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  • Current Version: 3.24.1
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  • Developer: Duo Security
  • Compatibility: Android
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Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time. License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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Duo Mobile app reviews

  • App takes up time 1/5

    By NinjaRamen
    I honestly have no clue why this is needed for my university account. Literally nothing of worth is stored on these accounts and if it were this system isn’t going to prevent anything. Waste of time. And shame on this company for reaching out to university’s to get them to use this feature. Like if it were my bank account I wouldn’t mind. But honestly for a university acc it’s pointless but I do understand the need for an app like this however they should stop support universities so I don’t have to go through this extra step every time. My university already makes me change my password every 120 days and that is the dumbing thing every. I just make it the same password that’s a little altered. Cause every time I change it I keep typing in the old password get locked out and have to change it again.
  • Does exactly what it should 5/5

    By LyGreens54
    The app is clean, organized, and efficient. It has worked well for me every time I’ve used it, and the verification process does not take long.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Randy Bobandy 69
    Not only do I have to reset my university password every semester, every time I do it I have to reset this app and the Blackboard app every time. Completely worthless, and forces me to use my computer all the time anyway because using this on mobile is a disaster. Whoever made this app should be exiled from the planet.
  • Problem with update 1/5

    By frito 33
    Ever since the update to 3.24.1 the app will not work on my iPhone 8. I can no longer access my work network from my phone. Thanks
  • Awful 1/5

    By Duo is awful
    Do not download this app. Terrible company, terrible customer service, terrible everything.
  • F this app 1/5

    By mele2123
    Stupid app! I can’t even access my email!
  • why 1/5

    By SabbathWorshipper73
    This app causes way too much hassle for university students
  • great app! 5/5

    By Kxc0
    use it for all of my accounts that have two factor auth enabled. everyone complaining leaving 1 star reviews probably use the same password for all of their logins so don’t listen to them because they need this app lol.
  • Usage data should be opt-in 1/5

    By LIBeaches2011
    As a company focused on security, why is the default to grab your customer’s actions? Let it be an opt in with a prompt upon updating the app.

    By Gamergirl422
    This app is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever dealt with. I was forced to download it for a school job, and now that the job is over I can’t seem to delete the “two-factor mechanism”. It’s connected to ALL my student accounts, including my email, my homework, AND my grade access. I don’t carry my phone around with me 24/7, and since Duo doesn’t have an app for laptops, I get completely screwed over whenever I want to work on my assignments or check my grades. If you can get out of it, do NOT download the app under any circumstances. You will regret it. Twenty years into the future and you’ll still be required to use the app to log into your email. Good luck out there.
  • Useless piece of garbage 1/5

    By mraz lolta
    Hey berklee, why did you make me download this horrible app just so I could access my timesheet. Please stop this
  • Can’t even download the app 1/5

    By ChasePO123
    Won’t let me download the app
  • Okay, but no way to link new phone 1/5

    By neikonnick
    I just got a new phone and this app is already synced on. But I cannot receive pushes from this app until I link it but there is no way for me to get the barcode or any other way to link this phone. As a college student you can guess my frustration when I CANT EVEN LOG INTO MY SCHOOL WEBSITE.
  • We’re a non-profit 5/5

    By EviiLL
    Two factor authentication was long due for our agency. With mobile phones, it’s easy to just tug down the notification and click approve. I can’t recall but I believe we can also setup with finger printing and more? I would like to see facial recognition done since we’re moving into that phase. Also, please look at a simpler way to accept the login. Some people don’t like notifications because they get way too many. I have explained how to limit the amount of notifications on their phones but they seem too bothered with it entirely. App is perfect so far with needing some minor improvements. Edit: I’m reading some comments with low ratings and it doesn’t seem they work in the IT field because if they did, they would understand the security benefit that’s now becoming a standard with 2FA. Some people just get random passcodes when it can be setup just to click accept in a pull down notification. It’s quite simple and takes less than 2 seconds to accept. To those who’re frustrated with this application you might want to talk with your IT administrator in regards to your frustration. Many of these comments are unacceptable.
  • Works great 5/5

    By mse-slc
    The application works great. I have been using it for a long period of time at work without problems. I even added duo as an easy way to secure my password manager. Many of the one star reviews seem to be based around a lack of appreciation for multi factor authentication. Indeed some seem to point to lazy individuals that would rather jeopardize their information and via proxy that of others because they can’t be bothered with proper security.
  • Password to protect App 4/5

    By Ivey hot
    Hi guys, everything works perfectly when you use it for social media two factor authentication. My only surprise is why is there not a way to set a password for the app when you open it on your iPhone? I realize that Apple is protecting the phone itself with another password, but I feel you guys should take this extra step. How can I set a password for the app, or maybe a workaround using iOS built-in features to lock the app. Let me know
  • Works Perfectly! 5/5

