Drop: Shopping & Cashback App

Drop: Shopping & Cashback App

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Drop: Shopping & Cashback App App

Get up to 20% back on top of Black Friday and Cyber Week sales when you shop using the Drop app. Find the best Black Friday deals at stores like Apple, Walmart, Sephora, Lululemon and more. There are over 300 brands to shop across categories such as electronics, video games, fashion, and makeup. Shop, earn, redeem. Shop at brands you love, automatically get rewarded as seen in Inc., Forbes, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal. Drop is the easiest way to earn cash back whenever you shop. No coupons, no scanning receipts, simply shop and earn gift cards for the things you love. Open the Drop app to see daily deals customized to your tastes, plus earn bonus points by playing Snake, and enter for your chance to win prizes! Drop is the easiest way to earn cash back rewards whenever you shop. Download Drop today and start earning rewards. HOW DROP WORKS: 1. Link your credit and debit cards 2. Shop at your favorite brand and earn points 3. Redeem your points for gift cards at brands you love DROP FEATURES: CASH BACK REWARDS • Earn points every time you shop through the Drop app • Skip clipping coupons, saving receipts or entering codes, just buy and earn • Redeem your points for gift cards for the stores and brands you love with just a touch PERSONALIZED OFFERS • Get personalized offers recommended for you • View curated collections for deals, offers, and also from your favorite influencers • Discover your next favorite brand with offers tailored to your unique lifestyle AUTOMATICALLY EARN REWARDS • Redeem points for gift cards to top stores for beauty, fashion, food, electronics, entertainment, travel and more • Some of the top brands you can redeem your Drop points for are Uber, Starbucks, Sephora, Amazon, Glossier & more! GIFT CARDS FOR TOP BRANDS • Fashion: Adidas, Nike, Ray-Ban, Lululemon, Everlane, Aerie and more* • Travel: Hotels.com, Expedia, American Airlines, Four Seasons and more • Beauty: Sephora, Ulta, Glossier and more • Shopping: Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Costco, Target and more • Entertainment: Stubhub, Fanxchange and more • Food: Uber Eats, Starbucks, ShakeShack, Whole Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts and more Black Friday and Cyber Week deals are just a few taps away. Download Drop to discover amazing deals and cash back rewards! Follow us to stay updated on our latest cash back deals, contests, and giveaways: Online: www.joindrop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoinDrop/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/joindrop Twitter: www.twitter.com/JoinDrop Need support? Reach out to us on our Twitter Support channel: www.twitter.com/JoinDropSupport

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Drop: Shopping & Cashback App app reviews

  • All the bad reviews.. 2/5

    By Fligermxnanc
    I was excited to download and try this out. Disappointed to read all the bad reviews. Will not be trying it out anymore.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yesactlos
    I haven’t received points from target or Whole Foods since April 2019 because of a “bug”. I have missed out on so many pints and rewards. Customer service is impossible to contact and very unhelpful
  • Points don’t load 1/5

    By lisahoo63
    I have been waiting months for my Walmart grocery points to load. Won’t use Drop anymore
  • I’m sad I missed when the app was good 1/5

    By Jen201128
    I’m super disappointed that I missed getting to use this app while it was actually good. I had heard great things from friends and family a while ago and finally decided to go ahead and get the app. After reading through the terms and then talking to one of my friends again, because it definitely wasn’t what they described, I found out they had deleted it, as had others, because they (Drop) changed like everything... you now have to make an in app purchase to redeem gift cards lower than $25-30 (with points you already spent money to earn by the way, which to me is just a plain old scam) and it takes months for your points to be added, if they ever even are. I couldn’t believe it! Please don’t respond to my review with a link to the FAQ’s about why you made the changes I already read it and your reasons are extremely lame. I deleted your app and I will definitely make sure to spread the word...to NOT use this app to everyone I know.
  • Great team of workers 5/5

    By 88Z28
    Had to update my number so I had to hit up team drop,witthin a day they got that resolved. Great app!
  • Can be slow 4/5

    By scoobsjew
    Ive only had this app for awhile and its pretty convenient but its slow when you click on the options below like rewards,shop and my offers, its slow to respond
  • Don’t trust it 1/5

