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  • Current Version: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount of about 5 percent just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Dumb 1/5

    By RMKBrit
  • Customer 4/5

    By TERESA , Swanton Ohio
    Having this app does subconsciously make me drive better. But I don’t understand why I’m being judged on acceleration .
  • Great, but needs Apple Watch app 4/5

    By BigDaddyG1234567
    Great app. The only complaint is that there is no Apple Watch app. I have an LTE Apple Watch. It supports Bluetooth LE (I use it for my smart locks, and it’s the same communication protocol as the driving beacon). I like being able to leave the house without my phone, and just my cellular Apple Watch, but those trips aren’t recorded. It would be great if there was a watch app that could record those trips.
  • School Zones 2/5

    By Kim 55q
    You’re driving App is not always correct in school zones. There are a couple ones outside my neighborhood, but they have posted times. Your App pings me 24/7. Thank you for asking.
  • Ridiculous App 1/5

    By Not Wasting Anymore Time
    This app is a joke. For example, just today, I was stuck behind an accident for 20 minutes going 5 mph, but somehow the app said I sped (81 in a 70 mph zone) during that time. Another example, we picked up a couple friends from the airport and my wife, as the passenger, who is on the same insurance and also has the app, was using google maps on our way and it dinged us about 7 times for it. It’s almost more distracting and stressful having this app than actually just being able to comfortably drive.
  • Extremely Inaccurate 1/5

    By ERHonoré
    Says you’re speeding, when you’re not😠. Does not know accurate speed limit in some locations. Did not receive any real discount☹️ Been using this since September and bill has not change😒
  • Completely inaccurate 2/5

    By Amandalee55
    This thing keeps saying I’m using my phone when my phone is sitting untouched the entire drive. I have no idea if it’s picking up things running in the background or what the problem is but it’s ruining my score and I’m quite annoyed.
  • Needs revamping 1/5

    I recently began using this app so I could receive the discount on auto insurance. I have used other apps with other insurance companies however this one is the worst. The beacon is not accurate by any means. On several trips it shows me speeding. I have a gps as well as my odometer which shows my speed and neither has shown me speeding. It showed me using my phone when I didn’t. Also the only way you can turn it off when you’re not driving the vehicle is to turn off your Bluetooth on the phone. If I do that then my music, headset, and other devices don’t work. It would be great if you could delete trips where you weren’t driving if you forget to turn it off. I personally don’t turn it off so I can use other devices which are necessary. Please revamp your device so it is user friendly and accurate
  • Drive Safe Discount Review 1/5

    By spanielsan
    So have had app for (3) 6 month Billings . Generally have good reports . 1 Period - $26.50 saving 2 Period - $1.86 saving 3 Period - $ 1.90 saving ( rate has now exceeded more than I have ever paid for insurance ) So after all the bull of updating odometer and installing the Bluetooth watching how I drive I save $30 bucks in a year and half . What a joke this whole app thing is . I am not a kid driving I am 67 and don’t speed and don’t text or even hand hold my phone . Absolutely the worst come on for potential savings . Supposed to have saved money but the only thing I see going on here is another app tracking my movements . Gonna start looking for another insurer . State Farm is getting way to expensive for my 5000 mi a year .
  • Great app 5/5

    By StFaGal
    Easy to use and user friendly
  • Issue in speed checking and phone usage 2/5

    By goluik
    There are issues in checking speed. Shows speed warning with wrong speed. I have checked with other apps , even one supplied by the car manufacturer. There is no alert for speed, but drive safe and save shows speed alert it is off by more than 10miles. Also phone use is another area which it got totally wrong. If someone shake your phone in the car; without even unlocking, it gets a phone use. Needs to improve a lot
  • Useless 1/5

    By another farce
    We don’t see any savings it’s just annoying
  • Occasionally get speed way wrong!! 2/5

