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Dunkin' App

Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details. Save your favorite menu items to make ordering even faster! Join DD Perks and earn rewards on every Dunkin’ run $1 = 5 points. Every 200 points earns you a free beverage. Plus, get exclusive bonus point-offers. Check out faster Whether you’re stopping in store to scan your app or ordering ahead, load funds to your account to save time on your run. *Location and Notifications may be required to receive promotional offers.

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Dunkin' app reviews

  • Buggy on Orders 1/5

    By RybirdZeus
    Haven’t been able to successfully order 3 of last 10 orders. The “special offers” have never worked.
  • But why 1/5

    By Robzw
    Can’t access the offer tab without adding a credit card or gift card.
  • Auto pay issues 4/5

    By Elmuzzo
    Love this app and Love DD.. but i had an issue at a DD where my card won’t reload.. can’t even set it on the app.. so once i run out of money on my DD card/app they hold my Boston creame hostage .. please fix this
  • Love Dunkin’ but be careful with unstable app 1/5

    By DCenteno94
    Dunkin' is my go to when I’m craving coffee. However, the app is a bit unstable and crashed while I put my order in and it charged my card twice. I emailed support and they gave me a gift card with the amount that I was double charged when I asked for a refund. Then I asked again if it was possible to get a refund instead and they never got back to me. I guess refunds are not possible when using the app so be careful in case you get charged multiple times. Love Dunkin’ but I would just order at the store.
  • Order Ahead is all but useless 2/5

    By TheKrystalRose
    I’ve had the app for several years now and each update seems to make it a little bit worse. The navigation is not user friendly. It repeatedly glitches and crashes. The amount left on gift cards is regularly wrong. There is zero option to tip. The most recent update removed and hid multiple menu options that are standard in store, which has made ordering ahead impossible. I love Dunkin, but this app is garbage.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Reesedh
    I won’t allow me to put in a new card and keeps saying it’s experiencing “technical difficulties”. Useless since I can’t even put my card in the pay.
  • Cant even use 1/5

    By 42Potatoes
    While adding payment, I can’t even select the e-mail address field to fill it in and complete the process.
  • Disappointing app 2/5

    By jim2918
    I found out the hard way that if you place an order from a particular store using there mobile app that item may or may not be available when you go to pickup. The worst part is you cannot get a refund from the store, you have to call the Duncan mobile app people, who may give you a store credit. In my case I did not get full credit for the item I payed for.
  • I WOULD love it.....IF my orders EVER went through 1/5

    By CheekySweetie
    So every time I try to order the app says there is a “problem with my card” which is interesting since the notification from my bank for the charge DOES go through. Yeah it falls off, but that’s not the point. I’m trying to protect THEIR employees by limiting contact with my stuff but it almost never works. I get emails for extra points if I use mobile ordering but I can’t ever actually get them because the app almost NEVER works. I don’t understand what is so hard, clearly the connection to my bank is fine or I would not get the notification. About to delete this waste of space on my phone because all it does is constantly disappoint me.
  • Payment 1/5

    By Y.E.N.F
    I love the app but there are a number of glaring problems that make the app super annoying. For example it doesn’t tell you how much add ons for sandwiches and stuff are, will just say “extra cheese” with no visible price showing how much more expensive it gets. It has lead me to spending an extra $10 once as I got some breakfast for my coworkers and I and wanted to get a big one. Paying through the app also just doesn’t work at all, it says APP4241 and wants me to verify information but I’m using my Apple Pay which works everywhere else? It’s a nice app and the rare occasion everything works is a great and easy app to use but it’s just these issues that hold it back as well as some minor UI problems in my opinion.
  • Earning points 1/5

    By Breonna523
    I don’t like that fact you have to scan for points before you pay. The lines are beyond long and I’m being considered of my times and others. I forget to pull out the phone and scan for points. It should be printed on the receipt to refer back to later. This method to earn points is very tough. Good memory. If not you don’t earn. Not cool.
  • BEST STORE!!! 5/5

    By auddie490
    This is the best store in the area! The people Are super friendly & quick, & ALWAYS Give my puppy a treat! ( no store does that!) This is why this store is my favorite!!! Tyler is the great guy usually there to greet You at the drive thru... ( if you’re lucky!)

