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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’ll save an initial 5% when you sign up for Drive Safe & Save™ from State Farm. And the safer you drive, combined with the fewer miles you drive, the more you could save on auto insurance. Your smartphone, along with a Bluetooth beacon you’ll receive in the mail, will collect basic information about your driving characteristics. Next, the app will use this information to calculate your potential discount on auto insurance. Key Functions • View your current and trending discounts based on specific driving characteristics • Calculate your potential discount by adjusting a variety of driving characteristics • See how your driving stacks up against others • Learn how your driving habits, such as braking, mileage, speed and acceleration, affect your discount • Read tips to improve your grades on key driving characteristics Available in select states only. Please contact your State Farm agent for availability. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • It really does drain your phone battery 1/5

    By RedEarth73
    I saw some reviews saying that it drains your battery but thought maybe it was fixed however, after using it, the app used 30% of my battery in 2 hours. I think that making sure I can call for help may trump the discount. It does this consistently and on my wifey phone too. There is a problem if my wife drives our car at the same time I am in the car too. Her driving is recorded on my app since I have my Bluetooth on too to play music while she drives. There are also punishments for avoiding accidents. If someone pulls in front of you and you stop fast you get a lower score even though you were safer and avoided the accident. Another thing that is ignored is sometimes speeding up can be used to avoid an accident that you also will get s lower score for. Problem occur when you drive out of a data range of the gps. This happens when I am driving home in the country. No gps is available. This is a neat idea but definitely needs much more development and thought into the grading algorithm and real world scenarios.
  • Problematic Software 1/5

    By Jtk27
    This app uses a ton of battery life in the background, so much so that my phone has gone dead overnight a few times over the past month which causes me to miss my morning alarm. The developers need to fix this battery drain issue.
  • Randomly drains my battery at midnight 1/5

    By Roboito72
    For some reason the app decides to run from midnight until it kills my battery sometime around 6am. My car is not running or moving. State Farm suggests turning BT & Location Services off while not in use. I’m def not going to remember to turn location services on every time I get in the car.
  • Does not provide reliable or accurate data 2/5

    By Snedwell
    First, I appreciate that using this app gives me a discount. Currently it works out to about five bucks a month. Unfortunately, the data from the app is unreliable at best, and the many user reviews noting the battery drain are (mostly) true in my experience. The speed category says it tracks the number of times your car goes 80mph and above. While I started off a year ago with 3 months of an A+ rating, that has since declined to 8 months of an A-. I have never hit 80 mph in the last year, so the app’s speed measurement is inaccurate. A phone rep from State Farm suggested my phone sensors might be off, but testing with a different app showed my phone and car speedometer to be in agreement. Another problem is that the app provides no feedback on when poor driving behaviors occur. I had several months of high grades which have since steadily declined for no reason I can determine—I drive the same 4.5 miles twice every workday, and do minimal driving besides that. Even if my driving habits had changed, the lack of feedback makes it impossible to know what I might be doing incorrectly. Since it is clear the app is inaccurate in one measurement, I question the accuracy of the other grades as well. Finally, there is the battery issue. I can’t pinpoint why some days are worse than others, but it is pretty clear that this app is responsible for significant battery usage. I can start with a full charge in the morning, not use my phone for anything at work, and find it at anywhere from 80% to below half by the time I go home. At least setting up the Bluetooth beacon was painless! Hopefully State Farm will take some time to address the long-standing concerns with the app. It has a lot of potential.
  • Registering 1/5

    By R.H17
    Every time I go to create my account a technical error occurs and I’ve tried so many times with different ways. I tried it with WiFi and with just my data but it doesn’t work. This is frustrating
  • Very frustrating and dangerous app 1/5

