Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync

Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync

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  • Current Version: 4.16
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Mobile Motion GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync App

Make dance videos with your favorite sounds - show off your dancing skills with your fav songs, get trending on the Feed, and share with your followers and friends! Dubsmash always has the freshest sounds and beats updated daily - find them in Trending, or check out the New and Hot Challenges on the Create tab! Dance to your own Dub or start & join dance challenges, edit & add filters or captions, add hashtags, and share your Dubsmash videos to the Feed or Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage! Follow friends, the best dancers, producers & hashtags - watch some of the best Dubs in the Feed on the Home tab and LIKE the videos to let them know what you think! Turn on Notifications to see when users Like or Follow you! All of your Dubs are saved to your Profile for you to watch and share, or see how many others liked and viewed your Dub! Want to add your own sound for others? Go to Profile Sounds to hit record and upload fresh new clips to Dubsmash. /// Dubsmash is the funnest way to create dance videos with the world’s largest selection of sounds from your favorite songs plus movies & TV shows from around the internet! /// Download Dubsmash for free today! DUBSMASH FEATURES: RECORD DUBS - Record a video with sounds from music, TV & movies - Dance to your fav songs and challenge friends - Add filters, captions & hashtags to make your Dubs shine and get discovered SEARCH & DISCOVER - Search for sounds, @users, #hashtags and quotes - Follow other users and get notified when they post, and see them in the Feed GET FAMOUS - Post great Dubs to get Likes & Follows - Let other users know about your @username so they can find you - Turn on Notifications to see when others Like or Follow you! TRENDING - See the latest from Dubsmash users like you - Get your best videos featured and trending - Trending is updated daily! PROFILE - DUBS, FAVORITES & SOUNDS - All Dubs get saved to your profile - your videos in one place to watch again & share! - Control which Dubs you want other users to see - Find your Favorites in one place - Record and upload new sounds for your Dubs SHARE WITH THE WORLD - Share your Dubs on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, text messages and more - All Public Dubs have the chance to be featured and seen in the Feed! Dancers: we love you and want to hear from you - DM us on Instagram @dubsmash Feedback? Email us at [email protected]

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Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync app reviews

  • Please help me💀 5/5

    By cutepikachu8656 on roblox
    I had dubsmash and I deleted it. Idk why but I reset my password but idk my username because I deleted it a while ago so I forgot. I just wanna reset the whole thing so I can put a new username and my password that I reset but that’s not gonna happen.pleaseeeee help me.
  • I love dub smash 2/5

    By baby_gurlssss🥺🥺
    I love the dances and the songs on dubsmash all of it is the bum so I just wanted y’all to know my response so yea like my fake brother say ye!!??🤔😂
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By @baby.kay
    I love this app because you can pick from different song and dance to them
  • Fam 5/5

    By Mista_mac
    Can you plz make me have a like of fam
  • I love this app it’s very good and a lot of kids be on it and that’s what I like bout it 5/5

    By lightskin_kaylan
    I love it 💗it’s the best app period....Dubsmash gang
  • What’s wrong with ur app 1/5

    By kylah blanton
    This app will not let me use me apple iCloud more then once and when I put forgetten password it send nothing to my email and DOES NOTHING am really getting sick and tried of this stuff and y’all need to fix it NOOOWW!!!!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By asiaallen2019
    This app is the best app better then TikTok I just deleted TikTok because I just a bored app
  • My hard work 5/5

    By Abigail Done
    No matter how hard I try to do these videos since I just started, people don’t like them and don’t follow me I’m not being greedy I’m just saying they don’t like me.Please help me.
  • Connection and other 4/5

    By Lou❤️💚💗
    I am a user of dis app but I am getting annoyed more and more cause using the app to much cause it to stop loading and all of the cyber bullying I keep reporting and it keeps coming back OMG isn’t it magic cause I have had enough. Also if I see one more child half naked twerking or grinding or have to report one more time I am reporting the app!😡🤬😡 And also we should be able to record without sound too like what if we want to make a comedy with music in the background Y download tik tok or like and have like 6 app on ur phone when one app should do it all. And also I wish when someone uses our mention us in a comment we can see what comment on what video cause my friends comment on a video I commented on I cannot see which video 😡🤬
  • It made my post private but it was public 5/5

    By esabella 23
    It will not not let me post a Dubsmash
  • Dance 5/5

    By 🌺™️Nyla😍🥀
    This app fire yo 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • UPDATE 5/5

    By qweerrtyyirpepwkdjdksjdf
    I love the app but can u pls add an area for recent
  • Okkkk😀but some problems 🙁 3/5

    By Z_slays
    It is a great app and all but when ever I go on the app it loads forever and is really slow so please fix it also my WiFi is strong and secure so the app must be the problem again please fix it thank but it is great like I said before
  • Really good you should try it 5/5

    By king_queentomboyt
    I know it’s may seem bad at first but it’s really good. I think it should have more songs but that’s all I can say bad about it.
  • bad for kids!!! 1/5

