Duolingo - Language Lessons

Duolingo - Language Lessons

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  • Current Version: 6.198.0
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Duolingo - Language Lessons App

Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 40+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more. Whether you’re learning a language for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your brain health, you’ll love learning with Duolingo. Why Duolingo? • Duolingo is fun and effective. Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. • Duolingo works. Designed by language experts, Duolingo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to foster long-term language retention. • Track your progress. Work toward your language learning goals with playful rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit! • Join 300+ million learners. Stay motivated with competitive Leaderboards as you learn alongside our global community. • Every language course is free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, and even High Valyrian! What the world is saying about Duolingo: “Far and away the best language-learning app.” –The Wall Street Journal “This free app and website is among the most effective language-learning methods I’ve tried… lessons come in the form of brief challenges – speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions – that keep me coming back for more.” –The New York Times “Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” – TIME Magazine “…Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun…” - Forbes “Our favorite language app…” - CNET If you like Duolingo, try Super Duolingo for 14 days free! Learn a language fast with no ads, and get fun perks like Unlimited Hearts and Monthly Streak Repair. If you choose to purchase Super Duolingo, payment will be charged to your Apple account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the App Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms

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Duolingo - Language Lessons app reviews

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    Duolingo is amazing and I think you should do an update on the app so that younger kids can practice!
  • Please read Duolingo 5/5

    By Frog with turtle
    I was at school so I’m wondering if there is a school mode so you know that I’m not missing my lesson on purpose. When you make it let people change the time and turn it on or off, just in case they graduate school forever
  • Go for the Super! 5/5

    By andraeliz
    It’s worth the cost! Great app!
  • Duolingo is 99% flawless but just one thing 5/5

    By Cjaso10
    Okay so Duolingo is so fun I absolutely love it there are tons of languages to learn and in the languages there is tons of units and in the units there is lessons but only one thing I got in second place and then they offered super duolingo and then I went down to third place and they just stopped super doulingo and they just ditched me! So they left me hanging so yeah but duolingo is super fun and funny
  • Me encanta!! 5/5

    By maloido
    Es muy bueno !! Pero soy muy mala.. porque el oído no me ayuda!! Jijiji
  • Fine but.. 3/5

    By superminemickey2
    Fine but there’s no Thai lessons
  • Very frustrated 3/5

    By marinoabn
    My kids and I love this app. My son wanted the year membership for Christmas so I purchased the family plan. However, I was charged twice for this plan. There is no contact information to speak with anyone to get refunded for one of the charges. The only thing I found was to cancel the subscription (which I don’t want to do). I cannot get through to Duolingo and cannot get through to Apple. Neither one has contact info to speak or email with someone. Help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  • Love the updated program!! 5/5

    By Real Casino action
    I absolutely love the updated program! Instead of dividing reading and practice in different sections it is far easier to use with the new integrated system. The linear progression is also far easier to understand where you are at. I also like the way the program detects where your weaknesses are and structures the lessons to help overcome those hurdles. Great job on the new programming!!
  • Fun and easy 5/5

    By Alumira
    I enjoy learning new languages, this app makes it nice and easy to learn. With the challenge of competing with others to see who can earn the most exp each week, and make it to the next league. They make it easy with nice short lessons, so even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning each day, you can still do just a few min a day. One thing that would be nice to add to the app is a page where it would list the words you have learned, so you can look back and study them again. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is just learning for fun, for a trip, or school!
  • Be careful 3/5

    By chucklea824
    Tried the free two weeks of super. Made sure that my autopay was off and I was still charged the $90. Duolingo won’t offer a refund so I’m currently dealing with Apple support and hoping for the best. Feeling kinda robbed because I was charge wrongfully.
  • Freezing app 4/5

    By Chiztec
    The app is great abd I’m learning so much, but sometimes when I’m trying to get through an add to get an extra chest, gems, XP points, etc. it’ll freeze. The entire app just stops working and then I gotta close it out and restart. Or while I’m doing a lesson, the suggested key words in the language will disappear/refresh and it’ll ask me to write it in the language instead-which I can’t do bc I don’t have the keyboard for it. So I’ll be forced to quit the lesson and lose all the work I put in and start over. Overall great app, just some lil bugs.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Jermuniak
    You really need to ask people to accept a 15 min cap boost instead of just auto activating it. With how competitive the higher leader boards get it’s really dumb that you force activation of the item. It should be something we as the user can say, yeah I want to use this now, or save it for later. Get on it.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By z0j0
    The apps fun, a good resource on top of others. If your casually learning I’d recommend. If your trying to expedite the process I’d add some grammar material and additional vocab. My one gripe is I feel like the lesson doesn’t prioritize useful information. Why I’m learning the word for lawyer before other more useful words is strange. When am I going to utilize the word lawyer as a beginner learning Japanese? I think the priority should be useful terminology and vocabulary.
  • Tech issues 4/5

