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  • Current Version: 3.23.1
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Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time. License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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Duo Mobile app reviews

  • Doesn’t work in iPhone Xs Max 1/5

    By AirBruce
    Just installed it on my new Xs Max and it doesn’t work well. I came over from a android phone, and it worked great on my Pixel. Now when on my Xs Max, when I send a push and try to approve it, it doesn’t do anything. Repeatedly tapping approve or deny does nothing. Then when I unlock it and go to the home screen and try to approve the notification, still nothing. I have to completely open the App to approve a request. It wasn’t like this on my Android device. Please fix this on the new iPhone, I have to use it a lot for work and it’s frustrating.
  • Run 1/5

    By tgwaste
    If you switch devices and you are using this app even if you copy data settings over to the new device none of the codes will work run from this app as fast as you can
  • I’m locked out of my accounts! 1/5

    By aasen1776
    I switched phones because my old one broke, and I can’t get authorization codes because I have to reconnect to my accounts. In order to do so I have to sign on to my accounts, but I can’t sign on without authorization codes!!! Please help I have a lot of money on an exchange account that I can’t sign on to!!
  • Needs a feature 3/5

    By Rerererererrer
    So far I love the app but what it really needs is to cycle the codes Every 30 seconds automatically just like Google Authenticator because without that it doesn’t really seem that secure in that kind of concerns me because usually you would expect an authenticator to cycle through codes every 30 seconds automatically but without The future you have to cycle through codes manually which I don’t like at all And I’m referring to all versions of authenticators meaning all things you use Duo Mobile for should have a 30 second authenticator countdown and then refresh and I’m generally Referring to native accounts having the 30 second refresh on codes
  • Irritating prompt 1/5

    By tre-flip
    I’m not in iOS 12. I don’t need to be prompted every time i use the Authenticator that I’m not in iOS 12. You told me once that’s enough
  • Another layer of security, oh joy 1/5

    By Vahisimo
    One more level of beaurocracy that gets in the way of doing actual work
  • I blame my employer 1/5

    By Fleetsaver
    I do not like that my employer switched to a commercial 2 factor authentication system that requires access to my personal devices. I don't use any cloud-based services for my phone, because I have account information and passwords stored on it. Duo is providing a “service” that constitutes the principal risk to my personal data security, and no amount of reassurances will convince me that giving a cloud-based private company access to my device is secure.
  • Why does everyone love it?? 3/5

    By a.czarnik
    Yeah I mean it works like a 2FA app should, so in that respect it’s good I guess... except that YOU CANT RENAME “THIRD-PARTY” ACCOUNTS WHICH IS REALLY ANNOYING. there’s not a way to differentiate them at all. So if you aren’t using one of the 15 preselected services it’s a guessing game every time you need a code. Quite frustrating.
  • Required for my work 1/5

    By DD_Murphy
    It requires duo mobile 3.8 or higher for it to work on my Apple Watch. The app is on version 3.23. PLEASE UPDATE THE APP SO I CAN USE IT!!!!!
  • Has been a nightmare for our Company 1/5

    By Batmanfreak
    Duo is extremely hard to work with. If you use them hope you don’t have a hiccup. We have been a week without electronic controlled prescription prescribing and I has disrupted the whole flow of our clinic. Slow or no responses to emails and requests to rectify a simple problem.
  • Please debug your app 1/5

    By bruhwtffffffffff123
    Hello, please debug your app. This is a great idea for an app but it has serious issues. I can no longer log into my class so I can not access important information I need. Although this is a concept this app has a long way to go. Please do not send my your help page link because it is not helpful.
  • There is obnoxious. 1/5

    By Cnrkp
    There is no need for all of this.
  • “Security made simple” yeah right 1/5

    By Ineedaunusednickname
    Title says it all. I’m done with this app. I guess I’ll just have to hope 2FA on individual apps are secure enough...
  • Use for all my clients 5/5

    By Shirlndon9
    I am a IT consultant with several clients and over the years I’ve watched as the security surface has changed.I can sit there and watch through packet monitors hackers constantly trying to get into Networks everywhere it’s really bad. I started using to go as a secondary factor authentication product to help alleviate the chances of intrusion into Networks and it is greatly improved security everywhere for all my clients. Or use it on VPNs RDP websites everything and do not see the problems that are listed in the negative reviews here. The best part of this is if we get a duo push and you didn’t initiate it, it is a way to tell me that credentials have been compromised and I can immediately changed what else do you need... Written using voice to text excuse any typos.
  • Current version, ech! 1/5

