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  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Eaze Solutions LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Eaze App

Eaze is the premier technology platform connecting independent, licensed cannabis dispensaries with verified users. Eaze serves users where delivery is permitted and strictly complies with all state and local laws and regulations. The Eaze App allows residents or visitors age 21+ to sign up for Eaze. Users in California may browse our menu, track their orders, and share a referral link with friends to earn credit. The app also features regularly updated educational content and allows users to stay up to date on special promotions and offers.

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Eaze app reviews

  • Really terrible delivery. 1/5

    By Fsgdgdn
    I am in state for a weekend and it’s my first time using this service and took almost 2 hours when the original ETA was 1hr. Reached out to customer service about getting a discount for the terrible delivery eta and changes and they were super un-helpful and would not accommodate. Will not be using this ever again and don’t recommend anyone either unless you have a whole afternoon of just sitting around and waiting.
  • Viewing the menu 1/5

    By tyttttyyjsfkddohdfkj
    Why are the menu categories for what you want cannabis? Why not just sort it into actual categories like on your web based site. I don’t want your suggestions of what I should get based on what I am using it for, I just want to see what is currently available. Additionally, why do you send me a text telling me my selections are ready every time I select one of the categories? This app is ridiculous, deleting it and sticking to your website.
  • Not EAZEy to use 2/5

    By eiffanit
    I started using this company and liked them from the beginning, but there is definitely no eaze to this app. I have to go online as well. A lot of ads or whatever but no easy access to actually go to the store and shop. Fact I had things in my cart but I can’t even get to my cart and I don’t even know how to get to the shop there’s no links at all. I’m also super bummed that I can’t use my MasterCard anymore. Hopefully they’ll get it working properly so I can start shopping with them again! Besides the taxes sucking (which is out of their hands that’s gov’t fault) the products are pretty good and it’s a fast delivery so those aspects of the service are really great!
  • If you want weed delivered reliably and quickly, look elsewhere 1/5

    By dogdabountyhunter
    The ordering process is relatively simple about half the time, and the other half, it is the least reliable system on the planet. I don’t mind the long delivery times that much because it is to be expected, but after such a long period, it is very discouraging to have the order cancelled by the driver for no reason right before the delivery driver was supposedly about to be there and right before they are legally mandated to stop delivering. So thanks for nothing
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Reorx9111
    Doesn’t function at all and you can’t use it to buy anything. Crashes constantly, customer support is virtually non existent. What a joke
  • Ordered and received within 30 minutes!! 5/5

    By kindlysunny
    It’s a great time to be alive when you can place an order for weed and it shows up at your door in 30 minutes!!!!! Two eighths for $30? Love old pal!
  • Get it together 1/5

    By rachtj
    Eaze seems to really be struggling. They can’t accept MasterCard anymore, they frequently get overwhelmed and cancel orders, and my past several deliveries have been late or delayed. Super disappointed. They need some help.
  • Awful, not accessible with Voiceover 1/5

    By Landon the Frog
    This app needs better developers. So does the web site for that matter. Neither are accessible with Voiceover, so this service won't be getting my money because I literally can't place an order.
  • Incredibly Disappointed 1/5

    By escapist000
    Will never be using this service again. Ordered 3 different products. Waited 2 HOURS. So if you like waiting around for slow service, use this app. If not, I recommend just going to a dispensary.
  • Omg 1/5

    By Sanjuro333
    This app is such a joke but it’s not funny. You guys need to fire your developers or get better ones who are not stoned most of the time

    By Alexandra.R.L
    I have had the WORST experience with this company. The orders are delayed 3+ hours and their customer service barely works. They’ll make you wait and delay your delivery then cancel. Absolute nightmare.
  • Waist of time 1/5

    By triz-man
    These guys will give you a time and then after you wait there 70 minutes theylll tell you it’s gona be another hr they don’t care and they are not organized if your going to waist people’s time then at least have a notification on your app people can leave and go get weed other than wait for you when you won’t even show up for 2 and a half hrs WORST WAIST OF TIME EVER don’t waist your time or money with these people just go to a store
  • Worthless 1/5

    By fffghjugrfvhjredvvbjkrecv
    It’s just links to their website, you can’t shop through the app. Why did they even bother?
  • I use Eaze regularly 2/5

    By imback:)
    It used to come so quickly, the last 8 times me and my friends have ordered from them it took 3-4 hours to arrive. They have some serious issues to fix before I start using them again
  • Terrible Products 1/5

    By joxchy
    The products available through this app are all terrible and MIDS for sure, at most. Rest are powdery shake and dusty weed. Not worth spending your earned money on this service. Might as well just use Weedmaps or, better yet just visit a local dispensary and be greeted with much better products at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ruining the industry 1/5

