Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share

Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share

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  • Current Version: 210.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share App

Dropbox lets anyone upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone. Back up and sync docs, photos, videos, and other files to cloud storage and access them from any device, no matter where you are. And with advanced sharing features, it’s easy to share docs and send files—large or small—to family, friends, and co-workers. Features: • Automatically upload videos and photos from your camera roll to cloud photo storage—all in the background—for easy video sharing and photo sharing. • Access any file in your account—even offline—and preview over 175 different file types with no special software required. • Easily send large files by copying and pasting a link you can give to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. • Scan documents, receipts, IDs, photos, and more using your mobile device and transform them into high-quality PDFs, so you can view and send anywhere. • Sync folders on your PC or Mac to Dropbox with computer backup, and recover older versions or restore deleted files with version history and file recovery. Sign up now for your free Dropbox Plus trial. You’ll get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage space—that’s enough room to save files from all your linked devices. We’ve also introduced some new features as part of your Plus plan: Dropbox Passwords to store and sync passwords across all your devices and Dropbox Vault to secure and organize your most sensitive documents. And with Dropbox Rewind, you can roll back any file, folder, or your entire account, up to 30 days. Existing Plus customers can upgrade to Dropbox Professional. With 3 TB (3,000GB), you can store all your stuff—from work projects to personal photos—and have space to spare. You and your clients can comment on most file types without leaving Dropbox. And you can protect your work with a watermark, add shared link controls, or rewind your account up to 180 days. Before starting a trial or completing payment, you’ll see the plan price. This amount will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and on renewal and will vary by plan and country. Dropbox subscriptions renew monthly or yearly, depending on your plan. Your account will charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of your current billing period. To avoid auto-renewal, turn it off in at least 24 hours before your subscription renews. You can turn off auto-renewal anytime time from your iTunes account settings. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Dropbox is a secure cloud solutions leader trusted by Fortune 500 companies for their most sensitive data. Over 14 million paid users choose Dropbox because they know they can count on a company that’s also dedicated to their security and privacy—no matter what they do or where they are. Let Dropbox be your all-in-one file storage, file organizer, file transfer, and file sharing solution for all your devices. We’d love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community: https://www.dropboxforum.com Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy

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Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share app reviews

  • Great product 5/5

    By ShullyBoyd
    Enjoy using this product.
  • Background usage drains the battery 1/5

    By Oozeling
    Even with disabled background updates, Discord app is running for 17 hours and eats ur battery. The only way to disable it is to uninstall the app.
  • It does not work 1/5

    By mrrousseau
    I record football games and the file are usually 1-4 gigs. The app will not allow me to upload anything that large. What’s the point of paying for 2 terabytes of space if I can’t even upload my videos. 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • wonderfull 5/5

    By aarlindb
    exselent 👌🏻
  • a lot of bugs 3/5

    By G3NSVRV
    it consumes a lot of resources (see battery consumption), it has a lot of bugs with the file app integration, and a lot of weird network shenanigans (wireshark 4ref)
  • F*ck dropbox 1/5

    By ZNx100
    Wiped files that I needed
  • Kit 1/5

  • Drains Battery over night for ~50% / Low quality preview videos 1/5

    By Olоlо
    1. Background App Refresh enabled. iPhone charged for 100%. Locked. Morning - 55% battery left! Checking stats from Settings->Battery and I see that from 02:00 till 10:00 ONLY Dropbox been doing something in background. What is more crazy: for EACH night hour it’s been active for 59 minutes in each hour!!! Like from 02:00-03:00 - active for 59 min; then from 03:00-04:00 again 59 min active! All hours from 02:00 till 10:00 it was active for 413 min overall if I count right, but anyway this is a huge bug! 2. I’m opening video 15mb size and it’s loads so slow... It’s 1080p quality original file. So dropbox encoding it to lower bitrate and showing me really poor video like 240p. This is really AWKWARD. Most stupid thing that it’s doing this even for videos like 1-3Mb size(same 1080p, but short). Answer: I don’t want each time tap download it, I just it downloaded automatically when I selecting videos. Make a cache for that also.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Maak212
    Nothing works, several files got corrupted and lost them permanently.
  • Not great 2/5

    By shelibeli
    I have been a long time paid dropbox user. More out of necessity than anything else. My daughter is a model and many of the photographers use Dropbox to deliver photographs. She is also a dancerSo large video files often need to be shared via dropbox because they’re too large to text directly.However I find this app and Dropbox itself very very confusing. Things are not organized well even if you put things in folders they’re not easy to find. Everything just seems a jumble all the time. When I go to share photos I’ll select all, click share it will say it created a link and when I send a link it’s blank and empty. I am also a teacher in my school gives us unlimited Google Drive storage… And while I occasionally use Google because it’s so much better organized I try to keep my personal things and I work things separate. So I try not to use it for personal things unless I have to. Please Dropbox fix the mess. Especially on mobile.
  • Fast Forward Files 5/5

