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Drive Safe & Save™

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  • Current Version: 3.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • It is not accuracy 1/5

    By Hermano Beto
    The app don’t considerate the reality and
  • It will eat on you even, you are not moving. 2/5

    By Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing
    Drive-Thru, carwash, gas station. If you touch your phone you will be reported. Touchy, but it works, make sure your iOS and App software are up to date.
  • Works pretty well 4/5

    By sean1196
    No issues at all with the app. I live where there are a ton of deer and no posted speed limits, so sometimes the grading is not correct. Nothing detrimental. Some of the rural roads are on there but it’s. 50-50 shot as to whether it thinks I’m speeding. All in all I’m pleased.
  • Way too critical of your driving. 1/5

    By hdhdhhxjeu
    Not sure why I get penalized for defensive driving and avoiding accidents. Driving score goes down very quickly but builds super slow. I pay a ridiculous amount of money for insurance and get a measly 35 dollar discount for six months, not per month. Wow thanks!!
  • App works well but constantly having to log in 3/5

    By fredbird8507
    I find that the app works well, but it’s very annoying to have to log in every few days.
  • Caution: App May Cause Terrible Driving 1/5

    By ChrisP22177
    This app is not a true evaluation of the driver, rather the environment in which the driver drives. With that said, thanks State Farm for presenting it as a grade and for making me and my family worse at the following: Getting nearly rear-ended. Heaven forbid you actually pull out into traffic and attempt to keep up with the flow. Far better to pull out slowly, and have somebody nearly rear end you so that you don’t get dinged for rapid acceleration. You are far better off, running over that child that jumps into the street to save their ball, then to get dinged for actually paying attention to the road and your environment and rapidly hitting the brakes. You should be the “Sunday Driver” at all times so as to make sure that you are not dinged for speeding. Regardless of whether you are driving a safe speed and the cars on the road are still passing you. (Perhaps the app had the speed limit wrong, but if I were to drive slower, I would have become a hazard). You must come to a near complete stop, prior to making a turn. Never mind that the light is green before you reach it and that people will nearly rear end you in the process of doing so. If you don’t come to a near complete stop, you will be dinged for cornering. Better to run a red light (which the app will never know) then to stop and get dinged for hard braking. Oh, and now I find myself rolling up on the car in front of me at a traffic light, instead of leaving a greater distance just so I can avoid being dinged for hard braking. This app is a good attempt to evaluate driving, but would only be valuable in a closed environment. It knows nothing of our surroundings, and yet evaluates you as though it does. Do not look at the ratings, or you will tend to question everything you do.
  • Breaking and phone speeding 4/5

    By Rockaces
    When on i79 if you go 55mph you are a danger to everyone else. Most think it’s 65. When my phone rings through my radio and it’s hands free- I do not think answering it is and different than talking to someone sittings next to you in the car. Breaking. Here in pgh. There are so many people that pull out in front of you unexpectedly- if we do not break we could risk a bad accidents. And finally there is a sharp turn near my daughters work. I think those points need removed. It is hilly and bendy here. I do like drive safe for everything else
  • Dings me for phone use when I’m parked. 1/5

    By bunpls
    I’ve had several instances where I have parked and exited the vehicle and I get dinged for being on my phone. The map will look skewed and I am unable to tell it that I was not on my phone for some reason. My scores are not accurate!
  • Braking. Fix it !! 3/5

    By LupeLu54
    Always getting dinged for breaking when I stop when a light turns yellow. You really need to eliminate that tracking. Breaking should be a good thing. Means you stopped and didn’t run a red light or you didn’t hit another car or person when they pulled out in front of you.
  • Happy with it 5/5

    By cassi place
    It pretty good ppp
  • Little Wonky 2/5

    By cdUb allSTAR
    App and Beacon sometimes don’t communicate and get proper data. Not sure if I’d continue program unless discount was worth it.
  • Barely braked due to someone in parking lot 2/5

