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Eat24 Food Delivery

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Eat24 Food Delivery App

Eat24 is now a part of Grubhub—the nation’s leading service for ordering delivery and pickup from the best selection of local restaurants. Search and download the Grubhub app to order from a huge selection of local restaurants—your Eat24 favorites included! Whether you’re discovering a new dish, or reordering a go-to, Grubhub is the free and easy way to get great food—no phone calls or google searching required. From breakfast to midnight snacks and everything in between, your favorite meal is just a few taps away. Hungry? Download Grubhub to order from the best selection of restaurants in the nation. Grubhub is the best way to order delivery for takeout in the U.S., with exclusive deals from nearby restaurants and zero hidden fees. Top 5 reasons to download Grubhub: 1. Get more restaurant options and explore the local food scene 2. Discover exclusive promos you'll only find on the Grubhub app 3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder 4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates 5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance Never go without your favorite food again. Want that burrito that never lets you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previous order straight to checkout. Looking for something specific like potstickers? Just search for it to see a list of great spots near you. Then all you need to do is pick the restaurant, choose your food, and order. We call that a three-tap meal—it doesn’t get easier. New to the neighborhood? Read ratings and reviews of Grubhub restaurants from our diner community for suggestions from real people. Because who has time for mediocre food? Grubhub offers many ways to pay, including Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, or good old-fashioned credit cards. Whatever works best for you. Hungry for familiar favorites? Our restaurant partners include Arby’s, Chuy’s, Denny’s, Just Salad, On The Border, P.F. Chang’s, Papa John’s, Qdoba, Red Robin, TGI Fridays, Zoes Kitchen, and more. Download Grubhub, the online ordering service that delivers the food you want anytime, anywhere.

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Eat24 Food Delivery app reviews

  • Boliere 5/5

    By Boliere
    The best !
  • Great Until Something Goes Wrong 1/5

    By anewday14
    They are great until you run into an issue then it’s crickets. They apparently don’t have a customer support team.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By letsmit
    On more then one occasion the driver has literally dropped my food to the wrong house and I never received my order. The service is slow. The customer service is horrible. My personal overall experience has been pretty terrible for the most part. This is my first time ordering with them in months. Hopefully I’m not disappointed again. I was honestly desperate. May be my last time using them.
  • Taco Bell 5/5

    By stormymocha38
    I enjoyed this app it was my first time using it and it was awesome when the delivery person really showed up with my food. There was no delivery fee but that was cool they included the tip already. Our food was good but the only concern was that my cinnamon twists came as leftover crumbs.
  • Not great.. 1/5

    By FeeAnnMarie
    They allowed a PERMANENTLY CLOSED restaurant take my order. They were deceitful by claiming it was delivered. I have not been able to get in contact with anyone from the company. I want a full refund!
  • Preferred old version 1/5

    By zipzs
    The old app was much better, better layout and ui. Stopped using it shortly after grubhub got their hands on it and changed it up, it used to be great.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Kate, Boston
    My go to app for ordering food on the weekends! Always great customer service and help from the restaurants if anything goes wrong. Good support teams.
  • Can’t order food from this service.... 1/5

    By Mysterioussai
    Grubhub stopped working properly for me a few weeks after I got an account. Initially, I lost the ability to order from one restaurant. After contacting them for support, I cannot order from any restaurant now from the app/website. Customer service told me my account was deemed “fraudulent.” Don’t really understand what business model they’re following by not letting me order food but I’d much rather use uber eats. Much less of a hassle than grubhub or seamless.
  • i want the old eat24 back... 1/5

    By aawdcgyhnkg
    terrible terrible idea...i never ordered in grabhub because i dont like it..and now this?!!!
  • Never use this app 1/5

    By miarogers98
    I need a refund on my order
  • Not the best interface 1/5

    By Relaxed lingo aka madman
    I received no notification that my order was canceled. not the reason my order was canceled . Apps hard to navigate. Just not a good app overall compared to DoorDash
  • Meal Review 5/5

    By Melchizedek's Heart
    Meals are always timely, Food is great!
  • No longer get $2 promo code 1/5

    By bleh222223
    Haven't got the promo code in months which is lame AF. Don't recommend...
  • To expensive for ok food 1/5

    By Crashedoutstudios
    To expensive.... it makes no sense for a 5 peace wing with fries to coast $16 and this doesn’t include delivery fee of $2 and $1.50 tax
  • Late deliveries 1/5

    It took an hour after the original time for my food to come 🤬
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Hammsz
    Second time this has happened and it’s the second time we’ve used the app. Had food delivered and when the styrofoam container my burrito was in had melted INTO my burrito, I called Eat 24 since that’s LITERALLY the app we used to order food. By the time I got to. A customer service person, 35 min had passed and they said I needed to call GrubHub because that’s who they sent the order to. By the time I got to them, my restaurant was closed. Done with both Eat 24 AND GrubHub since they both screw you out of dinners. I say twice because the last time this happened they actually sent the wrong Gyro and by the time I got through, the place had closed. Trash...
  • Missing items 1/5