    By Ruthless Rissa
    The best part of the cannabis industry is the opportunity for small business and when you use apps like this you’re turning cannabis corporate.
  • Why is there an app? 1/5

    By lalalewi
    So after downloading I realize you can’t even order through the app. For legal reasons I guess, then why bother? Will be deleting the app as it serves no purpose.
  • Operational Improvements Needed 2/5

    By Stegooooo
    The company name in itself was marketed to be a game changer but at last there was no Eaze if you are using the app on your apple device or use a MasterCard. I’ve ordered numerous times and now I’m going back just walking to my local flower shop with cash. I would I would improve your operations before purchasing more ads around LA county. Pro: Friendly Drivers Website Ordering Cons: Bad ETA’s Low Inventory Misleading App Cash or Visa online payments only
  • Trash app, trashier support 1/5

    By TheRealFG3
    Honestly, don't waste your time. Unreliable payment systems, inaccurate GPS tracking and status updates (assuming you were even able to place an order) and aloof, unhelpful "support". The service feels good when it works, as long as you don't have issues. As soon as anything comes up and you have to reach out to them, you will understand the negative reviews. API integrations for GPS tracking are simple these days. However, they don't actively develop or improve the app. This app will tell you an order is arriving in minutes, as soon as you place it. In reality, you wait a couple of hours without knowing a real delivery window. As of late they are unable to consistently accept credit card payments. Instead they expect you to have large sums of cash on hand. Just go to a dispensary at that point. The service at an actual spot is always going to be better than any manner of "support" offered by "EAZE." Steer clear, friends. The product they offer reduces stress, but their service just makes you frustrated.
  • Inconsistent Delivery 3/5

    By wonsuponatime76
    I’ve ordered several times and each time is a crap shoot. I appreciate the orders that come to the door via a smartly dressed, cheery delivery person; I do not appreciate having to be called to walk out to a beat up car and have to retrieve my order via the passenger window. The latter is reminiscent of pre-legal pickups at the shady dealer’s house or (god forbid) on the street somewhere. I applaud Eaze for their efforts to posh up the exchange experience but that experience needs to be more consistent.
  • Worst service 1/5

    By taniguti.usa
    Really the bad experience I had! Use Weedmaps
  • Not as bad as the reviews say 5/5

    By Jlzm_ follow my ig
    I read some reviews before using the app, and saw many people have stated that it was useless and you had to go online to order. I was curious as to whether these claims were true or not, so I decided to try and place my first order. My order went through the app just fine, and received it in less than an hour. I think it is a pretty good system and not too far from perfect. I do, however, recommend that they include a way to track their driver to stay updated on their purchase. I was a bit antsy about paying for something and only reviving timed estimate arrivals, and although I was satisfied with the delivery, it would put my mind at ease knowing where my package is as it is being delivered. Other than that, my experience with this app wasn’t a bad one and will be using it again if I need any refills! :)
  • “Biggest loser” app 1/5

    By dijkk
    Today there’s no drivers to deliver so it won’t accept any orders on 4/20 the eaze app crashed all day so the 40% off was a lost bogus deal. This is a joke folks really should be -1 stars
  • Completely pointless 1/5

    By FuzzyDun
    You can’t use the app to order! Why not?!
  • Actually literally useless 1/5

    By Sash2240
    No, like it literally serves no purpose. Download and see for yourself.
  • Terrible company avoid at all costs 1/5

    By jtorell74
    This is not a reputable company. Delivery times are a joke when they even bother showing up. Customer service is rude. Stay away and save yourself the aggravation of dealing with a fly by night operation.
  • What? 1/5

    By bcegsy
    Seriously? I can’t even find a menu. Is this an informational app?
  • I just don’t see the point 1/5

    By fatjbatz
    Why does this app exist? You can’t actually order through Eaze on this app. Any link you try to click takes you to their website. This is an app with barely any function - all you can do is check the status of an order you already placed, and the website already does it for you as soon as you order. I downloaded it because I thought it would make ordering easier, but it actually made it more complicated somehow...
  • ANTI-Med Patient App 1/5

    By HiMaddie
    As an 18 year old med patient, I’m highly disappointed. I can go into any dispensary, order on any other app but you guys just can’t accept the facts. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Big L for you guys. Real disappointed @ this app. — “Come back when you’re 21” bull.
  • The app is pointless 1/5

    By Astrogoddess92
    This app is pointless because you can’t order directly off it - you are directed to your web browser to order. The only thing visible of the app is tracking your order, order confirmation, and random articles. The website itself is also difficult to use and once you make an order you can visit any other pages to look at products until after your order is delivered.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Treflip321
    they spend more money on advertising than customer service
  • I can’t order...? 1/5

    By JordanJad
    I literally cannot order on the app? what is the point of the app then?
  • Pathetic Waste Of Time DO NOT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By •BUSY•
    I never write reviews but this app is so horrible I decided today was the day. Someone at Eaze deserves to get fired. Do you really think people care about having an app to let us know the news about Eaze and their partners? No. We want an app to allow us to order. YOU CANT ORDER THROUGH THIS APP. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Horrible User Experience, but someone’s getting a tech budget salary for this. How sad. An intern could have seen the red flags on this.

