E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

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  • Current Version: 10.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: E*TRADE Securities
  • Compatibility: Android
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E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save. App

Welcome to E*TRADE. No matter your level of experience, we help simplify investing and trading. Our award-winning app puts everything you need in the palm of your hand—including investing, banking, trading, research, and more. Download now and start investing today. Invest on your terms • Enjoy commission-free online US-listed stock, ETF, and options trades • Trade mutual funds • Take the guesswork out of choosing investments with professionally built portfolios • Get help from real people whenever you need it Invest with confidence • Get streaming quotes, charts, and portfolio information • Access education, comprehensive research, tools, and screeners to spot investment opportunities • Set alerts and create watchlists for the investments you’re interested in • Stream live Bloomberg video • Chat with customer service in the app Bank and save • Deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, and more • Get unlimited ATM fee refunds with your E*TRADE debit card • Get rates 17x the national average from E*TRADE Bank Premium Savings Account Feel safe and secure • Log on with Touch ID and Face ID support • Fraud protection—you're not liable for unauthorized use of your account Disclosures Investing in securities products involves risk, including possible loss of principal. 1. Read more about the awards E*TRADE received in StockBrokers.com 2019 Online Broker Review: https://about.etrade.com/newsroom/awards-recognition 2. E*TRADE charges $0 commission for online US-listed stock, ETF, and options trades. Exclusions may apply and E*TRADE reserves the right to charge variable commission rates. The standard options contract fee is $0.65 per contract. The retail online $0 commission does not apply to Over-the-Counter (OTC), foreign stock transactions, large block transactions requiring special handling, transaction-fee mutual funds, futures, or fixed income investments. Additional regulatory and exchange fees may apply. For more information about pricing, visit etrade.com/pricing. With Max-Rate Checking, E*TRADE Bank will not charge you a fee for withdrawing funds from any institution's ATM nationwide but the owner/operator of the ATM may. These fees will automatically be credited to your account. E*TRADE Bank does impose a charge equal to 1% of the transaction amount (including credits and reversals) for non-U.S. currency transactions. In the event E*TRADE Bank in its sole discretion determines that there has been either fraudulent or excessive use of the feature on a given account, E*TRADE Bank reserves the right to remove this feature and not refund the ATM fees. For additional information and important details about how the ATM fee refund will be applied, please visit www.etrade.com/atmrefundpolicy. National average for savings annual percentage yield (APY) courtesy of Bankrate.com, as of August 2019. Apple, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Touch ID is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. The E*TRADE Financial family of companies provides financial services including trading, investing and banking products and services to retail customers. Securities products and services offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, are not insured by the FDIC, are not guaranteed deposits or obligations of E*TRADE Bank, and are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of the principal invested. Banking products and services are offered by E*TRADE Bank, a federal savings bank, Member FDIC, or its subsidiaries. E*TRADE Securities LLC and E*TRADE Bank are separate but affiliated companies. View End-User License Agreement: https://mobile.etrade.com/etmobile/EULA_2.0.html System response and account access times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, system performance, and other factors. © 2019 E*TRADE Financial Corporation. All rights reserved.

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E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save. app reviews

  • Best tool 5/5

    By dave Rada
    Very easy to use and has the depth for analysis
  • Inconsistent Data 2/5

    By StephenWithPH
    Maybe expecting a financial app to present consistent data across screens is too much to ask? My portfolio view will often flicker and show the incorrect quotes for my holdings and the account values are incorrect. The app needs work...but this isn’t new...the E*TRADE app has always had problems.
  • Worst app E*TRADE has made so far. 1/5

    By Sam19852
    Go back to old app because it’s way better. New one awful.
  • Could be a bit better 3/5

    Doesn’t show quick summary of my funds when I login.. otherwise it’s a decent interface
  • Slow 2/5