    By Reviewer THX1138
    They broke something, and push function doesn’t work reliably. Developers: please fix...have to use this several times a day.
  • This is my favorite iWatch app 5/5

    By georgelm555
    At work I constantly need to approve 2factor auth requests due to zealous security policies. Being able to approve by tapping my wrist is amazing.
  • Solid 2FA 👍 5/5

    By rad-livinski
    Overall, 100% appreciate the straightforward layout. No extra nonsense - thank you! I would love to have the ability to condense the row height. Duo is my goto 2FA, so naturally the scroll is getting rather long. Thanks for your work!
  • Bad 1/5

    By Unwho
    Use this for work. Have to click and log on repeatedly sometimes for it to work: Times out, reload app repeatedly, notifications don’t work. I personally hate it. Have used other two factor log in apps and this might not be the worst but is one of the worst.
  • Does the job 5/5

    By JustinBiebz2957
    I use duo for my college, and it works how it’s supposed to. Nothing more nothing less.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By rockpenguins
    For MFA time based codes this app is one of the best I’ve used so far. UI is very useable and easy to use and for the services that use Duo Push it’s even easier.
  • Finally 5/5

    By osiris99999111
    Now with landscape mode and copy! It’s the simple things.
  • Works as advertised! 5/5

    By jgummersall
    This app has served me perfectly for well over a year. Unlike the Google Authenticator app, this app backs up data to iCloud in a way that is tied to the device and cannot be recovered to another device. This is a huge time saver if you ever have to restore your phone and don’t want to reconfigure all your OTP entries. The UX works well and I’ve never had a problem with the generated codes. Highly recommended!
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By 66cj66
    Apparently the overall goal of this app is to prevent unauthorized access to certain accounts by making it difficult for everyone to get into their own accounts. Every time I try to access my own account, the app will notify me as usual and I will push the green check to allow myself to access my account. When I return to the original page, it tells me “session has expired.” Every time. Same story if I use the password option. So I’m just locked out of my account now. Thanks Duo, at least hackers won’t be able to breech my school account for some reason.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By BerkeleyABG111
    Would rate 0 stars but can’t. So called “security” meant for poorly endowed saps who are 80 years old and only learned how to use their first gen kindle just yesterday. What a load of garbage. I demand a refund. July 30th Update: I demand a refund for my time spent using the app. Please send me a routing number to bill. I charge $67.35 hourly
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Lshaosbskabaisb
    University forces me to use this annoying app. Useless.
  • can i please just use my email and not do this stupidity? 1/5

    By cupcupkait
    I follow all the instructions. when i scan the barcode there is an error. when i enter the passcode it says incorrect. it tells you to call your help desk but they are also unhelpful and just walk you through the same steps that end in a dead end. come on. this concept is already annoying and inconvenient and unnecessary. it could at least work
  • Bug found 4/5

    By versedispersed
    When Duo Authentication accept is sent to mobile and I open the app, the alert is not seen. I have to swipe down on my iPhone to see the notification, then tap it to get to the accept.
  • Wish we could choose to use this 2/5

    By NotRandom12345678910
    I hate using this app for school because it just adds unnecessary time to log in
  • Worthless and pointless 1/5

    By Zaozza
    Code doesnt work - being forced to use this extra step is idiotic, and additionally infuriating that it doesnt work and now I need to contact support just to get on my school account. Thanks to this, I wasn’t able to submit an assignment on time, and my teacher isn’t allowing late submission. Thanks!
  • Functions but not user friendly 2/5

    By ggmsfo
    This is a fine two factor auth app, but it is terrible at raising up notifications. I have my settings on full blast but I often sit watching the phone and no pop ups occur, but if I scroll down it has a pending session to approve. What a subpar app.
  • They need to update the Apple Watch feature 2/5

    By marco
    I use to be able to use my Apple watch for the duo push notifications, unfortunately with the new updates I haven’t been able to. Please fix.
  • 🐝 4/5

    By emperorzhark
    I’ve had to use Duo to get into a couple of work and school accounts. It’s a pain to have that extra step, but it’s always worked smoothly for me and the app is surprisingly unobtrusive.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ilovepie10
    Complicates the process of me logging into my school account by adding another layer of bs.
  • Great app 5/5

    By chandler_9876
    I have set this up everywhere I can. In addition to work I have it protecting various social media accounts and all my personal email accounts. It’s a nice piece of mind having.
  • Best MFA App Out there 5/5

