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  • Current Version: 1.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Eaze Solutions LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Eaze App

The Eaze app provides a window into the world of medical marijuana. This is a companion app, intended for Eaze users looking to educate themselves about medical marijuana news and events. Users can access a feed of relevant and timely articles on the marijuana industry published by Eaze. New users can also use the app to sign up for the Eaze service and access their Patient Identification Card.


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  • More Inclusive Age Requirements for Medical Users 2/5

    By Ricky1222
    If this app is actually geared toward medical patients as well as recreational users they should allow 18+ year old individuals to use the app provided they have a medical marijuana recommendation. As a medical patient under 21 I find it extremely irksome that there are so many dispos and providers that set the age limit at 21 but they still market themselves as individuals who actually care about the patients and not the money or the rec users. Either way, I find this disappointing.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By EvilIdra
    Eaze is amazing. Just wish you could shop on the app.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By kwconch7
    I find it to be awesome! Only downfall cash only. Very inconvenient
  • Great for what it’s meant to do 5/5

    By Mjtassone
    You can’t order directly in this app but you can track your current order through here. This version is much easier to use.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Npec
    I wish Apple let Eaze create a shopping experience through the app now that it is officially legal! I love this service. The app provides a seamless signup experience but looks like for now, all of the shopping still happens on eaze.com.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By this is lame af
    I can’t even get in!!!! I am trying to sign in and for the last ten minutes I’ve been repeating the same steps and being redirected to do the same thing, verify my phone number, but I have already so they say change password or use a different account!! It is impossible to sign in!!
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By lindsay319
    Live in California, don’t get to use Eaze very often but do when I bring my husband to the city for his VA appts. Used to be super convenient bcuz you could put your card in instead of having to have $200 cash on you. Drove 5 hours to the city & renewed my 215 card just to be able to use the service since I like their selection & after I put everything in my cart they said “MUST PAY IN CASH”. Such a joke, so much for pre-planning & them being convenient. Don’t waste your time, if you’re in San Fran use a service like Foggy Daze Delivery, they at least take a card.
  • Awful. Can’t even get started. 1/5

    By Bearded Spectre
    Link to verify my phone number goes to a 404 dead website. Not like most developers use a numerical code for verification rather than a hyperlink to an outside browser but whatever. Point is, it doesn’t work. Waste of everyone’s time.
  • First time use 5/5

    By navysealsss
    Online version worked perfect! App was weird tho... received great product very fast!! So happy!!:) hope review helps! Ps... first delivery free!!
  • Won't let me get passed login 1/5

    By The Kuts
    Wanted to try this app out but I can't go further from the log in screen. Must be fixed right away
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Rzzd727
    The app used to open and tell you to visit the website. Starting about a month ago it stopped loading altogether and doesn't work. Very disappointing it hasn't been fixed, I'm just on an iPhone X. Would much prefer a functional app over a website and disappointed this company has not invested enough in the app
  • Helps pot heads get their drugs 1/5

    By iSayRwar
    This app is complicit in helping drug dealers and users break federal law by aiding in the distributing of a schedule 1 drug.
  • fails to load 1/5

    By greyhound-mama
    I just upgraded to the latest version, and the app never makes it past the spinning wheel / loading screen.
  • Non-functional app 1/5

    By Anna the Wacky Banana
    Tried to sign up. Sends a verification link which doesn’t work. Did these folks actually test this thing??
  • Never ending loading 1/5

    By SweetPea89898989
    Can’t even use the app. Also Coronado, CA (92118) still isn’t included in your delivery range. Been medically legal about as long as San Diego and just over the bridge. Wonder why you guys don’t want our money 💸
  • Where’s the app to order delivery? 1/5

    By dmartindogg
    Where’s the app to order delivery?
  • New Update, same problems. 1/5

    By Janz
    I just updated the app. They should fire their UX designer. The menu and help icons are overlapping the top of the screen on my iPhone X. Also, I moved and it’s not giving me an option to change my location. I emailed them about it, they responded after a few days, I responded back then I never heard from them again. With that said, I haven’t used this app since I downloaded it. It’s about time to uninstall it. You can only give so many chances. I’m out.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By eazesucks
    It literally has NEVER worked. It just keeps trying to load. Emailed them about it twice. And surprise surprise, they never responded.
  • Trash 1/5

    By fusha pynk
    You still have to order via your browser. Now prohibition is over they are cray.
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By Pappa Kapp
    Cannot place orders through app, you are redirected to their website. The app only displays Cannabis news. Not worth downloading.
  • Useless app? 1/5

    By Itsmejayt
    Why can't I use this app to ORDER. Don't want to use your stupid mobile website.
  • Expand your delivery area to Santa Cruz area 1/5

    By iamnotclever
    That is all.
  • Bad customer experience with app 1/5

    By AppuserSummer
    App doesn’t let me order w/o rec and one is not required in my city. I wrote in and 3 days later they send a canned response that ignores my core issue. Now app stuck loading. I give one star for cool billboards.
  • Paid for but did not get product 1/5

    By brandonz13
    I paid for a card but only got a printed out paper. They have still not sent me one even though cs said they would send it months ago!!!
  • Neglected app is terrible 1/5

    By brennanMKE
    Just installed the app to start using the service now that it is legal recreationally to find the app still requires the medical ID which I will not be getting. Then I find the basically does not do anything, like letting me browse products and make purchases. I read that Eaze was well-funded. Looks like the money has been wasted.
  • Terrible app. They will spam you over text. 1/5

