Dubsmash - Videos for everyone

Dubsmash - Videos for everyone

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 6.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: reddit
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dubsmash - Videos for everyone App

Dubsmash is the best free app to make videos - be seen & get noticed! --- Dubsmash believes in the power of representation through video. By empowering all creators and communities to thrive on the platform, we aim to celebrate each other’s differences. Dubsmash’s algorithms are designed to promote creativity and diversity. We support POC creators and aim to ensure a safe environment for all communities on the app. We take your privacy seriously. Based in New York, we don’t track your GPS location and we don’t collect usage data for anything other than making the app work better for you and our communities. BLACK LIVES MATTER. --- Current Features: - Record or upload any video to the app using a sound, or add one from your library - Add effects, filters, stickers, text, and more to make your videos stand out and get you noticed - Post your video to Dubsmash for it to get likes, comments & views - Record a video Duet with other users - Watch the latest and most relevant videos for you on the Trending Feed, or catch *everything* you follow in the Following Feed - Share your Dubsmash videos off-platform to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage, YouTube, TikTok, Musical.ly, Facebook, Twitter, Funimate, Flipagram and more! - Discover what’s happening around you on the Explore tab - Find your public & private posts, saved videos, favorite & uploaded sounds on your profile, plus add a bio and pic to your profile to help your followers get to know you - Direct message with users you’re connected to in the app --- Download Dubsmash for free today! Ideas? Feedback? Or just bored n wanna chat? We want to collaborate with and listen to you, so we can make the app better for YOU and our communities - not for advertisers or shadowy overlords. ***DM us on Instagram @dubsmash or in the app!***

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Dubsmash - Videos for everyone app reviews

  • ✨carmax✨ 4/5

    By ⚡️✨💙⚡️✨💙⚡️✨💙⚡️
    All you need to do is add live but don’t make us get 1,000 followers so it can be easy please and thankyou by ✨carmax✨purrrrr
  • Five stars except...... 5/5

    By wHo.MaKaYLa
    Whenever I scroll sometimes it shows this black little part and can’t scroll
  • They have people that show pictures of there body 1/5

    By Ambrielle2
    That is inappropriate
  • Good app but…… 4/5

    By beachgirl__4eva
    This is a great app except for every time it goes to my feed I see a bunch of shady people doing random dances (not appropriate for kids under 9). But I like it because it’s a great alternative other then tik tok and because my parents don’t like tik tok I’m able to get this so I recommend this for older kids!
  • Rlly awesome app 5/5

    By marisha. b
    5 stars

    By bddnsmsmsms
  • Loving it 5/5

    By emlldonsk
    I love it
  • Bad app 1/5

    By hiIaminthculb
    This boy made me shut a my body and make only only for him and it is like Tik tok and this person text me and said are you aware you have pretty feet heck no dont get the app people are creepy on tik tok and this
  • You copied tiktok do ur own 1/5

    By Kino Lana
    U copied the new tiktok react and stitch do your own things be creative then stealing peoples ideas
  • Please put private account 4/5

    By kekelovd
    I love this app but I wish that we could have a private account because I’m just like that you see my videos if you follow me pls have a choice to have a private account pls love ya hello can you pls make a easier way to delete ur videos because every time I try to go all the way done to the bottom of my video i delete one then it sends my all the way back to the top and I wish it was a better way to delete my videos
  • Wait what 1/5

    By sristima
    Wait what, does Reddit really own this app? I was scrolling down and saw this 💀
  • Social 1/5

    By Doggirl01
    I am not allowed to have Tik Tok or any Social Media at all, I love video editing where I can have the music right then and there while l make the video! I got so excited when I saw this app! Not only does it not say anything about being Social, it is also dangerous to kids. Am definitely uninstalling and deleting my account!
  • There is a hacker! 1/5

    By bwjdjdidijd
    Dubsmash is a great app, but there is a hacker on there, my friend got hacked and her email got hacked into, I was lucky and I do not please don’t get this app or you will get hacked.
  • Pls respond Dubsmash 4/5

    By Sydthekid64
    I love this app so much; I started to gain followers and I loved the community... but after I had started creating videos, Dubsmash would black out on me. I would spend so much time on a video and it would black out and not save anything. It frustrated me so much. I have deleted the app multiple times just to get it back and log on again but it does the same thing. PLS FIX THIS:(
  • sigh 1/5

    By Ykwbry
    This app was amazing... now it looks too much like Tiktok. And my private videos won’t load fully... I’ve had them for years and I cant even watch them. I am upset.
  • Lol 5/5