    By Claydood
    Every single time I try to log into this app, I have to reset my password. First of all, trying to log in with fingerprint scanner does not work at all. Just says invalid password. So I’m always forced to enter my password, which fails because I had to reset my password last log in attempt, because you only get one attempt to log in before your account gets locked down. Once your around gets locked, only way to unlock it is to reset your password. Do that, then weeks later I try to login, but either forgot I reset my password or don’t remember what I changed it too, so after just one single try, the account locks. Can’t reuse previous passwords, so I’m at a point where I never ever remember what I changed it too as I can’t use one of my 6 usual passwords across my 100s of online accounts. Once you do get logged in, you find out your scores are horrible, lucky to have a C in there. But usually D or worse. You really have to drive super slow, I mean so slow that you are more at risk of getting into an accident as people around you get annoyed to the point where they do something dangerous to get around you. You need to take at least 3 minutes accelerating up 25 MPH which I often have people rear end my regularly because I’m trying to get a A ratings. Same for taking at least 45 seconds to brake up a complete stop, but that’s just to get a B rating on braking. Left and Right turns need to be slow and wide. Practically have to drive onto sidewalks and curbs to get a wide enough turn to get anything over a C rating. Make sure to drive a speed of 3 MPH during that turn to get at least a B+. Not sure who designed this app and determined the rating algorithm, but it puts you more at risk of getting into an accident with how it wants you to drive to get high driving grades to save money on already over priced insurance.
  • Grades don’t make sense. Left turn and right turn probably the worse part of it. 1/5

    By Batria
    I’m planning to stop insuring with State Farm even though they give a discount with the device. What really drives me nuts are the left turn and right turn grades. They just don’t make sense. I try slow, acute, open. Doesn’t matter. Other insurance companies don’t include it, because the grading system is probably not helping at all.
  • Nearly useless, very amateurish 1/5

    By Markisgreen
    This app needs to be fixed and an update sent. Freezes and gets hung up without telling user what it’s hung up on. Please fix and push update.
  • Connection error 1/5

    By CaseSensitive59
    How can I write this review if I have connection error?
  • Extremely inconvenient 1/5

    By wadely_bucket
    The app makes you have your location services on always, which wastes your battery. It also times out during long trips, which defeats the purpose of the app
  • Very poor service 1/5

    By 勇敢的小吉吉
    Very poor service
  • Don’t expect to drive to work and have A+ 1/5

    By abbyhaswings1
    Don’t expect to drive yourself to and from work if you want a good grade in that category. “Driving during unsafe hours”??? Gotta pay for the policy somehow. Totally ruined my experience for getting a negative grade based on the time of day I was driving? That’s unfair I can’t help when I work.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Rm123477
    Would give it 0 stArs if I could. Keeps saying that I’m not connected to a network aka that I don’t have WiFi. Well I do. And when I’m finally able to login it tells me I can’t submit my miles and to try again within 48 hours. This is such a crappy app. I keep getting final notice emails from state farm saying that I need to update my mileage but the app doesn’t allow me to. This is unacceptable
  • This app is GREAT 5/5

    By tayfeather
    First of all this app is incredibly easy to set up. Literally five minutes and you’re good to go. Me and my wife save ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER MONTH by using this app. We are 24 and 29 so we drive like normal people. I have all As on the app, and my left and right turns started at Cs so I brought them up by just being careful. There have never been any issues AND I have even switched vehicles in the middle of using the app. Seriously if you’re trying to save on your insurance USE THIS APP
  • The app is a joke 1/5

    By Michal Potasz
    The app is logging out every time you try to check it, it never changes our ratings no matter how we is horrible. No feedback and it is nit accurate. I never go over speed limit and I have B- for speed.
  • Destroys battery life 1/5

    By bfrostieone
    This app destroys my battery life. 100% to 55% over night and the only thing running in the background is this app. Unacceptable!
  • Grading System 2/5