    By eff off racists
    Hi- i earned free drinks TWICE SO far on the app with my points- and i got my so called “free drink” at 200points. Well, so it says in the fine print that it includes any drink except for iced drinks and it says some espresso shots and flavors MAY be extra, depends on location basically but it is good for any hot beverage... So you came out with the extra caffeine choices and yet I’m not able to order my midnight coffee- or the explorer blend etc. doesn’t matter. It clearly falls under the eligible category. The stores acknowledge that it SHOULD BE FREE BUT THEY SAY THEY CAN’T DO ANY THING BC THE APP NEEDS TO BE UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE NEW CHOICES. Well, can Y’all just do that please before Its gone? Wah wah wah lol
  • My $ is being stolen!!!! 1/5

    By MandyJackson
    I loved this app!!! Until about 4 weeks ago and noticed that my money is being stolen. I live in Ohio and I found a transaction in New Jersey for over $30. I have tried to call, email etc. everything is a virtual chat type thing. I am beside myself. I wondered why I had to keep loading my card. Wondered why my free coffees were disappearing. Please be cautious using this app. There is no way to get your money back. Customer service is a joke.
  • I did something 2/5

    By Evan404Warrobots
    I accidentally ordered something for the second time but I didn’t want to, still didn’t get my money back (7.45$)
  • Sweetner options 4/5

    By Alex😡😠😡😠😡😠
    There is no liquid sugar option for coffee in the app, its literally keeping using the app in general
  • Overcharging for GO2s 1/5

    By jlowe1687
    When Dunkin’ has their GO2 specials you get grossly overcharged in the app. I ordered 2 egg and cheese wraps which were supposed to be 2 for $2. The app charged the regular price plus charged an extra fee for the egg and the cheese...charged extra for what is supposed to come on the wrap?! Come in Dunkin’, this wasn’t a problem 6 months ago...please fix this!
  • Hi 1/5

    By Gibsterst
    I can’t place an order they the app every time it’s says there’s an error
  • Card design bug 3/5

    By Pimp my screen user
    This issue is consistent. If I go to my card and press design to pick a new one or swap it out for a new one, it shows up but when I exit out of the app and go back in, it reverts to the old card design. Please respond to my message if you can and let me know if this is something that you can fix. Thanks.
  • I can't order anything 2/5

    By PaigeM1031
    While this app is great for looking at the menu, that's all its good for. When I click the order button, it does absolutely nothing. It's frustrating. I've tried deleting and redownloading the app & nothing has helped. I can't order online either, it just redirects me to the app which has never worked
  • Beware of food purchases 2/5

    By Colddarkwind
    The app works fine for beverages BUT it’s a total gamble for food purchases. It you order something they are out of,(has happened a couple of times to me) they cannot refund the price back to your Dunkin’ card. You have to produce the original credit card that your Dunkin’ card was funded with in order to get a refund.
  • Irritated 1/5

    By Ikjgdbrb
    I haven’t been able to order on this app in MONTHS. Irritated. It keeps saying time allotted for time has expired which I don’t understand. They’re open soo.
  • Doesnt work on Iphones 1/5

    By a_montenegro14
    Ive only been able to do one purchase on this app and it was a couple of months ago. Ever since I have not been able to order anything off this app. It doesn’t seem to accept any card information. Keeps showing error “App4209”. Really no point in having this app if it doesn’t seem to work for what it’s intended to do.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Bean n Boo
    Very hard to place an order on the app. I’ve only been successful twice and the second time, the store said they never received the order even though I had paid for it with my credit card. They refused to honor it and made me pay for the order again even though I showed them the receipt in the app. I contacted customer service like they told me but all I got was a run around and never did get credit for that charge. Other issues- Can’t edit your cart sometimes because it keeps saying ‘can’t connect to the store’. Won’t work on all devices- On an iPad the order screen is small like you are ordering on a phone. You can’t order and pay at the window, which is an issue because of the first problem I mentioned- They lose your order make you pay twice! I would stay away from loading you credit card in this app and honestly the company doesn’t respond to issues!
  • Wish you could tip on the app! 5/5

    By J0ng0
    I love Dunkin and this app, I just wish you had an option to tip on the app! I sometimes forget to have cash on me so I can tip.
  • It’s OK if not hacked 1/5

    By I will find out
    App is OK if you can manage to use it without getting hacked. But if you’re me, then someone steals all of the money out of your account and Dunkin Donuts doesn’t help you get it back. 👎
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Infinite729
    The app crashes every time I try to see my additional cards. This is incredibly frustrating
  • Great app but rewards functionality needs improvement 4/5