    By leiasolo78
    Works well most of the time, but randomly says I went WAY over the speed limit when I had cruise control the whole time and would never drive that fast. I’m not talking about having the wrong posted speed limit (I have encountered that once). I’m talking about saying I went 68 in a 55 when I had cruise set on 57! Not sure what’s going on there, but I don’t want to be penalized for something I didn’t do.
  • Phone use violation not right 2/5

    By TonyB38857
    When my wife and I ride together even she can’t use her phone as a passenger without us getting dinged.
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By beatles_hofnerbassguitar
    How can I get docked of % points when I’m driving and penalized for using on the phone or speeding. This app is trying to lower your scores so it lessens the discounts. I’ve already complained to my State Farm agent and he agrees there is some tweaking that needs to be done. Useless application and if there’s no improvement, I’m deleting this app and possibly State Farm as the insurance carrier. Try ME!!
  • Not entirely accurate 1/5

    By Ybizzlybizzle
    When both my wife and I are in the car, it punishes is for cell phone use even though 1 of us(the driver) is not using the phone. Also, if GPS is being used for directions to get somewhere, the app classifies it as phone usage
  • App changes 3/5

    By Hunter0872
    App counts someone taking pictures with my phone against you. Went from 93% to 89 % , only had one bar left on the phone usage for my travel. Hopefully you can update and change that.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By skjmj
    My husband and I each have a beacon in our cars. But whenever he drives, it shows up on my phone. My phone is not paired with his beacon, so I don’t understand why this is happening. I don’t want his driving record on my drive safe and save. We should be independent of each other. His driving habits should not affect my driving score.
  • Needs to understand deer, dogs, & gps 3/5

    By Rusty things
    Have liked the discount, but the braking hard, that lowers your percentage is not always driver caused. I have run over deer (2), brakes hard several times in my farm community, to avoid a deer collision.Also braking for a few dogs, and even a hog! Secondly, the GPS for mapping is used often, and it is telling me, over my speakers, where to go! I don't talk on my phone unless it is absolutely necessary, and that is seldom. I also use Music app and listen to music library while driving. All show up as Cell Phone usage! I do not have to be told that using cell or texting is bad. Lastly, the idea of being a safe driver is great, but do not assume, by a computer, that what you see in an app, is what is true about the situation. I sure would rather Brake hard to avoid a deer herd or a ignorant driver that runs a stop sign, Than have a Claim! I can tell you if many times I had to increase speed, due to medical emergencies, also, having had kidney stones and in need of getting to the ER or doctors office, not at high speed, but slightly over the apps limit. App needs to adjust or just monitor mileage and speeding. Real life driving defensively, is not an App!
  • Discount 4/5

    By Sheetal G
    Would recommend to add how much discount I am getting in the app.
  • State Farm Safe Drive Program 5/5

    By gonchikar
    This is excellent program. I recommend it to every one. It makes people drive safely and responsibly.
  • Sometimes unfair 3/5

    By Fivemile
    I don’t like that it still shows phone usage even though you say it doesn’t count. I also don’t like getting points for fast braking. I would rather fast brake then hit another vehicle. Also fast acceleration. I don’t know about anyone else but I have a very touchy pedal and it depends on how your foot hits it if you will fast accelerate.
  • People get upset 4/5

    By Brikiatis
    Other drivers get mad that you are driving too slow when you drive the speed limit.
  • Review 2/5

    By Patty2466
    Very sensitive app and not at all accurate
  • App needs a compete rehaul 1/5

    By GetOutThere
    This is my first time with State Farm and after 6 months, it may be my last. This app is so unbelievably off it’s maddening. My husband gets into my car as a passenger, I get penalized for “phone usage”. We can take 27 trips with “0 events” - the rating stays the same. We have one trip with “2 events” - the rating drops dramatically. I have been driving 30 years with not as much as a speeding ticket. No accidents, ever. Nothing. This app keeps falsely reporting “events”. The discount isn’t worth the aggravation.
  • Would not use again 2/5

    By Kidding56
    Very hard to use. Does not give a true picture of your driving.
  • Not for adventures 2/5

