Drop - Free Cash Rewards

Drop - Free Cash Rewards

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  • Current Version: 1.16.0
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Drop - Free Cash Rewards App

Drop makes your life more rewarding by turning everyday purchases into cash rewards. Simply spend at your favorite brands like Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, Uber and many more. How it works: Link your credit and debit cards. Spend at your favorite brands. Earn points that you can instantly redeem for free gift cards. Members have earned over one billion points and redeemed +300,000 gift cards on Drop! Thanks for being a Drop member! Need help? Reach us at [email protected]


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Drop - Free Cash Rewards app reviews

  • I want to love this app... 2/5

    By lh19708
    I really want to love this app. And at first, it seemed great! But originally I only had an American Express linked to the app. Once I added my Discover card, EVERYTHING went downhill. Drop “loses” this card at least once a week, usually more. Sometimes it unlinks more than once in a day! No responses yet on this issue from customer support. The service I have received has been hot and cold. My first complaint about offers not showing up was handled quickly and I even got some bonus for the trouble! Recently it takes a week to get responses. I reached out due to a redemption issue and was told there was an error and I’d receive my points soon. Now that I’ve followed up, they’re claiming my offers were purchased in store and thus invalid. I ordered about $400(in multiple orders) through samsclub.com and they only honored a few, claiming the rest appear incorrectly. I’ve reached out twice since being told they were in store to sort this out with NO response. It is nice to receive easy gift cards but this should be painless and simple. The gift cards are delivered very quickly so they aren’t all bad. If you only use it for the base offers and with a card company with no connection issues, it’s great. If you utilize their “special” offers, expect to only see about half of what you earn and be terribly frustrated with their service.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Vampiregirl06
    I did love this app . But now I’m not even able to log in with my Facebook account . Im so close to a $10 gift card that I have to lose out on !
  • scammer to start 1/5

    By mumunumber1
    This app appears like a scammer at first use. I put in a referral code I’ve searched from over the internet, this app tells me it’s (success!), then the points showed in the overhead area is a 0 after I linked my card. There was no telling when I could get my point albeit it’s just a dollar’s worth. I could have refrained from linking my card with this app. Also I wasn’t clear what’s 5 brand stores to shop for points? So I was guessing either it’s the stores you have to shop to get points or the stores you can redeem points for. So I just picked 5, I was thinking I could change this 5? Nope. Nowhere to change them later. I want to unlink my card after all this, it send me a link to secure my card asking my mobile phone number instead. It’s horrifying.
  • Finally gave me my points 5/5

    By Justin81930592
    Been waiting for over a month with no response. Great app but work on that guys
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Alliewisdom
    This stupid app works for about two weeks and then suddenly, you just stop getting points for all your valid offers. Then you contact customer service and never hear back. They’re just ripping you off to use your shopping info.
  • Such a good app to have! 5/5

    By Antonomy519
    Just sign up and get EXTRA points on top of your credit card points, for doing nothing! This is the best
  • STILL no iPhone X support... 3/5

    By KevinLazaroff
    The app is good - definitely utilize it. Would be nice to change out the ongoing offers (and more offers in general). (Would give 4 stars but it’s inexcusable to not have iPhone X support in mid-April).
  • Enchanting at first 1/5

    By Rawbynx
    When I first used it everything was great, quick turn around on points, and now it’s taking weeks, if not months to have my points got through. It seems to happen to Target points the most. Use with caution.
  • Will not sign in 3/5

    By Blackxican Princess
    Since the new update I am unable to sign in. It recognizes my account but stays on the sign in screen.
  • Decent rewards rates for some, scams on single-time big offers 2/5

    By Cdrone92
    App pays out for any multi-use offers available (stores include Chipotle, Starbucks, Macy’s, Bath and Body Works, etc.), at a rate similar to some credit card rewards out there today. Beware of the one-time offers, though, especially if they’re too good to be true. They hardly pay out, even when you follow the offer instructions to a T. Planning on maximizing rewards for the short-term and leaving the program once I have a better rewards program to work with. Would gladly stay if they followed through with some of their offers and didn’t misadvertise/fail to follow through on points.
  • Won’t link account 1/5

    By ccat33
    Won’t link to my bank account after days of trying. Gave up and deleted app.
  • How? 1/5

    By demppppp
    I do not understand how drop works. How can I redeem my points?
  • Points. 5/5

    Here to just say ... use my code “artsq”. 😊
  • Stopped working 2/5

    By MissLA7
    I see now other users had this problem as well. After about 2 months I stopped getting any points at all. Had to email few times to get anything out of these people. What’s the point of the whole thing then? Hard to get in touch with, ticket system through the app isn’t working. I feel like just deleting it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By destinymae2345
    Love this app!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kjo85
    This app is great when it first came out. I linked accounts like it asked and activated offers. I was getting the points I should have and was cashing out for Amazon gift cards. Then all of a sudden everything just stopped. When I mean everything just stopped, I mean that now it acquires ZERO points. The same accounts are connected and the ongoing offers never credit. What a waste of time! The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves
  • The app won’t always link your bank accounts 1/5

