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  • Current Version: 1.21.0
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Drop Recipes App

The Drop Recipes app is a beautiful, interactive recipe book that works on its own or with appliances around the kitchen. Make use of the app's smart features to ensure perfect results every time you cook. When the app is paired with Drop Scale or connected ovens from Bosch or GE Appliances, it can do amazing work, like resizing recipes by ingredient or preheating your oven with the touch of a button. WIRED Magazine recently called Drop “a pretty amazing thing.” Drop has also been praised in Gigaom, TechCrunch, MacWorld, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Gizmodo, and dozens other major publications. Once you follow a Drop recipe, there's no going back. Each makes use of clever features such as ingredient substitution, recipe resizing by portion, and helpful timers — not to mention lots of photo and video tips. FIND Browse hundreds of top quality, tried and tested recipes from our own test kitchen and from fantastic recipe partners such as Good Housekeeping and Food52. With Drop, you can search for recipes by meal type, occasion, diet, experience level, and prep time. Recipe ratings and reviews by other users will help you decide what to make. PREPARE Launch right into a recipe to create on the fly, or use the prep section to get everything peeled, chopped, and measured before you start. You decide how much the recipe will yield: the app can halve, double, or quarter a recipe for you, and with the Drop scale, it can even resize by ingredient weight. Missing an ingredient entirely? Drop will suggest smart alternatives and adjust the recipe accordingly. MAKE Drop recipes are designed to create an easy, step-by-step visual experience that eliminates the hassle of wading through paragraphs of text in search of an oven temperature. The responsive Drop format gives you all the information you need to make something beautiful, including in-app timers that sound off before anything gets burned or ruined, and photo and video tips to keep you on track. SHARE Drop makes it easy to share recipes and food photos online. Pin your favorite Drop recipes to Pinterest or share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Or post a photo of your own masterpiece straight from the app to Instagram and let the likes roll in. Don't forget to share the secrets to your success with the Drop community by leaving a recipe review!


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Drop Recipes app reviews

  • Significant VoiceOver bug not speaking measurements in real time 2/5

    By crister1
    Overall, the app is pretty accessible and well designed. The simple scale layout is nice and clean and for one slight bug, very accessible with VoiceOver. However, this one little bug makes using the app and thus the scale a difficult thing to do for blind iPhone users. When on the field where the measurement would appear as you poured or wait or something, VoiceOver would announce it in real time, however, with the most recent updates, this is no longer the case. Now, you have to flick away and then back to the field with the measurement to have a voice over read it to you. This makes operating the app on the phone and handling whatever food or liquid you’re trying to weigh quite difficult and awkward. I wrote tech-support about this, but alas, haven’t heard anything back or an egg knowledge meant of this issue. If this one simple bug were fixed, I’d be more than happy to give it a five star rating.
  • L 1/5

    By Jordan Stoeckle
    This is terrible. Why does this app even exist? Who would buy these products?
  • Still no iPhone x support 3/5

    By benroberts3
    Please update the app with what people really want to see.
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By KizzaQuizza
    Love the whole idea of Drop. Being able to weight my food without the need to at the scales display. Application is also very useful, especially the step by step cooking with the use of Drop. Great product overall.
  • Very pleased so far 5/5

    By Silas the Great
    The recipes are great, results are consistent, and it's fun to use. I'm a pretty experienced home cook and Drop had encouraged me to try new foods, recipes and methods. All with delicious results!
  • Easy to use, great recipes 5/5

    By Rnrgrl123
    So easy to use. I love the ingredient substitution suggestions as we have several food allergies in our house. The vegan GF coconut lime tart will be on my Thanksgiving table!!
  • Like it a lot 5/5

    By Tristoyo
    The recipes are great, the results consistent, and it's a fun app to use. I'm a pretty experienced cook and Drop had encouraged me to try new foods, recipes and methods. All with delicious results. 5 stars! Oh, and many thanks for the new Android app. I have a Samsung tablet that I mostly use in the kitchen and now I downloaded the Android app to that. Very helpful
  • 2+ yrs and still waiting for recipe add or import 2/5