    By notification irratation
    Was 100% and until I had to avoid being backed into, I barely braked as I actually pay attention in Texas and got demoted to 85 percent for one barely tapped the brake incident!!!! I doubt I’ll be keeping this as I drive in traffic during week.
  • Braking and turns are sensitive 3/5

    By kmmul123
    Braking and cornering are too sensitive in the app. You can safely be braking and they will give you a braking event. Sometimes I get cornering events added when turning at a light in town. Also percentage points are debuted quickly but not added quickly so if you have a few drives that cause points ie having to break to avoid others suddenly braking it can quickly reduce your score. The app works fine but these could use some tune ups.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By El Guapo 907
    Needs lot of work. no allowances for other people driving your vehicle or your phone being used by the passenger, plus Snow and winter conditions. The braking doesn’t reflect other drivers bad habits, ( cutting you off and brake checkers ) or driving speeds with the flow of traffic, No Updates for Older phones. And the $10 a year savings is not worth the invasion my privacy.
  • Review 5/5

    By MySouliscool
    So far, so good and I’m driving more carefully these days. The one thing that bothers me is when I go on the highway and have to brake for traffic, I get a mark down for brakes.. I hope that won’t hurt my overall score.
  • Does not work 3/5

    By Steezy312
    Does not work
  • Not working 1/5

    By Me9418
    Too often the app logs me out, then will take too long before it lets me log in again. If you are taking the system down, LET US KNOW
  • Could be good 4/5

    By F451154F
    The application works well when it working. Too many times we’ve had to reopen and login to function.
  • My driving 1/5

    By shouma111
    The concept is good but making the device so sensitive that will cause accidents Why Sometimes you have to brake fast to prevent an accident And a lot more
  • Drains battery life 3/5

    By mbk08
    This app needs to ALWAYS be on and drains my battery. Overall, the focus is to reward improved driving habits. Figure out a way that the app can be turned on easier and you’ll get 5 stars. Otherwise, it’s not worth the cost of a new iPhone battery.
  • Two issues 3/5

    By S Benjamin
    For the most part I like the app, as it absolutely keeps me more mindful of my driving habits. However there are time when the flow of traffic is well above the speed limit. If I slowed down to an “acceptable” speed, I would be a hazard on the road. Also I have no idea what constitutes the breaking or acceleration scores. Please publish what your criteria are for these. Thanks
  • Kept locking account 2/5

    By Ceeales
    I had to go through changing my password 3 times before finally unlocking my account. And I had not attempted to login at all previously, but said there were too many attempts.
  • This thing is horrible 1/5

    By DMasterZ
    Not accurate with breaking or cornering speeds.
  • Costumer 2/5

    By Leeysmr4
    No discount, don’t worth using it
  • Michael Morris 5/5

    By micmor68
    I’m an ex police officer and mostly did traffic for most of my patrols. So I’ve most always drove safely. But I must say that this drive safe has tagged me once for braking and once for speeding. I would disagree with the two as the minor infraction was minuscule. Michael Morris
  • Erratic 1/5

    By Lou2621
    Fails to track all trips! App is always on, yet when driving a long distance, it seems to lose the second leg of a several hundred mile journey. Stopped for a break and the leg after the break was not recorded. Not the first time this has happened!
  • Parking 1/5

    By Conbamay01
    It doesn’t make sense when you try to find a parking spots then it marked that you cornering too much. Also, braked too much because busy traffic.
  • Love free money! 5/5

    By down &out 19
    This is the easiest way to save money ever! Alls you do is drive your car in which you do anyhow. It’s like getting paid to drive in your own personal life. State Farm you have outdone yourself this time. Thank you so much and will surely be spreading the word to friends and family!!
  • Recovering bad driver 3/5

    By Claydjordan
    Love this app and this program. I check it after every trip to review on how good I did minding my responsibilities on the road. Only downside is the number of phone distractions strikes I get on trips where I don’t touch my phone in any way. I can set my music to play before I leave, place the phone face down on my console, and see an event or two when I get where I’m going.
  • Speeding errors on highway 2/5