    By viccspenca
    Once Dropbox figure out how to swipe left to fast forward files, the app will be unstoppable. When I play music, I shouldn’t have to press “back” to hear the next song.
  • Hello 5/5

    By Bring<3toLight
    My files!!
  • html rendering issue 1/5

    By stonebeard
    HTML files cannot be rendered correctly in Dropbox upon selection. It was good a year ago but went wrong in a later version. Not fixed yet. Hopefully this issue is addressed soon.
  • Audibles 1/5

    By galeben
    Very complicated..
  • Backyard usage 1/5

    By mattnorton2u
    There’s a ton of background usage going on. Over 14 hours just in one day.
  • Won’t sync my files. 1/5

    By Mini-duke
    I have been using Dropbox for years without any issues, I installed the latest version on my iPad and it will not grab the files that I need. I just started training away from home and all the material I had on my desktop isn’t available. It’s also frustrating that while I’m trying to figure out how to get the files I keep getting asked if I want to upload my photos, no means no!
  • Review 5/5

    By Carola Akashica
    Love it ! Friendly user experience.
  • Splendid! 4/5

    By adabraka541
    Best storage device
  • Frustrating. 1/5

    By hefff666
    Absolutely no idea how to cancel subscription and delete my account. Says my subscription is expired and I can’t delete my account.
  • Excessive background activity - battery drain 1/5

    By wylek1
    Latest update causes excessive background activity and kills your battery. I haven’t used the app at all today, yet battery stats show that Dropbox was active in the background all night and all day!
  • Uploading photos is so tedious 2/5

    By notchristopher
    Why do I have to select them twice? Then select the folder again after I already navigated to that folder? This app makes everything so tedious. Also why do I have to choose someone to notify when I upload from the share sheet? This app is not for professional power users. It’s for normal people that need handholding.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Nana Ewusi
    Enjoying the ease with which files can be categorized, stacked, shared and retrieved.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JMedina23
    Beware of this program. They say I chose 3 membership program -when I didn’t. They were charging me $75 a month (I could’ve paid the annual fee for $100) so I paid $400 for memberships I didn’t use and they refused to reimburse me something I clearly didn’t use. The worst! Use a different program.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Liver_Lansdale
    I hate this app so much. It didn’t send me a verification email.
  • Cannot open files 1/5

    By pot of stew
    When I changed password, unable to open the free Dropbox anymore. Said I had exceeded ... This is not true. There is not that many files in there! Now they want me to pay? No way!
  • ST 5/5

    By Thenannygoat
    Great app
  • Fraudulent billing practices. 1/5

    By sandiego_pat
    They make it very hard to cancel your subscription. Tried billing me, even after I said move my account to a basic account.
  • Always useful and works well. 5/5

    By MagicScout
    Bye bye flash drive.
  • Connect to iPhone files app iPhone se 4/5

    By Icosace1022
    All good, just wanted to question this bc i thought it was possible. It is through my iPad but my iPhone has more storage. I thought i could connect Dropbox as a location of documents in Files for my iPhone se? Weird Thanks
  • App doesn’t recognize itself? 2/5

    By Kynard
    When trying to move a file I received in Twitter to Dropbox, I was prompted to get the iOS app, even though I already had the latest version installed. I managed to save the file to Dropbox after multiple attempts, but when I tried to open said file within the Dropbox app, it sent me out to a website which, again, directed me to “get the app.” I realize software isn’t generally self aware and not all programs communicate, but shouldn't the Dropbox app know that I have and am currently using the Dropbox app?
  • Mostly Great 4/5

    By itsmrdizz
    I really really like this app but it’s annoying that there are several ways the files can be sorted, but there is no option to sort by the date the file was uploaded. The easiest way for me to find what I’m looking for is by date uploaded and that’s the one option not there.
  • Steals from clipboard 1/5

    By ?.!:&!??.
    They steal your data from your clipboard. There is no legitimate reason for this. Information theft, plain and simple.If they do this I can only imagine what they’re doing with the files we trust them with
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Frequentflyer24
    I have not used my Dropbox account in many years. I recently got an email saying my Dropbox account was almost full. I went to check on the account and there is single photos of items and like paint swatches that I did not add. It’s the weirdest thing. And to delete them, I have to go to each photo, click on it, and then click another box to confirm I want to delete it. There are 3844 of these random weird photos! That’s where all my storage is! It’s frustrating that I can’t just delete that one file, as those photos are dated on one day in September about 17 years ago according to the file!
  • Face ID protection 5/5