    By Soccrref
    It will advertise special earning rates in the app. However, it won’t reward you at that rate and then claim it was because of how they keep the time (UST). Stick to Dosh or other apps like this instead of Drop!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By NellyNelly12345
    I’ve had drop for over a year now and now all of a den I have to make a purchase through the app in order to receive my rewards. Which is absolutely crazy if I already spent money to receive the points why do I need to spend more money for rewards that I’m entitled to?
  • Doesn’t credit all uses 2/5

    By WC1414
    Seems to only credit about a third of the points earned.
  • Drop is the best rewards app 5/5

    By Sophia217
    If you play your cards right you can get a LOT of rewards. Between my husband and I, we have received $250 that I have spent on my Lululemon obsession. Even better, Lulu is often boosted, so we save the gift certificates until then and get even more points. Pro tip: be prepared to wait 60 days to get the points- Keep your purchase confirmation emails in case you have to make a claim. But they are SUPER helpful when you do have the info they ask for and I have never been in a situation where I didn't get my points.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By LoLo1417
    I’ve loved using this app!
  • Free money?! 5/5

    By Shelbyface
    This app is he bomb! It’s so easy to get cash back from your favorite stores that you’re already shopping at... plus, who doesn’t need more Starbucks money?
  • App never opens! 3/5

    By Skipper1904
    Super frustrating to try and use it when it NEVER opens!!!! It just sits and spins forever... I’ve deleted and redownloaded like 7 times.
  • Terrible support 2/5

    By galiinx
    Terrible app with terrible customer support. Don’t bother
  • Good, until it’s not... 3/5

    By apacegirl
    Let me start by saying I like this app for the most part. It basically just runs in the background and tracks my purchases. Easy. However, they recently did something where if you’ve never bought anything through the app, you have to unlock the lower priced gift cards. You can fix it by buying something through the app. Not a big fan of this change, but whatever. I bought ESPN+ through the link on the app on November 8 because it was boosted and I needed to buy something through the app apparently. I did not want nor need ESPN+. It’s now November 26 and I’m still waiting for my points. They’re not even showing as pending-there’s nothing showing that drop even acknowledges the purchase. I’ve tried reaching out to support, but after trying to open a ticket, am sent to a page saying that they have a 60 day grace period for this offer. When I look at the terms and conditions for this offer, it says that I should allow “up to 14 days after you subscribe for drop points to be posted”. When I try to push their “still need help” button it just sends me back to the thing about the grace period. I may be wrong, but it seems like it’s not even letting me reach out to support and giving me some bogus excuse about a grace period. Sure seems like I’m getting the run-around...
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Elgeeh
    I used drop for a few months and loved it. Now suddenly, all of my points have been pending for over a month. I understand they have a grace period, but it didn’t used to do this with things like Walmart grocery pickup. I don’t think I can return chicken 60 days after I purchased it...
  • Rewards have changed 1/5

    By Nelsissss
    Before you accumulated points depending on the offers you would add and it would automatically add points as you shopped there. Those points could then be redeemed for different rewards. Now these rewards are locked unless you shop through the app which is unrealistic. I liked it the way it used to be better.
  • App was good, until they didn’t give me my points... 3/5

    By mgimas682
    I really loved this app, and still do enjoy using it. I love seeing the points add up little by little when I reload my Starbucks or Dunkins apps. However, the past couple months with it have been extremely frustrating. I shopped through the app and completed three different offers on the same day, thinking I could get a bunch of points all at once; boy was I wrong!! I completed offers for 15000, 25000, and 35000 points, but a few days later I only got the 15000. When I went to the help site, I was told I had to wait 60 days before I could open a ticket. By the time I was able to open the ticket, the 35000 offer has been reduced to 25000. It took almost another month for me to get the points I earned, but because the offer had been reduced I was still shorted 10000 points. This was also after they left 9000 points pending for 3 months, which I also had to reach out to them to get fixed. The staff took a while getting back to me, and it was a long process just to get the rewards I was owed back in September. Bottom line, good concept, good app, but not for the big point offers!!!
  • Great way to make money passively 5/5

    By ea.kaye5
    I have had drop for a while and enjoy the app and the options for getting cash back. They are always updating the companies on the app and all it requires is making your purchase through the app.
  • Easy way to earn rewards 5/5

