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  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount of about 5 percent just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, we’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. How it works • Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon we ship to you • Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking • Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics • Trips record automatically - No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive

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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Length 3/5

    By Jaundiced snxkd
    How long do i have to use this app because it says two weeks and its been well over that.
  • Needs improvements 2/5

    By Melorcaz2001
    Glitches that cannot accurately rate your driving, app do not recognize where red light is located, so when the app assumes that driver should be cornering is wrong because driver may have green light, this reduce your driving score affecting monthly discounts.
  • It’s OKBut........ 3/5

    By Eaccardi
    The app is OK. It shows progress on the discount and information on my driving which is helpful in developing and enhancing my safe driving skill, but my account is showing a notice to complete the set up for my wife’s vehicle which is not part of the program. After more than 6 months of contacts with my Stare Farm Agent and an hour wait on hold to get through to internet support to report the problem, the issue has not been resolved,
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Mgd3
    I ride my car on cruise control and turn normal yet it accuses me of taking hard turns. Tells me I’m speeding too fast when getting into the highway. Uhhh how do you merge without speeding up fast. Not too pleased. I did 50 in a 50 zone and it shows a purple line line I was speeding.
  • Safe Driving App Not Safe 1/5

    By Annoyed and Unsafe
    The app forces drivers to drive at an unsafe and too slow of a speed. Driving the exact speed limit rather than with the flow of traffic creates a dangerous situation as cars nearly rearend the slower moving vehicle. In addition, hitting the brakes to avoid someone else’s poor decision results in a low rating for that trip. But wait, there’s more. With the four categories, the driver can receive 5 stars in all but one category and receive an overall rating of 1. The app is stacked against the driver. Lastly, the app accept distinguish the driver of the vehicle. For example, if a passenger uses his or her phone, the driver receives a low score for phone usage. Anyone with the app who is not currently driving must shut his or her Bluetooth off. Overall, unless all drivers begin to drive like 90 year-olds, it creates unsafe driving.
  • Bring back the app that works. 1/5

    By ShawanoDad
    The “New and Improved” app no longer works on my iPad or my smartphone. While I am able to use an old hone of my daughters, that one doesn’t report my trips accurately. As for the improvements, they are ok, but when the app doesn’t work it’s useless.
  • My my driving discount. Pachanga29 2/5

    By pachanga17
    I don’t understand to much about how this work! But I think I’m not getting my discount like I should! Been an excellent driver for more than 45 years with no tickets or accidents! And driving short millages! Very careful driver ! I will like to find out more about this! I think I’m paying to much! I’m going to look around for better ! I will like to learn more about this! Thank you.
  • Definite limitations 3/5

    By Bgg319
    Really good program, but SF needs to figure out how to distinguish who is driving. If I am a passenger using my phone and my daughter is driving, I still get dinged for phone use. Also, the posted speed on some roads will get you run over. There needs to be a speeding buffer.
  • Step backwards 2/5

    By millsaps74
    The new and improved app is less than the old one. As a father, it was comforting to review the travels of my children. Since I am paying the gas, I think I can do that but not anymore.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Brian119573689674)
    When I use my phone gps directions on my phone, the app penalizes me even if I start the directions before I start driving and I only listen to the directions. Also, it penalizes me for speeding even if I’m going with the flow of traffic. I feel that is dangerous. Overall I believe this app make me a worse driver.
  • Not so accurate 3/5

    By corytvv19
    I like the app interface and it’s user friendly. My frustration is that some of the speed limits aren’t actually accurate and I find myself driving slower than what’s posted Just to get a better score. It keeps me thinking about how I drive and that is beneficial at times.
  • 5 months still nothing 2/5

    By beavis_stop_taking_my_name
    piece of junk says I ‘m speeding when I ‘m not. therefore, it docks me for it lowering my score. still waiting for the discount to apply to my account as well
  • It’s over sensitive, and be careful with certain apps running. 3/5

