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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount of about 5 percent just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Need clearer rules in regard to braking and accelerating. 3/5

    By Scorer53016
    I understand the phone usage and hard steering and speeding guidelines. However, the acceleration and braking components are too subjective in my opinion, even though this should be strictly an all numbers type of an App.
  • Smart driving 1/5

    By mjrl0537
    If passenger in car and uses phone you get dinged.....set up to only connect via WiFi and in first week this setting changed 3xs....don’t need to use data for something that only saves me 30 for first 6 minutes months. Overall not overly pleased with the product and minimum you will save...if can save 20-30 a month worth it but 5 a month it like invades your privacy
  • Great 4/5

    By jen1289
    It’s nice to know how I am driving and what part of my usual route do I have trouble breaking or turning corners and such. The tips are helpful too. What I experience today though was that I was the passenger and mindlessly using my phone without knowing that could affect my score. I hope they do come up with something where you’re the passenger and not the driver.
  • Best way to save 5/5

    By jhoope01
    I’m saving a lot of money with State Farm and with the drive safe and save. It truly helped me and my family.
  • Drains battery quickly. 1/5

    By luism1023
    Honestly this drains the hell out of my battery you guys should find a better way to record trips than having location always on. Phone usage shouldn’t even be taken into account in the star grade if it’s not used for the discount. The rating system is idiotic.
  • Google Maps and Pandora 1/5

    By cconroy3
    It’s not fair that if Google Maps or Pandora is on, it counts against us. I’m not actually looking at the app.
  • Very inaccurate for State Farm’s benefit 1/5

    By Odinnv2
    App is either coded by monkeys or they have it set to give false reading to avoid having to give accurate discounts. I constantly am marked for things that make no sense such as hard braking for pulling into a parking spot at work or phone use when my phone is stationary the entire drive. I have also been marked for speeding without the app actually showing where it marked that and there is no actual way for them to track relative speed at any point. The minimal discount is not worth the hassle on this app until they correct the issues.
  • Not worth the savings 1/5

    By Farm Driver
    I enjoy reviewing my trips and understanding areas for improvement. Being monitored constantly is unnerving. With perpetual 99-100% driving, savings of 3% is not worth the hassle.
  • Inaccurate speed limit 2/5

    By NanaCory
    The app is not encouraging when it is not updated with the current speed limits in Snellville GA.
  • Battery Drainer 1/5

    By mrhelsel
    App needs both your Bluetooth and location drains your battery even on the iPhone XR.Had a discount of 57 dollars at the start at the end had to put in my mileage it end up being a 16 dollar discount not worth the time
  • Phone and text 4/5

    By all my nicknamed are taken
    If you happen to be a passenger in the car who is a partner of the driver, you have to be sure and turn off your Bluetooth before you use the phone or do any texting. If someone happens to call you while you are driving and you answer it as a passenger or you get docked for that too. Apart from that I think that the program is very helpful.
  • Braking 4/5

    By rosie1307
    I don’t like the braking going against you. Sometimes it is necessary to brake in a quick manner. It seems to knock a star off my rating by State Farm.
  • Somewhat useful 3/5

    By isthistakenyet?
    If there are 5 categories that you get rated on and 4 of those categories you get a 4 star and the last you get a 5, how is your overall rating 3star? This app is faulty at best. What is speeding, 5 over, 10 over? What if a deer jumps out in front of me and I have to slow down abruptly, does that little brake icon mark me lower on my score coach? The only useful thing out of this agreement is that you get something of a discount. I am getting $120 off what would be about 400ish for my vehicle. The last update had better features, this one just pisses me off. What’s the point of tracking the phone usage is you don’t take that into account when giving a discount?
  • Recommendations 3/5

    By trips sf
    Have the ability to stay logged in. So you don’t have to login all the time Acceleration and breaking is way too sensitive Need to be a seatbelt category
  • Still missing..... 1/5

    By Weber Lane
    Please bring back the separation of trips by vehicle, monthly report cards comparing performance to the average of other drivers, trending discount, and mileage log by vehicle by month, and odometer reading history.
  • Overall worth it 4/5

    By Michael115599
    I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to save money! That being said this app has inconsistencies. I never use my phone while I drive, but I continue to get a deduction on the driving score for phone use?? Statefarm needs to find a way to fix that. Also if your phone is registered to a certain car it will register you as the driver even if you are sitting in the passenger seat. Which can ultimately lower your score for phone use.
  • The application is too sensitive 4/5