    Gave me the wrong strain ... an I made a claim an was told I could not get credit back because I did not show proof of claim but when I wrote the claim I Didn’t get a response till DAYS later an was told I should of kept proof an kept my money an credit waste of time an MONEY !!!!! DONT DOWNLOAD
  • Meh 1/5

    By smithofaye
    Basically a psuedo wellness-focused newsfeed that doesn’t let you purchase anything. Why?
  • Different from the android app 1/5

    By Myformerselfie
    Why does this lack a search feature for items to add to a cart like the android app. Do you use another app alongside the iPhone Eaze app?
  • Completely useless!!!! 1/5

    By alfr.
    This app is total garbage!! You can’t even do anything from the app, when you try to edit your profile it won’t let you!! And the costumer service is complete sh!t!! Don’t waste your time on this, it’s better to get an Uber to the closest Cannabis store.
  • Catfish weed !!! 1/5

    By Hemp65
    The service I got was fast no more then 25 mins but the quality of the weed is so poorly I was cat fished !!! The weed looked nothing like the picture and it was purple not a light green !!!!
  • They were high when they made the app 1/5

    By dev_random
    This is one of the worst apps I’ve seen. how do I order? what do I do to order? app has no flow. it’s plain stupid. you can’t order pot which is the promise. do not download you’re not getting anything out of this app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By creesi
    Just asked for my ID photo 5+ time and never verified. I ended up using someone else after an hour plus of gaming games with Eaze. The app doesn’t open it just continuously redirect so you have to do your whole transaction via the website. Disappointed as well at the fact that my friend sent me a $20 off my first order code (Which mind you I ended up never being ordered able to order) as soon as I signed up I was just re-directed in the discount was nowhere to be found. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 also they sent me a text message today apologizing for the inconvenience but when I went back to the site to use it again it was still unable to load properly. Seriously don’t waste your time.
  • What is the point of this app 1/5

    By up_lifted
    This app makes no sense. You need to use Eaze on a web browser to actually use eaze, as in buy product. There is a news feed tab? Ok that’s cool. But there is no ‘shop’ tab. The only reason I downloaded this app is to streamline my ordering process I want to look at products and buy through this app but you can’t. Isn’t that the whole point to an app when you have a service, to buy? This obviously needs to have that function in order to have purpose. There’s a another tab dedicated to referring a friend to get $20 off...cool, but again taking up way too much real-estate on this app that could be purposed for something truly useful. Like a ‘favorites’ tab. Many more things that makes this app pretty useless. Not sure what Eaze as a company intended this platform for but they definitely need to reconsider.

    By Benigetlost
    Honestly what’s the point of this app if you can’t even make an order from it I have to go on the actual website every time, I might as well not even use the app 🤷🏿‍♀️
  • Point System 1/5

    By Racadam
    Every customer that orders with their hard earn cash, should be able to get points or credits in their account. Like most dispensaries do. I know money is more important than the customers it’s just to bad we have to wait longer than expected eta so let us have a break after so much spending so we can stay loyal customers...Maybe
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Cvigg
    I see ads all over La so I go to download the app and sign up and it’s literally the worst app ever made. So sad. The app developer should be fired. Nothing works or makes sense. Company should go under
  • Store part of app disappears 1/5

    Idk why sometimes the store shows up and I can can order. Sometimes it doesn't. I don't get it. I've tried installing and uninstalling and nothing.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bch gd
    Dont waste your time. The app doesnt work most of the time.
  • No good app 1/5

    By Fbejar24
    I got sent a text message from them with 15$ in credit when I logged on it showed me I had 15$ in credit then I quickly selected two items that were on promo when I tried to apply the promo code it wouldn’t allow it and once it finally allowed me to apply the promo code the 15$ that I had in credit where gone. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t do anything about it. After this issue I won’t be using Eaze again.
  • ITS A SCAM 1/5

    By It was good, I really liked it
    If I could give it zero stars I would. My card was charged for some random scarf website and I had to decline the whole transaction.
  • It won’t even open.... 1/5

    By pdf girl
    I just downloaded the app and it won’t even open past the first page that states “eaze only operates in CA”??? What the heck I live in San Francisco.

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