    By helllllp please
    After the new update I can’t use Face ID or passcode lock as soon as I lock out of app.Please fix this.I want to be able to be protected as soon as I close out of the app using Face ID
  • USER friendly on smart phones 5/5

    By Shelby Indie
    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Dropbox is to use with smart phones. You can scan receipts and docs from your camera straight to your drop box files... and it’s super easy! Love it!
  • Unintuitive 1/5

    By Angkattel
    I swear that the people who designed and maintain this app are dullards. It is so unintuitive. Every common task that should be easy requires endless tapping. The search never works right. And now there’s also these huge “undo” pop ups. If it wasn’t already obvious that Dropbox doesn’t care about end users and is only focused on enterprise and integrations, it should be now.
  • suggestions 4/5

    By deleting starred files
    Needs to be easier to delete a bunch of (starred) files at once
  • Very deceptive subscription purchase in-app 1/5

    By Drewster1971
    App suggests you can subscribe for more storage at $11.99 per month and then “defaults” you to a YEARLY payment, giving you the “choice” in a popup you can barely see because of terrible contrast and UI layout. Any small-developer app doing this would get kicked from the store.
  • Video from Regionals 1/5

    By Watch Me M
    A friend of mine forward her ride at the regionals in Ocala, Fl which I could not open. Then I was taken to download the app which I did not want to do. Bottom line, I downloaded the app and signed in only to find no video. Need I say more?

    By Ryanhastweets
    For the love of all that is good, just don’t. I’ve been using it for 6 years. Tried to create a synced folder on my desktop to get data from my phone and wound up syncing the entire thing. Dropbox replaced all my PC folders with its own virtual folder that I could not separate from my own. Nothing worked and I had to format my entire PC. Their new file manager system behaves like malware and if it can be undone don’t expect the lacking Dropbox support (no chat, no easy way to reach them) to help you there. There are so many better options out there. Don’t trust this app and don’t trust this company one bit, even if you don’t plan to use these services. The days of this being a useful tool are over.
  • I just want to delete my account. 3/5

    By Dee Bee1993!!
    I no longer use this account and want to delete it but it seems I have to jump through hoops of fire to do so. My subscription is expired and it’s still not allowing me to delete my account I’m so annoyed at this point.
  • Upgrade too expensive 1/5

    By BadmanRick
    The upgrade cost is way to expensive. Why should I pay that much when I can store the same information on my computer and backups
  • Fussy and cluttered 1/5

    By pjh139
    Has a lot of totally useless crap that I'll never use and don't want interfering with the inner face. And there doesn't seem to be a way to simplify it like getting rid of the open since I don't use Microsoft Word and never will because I've hated that since 1993. The lovely menu on the left side which I can't seem to get rid of takes up half the screen and I only used it long enough to find the file I wanted which took me longer than should because of the BS that they seem to think is necessary.So the document I'm trying to read needs me to use either a magnifying glass or a pair of readers of magnify the daylights out of it. If I wasn't on my iPad I would simply start up the computer download the document and read it in libre office. Or converted to an e-book and read it and Calibre.We really should be able to give negative stars or at least half stars. I do have to admit they exceeded annoying on their website when they keep telling me I really need the business version. No I don't. Not with all that crap that goes with it.
  • IPad 4/5

    By Wolfie there
    I absolutely love dropbox, but in all honesty I do find it hard to use on an iPad, but on A Mac computer it’s just wonderful.
  • Thanks for helping me during this time 5/5

    By Qwerfvbmkjh
    It really is a good app it helps me to upload my work to my file so i can submit my work with a click of a button!
  • Zoom 1/5

    By Midnight57
    Trying to hook this up to zoom is really difficult
  • great 5/5

    By gabahhebeegurkrmtt
    this dropbox is amazing
  • Multiple accounts 3/5

    By Jerrikka
    Can you please make it to where we can have multiple accounts like Instagram & Twitter have, I have different Dropboxes for different things and it gets too much to login and logout all the time. Otherwise I love Dropbox I’ll do 3 stars because that feature should exist already. OR give more than 2gbs free. Maybe like 5gbs? Just some ideas.
  • Came in Clutch 5/5

    By Teal Koffman
    I had to upload a film for my class at Harvard, but I was having trouble uploading my files to my computer. Google Drive and iCloud were both not working, but Dropbox was the only app that actually pulled through for me. I’m forever gracious.🙏🏽

Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share app comments

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