    By Bromar76
    This app may be great if you live in a city and don’t explore the mountains or like heading to the outdoors. It constantly claims I’m taking corners too hard but it constantly flags it at an exit ramp and I know I’m going the speed limit. Doesn’t take the flow of traffic into consideration, especially though windy mountain passes. Will reduce your score for braking to hard because of other people’s driving, such as those who love to pull out into traffic because they they their car is fast enough to beat the traffic.
  • Driver Feedback 5/5

    By Astyck
    I think the app is helpful in making you aware of certain driving habits. However my hybrid is designed to break quickly which isn’t always in sync with the app. Plus I check my phone at lights and I know there are pros and cons for this.
  • Phone usage 1/5

    By *bubble pro*
    Started a new car insurance policy with StateFarm. Was told all the good stuff about their safe driving app which leads to discounts on your policy if you’re a good driver. What I was NEVER told, is that you cannot use your phone at ALL or it gives you very low scores! I use a driving app called WAZE when I travel. This app is great! It helps keep your speed under control, alerts you of wrecks and stopped cars. Well, needless to say, I can’t use this driving app anymore! I get bad marks on my State Farm Sade driving app. And don’t think of using your hands free in your vehicle, it dings you for that also. I will be switching insurance companies as soon as I can!!
  • Bad 2/5

    By Imsocooldude
    I take calls through my car and you register it as ph use. My mom is 93 and I call her daily on my ride home. It even registers a hard brake which sometimes a jerk pulls out in front of you. Should I just hit them? Or brake
  • Just Plain Inaccurate 1/5

    By bxzlfrd
    I drive an auto and a manual shift. My trips are pretty much consistent- same routes and same time of day. Whenever I drive the auto I get good scores all the time. Every time I drive the manual I get zapped for hard acceleration, braking and cornering. I’ve run tests where I ensure my driving style is as consistent as possible in both vehicles. I still get penalized in the manual.
  • Drains my phone battery 1/5

    By Sshazz
    I’m not too thrilled with this using up so much of my battery. I know I can plug in my phone to charge while driving but that’s an inconvenience. I don’t often drive with my phone out ... nor charging.
  • Inconsistent at best 1/5

    By EJKJ26
    Misses trips Use phone for Waze or listen to Pandora. Sometimes same time but hands free and rated as using phone On separate occasions my wife drove and I sat in passenger seat and I the non driver was rated. The above also happened when my wife drove and my daughter and I were in car and both non drivers rated. It took well over 1.5 months to fix my personal account that kept dropping off as set up VERY inconsistent at best and poor ratings of trips
  • Bad app 1/5

    By WesternCow
    I’m about to get rid of this on both of my cars. Ever since I got this I’ve had nothing but issues after 2 weeks of having it and having a 100% score for that 2 weeks. I could be going 62 in a 60 and it says I’m doing 87 or 67, or like today 5/22/20 it tried saying I was speeding on a side road next to the highway when I was on the highway. If it persists I will not recommend to anyone and will drop this from both cars.
  • Way too sensitive 1/5

    By Decorator1
    Sorry I ever agreed to use this State Farm app. It is way too sensitive & ranks your driving poorly. Normal acceleration & braking are dinged as excessive. It says I used my cell phone when never touched it. Big racket to say you are a poor driver & not eligible for a discount.
  • Phone use 2/5

    By phone for directions
    The app shows excessive breaking when you complete a normal stop at a stop sign. The app also shows a loss of points for phone use when you use your phone for directions in place of a farming. This takes place even if the phone is mounted just like a garmen.
  • Phone use 3/5

    By Hopalong60
    If I’m in car not driving, wife say is driving, points off if I use the phone. Not right.
  • Controlled driving 5/5

    By baldwim5308
    I love the app.. it keeps me in line with all that’s going on by keeping my speed within the limit and watching the other drivers whizzing by... I would however like a sticker to let the other drivers know my driving is being monitored by State Farm
  • Not Driving 3/5

