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Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more make collaborating with others simple. Features: • Work on files with others through shared folders • Use the doc scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs • Comment on files to share feedback with your team • Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files We'd love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community: www.dropboxforum.com We offer a free 30-day trial and in-app purchases for Dropbox Plus. Existing Dropbox Plus customers can also upgrade to Dropbox Professional. Dropbox Plus customers have 1TB of storage and Dropbox Professional users have 2TB. The amount will be charged to your iTunes account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing payment. Dropbox subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. Plan pricing may vary by country. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Dropbox also offers one-month trials for monthly subscriptions. Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/pricing_terms Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy

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  • Offline issues 1/5

    By Enjoiincubus009
    Every time I update the app I have to re-sync the 40+ GB of files I have synced. It takes a long time even on fast internet because Dropbox sync is so slow and the app HAS to be oPen to download offline files. Searching for a better option because this is not worth the $10 a month for more space.
  • Best investment in myself ever. 5/5

    By MandemAZ
    I'm into Dev and Tech of all sorts. I'm self taught and have been obsessed since elementary school. I got banned from using school computers in middle school I believe. Took the final exams for computer science and built a computer from the ground up my freshmen year. So needless to say I'm doing something right. Here's the catch. I'm very odd and ADD. Trying to pick up where I left off on code lines saving tidbits, thoughts, emailing myself and using every free image and file hoster I could get hands-on. I ever have two 1Tb hard drives in my mx14 Alien. It was a cluster of coding, open sources, project's, notes, reminders, you name it. No space to run programs at their full potential. I turned away after my free trial in HS. BUT after giving it another go and storing literally my life in your Application not knowing if I'd regret it forever if it didn't save everything. It syncs, it edits,it's organized and I have another 1tb of anything I need on the go. DropBox is perfect in every way for me and I'm obsessed. Thanks for making my passion less of a struggle to maintain and build upon.
  • Too much updating 3/5

    By aram 91356
    Too much updates
  • Price 1/5

    By Fun hiking
    Why so expensive monthly. I don’t want join it. I already clean up all my pictures gone from Dropbox. I’m not interested it.
  • Awful 1/5

    By MsSassy19
    Trying to access files a photographer shared and it goes in a loop of signin then email verify. I did both steps and still no access to the folder. Super frustrating
  • Horrible Scam 1/5

    By djschwei
    It’s advertised as a free app, but won’t let me redownload it unless I pay money. Even though I never signed up for the paid version.
  • Dropbox bummer: it deletes files from my device. 2/5

    By 3dTinkerer
    I have been a Dropbox user for many years. I depended on Dropbox to keep offline files available on my device. Dropbox WAS very competent, reliable, and useful. I require access to my own data offline. This and archiving files are very important to me. Now Dropbox REQUIRES an online connection even for files I select to be available offline. What is this? It would be more useful if it asked permission before any deletions. However disappointing it is for my portable devices offline, Dropbox still correctly keeps and manages files on my desktop or laptop.

    By runrunrepeat
    Prepare for a lifetime commitment of being charged $9.99 every month because they’ve made it impossible to cancel my subscription. I gave them a try and shortly discovered I’ll never continually use their service because it’s just not useful to me. They continue to charge me because it’s linked to an email address I have no access to. In fact, it’s an email address that doesn’t exist because when I entered it upon signing up I made a typo and somehow it was overlooked when I created the account. To cancel my account with them, I have to have access to a nonexistent email account!!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Jdfvjpyfc
    A teacher at school is using DropBox for a class. Instead of allowing desk top access, DropBox is forcing me to download the app or I can’t get to the files. Any brand that is this invasive and pushes their app on people so aggressively is BS. Deleting as soon as the class is over and happily going back to Google Drive. You’ve turned me and my entire class off of your product with your pushy ways – millennials want to choose what they opt into and this is a huge turn off. Improve your user interface and you won’t have to trap people into signing up.
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By MichelleRobless
    Made listening to music offline so much easier and having music on my phone for free is amazing 💚 LOVE IT
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By connorhawke.com
    I’ve reported a number of bugs and issues over the time I’ve used this. Some have been fixed, others which really should’ve by now still aren’t. I sometimes use Google Drive to circumvent these problems. Although Drive has bugs of its own, they’re fewer in number.
  • Too little storage and too few connections allowed 1/5

