Drop - Free Cash Rewards

Drop - Free Cash Rewards

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  • Current Version: 1.20.1
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  • Developer: Drop Loyalty, Inc.
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Drop - Free Cash Rewards App

Drop makes your life more rewarding by turning everyday purchases into cash rewards. Simply spend at your favorite brands like Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, Uber and many more. How it works: Link your credit and debit cards. Spend at your favorite brands. Earn points that you can instantly redeem for free gift cards. Members have earned over one billion points and redeemed +300,000 gift cards on Drop! Thanks for being a Drop member! Need help? Reach us at [email protected]


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Drop - Free Cash Rewards app reviews

  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By vic1ous
    They might as well not even have an option to contact customer service. I sent a ticket a month ago because I was missing points from an offer; they said it could take up to 30 days, so I waited 30 days. Sent them another email after the 30 days; they sent me back the same copy and pasted email saying it could take up to 30 days, and even cited the wrong offer. Obviously they didn’t even bother to read it.
  • So easy 5/5

    By lexx33xx
    Just redeemed my first offer for an Amazon gift card. Love getting free money just for grocery shopping.
  • Just started 3/5

    By Christinanvegas
    Well I’m still navigating thru this app, I’m so confused. Wish me luck
  • use code su1se for free $$ 3/5

    By ampersanding
    Drop has yet to connect with my bank, which I’m very surprised about since it’s a very commonly used one. Until that happens I will only be able to use the app in a limited capacity - I will say the user interface is excellent
  • Froze my account for no reason & bad customer service 1/5

    By maxwellchen111
    At first everything was working fine but one day it stopped counting points for all of the transactions I have made. I had no idea why so I contacted the customer service — several times — to finally receive a reply saying that my account was frozen because they believe my spendings are for business. I replied SEVERAL TIMES that I do not have any business cards linked and all of my spendings are personal. Until this day I still haven’t gotten a reply.
  • Where’s the free stuff? 1/5

    By ck20188
    Where’s the free stuff? That’s the only reason I downloaded this app😩
  • Was a wonderful app 2/5

    By Pambe4
    I use to love this app until they changed how you get points. One in particular was Walmart. I use to be able to go to the store for groceries and get points every week. Now you have to use the app and it’s not the Walmart grocery app so I can’t get points for that anymore. I guess they are trying to make it harder for you to get points. Slim picks on the stores you can get points on. Disappointing.
  • Free points 5/5

    By Person!!(:
    Get 1000 free Drop points on me! Use my code j8tw6 to start earning cash rewards. 💰✨
  • No points 1/5

    By MissLA7
    Stopped receiving points about 5 months ago. No response from customer service. What’s the point of this app??
  • It’s good 4/5

    By Blergensplerg
    It’s a nice app if you find yourself going to the same places frequently. Some of the curated offers are very nice. I had no issues with accruing points or getting rewards, I just wish there was an option for actual cash and not store gift cards, but I’ll take what I can get lol. However, I have 2 notifications and I can’t get them to go away. I have looked in every tab, offer and section and THEY WILL NOT GO AWAY. Can you just highlight where the new notifications are or something? Otherwise, a nice perk :) Edit: I have the latest version. The issue resolved after updating my phone. Odd, but I’m not bothered.
  • love it 5/5

    By chelslong
    Referred by a friend around the holidays. Love the app, so glad I joined!
  • What a waist of time 1/5

    By tlt22169
    I have 4 cards and could not get any of them to load and as everyone has said the support is worst I ever had to deal with
  • Bank login 1/5

    By Secret Girl12
    Anyone else get notifications from their bank saying that a password was submitted after they linked their card to Drop? I changed my password yesterday after I linked my card and this morning I got an email saying the wrong password was submitted. I’m thinking it’s the app because it was the last app that I linked my card to and the only one that asked me to login to my bank. I unlinked my card and deleted the app from my phone. I’ll stick to another money earning app instead.
  • I can’t even link 2/5

    By Catwood101401
    I wanted to try the app out myself and I tried to link my card. I have US Bank and it keeps saying that Drop does not support this institution anymore. I feel lied to and disappointed I won’t be able to gain points as quickly or as easily...
  • No points 4/5

    By nalisadesky
    I’ve had this app for like a week and half and I just don’t get how it works, I’ve been spending money at the places I have offers to or whatever but I haven’t got any points and I’ve been waiting for a couple days and still nothing. I emailed support and sent them all the information they asked for and I got no response. This app seemed like a cool idea but from what I have experienced I do not recommend it.
  • No support 1/5