    By Me gusta queen
    I downloaded this app about a week ago and have every day tried to link my USAA account and have received an error message every time that says that they’re having problems linking with the institution. It’s a neat idea but it won’t work with my bank
  • Pretty Useful 5/5

    By Snowwhiteinabow
    This is definitely one of those apps that helps you earn cash back without any active effort. I didn’t even realize that I had earned so much by the time I checked the app for the second time. Wish the increments for gift cards could be more customizable, but overall great app. Use my invite code to earn an extra 1000 points! o6kuj
  • DOPE 5/5

    By @BornSinnerKayel
    One of the best money earning apps I’ve seen so far!
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By djlxbsbiv
    So the lowest number of points you can get a reward for it 5000 points for only a 5 dollar gift card. You have to literally spend at least 500 dollars in order to get 1 percent cash back.
  • Sad 1/5

    By agreider
    Worked great for several months now no points for about 2 months
  • Not giving my bank log info 1/5

    By einliarogue
    I figured I could link my card like many other apps I have using the actual card but they want me to login into my bank via their website, so I would be giving them my user name and password then my entire banking info. Yeah no, not worth it.
  • Don’t trust apps that ask private sign info 1/5

    By Moondreamer_79
    I decided to try the app after all the hype but no matter how many ratings and great reviews, any app or site that asks you to enter your bank sign in information is a big red flag. I stopped the sign up process after it asked me the username and password to log in to my bank account. They should have used paypal and have a way to redirect you to paypal official page and sign up there, just like it happens when you buy anything online. So, use it with caution and remember that ANYTHING can get hacked and your info compromised.
  • :/ 2/5

    By BonBon0008
    Can’t get First Bank in California to connect with my log in... want to be able to tryout the app but can’t even get it to work :/
  • Not supported for iPhone X 1/5

    By Luckyraza
    Kindly update to support iPhone X. Still it looks ancient upgrade your app. Thanks
  • It will eventually not work 2/5

    By xtaifighter
    Started using this app a couple months ago. At first, all offers registered, mostly small items on my debit card. I was kind of excited to finally make a decent size ($350) purchase at Macy’s and round out an award. I waited for the grace period, no update. I attempted to use support, it gave me a message that it would be worked on. This card had no previous issues, but now the 2,800 point credit hasn’t shown in a few weeks and with reading reviews, find it probable that it will never “drop.” Good luck with improvements on this app.

    By Cbaker9557
    This app is faulty. You can’t change your phone number... EVER!! EVEN CUSTOMER SUPPORT CANNOT CHANGE IT! So if you get a new phone number and want to redeem an offer? GOOD LUCK, Create a new freaking account cause you just lost all your points due to a HUGE FLAW in a terribly developed app, followed up with terrible customer service.
  • Great App For Everyday Use. 5/5

    By Sharda00
    I use uber a lot ! but when I started using drop i’m spending the same amount of money as i did before but this time i’m receiving points i can use later on other brands like nike etc. join using my code rb12y
  • Frustrated! 1/5

    By Whyuwannaknow1
    Drop was working fine then on Feb 28 I stopped earning points. I’ve contact customer service several times and haven’t heard anything...poor customer service
  • Can't redeem 2/5

    By loonreg
    It needs to verify the user by sending a code or a phone call. But I never received the code or a phone call
  • Starts out great... 1/5

    By ColtandMere
    This app has the potential to be so great, but customer service is completely non-existent! I’ve yet to be able to get my Target card to link. My main banking accounts keep unlinking and now it’s been over a month with no points!!! The app says there is a delay and they fix it. Really? A month worth of a delay? What’s the point? After multiple attempts to request customer service to address the issue I’ve received no response whatsoever.
  • App has promise but... 2/5

    By Pj0O7
    Deals are not great. Support is really weak if you have an issue. Does not support iPhone X resolution.
  • Initial ongoing offers... 3/5

    By Yaka0202
    Why can’t we change the initial on going offers??
  • Started off well but not working 2/5

    By Irwinsnc
    I've made multiple purchases at my marked stores with linked cards to no avail. Started off well but just no longer happening. Kind of a bummer.
  • Caution. 1/5

    By JC8941492
    Horrible app. Once you hit a certain amount(about 5$ worth of rewards) they prohibit any further use. Don’t use.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By unhappy and waiting
    Complete waste of time and energy downloading this app. You will spend more time seeing the “experiencing difficulties with this institution, try again in a few days” error rather than actually using the app. There also seem to be constant problems with cards un-linking. Even though the errors always say “try again in a few days”, nothing is ever resolved in a few days. I have been trying to get the same issue corrected (with two separate cards) for 3 months now. Trying to contact support is like trying to find your way through a maze. Stick with the standard go-to cash back apps like eBates and Ibotta.
  • Skeptical but going well 4/5

    By Megblb
    Definitely have been burned in the past by point-earning apps but so far this one has been legit. It does seem to take a while for points to go through but if you’re patient then it pays off for sure. Use my code to earn some extra points! vjfy6
  • Don’t Bother! 1/5