    By plawer88
    Comparing to the competitors, it’s amazing that Dropbox has such a loyal following. Less free storage available compared to the competitors. Restrictions on how many devices can be connected. My future is with OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, and Box. Dropbox... that’s a thing of the past.
  • Sharing 2/5

    By frankster222
    Will Dropbox ever get a clue? They need a less than premium plan with prices similar to apple storage. I have no need for a terabyte of storage. I'd like 50 or so gigabytes and the ability to save a folder instead of a file offline. Or be able to move a folder. So bottom line is I would never pay $99 a year for storage I'd use a fraction of a percentage off. Come on Dropbox
  • Charging for what has always been free 1/5

    By Sleepysooner
    I have always been able to access my files offline. That has been one of the best features of dropbox. Now you want to charge me for something that I already had. They try to make it sound like they really added new exciting features. Nope. Just being jerks.
  • “Camera Roll” is not the same as iOS’s Camera Roll 3/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    Reply to the Developer Response: The Developer’s reply discussed automatic photo upload. However, I was not talking about automatic upload and did not use the term. Therefore, I have modified my review to clarify. —- Review —- When manually selecting photos for upload from an iOS device, Dropbox is shows an iOS Moments view of iOS photos. Dropbox calls this “Camera Roll” even though it does not match the iOS Camera Roll. Worse, Dropbox does not offer a way to select photos for upload using a view that’s in iOS Camera Roll order. You have to remember the date you took a photo or do a whole lot of scrolling if you have more than just a handful of photos (scrolling is required because of the screen space wasted by an iOS Moments view). This is a not user-friendly approach. Another issue is that you must tap each photo instead of being able to slide your finger across the screen to select multiple. These are not the only usability issue I have with Dropbox and I use Dropbox less than I would like because of them. However, it still remains somewhat useful to me so I gave it three stars.
  • Overnight: Only allowed three connected devices?! 1/5

    By JamesThomasIII
    Overnight, Dropbox decides to limit connected devices to three—what a great way to ruin an otherwise excellent service. Not sure how this will help Dropbox compete against the plethora of other cloud storage services.
  • Upgrade scam 1/5

    I upgraded my package and it is billing me but has not upgraded my storage. Awful
  • Not useful anymore 2/5

    By w.phillips
    They started limiting the sync options for the basic plan to just 3 computers recently. The notification of the changes to the terms of service came after the change. I feel for the developers stuck with a poor product guidance team but this app’s is no longer useful to me. It’s monthly price is 4 times what I pay for other services and I really only use it for one app that I can replace with a spreadsheet.
  • Now useless 1/5

    By lcalabrese
    Can’t connect multiple devices anymore. Use iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive instead.
  • Another stab in my back 2/5

    By czyrkr
    I was using Dropbox since 2012. Never purchased it because it has business pricing. Too expensive for home users. Today I received another stab in my back with device limitations. Why, tell me why don’t you create let’s say 200 GB for $3/ month? Instead you are sending me to Microsoft where I can get $100/year for 5 users 1TB each (Office software included). I never complained about how DropBox is using a lot of memory on or complained about anything else. This was my #1 app on any device. But it is time to say good bye and I wish you Good luck DropBox.
  • Bye dropbox 1/5

    By Sincepy
    Can’t link new devices. Why don’t u provide plans under 100G. Don’t need that much space
  • Capone? 1/5

    By Cometfinder
    It has been less useful lately, and more alternatives to Dropbox are available than before. Please explain to those of us who have been around a while why we should pay excessive subscription prices for something worse than the free version was - but no longer is.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By mayur11
    Money hungry company. You can only link to 3 devices...what BS. I'm not asking for more space, just want to access my documents on my devices. Rather use Box over this any day. Much better user interface.
  • Such high reviews 1/5

    By Skinny Pancakes
    I have been hearing people use Dropbox for years to rave reviews, but what’s the big deal? I get 2 gb of storage for free and it took 2 days to upload a 850 mb video. On Google Photos I got free unlimited storage with breakneck upload speeds, that can upload about 50 gb/day. Seriously, how is this popular?
  • Poor network connection 2/5

