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  • Current Version: 10.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dunkin' Donuts
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dunkin' App

Order ahead & skip the wait! Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! All app users can place their order ahead through the Dunkin’ app and skip the wait in store. Try all our contactless pickup options – walk-in pickup, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details. Join Dunkin’ Rewards to earn FREE food and drinks! Runnin' has its rewards. Join our new rewards program, DUNKIN’ REWARDS, to earn your choice of free food and drinks, unlock Boosted Status to earn points faster and score members-only exclusive offers. Members earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases in-store or when they order ahead. Pay Any Way Dunkin’ Rewards members earn points any way they pay – cash, credit/debit, Dunkin’ Card or Apple Pay. Dunkin' Rewards members can setup auto-reload so their Dunkin’ Card never runs out of funds. Customize Make it your own! There’s over 14,000 ways to customize your order when you order ahead on the app. Plus, Dunkin’ Rewards members can save their favorite orders and Dunkin’ locations, and schedule their mobile orders up to 24 hours in advance. Send a Gift Card Need a last-minute gift or a special pick-me-up? Dunkin’ Rewards members can send Dunkin’ Gift Cards via text or email from the app.

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Dunkin' app reviews

  • App is nice but… 1/5

    By lavalampfloyd
    I have enjoyed the app for awhile, but a bagel with cream cheese can no longer be preordered?! I’ve tried at three different stores. No answer from help desk either.
  • Terrible app - great company and product 2/5

    By CharlieOjs
    Removed Apple Watch support. Did I miss the communication advising the end users? Try ordering a muffin that isn’t warmed. You can’t. Nobody can tell me why, not even the franchise operators … who would prefer to sell them not warmed. Program crashes …. Never the apps fault. Always the end user. Dunkin needs to step up the quality of support or get another company to outsource to. I am a 30 year customer.
  • Poor people skills 2/5

    By Mister Heaven
    Little to no hospitality at most of the local DD. It’s like they hate their job!
  • New app; no bagel with butter?? 1/5

    By shaybay561
    Don’t understand why I can’t order a bagel with butter on the app anymore. This is ridiculous having to wait in line (a long line) so I can order a bagel with butter. 🙄 fix the app. I want to make my mobile order ahead of time so I don’t have to wait. 🫰🫰 get it together.
  • Dunkin Donut 5/5

    By debrajane04
    Beg needed to fix I opened for pay but it’s keep loading.
  • On the run 5/5

    By Quincy latte lover ❤️
    Love my Dunkin’s app! So easy!! 😍
  • App crashes and logs out 1/5

    By Fountains7
    Not only does the app crash but logs me out and does not recognize my login info. What in the world! Y’all be making Bank and can’t pay a decent person to fix this issue? So upsetting
  • Not great for allergy having people 3/5

    By max jf
    App works great for the most part. I wish there was a write-in section for allergy instructions. Whenever I order in person I always ask the barista to shake my coffee instead of stirring, because the stir stick is the same one they use for almond milk. There’s no way to alert them of this in the app, and I’ve sometimes had to have coffee remade after asking about allergens.
  • Stop changing this app!!! 2/5

    By JungleflexJake
    1) you keep making it worse 2) it means I have to keep reloading my card info Just stop.
  • Point System 1/5

    By SMS9
    The new point system you have implemented is terrible. Keep it simple. That is what I like about Dunkin. You don’t have all these different names for sizes & coffees. Don’t lose that with your customers
  • Prices 2/5

    By sisyer lll
    Your prices are too expensive. I just ordered a large strawberry dragonfruit coconut refresher and it was $5.43 with tax.
  • Dunkin is the best 5/5

    By Dunkin is amazing
    I love their coffee and donuts
  • Coffee points 4/5

    By i🧡coffee
    I enjoy the new app except for one thing. The points to earn iced coffee should not have been raised. It takes wayyyyy too long to earn enough for an iced coffee 🙁👎🏻
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By Kraven33
    The app is easy to get around in. The new reward system is sweet. Not jus drinks
  • Annoying app 2/5

    By Kileykoeppe
    Consistent and unnecessary logouts. I’ve had this app for years and the only one I have to log into more is my bank. This is not a bank app, and I’m just here for the points. Cool it with the login requests, please.
  • Make favorites work please 4/5

    By Sing it Lori
    I love the app. I especially love the location-based intelligence — it’s surprisingly good. I love that it alerts me when I’m not close enough to the store that I’m ordering from because I may have selected the one near work when I’m home on accident. That saves us both aggravation and money. The one feature that’s not working for me is favorites. I haven’t found the way to set a favorite yet. It tells me I can do it after check out, but I still don’t see the button to press. I tried going to my transactions list where my past orders are kept, but I don’t see it there. Help me out please and make it more obvious. Thanks!
  • Annoyed a little 4/5

    By tramshr
    Love the Dunkin app but anything new that comes out it shows new things but I am never able to try them via the app since I am always in a hurry for work and use the app all the time. Annoyed that I can’t click on new items and they don’t actually show up in the app for me. Otherwise I love the app very much and it’s convenient.
  • Greeting 5/5

    By Mary’s morning favorite
    Please please stop greeting drive thru customers with the….hay,hay.hay…are you going to be using the mobile app today? Stop it! It’s not a good way to start off the day!
  • Keep getting error messages 1/5

    By Crispyk88
    I continue to get error messages when trying to place an order through the app
  • Performance is unreliable, design is poor 1/5

