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  • Current Version: 7.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Dunkin' App

Getting your daily fill of Dunkin’ just got a whole lot easier with the Dunkin’ app. Order ahead and skip the wait • All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. • Save your favorite menu items to make ordering even faster! Join DD Perks and earn rewards on every Dunkin’ run • $1 = 5 points. Every 200 points earns you a free beverage. Plus, get exclusive bonus point-offers. Check out faster • Whether you’re stopping in store to scan your app or ordering ahead, load funds to your account to save time on your run. *Location and Notifications may be required to receive promotional offers.

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Dunkin' app reviews

  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Apfel Kugel
  • App stinks even after update 1/5

    By Chris69Rod
    Doesn’t work Delet app and reinstall and still doesn’t work Please fix Still no success after update What the heck is this message can’t connect Check WiFi I have 5g and bars and still not working
  • Incomplete and Lazy 1/5

    By melat0nin
    My favorite donut, the double chocolate, as well as many of the other flavors, aren’t even available for order in the app. If you’re going to do something, do it right.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Mariamariamariaaa
    For the past 6 months I have been completely unable to load money onto my Dunkin’ app. Every time I make an attempt there is a ‘technical error’. Maybe a good thing for my bank account because I’ve stopped going to Dunkin’ since the app no longer works!
  • Coffee 1/5

    By nichmom98
    Wow new cups so much better for the environment. It’s a shame they are exponentially smaller than the old cups. They are slimmer and have about an inch in the bottom with no cup. I can easily for my thumb into the first knuckle under the cup. Ripping us off one cup at a time
  • FIX THE APP 1/5

    By Khan2525
    Updated the app. Can’t login. I could login on the browser so I know it credentials are correct. Very unreliable app.
  • Rye ridge best store 5/5

    By Lisa06831
    The staff at the Rye Ridge store is always efficient and pleasant and they always get the order right. Thank you Rye Ridge Crew!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Xghq
    I enjoy going to DD and the app is really convenient to use, when it works. If I select the drive thru pick up option, there are usually no issues. It's when I try to choose the curbside pick up option, then it's unreliable. After I go through the process of creating an order and select "curbside pick up" I constantly get an error message in red. I've had to stop choosing the curbside option. Another great addition, in my opinion, would be to have the ability to use the coupon for the free donut within the app. The free donut you get from filling out the survey from the receipt.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By NiceLady4
    This app is a completely absurd waste of time that I will be deleting after one use. You have to wait in the drive through line to pick up your order?!?! Then what is the point of ordering ahead?? So you can wait in the same exact line but for cold food instead of hot? I assumed it would be curbside pickup with the entire purpose being bypassing and decongesting the drive through line.
  • Errors costing the company 3/5

    By Justineatsoda
    When I submit my mobile food order, it gave me an error and didn’t go thru. So I ordered at the speaker and I get to the door and they say I already ordered online and that I should really make sure my order went thru at the speaker because I wasted a coffee. That was awkward. Thanks app for telling me my order didn’t go thru... literally the items were still in the cart but I noticed my money in the wallet was less.
  • Gratuity 4/5

    By JA/CA
    There needs to be an option to include a tip
  • App not working 1/5

    By Becca1012#
    I keep trying to reset my password every time I do it says sorry the app can’t connect right now. Please check your network connectivity. There is nothing wrong with my phone. So I tried to make a new account. When it tries to send the verification code , it does not work. Highly dissatisfied.
  • Downgraded 1/5

    By lakesi3541
    This app used to work perfectly. Now it tells me I’m not connected to the network when I am. So I uninstalled and reinstalled then it is supposed to send the code to verify my phone number but it never sent the code. And I also tried resetting my password but it never sent anything to my account mail to reset, bummer.
  • ID INVALID 2/5

    By Native Floridian 1st Gen
    For the past month and a half (at least) I am unable to get access to my account. 😫🤨Invalid ID Or something to that effect happens every time when I try to sign in. I have tried so many times to change password (Forgot Password) still no access. Tried “Signing Up” but states I have an account already. When it was working it was great. But then one day when I went to use it there was a pop up to accept terms but would not acknowledge my attempt to accept. What’s up DD????
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Queen_shopper_1111
  • No coffee rolls or corn muffins! 4/5

    By Love my dunkin!
    Your app is great but coffee rolls and corn muffins are not a choice in the bakery section. Please add these 2 selections to your menu.
  • Kirchoff Rd Rolling Meadows 1/5

    By Abc354
    No gloves or mask touching pay screen and hair then put lid on my coffee cup. I realize this is not the forum to complain, but have sat on the phone without getting through. Will not even go for a free coffee after the lack of cleanliness during the coronavirus
  • Good but unreliable 2/5

    By kerr95
    the app never lets me app money ugh so annoying please get your app fixed
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By ellenponder98
    Love this app
  • Version 7.3.1 1/5

    By Rbs99
    Since updating the app to the latest version, the app no longer opens on my iPhone 11. It just says the app can no longer be shared and I need to buy it in the App Store????
  • Convenience 5/5

    By Sea1weed
    The app works. However, the mapping of addresses is a little suspect.
  • Order options. 5/5

    By littlegeek88
    America Runs on Dunkin’ !!! Great app but the menu selection is missing some features. Personally I order an Everything bagel with cream cheese AND bacon. This is impossible to order through the app. Makes me miss out on a lot of on-the-go order perks. Love apps pay! Thing is a beautiful integration.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By HannahM3537
    I think this app has helped me order once? It does everything from lock me out (when I use Touch ID??) to give me error messages. I’m getting tired of wanting to order and never being able to.
  • Does not work! 1/5