    By rfwheel
    I had to get this for school and have since started using it for other logins. Fantastic app!
  • Exactly what it’s supposed to do. 5/5

    By rometc
    The app works great. It does exactly what it is meant do do. All of you people getting on here complaining about having to use an app are idiots. Security is a necessity in the day and age. The guy who said he’s “tech savvy” shouldn’t tell anyone who actually has a technical background that because they will be able to tell you are dumb. 2FA is not so wide spread because of fear mongering. Read a security article every once in a while.
  • Apple Watch push notification 3/5

    By Chewbacca#8
    Recently got an Apple Watch and figured that it would be easier to just tap on it when logging into my university account however reading through the guides it says requires version 3.8 or above however the latest version on the app is 3.24??? Am I missing something. Everything is up to date: duo app, iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 Help please I just want to be able to tap on my Apple Watch and be login in not see a code that I have to manually type everything
  • Stop Complaining about 2FA in the Reviews 5/5

    By Yoaarrboi
    If you have a problem with using Two Factor Authentication, you should take that up with your school or your administration... not gripe in the comments of the application which is functioning as intended.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By TBisBA
    I wish I could give it zero stars. This app is horrible. They’ve used fear mongering to make money off of universities. Such a huge inconvenience for anybody using a university email account. Thanks a lot Georgetown and congratulations Duo Mobile on your scam.
  • Better Watch Support 3/5

    By Fjdhejeejddj
    I like the app but I need to be able to accept the push from the Apple Watch. The only thing the watch can do is provide a code but I would like to be able to accept the push from the watch as well. Add that and you get a 5 star for sure.
  • Horrible, unnecessary app 1/5

    By lills65
    Horrible, unnecessary app. Not user friendly, and this is coming from someone who is tech savvy. I will leave it at that.
  • awful 1/5

    By slslsslslslskskslslsll
    this is the stupidest app ever. i have to have it to log into my school account even though i have a username and password. since i got a new phone i can’t log into my school account without scanning a qr code or a manual activation code neither of which i have and who the heck would just have that on them????? literally 0/10 would not get unless you have to have it for school. like what is someone going to do, hack into my account and pay my college bill?? there’s no need for an additional security step it’s so stupid
  • Great App - Awesome on Apple Watch 5/5

    By Disappointed 12368459
    The app works perfectly - simple to setup and to use. Supports push notifications so you can simply tap “approve” - especially useful if you have an Apple Watch. All the 1 star ratings seem to be from university students that are unhappy with the fact that IT forces them to use 2-factor auth: no specific issues with Duo.
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By instaaaloverrrrrrr
    Let’s just start off by saying that nobody has voluntarily downloaded this app except for the people that are FORCED by their colleges/universities. It is absolutely ridiculous that i need to sign in externally twice just to get into my own email and ecampus and half of the time it doesn’t even let me in. I understand the reasoning behind the app and the security precaution but let me just tell you that college students do not care about other college students’ accounts. Nobody is signing into their friends accounts because there is nothing valuable to them on it. I have had my phone stolen/lost and it has refrained me from accessing my email and school account which ha sultimately led me to suffer the consequences. I recently got a new phone and i’ve spent the past 2 hours trying to set up my new device but your system seems to think that the password that i’m entering which i know is correct, is not. I can’t even check my final grades because you guys are so worried about someone accessing an account they don’t even care about. If you are going to make money off this and make schools think they need your service you should start to fix things before we begin to complain more. This is the first year it’s been implemented and let me tell you i have not heard 1 good thing about your service from any staff or student all year. I may not understand the hardships of being an app developer but i do know that if this doesn’t become easier than you can say goodbye to partnerships. Wow, you can remember a device for a SINGLE DAY? why even include that joke of an option? Put yourself in a students shoes for a second and try to figure out why we all hate this app. I have friends that have failed tests and assignments because of your app and it isn’t fair to have this sort of system forced upon us.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By PlasmaKeith
    Locked me out of all my accounts when I upgraded my phone.
  • This is the point of MFA 5/5

    By nebulousEng
    This app exists for the idiots giving it a one star review. Generally the people that have no concept of security get phished, giving away the password they are valuing so highly. Does exactly what it should, works just as it should; if you aren’t getting push notifications that’s on your admins not setting up the integration properly, Duo isn’t a part of that circus.
  • Easy and intuitive 5/5

    By Vroblevski
    As much as I hate having to set up dual authentication, this app is the best case scenario since I can easily approve a sign in request through the banner notification when signed in. Reduced to 4 stars for not supporting the Brave browser. Edit: After Brave’s newest update, the duo box works on the Brave browser, so now this app is worth 5 stars
  • No push notification 1/5