    By Jenni R. G.
    Drop makes it easy and fun to earn points that can then be exchanged for gift cards to a variety of popular places. With the power offers I don’t even have to think about it and I’m able to earn points. I would recommend this app because you get points for shopping that you likely were going to do anyways!!
  • Upsetting 1/5

    By pegzo
    I loved this app when I first downloaded it but now I haven’t earned points for months which makes no sense because I still shop at all the same places. I’ve tried “opening a ticket” to speak to customer service about all my in app problems and points not being calculated but the app won’t let me open a ticket. Now just disappointed about an app I once really enjoyed.
  • Trash. 1/5

    By Leelykaay
    Started out great and was earning the cash back then all of a sudden they changed how you earn rewards. Please don’t waste your time using or downloading this app.
  • Went downhill 2/5

    By anar1992
    Now you have to shop through Drop to unlock up to $25 rewards. Not only it took forever to make up to those rewards (but still possible) now we can’t even redeem them as we used to without puchase!!! Awful changes Drop!
  • used to be great 1/5

    By Ptnptg
    I used to love this app. I used to let my points accumulate then get rewarded. But no, now you have to make a purchase to redeem your points, um haven’t we been making purchases for the points? now we have to buy more stuff to redeem these points? so what’s the point? might as well use the app PEI
  • Was my favorite, now I hate it 1/5

    By Jackie Blutsauger
    I absolutely loved this app because I was able to easily redeem my points for Starbucks gift cards. It was great until I recently noticed that the points are locked unless you have over $25 worth of points or else you have to make some stupid purchase through the app, and on top of that, wait three days for it to be processed. I don’t care why this was changed nor do I care to read any FAQ. I’m simply annoyed by that change, decided to give a heads up to the people that are considering this app and that I most definitely have parted ways with this app. I don’t be recommending it anymore to anyone. Let’s all stick to Bing Rewards- a much better system and you don’t even have to spend money.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Marissa Grace
    Been using for a while, big fan! Lots of great new brands and companies on there often.
  • Easy Rewards 5/5

    By awesome 8863
    Drop makes it easy to earn points on everyday purchases and redeem points for awesome rewards at stores/organizations that you frequently use (Starbucks, Amazon, clothing stores, restaurants, etc.). Would recommend this for an easy way to earn while you spend!
  • Changed the rule for redemption!!! 2/5

    By Hddetgcsaoph
    I liked the drop app for the first several months. It doesn’t make much but it’s nice to just have the app sitting in the background connected to my card so when I do my usual errands instead of getting nothing for spending my money, I could get some cash back. I only checked on it a couple times a month and didn’t do much at all with it. Then I could easily cash out for a gift card every couple months and use it right away. I really liked how low maintenance and simple it was. HOWEVER, They recently changed the requirements to redeem rewards. So before I could just pick the gift card I wanted and instantly use it (like Starbucks) Now they require you to go to a online store and make an ADDITIONAL purchase in order to redeem a $5-$25 reward (aka all the most desirable stores). That is beyond, BEYOND ridiculous to make me go and pay money for a random item just to redeem a gift card. I’ve never seen any company do that before. I don’t know if I’ll continue using at this point
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By RahRah68
    Plenty of other reward apps to use, don’t waste your time. (To clarify, I’m not confused about the change and how to redeem rewards, so posting the FAQ is not a proper response to this frustration). At first the app was great. Easy to use, easy to earn, and easy to redeem. I was on the fence that you can’t change your main categories, but knew the terms when we signed up, no big deal. We moved so now we don’t shop at the grocery story originally assigned, since we can’t update that, we aren’t earning nearly as many points. Now to redeem gift cards we have to spend money at a preferred brand through a link before being able to cash in points to gift cards. A notice before the change would have been appreciated.
  • Pending Points for months 1/5

    By EshaMercedes
    Everything was working fine. Now for the past few months all my points are in a pending state. Whats the hold up????
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By akivaneuberg
    I’ve gotten so much value from this app. It works in e background and elf is points for everyday purchases. Also very fast and efficient. Defiantly worth a download! Thanks!
  • Just started... 4/5

    By aes5172
    Just started and it seems to be pretty cool so far. Looking forward to trying it out more and seeing how it all works!
  • Points never post when they’re supposed to 2/5

