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  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Disney
  • Compatibility: Android
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Droid Depot App

Bring the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge experience home with the Droid Depot companion app. Build a Digital Droid or play games with your Droid Depot Custom Astromech Droids. Games include: •Maneuvering - choreograph a dance sequence to the tunes of DJ R3X •Piloting - drive your Droid around freely •Strategy - play a game of Tic Tac Toe against your Droid •Build - Build a virtual droid using schematics from Mubo’s Droid Depot* https://disneytermsofuse.com/ https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/ https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/ https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi/ https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/for-parents/childrens-online-privacy-policy/ This app uses Bluetooth to connect to your physical Droid. * Free to play - does not require a physical Droid

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Droid Depot app reviews

  • Help? 3/5

    By kaylacat12
    I absolutely love my droid and I love the idea of this app but whenever I try to connect him it says it fails and I don’t know what’s going on
  • Great App but no way to exit 4/5

    By Flight Agent
    Great app!!! Makes your Droid investment worthwhile. But unfortunately there’s no way to exit the app unless you do a hard app close. Also, on the apple app I was not able to exit droid maneuver area to the main menu. I had to do another hard app close & restart the app.
  • Wonderful Surprise 5/5

    By Ccccccccc c ccccccccccc
    Considering all this is out of the blue bonus functionality, it’s amazing. The controller works way better than the white plastic box. Offers moves not possible otherwise, beeping at the same time. It makes your Droid act more like a droid!
  • Worthless Without a Droid!! 1/5

    By Bookworm Jay
    I wish the other features of the app worked with the digital droid. I don’t have a physical droid to interact with & was hoping that the digital droid would interact virtually, like make noises, go through a maze, dance, etc. Instead I just get to pick from a few different parts for each droid style & just look at a “blueprint” image of the droid.
  • Update 1.0.1: Build and order option 3/5

    This is gonna be a funny question but listen. On the next update, could you have a “built-to-order” feature on it, please?
  • This made buying a Droid even better! 4/5

    By lisalisa6
    This is a 100 times better then the remote you get with the droid! Easier to move and control. Love the dance sequences! My BB8 even talks more now. Thank you !!!
  • Misleading blog post 1/5

    By TMGameLover
    I downloaded the app and built a virtual Droid under the assumption there was something I could do with it in this app. There's nothing. The Disney Blog post made it sound like you could play with a virtual Droid while waiting for Disney to reopen. If you didn't already make a physical Droid in Galaxy's Edge, don't bother with this app. So misleading.
  • Huge improvement but still a few bugs 3/5

    By TwinIon
    This app makes the droid from galaxy’s edge so much better. The controls are much more fluid and responsive, the droid is more “talkative” and the movement sync with the music is excellent. My main complaint is that on the controller portion of the app, the top red button (the one for accessories) doesn’t function. I have the blasters installed on my R unit and when I hit the button nothing happens, sometimes the random noises it makes now include the blasters firing so I know they work and I tried with the original controller and they function as expected. This app I’m sure will continue to get better, but for the accessories not to work is a pretty big let down since they cost extra and the expectation is that they will continue to function
  • Worthless 2/5

    By NO-SCOPE BOi 09
    This app is totally worthless and useless, if your like me and don’t have a droid like me. But, an idea for galaxy’s edge I have a Porg and if possible do this for Porgs ya know
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Alpha Sector
    The perfect App for quarantine! The kids love it! stay Safe, and May the Force be with you!
  • Great app but could be better. 4/5