    By MillionMileMazda
    I’m a state driving instructor and am currently evaluating this app. I’ve found it to be good overall, but the acceleration and cornering sensitivity could be lowered a bit. I’ve put 100k miles on a set of tires, 75k miles on a set of brakes, over 350k miles on a vehicle, never had a driving infraction or accident, and i average 43mpg in a vehicle rated at 32mpg. In other words, I always drive the posted speed limits. I never accelerate, corner, or stop aggressively. Yet, I’ve personally been dinged for these very things. I have the sensor mounted as instructed, but hardly ever see a perfect score. I also NEVER touch my phone while driving, but have been dinged for phone use. I usually leave an app called Waze running, but never touch it - not even at stop lights or while the car is running. I’m going to order a new sensor to see if that helps, but I know for a fact that I drive better than this app suggests. I’ll leave an updated review at 400k miles.
  • Drive Safe and Save 5/5

    By Old timer 69
    Not sure it’s worth the hassle
  • Drive Safe and Save 3/5

    By Smileydiva
    The situations that are frustrating is one, this app does not recognize 3 point turns, but judges them as unsafe; and, two, school zones which register as 25 miles per hour on one side of the school, but have a 35 mile per hour on the other side do not show up as 35, but are still at 25. Maybe the latter is just my vehicle. You may laugh at this, as this is just a comment and not a negative, but my husband hates to ride with me because I observe all the signs and he wants to call State Farm and tell them that people driving the way I do is unsafe. I observe more people than not observing street signs.
  • Phone use 3/5

    By jnrwhale
    I use my phone as passenger and husband drives but we get phone use. We called and was told turn Bluetooth off before I get near the car. Not always remembered!!!! On my part it’s hard because if this. Turn it on to drive Turn it off to be a passenger. Think only one phone should connect and that be the one who gets there first Not sure how to solve this problem but it’s my only complaint Thanks Jane
  • Much better than before! 5/5

    By Oliviahm13
    State Farm really upped their game with this app! I was about to give up on it before they came out with the update. I really like how I can clearly see where I messed up with my drives. Lol I apparently speed way too much. So far I’ve saved $31! Pretty sweet.
  • Saving $700/year on 2 cars 5/5

    By jjcrz9
    Both of us driving about 12k miles per year. No brainer
  • Love The App 5/5

    By PJ-R
    I enjoy being a safe driver but this keeps me even more vigilant. I also enjoy the good scores when I get home. Makes me feel like I’m creating a safer place on the road.
  • Waste of time for me 1/5

    By K9gsd1
    After reading all the stuff on the State Farm website. Getting my insurance information together and then download the app then create an account. Login. THEN find out my brand new Subaru Forester isn’t eligible!!! And my wife’s fairly new Ford Fusion isn’t eligible either!! State Farm couldn’t have let me know an hour ago?! Really??? How inconsiderate and thoughtless! What a waste of my time! And without any logical reason or sorry. Nothing.
  • Inaccurate Measurement 4/5

    By Gpomunu
    You get clocked for speed erroneously because the speed limit on ground doesn’t always match the speed limit set in your system.
  • Speeding 4/5

    By Jasper bound
    I have an issue with the speed limit - if it’s the same on your GPS as it is on mine. For instance, I travel a road that GPS shows 25mph but the speed limit posted by the county is 50. Therefore, I’m penalized for speeding each time I travel this road and do the posted speed of 50. Same with the interstate - posted on the road 70 but GPS has 65.
  • Brake usage seems faulty. 4/5

    By doc coyote746378
    I use my brakes as little as possible. For example, I generally coast up to a red light, while cars on either side of me are racing past me up to the light. My car dealers have often commented that I must not use my brakes for a lot of hard stops, since I’m now up to nearly 80,000 miles on my original brake pads and linings, which are still in good shape. Even so, the app regularly dings me for brake usage, mostly when I have to go down a long steep hill and have to tap the brakes to keep from going too fast. Seems unfair.
  • Bogus 1/5

    By satisfied my eye
    Ever since they changed the system the results are often bogus, showing me driving to places I haven’t been to a nd using routes that I didn’t use. I have lost all confidence in the reporting and have canceled my Policies on both vehicles! If you choose to use this company be sure to track your results. Even the nicknames are BS.
  • Update needs fixing 2/5