    By bjlilly
    How do I set the app when I am a passenger?
  • Oh my driveway 2/5

    By Paulbrauckmann
    I hate the fact that I loose two to four points when I drive my manual shift Fit. I live on a steep hill and the driveway goes straight up for about 1/4 of a block and then immediately at the top it’s a sharp right into the garage. It hits me every time. Can you go into the negatives? All the rest of the time I usually always get 100%.
  • State Farm 5/5

    By JanSkidmore
    Why can’t I log on to safe drive & save?? I am not happy about this.
  • Many flaws 1/5

    By bs hunk jenejdjr
    Inaccurate speed maybe once or twice every five trip, not just 3-5 miles but 10+mile/hour over with the cruise control on. If taking family trip, wife or kids using my wife’s phone, and it connected to the device first, I’d get 20+ events recorded against me for playing with the phone while driving.
  • Battery Hog!! 2/5

    By Amsmithatc
    Over the last few weeks I’ve been unable to login, and when I try to update my password it just tells me that an unknown error has occurred. Well, this morning I found my iPhone to be getting seriously hot while tiring at my desk at work, within two hours of 100% charge my phone was dead. After viewing analytic data on my phone it didn’t take long to find that this app has been taking up all of my CPU resources and burning up my battery. This app has a big problem with crashing. While I would like to have input about my driving, and get the discount accordingly, not sure it’s worth destroying my iPhone and it’s battery. 😫 Keep working on it, I like your program, but the application needs serious help!
  • Saves money without any effort! 5/5

    By betsy113
    Love this app. I installed it and just drive normal while it tracks my driving habits. It is saving me $116 off my six month premium! Very happy with the discount. Thank you State Farm!
  • Speed detection 3/5

    By means feedback
    Your speed detection system is not 100% accurate. Where is the line on roads where the speed limit changes. Your system is not doing it accurately. You cannot enforce speed limit if the sign does not designate the new speed. In all cases your system works arbitrarily against the driver.
  • Not worth the discount! 1/5

    By anna-jordan
    The app wants to track the individual who is using Bluetooth all day and night even if not driving the car. The app continually wants the user to have Bluetooth on, and will notify them that it needs to be on at all times through out the day. When the driver has multiple people and cars on the account there are issues with the Bluetooth feedback. If a passenger is someone who is on the same account and has their Bluetooth on; the driver will get penalized for the passenger using their phone even while not driving. Honestly I have had nothing but trouble from the app and the transmitter since I received it.
  • Impossible In The Suburbs! 2/5

    By 🐟FishyKisses🐟
    If I go the speed limit in the Chicago suburbs, even in the right lane I get horns, hand gestures and road rage. I get a really great Drive Safe rating. If I safely go with the flow of traffic and keep up with my fellow drivers at the slowest possible speed, I drop down to an 80%. I can’t imagine if I were in the fast lane. I do feel a little trapped when I’m driving and I’m constantly thinking about ways I can avoid freeways, the skyway and toll roads where traffic is fast. I would rather just keep my car parked at home now.
  • Super corrupt 1/5

    By Rarehman
    I have been using this app for over a year and used various versions. I feel the app is designed to keep your score low no matter how safe you drive. My wife used the phone twice while I was driving and my score went down from from ~100 to 90. There are only those two phone use events recorded over last two week with huge impact on my score. I feel like dropping StateFarm for another insurance company.
  • Need more feedback 3/5

    By m'Yada
    I appreciate having my driving times and distance recorded for my insurance company, but also I appreciate unbiased data for myself, too, on my performance. What disappoints me is not having an explanation of why I am sometimes given perfect and sometimes less-than-perfect scores on items like “acceleration” or “braking,” and don’t know whether I did too, little, too much, or in what circumstances. I have no idea how to improve those scores. It would be great to have a rubric that DESCRIBES optimal performance in each category. THAT feedback would help me become a safer driver.

Drive Safe & Save™ app comments

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