    By FN2274 & R3-D4
    I really like that there is finally an app that I can use as a controller for my droid, and that there are even more features too. I also love that there are no adds too. I like the strategy feature (tic-tac-toe) but I think it would be cool if more games that you could play against your droid would be added. Maybe Connect 4 or Dejarik, maybe even Sebec too. It would also be cool if you could connect multiple droids and play a game with multiple droids at once, where you take a turn, then droid #1 takes a turn, then droid #2 takes a turn and so on. It would also be cool if the maneuvering feature could have more options or maybe have your own song uploaded. Another cool feature might be if I could move my droid with the controller and have the app “remember” the path I moved my droid and carry out that sequence. Now for some other notes. The volume of my droid resets if I disconnect the droid (power it off or it goes to sleep). Also, if the droid goes to sleep, it doesn’t want to reconnect to it. The only way I have gotten it to reconnect is if I have my droid off, go to the connect page, wait until it says no droids found, then turn my droid on. That has seemed to work for now. One more note, the “I don’t have a droid” feature seems to be pretty useless. Maybe make it AR so you could control your droid through your house, or something where you could control the droid you created through a maze or Galaxy’s Edge. For anyone who read this, thank you for taking the time and I hope my ideas and notes help improve that app and everyone’s experience.
  • Just can’t connect my BB unit 1/5

    By Rylan Berry
    Each time I try to connect my BB unit it reaches the part where you turn it off then on again then after that it fails and try’s to connect to and already connected droid which I don’t have yet
  • Good start but needs work to be perfect 3/5

    By Boba Chef
    Very excited by the promise of finding new ways to interact with my R4 astromech I built at Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando. One complaint from me: cannot edit the Profile section, using an iPhone 11 Pro with the latest iOS. I’d love to have the app remember the model of my droid, its name and the other details. If the developers can carefully add some content, such as replicating the personalities of the droids, such as the chips sold as accessories in Galaxy’s Edge, that would add a fun range of new sounds and actions. If the next update fixes the Profile issue, I would be inclined to update my review.
  • Feels incomplete, but is an unexpected add-on 4/5

    By Fractal Lizard 123
    I like using the controls on the phone, and the dance function is mildly entertaining. Tic Tac Toe is Tic Tac Toe. The build function should have been left out or given more functionality; there is no real customization allowed and only a few variations.
  • Great concept but... 3/5

    By LVgurl85
    My droid disconnects every single time I get the sequence hooked up. It goes into auto sleep as soon as I initiate which means ripping open my BB unit all over again (much faster than it would after regular use). This is a brand new droid from February that’s been used very sparingly to conserve battery. I’ve had to reconnect seven times since downloading the app 30 minutes ago. I’ve been able to get it to pair but my droid won’t stay on long enough to really use it (I have the controller off the entire time). Love the concept though and hopefully it’ll work better in the future!
  • So fun! 4/5

    By DMA-3000
    We have a droid at home and this app makes it 100x more fun. You do have to make sure the remote control that comes with the droid is turned off when you sync it to the app. Also, I only gave 4 out of 5 stars because the music for the DJ isn’t working for me. The droid will still dance and move around but it isn’t as much fun without the music. I’d love it if they could resolve that or post a fix for this sometime soon.
  • Great app for the bb series 5/5

    I got a bb series droid from galaxys edge and the first thing I noticed was the droid did not run very well with the included remote. But this app fixes all the problems I’ve had. Connecting to my droid was no problem and the dance feature is the best! A tip for connection: turn the controller off that came with your droid. Be sure you own a droid because the build your own feature is useless, there is no color.
  • Droid depot app 5/5

    By Jordan Pallof
    This is the best app ever it is sooo much fun I can’t not use it
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Peyiooddhcfntvtbdgf chxhfuv
    I only got his for the virtual droid builder feature, but I was strongly let down. You can customize the head and body style, but you cannot customize the colors. I expected to be able to get a similar customizing experience that I would at Galaxy’s Edge. I am very disappointed at how wrong I was.
  • please include color options! 4/5

    By joe2-d2
    it would be wonderful for a future update to allow the same color customizations/combos that are available at mubo’s.
  • A great value add with room to grow 5/5

    By batuu resident
    My husband and I each built a droid on our honeymoon at WDW. While I’ve played with mine a little, seeing the app release was so exciting! While simple, the tic tac toe and dancing activities were cute and made me smile (which we can all use right now). I loved how my droid responded during the activities! I also appreciate that sounds are synced while you use the app to drive—I’m really bad at pressing the sound button while using the plastic remote, so this was a nice addition. Like others, I would love options for multiple droids in a future update! And one note: it took me a long time to figure out how to get the music to play because my phone is always on “silent mode”. Just triggering volume won’t work in this app, you have to fully toggle sound on to hear the sounds in the app!
  • Fun but can be improved 4/5