    By heysailor53
    Any more it seems that half the time I try and upload a file, Dropbox won’t do it and says “check your network connection”. It does this on 5GE with four bars, gigabit broadband, any connection. Please fix.
  • Garbage for how much everyone is using this service 1/5

    By Zazzers
    My buddy has been trying to send me links on Dropbox for years and i used to always have problems with them yet I’m very computer savvy. I finally just signed up for an account because I was forced to transfer some legal documents. As far as I’m concerned dropbox is poorly designed. It should be so extremely simple yet it it is so extremely frustrating. On the desktop I have to login only to get to another page where I have to login again I go back to the first page it seems to be a verifiable page on by dropbox yet it just takes me to another login page very frustrating. Yesterday I’m trying to send the second MP4 file to my lawyer and it just won’t share it this year option is not even there. I could go on but I don’t care. I will pretty much avoid dropbox as much as possible and look for another file sharing service like you should too !!!!
  • Taking away more and more free options. 1/5

    By avengeds32
    I've used drop box for years, and all of the sudden I can't login until I deactivate all but 3 devices. But I can still login via a web browser on my tablet. It's pointless and annoying to take away features that have been free. I might as well transition everything over to Google drive.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By MarioStar998
    The developers are seriously limiting how much you can do with just a basic account. Other cloud storage services are much more appealing. Now you can only have three devices access your account? What stupidity is that? Now you have to pay that pricey pro subscription to have more devices access Dropbox. No thanks.
  • What the hell 1/5

    By zoee w.
    I got this for one day and signed up for a subscription... I would love to unsubscribe. But they’re being STINGY with their money. Get me out. I’m tired of being billed $10 a moth for NOTHING. Let me unsubscribe please tell me how. This has been going on since November. If possible, I would like a refund. I used this app for absolutely nothing.
  • Dropbox best 5/5

    By Woody_D..
    Dropbox is the best virtual storage on the net, period.
  • New upgrade = loss of functionality 2/5

    By Uncle Gum
    Just what I was afraid of. New upgrade = loss of functionality for me. Certain ( important = main reason I got it) text files that I used to could read, now display a generic “data” icon but none of the text. Glad I’m not paying for it.
  • Not working 2/5

    By Bossclankiller
    I purchased the 1TB plan and everything was working fine. My younger sibling ended up uninstalling the app and when I reinstalled and tried to get my 1TB plan back the app would tell me there’s and error. Even when I come to the App Store it tells me I have a subscription for Dropbox 1TB plan. I’m just frustrated that I can’t get it back.
  • New conditions of use are very limiting 1/5

    By Catherine31491
    I understand that Dropbox is in the business of making money, but they should not start randomly charging to use their app on more than 3 devices or there should be a more economic, scalable option. With the only alternative being to start paying 9.99 a month to use this on 4 devices I am just going to have to start using other software. I loved Dropbox and have been with them since the beginning and I also understand charging for more storage space but to charge existing members to just use what they have is a deal breaker. Give me a 2.99 option, but $10/month for space I don’t need and no other added functionality is it for me. Good luck to anyone who tries to add a new device to their existing free account.
  • Greed will be the end of Dropbox 1/5

    By Abner055
    This last move to limit the free service to three devices spells the end of Dropbox. I have used it for years and refered so many people that i’m at max of free space which is 22.5 GB or similar. And even continued to refer new users. They have even gotten quite a few premium paid subscribers from my referrals. But no more, their excessive greed has made me decide to stop using their service and use my own personal cloud and will no longer recommend them. And migrate people I do business with to my own personal cloud from my Western Digital PR 4100 Raid NAS. Their days are numbered when some many other companies offer better services at more reasonable prices. Good Bye DropBox. You were good for so many years, but greed will take you down!!! I predict that if DropBox continues their greed with pricing and limitations, they will be out of business within two years! Remember I said it, and my predictions on such issues is normally spot on.
  • Dealbreakers 1/5

    By richvong
    3 device max and ridiculous login captchas are deal breakers. This was the best but now im planning to move to other services. I dont see how they are going to convert people to 10 bucks a month unless its business customers. You cannot 80/20 this because there are no independent variables.
  • Goodbye 1/5