    By d1a2r3k
    I have had two cards linked for a couple months. I have yet to receive any points for the offers. Support article advise link problems on there end. I have had a ticket opened about this for over two weeks without any contact. Nlinking card and deleting. This app would be nice if they supported there users. To bad.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By Wasif61
    Drop app is good but what is the value if user doesn’t get their points And customer service is worst, they close cases without resolving it. Following with them overs months and nothing is been done
  • What happened to my points? 1/5

    By Moni12345677
    This only worked for a month and after that, none of my purchases were reflected. The support page continually states that they are working on the issue but it’s been long over two months...
  • Like this app but... 4/5

    By lrourk30
    Like this app but can’t figure out how to clear notifications. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks for your help in advance.
  • WTH 2/5

    By Big Guns329
    You can’t even change phone numbers without writing to them to have them authorize the reward which can take 2-5 days.....great you just came out with a update but that doesn’t mean jack when I have to wait awhile for you to put the request in for me to get the reward to begin with Update: they require you email them to get your reward yet in so doing they also require that you don’t get your reward a Karen responded and I have yet to get the reward I asked for over several days ago. Just goes to show a lot of promise and no merit
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Goshishka
    One star for me being able to get one $10 Apple store card, but the app stopped working. None of the points appear for 2 months, my emails are ignored (no response, just automated email that I should wait for an answer).
  • This app is a let down 2/5

    By Erica Jo
    This app has potential but the customer service is horrible. It says points take around 11 days to be added but I still have points pending from 3 months ago. I’ve used a lot of the in-app offers and never received my points at all, after 6 attempts to contact customer service through the app and through email, I still am yet to receive any response at all or the points I should have earned.
  • Doesn't work. Won't link! 1/5

    By Jewelssweetypie
    I've tried multiple times to link with my bank and it ALWAYS says there is a linking error. Not worth the space on your phone!
  • Suspicious practices 1/5

    By jycx1218
    I can’t say this will be the case for everyone, but my experience with Drop points to suspicious business practices. I added several credit cards and started accumulating points after I made purchases and opted into offers. But when I tried to redeem those points, the app kept giving me a vague error to try again later. I finally contacted Support, and they told me that my account was “flagged” because one of my linked cards was a business card. Not true - I don’t have any business credit cards. I’ve asked them which one of my cards they believe is a business card, and all of a sudden, they went dark. Awesome. They will let you link as many cards as you want and spend as much as you want, but will only inform you of being “flagged” when you try to redeem your points and ask why it’s not working. And there is no response when you ask them to justify/clarify why your account is flagged.
  • TERRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By mvogel27
    the concept itself is great - get a little bonus for using their preferred vendors in lieu of some of the other options you may usually frequent ( Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts, Lyft over Uber etc...) - however - the reality is far more one-sided - and not in the user’s favor! You essentially provide them when revenue for every purchase through their network of partners, as well as information on your spending habits - while they simply list your points as “pending” indefinitely to ensure that you never exceed the required number of points for the higher value rewards. Contact customer service??? Get an auto-generated message blaming the card/bank for the delay - even when purchases/points weeks afterwards using the same cards have been “earned” (also the standard reason seemingly for Pnc, capital one, discover, Amex - essentially all cards, it’s always their fault). I have points that are still pending for MONTHS!! Customer service (“support”) will flat out ignore all follow-up emails - they seemingly are only there to send out the “it’s your bank’s fault” template and then disappear. I am 100% on board with the idea that nothing is free in this world - for a company to exist, they need to have a revenue stream - completely understood and fine - HOWEVER - this is NOT the two-sided arrangement they advertise! They’ll dangle the proverbial carrot in front of you while withholding the agreed upon rewards to their consumers. It may seem like a good deal at first - but when it all shakes out, this is essentially an app to use your spending power and habits as fuel for their profits with NO BENEFIT TO YOU! Do not waste your time or you valuable spending power and personal information for their sake!!!
  • Can’t even link my card 1/5

    By Seriouslyashley
    I used to use this app all the time when I had my old card but then I signed up for a new card and when I go in and try to link my card it doesn’t even work. So I can no longer even use this app because it doesn’t even let me link my card.
  • Worst they are Liers 1/5

    By Arield25
    They had a offer for Kenneth Cole for every dollar you get 100 points and I bought shoes for $70 on Kenneth Cole and never received the points so I send them an email and they reply a month later to send them a screen shot so I send them a screen shot then 2 Weaks later they send me the same email to send them the screen shot so basically long story short I never received the points and will never receive them. That’s the first problem then I had the same problem with a offer for Uber and same thing happened. I HATE DROP 😡😡😡
  • Need another update 4/5