    By django1936
    We had the same connection issues. It should be in the instructions to turn off the original controller. Hoping that it gets updated with more games, songs and functionality. The droid builder is pretty disappointing.
  • No AR for the Droid Builder feature?? 2/5

    By Cornflakes222
    I don’t have a droid yet, so I downloaded this app for the Droid Builder function. Unfortunately, there’s not much to it: Pick a head, pick a body, and that’s it. Unfortunately, you can’t play with it. I assumed the droid builder feature would include a fun AR function that I could use with my virtual droid. I’m disappointed, but if they added an AR function, I’d redownload the app again.
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Diego_94054
    This add much more features and life to my droid, hopefully they’ll be adding more stuff in future updates!
  • Customization is virtually worthless 1/5

    By ThePamphleteer
    I can appreciate the first attempt at a customization screen, but the options leave a lot to be desired. Seriously? No color combination options? No personality chip selection? I’m sure the app gets the job done for those wanting to control their droids at home but for an app that lauds the customization options as well, there’s practically zero content.
  • Fantastic addition for Droid Depot owners! 5/5

    By Sornfloyd
    We love our two droids from Galaxy’s Edge and this app makes them even better! The kids love playing our droid in tic-tac-toe and laugh hysterically at the droid’s reaction to their moves and winning or losing. We’ve had some dance-off parties as well! I hope they keep adding to this app with more games and interactive experiences. Even the remote control on the app is a little more intuitive with the “joystick” than the regular controller. The only issue we have had so far is that the app controller does not recognize our blaster add-ons. Other than that it’s fantastic! Thanks!
  • Great concept. Needs fixing. 2/5

    By ChrisVennyT
    This app is potentially the coolest thing to come out of buying my Astromech since actually building it. Unfortunately the app refused to connect even though I was following the steps and when it finally did, it only really controlled one leg while the other was dead weight. At first I thought it was my droid so I disconnected the app and reconnected the remote. Nope! Worked just fine. So I deleted and redownloaded the app. Same issues. I want to be a fan of this, but it does need some adjustments. Update soon please!
  • Let us build... 2/5

    By Zibanti
    We haven’t been to Galaxy’s Edge to get our droids, and my girls and I have been trying to decide on colors, Addons, etc. When I saw that there was a “ Droid Builder” option on this app we were ecstatic, but it only allows you to choose heads and bodies and they are monochrome. Please change this and allow us to virtually try out different colors and addons ( blasters, personality chips, etc).
  • He’s a real boy 5/5

    By Bleedxoxamerican
    I legit just played tic tac toe against my droid and he won and he did a happy dance and noise and I cried. Best May the 4th ever. Also I am legit wearing my DJ RX shirt and he shows up in the app to help me dance with my little dude and I can’t handle how cute it is. Would love even more fun games to play against him :)
  • Having trouble connecting to your Droid from Galaxy’s Edge? 5/5

    By Swish5656
  • Works great 4/5

    By Austindb77
    Dancing droids is just what we needed!
  • Fix your stuff disney 1/5

    By sapcfriar
    I own a droid and despite following your directions it just fails every time
  • TIP: Make sure you have fresh batteries in your droid! 5/5

    By Jeff Hand
    My daughter and I spent WAY too much time today playing with this app on two devices with our two droids. This app adds a whole new level of fun to the experience! As I said in the title, make sure you have fresh batteries in your droid. We couldn’t get one droid to connect until we switched out the batteries for fresh ones.
  • Great set of features to start, hopefully more are coming 4/5

    By Cavfan930
    I had my remote and droid off when I tried to connect the app and had no problem. I have an R-series with a scoundrel chip that I built in nov 2019. The dance moves take some deciphering, make sure you have plenty of space for them. I like the greater functionality offered by the digital remote compared to the physical one.
  • Hopefully this will be updated soon. 1/5

