Dubsmash - Videos for everyone

Dubsmash - Videos for everyone

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: reddit
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dubsmash - Videos for everyone App

Dubsmash is the best free app to make videos - be seen & get noticed! --- Dubsmash believes in the power of representation through video. By empowering all creators and communities to thrive on the platform, we aim to celebrate each other’s differences. Dubsmash’s algorithms are designed to promote creativity and diversity. We support POC creators and aim to ensure a safe environment for all communities on the app. We take your privacy seriously. Based in New York, we don’t track your GPS location and we don’t collect usage data for anything other than making the app work better for you and our communities. BLACK LIVES MATTER. --- Current Features: - Record or upload any video to the app using a sound, or add one from your library - Add effects, filters, stickers, text, and more to make your videos stand out and get you noticed - Post your video to Dubsmash for it to get likes, comments & views - Record a video Duet with other users - Watch the latest and most relevant videos for you on the Trending Feed, or catch *everything* you follow in the Following Feed - Share your Dubsmash videos off-platform to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage, YouTube, TikTok, Musical.ly, Facebook, Twitter, Funimate, Flipagram and more! - Discover what’s happening around you on the Explore tab - Find your public & private posts, saved videos, favorite & uploaded sounds on your profile, plus add a bio and pic to your profile to help your followers get to know you - Direct message with users you’re connected to in the app --- Download Dubsmash for free today! Ideas? Feedback? Or just bored n wanna chat? We want to collaborate with and listen to you, so we can make the app better for YOU and our communities - not for advertisers or shadowy overlords. ***DM us on Instagram @dubsmash or in the app!***

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Dubsmash - Videos for everyone app reviews

  • ☹️ 5/5

    By inksanssucks
    don’t go away pls 😕 u were legit the best
  • I love dubsmash! 5/5

    By Iya<3
    I really like the app pls don’t delete it.
  • love you dumbsmash 5/5

    By live123455
    love the app also please don’t delete ever
  • delete my acc 4/5

    By Tatum Livie
    pls delete my old acc Tatum Rainey. I got hacked and can’t get back on it pls delete it
  • ? 3/5

    By bordsmi
    Why are y’all shutting down February 22
  • I can’t get in! 1/5

    By 🌻🧋✨🌻💛
    Hi! I cannot figure out how to make an account on dubsmash. It only allows me to log in even though I want to create an account! But I am really looking forward to making cosplay videos and Genshin videos! Tysm for reading!
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Pippa*%
    If you don’t have an account you can’t make one.I tried to make an account and it said login no sign up
  • Dubsmash 3/5

    By ynw_armon
    Why is it getting deleted on February22 people work hard for theirFollowers
  • ouch 5/5

    By dubsmashlovrr
  • 💚💚 5/5

    By k💚💚💚
    Love it
  • Grrr 5/5

    By Jojo is the best!🤩
    Dubsmash is slow and glitchy but fun
  • Why 5/5

    By hghgjhghjkggjhgghgjhgjhgjhgkh
    Why does Dubsmash have to go done keep it up everyone will be sad We will loose our likes views and even our Dubsmash Friends PLEASE DONT SHUT DUBSMASH DOWN
  • Dumsmash 5/5

    By adoptme_player
    Dumsmash is an awesome app that dose not have as many or none bad words compared to tick tock tho it presents the same dances and has really cool awesome content and editing fechers to it if you do not allow your kid to get tick tock bc of getting hacked, bad words! Then dumsmash is a great alternative it is not as bad with hackers like tick tock and no bad words I think that dumb smash is so worth the download and space on your phone , iPad , computer. Even tho on feb 22 it is gone it is worth buying for the last like 2 months! Hope you enjoy dumsmash as much as Me and my friends!!!
  • It won’t let me sign up 1/5

    By Dennissecarter
    I was trying to sign up and it showed no sign up button and only show login so I do everything I go to the website I check reviews I do everything and nothing tells me how to log on well I guess sign up
  • Sighing in problems 1/5

    By Jaz_Queen50k
    Dubsmash won’t let me sigh in I tried to reset my phone and uninstall it and install it all over and over but it won’t let me login because o forgot my password and I tried to reset my password but it won’t send to my email.
  • Please do not delete dubsmash 5/5

    By alisontoowavy
    This app is so valid like it has all my memories type. I love this app especially looking back at my videos. Please do not delete dubsmash thanks.. its an amazing app!
  • Dubsmash is the best app 5/5

    Doug smash is the best app I don’t think you should shut down because that’s a lot of followers and bills and people who try really hard for just like me Siri
  • I hate 2/5

    By ldontlikethisgame
    It’s not letting make a new account .
  • Thank you for your service😭💔 5/5

    By Dericca
    Prior to the rumours of dubsmash shutting down in February I just wanted to say that I’ve had this app since 2016, thank you for all the memories that I wish I could’ve saved but I deleted all the videos on my account (because they were cringe ofc) but in general Dubsmash will be a core memory of mine along with vine, love Dericca.