    By I hate unison league
    On 2/5/19 I was missing 2 of the 3 sodas I ordered, restaurant did nothing of it same for yelp or grubhub, very confusing and unprofessional. And also why add restaurants that doesnt know how to cook? I received a cheesesteak, the bun was a hotdog bun what a joke. On top of that the so-called cheesesteak place was 10mins late, they know they didn’t deserve that $6 tip from me. Bad service shady app made/merged with shady people. This will be the last time I will ever depend on yelp/grubhub.
  • Very sucky app and service 1/5

    By Cali-worker
    The app does not show any current status. I waited for 45 mins for the status to change after which they called me to tell me that my order was canceled. Crap bag service and app
  • Time 1/5

    By mshary arnous
    Worst app ever, they never respect the time. I’ve ordered once and they were late for more than an hour and when I called the customer service I had to wait for 20mins and all what they said we apologize. I tried again and the same thing happened, but this time driver took my food 90 minutes before they could deliver it. Total disrespectful. And again they sent a “promo code” that I never received
  • Customer service NIGHTMARE 1/5

    By jmeckilsom
    Since merging with GrubHub this company is TERRIBLE. My food was delivered over 30 minutes late because there was a mix up on the address. When I called, customer service rep offered me a promo code to compensate me for my $50 order that was delivered cold and disgusting. This is unacceptable and I will never use either Eat24 or GrubHub ever again. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
  • Easy as pie 5/5

    By Big Joe says
    Great application and super easy to use. Not as expensive as those “mates” we used to hang with.
  • J.A 5/5

    By aguil731
    Burger fries it’s so good 👌 I will Oder again
  • Grub hub Ruined Our Coupons!! 1/5

    By Duart245
    Give us our weekend coupons again!!!
  • Way better than Postmates 5/5

    By krfilms
    So easy to use — a lot of freedom within the app so you can customize your order. Also, it doesn’t make you search out for unresolved issues you didn’t even know were on your account. Postmates is buggy and I’m deleting it now that I’ve found eat 24.
  • Dope app 5/5

    By Masatwayne_KD
    Perfect for when you’re super medicated or to lazy to go get food.... oh and some restaurants take cash. Which is a dope feature.
  • Nice 5/5

    By JustCallMeQ123
    Better than Postmates
  • App Will Not Accept Full Delivery Instructions! 1/5

    Doubt I’ll use this app again.
  • Fudged a Super Bowl party order 1/5

    By Jdhdnd
    I tried to give Eat24 a chance, I did. I’ve used them fairly regularly over the years and used to be a fan of their witty marketing emails. But today was the last straw. Today, I contacted a local restaurant, where three days ago I placed a large order meant to feed 22 adults and 12 kids at a Super Bowl party. They hadn’t seen the order at all. So I contacted customer service by chat and sure enough - the order hadn’t gone through. If I hadn’t followed up, I would have shown up at the restaurant at 2 pm tomorrow, and would have been left hanging. The customer service rep defined it as a “glitch” and apologized for my troubles “today.” No, Sur. I would have been in big trouble tomorrow! So, I’m done with Eat24. Bye, Felicia!
  • Love this place! 5/5

    By Purplerice33
    Love this place
  • Always quick delivery before scheduled 5/5

    By tenpinmom
    Great service. Nice delivery people. Packaging is always secure. Nothing at all to complain about
  • Food 5/5

    By kyliedollface
    Good timing not cold

    By ExYelperJWS
    1st and only experience was so horrible I deleted any and all accounts that have to do with this terrible company..
  • Never use this app again 1/5

    By Widcrx
    Use to be a good app don’t know what has happened . Seems eat 24 does not manage the restaurant/contact with them very well . Today was my last try with eat 24 never again. Uber eats keeps my business.
  • Discount not applicable when paying by cash. 1/5

    By Laser99x
    Discount not applicable when paying by cash.
  • Best food delivery app. 5/5

    By SSivar503
    Just the best food delivery ordering app. I have been using this app for a long time without having any problems at all and just keeps getting better with time.
  • Stay Away! 1/5

    By Honest Neighbor
    This service claimed to have dropped off my order 15 minutes late. The food never showed. When speaking to customer service, they claimed to have called me twice and rang my doorbell. Both assertions were lies. While my kids went hungry, customer service was content in relaying I would receive a credit. What happened to the food? The driver likely enjoyed a nice dinner on my dime. Never again, Eat 24.
  • Loved it 5/5

    By Zbgrl
    It was easy using the app.
  • $10 off my first order was a lie 1/5

    By Thatgirllnikki
    Why say get $10 off you’re first order only to have it “not available in your area code”? BS
  • Money refund 1/5