    By bbreendzz
    If I get on the highway for a short period of time, the app marks that I’m still on the access road and marks me as speeding. When I tried clicking on a link on the FAQ it did not open for me. And as im writing this review, I cannot see my paragraph being typed, hopefully this actually works and posts.
  • Location 1/5

    By Sully953
    I don’t like that it requires constant location access rather than while using the app
  • Easy to use! 4/5

    By Crusader85
    This app is great to know how I am driving and a great way to save on your insurance!
  • An Archaic Artifact older than the civilization itself 5/5

    By Sholay
    Despite multiple feedback resonating with this review and lost in the stacks of many more, this antique app lives on. Despite advancement in technologies which this gizmo conveniently skips over we are left with an unsightly vintage. Maybe the developers of this app and the technology are time travelers from millenniums ago that came did their thing at drive safe and save ;) headquarters and receded back to the bliss of the 1st century AD. I am certain folklores can be unearthed if we looked hard as to how those asinine time travelers were banished to even step into the pebble stone streets of the dawn of the civilization. Human reflexes are life saving measures we all are genetically adorned with. Why let such ineffective technologies get in the way. Let this app be lost through to the outer space with the last remaining ozone gap in the stratosphere. But hey this app can’t go up that high. So we should just accept this as the harsh truth we StateFarmers have to live with.
  • Don’t care 5/5

    By Don’t care about
  • Privacy 1/5

    By schwy9
    Location needs to be active when using, not 24-7. Uses too much battery life.
  • Too sensitive.. 3/5

    By shaner418
    I’ve been enjoying this app and service. It is making me a more conscientious driver but it may be a little to sensitive.
  • Sharp turns 3/5

    By Jason Birley
    Roads I take to work have sharp turns and one lane bridges and it gives you an incident even tho I’m going 10-15 mph so I have to take a longer route to work to get better results and it does not let you put that in the report
  • Just my opinion 3/5

    By Sandman89420
    When it comes to the breaking, it always seems to be right when I get to my destination and I’m turning I do not break hard that I am aware of unless the people in front of me slammed their brakes or something but I don’t see what I could be doing wrong other than I’m driving a standard, and I’ve driven standards my whole life but it’s the first all-wheel-drive standard. I’ve never had a Subaru before great vehicle and I’m getting 31 miles to the gallon at the moment but I would say I don’t shift as smoothly as I would like it’s not bad everyone says, but I did way better than every vehicle I’ve had before and they were all older 98 Saturn a 2005, Honda Accord DX six speed ET see the point is I’ve driven a five speed a six speed I’ve driven a lot of different vehicles oddly enough I never had a chance to work on or drive and all Wheel Dr., Subaru until now but sorry for getting off track point is I think it’s something with my shifting or maybe I’m hitting the brakes slightly hard but I have my dog standing in the window and I am very cautious to make sure she doesn’t fall out you know, so I drive very smoothly well as smoothly as possible but if she can stand there and she falls pretty easy, I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong so I would say it’s a bit sensitive or some thing but other than that I don’t really have many complains. My only other complaints is they should allow some leeway because I’m trying not to go over 65. I found out that it’s like 7 miles away but some people with paste beside you. And then the person behind you will road rage to the point of attempting to ram your vehicle brake checking you after they finally passed you I trying to stay calm go ahead and speed up to get over and then I get a marker gets me it should give you at least a half a mile to slow back down from speeding up to let someone pass. I stay in the slow lane I don’t get in the fast lane. But in my opinion, I have seen a few times I’ve almost gotten hit by someone because of simply doing the speed limit and not wanting to go over to get on March against me because originally I wasn’t paying attention on my score and then I realized the score from state farm versus like Credit Karma Dr. is a little different because I was paying attention to that one and I was a 98 on your guises. I’m an 86 but anyway. I think that could be a little improvement for may be preventing people from stressing to the point where they cause an accident because you don’t wanna go over the speed limit to get a mark but the person behind you is freaking out and being stupid and then does something stupid you know I want to avoid that if possible and a speeding up getting over and slowing back down prevents that I shouldn’t get a marker against me or should I? My opinion no I’m trying to prevent an accident by someone that’s stupid or under the influence and nowadays it face it there’s not much you can do about it call it in OK I don’t always do something bad especially if they have no plate and it’s a stolen car and how are you going to know when it does have a plate if it’s not a stolen plate plane is you don’t know and it’s better to avoid any possibility of having to file a claim so I would rather speed up and avoid an accident am I wrong for that? Anyway, hopefully that can help may be improved the app a little or maybe it’s useless rambling and if so I apologize. Hope y’all have a great day.
  • Not accurate 3/5