    By heathcliffbars
    I’ve had to submit tickets for many of the deals I’ve done and now my normal power points aren’t posting like they should. Has been this way for months. Tried submitting a ticket twice and no one responded
  • Don’t Waste Your Time 1/5

    By Top*Rate
    This app worked perfectly for the first 18,000 points. Now that I have less than 2000 points to go in order to redeem for a $20 amazon gift card I’m no longer getting credit for my online shopping through this app. For each of my last three Walmart grocery purchases I’ve clicked through the app to make my purchase. Each time the app told me I was earning drop points at Walmart. Each point reward used to be awarded immediately after my purchase was picked up. I’ve now been waiting weeks to see if my orders will ever be tracked let alone points rewarded. I’ve given up waiting. I’m deleting this app. Huge waste of time and major disappointment. Total sham.
  • Shopping through app 1/5

    By JCbad new updates
    Shopping through the app has changed this app for the worst
  • Good deal 5/5

    By rbdpr
    I like using Drop because I basically get cash back without really thinking about it. If you want to maximize the points you get to redeem more gift cards, then you have the option to really go through the brands and shop through Drop to get better offers. It’s a great deal if you ask me!
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By Energysage97
    I’m amazed that you are getting cash back without you having to do anything outside of your normal routine.
  • Review 1/5

    By Patch turner
    Used to use Drop a lot. Been saving my points for a long time now for a gift card to amazon. Finally reached the points I needed just to find out they changed their program and how you can redeem. Deleted the app and will not use again. Hate the tactics they use to try and get you to use the app more in their favor. For these reasons, I’m out.
  • Awesome way to earn reward 5/5

    By Spenny109816
    App is great for earning rewards on your spending!
  • Bad referral program 2/5

    By Caca319
    I like the app but I have referred well over 50 people to this app. They only pay for 5 referrals. I stopped referring and refer to all of the other apps that do the same thing that I use.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By britt.l33
    I used to love this app but now you have a $30 minimum on gift cards I don’t want anyway??? I have to “unlock” the gift cards that I was interested in. I call BS. I’ll be uninstalling. Very upsetting.
  • Not getting points 2/5

    By sbs8*14*
    It was good for two days. Then my points stopped pending, I’m not getting any credit for purchases that I should. Very disappointing. I tried getting help but have yet to get any response.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By lvandepol
    I have tried numerous times to redeem my point and have never been able to receive a gift card!! 😡
  • Why not?! 5/5

    By Lwgoldrun
    Great app! I have earned almost $500 in free gift cards already. Their customer service is also responsive.
  • great app 5/5

    Drop is a great app! It’s extremely low touch. I just link my cards, and let it go. Every so often I check in on my points, and recently redeemed for a $50 sephora gift card. It’s basically zero work for free money! Much better than similar apps that require you to submit receipts or only work when you shop via their app.
  • Was once good 1/5

    By KH081213
    Used to love this app. But now I have to make a purchase through the app to redeem my money?? Ridiculous. Once I redeem I will be deleting the app and using one of the many others out there similar.
  • Have been using Drop for ~2 years 5/5

    By btherewenttoofar
    The app is an easy way to get cash back on everyday purchases as long as your credit cards are linked to it. It does pay out but you have to monitor your points to make sure that the points get added and reach out to customer service if you notice any issues. Customer service is responsive and addresses issues in a quick manner.
  • Drop is a Great way to earn on everyday purchases 5/5

    By DJordan10
    I initially found Drop two years ago by searching the internet for easy ways to save money on a daily basis. Drop does a great job of partnering with existing retailers to offer incredible rewards. For example, Trader Joe’s, Target and Walmart are three stores that you can earn rewards through just for shopping! These stores typically don’t have rewards programs but with Drop you can accumulate points for gift cards to awesome places such as Amazon or Shake Shack!
  • Better than nothing 3/5

    By Khmerdoll VA
    It’s great that you can get points through shopping at your favorite stores. However, it does require a lot of points before you can actually redeem for at least a $5 giftcard. Other reward programs, it doesn’t take long for one to collect points to redeem for a reward. I wish their redemption points were scaled back a bit. Second, the “power”rewards that you first select when you sign up is permanent, which is ridiculous. You should be able to change it after a year as people’s lifestyle changes. I’m really disappointed as I’m losing out on a lot of points since I’m not able to change it.

Drop: Shopping & Cashback App app comments

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