    By Rodzroom
    The new 3-device policy is really dumb considering there are so many more modern cloud storage apps out there (such as Backblaze) without this limitation. To make things worse, I cannot remove the one device required to comply with this new policy (it suggests that i must unlink all 4 devices?!). And now, there customer support form has a required field to specify a device, but won’t let me choose one. So, goodbye old friend. Sorry you couldn’t keep up with the times.
  • Too pricey and can’t opt out 1/5

    By ruchelleeee
    I signed up for the 30 day trial and do not wish to continue. You have buttons for upgrading but not discontinuing. When I try to go to Dropbox.com it just takes me back to the app. Help!!!!
  • Trying too hard, achieving too little 2/5

    By refusinganickname
    I've had Dropbox for a while, and with each passing year I use it less and less. It's not because of the "recaptcha" on their site, or the level to which they're Google's stooges. It's not even that Dropbox has all the security of a piggy bank in a drug addict's room. It's that Dropbox just doesn't make a product worth what they think they do. And, little by little, things that you used go away in favor of things you don't want or need and that can't be turned off. (To be fair, I think a lack of control is part of the developer guidelines.) So I was told I couldn't reinstall the app until I deactivated it on all but 2 other devices… laptop, desktop, phone, tablet… I guess they were worried about the 2k all the computers I've ever used it on were occupying. Oh, I can get my phone reconnected for $120 a year. Seriously? No privacy. No security. Weak software. And a pdf comments field that takes several taps to get out of my face. So -1 star each for the price, the crippling, and the Google. I really expected it to go lower. I can get better storage, cheaper, with privacy and security from a number of sources. I'm going with SpiderOak One. They won't give me the token free storage I got for all the Dropbox referrals I made, but I think I will be happier. I know my data will be.
  • 3 device limit 1/5

    By MGoLou
    Dropbox just implemented a 3 device limit for free accounts.
  • .band files for garageband ios 5/5

    By ovrrsrrr
    we love your app, just wondering if the dropbox team could add .band files for the ability to upload. garageband on ios saves as .band but i am unable to upload into my dropbox. i do not use icloud, dropbox all day.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By froyo2007
    Only problems are that you need a computer for zip files and maybe more and also you have to stay on the app for things to download.
  • Only 3 devices now 2/5

    By N7702Y
    Dropbox now limits the base (free) account to only three devices. Time to evaluate other solutions.
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By Dwann717
    I’ve been using Dropbox for a few years, mainly to send pdf’s via email from my phone. Everything worked perfectly for the first two years, but recently, I’m only able to attach files about 10% of the time. Now, I have to pull out my laptop to send these files, which was what I was trying to avoid in the first place. To the devs, you took something that was running great, and upgraded it into uselessness.
  • Movie audio delay ?! 3/5

    By josirose
    Hi Mr Dropbox developer, Recently I’ve been getting an audio delay on every movie I stream from my movie file on your app on my iPad Pro 11”. I have a very fast 50/50 fibre connection which is working superbly, so it’s not that. And my app is up to date. This hasn’t happened before, why is it happening now? Please check it out and fix.
  • Love the app but I’m not a fan of the audio stopping when adding a comment 2/5

    By Jurmum
    I used to take notes on my music a lot using the comments function but with the music pausing it takes me out of the zone. If there was a way to make this maybe an option I would HUGELY appreciate it
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Smobano19
    I haven’t been able to retrieve any files from my Dropbox for the last week because it keeps crashing before I can put my password in.
  • It should be better than it is 2/5

    By DaKKini
    I have the app, I open docs and it says open in app or view on website I have the app! I press get app takes me to App Store and it says open I open app. And rinse repeat with the above. Also asked me to upgrade, I pay and it says subscribed. What is wrong Dropbox? You should be better than this! Wish there was some other platform because it’s not user friendly to download to view offline my docs either. Dropbox is becoming a dinosaur if these things don’t get fixed.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Zj560003
    You can’t hide photos from the photo tab in the app. This should just be basic.
  • Fix comments 1/5

    By budfox9

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