    By No. 20 Entertainment
    I got this app when I was 6 or 5 and nothing bad happened with it. but now I decided to download it 8 years later bc all that me and my sister used it for when we were younger was to make funny videos but no having you to be 14 and having all songs be bad? Like is this just a inappropriate app bc that’s what it should be called not appropriate for kids at all!
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By sanaiinaii
    It’s great! But it could let people duet and text each other.
  • I Love Dubsmash!! 5/5

    dubsmash is a nice app and i love all the dance challenges you can do and stuff like that . im actually braceface laii so yeah i love it and respond cause nayah helped me with this lol but that probably dont even matter, but i love dubsmash and all the possibilities and i can post the dances on instagram, but you should link with instagram but yall game is dope i love it period, and all the things i personally can do like its so f* cool like no joke. please respond btw cause dis app cool nd i love doin it! byeee ~🌸𝕃𝕒𝕚𝕝𝕒 btw i knw this was cheesy i just didnt know what to say cause like i wanted to write a review i just didnt know what to say so forgive me lol but yea dis app cool. like i said forgive me lol cause im super annoying and now nayah finna write hers. so dis is nayah rn i like dubsmash i dont really know what to say, but i just type normal so yall can understand me i usually type the word 'dis' all the time, but i love dubsmash and my favorite is 'me too' cause i love doing it with my girlfriend but yeah i dont really care if you dont believe were lai and nayah but yeah ~🖤𝐍𝐚𝐲𝐚𝐡 btw we using lai phone so yeah and i love you nd your app, no homo lol. but yeah bye.
  • Why I like this app 5/5

    By skye merricks
    I like this app because I get to dance but can y’all please update the app to where u can stop the dubsmash your making
  • Nothin but Ratchetness 1/5

    By Yonaton83
    This app was pretty fun and hilarious when it was first released. Now it’s nothin but ratchet ghetto music clips.
  • Dubsmash 1/5

    By Luckychain1
    Tik tok is better than Dubsmash
  • The best app 5/5

    By bigmwnto
    It’s the best app
  • Enjoy 1/5

    By indiawright
    This app is great no adults to tell u what to do just enjoy being young!
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By Destiny,des
    Sometimes it does not let u do Dubsmash sometimes but it’s ok
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By alexis1010101
    It’s a very good app!💓
  • Dumbsmash is the best 5/5

    By ksjsjddjsjjansn
    I really love make videos on dumbsmash and it really fun for kids
  • Views &likes 5/5

    By _just_ashlee follow me on ig
    I think it’s should be easier to gain likes and followers cuz there’s people who literally do nothing and get likes but me a dancer post almost ever day get like 6 likes and 50 views please fix this problem
  • Not letting download 4/5

    By lashaylag4
    So , my kids deleted dubsmash and tried to download it again but on the AppStore it says open as if it was installed already but it’s not . They are currently trying to figure out why it’s doing this .. please fix 😐
  • I like it,but 4/5

    By ziahs.world
    I really like this app, literally I am on it everyday! But I just wish that I could take videos from my camera roll and add it that would just make this the perfect app I’ve ever had!!! So please creators of Dubsmash please let us add videos from our camera roll!
  • I love it like even tho I don’t be post it’s fun 5/5

    By gyhhuihhhi
    This is awesome

    By robloxmonstawomannnn
    This is a great app! I am on it all the time! But I have some suggestions... ok. Number one. Can you add slow motion? Like, I think it would be a good idea to have a slow motion so we can make our videos stand out! Also, can you add in a timer so you can stop recording without touching the screen? It’s really annoying when I’m making a dub and I need to stop it, but I can’t. Just one more... can you please make it to where every single time a dub is posted, it shows up on the home page? Thank you! Bevroseyama1 Follow me on Dubsmash!
  • Dubbs 5/5

    By gucci mas
    Do Dubsmash be txtn yall too?😐
  • Dubbbbbb 5/5

    By @wavvy.eem
  • Dubsmash bad thing 5/5

    By ffgnvhjhdfkh
    I don’t like that you can’t go live if you have a lil people same with TikTok y’all need to stop that just make me so so so so so mad.
  • Good 5/5

    By keke2326
    It is good you just need to make a Slomo like TikTok thank you for asking it was great
  • What happened here?! 1/5

    By Mikayw420
    So.... not sure who took over the app but there are NO good categories for sounds like there used to be. And um seems very ran down from a year or 2 ago. I’ll still use it to upload my OWN sounds but it was much better before with more sound categories and um... DIVERSITY
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By lrosemattiex
    It is very new to me but it is really fun and i love it I just need to find a way to get followers
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Alwaysafightingcheerleader
    I had downloaded this app a while ago, I had gained 565 fans, in 3 months. Although this app is not just dancing, some lip singing too. I love this app because whenever I dance I immediately get likes. All in all, this app is great for all ages.
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By basicjayjay37
    This is the best app I ever had but u could add a text message spot to put if u could that would be great
  • It’s tweaking 4/5

    By TheRealNiyaa
    It keeps on logging me out it is a good app but it keeps on logging me out
  • Aleeya’s review 5/5

    By aleeya smith
    It’s very fun it take some time to get followers but it’s still pretty fun and keep up the good work
  • Login😡 1/5

    By fiehsjs
    I’m rating this app one star because when I signed out of my account it wouldn’t let me get back in I’m outraged whatever this it needs to be fixed now
  • Nadia 5/5

    By Itzz Nadia
    I luv this app it’s better then Tik Tok but keep this forever
  • Addison 5/5

    By bunnybearslimey
    I love the app
  • We get to dance 5/5

    By kenken the gaot
    Because we get to no each other and dance
  • 😸😸 3/5

    By ✌🏾🖐🏾
    My dud is acting up y’all need to fix it like every time I play a video it will stop ☹️☹️😡😡😡😡😡
  • no one followes me 1/5

    By princesskellie 1
    no one ever follows me
  • I hate it 1/5

    By queen.naiya
    It's being so slow and you guys don't even care
  • You need to fix somethings 4/5

    By lolmfaolmbo
    I’m honestly in love with dubsmash and I love the music but the only problem is that it keeps buffering up every time I try to click a video and I looked to see if my WiFi was the one who was causing the buffering but it was totally fine so I would be happy either way if you could check what’s happening or fix what’s happening❤️😊
  • Hmm.. 5/5

    By dumbsmash: pinkdrinkpooh
    I love it so much.

Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync app comments

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