    By Dancingunicorncat
    I loved this app at first. For the first few months everything worked fine. Now I don’t get points for ANY offers. I’ve submitted requests and they’ve told me my account was up to date, which was obviously not true—I hadn’t received any points for a month! At this point, I have to submit a complaint to get any points at all. They need you to send them screenshots of your bank account to even credit you. Once I went back and forth with them for so long they ended up crediting me over 30,000 points because they were so behind. It’s honestly NOT WORTH IT.
  • Not a happy customer 2/5

    By Tiapaulman
    I activated BOXED rewards on the drop app. And I never got my points for it! It was a lot of points too. The rules stated I needed to spend more than $50 and be a first time customer. And both were true! But somehow they think I was already a customer! I have never spent money with BOXED before drop app. and have not made another purchase with them. And I think someone needs to step it up and make this right! Wouldn’t care if it were just a few points. But this one was 20,000pts!
  • i don’t think i’ve ever written a review before, but- 1/5

    By kittyglitterz
    this app is the worst. right now it feels like they are keeping my bank account hostage, not allowing me to unlink my card from the app like it claims you can do. i had given them a few chances, but this draws the line. i haven’t even earned ANY points since november, since they claim the credentials i’m using to log in are incorrect, yet i have no problem logging into my online banking on computer, on my phone, or even on the banking app itself. yet they say it’s my fault. yeahok. something very sketchy and wrong is going on with this company.
  • Don’t forget your password! 1/5

    By Don't bother-don't bother!
    If you forget your password, it indicates they’ll “send you a recovery code”. Good luck & best Wishes! Doubtful THAT Ever happens! (ie I I’m STILL WAITING) If this actually worked as described, MIGHT be cool, just can’t get DROP to “effortlessly” hold up to it’s Word or Deed. It’s been a Rough Few Months. I’m hoping our friendship can make a change for the betterment. I’m losing hope. :-/
  • Bullsh** App 1/5

    By Marilyn196
    They dont Get Back To You it takes weeks. && everytime they tell u the offer is now in your email to Redeem. ITS NOT. I redeemed points over 2 months ago. They claim they are backed up. Its clear they need a new program on how things work!
  • Drop 5/5

    By Wirelessmods
    Great app and fun too.
  • Does what it says it does! 4/5

    By matthewdg1992
    Overall this is a good way to in essence earn free money. It’s takes some time but you will eventually start earning more and more. Yes it’s true, there are some deceptive descriptions. But just read the bonus missions carefully and you won’t miss anything. For an extra bonus when you start you can use my code e0vzj and we both will get some extra money! Good luck earning some extra cash

    By Babykissez
    Please allow for users to change their default offers! I just chose whatever at the beginning. BUT THEY HAVE A LOT MORE NOW! A lot of the temporary ones aren’t relevant to me. I’ve had this app for about 8 months and only have 3000 points. I also had issues where my bank would unlink several times and I didn’t get points.
  • Good and easy app 5/5

    By josehdz05
    Use my code when you join 6napx
  • Interesting no effort rewards app 4/5

    By JP Mears
    Like the app overall and I’m excited to see how well it works in the future. Really, really needs to be updated with iPhone X support though!
  • Dishonest, do not download. 1/5

    By IANjddnxb
    Update: Karen from customer support sent an email to me to inform me of my updated points. They were not added, and shortly later was sent another email that the points will not be added to the account and her previous email was a mistake. This was unacceptable to me as I’ve easily spent a few hundred dollars with vendors working with drop. When I made my pleasure known my points were finally added to my account. I cashed out my rewards and Unlinked my card information and will shortly delete the app. Absolutely deplorable customer service and disorganization and those reading this and still chose to provide their bank information to this company I urge you to re think that decision if you have any intention in an agreement being followed upon without putting up a fight. I’m disappointed and ashamed and appalled by the disorganization of this company. Get it together, and fast. I made a purchase based on one of their offers and now more than a month later haven’t received my 20,000 points. Multiple support tickets have been to no avail and when I did get a response they asked me to reach out to the company in the offer for proof my purchase satisfied their requirements. 1. If they are unable to verify eligibility why not ask for that information up front? 2. When I did get verification that my $50+ purchase met those requirements I got no response. I feel cheated, angry, and believe Drop broke their contract and owes me the points promised as I have been proven eligible, or they need to refund my purchase. Never again, be careful, and spend your money somewhere else. These people are borderline thieves.
  • Super easy and great CS! 5/5

    By sbnorthart
    I’ve been on Drop now for several weeks. The offers are super easy to redeem and I recently needed to contact CS about a referral. I explained the situation and they helped fix it right away! Helpful hint- make sure your friends have your referral code and are sure it went in. You will get a notification very shortly after verifying:)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Josh1981
    This app simply doesn’t work. Points do not update, and I’m tired of being ignored by customer service. They have a lot of marketing $ behind the app and no back end to deliver on their promises! Am very regretful I’ve given them any type of access to my financial institutions. Total garbage. Avoid.

Drop - Free Cash Rewards app comments


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