    By North Georgian
    I think the grading system stinks. I drive ridiculously easy but still get marked down on my acceleration, stopping and curve-taking. I live in the mountains and it’s impossible to drive any easier.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bridenb2
    I think this device is way too sensitive like others have said. You have to be crawling and you still get C’s. My biggest issue though is the speeding grade that claims to be impacted if you’re traveling 80mph or over. I never drive 80. EVER. Sometimes if I’m on the interstate where the speed limit is 70, I’ll do that. But I’m no where close to 80!! And my speed limit score is a constant B+. It’s infuriating!!
  • No login with Face ID 3/5

    By Leons.Chan
    The app is great by please add FaceID as a login option
  • Needs some improvements. 3/5

    By bojee88
    The app is ok but the grading for time of night is not ok when you work late hours. A improvement to the app would be adding tracking to the app so you can know where your car is at all times.
  • Additional discount for being a good driver, what’s not to love 5/5

    By walks like good neighbor
    The low rating for this app does not make sense. The app is the way State Farm communicates the details about your discount back to you as a customer. It does this very well, app is pretty simple to use and requires very little feedback from me as a customer (I have to take a photo of my odometer and then manually confirm the reading once every six months) and I get a discount just for being a safe driver and the discount can get bigger depending on how much I drive and stuff that insurance companies couldn’t even evaluate before. Definitely not big brother, more like a nice little brother that wants to see you do better. Even if your discount is not huge, it’s still a discount people geez! Unless you’re the weirdo who doesn’t like getting a discount. And don’t be the idiot who thinks their insurance should only get cheaper; very few things in life get cheaper over time and do you really think people are better drivers than they used to be? Is this thing perfect? Not sure, it could probably be improved somehow like making it part of my existing State Farm app instead of a separate app but it’s still better than paying full price.
  • Needs lots of work. Dealing with this app isn’t worth the discount 2/5

    By Here'sHoping
    Even though I have notifications turned on. I never get any and my wife is who gets them emailed to her when a mileage update is needed. Just notify me on the app and not make my wife have to keep up with all our cars just since she is the primary on the account. Also even though I have my fingerprint enabled sometimes it still makes me enter my password which is incredibly annoying. Not worth the effort to manage this app for the $3 a month you save.
  • Dysfunctional Application and CON game 1/5

    By Nish Speaks
    The application and program is a piece of junk. I am a safe driver who drives well within the limits. The application’s grading system is faulty and the grading is incorrect. I am driving so slow and safe that I crawl on freeways to improve my grades. Yet, I have barely made any progress with improving my grades.
  • Power drain 2/5

    By archmon1
    Noticed this a few days ago and I see it doing it again now. My battery is being drained by the app. I’m not near the vehicle now and even have the app closed and according to the battery page, it’s running full blast in the background. If it wasn’t needed for my discount, it would get uninstalled now. Needs to be fixed.
  • Battery killer 1/5

    By Ogomama
    I can no longer deal with the way this app drains my battery. I doubt it is worth the $12 discount I am currently enjoying! I have a good mind to return it at the end of the month and forfeit the discount
  • Great Concept 4/5

    By CarterMarkham
    The app seems to work fine for me, no battery issues, no glitches. The only reason I’m giving a 4 star rating is the discount implementation is a little poor. After 3 grading updates, it is showing my “trending discount” is $116, much more than the current $24 discount (5%) I’m receiving just for having it. I wish State Farm would reconsider discounts after a couple months instead of keeping it at 5% for an entire 6 month term before your “trending discount” kicks in.
  • Great App to drive safe 5/5

    By Gmj225
    Improved my driving and easy to use!
  • Battery hog 1/5

    By Kilkee79
    This app works well and can really save you money, but it drains my battery to the point that I have to turn off the app’s location services feature, rendering it useless. I’ll keep it off until I hear that State Farm has improved the app. So far, the company has ignored the complaints.
  • Add Face ID login 2/5

    By Jeni4iam
    Please update and create a Face ID option to log into the app.
  • Great app 4/5

    By b_thomp_53
    This app does what it’s supposed to. It’s easy to setup. I used to work for State Farm and the biggest complaints were that it was difficult to setup and drained battery. Neither of those have been an issue for me. It would be 5 stars but there is no support for Face ID yet.
  • Hard To Remember To Turn On Bluetooth 2/5

