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Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time. License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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  • Apple Watch integration seems to break the mobile app 2/5

    By wobble-bird
    The app works great when I have my Apple Watch on. I can approve access through my watch. But when I’m not wearing my watch, the app on its own does not seem to allow me to connect my my VPN network.
  • resource not found 1/5

    By sdvnyfdwegnutv
  • Not fun 1/5

    By madnug
    Do you like being forced to get an app that takes up time? Me neither.
  • Cisco 1/5

    By 要啥尼克内幕
    Made me to install it on my personal device. I don’t want to.
  • Unabomber was right 1/5

    By bugman1301
    This thing is evil. I have no problems with it, however I extremely frustrated by the fact that the app is mandatory in my university. You can’t run from it, it takes long time and it’s stupid. Even if I throw out my smartphone, this thing still will be needed. I hate it.
  • Actually works 4/5

    By kdmenwbjxudmem
    App works. Comes in handy to generate codes without exiting the page ur in and going back to generate the code. Exiting the page to go to another app to get the code is beneficial.
  • One annoying thing 3/5

    By breezymri
    I like the app. However, one design of the app is annoying me almost every time I use it. Whenever I send a push to my iPhone, it shows up as this thin green bar on top of the app. I then have to tap it for it to go to the confirmation page (with approve and deny buttons). Why do I have to go through the extra step of trying to tap on this thin green bar?
  • Immensely frustrating 1/5

    By ConceptXVer
    Do I like security? Yes. Do I like requiring my phone of all things to guarantee access to my account information and content? No. If I lose my phone or someone steals it I’m SOL for my university account with this app. It does its job and is very simple, but because every 5 hours I need to relog in to my uni acct I need to have my phone on hand I’d strongly prefer having a device cookie or moving validation to email. To people who complain about complainers. Uni accounts aren’t really connected to crucial data unless the student is making a huge mistake in where he/she trusts to protect data
  • obnoxious 1/5

    By donnyboy59
    @universities: stop making us download this crap. who cares if someone hacks my account and gets access to literally nothing.
  • Please Stop. 1/5

    By Preeeyaro
    I don’t know exactly how our university was forced to add this unnecessary step to simply accessing our school accounts but I imagine it was some sort of lobbying. Please stop! Students don’t want this! Students don’t like this! And Students don’t need this! It should be optional, not a mandatory nuisance.
  • Duo 3/5

    By Lynxcat100
    App itself works as it should, but whoever on the marketing team thought it was an appropriate app for universities is totally out of the loop. It’s incredibly frustrating having to authorize it when I’m just trying to check how many meals I have left for the week. I really wish they had a chrome extension for laptops, so I don’t have to take my phone everywhere. I think it would be more appropriate for schools if it remembered devices permanently or just alerted you when a new device tried to access the account, like Google has done for a while. Honestly has me considering buying a USB key to just leave in my computer.
  • Great authenticator app! 5/5

    By RodS-MSFT
    Congrats Duo for this well-written and fluid authenticator app! I hope you remain a good company after your acquisition by Cisco. PS: Unfortunately, as always, there are haters doing crappy reviews of what they have absolutely no clue about - and never will as they’re just too limited and selfish... tons of adults child-like behavior doing unnecessary drama simply because they want to try to enforce they wills at any expense/price. Go see a therapist!
  • utterly annoying 1/5

    By Bubulina a
    Just another way for a company to make money while making our lives more difficult. Really? our university email communications need the security of a bank account?
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By ryangustafson1329
    Wow the ui and flow of this app makes it the most annoying 2 factor app I have used
  • Very very bad 1/5

    By myachis
    I don’t know colleges recommend use this app. It is waste of time. For security there is already username and password. If you forget your phone it will take time. It has no any benefit.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By halvsies_Berry
    I had to download this for school and I find it INCREDIBLY taxing. I don't want it. I shouldn't need it. It's really dumb to be forced to download an app i HATE.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By L-ADC
    I can’t BELIEVE this is what my major company is using..as worthless as they are
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By jdgfar
    Can’t even log into my phone without it saying “session expired”. Have to try multiple times to get it through. Horrible
  • New phone so I got logged out 1/5