    By clemsongirl95
    I like the new features, but the phone use needs to be fixed. It marks against me when I use my phone’s GPS or hands-free Bluetooth. Also, the trip maps need to be grouped by vehicle rather than clustered together.
  • Drains battery 1/5

    By Pula1020
    I don’t like this new update. Battery is always low. Why does the app has to access to your phone calls while using gps? You’ll lose your discount if the app isn’t set to always instead of while using. Makes deductions if you are in the phone although my car is hands free This is the worst!
  • Battery drain with this app!! 1/5

    By mrhelsel
    App always wants to have access to your GPS it's pretty crappy because it’s on all the time and drains your battery
  • Used to be a fan, now shopping other companies 1/5

    By Divarenee
    I used to get the max discount and overnight, I’m down to half of the discount. I, like many others, use hands free via car speakers to talk (Bluetooth), as well as using Waze for maps. Now it’s recording me on the phone all the time. Seriously? And like some, I have to drive to an appointment at early evening/late afternoon, and this is so I can go to physical therapy without getting dinged by my job. I’m looking at other insurance companies for every insurance need. StateFarm, rethink this app; your customers are demanding it!
  • Update issues 1/5

    By Sad ff guy
    App worked fine, but after updating hasn’t worked since. Reset my PW and reinstalled the app but still cannot log in. Have called three times and haven’t been able to fix.
  • Shows wrong speed deductions 1/5

    By Vkk123
    The road I drive usually has a speed limit posted as 50MPH , if you drive that speed in that road this app says I am driving excess speed. It expect you to drive in 35MPH looks like. Tried to call State Farm and complain about it, the wait time it seems 30min !!! There is no other way to contact too.. if you deduct actually for driving high speed agreeable but if you drive in the place with the posted speed limit and then get a deduct saying over speed it’s not fair. So one of the wrost app development
  • Discount not worth the intrusion 1/5

    By Kicked to the curb
    I’ve been using this app for 1.5 years and even though my score has averaged B+ my discount has been about $3. No where near the 15-20% discount promised by State Farm rep. All it does is gather your personal data for unknown reasons. I’m turning it off and thinking about switching from State Farm although I’ve been a customer for 15 years. I don’t like deception.
  • A much needed upgrade 5/5

    By BenzBuff
    This version of the app is much better versus the previous when I couldn’t even get above a C rating. I’m a pretty smooth and good driver so I’m glad that this new version truly tracks my habits how they are and reflects it in my score. I’ve been in the 90’s ever since the change so I’m quite happy with that 🙌🏻. Looking forward to se what my next discount is!
  • Limited information. 3/5

    By jaxonjb
    App does not identify vehicle driven if there are more than 1 in family. No definitions for criteria. What is stopping too quickly in specific terms. Same for acceleration. Does app know you are using hands free phone? More questions than answers here. At least old app provided comparison info. App could be useful but needs work.
  • Trips 4/5

    By Amala2o01
    It would be nice to be able to see the trips related to one specific car when one account is grouped with several people using several different cars.
  • Review 4/5

    By ughnoihavenonickname
    I wish there was a way to state I am a passenger or not have my GPS count against my score. I needed the GPS on an 8 hour drive and got 1 star because of phone usage. I also get knocked down for audio books or iTunes. Other than that, I drive well. Apparently my left turns need work though.
  • Impossible to update 1/5

    By Shygirl_88
    I keep getting message that I must update the app; however, when I tap to update, it just returns to message that I need to update. VERY FRUSTRAT!
  • Needs some feature updates and FAQs explanations 3/5

    By Wingdad
    Trips need to identify what vehicle or have a drop Dow filter. Discount should show how calculated with weight of miles driven, time, grades, etc. so we can identify how/where to improve if within our power. If my wife’s car is linked to only her phone and I’m driving, it’s going to grade on her phone use even though she is not driving. FAQs need to explain further on the grading criteria (ie what is determined if phone use - changing Spotify or texting). As soon as my discount isn’t a discount, I plan to drop. Too many unknowns/questions and my agent is also clueless on what determines the discount.
  • Beacon too sensitive 3/5