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    I placed an order the day before. I arrived to pick up the order next morning, and the store told me they had just received my order “2 minutes ago.” In the end, because of the wait, I arrived late to my meeting. This is not acceptable, since the store opened one hour before my large order should have been ready. Most of other times though, the process worked well. The second complaint is the fact I have thousands of points and the app will not let me redeem them easily. Every time I convert the points in a mobile order, the items in the end is never free. Dunkin charges my card and takes the points. Terrible! Even when they scan in store the points don’t go through so the cashier ends up refunding me in cash what they accidentally charge my debit card. What a mess!
  • Trash 2/5

    By SD12
    Ditching the birthday drink was bad enough but the fact that this app barely functions compared to a year ago??? Get wrecked. Constantly just erases an in progress order if you lose connection for even the slightest second.
  • Awful!!! 1/5

    By imaracas
    Why is butter no longer a add on. There is not even an option now when I want to order a bagel. Just cream cheese. Please fix
  • Lovely! 5/5

    By 💗Kylie💗
    Once you figure out how to use it. It’s amazing! I save so much money when I use the app!
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Hannah91983
    I used to love ❤️ this app, but because it has so many issues I skip ordering and just make my coffee ☕️ at home. Shame I used to love the old format…not worth it anymore.
  • Employees are clueless 1/5

    By 6778354
    Employees know nothing about the app so that’s annoying
  • America runs on Dunkin’s this app is dodo 1/5

    By nudepinkcills
    Why does the discounts not work ??? this is a waste.. I’m going back to Starbucks fam 😭
  • Very poor service & low quality products 1/5

    By Alio0o0o
    America should run away from dumkin
  • Broken app 1/5

    By tretre674
    I can’t even log in so that I can earn points. I’ve tried logging in online as well as the app. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again. Nerve wrecking I tell ya.
  • Fix the app! 2/5

    By Bt2805
    Why does the app now not allow you to add butter or butter spread to your bagel?
  • Wont let me order, I’m losing boosted points!!! 1/5

    By Renae1275
    I usually order everyday, i havent not be able to order for a week now. It will not accept my Apple Pay and i cant go inside or through drive thei to order because they are slow as molasses on a Canadian winter day and will make me late to work. I have to order from home then go and it will be ready. I notified the help desk and it just told me to upload the most current revision and het a newer phone..…..I have a newer phone and my app is updated…..ok what-else as i lose points????
  • Where is the butter option?! 1/5

    By MmandiW
    No butter option for bagels anymore but the store has it!
  • Cost 4/5

    By Rockledge Mt
    Getting to be too expensive Cheaper and just as good at McDonalds
  • Create account flow crash and couldn’t sign in after sign up on web 1/5

    By Ivan995
    Create account by gmail then it crash. I create account on web browser, and then try sign in on mobile. Keep getting error
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Hol$:&:
    Why was the butter option taken away?! And when I order muffins the only options I get are blueberry and crumb cake even though they always have more options in store. And update your nutritional info, nobody wants to sift through a 200 page PDF, its ridiculous! All the money ya’ll charge, you can at least afford to update the nutrition menu like every other single place out there!
  • Love dunkins 5/5

    By Kris92ten
    They are very friendly and always have a smile on their face. I’ve been coming here for a while now and will continue coming back.
  • Needs refund feature 3/5

    By CantStandStupid
    App functionality is good. Frustrated that there is no capability for refund. So tired of ordering ahead on the app then the location is out of something when you arrive. If I order something, that’s what I want, not some lame substitution. And no, I can’t always “come back tomorrow” to get what I ordered today! Just make a cancel order function or make staff able to cancel the order from their end when they see they are unable to fulfill it. I’d be much happier to know my order was canceled from the store than to make the trip to the store and wait in line then realize it. If this is not fixed, I will be canceling my app usage.
  • Rewards system is bad 3/5

    By nina dorson
    I swear they started charging for cold foam only after I got the app updated. Also too hard to get rewards And app format isn’t that user-friendly
  • Where are the flavors? 1/5

    By SkyeMatthews
    Why are customers unable to see more than like 10 donut types?
  • Needs Refund Option 1/5

    By lvnburgo
    Good app but i can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve ordered something for pickup and when i got there was told they are out of that item. When that happens there should be an option to get refunded like doordash has.. why am i paying for something that i don’t end up getting?
  • Never able to connect to my store 1/5

    By Georgeb212121
    Always getting a connectivity issue with my store and never able to place orders
  • Free offers from LOTS of purchases 1/5

    By Myles1990dhfjjf
    I used to get way more free drinks. I thought I was a valued customer but you guys got greedy. Shame on you.
  • jud 5/5

    By patrick3693
    i like the app
  • Si good mmmmm 5/5

    By maria micaela castillo
    Mi delicioso desayuno simpre en Dkd 🎤🎸🎼🪕
  • Credit card glitch 1/5

    By Ap21r says ok
    Not letting me add my credit card onto the app. Keeps glitching and not giving a reason why. I know my cards have money in the accounts and I have used multiple different cards to try to remedy this
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By EJG2015
    The new format of the app makes it harder to redeem points and use them for purchases. I lost 900 points trying to redeem points.
  • Service and the app 4/5

    By Garytom
    Love most of the service at Dunkin but figuring out the offers and free stuff does get confusing at least to me anyway .
  • Add option to customize tea drinks with Milk - PLEASE!!!!! 3/5

    By carrieme!
    Please include the option to customize adding types of MILK to Iced Tea!!!! Tea lovers like to add milk too. 🙏
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By juicebox_xo
    Use it daily for the last year and now nothing works. Can’t edit cards, can’t place orders. Tried deleting and reinstalling and it won’t let me log in. Guess I’m done drinking Dunkin.
  • Glitchy app 3/5

    By All_smiles_girly
    This app is great when it functions. I find it to be much too glitchy. Can’t reload my balance easily. Has happened on multiple occasions. I’ve emailed customer service but the reply that I need to call to discuss 🤦🏼‍♀️