    By aj pepelino
    I can’t log back in!!!!
  • How Much 1/5

    By waow1234
    Are they paying you
  • Ridicules waste of time 1/5

    By rlab31245
    Every time I check my email I have to open up this app or answer a phone call to receive a code so I can log in. Isn’t my password enough?
  • It is just another thing to worry about 2/5

    By kensett
    My university decided out of the blue to use this app as a log in rather then regular passwords. It is quite annoying to have to use whenever I want to access anything school related, even check the simplest things. It’s my computer and I hate having to pull out my phone any time I want to even do an assigned reading. Personally, this app is inconvenient. Useful perhaps for businesses, but not for school. I’m not always going to have my phone with me. I can’t access my email or school account if I don’t have it.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Klynnatl
    Must have been a Groupon for the university and health system that, together, are trying to monopolize higher education and healthcare in Georgia. At some point I need to question my personal privacy from THEM.
  • Nothing but a nuisance 1/5

    By Avehay
    The app does not nothing but create problems for a simple task. I highly do not recommend using this app if you are not required to my an instructor.
  • Great! Now I don’t want to check my email anymore 1/5

    By Simmer4Lyfe
    My university is requiring us to use this app in order to connect to our university email account. I have nothing important on that email, except emails from professors. The extra step this app added in makes the log in process so unbelievably annoying, especially if I’m on mobile. Closing my mail app, opening this app, memorizing the code, closing this app, reopening the mail app, and putting the code in just so I can see an announcement from my professor is beyond unnecessary. Absolutely ridiculous. We have passwords that require to be changed every semester for a reason. iPhones already have a thumbprint identification step to make sure it’s YOU who’s entering in the password for a reason. There’s already a lot of security that goes into protecting these accounts, and this app should not be one of them.
  • Required by university 1/5

    By Sir Reggington
    Plenty of other reviews tell the same story. Required by my university to download this USELESS app. I take great measure to create long and secure passwords and use MFA on all of my IMPORTANT ACCOUNTS, and my UNIVERSITY EMAIL AND LOGIN are not one of those important accounts. Now, if my phone dies, I’m screwed. Thanks Duo for participating in scummy business practices with universities that results in this kind of required integration
  • I can’t rate my university as one star so sorry developers 1/5

    By Emily Jar
    The app itself is pretty good with all necessary features for multi-factor authentication. However, the idea of requiring everyone in the organization to use MFA itself is just ridiculous. There is basically nothing to protect for my school account except for class notes which are made publicly available. Everyday I just wasted tremendous amount of time to grab my phone in the other side of room to make a meaningless click. I really shouldn’t blame the developers for the matter but now just looking at this app on my phone would turn me annoyed and sadly, I have to look at it at least several times a day.
  • Required but completely unnecessary 1/5

    By Saige_
    My university now requires the use of this app but it mean the only way to access my accounts are if I have my phone with me, meaning I can't get into important accounts if my phone is dead, misplaced, or has no cell service. The only thing that would make it better would be if I were to be able to make a permanent pass code so I could bypass the app altogether. Forever.
  • disappointed 1/5

    By 26piscess
    this appp is worthless it doesn’t gives the codes correct it dosnt have any proper authentication its usless app i can’t login back to my accounts it just blocked thm all hope u all never install this
  • 😴😴😴 1/5

    By CidHighwind04
    Waste of space in my phone! I was forced to download this app!
  • Mandatory & Terrible 1/5

    By hdog108274
    School’s that require this app to login are awful. Biggest waste of time. Terrible app.
  • No backup 1/5

    By ElKePoN
    What if I loose my device...?
  • Help!! 1/5

    By anymous____
    I recently got my phone reset and downloaded instagram again. It is not working I need help finding a way to disable 2fa on my instagram account without using it.
  • Poor security 1/5

    By Updates999
    If you’re using this as two factor authentication, you’ll probably get your info stolen. This is one of the least secure authentication I’ve seen.
  • Its just a number generator 1/5