    By tigerlily176
    I think the beacon in my car is too sensitive and does not allow for urban driving. When someone cuts you off and you get deductions for driving defensively, it counts against you. Not right!! Too sensitive and should allow for a few hard brakes at the very least.
  • Old way 1/5

    By jawscrx
    Go back to the old way where you see your mileage or combine it somehow and don’t show where’re you been privacy
  • Stop for pedestrians 4/5

    By Tenchita
    I like the app BUT what I don’t like is that it marks me down for breaking in the parking lot when pedestrians are crossing. Should I not stop? Lol. Of course I stop and I shouldn’t be marked down for it...
  • 5/17/2019 with iPhone 8 4/5

    By St0rminN0rm
    I like this version I check it frequently, though I do have some gripes on scoring. I have no problems with battery or being able to use phone to play music, taking calls and not being dinged for it. I wish I can view how my driving compares with individuals in our household and the averages local driver based on gender/age (my wife and I had a competition with older version). I find cornering, braking, and acceleration scoring a little too sensitive especially since I live and drive in a busy area of the city. Swift moving traffic, forced sharp turns (concrete barriers and narrow turning lanes), multiple speed bumps through residential areas (dinged repetitively on braking and acceleration), and traffic light (camera monitored) with ridiculously quick yellow to red switch (occasionally dinged for quick stops at yellow). I’m being dinged repetitively by yellow ramp advisory speeds. Yellow ramp speed signs is advisory, not regulatory. For example: The highway I exit is 65 mph speed limit (regulatory). The ramp has a speed advisory is 45 mph and is about a mile long, I generally let off the gas maintain a safe speed of 55 mph on the straightaway and at the curve I let off the gas/brake to 40 mph or lower. I get dinged for speeding every time I exit.
  • New update 3.0 1/5

    By inquireing mind wants to know.
    This app is junk, on a trip yesterday it showed me coming home from where I’d been but not going there. I drove 16 miles and it showed 8. I am fed up with it!!!
  • Speed limits 1/5

    By speed limits
    It’s not accurate
  • Driving Improved 5/5

    By Jogmimi
    This app makes you more aware of your driving skills. The discount on your auto insurance really is a great incentive!!
  • Completely messed it up 1/5

    By Daveb314
    Took a fairly reasonable app and scrambled it badly. No comparison of household drivers or the general population. Grading is done trip by trip but no overall grading is done. Confusing interface, non-intuitive. Definitely several steps backward and downward. I suggest hiring at least two competent GUI/App designers. ------------ Latest revision did nothing to improve the app. Still a 1 star. Must haves: 1. The breakdown of how the discount is calculated. 2. Which car is related to each trip map - surely you have that info 3. A way to provide feedback from within the app - see virtually any other app in the App Store. 4. Each car's odometer history - was available in the prior app version. 5. Comparison of driving attributes related to each vehicle in a household and national averages - a glaring omission from the prior app.
  • Makes you Cautious 5/5

    By Hlombardi
    Since using this app it makes me think about how I am driving more. I find myself making sure I don’t speed or make sharp turns.
  • Accuracy? 3/5

    The GPS maps often show incorrect locations and show us driving on the next street over rather than the one we were actually on. Or it shows crazy loops through a forest instead of the street locations. Obviously not 100% accurate. How accurate are the braking, speed, and acceleration measurements????? Yet these inaccuracies are used to determine our discounts?!?! Hmm. Not quite fair. Also, the app does not distinguish who is driving nor does it show individual driving scores for each driver and/or vehicle. The app is helpful overall but needs refinement. It could be so much nicer.
  • Keeps saying I’m speeding 2/5

    By Fffff a review f facebook
    There is one section of road I travel everyday and on my way home from work it says I speed on it and I haven’t been. It’s done this three times so far and I’ve even set cruise control last time.
  • Phone use 3/5

    By KSCKenny1963
    I don’t think I should be when using Google Maps for Bluetooth street by street commands in a busy downtown, especially since it keeps me from looking down on my phone.

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