    By hdhdgajj
    The aplication is too sensitive on using brakes a bit harder deducting the braking points from overal score. Also, zoming in and out on a map on a phone (being on a dash), detucts points as using a phone while driving.
  • No cell phone use while driving!! 5/5

    By big city driving
    Great reminder to not habitually use the cell phone while driving !!! Very difficult to obtain a five star rating in a big city with so many aggressive drivers. I do my best.
  • New tool for me to save money 5/5

    By TEAMS561
    Just started a couple weeks ago. I’m more mindful of my driving. Am a little concerned about the tracking, but I have nothing to hide. I truly believe this makes others in my family more mindful of driving also. I will see how it goes and how much I save, then base my decision on weather to continue with the service or not. I did notice something I need to somehow adjust to: if I go someplace far and have another person in the car using my phone as a navigator, I still get dinged as ‘using my phone’ while driving.
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By MandyPalhofski
    I have had drive safe for about 4 months now and have yet to save anything other than the 5% for signing up. My percentages are not bad at all and I’m unsure if i read wrong but i thought this was going to save me up to 30% a month.
  • Great....but 2/5

    By Wyoungs
    I’m always using this app to get a discount, but one issue. I use my Google Maps when I’m driving, and the app see’s this and knocks points for the phone use. I think this needs to be addressed and fixed. I know a lot of drivers use some sort of navigation and this use on the cell phones is affecting driving scores.
  • I don’t like it 1/5

    By AngryKittyCat
    Firstly, it takes SIX MONTHS to get your discount to begin with then you have to KEEP this thing forever to keep the discount. My sister has another insurance company and she had to drive with her beacon for SIX WEEKS and she got her discount. Secondly, this thing is NOT supposed to deduct for phone use but it does. I got a one star trip last week because my truck broke down and I was on the side of the road waiting on a tow operator and my drive rate went from 96% to 88% because of that ONE trip. I was on my phone actually using it to talk to the tow operator to explain where I was and I kept getting dinged every single time I picked up the phone. I WAS NOT MOVING. Also, I use my phone to stream Sirius radio through a Bluetooth adapter and every time a new song plays on my phone, the screen pops on and I am once again dinged for cell phone usage even though the phone is resting in my cupholder and I do not touch it. This program has the opportunity to be a good thing and a way to save money, but having to constantly have this beacon in the car and being dinged for things that I have no control of like when I have to slam on my brakes because somebody looks right at me and then pulls out in front of me, does not help anybody except State Farm get a lot more money out of me. My car is 13 years old & I am paying over $100 a month for full coverage for a Nissan freaking Xterra - not a Maserati. SERIOUSLY
  • 50/50 3/5

    By Gyoung25
    I could take or leave this app. It penalizes you for defensive driving and staying with the flow of highway traffic. There is also no way to allow someone else to use your phone without a penalty. My wife’s phone got wet at the beach so we had to use my phone on the way home and I got points taken away all the way back even though she was using it for directions. I guess some discount is better than no discount though.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By fizzgigjoli
    We signed up for this program but cancelled it after a week. I often get to the car first to put my son in his car seat and get into the passenger spot. My husband drives me to work but the device paired with my phone’s Bluetooth first, then when my husband gets in and drives it still looks like the driver is using our phone. We noticed Bluetooth drains the phone battery a lot. Also the app will rate you as using your cellphone if you are listening to a podcast or music from your phone, or using a Navigation App. We had 41% rating after a week and it was due to inaccurate rating of cellphone use, mostly. I like the idea of this app, but it’s just not practical for our family. I have never caused an accident or been ticketed. I’m considering looking into a different insurer where we can receive a discount without using a big brother type of app that isn’t even accurate.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Bronco and jugular
    I can’t see the trips and scores for my kids! Dinged for answering hands free phone calls! Dinged for using a maps app for driving directions!
  • Battery waster 1/5

    By Ryan PJ
    While it has an “option” to only transmit data via WiFi, it doesn’t save it so if you close out, it goes back to using cellular which eats up the battery. It didn’t used to do this.
  • Can not easily distinguish between vehicles 2/5

