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Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time. License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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  • It don’t work 1/5

    By fkgdbhwgibb
    It just doesn’t work. There’s nothing else besides that it doesn’t work. My insta gets hacked all the time and apparently this supposed to stop it and I didn’t
  • Updates sometimes delete accounts 2/5

    By nackole
    My biggest concern is the bugs present in updates that sometimes delete your existing Duo Mobile accounts. The re-adding of the accounts is often not as simple as a restore. Outside of this frustrating issue, a useful app for security purposes (and required by universities and organizations anyway).
  • Bug fix 3/5

    By Rerererererrer
    It’s just for Some reason it just supports 3D Touch and not face ID and as far as I know I do not see an option to turn on face ID In settings or where ever you would turn it on as far as I’m aware of I can only use face ID to unlock my phone for 3D Touch to use for the app Notifications And I do not see an option for security check up at all
  • No longer effective 1/5

    By browndoglvr
    This app has three ways to contact you to allow access. Via a push(was receiving on phone or Apple Watch), phone call, or message. The push was great, but now the only thing that works is calling my phone, and I do not have in service at work. Thus, I cannot get into the school email or portal. Please rectify so I can receive push notification on my watch or phone again!
  • Better than google Authenticator 5/5

    By Uddyhgfreewqygvhjjko
    Because the ability to send a push notification to my phone, authentication via this app is as simple as clicking one button. Other Authenticators require you to open the app, then manually type in the code, which is a pain
  • Works great now with Apple Watch notifications 5/5

    By K.W.L.
    Thanks Developer for showing me how to enable Apple Watch notifications.
  • Not very good, except... 1/5

    By joshuag
    Duo Mobile is actually a great way to tell if a site or service will be worth it. If they exclusively use Duo Mobile, you can be relatively certain that the rest of it will be poorly thought out and implemented. Duo is another “me too” app without any benefit to the consumer, just another app to clog up your home screen, and yet another attack vector that ironically, given the purported benefits of 2fa, can make your security weaker with their restore feature.
  • It’s a hassle 2/5

    By Tanya and her crew
    I never write reviews, but this app is actually terrible. The way this functions is by using a 2-factor method. It’s not a bad thought, but if you don’t have your phone on you it’s impossible to sign in. Also, it’s just a hassle. Trying to sign into a school account and then remembering that you need to have your phone to actually log in even though you have the password is ridiculous. The app itself works fine. No bugs. Just as a whole, the actual concept is irritating.
  • Recovery 3/5

    By treytreymajor
    Recovery after getting a new phone is to complicated
  • Wish I could rate this lower 1/5

    By Jojosirritatedappuser
    My iCloud was hacked and I had to reset everything. I currently am locked out of my account so this whole “protecting my account” is protecting me from being able to complete my work. This app was pointless and I know universities without it that are well off without this needless app
  • Works Flawlessly 5/5

    By ManOfLeisureII
    Frankly, I had some trepidation when my university implemented Duo based on the reviews here. I’ve been using it for over a month now and it’s worked perfectly. And it’s easier than other 2FA processes. I’ve authenticated access to my iPhone, iPad, a Mac and a PC. Perfect and easy every time. If you have a beef with your employer or university because they require 2FA, don’t take it out on Duo.
  • Causes phone to crash 1/5

    By StudentMap
    Every time the app is opened my phone shuts down. Terrible app, do not download.
  • Problem was Facebook, not Duo 5/5

    By ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪
    Update: Got back into my account. I am currently locked out of my Facebook account because none of the codes on Duo are accepted. Please fix this!
  • Passwords be gone! 5/5

    By Biscuits4Ever
    Thank God I can touch a button and login. No more endless so-secure-I-cannot-remember-them passwords! Thanks Duo!
  • A great option for 2FA 5/5

    By mnkjrdgyrgh
    Seeing all the low ratings based on a business’ or university’s decision to apply additional security to their networks, I had to add my two cents. It is 2FA, not Duo, about which most are railing. If you don’t like 2FA, rid the world of hackers and thieves that will use every available means to get into any network they can. Until you accomplish that, accept the fact that for those trying to secure a network, 2FA is a necessary precaution, much like a deadbolt on a door. And Duo is a good method for applying 2FA. We primarily use Duo Push for accessing our systems and it works very well. Unrelated note: Duo works much better than this rating system, which will tell you after the fact that a nickname has been used but won’t suggest one that hasn’t been...
  • Worthless 1/5