    By Randydubs
    The older versions updated instantly with live streaming on. The newer version is so much slower and doesn’t update live trades anymore. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Arrow G.
    I’ve recently gone from the old E*TRADE app to this newer one and wow do I wish I didn’t have to update. This updated version is poorly organized and just made things take much longer to do. Furthermore, prices aren’t updating correctly and have had it show wrong prices for an entire day which is completely unacceptable. If you were thinking about opening an E*TRADE account I would not consider it. Go to robin hood or td ameritrade until they fix these problems
  • Change not always better 2/5

    By Bond, Jim
    I liked the previous version better. I’d like to see DOW overall change as well as my holdings on the home page, which used to be the case. Can’t seem to adjust the settings to make that happen now.
  • Please fix new app 1/5

    By NomaNinja
    New app always inaccurate and hard to use. Not to mention unresponsive during high volume making E*TRADE not trust worthy
  • E*TRADE app 1/5

    By bs19287
  • Latest update is horrible 1/5

    By Samee8
    The portfolio page shows inaccurate $ numbers on stocks. This is critical info. Worked alright in all previous versions How can such a horrible bug get released to customers. Please fix it ASAP.
  • FINRA should shut this down 1/5

    By Danse en France
    New bug: option prices are incorrect. 🙄 Lost money today because I forgot the charts are fake. How do I join the class action lawsuit?
  • App 1/5

    By JRW42
    I like to have the old one back!
  • New update is really bad 1/5

    By Wally7272
    Prices don’t update. Interface is confusing. Everything is slow. This new app is just bad.
  • The newest version is glitchy & inaccurate 1/5

    By Yup2See
    Executed orders not showing up. Incorrect bid ask spreads. Stock quotes are accurate in real time. Stock & portfolio quotes unavailable the first half hour of the day. This is bad. Very bad. Why would you release an update that was so terribly glitched? Someone should lose their job for representing E*TRADE with such a poor application. Fix it.
  • New update to UI? Why?!! 3/5

    By Hudsky
    I can’t believe this, but I can totally imagine how some VIP at E*TRADE needed “something” for their yearly review and decided the interface change would look good there. So that person gave some guidelines to the development team to execute. But ! ! There really wasn’t anything wrong with the interface layout. Or if anything was wrong, that certainly did not get addressed in this last update. Pardon my abbreviations but W T * were you thinking? My favorite view was the performance graph and the way I got to it by looking at my portfolio. I WAS able to make that portfolio my default layout when I opened the app. That’s all gone now. No customizable presets and stuff is buried now. Please do your selves a favor, get rid of ALL your so called idea people, revert to the previous design and “ENHANCE” what you had instead of fooling your upper management with some bs and unneeded UI changes. Sadly I see this with all corporations now. They cant just let things be and enhance what’s there. This new design is laaaaame!
  • Some good updates, some not so good 3/5

    By jojochi
    GOOD: Cleaner look, some actions to create trades are faster/fewer taps BAD: Less info per screen means must swipe/scroll more. Also performance is bad/laggy, which makes the increased swiping/scrolling very annoying. Ha e to tap twice now to get quote details because it wants to bring up a menu, but less info on screen means I can't see all the quote info without the laggy scrolling.
  • I really dislike the recent changes 1/5

    By ChangeForTheWorse
    The previous setup contained lots of information that was clearly presented and separated. It was also convenient and efficient to navigate through different screens on the app. Now there is more empty, unused space and everything from stock research to buying/selling requires more screen taps. Even logging off is more difficult. Now we have to tap the bottom right, then the top, then the middle. Previously the process flowed from the top left of the screen to the middle.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By pissedkinda
    During the last update pushed out by E*Trade, they set the default for streaming to disabled. This caused major headaches for me to try to find out what happened and how to fix it. They dealt out a lot of unnecessary stress on the users. Do better product team, seriously.
  • Bulky - No “flow” to it 1/5

