Drive Safe & Save™

Drive Safe & Save™

By State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

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  • Release Date 2015-11-08
  • Current Version 4.4.1
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Welcome to Drive Safe & Save, a safety app that can help you save on your State Farm® auto insurance and improve your driving habits. You’ll get a 10% discount for signing up and completing the setup steps! After the initial participation period, how you drive will determine how much you save—up to 30%.* The Drive Safe & Save app automatically records your trips and helps you understand your driving habits—what you’re doing well and what could be improved.** Along your recent trip routes, the app shows you opportunities for safer driving by flagging these events: acceleration, braking, cornering, phone distraction and speed. (Events are opportunities to improve your driving.) • Check the app often to see: • Your safety scores • How much you’re saving per enrolled vehicle • Your trip routes from the last 30 days • Number of recorded trips from the last 14 days • Opportunities to improve your driving habits • Number of recorded miles from the last 14 days • Any vehicles on your policy that are eligible or enrolled in Drive Safe & Save Connected Car State Farm cares about your privacy and won’t sell your information. Collected data is used to help you create safer driving habits and may be used to calculate the amount of your discount. Learn more about State Farm privacy practices on®. *Discounts may exceed 30% and vary state-to-state (NY capped at 30%). Not available in CA, MA, RI. A discount may not be available in NC depending on individual facts and circumstances. Setup required. **After you enroll, we’ll mail you a beacon to place in your vehicle as part of the required setup steps. The beacon works together with the Drive Safe & Save app to accurately record your trips.