    By Radseahorse
    When I use the gps on my phone I get dinged, when slowing down for a school bus/traffic etc., and you don’t have to make a complete stop you get dinged for braking. Also, it read I was speeding when I was not. The beacon read the speed limit to the frontage road while I was in the right lane on the freeway. This really needs some more work on improving its readings.
  • Incorrect speed limits and false travel destinations 1/5

    By Not good I say
    Not a good product, called the phone number on the trips t report incorrect speed limit and agent said they don’t control the speed limits on google maps. The road is clearly marked 55 and the maps show it’s 45 which got me for speeding several times. Also had me traveling on roads a good distance from the route I actually took which could be frustrating if I was in accident and not even recording the correct route.
  • Making me a safe driver 5/5

    By sghjbcdryu
    So far, I am paying attention a little more.. having never touched my phone while driving I’m happy to be able to explain ‘I’m driving, a passenger used the phone..’. Anything I do on my phone, goes through my dashboard radio including my music.
  • There is no way to notify who is driving. 2/5

    By kkstatefarm77
    I drop my son to school daily. He drives while going and I drove back. But app shows as a single trip. How can I justify who is driver and passenger? It really impact score because he applies hard brakes and escalator.
  • Okay, but… 3/5

    By SticksDW
    Closed app icon now shows the number “3” as though there are “3” new events within the app. Gone completely through app tabs…nothing new to view! The “3” won’t go away! Please fix this!
  • Literally encourages dangerous driving. 1/5

    By JakeSnake715
    Better make sure no one if front of you stops suddenly, otherwise you will either have to hit them, or take a hit to your score, even though they’re the one who stopped suddenly, and not you. Even if you’re following at a safe distance, if the person in front of you slams on their brakes then you have to suffer for it. Unless you just hit them, because that’s not dangerous or anything. Ridiculous…
  • Wasting your money 1/5

    By republican american
    What a scam . They say put in your mileage no problem then it says you did not put in your mileage . So what does State Farm do ????? Yes you guessed right because they charge you full price and you lose that discount for that period . You might as well not work and let the poverment take care of you . You only have 2 days to put your mileage in and after that you lose your discount. Oh and then they say it’s your problem .sound just like att dish steaming service they will screw you to and they will not give you your money back . State Farm is one of the worst insurance companies around in Texas . And they do not care about anything just give them your money and shut up And if you hit a bump in the road they think your hard accelerating. Somebody pulls out in front and you hit the breaks you stopped to fast it’s impossible to be right with this app
  • Not good! 1/5

    By The Mexual
    So far this app tells me things I am doing wrong but I am not doing anything wrong and it is getting very frustrating
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Twpslp
    While this app has saved me money, it’s been a PAIn. With every update I’m kicked out. Neither the local agent or the 1-800 number has been able to correct the issue for me. My other State Farm app is fine.
  • Log in 1/5

    By lizo_piggy_happy_duck
    Have to log in every few weeks or it does not work..
  • I hate this app. 1/5

    By angryundividual420
    App barely works. Counts music as phone usage and disconnects all the time.