    By Johnnyfinfan
    Too many different screens for doing a simple options trade. No “flow” to the app at all. Also, if I select a specific stock to trade, and change to “option”, it makes me re-select the ticker, rather than retaining the one I was already in.
  • Slow, displays wrong data 1/5

    By rkl3dkl
    I generally like E*TRADE, but their mobile app is terrible, and it got worse with the latest version. I can’t tell you how many times it has displayed very wrong stock prices. Fortunately I follow stocks close enough that it’s not too hard to tell when they’re wrong but if that wasn’t the case it would really throw me off. The latest update got rid of the dashboard view, which was my favorite. Support is terrible. If you want to chat, you’ll be in a queue with dozens of people and the wait time they give is wildly inaccurate.
  • Where are the graphs? 3/5

    By Kevin Coffman
    I miss the old app design. The new design looks nicer, but is less convenient: I want to see my watch list and the markets on the same page (with graphs). I also don’t want the Accounts tab to open right away - I often use the app in public, and my account balance is sensitive information.
  • E*TRADE is done 1/5

    By mk19856744
    Horrible app. Big downgrade from previous version. E*TRADE is done in my eyes. Switching to Schwab.
  • I want the old app back!!!’ 1/5

    By creditwhisperer
    Nothing works. The numbers flash. There no future prices shown. The font size is to small. The real time steaming quotes don’t work. I want the old app back. I was not able to complete transactions do to incorrect quotes.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Nick M****
    App upgrade is bad and prefer the old version. Also, the quote prices are now delayed versus real time quotes. Not intuitive like the previous version
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Candyjas1
    The previous version of this app was more user friendly and easier to navigate. This version makes it harder for me to find what I need and freezes frequently. Today I couldn’t even log in with my password or face recognition. When I finally got in of course it freezes and I was unable to verify that my trade went through. Are you guys going to listen to the users and fix this crap or what?
  • New app 1/5

    By mc4886
    The new E*TRADE app is garbage, lags constantly. Every other time I log in says not online and signs me off. Absolutely terrible do not upgrade!
  • Horrible new version. OMG horrible 1/5

    By Conway ar
    What happened to new version, it’s horrible. This app crash, freezes someone needs to get fired for this.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Situation43
    Old app so much better
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Volvo technician
    It truly simplified my investment experience
  • Trade indicators 1/5

    By balboa10
    The new app is slow u also cannot see when a trade goes off. For some reason they took away the trade indicators to let you know if a buy or sell is happening and that a trade went off. They do not even understand what this is they might be only site in history that does not have this. They tech people do not get it they are confused when you tell them. The site is now slow and their seems to be a few second delays on the stock updating especially on high volume days of the market. You cannot login to the app as easy their seems to be more errors and telling you to call E*TRADE to for help. When you do call and wait on hold the tech people tell you same basic stuff. The old app was fine this new version is bad took them years behind other apps now. You simply cannot trade without those indicators letting you know about trades going off. Not to pile on their seems to be extra steps now u have to do like hit accounts than tap port for ur account. Also many times when u tap the buttons their is a delay to go to that particular screen. The big and ask price on options as well don’t update when u are at the trade screen so u don’t know what price it is at when u do a market order. They went from being first on their phone app to last and they do not seem to notice with all the bad reviews.
  • Hate It! 2/5

    By st nicnic
    E*Trade seems in no hurry to fix the issues with this new iOS app. If you still have the old, keep it
  • Not the best views or customization options 1/5

    By alvaro169
    The new view doesn’t allow users to see all stocks/positions across all accounts in one view, like the old one did. Big downgrade in my POV
  • Worse version than the prior 2/5

    By Alana,Larson
    The previous versions were better More user friendly The real time quotes and premarital updates were automatic and in real time Now I have to exit the app and relog in every time to get an update. Quite frustrating!
  • App not working properly 1/5