    By mykidsarenaughty
    Can’t even believe these guys pulled down 51m$ from VCs. I think I’ll be sending these investors an email. I don’t even remember signing up for Eaze (and I definitely haven’t given an indication that I’m interested), and they spam me over texts. Something about 30$ off. It’s about 3-4 a day. I tried to block them, but the service they use to bulk SMS uses a new number every time. Extremely shady marketing tactics. This gives me hope that if I make an app, with a cute logo, and elementary knowledge with Swift, I’m gonna grab 50,000,000$ from VCs in Palo Alto. Ridiculous. Don’t download, and stay away from this company!
  • Can’t even 1/5

    By in my own world=]]
    It can’t even get past the loading page! I haven’t been able to use the app at all cause I’m just stuck in a blank loading page.
  • The app NEVER works 1/5

    By Sfken77
    I always have to go through the website, because the app never gets beyond a loading screen.
  • Boot 1/5

    By xTrillestx
    App won’t open.
  • Good service! Terrible App 1/5

    By Angel Fabre
    I love the eaze delivery service, it is quick and they have a good selection. The app does not work. It won't leave the loading menu so I have to order from the browser version.
  • Terrible update, worthless app now 1/5

    By Fggc4456
    What's the point of this app if you have to put in password etc every time?! It used to be a direct link from app to their menu page but now it makes you login once on the app, and once again at eaze.com. Updates are supposed to make improvements not make it worst than ever! Please fix your terrible app asap!
  • Won’t open fully 1/5

    By badlycutpasta
    App keeps crashing after I tap to open it.
  • Is this app a joke ? 1/5

    By Shyamal
    Why waste time and falsely pretend you will deliver but you don’t
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Jabboman
    App does not offer ordering, just info and a link to their website. Dont bother downloading. Deleted.
  • Crash bug when selecting name 1/5

    By MellowYello
    Go to sidebar, tap your name. Result: black screen and crash. After killing app, can no longer login, keeps crashing. Please fix. Bug Reproduction 10/10.
  • Customer Service? Nope.... 2/5

    By Whole Wheat Pete
    Good service, cheerful, prompt delivery people, nice selection, BUT...absolutely no customer support. I received a defective product, and despite many email requests have received nothing but useless auto responses. Good thing there are so many other cannabis delivery services here in the Bay Area!
  • Can’t order anymore 1/5

    By Trentonwick
    Why. Why would you get rid of the store and menu...
  • Too slow 1/5

    By Angelico perezito
    They dip if you're not outside 3 minutes after they get there but take like an hour and a half to deliver smh
  • New app 3/5

    By Evilinasf
    The service is great! They are fast at delivering. Only thing I don't care for is the new or updated app. I log in and all I see is learn and explore. All I want to do is order so I can enjoy. So I get out of the app and go online to order. What's the point of having this app if I can't order from it anymore
  • Love Service, but "App"? 4/5

    By sksskdm
    I always have really fast delivery and no issues there at all but it makes no sense to me to have an app that you don't order in? What's the point if I have to do it in my browser at the end of the day
  • Service is great, App is lacking. 2/5

    By Jazzy0316
    Love the service, hate the app. Why can't I shop through the app. It should be more streamlined like uber or lyft! Should be able to track the driver more accurately, and be able to purchase without getting routed to the website!
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By Rratsb
    If you love entering in your password, email address, and phone number in an endless loop, youll love this app. I couldn't log in to my existing account OR create a new one. How is this company still in business?
  • Unable to order, absolutely pointless 1/5

    By CthulhusKitten
    I don't understand how an update could actually worsen an app. What's the point of wasting space on my phone with this when I have to open safari and use the mobile website to order anyway? This app is only good if you wanna read articles, check out the details of your prescription (not your official recommendation, just your ID pic/info and the date you MMJ rec expires), and for logging in and out. If you're trying to order from eaze, don't bother with this app and just go on their website
  • Useless, can't shop from App 1/5

    By Healthnutsf
    I'm not sure what the point of this app is as there's no shopping and ordering functionality? Definitely defeats the purpose - deleting until there's an update.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Shshsislsnshisnsnd
    Without the menu, this app is officially useless.
  • Can't access menu in app anymore 1/5

    By nmazooji
    Since the rent update I can't access the menu of goodies through the app anymore. It just "copies a link" which is pretty annoying. Please fix
  • A little too medicated... 1/5

    By Lo-Res Viscera
    Three months after signing up & paying for my MM Dr evaluation & ZMM ID, I get sent both documents w/ my name misspelled. I request another set. Those never arrive. I request a third set - recommendation arrives, but card never does. They add some credits to my account, but how hard can it be? Plenty of dispensary delivery & local evaluations where I live. I will support locally & skip these guys. Good luck.
  • Latest update keeps making me log in 2/5

    By dagovna88
    I just want to access the menu easily! I don't really care for the latest in weed news
  • Why Apple?!? 1/5

    By Solvire
    It seems that apple has gotten into trying to censor harmless topics. After updating my eaze I am no longer to see any products. I effectively rendered this app useless. Thanks guys.

    By Mr.Chizzle
    This app is flawless and great 100% of the time. BUT, after the update it doesn't take me to the browse menu or locate me pad anymore. Now all it does it redirect me to a learn and explore page which I could care less about. And all of this happened just because of a stupid update. Please add a fix to this because it's a thorn in my side..

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