    By thank20344
    If the restaurant cancel the order we should not wait a couple days for the money to get refund
  • Disappointing! 1/5

    By Nathan/Beverly-Hills
    What baffles me is the app developer’s oblivion to all the negative one star reviews. That speaks volumes about the app, atrocious service, rancid customer disservice, and the lack of care from the developer. This is the poster child for a failing business. Time shall tell. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. I’ve used this app for almost a decade and I raved about it to all my friends. I placed thousands of orders and was extremely pleased. Then grub-hub happened and Eat-24 died. RIP. So I find myself better off reverting to the old method of calling the neighborhood restaurants directly. At least they answer the phone and are accountable to me directly. In contrast to the monstrosity of corporate America forcing you to wait 90 minutes for a heated meal (which arrives cold with spillage each and every time and missing items) coming from a mile away. I was once even heckled by one driver about the tip I promised to give (which I clearly stated is conditional on my meal arriving on time, without any missing items or spillage; which happened 100% of the time since grub-hub). I was forced to adopt this attitude lord knows why. Each time I called the restaurants about the missing items they indicated it was the driver who left it behind. In addition, the 20% tip I was giving thinking it’s for the restaurant staff, I discovered it actually goes to the guy who forgot half your order behind and spilled the other half in the bag along the way. Shocking. Food for thought. Pun intended. I want the old Eat-24 back please; grub-hub...No No thanks. Update (today is 09 JAN 2019), last week I decided to give Eat-24 another chance because I truly miss it. I placed an order and received an email FROM EAT-24 confirming my order. After 2 hours when I received my food, 2 items were missing. I called Eat-24 customer disservice and they couldn’t locate my order, not by my name or email address, not by phone number or order number. The lady even denied that I have placed an order even though I was telling I’d just received most of my food already. She suggested to call Grubhub instead. Grubhub was able to locate my order. How did this happen? No one at Eat-24 or at Grubhub was able to explain. No one had a clue. No one was could offer a word of kindness. The situation is a hopeless disaster. Since then I reverted back to cooking my own meals which is much more delicious, cleaner, and healthier. Instead I now get Instacart to deliver my groceries. Every end marks a new beginning. Good bye Eat-24, you will eat your way to the grave.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By kayaksurf
    Nice app. Easy to use.
  • Grubhub app doesn’t work but Eat24’s does 5/5

    By mirphy24hoursaday
    Eat24 works...Grubhub does not, most of the time.
  • Loved it 5/5

    By zooeyrocks
    I had a great experience. Loved it
  • Same app, horrible redesign 1/5

    By Freejack63
    For some reason Eat24/Grubhub decided to redesign their app and make it virtually unusable. Gone are the ability to simply view local restaurants or select based on proximity or delivery charges. Everything good was replaced by advertisements and confusing layouts. Why did they want me to NEVER use their app again. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • The worst food delivery service 1/5

    By Slamboogie88
    Yelp Eat24/Grubhub is the worst food delivery service compared to similar competitor food delivery app. My order was delivered 25 minutes late and one of my order "honey toast" was delivered cold and no longer toasty and crunchy as it should be. Very disappointed. Order was placed at 1:55pm and it was delivered at 3:07pm. The worst delivery estimation. Worst part is my food was delivered at the state that is not eatible. This experience totally made me lost my appetite. $15 down the drain cause I am no longer in the mood to eating this. I don't care for using Grubhub anymore. Grubhub is the worst.
  • Multiple issues in the last year 1/5

    By jrddddddd
    I have had multiple issues with eat 24/grub hub in the last year. Issues with food not being delivered on time either early when I asked for a specific time or late. The worst issue has been I used a relative’s credit card one time on the app and now repeatedly their name & # shows up as the name on the account. I have repeatedly changed it. Tonight due to the issue my order for a birthday party was canceled but I was not notified. The order did not show is canceled but pending on the app until an hour later when I was on the phone with the restaurant
  • Use Another App 1/5

    By sanchce
    Unfortunately this app does not have the capabilities to identify whether or not a restaurant will be taking your order. They process the order, take your money and then unless you contact them to let them know the food has not arrived you will not know whether or not the food has arrived. Then it takes them a few days to have your bank release your funds and you are out that money for a certain number of days.Unfortunately I gave them the benefit of the doubt and have on several occasions been left without my food until I have contacted them and have been informed that the restaurant did not take their order. They do not update the restaurant list nor do they follow through. They just take your money. Select another app like Postmates etc. that will be more responsible to their clients. I am not in the habit of writing poor reviews, however this is just happened to many times. I will be deleting their app from my phone as of this moment.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Horrinle Customer Service
    Waited 2 hours for my food and the driver delivered my food to the wrong people. I had to call to figure out what was going on. Every time I use this app the drivers take forever. Will not use this app again.
  • Coupon code didn’t work 3/5

    By deshuan2099
    A coupon code for $12 off didn’t work

Eat24 Food Delivery app comments

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