessary. I’ve lost points for sharp braking to avoid an accident due to another driver’s carelessness. I’ve lost points for sharp braking when a light turns yellow on a 45 mph state highway. I’ve lost points for phone use when I wasn’t the driver or when my partner was using the phone. There needs to be a way to resolve these discrepancies.
  • It doesn’t seem to be working 3/5

    By kmillucy
    I have updated my mileage twice and the mileage that shows isn’t correct.
  • Effective but Flawed 4/5

    By Loved/Hate game
    While the app seems to accurately gather information, it has one flaw which impacts the grading. That flaw is its inability to distinguish whether the driver is using the phone the app is tethered to. With multiple phones able to connect to the beacon, the first one tethered to it seems to always be the one it selects. However, that phone is not always being used by the driver. There should be an option that asks if the person using the phone is the driver or not.
  • Great for discounts...hopefully 3/5

    By Cautious in Carolina
    I am new to using this ap and look forward to continued discounts. It is concerning though that hard breaking and acceleration is scored without regard to whether it may be drivers fault or not. We will see ......
  • Interesting app, works for me though 5/5

    By bwuzy
    I’ve seen mixed reviews about its functionality, but I use an iPhone 8 with the device no problem no lies, I can use my google maps without being penalized, or Spotify car mode. So all in all this is saving me quite a bit of money considering the alternative of not using it. I’m willing to let Statefarm track me if it means saving money. Sad part of being poor. 😂
  • Disgruntled 1/5

    By hate beacon
    This app does not evaluate how well you drive. I have seen the worst driving get five stars. If you obey the speed limit. turn overly slow and make sure no one touches your phone in the car it’s a five star rating. Don’t try to stop for lights because you’ll get docked. Seriously your better to run red lights with this app. My daughter would drive over the lines, not look when turning and almost hit someone, this was rated five stars all because she was driving slow. If you want to be tracked everywhere you go and get docked for the most minor things get the app and hope to save a buck. We had State Farm before and had the same rates without the annoyance. Make sure your kids or someone in your car doesn’t touch your phone or get directions. It doesn’t know it’s not you and will penalize you.
  • Not a fair program 1/5

    By Ekascsak
    I am not happy with the Safe Ride program because it dings me when I have to slam on my brakes when a deer runs in front of me or another person slams on their brakes. I stay plenty far back and it still happened multiple times. I’ve gotten dinged when my son opens my phone to change music or call someone. It’s a terrible way to measure safe driving. One would think that my clean driving record would be enough. Very frustrating! I do not recommend this at all!
  • Just wrong 2/5

    By spydweb
    The app is kind of useful unless you use your brakes or keep up with traffic, oh and my phone is hands free. Silly !!!!!!
  • Doesn’t work with apple car play 3/5

    By Stormyyy
    I went on a trip to North Carolina from Florida. Hooked my phone up to apple car play and tucked my phone away. Only time I took my phone out of the compartment was when I was stopped. Reading my trip review it says phone usage was high and I only had 1 out of 5 bars. It shows phone connected in a line it was so bad. I hadn’t touched my phone! I was told it “doesn’t affect” your rating but it does! What if a passenger is using the phone or in my case it’s on apple car play. I don’t think the app deserves 5 starts until they fixe this. That is hands free driving. I’ve said before it didn’t work with apple car play and was told it does and shouldn’t show up as usage but it did. Plus only saving $9 total in 6 months isn’t really a discount. My agent told me it’s not $9 a month.
  • Review of erroneous dings 3/5

    By dirtdoctor49
    While overall I’d like the app. I have found that it tags me when I am accelerating to merge into traffic when there is a short merge lane. Also it often dings me when I break quickly when a deer or pedestrian dashed out in front of me. The algorithms used need to differentiate between breaking hard at intersection or stop sign and emergency braking for animals pedestrians or other vehicles entering the highway or road. Also it appears that I have been deemed when I have a car in cruise control and I’m going up steep hills so RPMs rise as accelerating when I am actually not accelerating.

Drive Safe & Save™ app comments

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