    By lalau sujeira
    I love the app and usually place several orders on a weekly basis. However, the free beverage rewards is not applying the credit correctly. If I order 1 L coffee and 1 XL it always credit the amount for the L not the XL. I have to place 2 separate orders to get the correct credit and this creates confusion....
  • love dunkin but... 3/5

    By kaiteisha
    i get dunkin every day which obviously means i use this app a lot. i have a few problems with it. first, sometimes when i order my coffee it automatically puts the quantity as 2 instead of just 1 which has led me to order the wrong amount once before. but i watch out for it now. additionally, the app has trouble opening at times so i will literally be in the drive thru and can’t get it to load to be scanned. also, i do not like how you cannot leave comments if you make a mobile order. sometimes my dunkin doesn’t have stuff that i prefer and when i show up to pick up my order that’s when i have to find out that i didn’t receive what i originally ordered. it’d be nice to leave a note for a second option in case they are out of something, or somehow be contacted about it.
  • KAB 3/5

    By KAB Video
    I like the idea behind the app. I like the free beverage for using the app. My problem is that I found the original version not user friendly and it took me months to figure it out. This created some stress between me and the staff. Once some changes were made, I could use previous orders to get my order. In the last week(s) I lost access to my previous orders and even the Dunkin’ I was parked at. In ordering items from the menu, you don’t have the price next to them. The only way to see them is to put them in an order. Most times the price will help me make my decisions. I won’t order donuts with the app because I don’t trust that the app has an accurate list of what is available in that store. I get inspired about my selection by seeing what is available.
  • Can’t load app on iPad 2/5

    By hammertc
    I had app and it wouldn’t load anymore. I deleted app and tried to reload and can’t. Why???
  • App crashes 2/5

    By shellshokx
    Too often the app crashes and can’t order coffee. It’s even ate my free coffee earned through purchases when the app was acting up one day
  • I don’t understand why the app doesn’t let me order 6 donuts. 1/5

    By Bread1919
    Every time I try to add 6 donuts in the cart, it returns an error.
  • app has gone downhill 2/5

    By Ifzz
    pretty lame that you removed the automatic card payment + points option, now I have to scan & then give them my credit card, the point of the scan was to not have other people touch my card or use it on machines. Not to mention the app is constantly having performance issues. taking too long to load in between selections, causing me to go somewhere else.
  • Add an option to tip 4/5

    By Antique nanny
    Love the Dunkin’ app and I use it almost every day. But please add an option to tip through the app! I would tip every trip but I don’t always carry cash with me. Starbucks has the option to tip their baristas thought the app, why doesn’t Dunkin’? I used to work in the service industry so I know how helpful tips are to income. Please consider this improvement!
  • I wanted this app to work, it's getting worse. 1/5

    By 357 MAG
    DD card in the wallet never shows the correct card balance. More than once I have had to use my AMEX card to complete a transaction because the wallet card showed the incorrect funds on the app.
  • Best rewards app 5/5

    By bobby_lashley
    DD perks app always engage on providing rewards everyday. The best update to this app reacently I have observed after using this app over last few years is that loading the card with a minimum amount of $2 which was $10 earlier. Great update. Keep going 👍🏼
  • Coupons 5/5

    By MegNA88
    I absolutely love my Dunkin app and I use it EVERYDAY!! I feel that in addition to earning points and free drinks they should add coupons onto the app. I don’t often get the coupons that come in the mail but when I do I take advantage of them, but what holds me up is the you can’t do an on the go order and use a coupon. I always do on the go orders because sometimes they take a hot minute to get to you, the line is ridiculously long, or they never get the order correct when you verbally tell them. Allowing the coupons to be available on the app would make it 100% simpler. We are always looking for simplicity in our busy lives. Please strongly consider this!
  • More caffeine options 4/5

    By JaviGuzz
    I usually buy half decaf coffees. I dislike how for signature lattes it does give you an option for half decaf. Only when you order normal coffee either iced or hot is when you get the option for half caff. I’d appreciate if all the coffee selections offer half decaf. I had to order through drive thru for a half caff and it worked but then I tried a different location and they said they don’t do half caffeinated lattes. Huh? But I had a half caffeinated drink at another store!! Please offer the option of HALF CAFFEINATED for all your DRINKS! PLEASE!! I love Dunkin’ and this would be such a great feature.
  • Repeat Charges on One Bagel 1/5