    By TechnicalNeko
    Even if you try the app to remember for 7 days it doesn’t work! The only one it works on is on the laptop. Why not have your own customer service 24/7 because honestly this app is ridiculous.
  • Takes over URI handle for google Authenticator 1/5

    By Nikoten
    I absolutely hate that this app takes over URI handle for google Authenticator... when I want to open Authenticator from another app Duo opens instead and my keys aren’t in Duo. I only have Duo for work to login to my PC. I hate the inconvenience of having my personal stuff harder to access because of this.
  • Third-party account recovery! 5/5

    By anddooley
    So happy I can back up and recover my third-party accounts now.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Nate
    We use this with a Snowflake data warehouse. It works great and is more convenient than Google Authenticator.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Yaboysriousrider
    This app is terrible I can’t reconnect my account because of I don’t even know what, after following all the instructions it shows that only android users have the reconnect option. Point blank terrible
  • App works just fine 5/5

    By tittyinmyhand
    I have never had an issue with 2 factor authentication. Seems like most of the 1 star reviews are either very upset old people or those who don’t know how to setup their device properly. App has worked fine since installing it and I’ve used it for years now.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By polycythemia vera
    Can’t get into my email because this stupid app won’t even successfully download from the App Store. It’s not an issue on my end, as I just tested it out with other apps.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By IfISmileWillYouPee
    I was forced to get this app in order to get into my university account. Not only is this two step process extremely inconvenient, but I haven’t been able to get it to work for a week now. Every time I try to log in, the duo step won’t work and won’t allow me to send a push notification or call or anything. This app is absolutely useless and should stop targeting universities
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By Nope. Just, nope.
    The app works like it is supposed to. My university requires the use of it. But it's just one more thing. Really unnecessary. Now I have to keep my phone with me all the time, and I still have several passwords to maintain, and still have to change passwords every 90 days. One. More. Thing.
  • Apple Watch Update 2/5

    I stopped receiving notifications on my Apple Watch after doing the latest update.
  • barcode 3/5

    By nsioenwbaosje
    barcode scanner doesn’t work
  • Duo has been a nightmare 1/5

    By SnellvillePimp
    Our university forced us to adopt DUO. Too bad there are many dead zones without WiFi and even more places where I have no cell service. Therefore I cannot check my email. I have missed important meetings and have missed important messages from my students. DUO is a mistake forced upon us by administrators who were conned by snake oil salesmen.
  • Locked out of my work cluster 1/5

    By HappyResearcher
    Used it for months on the same device with no issues. It failed me when I needed it the most. One day the app completely lost my account data for two large computational clusters which I desperately needed to access due to an approaching deadline. I was forced to contact the admins on the opposite side of the planet and wait for new activation codes and apologise to my collaborators on behalf of the Duo development team.
  • Good app, but don’t like it 1/5

    By lllllllllllllllloud
    Our school computation resource need this app to sign in. It may provide a level of security (which we don’t know yet) but it is definitely hassle to me. I need to login the computation resources everyday and every minute, now I need to open the app and tap the approve hundreds times a day. No matter of how fast the app responses , that really makes me sad.
  • Garbage and useless 1/5

    By wahab621
    Way to complicated to use, never remembers me, and forces me to keep my phone on me at all times. Do us a favor and go out of business.
  • Stupid thing wasting people’s time 1/5

    By Mazzyooo
    I HATE it. Being forced to use it by work place. So inconvenient to use.
  • Boo 1/5

    By Satsukine
    Giving this a one star because I don’t like that I am forced to use it for school
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    This is such a stupid app. My university is requiring us to install it for the dual authentication. Couldn’t they just use Google Authenticator? Now I have this thing on my screen just for one account. Our CTO is so stupid he got easily sold on this app.
  • Does what it’s supposed to do—keep my online security on lock 5/5

    By firstanointed
    Easy to use in my day to day. Used it originally just for work apps, now I use it for every 2FA opportunity I’m given online. Its hassle-free and convenient given that I’m near my phone quite a bit. When I’m not, I have a yubikey, so alls well! Shanks, Duo!
  • Never remembers for 60 days, pain in the rear 3/5