    By Smurph317
    I have read every trouble shooting article and still have to enter my passcode with every login. There’s never been an option for push (accept/deny) on my mobile device. Time consuming and frustrating.
  • No Opt-Out in Settings. 1/5

    By A OM
    With this new update which tracks usage for Duo’s own analytics - but assures me I can Opt-Out at anytime in the Settings. No suh option exists, either in the iPhone’s settings or the app itself. So where is it?
  • Trash 1/5

    By Bjm76
    Have to use this app for work. Seems like a “lowest bid wins the security contract” kind of app. And it defaults to sending info back to the dev. Garbage app, garbage dev move.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 1675S
    Too much layered “authentication” that only prevents you from retrieving forgotten login information when you need it and often fails in sending a code to the app. Awful.
  • Completely unnecessary for a university 1/5

    By チャンドラゾイ
    I shouldn’t need my phone to log into my account on a computer in class when I am not allowed to have my phone out in class or work in the first place. Makes it so difficult to log in without being glued to your phone or other devices.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Hugh-ja-buut
    I honestly quit doing any online homework because of this. That seems extreme and I get it but if someone wants to hack my account to see my class schedule I could care less. I had to do it through the university I attended and it is just pointless. I can appreciate their efforts to boost security but is it really necessary?
  • useless 1/5

    By ggg556
    As title!
  • changing privacy defaults bad... 1/5

    By 212212ME
    yes it's in release notes but ignoring my previous settings and forcing me to opt out again on sending data is kind of evil. worse in a security app. and despite your testing, i did have optout set, did not delete app and new version ignored the setting. your QA testing needs a checkup
  • Works fine, needs iPhone X support 2/5

    By Josh Gachnang
    C’mon. The dev tools to support iPhone X have been out for almost 1.5 years. That’s really disappointing and annoying, since the approve button is partially covered by the app switcher.
  • Suggestions on possible improvement 4/5

    By Qingfeng Ma
    Hi developers, I understand the frustrations people got when being compelled by universities or schools to use Duo security, and the frustration mainly come from the repetitive login request on Duo. Current solution to this problem by the team is the introduction of remember for 7-day feature, which is still a hassle to use. So why not add an option to remember instead of days but locations of those login-ins, since people frequently login-in at the same place as they were before be it at dorms, libraries or classrooms. Best Regards, Eric
  • Great for its purpose 5/5

    By footballfalex
    Overall I know a lot of people give the app a 1 star just because of having to use two factor, but that’s not the point nor the fault of the developer. It sends pushes, lets you approve, and bingo, 99 percent of the time that works perfectly.
  • Completely useless app 1/5

    By rollingrolly
    Completely useless university requirements to use it are ridiculous.
  • I hate Duo and UC Merced 1/5

    By TomBrown55
    I’m studying abroad so I’m unable to receive text messages a requirement for the genius’s at Duo to register your account. Therefore I’m indefinitely locked out of my school’s portal which blocks me from registration, bill payment, course updates, etc. Good job Duo! You guys really thought through your design (obvious sarcasm).
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kimica92
    This is my third time deleting this app it dose nothing and is super hard to update.
  • Poorly developed app 1/5

    By djndnxnz
    There is no clear guide on how to use this app, I tried various ways to get a account, put my email address in, i always got invalid information, very bad app. Check some online guide, but it says nothing and very confusing no help. I should give zero for this stupid app.
  • What if people don’t want smart phones? 1/5

    By your name enter here
    Feel bad for those students that don’t have a smart phone. This is pretty much forcing people to have one just to access their school’s systems.
  • Lol it all the entitled students who know nothing 5/5

    By joeyclyde
    This app works perfect for what it is made for. It’s literally to increase security on your account. It’s supposed to take a few seconds more to login but it prevents anyone from accessing your account without also having your phone. I bet it was implemented because the IT depart was already having issues with users having their account maliciously accessed. Sorry to the devs who’s hard work gets bashed by people not smart enough to understand basic security.
  • Inconvenience 1/5

    By qazxcvnejr
    It’s really stupid when school use this to login our school account! REALLY INCONVENIENT
  • Annoying and inconvenient 1/5

    By Fnspenobfndidv
    I have to use this app for school but I wouldn’t otherwise. The idea for the app is good but the implementation is very bad and mostly just gets in the way. If I wasn’t forced by my school to use this I would have deleted this trash long ago.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By knicotera
    Just started using this app for work and I’m able to use it for personal security as well. Works seamlessly! I’m very happy with this app.

Duo Mobile app comments

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