    PLEASE DONT DELETE DUBSMASH 💔. This is my childhood .
  • No way 1/5

    By hddnfgsjhdvbhdhe xjaqqqkkf
    So pretty much it wont let me sing in as in it wont let me make an account so plz help me
  • Hey! 1/5

    By Donnell Tonge
    They really don’t give me the option to sign in it only give me the option to login
  • BEST APP 5/5

    By Annableeeeeee
    Hello I’m Annie and we’ll I’ve been on this app for a long time. It’s a shame it’s going down in February hopefully it can stay
  • Don’t removed Dubsmash 5/5

    By brxrry
    I had got Dubsmash last year it’s good I don’t even know why there removing it
  • Problem 1/5

    By zari powell
    I have a problem whith sighing in
  • ? 4/5

    By hey 😮‍💨
    It doesn’t let me change my bio .
  • Don’t 5/5

    By 2_validkaykay
    Don’t delete Dubsmash the coolest app
  • Please don’t delete 5/5

    By Sakemah
    Pleaseeeeee no, y’all can’t delete this app. This is app is too fun and this is what made me start dancing. Me and my friends been using this app since 2017 and we still love it til this day. Please don’t delete this app🥺.
  • my videos 5/5

    By that bihhh periodt
    i’m going to miss dubsmash😣nd all my videos how can i save them all at the same time?.
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By e😍😍😘
    One of Gods great wonders is this app!!!
  • Do not get this app 1/5

    By carolin marie
    Hi when I first got this app I was thrilled but as soon as I got into it you could only log in you couldn’t make an account. I don’t know if it’s just my phone but I do not recommend!
  • The memories 5/5

    By lazyriashaniemc
    I started doing Dubsmashes when i was younger so many people are heartbroken that the app is shutting down it feels like when Facebook came around we will truly miss this app and to all the memories that are stored here .!!😔❤️‍🩹
  • Dubsmash 5/5

    By Lil Mxrphine
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By Plenderleith’s
    Pls don’t sut it down plszsssssszzzss
  • No me gusto 1/5

    By JochuarVlogsOFC
    No me gusto porque no funciona en ios 7.1.2 😭

    By popcorn movie night
    Hiiii I grew up on Dubsmash and doing dances on Dubsmash when I was like 3! I will be devastated when Dubsmash gets deleted. I know you guys may not see this but pleaseeeeeeee I’m begging you not to delete DUBSMASH!
  • I’m going to miss this app 5/5

    By iikxnzii
    Luv u Dubsmash
  • Idk 1/5

    By mayaaa .🤎
    it just says log in and not sign in I’ve tried deleting dubsmash then downloading it back but it still wouldn’t work! I don’t know if it’s me or the app , and I’ve had dubsmash before like in 2017 to 2021 but I had to make a new acc and now it’s not working
  • Change ur mind dubsmash 5/5

    By luhbabylee
    dubsmash was here before tictok/musically. I really thought they copied off dubsmash. I aint gon lie i had a lot of memories with this app. All the way back in 2015. When i heard yall was shutting it down i was shocked. Its time to finally give yall a review. Idk why yall doin it but it was a good run. I hope you all change your minds. People still use that app although tictok its so popular. Its a great app.
  • Problem 1/5

    By lusixvaugs
    Why is it not letting me sign up
  • Don’t re download 5/5

    By Matticx
    I re download Dubsmash and will not let me make a new account and it’s really annoying
  • SheLovesThatBoy_Quinn 5/5

    By SheLovesThatBoy_Quinn
    TBH This Been One Of The Best App’s Threw Out The Year’s I’m Real Down That It’s Leaving Next Year In February But Imma Enjoy Until The Mean Time❤️🤞🏽💯Dubsmash 5Life.
  • Really unfortunate:( that it’s leaving 5/5

    By najjshs
    I’m really sad that Dubsmash is leaving in February of 2022.I have made sooo many memories and just never thought it wouldn’t be an app anymore. This app has been a app I’ve been making memories on since like 2018 and I was so in love with it.I’ve made more videos than I can count more than 2000 probably or even more I would be on this app everyday this app really carried 2018 and 2019 and still is carrying to this day though I’m not on it as much I guess it’s because I’m getting older, but now I gotta try to save all my videos I hope I can because I was only on here to make memories and then look back at this videos in the future but I will try:) You’ll be missed I really hope y’all change y’all minds…!!!!will miss you dubsmash also hope make a app similar sometime in the future no app like this one 🥲😞
  • Awesome 5/5

    By OMG😾
    I love this app, but I am very sad that it is shutting down. Otherwise this app is AWESOME!🙂
  • Feb-22-2022😔 5/5

    By miss you dubsmash
    Dubsmash is the best thing I could have I had it since 2017 but it’s leaving and that ain’t fair I’ll miss dubsmash
  • Damyiah 5/5

    By Myiahhatgtow
    I like this that is why
  • How I love dubsmash so much 5/5

    By treshunhoward
    This is a good app they do not banned ppl for no reason like TikTok and they do not care what we do
  • OG 4/5

    By stop saying but you uglies
    Dubsmash was the original tiktok. I’ve known dubsmash for at least 6 years and it’s pretty great. I just re downloaded it and nostalgia is hitting me in the face! It’s a pretty small community so it’s easy to get a lot of likes. Some people on the app are toxic though. :/ Gatekeeping the app and telling cosplayers they need to leave… I suggest adding moderators to the app to make sure no one does that. Since it’s such a small community, it’ll be easy to moderate.
  • Why 5/5

    By hhshdhxjxhxhxjskzkzkzkzjjz
    Why do y’all have to delete dumsum