    By Karlitos the Don
    I’ve used pretty much all of the rest of the apps out there and this definitely the best one.
  • App 1/5

    Useless App ever in my life f...k
  • Not worth a degree 1/5

    By Cespinoza
    Apparently my school has decided to require this for authentication. I’d rather switch schools than have to deal with this app.
  • You need to update to 3.8 1/5

    By Drmarkie
    Your instructions say you need 3.8 for Apple Watch but the latest version 3.2 1.0. What’s wrong with you guys? get it together
  • Stupid trash!! Wasting time 1/5

    By imba-imba
    Useless app.
  • DuoPush does not work for Canvas App with push authentication 1/5

    By Ninja Bravo
    I only experience a failure of the DuoPush app to authenticate on an iPhone. After I enter my login info, it requests a duopush authentication option selection, and they all work except the push on the same device from an iPhone. When i select push to my device, it opens the request on the phone and when I select approve and go back to Canvas, it never authenticates. I have talked with Instructure support and they keep telling the school I can’t log in, which is false, and when I tell them it’s not the login, they don’t get it, I feel like I’m talking to a robot that has never used their own application. Worthless customer support.
  • Labels 5/5

    By brianspy
    You can rename accounts by tapping "Edit" in the top-left section of the app home screen and then selecting the account you want to rename.
  • iOS 11.4 and Apple Watch push 5/5

    By CallMeDave
    Was working fine before iOS 11.4 update, which appears to have broken Apple Watch pushes. Still giving five stars, hoping there’ll be an update soon. Update: looks like a watchOS update was needed to go along with the iOS update; push works again. Still 5 stars!
  • Ten thumbs down 1/5

    By Meep Merp 2
    If you want to be infuriated and lose access to all of your financial accounts and have no access to technical support and have no way to transfer your information to a new phone, then this is the app for you.
  • The worst app I have ever used 4/5

    By jb123456$$
    Once upon a time I could log into my school accounts with the click of a button. Then last year, that all changed. The entirety of my school was forced to download Duo and it forever ended ease of logging in. Instead of just having us choose stronger passwords or maybe having better security on the site we use, now it is of utmost importance that we have a second device on us every time we have to log in to our account. If you needed to access any part of your student account without having your phone on you it would be worthless to try. Not only this, but each different device you log into can only remember you for a maximum of 30 days!! And don’t even think about forgetting to check that tiny box because it will make you do it all over again even if you only logged out for a few seconds. The app stopped pushing notifications as well so you have to actually go into the app and find the option to approve a requests Honestly, I cannot believe that the University of Alabama encouraged the use of this app. I would rather have my account hacked and every piece of information stolen than ever have to use Duo again.
  • Apple Watch stopped working 3/5

    By Crewjboy
    Having Duo push go to my Apple Watch made life so much easier. I hate having to pickup my iPhoneX and pout it at my face. With last update Duo doesn’t go to Apple Watch anymore :(
  • Terrible idea 1/5

    By Erik788
    This app makes my life more difficult. I don’t need this extra security. I’m only downloading it because I have to.
  • Changed for the worst 2/5

    By Needs landscape mode
    Put a space between the numbers. Now it is harder to memorize the number to put in. If it’s not broken don’t fix it! The developers are just making up stuff to change so they can keep their jobs.
  • It just works 5/5

    By digitalsaas
    Great 2FA app. I use it for personal accounts and for Duo protected work accounts. Push is awesome and reliable.
  • Great app with plenty of options to authenticate 5/5

    By Bflying
    Update: After using Duo for a long time (1+ year), it is my favorite 2FA app by far. Great reliability and features make it a fantastic app!! Two feature suggestions for improvement: 1. Need Many more product Icons than it has now (both actual logos and many generic ones) 2. Have the ability to create folder groups with favorites. Also, there are MANY apps that don’t support the push, If there was a way to have Duo work with the mfgs to add support for that. Duo app has a lot of great options (i.e. Push, call, etc) for two factor Auth. It works a lot better than other ones I've used and has a lot more flexibility. I highly recommend this app! The only issue I ever had was it made me re-Scan the QR code, but it could have been other issues so I don't want to blame the app because it may not have been it. I've used it for months since with not even a hiccup!
  • Never let me down! 5/5

    By JoeZ34
    Been using duo on my personal server for years and has always worked well. Finally convinced my firm to add it as well and couldn’t be happier Works as designed every time

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