    By Aluap042667
    I have been using this app for a while now and I love it. I’m learning 4 languages! But as of last night I can’t use it. The app won’t recognize my voice when I speak. I checked my settings and I uninstalled and reinstalled and that seemed to work for literally a minute then it wasn’t working properly again. I want to report, but I only seen frequent asked questions and problems that really didn’t help so I’m hoping this will get Duolingo’s attention!
  • I love it but….. 5/5

    By vbbg hb
    I love this app soooooooooooooo much I am learning Chinese and I finished some and a friend popped up and I get out of it to turn legendary and and now I have to do the hole thing again but to the makers of it good job ❤️❤️❤️
  • Removal of lessons 2/5

    By Kagegsvbds
    For some reason they removed audio listens which was a major part of auditory learning
  • Too many bugs make it hard to truly learn 3/5

    By K He
    The lessons often do not accept answers that are definitely correct based on the own rules the app is trying to teach. There is a way to report answers counted incorrect that should be accepted, but the reporting never seems to do any good. Whether or not your answer is truly incorrect, you are not told why, so it’s harder to figure out when someone is mis-applying a rule, or when the system is in error. I end up memorizing phrases like “The monkey ate the banana,” but I don’t think I am becoming all that conversant after 250 days or practice. It also randomly ends matching challenges, etc. when you are in the middle of them, and it doesn’t allow you to restart for a long time. I was hoping an app update would fix that, but it hasn’t. Bottom line: Duolingo has its place, but is probably best used in concert with other tools for learning a new language.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Kirielle13
    More than any other language learning app I have ever used, I feel actually excited to learn! this app is amazing and it makes it easy and fun to engage in new languages! I would highly recommend to anyone of any age!
  • Love it❤️ 5/5

    By TulipanC
    Dinámico, Divertido y Desafiante: me encanta
  • It’s Ok 3/5

    By gehhsheh
    The app is ok. The main issue I have is when I click that I can’t listen right now, it acknowledges and says it will not have the speaking lessons for 15 minutes but keeps giving me speaking lessons anyway right after
  • Great app! 4/5

    By I LIKE GAMES!!!
    I’ve had duolingo many times before but now that they’ve updated it I have more opportunities to learn the languages I want to learn. Like when you reach a 7 day streak they’ll let you sample super duolingo for free. Although they removed some of my favorite features, such as the pod cast feature, it’s still a great app! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️
  • PERFECT! 5/5

    By Review Person📋
    The format is simple and nice, the widgets and the daily reminders help me a lot, and I haven't broken my streak in 16 days (ever since i got the app, so I never broke my streak!) This is a 5/5 app, I have learned a lot about Russian, it is actually really fun! I use duolingo almost all the time!
  • I love it but… 4/5

    By figment678
    I love this app so much and I’m loving the language I’m learning but without the subscription it’s kinda annoying. I got the month subscription because I wanted to be able to have unlimited hearts and without it you can only make five mistakes. If they changed that I could give them five stars but other than that great way to learn!
  • Am a hundred hours in and haven’t been taught numbers or letters 1/5

    By do hit hi iigtyho
    I know how to address a farmer but can’t count to 10 in Swahili. I have no idea how to actually say anything because they don’t do voice practices for Swahili like they do with French. I wish they called it what it was. A beta version and charged accordingly. This seems like a rip off. They added this timed challenge that is clearly structured for pay to play even with a subscription. I gave up on thinking Duolingo would teach me the language and will be canceling and trying a method that has vocal lessons.
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Hahdjdiehdigisuricjehdhfjdif
    Duolingo makes it very easy to learn.
  • Good app but slow 4/5

    By ASE-DEV
    It's great in many ways but the animation doesn't keep up in the matching game. I don't like losing while I'm waiting for animation to load.
  • Tap to speak does not work 1/5

    By KarimFikani
    With the latest update the app keeps failing to record my tap to speak. So I’m losing progress because of that bug
  • Good for reviewing, not learning 2/5

    By The Omgirl
    I’m already a decent speaker of German. But I wanted to increase my vocabulary and become more fluent. I was disappointed and bored for the most part. It was the same conversations over and over and over. I kept waiting for new words and conversations, but it took weeks of daily use to graduate to a new lesson. And then 3/4 of it was the same! I was so sick of talking about concert tickets! It did help me review grammar and vocabulary I already had. But I only learned maybe 6 new words in the two months I used it. I can’t imagine how I’d learn new words if I didn’t already know German because it didn’t have any teaching moments. Just practice and review. I wouldn’t use it for a new language. There has to be something better.
  • Duolingo Update ruined Duolingo 1/5