    By Ddhhdbjhhfvjjjjjhvvc
    This app continues to charge my bank card. I ordered one bagel...
  • Mobile orders always messed up 2/5

    By wow, you thought
    I would like to preface this review by saying I am not entirely sure which is faulty, the app or the stores I have been to. In any case, I’ve ordered off the app about 3 times and each time something has been amiss. The first time it did not send my order to the closest location (even though I clicked on it) but instead sent it to one I’ve been to a handful of times. I’ve been to many different locations in my area and they’ve never showed up so I don’t know why it chose this one. I ended up having to reorder at the correct location and the other store told me they couldn’t issue a refund over the phone/cancel the order even though it was never fulfilled. The second time I ordered a hot coffee on a 37° morning, and was given a large iced coffee. I was running late for work and didn’t have time to sit while they remade it. The last (and final) time I used this app to order, I got a large coffee and the sourdough sandwich at around 9:02 AM. When I walked in the store and went to the pick up window (and I know this is their issue) no one approached me and after 10 minutes I stopped one of the workers and asked about my order. It appeared they had no idea about the order as they never came back around. By 9:26 I was late for work, still no sight of my order and other people had been coming and going. Finally I asked about my order again and I’m assuming the manager approached me to inform me they did not sell that specific breakfast sandwich. Horrible customer service from then on out, manager told me they did not sell that item. My problem with the app is that it allowed me to order something “not on the menu” at a certain location. I contacted customer service and a guy was saying he would “investigate” the problem. As he was looking up my orders I don’t know if I got put on hold or the call cut out but the phone hung up and I have no clue if I’m going to get my money back. With that being said, it seems the main issue here is lack of decent customer service on the store and support side and the lesser issue is that the app developers have not made a customer friendly app.
  • Use is most days 5/5

    By Ae1234
    I haven’t had any trouble with the app. It works all the time for me. Upgrade possibility: I wish I could “name” a store/location instead of just making it a favorite. There are 6 or 8 Dunkin Donuts that are convenient to me depending on which direction I’m heading. I would like to name a store “Near Work” or “By the mall”.
  • App needs more customization 3/5

    By phantomanda
    I love Dunkin’ and the app is good for the most part, but the app needs some work. I can’t select more than one flavor swirl and also be able to control how many pumps of each swirl - it just defaults to the standard amount in a drink. I like my drinks less sweet and it makes it a bummer when I want to try new things :(
  • bad service 1/5

    By athena wenger
    having nothing against the app but do not use it to order online. employees will put online order at the bottom of their priority and i had to wait 20 mins while she did drive thru orders even though they arrived after we did. the entire order didnt even go through and half our order was missing even though it was on the reciept and i had paid for it. very displeased and will not be using again
  • Extremely unreliable 1/5

    By Jackiewoodin
    I love the intent of this app and have been able to use is often with success. That said it is not reliable at all. On more times than I can count the app will be unavailable or specific features don’t work. Most recently regular hot coffee has been removed as an ordering option. This problem has been goin on for 4 days straight. Emails and surveys to Dunkin Donuts go unanswered. Do better Dunkin Donuts
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kat32691
    I had 2 gift cards on the app and used them over the course of 2 purchases ($6 and then $37) and it’s telling me I have 30 points. Makes absolutely no sense. Thought it was 5 points for every $1 spent.
  • better than average for a loyalty app... 2/5

    By ihatewritingreviewsbut......
    ...but the quickness with which “free/rewards-earned drinks” expire now is completely aggravating, particularly during a pandemic when everyone’s unemployed. “no free drinks for you if you don’t live nextdoor to a location, or make specific trips out of your area for coffee most people rip on constantly” is a questionable pitch. it’s also part of why i just started brewing better coffee at home for 1/25 the price. oh well. ...but at least they’ve gotten the app itself to a fairly functional level. [shrug].
  • Yes! 5/5

    By eDubbsy
    Dunkin’ found THE developer for their app! This app is so consistently reliable and is such a breath fresh air in comparison to competitors and other fast food chains! Bravo Dunkin’ & the development team for the app!!
  • Chicagoland free coffee mondays 2/5

    By KateRopp
    Why won’t it apply the free coffee reward? Happening to me and my friends in check out