    By TanyiA💍
    I’m gettin fam
  • Bad_acne_anna_and_friends_hate_page 4/5

    By Deviously good
    This acount is saying pov anna and her friends should put a kife to her wrist and calling her bad things and cussing her out pls get her bannes
  • Need more account space 4/5

    By itz_urgurlnae
    They need to allow people to have multiple accounts do they don’t have to log in and out and one of my friends lost there account because she kept logging in and out she has 2 accounts so they need to fix this ASAP
  • itsjustabbie=in LOVE 5/5

    By ThėTrüth
    So, I got dub because my dad had it even before tiktok was a thing. I was like, why not? I can’t have tiktok, and it’s pretty toxic there. Let’s try out dub, ig. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I now have 2.8k friends and have made a really close friend group on there. I started the hashtag #gethopeverified because one of those people, @sunshine._.hope has over 18k ppl in her fam rn and still isn’t verified. That would be amazing, but that’s not the reason I wrote the review. I am mostly trying to convince people to give Dub a chance. It’s honestly my safe place. It is kind of glitchy, but it has gotten SO much better. (Tysm, developers) I would like to know, is it possible to get a live feature? I want to interact with my fam, and live would allow me to do that. I understand that a lot of things go into each update, and I don’t want to seem pushy, but another thing that would be nice would be a followers count, like when you click on how many followers you have, you can see the exact number? I would love to be able to give my 2.9k follower a shoutout, but I usually have no idea who that is. If that’s already a feature or something, I’m blind, and sorry 😂. Also, when you are having a conversation with someone, it pops up in your notifications that “they mentioned you in a comment” but if you’re in the app, you have to scroll and remember what video that is. So if that could be changed, I’d love that. Also, could there be a way that you can request verification if you have a certain amount of followers? But overall, 10/10 recommend. (Edit)-There is a girl on it named @swimmer_with_a_pony who has bodyshamed and cyberbullied multiple people. Most recently, she has convinced a girl to attempt to k!ll herself. Multiple people have reported her, but she’s still not banned or timed out or whatever. I’m wondering, can you add to the report area a place to show screenshots and/or ways to take you directly to where people did those things? I feel that would make it work a lot better.
  • New update 3/5

    By lexitsmith
    The community tabs is cool but the thing is when I join only art and dance, I see other tabs like musicians cosplay and fashion on the “for you”besides the ones I joined. I kinda only want to see the ones I joined which is art and dance on my explore page. Can you guys fix that for the next update.
  • Fake 1/5

    By jennifer patient c
    So i was scrolling through it tgen i notived that when i went to the ac it was nothing like it there was a nail story and stuff but the other stuff were like bunny and dances so I think this app is taking stuff off of tiktok
  • Sooooo 4/5

    By JCC video guy
    So I don’t have this app but my friend does and it has a little bit of bad words so can you please get rid of them so my mom will let me get it. And also she says it’s too much like tik tok so can you make it safe for kids like with all like clean songs and stuff because not all parents let their kids have these kind of apps because of the bad words so PLEASE get rid of them or make and option to turn off bad words and stuff. PLEASE FIX THIS. THANK YOU
  • It want let me login to my account 4/5

    By jaydabooh
    Dubsmash is a good app . But I tried out for a dance team on here and logged out of my account and went to log back into mines and it says you guys are not accepting my application to log back in
  • I’m done 1/5

    By abdjdidkebdisksifniee
  • Its good but could be better! :3 4/5

    By 🎀Ari🐝Bee🎀
    Fix the view counter mine is glitched (stuck) and won’t update no matter how many times I restart the app ! Also please add the ability to change the covers of our videos ! :) Other than that the app is great ! Love the community here !!
  • Follows 5/5

    By Peytonstory
    I love it I just want to sprinkle like have a lot of followers 😔😔😔
  • It's not least in me download the app 1/5

    By zuymia
    Please I need to download it
  • Update Ideas 4/5

    By Hix|
    So I think the app is really good but I would just like to make a few suggestions. Greens screen - If you can, can you please make some more effects?like a green screen, doggy face, etc, me and my family love this app and love the effects but we think there should be more to choose from. Account Public or Private- Also we should be able to make our account private or public. If it’s private then people who you choose can view your videos, like people can follow you but you should be able to choose who can view your videos if your account is in private mode (Yes this kinda like Tik Tok? ). I think this would be very helpful to people who don’t want to show their faces Live - Can you also make an live button where people can go live? Duet when in private -There’s also this one thing where it’s really bothering me but it’s kinda annoying how you have to make your video public to duet it. Drafts in all devices- You should also be able to save all your drafts in all your devices that you are logged in. Thank you, sorry if I said to much, I would really appreciate if you made those changes.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By mirah jenssn
    Okay I love this app because it’s not tik tok I personally don’t like tiktok but this is good because I used to do dubsmashes with my aunt when I was little and it was so fun!!
  • No 1/5