    By Bueller2103
    The Duolingo update is awful. My progress has been messed up, the path is terrible and so much less motivating than the tree. I appreciated being able to choose what lesson I wanted to learn, now I’ve only got one choice, and the lessons are including vocabulary that had never been introduced. I’m guessing more than I’m learning and I’ve lost all motivation to learn. Based on reports to shareholders, this update was motivated by greed and wanting to push users to buy more gems. The CEO has also said he doesn’t care that the path isn’t helpful for neurotypical users. I’m cancelling the renewal of my super Duolingo subscription and looking for other language apps. Duolingo doesn’t care about learning, they just want your money.
  • Where is the audio lessons? 4/5

    By RRD1958
    I love your course and was making great progress with your audio lesson’s while I drive my 2 hours to and from work. I can’t understand why you would remove them. I am looking for another language, learning software that I can use while driving without having to look at my screen. Please bring it back.
  • The Rizzler himself 4/5

    By some guy ;) .
    I just got W rizz
  • New Duo = Goodbye Duo 1/5

    By stewmca
    Sorry but as a long-time user, I really dislike the new Duo and its learning path. It’s too difficult, too inflexible, and no fun. I got put on unit 31 at conversion, and it’s too hard to move forward. Meanwhile if I do the practice, that’s at about unit 3, so worthless. If this is intended to convert us to the pay version, it’s backfired. Why pay for something that isn’t good in the free version? You’ve converted me to looking for another app. Goodbye Duo.
  • Duolingo almost kidnapped me for not doing chinese lessons for 6 days 5/5

    By Benben Ipad
    I almost got caught by him 💀 then sent to cleveland 😨😱💀
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By KhiryJr
    I have been back and forth on duolingo for years and it’s my go to app ! I love it the only thing I don’t like are the ads. But I pay now so I don’t have to deal with them.
  • Dis app good 5/5

    By pupcen
    I love this app because it help me learn sooooo much in just a week it is so I helpful and I 100% recommend to get it. It really motivates me to try to learn new languages. If you are looking for the perfect app to learn new languages this is the one and there are almost no adds which makes it super fun and with super doalingo ( I have it) it is so much fun because there are no adds at all and you have infinite hearts which personally make me want to do it even more.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By tajdragons
    I love Duolingo. Currently I am learning German and Spanish, and I actually plan on learning most of the languages on there, but I want to learn Catalan, and I dont want to do it in spanish.
  • Me encanta Duolingo 5/5

    By Aspp23022012
    Esta aplicación me ayudó muchísimo con mi inglés
  • Pensamiento de Misael 5/5

    By misalito el Pollo 🐥
    Hola, Duolingo! Muchas gracias por enseñarme a aprender un nuevo idioma.
  • Dont sownload at all cost 1/5

    By jehfhsug
    He took my family cos i missed a spanish lesson
  • Yet another company trying to defile children 1/5

    By Ice Beeg
    Used to be really pleased with Duolingo. It was a great language app. Until they started putting in stuff about acting on homosexual temptations. Don’t overlook this stuff people. It sounds crazy but it won’t be long before they start trying to convince kids through their materials that pedophilia and carnal knowledge of children is okay. And don’t be surprised if they start trying to teach your kids that carnal relations with animals are okay. Shame, Duolingo. What a waste of a wonderful idea.
  • app REFUSES to accept polite correct answers 1/5

    By spinfrog
    Why is this app dead set on teaching rude french? The app straight up REFUSES to accept any sentenses with "vous" instead of "tu", this is really messes up :( What person just learning French will ever be on "tu" level of familiarity with anyone in France? Yet every single sentence in Duolingo contains "tu" and sets up the learners for failure. (Someone in comments said "but you can address children with tu" -- NO, please do not approach any strange children while traveling in a foreign country, what is wrong with you?!)
  • It is great 5/5

    By hello you should get it
    Doglo is a great way to learn eny language
  • Hola dúo 5/5

    By alojas2
    Duolingo es lo mejor de la vida para aprender nuevos idiomas
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ok read it ***
    This app is so great
  • Why Duolingo isn’t good 1/5

    By hdhhdhchch
    I was learning Japanese for a future trip and in an entire 108 45 minute unit a learned an entire 4 words. Unless you were fluent in the past, this is not a good app.
  • Why aren’t you listening? 1/5

    By OneTwoBake
    Like, it’s asking me what to say when a sentence comes up to move on. I’m speaking exactly how it’s telling me to say it, and it doesn’t go through. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. Isn’t the whole point of learning a new language? To speak it? I’m stuck for a whole year and this is just really annoying
  • It’s alright 5/5

    By master8972
    Lots of learning
  • WOW! Must download 5/5

    By ghgdtghbftdrdyvih
    I have a polish teacher and I wanted to learn her language so I downloaded Doalingo!!! At first I couldn’t say or understand polish.Know I can say she in Polish. ( Ona )
  • Very good app for language learning 5/5

    By zztorp
    It threatened to kidnap my parents if I didn’t learn Spanish 👍