    By FishingExtreme
    After I updated this app to the 7.3.1 version I would click on the app and it would say ” This app is no longer shared with you” and it would force me into the App Store to update it but it was just updated. Fix this update so the app is usable again please. -Used to b satisfied customer
  • Coffee 1/5

    By 14366373
    I order daily, last week on two occasions my coffee was horrible. Tasted burnt, I hate to complain. So I went to the DD in palatka and had to pay for another coffee. I love the girls there they are always sweet. And I always order online.
  • Can’t add funds 4/5

    By Kibbies
    I agree with whoever said, it’s a good app when it works. I have been trying to add money onto my account for three days now & it’s not allowing me to. It’s very frustrating & I wish they would resolve this “bug” issue that happens multiple times a month. Other than that I have no problems with the app.
  • Can’t add funds 1/5

    By Otj287
    Tried 4 separate credit cards to add funds and get “can’t process transaction, check card details” for every attempt. The cards doesn’t even show a temp charge. Worked before now doesn’t. Paid fine w charge card at window, but no way to add order to my profile for missed perks. Thanks Dunkin’! Exactly what we need during COVID — MORE problems. Contactless pay is supposed to mean we don’t give workers payment options. Dear lord! Update: emailed customer service as suggested by the developer response. Over a week and no reply.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Irishsituation
    After latest update app does not work and tells me I need to buy the app in the App Store before using
  • Technical difficulties. All the time. 3/5

    By Svdfvjj
    I rarely can ever reload my card. I get error messages all the time. Thankful the customer service is decent and they upload my points for me. But it’s very inconvenient these issues are not new and they don’t fix w updates.
  • charged .refunded. and charged higher price 1/5

    By Herlo?
    discounts dont work. flaky compared to other apps. back to starbucks
  • DD app lacks some options 3/5

    By gposternak
    Redeeming a FREE DOUGHNUT with a drink purchase for an online survey is impossible both via a DD app or at the drive-through. The app simply doesn’t have this option and at the drive-through a customer must present the code written on the previous receipt or a picture of a barcode to a DD associate at the time they use their register to complete the purchase. At the drive-through a customer is making their order via a microphone where there is no live interaction with a DD associate and by the time the customer pulls up to the pickup window, the transaction is already over and no one can issue a free doughnut at that moment.
  • Iced tea lover ☕️ 5/5

    By Beebe2727
    Love ordering on the Dunkin’ app! Quick and easy!
  • Doesn’t list enough donut flavors 2/5

    By KarenOfCourse
    You can only choose from like 6 donuts at the Charlestown location. So you can’t order anything with sprinkles or donut sticks.
  • Almost never connects 3/5

    By Bethsodas
    I can be in the Dunkin Donuts using their wifi, have otherwise great wifi, or good cellular service and it still always tells me it can’t connect, so I can never use it! In the past, before I had this problem years ago, it was great, but if you can’t get it you can’t use it!
  • So many error messages! 1/5

    By Mindyartzy
    I can never reload money or add new credit cards as there is always an error message! I want to pay without giving the drive thru my cards or cash and this is making it impossible.
  • Let me customize how much almond milk 1/5

    By happycamper0421
    In the app I am able to customize how much milk, cream or skim milk I want. The problem here is that I get my coffee with almond milk. When I click on the almond milk, I am not able to change how much is in there. Please fix this to be like the other milks!
  • Works but can’t order milk alternative 4/5

    By Pizza frankenstein
    Unfortunately I can’t order my favorite drink with this app. There’s no option for almond milk and and I don’t drink regular milk. Unfair as I would use this app on a regular basis and order ahead if I could.
  • Wish all menu options were available 4/5

    By Chuckle42
    I love the app for the most part, but not as much as I love a blueberry cake donut which is nowhere to be found when selecting options for donuts or Munchkins. So for that, you lose a star in my rating.
  • Update Issue 1/5

    By Buscobuzzy
    A couple of days ago the app had an update so I updated it. Today the app had another update and now it tells me the app is not shared with you. To use it you have to buy it from the app store.
  • App problem with add cc 1/5

    By Glodek68
    I try many times add CC and add money but I have many times errors I give up 😡😡😡
  • Good app but.... 3/5

    By shivi168
    It’s a good app that allows me to order ahead. But somehow everything on this app is magically $2 more expensive than what I buy at my local Dunkin Donuts. It’s a good idea but I am not paying $2 extra just to get a medium coffee.
  • Mobile app makes you not like Dunkin 1/5

    By NickDiLo
    Their app rarely works as it should. I’ve lost money because of this several times. Contacting support gets you irrelevant responses as if it’s a careless intern.
  • Good app but needs to allow tipping 4/5

    By Zanercorp
    I use this app all the time but it really should allow adding a tip for all your hard working essential employees especially during this pandemic when no one is trying to handle cash.
  • Money will not load 1/5

    By bbygrll40
    App will not reload money for the last 2 days. “Sorry we are having technical difficulties. Please try again later. App 4205”. Fix your app!
  • Liked squares better 3/5

    By Onlyinpink
    Not a fan of the update
  • Needs fixed 1/5

    By 1v4h87b
    I cant load funds
  • Add tips in the app 5/5

    By Hopeanne031474
    Love the app. I think there should be away to add a tip in the app. That would help people like me who don’t carry cash and the employees.
  • Fred 5/5

    By fess49
    Has made my life better to order ahead of arrival
  • I Lov My Dunkie 5/5

    By daugdo
    I live very close to the DD on 1st Ave 02129. They are all friendly and efficient. It’s always amazingly clean

Dunkin' app comments

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