    By ZachFB
    Have to use this freaking beach every time I log into my school account and it never remembers your login even with the box checked. On top of that notifications don’t always go through which might be a battery saving feature so I don’t really care. Not sure if this is the apps fault or A&M’s IT
  • Huge Barrier 1/5

    By Frustrated with Barriers
    My Uni installed this requirement for us to access any sensitive data. It’s a hide barrier to anyone who doesn’t have resources or isn’t used to them - and it still doesn’t really secure data. It’s not intuitive and is a huge waste of time/resources.
  • HATE THE APP 1/5

    By nick merkz
    This App Locked Me Out Of My Instagram Account ! It turned on two step without my consent. When I emailed them all they told me was to notify Instagram which I did and still haven’t got back into my Instagram account.
  • The update resets the accounts 1/5

    By Tanju Ozdemir
    My accounts are cleared after the update??? You should inform us in advance. And why removing the accounts??? Edit: I restarted many times, it doesn’t work.
  • Great 2FA Implementation 5/5

    By CmdaPanda
    We implemented duo for our internal IT. Enabled it for all our apps. It’s integration is seem less and while some people and employees are frustrated with increased security this review is about the app itself. Which is great! A lot of the reviews I’ve read focus on people’s frustration with having to use a second factor and not on the app itself. I personally use duo as my 2FA option for personal use and as I said before for our customers and internal IT. Great app great solution all around.
  • Great two factor app 5/5

    By ryanoryanorion
    Anyone who’s had their account compromised in the past or experienced identity theft, really appreciate having this enabled on their email logins. Phishing attacks are endless these days. The best thing for admins to do is explain how it helps protect the user from unauthorized logins in the event their email and password are compromised, and to advise them of the need to re-activate Duo after replacing or purchasing a new phone. Nice work.
  • Crappy updates masquerading as security updates 1/5

    By Ajar45
    This apps prompts that “device has security issues” when you open it, but when you check update notes it’s some apple watch UI update. Seems like they just want to force updates to pump up their update metrics. Sneaky practice.
  • Great app 5/5

    By BillRacine
    I love this app.the integration with my watch is fantastic and I love not having to dig out my phone when I need to log in. So much more convenient and it just keeps getting better.
  • Works exactly as it should 5/5

    By thawk9455
    To all the students complaining and claiming they don’t have anything worth protecting. If nothing else your hacked account can be used to flood everyone else on campus with spam that is nearly impossible to filter. And to be honest, if I can access your email there is a reasonable chance I can destroy your academic life. Protecting your basic computer security is important for everyone and something your going to be expected to do in the real world too.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By redscruff
    This is one of those security programs that was created without sufficient need and it has been pushed upon educational facilities and larger companies. It’s not necessary and is quirky with apple products. I would recommend not downloading it or using it. The security breech you are potentially creating with even downloading and installing it isn’t worth the risk that it is supposed to protect you against. Avoid it.
  • Not intuitive at all 1/5

    By Hillipotamus
    Why is this app even necessary? It’s just a way to make two factor authentication more annoying.
  • Security Made Complicated 2/5

    By Argentina Buenos Aires Este
    This is super unnecessary and it is a long painful process to set it up...
  • Confusing 1/5

    By st4god
    I don’t know what the “key” is your app wants to begin using. Better instructions would be nice
  • I got into trouble before I started using it. 1/5

    By iseraphfl
    The software was bought by the school. Actually, I have no malice about this software. But When I signed up for two months and started using it, its data was cleared. I don't know what the reason is for it to relax the data. My Blizzard security app is still working. What makes me most angry is that it won't let me use the phone number to verify it. It wants me to validate it with the original application which was cleaned up by no reasons.
  • Worst app ever created 1/5

    By Ayu Chan
    My university just set this up & it’s awful. Why on earth do I need to constantly have a call or app just to access my information. I feel no more protection than I did when I was without it. There are better ways to have a 2-step identification process than having an app that takes up space & has issues. I hope they lose their money for this app & go under, so I don’t have to use this anymore.

Duo Mobile app comments

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