    By 382928h
    Like everyone else says, this drains your smartphone battery to the max! I never have my Bluetooth on unless necessary, so you have to remember to turn it on and off every single time before you start driving or after you park. Additionally, be wary if you do not have a phone charger in your vehicle. I have an older car and do not have one, so if your phone dies while you are driving then the app will not sync during your trip and your mileage will not be accurate. I’ve been hundreds of miles off because of this. I don’t know if that lessens your discount or not. That being said, I save about $20/month with this. Sometimes though all the work you have to put in doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.
  • Keep charger handy 1/5

    By T-Nasty9495
    I would have given it 3 maybe 4 stars, however my phone dies too fast. I deleted the app just to see if that was the cause for my battery dying quickly. I also went to look at my battery usage on my phone. This app is draining!
  • Uses lots of battery 2/5

    By sixbillships
    Still my top app in terms of background battery usage. Please improve this.
  • Much bette app! 5/5

    By Chaz Obligato
    Still saves me money but map works much better
  • Crappy authentication system 1/5

    By jduvall333
    This app drives me nuts! Every few months we get locked out and have to reset the password multiple times before we can get logged back in. You can only try your password 3 times before the app locks, then the password you reset doesn’t sync to the app correctly resulting in multiple resets. So frustrating!!!
  • I Appreciate The Discount - But..... 1/5

    By LynnJ42
    The App works fine, but the grading system is driving me crazy. I have been insured by State Farm for a little over 55 years and have had very few claims. Windshield dings and our daughter had a fender bender, but she is long out of the nest. My issue is the grading around turns, mostly left turns. I get low grades and don’t understand why. I accelerate and drive so slow, I feel like I am a hazard. Today when turning left, from a left turn lane, to a 4 lane, 35 mph street I was going so slow to avoid acceleration demerits cars behind me zoomed around me after I made the turn and established lane travel. From gestures they made to me, they seemed annoyed. This regularly happens as I accelerate from a stop light. Folks don’t seem to want to travel at under 25 mph for the first block, when the speed limit is 35 mph. Our town (Longview, WA) has main streets with 35 mph speed limits, with street lights at each intersection. This results in many stops that obviously are too quick to be safe, resulting in low scores in that category. Making left or right turns onto these main streets, I also feel unsafe as I slowly accelerate trying to improve my driving grades. It seems my driving record over the 55 years with State Farm would give a hint as to whether I am a high risk driver or not. I am not sure the risks I feel I am taking to get the $40-$50 discount is worth it. Seeing C- grades when I am driving like a turtle are driving me crazy.
  • You need to fix bugs with password 1/5

    By jnm0505
    Please get up to day to use this app with Face ID. Every time I go to get into the app I have to reset the password. This is a huge inconvenience.
  • Saved Me $470!!! 5/5

    By omgitzron
    I’m not sure why this app has such low ratings! I haven’t had any issues with battery life or my phone slowing down and I was on an iPhone 7. Perhaps people only use this platform to gripe? I will admit that, when my State Farm agent told me about this app, I was hesitant about this initially because I thought it was going to track my every move but it apparently has a 40 mile radius so it doesn’t know my precise location. and besides, between my Facebook app, Apple Maps, and Yelp app, all these programs know where I’m at more accurately than State Farm. But anyway, after using this program for the past 12 months, I saved $470 this year!!!! I get to stay with State Farm (the largest insurance company I know) and get a chance to increase my driving discount each year. The only gripe I have is that sometimes, when I update the mileage thru the app 1-2x a year, it may not sync up. But my agent said I can email or text them my mileage and they’ll update it for me. Apparently they’re going through more upgrades so State Farm is lenient whenever you have any problems. This is probably the best thing they’ve done yet and I recommend you checking it out if you’re a long time customer like me. It beats having to switch to another company who may have a cheaper price but you get stuck with the nightmare claims process my friends have gone through!
  • Log in 1/5