    By Proud Patriot
    I purchased a drop over 2 yrs ago "thinking" I could add my own great recipes, only to feel like I had been fooled and forced to use their recipes. Well, here we are 2+ years later and I still don't even use the device because I cannot use it as was intended, a scale that would integrate your personal recipes and scale them accordingly, and build your own library. Well, I'm still using my AnyList app for recipes and waiting on a tech company to come into maybe.....just maybe.... the 21 century. Nope, they invested in linking to appliances that very few people have, and not listening to what customers want or need. Very unfortunate.... Edit: 9/26/2017 - after speaking with drop support, you do not need to apply for beta status to start adding your own recipes, but you must use Drop Creator to do so online. I hope it progresses further and am looking forward to it finally!
  • Working with the Apple Watch would make it truly functional! 2/5

    By Rockynewf
    Why would I add another device while I cook?This requires your iPad or iPhone to see the scale. It's fiddly to switch around if you make a recipe from another app. It needs to function with the Apple Watch to avoid juggling devices!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Bigpat1985
    This is a great app! I am a beginner at cooking and the step my step instructions are great!
  • From the beginning 5/5

    By rpapworth1
    I am a guy, single guy, and I don't usually measure things and that's why I love drop it just does all the technical stuff for me as far as measurements go and that's great I've made some great stuff based on this app
  • Useless 1/5

    By Djuarez7
    Don't work
  • A Must Have Tool 5/5

    By Kyosaku2
    I have really enjoyed using drop. In addition to tracking my diet, I use it for measuring when I bake. It is a terrific tool. My favorite feature is in the design. When I put a large container on the pad, it doesn't cover up the readout. I use it on my iPad and iPhone. In the early version, there was a cosistent problem with dropping the connection between the app and the scale. That seems to have been pretty much corrected, though it still bombs out occasionally. That doesn't keep me from using it every day. I do have a couple of suggestions. The battery is a rare one. When the original died, I had a hard time finding a replacement. A link on your web site might help; and something else in the next version. I would like to see a finer measure. Tenths of grams perhaps?
  • Great scale and app 5/5

    By jaredpetersen
    Keep adding recipes. Great so far.
  • Soup made easy 5/5

    By Satara293
    Made the best butternut squash soup with this app!
  • Found what I was looking for! 5/5

    By O.J.Johnson
    I just got the app and was looking for a apple crisp recipe, and within the first two pages, there it was. Along with many other recipes I can't wait to try, like the diy brown sugar recipe! Never knew there was a recipe for it! Also, I don't have a drop scale, just wanted the app for the recipes!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By EC815
    The app and scale are both great, it's made baking much easier and more streamlined. I've always been interested in baking and this helps facilitate that. I also appreciate being able to find new recipes through the app!
  • Great app that simplifies cooking/baking 5/5

    By leannemsullivan
    I mostly use Drop to bake birthday treats to share with my work mates. It makes baking faster and less messy without taking away any of the fun. There are tons of great recipes already in the app, and if you want, you can add your own recipes, too. The app is so easy to use that you'll soon forget what baking was like without it!
  • Did not work 1/5

    By Grht 33
    The scale did not weigh
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By Daddyhasways
    Doesn't work at all tried to see if it was accurate by placing a nickel on it and it isn't reading it at all.
  • You Have To Get It 5/5

    By Unnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkknnnnnooowwnn
    Drop is awesome! The scale is so precise that almost all of your measurements are perfect I made pretzels the other day and I made Them without drop and the ones using drop were so delicious!! 10/10 5 stars
  • Nice app 5/5

    By chelle6800
    Love this app great for a foodie like me
  • Great scale...very sensitive 5/5

    By Lewd and lascivious
    I requested this for a birthday present, and I have only been using it as a scale for food portions. It works wonderfully and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes, too.
  • useful 5/5

    By Junbang Huang
    useful for a inexperienced cooker
  • Perfect for the food geek 4/5

    By Phtossandy
    Loving this app so far. Can't wait til they add a casserole section and they add more recipes.
  • Lol at you idea of a app 1/5

