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Dunkin' App

Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details. Save your favorite menu items to make ordering even faster! Join DD Perks and earn rewards on every Dunkin’ run $1 = 5 points. Every 200 points earns you a free beverage. Plus, get exclusive bonus point-offers. Check out faster Whether you’re stopping in store to scan your app or ordering ahead, load funds to your account to save time on your run. *Location and Notifications may be required to receive promotional offers.

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Dunkin' app reviews

  • Problem 3/5

    By Mira Saia
    The biggest problem is that I never had points. Even though I ordered through the app and I must have been owed so many points and the app does crash constantly.🫠
  • Do not use Apple Pay 1/5

    By JeffreyAiiR
    The app took my money but never actually placed my order so every time I kept trying it just kept taking money out of my account. Do not use this app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mobutuzaire
    Very useful app. Makes life easier ordering Coffee drinks and something to eat.
  • Very very very unhappy 1/5

    By zeefabs
    No matter how early I place my order I’ll always have to wait an hour very dissatisfied don’t think I’ll be ordering from Dunkin’s no more
  • Disappearing Points 2/5

    By Dg78999
    My points just some how “magically” disappeared and it has not even been six months let alone a year. Thats seems very sketchy to me and because of that I wont be using this app after Im done with my remaining rewards. Also the two step verification seems a little tedious for a food app which can be frustrating sometimes. When you try to get help from the reps they try to bounce you around or insinuate your lying its ridiculous. I called today and the language barrier was so bad and she didnt want to help I just gave up.
  • Dunkin’ iced coffee 5/5

    By Ninoredd24
    They are amazing
  • Dunkin 3/5

    By finkelface
    Best coffee ever both my brothers and I love our DD everyday!
  • French cruelers 4/5

    By Dive'
    What's the deal with not getting French cruelers on a regular basis? Also, I'm having a hard time putting "my favorites" on my new iPhone 14 Pro. It makes it so much easier to order when I can just click on "favorites," like I had on my previous iPhone. I'm also having a hard time ordering ahead while I'm not near a DD store. I can't access the add app!
  • How about phone numbers for ddperks... 1/5

    By kfev25
    Why do we have to download another app to get ddperks?? Every other store just uses a phone number. And what about those people who don’t have smartphones? Or those who have outdated smartphones that can’t use the app? Plain old stupid app requirement.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Stinkfist1621
    Constantly freezes, logs you out & when you attempt to login is says having technical issues.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Fasteddie82
    Order what you want get it right.
  • When you want to use it, you can’t 1/5

    By HDBoogie
    The ordering does not work and the Scan option is not working either with the new iO16 update.
  • I hate this app!! It never works! Ever! 1/5

    By Klea127
    This is THE Worst app. Never functions properly. Constantly logs you out. I have had to have multiple accounts because I’m constantly unable to get into them consistently. Always error codes. Finally just had enough today. I’ve waited for over 30 minutes trying to get into any 1 of my accounts- so I can save my points somehow, but nope, same crap different day.
  • Took my reward 1/5

    By Jim Georgia
    I had a free drink. My order said it took my reward but didn’t take it off my order, so I lost the reward and paid for my drink
  • App good but has issues 3/5

    By outlook is a pain
    Using the app today was horrible! Would not process adding funds to my card. Deleted all cards on my account. All offers were missing. App needs to be able to handle when lots of people use it for free item days
  • Disappointed dunkin gal 3/5

    By yauzahhh
    I’m all for dunkin. So it’s really upsetting at how poorly the app works. It’s National Coffee Day and they offered a free medium coffee through the app but the app wouldn’t load my offer. I searched up the promo code for it, it doesn’t work. Then the offer disappeared before I even ordered. I went into Dunkin to ask if I could order in person and scan the app for the promo and when they scanned, it didn’t show any promos, and they couldn’t even give me the free coffee. But I hadn’t ordered at all that day. The app constantly said there was technical difficulties. If you’re going to offer a promo that would gain a lot of traffic on the app, why don’t you prepare to handle that amount of traffic? Or offer a working scan so people can order in person as well for the promo. Besides this, I experienced difficulties once in a while where I’d order, pay, but the order doesn’t go through on the app so the store doesn’t receive it. I’d get charged on my card (often times the charge is pending so it doesn’t go through) and I’d have to order in-person anyways. It never bothered me enough since it was only once in a while, but this national coffee day promo issue is my breaking point. PLEASE FIX THE APP BECAUSE IT’S GETTING REALLY FRUSTRATING.
  • App has never worked for me 1/5