    By drafterdesigner
    It won’t keep me logged in. WTH? Every time I open the app it wants to log me in.
  • Any plans on fixing the battery drain problem? 1/5

    By JimThePCGuy
    This app randomly drains the battery on both my iPhone X’s Max and my wife’s iPhone 6s. Calling Drive Safe support yielded only “keep the phone plugged in when driving”. Unacceptable as the battery drains whether we’re in the car or not. I think the app is continually looking for location data and if the GPS signal is weak the app uses excessive power. This is obvious as I see excessive background power consumption in Settings->Battery. I like the concept but unless this issue is fixed I’ll need to unsubscribe.
  • Not completely accurate 3/5

    By Mj farms
    Living close to 2 other states that have different interstate posted speed limits. If you go above your state posted speed limit the device marks it against your grading. Even in different towns at have higher then your state. Also in my area there are going to be speed limit changes even to county roads. State Farm hope you keep up with the changing times
  • Confused 1/5

    By Doyleee
    I have had this in place for a year +. This system is not not based on true information. If I accelerate to pass it records speeding, if a brake hard because of an idiot in front or merging it records negatively on me or what about the speed of traffic? Needs consideration in my opinion. This in my opinion is a way for State Farm to decline claims and justify per their set rules, our rates with false guidelines. This is simply a data miner with false parameters to benefit them. If I where to drive as the system suggests, I would have been in several accidents guaranteed. This system does not take into consideration the idiots driving that we deal with on a daily basis.
  • Works but drains your phone battery quickly 1/5

    By HylianProtagonist
    I don’t normally review apps, but I feel I need to let others know about this application and its effect on your phone’s battery life. The app does seem to accurately record trips but at a cost to your battery life. This battery drain occurs even when not driving. For example, I charged my phone to 100% over night and unplugged it when I woke up. I did not touch my phone at all during the day only to discover it is down to 75% by lunch time, with the Drive Safe and Save app running for 20 hours in the background, using 25% of my battery according to the Apple Battery statistics under Settings. Why Drive Safe and Save needs to constantly run in the background, even when not connected to the beacon, is beyond me, but this appears to be the cause of the battery drain. It seems it is constantly looking for the beacon, which prevents your phone from entering a low power state when the screen is off, causing extreme battery drain when the phone is not in use. Until this battery drain is fixed, I cannot recommend downloading and using this app.
  • Never could even set it all up. 1/5

    By angel275
    State Farm IT folks needs some help. I’ve tried at least 10 very irritating times calling for help and being on hold. Now after reading the other reviews I’m trashing the beacon and uninstalling the app. Wish I had never even tried this.
  • Significant savings 5/5

    Have to be patient to see it’s true value. After it had 6 months of data, my savings were significant at my next policy renewal. While I still question some of the methodology being used, ignore the grades and look at the driver to driver comparisons. Needs some more granular details if its going to be more than an app I just hide and forget about. Would be better if it was integrated into the regular State Farm app. Battery usage stats indicate 1% so no issue there. 5 star for the money saved!
  • Failure to upload, still a problem 3/5

    By 666EK666
    For several months the drive data does not upload automatically to your server when I get home and in range of the WiFi. I have to login to the App to get it to upload. Last time I checked the trip data, it uploaded ten days of data. Please fix this. I use an iPhone 5S with the latest operating system.
  • The app keeps messing with my password 2/5

    By LandSlideLily
    every time I turnaround he keeps asking me for password then it won’t take my password and I have to reset my password I’ve already set it up for fingerprint ID but that doesn’t seem to work either
  • Destroys Battery 1/5

    By KDBinOK
    This app kills your battery. Very poor functionality.
  • Location 1/5

    By Chuckchuck2011
    They need to change this to use location when using app rather than having to have location on all the time before I use it!!!

Drive Safe & Save™ app comments

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