    By raman499
    This app is as pointless as Kim Kardashian,
  • Great ideas 4/5

    By Mikey _coolP
    Great food ideas
  • I LOVE DROP BUT... 4/5

    By Hasdrubal_Barca
    Please add the ability to enter your own recipe!!!! Then I would give it 5 stars!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jthewriter
    Would give zero stars if possible. Waste of time, nonsense doesn't even work.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Natasha yascko
    So easy to follow steps and make desired meal. Love love love this app!
  • Crap app 1/5

    By H isn't disks
    This app is crap! Doesn't work!!!
  • Love Drop! 5/5

    By Mama chile
    Drop has changed the way I cook! It's easy to use, the selection of recipes is varied and interesting, and everything I've made has turned out great! It's perfect for the experienced cook, like me, and for the novice, like my husband. Results are always consistent, thanks to the easy to follow directions, tips and photos.
  • Awesome 3/5

    By Stupidaf987
    I've finished about 50 of these and they taste amazing
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Moomoo and Scarlet
    Drop is the best app I have! I love it. I didn't have an ingredient at home, so the drop app gave me substitutes.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By FitFoodie7
    Drop is like having a professional chef in your kitchen helping you every step of the way. Cooking, baking, and cocktail making could not be any more simple.
  • I love a kitchen scale. Go figure. 4/5

    By bayoyong
    Looks good. Works. Intuitive. And the staff is great about working on creating new things all the time. Five stars when it's easier to import/export recipes and create your own.
  • 👍🏻smart invention / Will make life a lot easier 5/5

    By Cup cake's
    Love it !!! I don't have a scale yet, but will get one soon .. That's going to make life a lot easier ..love the recipes keep up the good work a very smart invention..😊
  • Scale don't work 1/5

    By Majin Bone
    Bunch of crap
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By geourick
    Great app and recipe selection. The drop scale is a awesome!
  • Gotta get one! 4/5

    By MissJudy218
    Received my Drop as a Christmas gift and love everything about it-especially the ability to adjust number of servings!! The only improvement I could suggest would bethe ability to upload my own recipes.
  • Fun for new baker 5/5

    By swordsmn
    I am reasonably good at grilling/smoking on a Big Green Egg but not much of a cook otherwise. Wife is bedbound and I'm trying to expand our diet from microwave and ordering out. I received a Kitchenaid mixer and the Drop for Christmas. Have only made simple brownies so far but it was fun and straightforward. For those new to baking/cooking and kids I think this is a wonderful tool.
  • Sweet! 4/5

    By disappointedsue
    It is a really cool scale. Who ever thought of this must have kids because mine love to bake now. It's so easy. The only reason I gave it four stars is, seems some of the recipes are disappearing. Not sure what is going on but it was a little inconvenient. I bought all the ingredients for a healthy bread and by the time I got home to make it, it had vanished. No matter, I still love my drop kitchen. I'm sure once they get the kinks out, it will be just fine.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Mulholland11
    Worth it and then some. Only way to bake!
  • Love!!! 5/5

    By rookie84
    I absolutely love my drop scale!! I got 3 more as Christmas gifts for my family!
  • Love it 5/5

    By jshinall
    Great app and great scale, love it :)
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lily_moore__1
    Keep doing what ur doing Awesome
  • Incredible. 5/5

    By dajimmy
    Couldn't bake before, now I'm learning about the math, science, and fun all because of this little app.
  • Making baking less scary and more delicious 5/5

    By Serena1038
    Absolutely love my Drop scales - and so thrilled the iPhone recipe app is here and working so smoothly! Very excited about the end to baking disasters in my kitchen 😀
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By mrmazar
    This app is great and easy to use. All the recipes I've tried have turned out delicious.
  • Drop helped me pull it off! 5/5

    By Mobile_girl_fun
    I'm a complete novice at baking so decided to experiment with Drop to see how I'd get on. The no-bake chocolate brownies looked perfect as they are gluten free, paleo, raw :) I followed the easy to understand steps (actually foolproof!) while the Drop scale did the hard work and lo and behold, the brownies turned out a treat! I served them as dessert at my dinner party and they went down a treat. Thank you Drop. Looking forward to making more soon :)

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