    By nayaneoncat
    It’s honestly just a app for little kids it’s not like tik tok and it’s no fun I can’t even edit my video
  • It’s fun 5/5

    By taeganwebb
    Hey I think we could add a live that we could do but others than that it’s amazing
  • Kitty _Kai155 4/5

    By Yumy_Artist
    It is amazing but u would like for it to have the filter called time laps swarp thingy because I thought that it had that but i do like its amazing just need the TIME LAPS SWARP THINGY
  • Problems with Dubsmash 4/5

    By babeliyyah
    Hey Dubsmash company I need a update on my Dubsmash account or something cause when I try to upload a video it says enable your camera so I did that and it still says enable you camera I need and update of something 😔
  • Kinda dead 3/5

    By @yessir._yvonne._ on tiktok
    The app is very dead my fyp show me videos I’ve already seen and liked Nobody is on this app anymore Nobody see your page and it’s just boring
  • No followers 1/5

    Ion see Dubsmash shouting out new members so They can get followers and likes
  • It’s keep logging me out 2/5

    By i pove the game
    I love this app but it just keep logging me out and that is what I do not like and I got logged out like 12 times and I just hate it and sick of it
  • I love it 😍 5/5

    By yayyyyyyyyyy girlllll
    First of all it’s brilliant and second it’s better than TikTok I deleted TikTok because I got banned for no reason 🧐😖 and this a great app ☺️ so I love it and my friends love it to because they got banned too so they have this and there in love with 😍 this app I hope I gets more great 😊 reviews 🥰
  • Good but .... 4/5

    By dbdhdndbd
    I love this app but there so many ppl who text me and get a little to much lots people text me it get weird they always say ur pretty and that but they also ask like you single or whatever I just kind of wish y’all can like make when they type and it somthing like weird or personal like block the word
  • Delete it 1/5

    By jake cant take it
    Don’t like it
  • Not appropriate 1/5

    By soccergirltfp
    Was followed by a stranger who had his penis as his profile photo. People that do that shouldn’t be able to open an account.
  • HELLO 5/5

    By Hzz04
    Hi I love this app sooooo much I been use this app about 2 week and it’s really good then tik tok but so much ppl saying “well u be my gf” like this plz delete this word “gf” “I like you” and goodbye 🙈💕
  • Bad report 1/5

    By jayanthie
    I do not think children should have this app there was nudity on the screen and I deleted as soon as possible please do not let your children near this app.
  • Fix Crashing 1/5

    Usually Dubsmash is a 5 star app, but after this recent update... every time I try to upload a video the app crashes and wont open after. Then I have to reinstall just for it to still not work. My Username is @Tr1ppie, please fix this issue
  • Better than tiktok 4/5

    By GentleJudenoodle
    Honestly I think this is basically the same but its easier to edit so I can make good memos and other stuff.
  • I love dub smash 5/5

    By Mrs Pariss
    Dub smash follow me now
  • Idk💛 5/5

    By tell the girl
    Way better then TikTok
  • great! just a few features i’d like to see 4/5

    By tinsley.maddison
    hi! i’m @envyxtins on dubsmash and i love the app! it’s a great alternative to tiktok for many of us who can’t have tiktok. however, i would like to see more features. like more filters (time warp, color customizer, etc.) in the app while making a video. also, it would be awesome if dubsmash had to ability to livestream. thanks! 💜💜
  • Dubsmash 4/5

    By LydiaCamp
    For the time that I had on this app, it was very enjoyable, but soon I had some problems regarding getting into the app. My dubsmash account was growing, but it was cut short sadly. There must be something wrong with my phone, or the app because it won’t let me access the app anymore. If anyone has any help, that’s would be much appreciated!
  • It’s ok but.. 5/5

    By iconic_.cahya
    Ok so I like Dubsmash and all but it’s really annoying when they say follow so and so and others you know. Like I do t even be knowing half the people they say I do instead they should say follow so and so and others you MAY know instead