    By 14225_73072
    We have three vehicles in our account. Rather than lumping all trips together for one score, it would be very very helpful to get trips per vehicle and a score per vehicle so that we can figure out how to increase our discount. Right now, I don’t understand why we are getting a low discount on 2 of 3 vehicles.
  • App is okay 4/5

    By PD_Dispatcher
    This app is good but I think it’s a little over sensitive with some of its parameters. There’s times I know I’m going to get dinged, but there have been many times I don’t understand why it dinged me.
  • I've changed my mind for the better 4/5

    By FurryWrecker911
    I'd like to apologize for my original review berating this app for being very secure for what little it provided years back. I now get that it was just foundation work for what we have now. The addition of vehicle records and a map that shows WHERE you had gotten points off heavily tipped this app into a favorite of mine. It's still weird from time to time where it considers corners I speed through fine while others I creep get picked up as too sharp, but at the same time some of these corners I take slow stopped showing up as markdowns after 3 weeks of use. Either I'm subconsciously getting better or the app is dynamically learning the average/acceptable g-forces for some turns on my commute. I like it. It saves me money and I'm picking up on areas I could improve in.
  • A few bugs 4/5

    It’s a good app it actually makes me more aware of your driving habits.... one flaw is I pull over and stop to use the phone and it still dings you for using the phone. That’s kinda lame when your trying to be less distracted and making an attempt to be a safe driver.
  • Not always accurate 4/5

    By mizrez
    This thing will ding me sitting in my garage is I pick up my phone to enter something in the GPS. Before I even think about moving. Makes me mad.
  • Not accurate. 1/5

    When I listen to podcasts the app reports I’m using my phone while driving.
  • Hard brake 5/5

    By danyailm
    I link the Beamon, but it keeps dinging me for stopping at the end of my road or after backing out of my driveway. I do not feel I brake hard, but it sure does.
  • A below average app 1/5

    By Winged horse
    This app seems to be written by an amateur. My reasons for saying so are: 1. It doesn’t record all your trips. It frequently doesn’t record round trips. For example if you go from your home to the library to drop somebody and then return home without shutting off your car, then it doesnt record your trip if your ride was perfect ie you never made any errors. In that case you wont get any points for your error free trip but you will get penalized and have your trip recorded if you made errors. That is it penalizes you for errors but doesn’t record your round trip if you made no errors. 2. It allocates the same weightage to all trips irrespective of the number of miles driven If one trip is just 1 mile long and the other trip is 100 miles long, it gives the same weightage to both trips. So if you made 1 error on your short trip and no errors on the long trip, then it would give equal weightage in points to both trips which is absurd. After all you are given a rating based on the average points from all trips. However in the second trip you drove 100 times the distance. Imagine what would happen if you drove 100 miles in a single day through a congested city and had to brake hard 10 times in 1 1/2 hours. The app would give you 0 points for braking so many times. That is extremely unfair. 3. Almost impossible to avoid getting a penalty when you have to stop at a red light when the light comes on without much warning. I feel that this app was developed without much testing because you will find that you will almost always accumulate points when you have to stop at a red light/yellow light which lights up when you have almost approached it. I have 20 years of driving experience but the app almost always penalizes me when I stop in response to a red light. The only way you can escape getting points is if you slow down to a minimum (10 mph) before you approach a red light so that if it does turn red then you can stop without braking hard. 4. Impossible to not get penalties in rush hour traffic when you drive on a busy road. Its impossible to avoid getting penalized during rush hour traffic when the cars are whizzing past you from everywhere. You will feel like a tortoise amidst hares because this app will bother you to such a degree that you will have to drive much below the speed limit to avoid accumulating penalties. 5. Phone usage. Even if you see your Google Maps directions on your phone app, the Safe Driver App punishes you by subtracting points. The moral of this is “Do not touch your phone while driving even if it is only to see your google maps directions.” Your family members cant use the phone in non handsfree mode while your car is being driven by you, otherwise you will get penalties. You can use your phone in handsfree mode though. 6. This app will increase your rate if you exceed the expected number of miles driven every year. I recommend that you avoid using this app unless you want to obtain the “safe driving discount “ offered by State Farm.
  • Driving 5/5

    By IslnBtch
    I’m more conscious of my driving now.
  • Easy to use and earning discount 5/5