    By Bugbrown
    I had to try to connect my droid about 6 times. When it finally connected the sound wouldn't work even when I clicked no in the set up menu for sound. You can’t edit the droids name or anything. You can really just move the droid forward and back which could have been done with the regular remote. I hope this app will be updated because I feel like it had great potential, was excited for it but :/
  • Fun app (after some connecting issues) 4/5

    By TB 82
    Took some troubleshooting to get the app to sync to my droid, but the trick is to make sure the original controller is OFF and then follow the instructions. That did the trick for me! I’m happy my unit is getting some use instead of just sitting in his spot. Looking forward to more add ons!
  • Tips for pairing phone to droid 4/5

    By Lgarc81
    Very happy with the dance function! The control features through the phone are smoother than with the white plastic remote. I hope they expand the offerings in the “strategy” category (tic tac toe?) and add more options to build a droid. Leaving one star off as I hope they add more features. Seems the personality settings do slightly change the noises from our R2 unit, but not big difference to the BB sounds. Also seems like the droids interact more with each other with the app than just the white controllers. Pairing tip - I had trouble pairing our first droid until I realized the white remote should stay Off through the entire process. Then worked fine.
  • Nice Touch 5/5

    By 626384635473828
    This app is very fun if you have a droid, and the dancing and strategy games are a nice touch to the droids actions.
  • Makes the Droid a lot more fun! 4/5

    By Ldm8186
    I would have given this app a 5 star rating except it was hard to connect my droid. Make sure the controller you received with the Droid is OFF! My droid connected right away when I did that. It’s neat to be able to interact with the droid a bit more. We like our droids before but now we LOVE them!
  • Fun app with minor issues 4/5

    By CDawg206
    The app is a great way to give your droid more usage once it leaves Galaxy’s Edge. The features are a lot of fun. However, the droid builder is lacking and only lets you create a 2D black and white image. I have accessories for my droid but the accessory button on the virtual remote doesn’t seem to work and activate the accessories.
  • Cool, but it’s needs improvement. 3/5

    By Jman1118
    Finally I can control my droid with my phone, but it keeps on disconnecting. I’m sure an update will iron out the bugs though.
  • Great app but hard to connect the droid 4/5

    By FlashArrow1234
    It took me 45 minutes to connect the droid right but once I did I had a lot of fun playing around with it. I think they should of added more games to play instead of just tic tac toe, but other then that I think it’s a great app just needs a few more games.
  • Nice addition! 5/5

    By BartCh
    Took a bit to get synced but a nice addition to the droid from Galaxy’s Edge. Thank you for the free app!
  • Why even include a no droid option? 1/5

    By frazlork
    There’s literally no point to the app if you don’t have a droid. Why include an option at all? You just pick a head and a body and then that’s it. A basic blue print image. I got excited to finally customize my future droid depot droid.
  • Turn your controller off 4/5

    By Otheym435
    Make sure you turn your controller that came with your droid off when you use this application. The signal from it will interfere with the app trying to connect to the droid. The app is fun to use with the droid but needs to be updated with text telling users to turn their droid’s controllers off to prevent the confusion you see happening in this review section. They didn’t have to make this app so it’s a fun new extra out of nowhere from Disney.
  • Just like the others. 1/5

    I do own a droid but it always says that there are no droids near even if my Bluetooth is on and my droid is on well it is the first day. I even kept the remote off and even pressed the little button with the glowing red light.
  • Junk. 3/5

    By Randman20
    Has anyone actually USED this? I can’t get it to connect to the droid I already have. Some others can’t either. One person called this app a ‘game’. Are we reviewing this app before we actually try it? Worthless right now. ********EDIT******* Finally got it to sync. Turn off the remote that comes with the droid. The app will control it now. Other than dancing, the app is still pretty boring. Bumped from one to three stars.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can anyone confirm if you need to have purchased the chip from the store when building the droid for this to work?
  • This game has the force with it 4/5

    By mickeyfan27
    This is good it didn’t work at first but then I turned off my droids remote and bam it works if you could add more stuff that would be nice but over all really fun

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