    By jasoneg15
    I have downloaded and re-downloaded this app to try and sign into my account and it never works.
  • Starbucks > 1/5

    By @carsonebel
    Won’t add deals and when it does, it changes the price as I’m paying. Won’t add my card to wallet and won’t process my payment.
  • App is not working 1/5

    By jwoodz138
    Here to edit my review again and again it’s the same issue but now I can’t get past the privacy policy that comes up on the screen when you open the app! This is shameful!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By melir26
    This app is so frustrating.. it never works and is constantly deleting my points. I went to use it today and it won’t even let me sign in.
  • Terrible glitchy app - couldn’t even place an order 1/5

    By LittleBoxes89
    Title says it all - wanted a donut and coffee but couldn’t get the app to work on my iPad or iPhone and Dunkin’ Donuts doesnt let you place a mobile order online. I got so frustrated i decided to just get my food somewhere else all together
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By haiahaiuddv
    Won’t let me sign in to dd perks
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jas0499
    How do you crash on the highest volume day of the year?
  • App crash 2/5

    By Every girl ever
    Very convenient for the app to crash on free coffee day :/ it didn’t seem to work for a lot of people. Please fix this
  • Needs more offers and rewards 2/5

    By Kremfinn
    Free beverage shouldn’t expire. I spent $ and got a free beverage and then the free bev expired? What’s with that? Also these Dunkin’s are all franchises w corporate oversight. Where are the offers? Father’s Day, valentines, etc, no special offer. Ever. Only “extra points on a Monday” WTH? Back to school? Teacher appreciation? Sons day? Love my shelter pet? Houseplant day? Anything? You make donuts and coffee. Drum up some offers. I see special donuts for holidays (the heart donut, the spooky donut) but the shop is always out of them. What? Did y’all only make 60? My local donut shop has more special events than my local Dunkin’. Local shop has make your own kits for kids for bday, holiday, etc. A plain donut w a couple icing tubes and sprinkles. How hard is that? An easy $5 for $1 worth of product. There are websites calendars and listings of “holidays”. Pick some and make an offer. You know people will order more than just the offer. Jeez. Free munchkin w a coffee? Yes pls.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Rosetta682
    The app constantly glitches and makes it impossible to put an order in at times. Incredibly frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jenny260000000000
    I’ve been trying to log in to this app for literal years. It just won’t let me in. I’ve even hit the ‘forgot password’ option. No email ever comes. I like Dunkin’, but this is the reason I don’t go there anymore. (I’m so surprised that there are so many 4 and 5 star reviews. A lot of the written parts on these reviews scream for a lower score in my opinion. I suggest going off what is written.)
  • Offer free coffee, only in app. 1/5

    By Hayden5935
    9/29/2022, National Coffee Day. Dunkin offered free coffee with any purchase only available through the app. Coincidentally, the app crashes and is literally unable to process the offer or any order. Thanks Dunkin’! What a great deal this turned out to be.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By _ss_1208_
    App rarely works correctly, especially during high capacity times or during promotions. Terrible app.
  • Apple pay not working 1/5

    By Jendarci
    I used to love this app, it makes ordering quickly on the go super easy, but lately the Apple Pay option hasn’t been working. It works with every other app on my phone, so I know the problem is specific to this app. Also, it won’t save credit card information, so I have to re-enter my card number every time. It’s no longer quick and easy because of these issues, I hope they get resolved with the next update.