    By nepotism?
    Must have a good sales team if you’ve convinced a bunch of universities that an app that takes 5 minutes to code is going to do anything to protect their security.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By curtis63021
    First time I’ve ever had 2FA on my home standalone Win10 boxes - setup per the provided install guide was FAST, PAINLESS AND WORKED THE FIRST TIME! The software seems solid and stable -
  • Why do I need this app? 1/5

    By Haonguyenkudo
    It’s so annoying when you have to check the app every time you log in to your University account.
  • STOOPID. 1/5

    By iamCDaddy
    This app might be a great resource for actual security needs, but instead my university made me download this for schoolwork. Now signing into blackboard each time takes an extra step that wasn’t necessary for any reason. I don’t care if hackers see my failing grades!!! This extra security should be a CHOICE and not forced on us students. That’s it I’m quitting school and becoming a rapper.
  • Annoying and pointless 1/5

    By Cool zombie 83
    I really don't understand why my university threatened to lock us out of our important accounts unless I took up the limited space I already had on my phone to sign up for this nonsense. Almost as if universities love for students to use pointless resources with little to no benefits
  • My university requires this 1/5

    By Pampasgirl
    I hate the app. I hate my uni for requiring this. How much of my tuition is this app getting?
  • Ruined moodle for me 1/5

    By Yan Yan Xie
    Complete waste of time
  • Works great 5/5

    By everynicknameistaken54913
    Works great every time , appreciate the added security it gives
  • Worthless 1/5

    By TechnicalNeko
    Even if you try the university app to remember for 7 days it doesn’t work! The only one it works on is on the laptop.
  • Useless and annoying 1/5

    By Buttapple
    This app is required for my university and takes way too long to sign into anything school related. I can see it being a useful app but 100% useless for universities. I don’t know how this company scammed their way into making it required to go through them in order to check my grades!
  • Worst system 1/5

    By derek fishman
    My university is making us download this so we can be “more secure.” However, the only thing it is protecting is our emails which are useless because the school doesn’t send us any relevant information. It’s annoying because the push doesn’t work most of the time anyway and my phone doesn’t get service in most of the buildings so when we need it in class we are all sorry out of luck.
  • Love it - but Apple Watch app seems to have a bug 5/5

    By icewalker90
    I implemented the free tier of Duo to safeguard my personal VPN against unauthorized access. It works great and having an Apple Watch app is neat too. But recently, I noticed that my watch app wouldn’t generate passcodes anymore. Push notifications to the Watch still work. Restarting the watch seems to work once and then it won’t give codes anymore. I couldn’t find a way to send feedback in the app itself, so I decided to leave a review. Hope this minor bug can be ironed out so I can get back to enjoying that extra convenience!
  • Works as it should 5/5

    By yapishkahilt
    Whenever I attempt to log in to my firm’s resources, I must enter a password. Before approving the login, I am notified within seconds of the request and have large buttons to either approve or deny the login. It works well, and I’ve dealt with really clunky systems for two-factor authentication before. Lots of student complaints about having to use two-factor here. Take it up with the schools, cause the app works as it should. [Best old man voice:] You kids these days don’t know how easy you have it. In my day, before smart phones, we had to walk around with a fob on our keychains that had a randomly generated number on it that cycled every 15 seconds. We had to (get ready for it) manually enter the eight digit number from the fob into the computer within that 15 second window, and if you mistyped a single number, it’s be too late; you’d have to wait for the next eight-digit number to appear and race to enter that one before it too expired. That’s what we were doing when we weren’t busy walking 20 miles in the snow each way to and from school—even in the summer—and working in the coal mines after classes.
  • University Friends 5/5

    By That1dudeUknow
    Howdy, This app works exactly as its supposed to and is quick and easy, so awesome job developers(reason for 5 stars). BUT, I don’t want this, just forced to. To ALL my university friends out there, under password settings you can Disable Duo...
  • I don’t know why this app exist. 1/5

    By Leo_Akira
    Why school needs us use this annoying app to “protect” our school account. To prevent some random guy pay the tuition for us? Jesus’s this app only make everything worse.

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