    By Tony Baloney
    -App is terribly lagging even on wifi -Have to keep adding the same moving averages back on the charts 50 times a day, they keep disappearing -app isnt showing that the trade executed until minutes later sometimes. Very frustrating. -Needs an option possible to trade from the chart -account balance constantly jumping around even when market it closed, dont know why. -The old app worked better, needs help quickly. -gains and losses are not accurate, shows a very different number every time you look. Off by thousands. -Also needs a 1 minute chart for Day Traders, very important. -Also need to be able to draw diagonal lines on the chart to see support and resistance points easily. -Can you give us an idea when these problems will be fixed or when an update is coming out?
  • New app 1/5

    By bcobliterate
    Too small font size !!! I’m 51 - I used your app instead of fidelity because of the dashboard that shows the markets and futures - Now, I can’t read it without glasses - if you’re catering towards the younger crowd I’ve got news for you- they’re not the ones with the money
  • My million 4/5

    By my mill
    Thank m
  • Slow - unusable 1/5

    By Samirpsu
    I rarely if ever leave app feedback; however the app functionality in the new version has taken a massive backward step. It freezes, charts don’t load, swipes have to be in only certain regions of the screen if at all. All around a programming and UX debacle. At a time when RH and other trading apps are improving, eTrade has taken an untimely and unnecessary regression. If this doesn’t change, I will be forced to move my trading to another platform.
  • Slow Frozen 1/5

    By iso5666
    After the last update, it constanly freeze, impossible to scroll as others already mentioned. I don’t need to call u bc it is not specific to me. Please please fix it immediately or I will have to move my account to avoid this crazy problem
  • Not happy 2/5

    By hammolton
    Old app was much better
  • Futures 1/5

    By kevinhdd
    Why are the futures numbers 5 days old?
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Somewhere in DC
    But I wish I could use the fingerprint reader on my iPad to log in.
  • Mr 2/5

    By realtime_user
    Slow for real time stream
  • Random Studdering 3/5

    By pman224
    Love the app overall just for some reason when scrolling the screen jitters and freezes for split seconds constantly so I can’t scroll without the screen freaking out. Hard to read the news and just makes the experience frustrating.
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By Bgtdghiih
    This makes me so angry. The Capital One Investing app was very good. Then you bought them and we got the eTrade app. Not as good, but not horrible. But this is unacceptable. This is impossible to use for any research or education now. How can there not be a full sized chart/graph for real time quotes and market information with all of the links grouped etc. This is absolutely unacceptable. New users will be completely flummoxed! Use the desktop GUI on your MacBook. Avoid this app, it’s totally useless now.
  • App 1/5

    By trader 82
    App is slow when updating balances. Previous app was much better
  • great platform but new app is very buggy 3/5

    By ninjabreath
    the new app has some great new features but is a step backwards in several ways (the process of viewing a quote takes too many clicks; items are buggy)
  • New App 1/5

    By GWB-0132
    The new app is very glitchy and I am always behind on real time quotes. It is not updating on the main portfolio page. I have to click on the position to get an accurate quote. Hate this app and wish the old one was still available. Very slow and takes forever at times to load charts and quotes for trading.
  • Please fix the update issues 2/5

    By KenshinYJ
    I like the app and it’s functionality in general. But I liked the way it was designed before. In particular when I am transferring money into the IRA account it used to show me how much I have contributed for that tax year with how much more I can contribute. Now it does not show me any information regarding his whatsoever. Why update and take away one of the most useful functionalities? Please fix this.
  • Big downgrade 1/5

    By Be-tho
    Please bring back the old app version!!! UPDATE: Apart from the overall unprofessional look and feel and lack of essential functionality that was available in the previous version, the app now also has serious performance issues. During volatile trading sessions, the portfolio view cannot keep up with price movements and skips some positions all together. It also takes considerable wait time to load chunks of the portfolio instead of showing all at ones. Totally unprofessional and dangerous if you need it for trading.

E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save. app comments

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