    By Manette LeNoir
  • now broken 1/5

    By vicj0107
    broken with last update, opening brings up terms and conditions it doesn’t let me accept
  • The worst app 1/5

    By kfmuldo
    Buggy, never works and always crashes
  • Not working 1/5

    By JemJewel
    Why was my payment card erased? and it’s not even letting me add the same back or a new one.
  • Apple Pay doesn’t work 1/5

    By LMH105
    Apple Pay doesn’t work . Ever. I had my card linked and it deleted my cards. Sadly I do t have time to keep adding my cards so I’m deleting this .
  • App doesn’t work on free coffee day, but the app is required to get the free coffee 1/5

    By terrilcooper
    Pathetic. Store didn’t know how to honor the offer without the app at the drive through. I did go in a speak to a manager who gave me the free coffee. While I definitely appreciated that, it seems that there are too many problems with this app for it to be useful. It’s just easier to go somewhere else.
  • Constantly hangs 2/5

    By BTKzMA
    Go to order and wheel keeps spinning then essentially crashes. Not reliable, especially when you are in a rush. Update: it also crashes when I try to Sign In with Apple, saying an unknown error occurred
  • Got scammed on free coffee day 1/5

    By EZ212
    Went to get a free coffee on free coffee day. The app never took off the amount. Red banner came up and said we can not handle your request. Fail!!
  • Transaction history 3/5

    By okbutcanyoumakethisupdate
    I wish y’all would update the app and make it so we could see when and how much we spent at Dunkin’ regardless if the money is cash or in the app itself, it scans the qr it can also send a record of the transaction to the app- I never get my receipt &today 9/29/22 it’s coffee day and your app says free coffee w any purchase - cool so why was I charged 10$ for a coffee and my latte? I never get a receipt and I have no “transaction history” cause I paid cash but also had my app scanned. I literally go to Dunkin’ 2 sometimes 3 times a day, it’s upsetting.
  • FIX THE APP! 1/5

    By Dayycallmeexit
    I love Dunkin so much but it pains me to say that I will probably stop going because THE APP NEVER WORKS!! How can you run American but not your own app? It's ridiculous.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By StephNJ
    Never works. Can’t add a card or update a card, orders don’t work half the time and takes a long time to use when it does work.
  • Rewards/points don’t ever work 3/5

    By FranksToeKnife
    As the title says my rewards/points never work… I have deleted and reinstalled multiple times and it did nothing to help out… idk if it’s a bug or what….
  • Purcellville Va - Dunkin Donuts 2/5

    By 500 Adam
    The App and what is available in the store is not accurate. They are not adequately stocked. Just went and no donuts to order and no apple or organize juice. Why did I go? Employees are nice though.
  • High Standards 5/5

    By trashCoco
    Who ever made this app, knew what they were doing
  • Cannot pay 1/5

    By Acrylic_Kyng
    I can place an order in but apple pay does not process the transaction anymore. Its been working fine for weeks, now all of a sudden this week when I tried using my debit card or apple pay it fails. I tried removing and re adding my debit card and it does not let me add it anymore. My debit card works fine everywhere else even online. Might have to delete this app if its not fixed, seems to be happening to multiple other users as well.
  • DPerks unable to work 1/5

    By Dasreyh
    The app blocks you from using the entire bottom navigation part of the app if you don’t have cellular reception, the Dunkin that I visit is in a giant concrete building with no cellular reception. So when ever I go to Dunkin I cannot open the loyalty ID QR code for the employees to scan to receive my rewards. Very frustrating.
  • Great 5/5

    By Lima Jason
    The Dunkin app is easy to use. You add up points quickly. Much more user friendly than the Starbucks app.
  • Apple Pay doesn’t work 3/5

    By CDot3
    Great app but Apple Pay continues to fail. It’s extremely unreliable. I’ve deleted and started over. It’s my own purchasing app that does it
  • Reloading Issues 3/5

    By Karennedy
    App won't accept card on file or apple pay but will go Into the store with the same card to reload and it works fine. Bank has confirmed that nothing is wrong with the card so it must be the app.