    By Top Recruiter Chicago
    Set up is easy. Log in with your SF credentials. Screens walk u thru set up. Pair beacon like you would any Bluetooth device(AirPods / speakers/ etc). Set up literally took less than 30 secs. Saving $40 every 6 months for the last 2 years I’ve had this device.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Nonolyft
    Drains battery. Uses more of my battery than anything else. And my car sits most of the day. Also today it decreased my rating for phone use. Phone was in a bag in the back seat. Not up to date on changed speed limits. I get hit for speeding when I’m not. Bad app.
  • It’s okay. 4/5

    By tjw863
    I liked it he old app better.
  • App is just fine 4/5

    By Julezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I like the app but I’m not sure why I can’t see the specific details of why my score is what it is. All I have is a percentage and NO data to back it up. Please bring that info back!
  • Eco Boost and speed resume 4/5

    By Lcjohnson388
    Driver should not be penalized for having and/or using these features
  • Doesn’t account for variables 3/5

    By CaribbeanDiver
    I feel it doesn't account for variables such as my husband driving my car while I'm a passenger on my phone - I'm deducted as if I was driving while on my phone. Also, when in my jeep I'll ask Siri for a phone number & to call hands-free but I'm penalized for that as well. Lastly, if I use google maps (hands-free) again I'm penalized.
  • Passenger phone use 1/5

    By Kc c6
    I really hate this app. The idea behind it is great reward the drivers who drive safely and are not on their phones. However when more than on person in the car is linked to the system it doesn’t have an option to assign who is driving. My wife will get hit by using her phone when I am driving. Also the speed limits are not updated with frequency, there have been several changes in my area and I get 1 star drives for driving the new speed limit, it changed from a two lane road to a divided four lane highway and speed limit increased from 45 to 65 mph.
  • Renewal Discount Ruined. Scores Should Be Recalculated 2/5

    By VVerg
    Our renewal discount was seemingly toast after an odometer update glitch that indicates we never submitted the latest mileage. Totally false and we spent two weeks fighting it. Had proof of submissions online via the web browser, which they didn't seem to look at or have access to. We have great driving records and are possibly switching if this doesn’t get resolved. Secondly, if phone scores aren’t used calculate discounts, they should be separate from the scoring system so that the 2 week driving score is not affected. I get 5 stars in all categories and a 1 or 2 star for phone use because I looked at my map or someone else grabbed my phone, my 2 week score is shot. Not a very accurate depiction of the remaining categories. if renewals are not based on phone usage, separate out the driving scores into 3 a weighted average of the other categories excluding Phone use. The second category should show phone use average score over two weeks. 3rd score can display the existing calculated 2 week driving score average.
  • Better than the other options 5/5

    By not the king, queen maybe...
    I’ve found this driver tracking to be the best of all the major companies. It uses a fob that hangs out anywhere in the car and doesn’t need to be plugged in. Another companies plug in confused my suv, and a different company just tracked my phone so ended up judging my driving on any vehicle I was in, including boats?, if I didn’t remember to “remove the trip”. I want to only be judged by my driving and thus far am hanging out at 100%, never before with other companies. I do sometimes look like the crazy lady in the commercials about speed.
  • Cell usage 3/5

    By rosabr!
    I was driving my wife’s vehicle. We both have trackers in our own vehicles. The trip was recorded for both my wife and I even though I was driving. My wife was given a poor score because she was on her cell phone but was not driving.🤪
  • Hate the update 1/5

    By Trcktys
    The app used to give useful information. They took 70% of that away from the user.
  • Unfair and unsafe 1/5

    By mrmoephills
    How fast can I go over the posted speed limit? I had a score of 99 drop to 91 because some A hole cut me off for driving 31 in a 30! I had to slam on my brakes just so I didn’t crash and I still got cursed out . All this app makes me want to do is say to Hell with their little $36 discount and switch to All State or the General smh at least I know I’ll be in good hands and won’t have to be killed due to road rage. I’ve even got big truck riding my bumper because I’m afraid of losing points smh worst decision EVER!
  • Acceleration demerits are ridiculous 3/5

    By Trizzo326
    The biggest flaw is acceleration rating. If you are UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT accelerating to enter the flow of traffic, you get a demerit. Speed demerits on the highway for traveling less than 10MPH over the speed limit are also unnecessary and annoying.
  • Poor 1/5

    By doc1751
    Inaccurate especially in regard to telephone use. Renders telephone useless for map apps even though hands-free. Acceptable speeds do not appear to be related to posted highway limits

Drive Safe & Save™ app comments

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