    By Fatz1209
    After the last update, my app keeps showing me I have unread notifications. It’s quite annoying to see 5 on the app cuz I keep opening it to see what I have left out but no matter what I do, the notification just doesn’t go away.
  • Alert icon 2/5

    By Uky2007
    Permanent alert icon on the app. I’ve clicked through everything and can’t find what’s causing it. Very annoying.
  • Missing points 1/5

    By Lkbon2p2
    Been missing points for months now and they keep telling me they are working on it. I just all the sudden lost 9000 points!
  • Scam 1/5

    By ewikah
  • Not really sure 2/5

    By Vicki R
    I don’t think I will sign up to many negative that I have read, plus all the responses are months in between someone would send them a message and it should not take 5+ months to respond.
  • What the hell 1/5

    By Becca Leigh05
    Can’t even get rid of the notifications. This is insane.
  • Card 1/5

    By chero1991
    I use to love this app!! They updated and now my card will not link!!!!
  • Waste. Scam. Can’t redeem points! 1/5

    By dmichaels
    Used app for a while. Redeemed points for Starbucks. No problem. Then the implemented a “verification” system that texted you a code or called you. Both systems don’t work. When I contacted support, there reply was that they were having problems with my wireless carrier and that engineers were working on it. I call BS as my carrier is AT&T, one of the top two largest carriers. And it has been almost 4 months now. I think this is a scam to sell customer purchase data and get affiliate dollars without paying out to users. Apple should ban this app. Something odd is going on here. Deleting the app shortly with 65k unused points because I can’t redeem them. Don’t trust them with your bank info.

    By Pooiedaaoneandonlyy
    Get that coin!!! Use code: te5wg
  • 💞 5/5

    By patheticboy143
    use my code: rp6la
  • Don't believe the hype 1/5

    By tonyhasfun
    Failed to syncs credit cards in account. Failed to add credit cards from BMO. The issue is persistent for months now. No customer service. Good luck getting anyone to respond if you do find some kind of email.
  • Can’t redeem because of Short Code 4/5

    By DLAJr_
    I have the correct phone number however I can’t redeem my gift cards. No texts are calls are being received.
  • Don’t waste your time if you live in a smaller town! 1/5

    By Shying so
    I thought I’d give this app a try. Found out I shouldn’t have even wasted my time downloading the app. For one they only offer you like 15 stores to pick from for your stores to earn points from. The town I live in doesn’t even have about 8 of those options! So I guess I have to pick places that I barely shop at just because they’re in my town. Second when I tried to link my card I couldn’t because it’s not an available freaking bank to pick for the cards. If you want people to do this make everything accessible to them! Stupid
  • Ok but hard to understand 3/5

    By TeraNature
    This is an ok app but could be better maybe if it gets more popular.
  • Not for me 1/5

    By TOObumedOUT
    Tried it and Not for me. Won’t link my bank card, but then thought, why would I want to if I already get most of these reward offers on other apps and I don’t have to link anything! Thanks for trying though.
  • Still waiting 2/5

    By bunnygirl888
    I haven’t received points in nearly 20 days. This app used to work and I really liked it then. Hopefully they will fix the problem.
  • Interesting concept...hard to earn points 3/5

    By djquivii
    I enjoy seeing it pop up to say I’ve earned points, but I’ve been doing it for close to 6 months and have earned the equivalent of six dollars. So, somewhat pointless, but maybe if you use it for over a year and make a lot of relevant purchases it will benefit you.
  • Can’t add promo code 3/5

    By klevy912
    Can’t figure out where to enter my promo code and no where to request customer service so i probably lost it
  • Never got points 4/5

    By Someone on the other side
    So I’m supposed to get points from Trader Joe’s purchase or at least a notification saying ‘pending’ but they never gave me my points/notification like before and I made sure my card is linked!! What a ripoff!
  • Great 5/5

    By BrooklynG
    Use my refer code for a 5 dollar sign up bonus >>>>> 48xui <<<<<
  • Barclayscard not supported 1/5

    By James1a2b
    Barclayscard not supported, please fix
  • Seems like phony ratings 2/5

    By Qlrfb
    How is it 4.7 when so many people give it one or two stars? Push notifications stopped working and many purchases are not credited.
  • Age Preference 1/5

    By JustALittleAppCritic
    I do NOT like how the app says it’s for 12 years old and up, and when I typed in my age (13) it said it was not a valid age. I decided to test my theory and said I was 18. The app worked and I am annoyed with this.

Drop - Free Cash Rewards app comments


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