eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals

eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals

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  • Current Version: 5.18.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals App

Buy, sell & save money with eBay. Search & shop deals on clothes, beauty, home, DIY & more directly from your cell phone! Shopping and selling is faster and simpler than ever with eBay. Explore our top selling categories like clothes, motors or cell phones. Shop unbeatable deals and save money on your shopping with free delivery! Top 5 Reasons to Download the eBay app today: Easily buy & sell items on the go Clothes, beauty, home, DIY- search for sales & offers in every category Sell & save: From used cars to your old iPhone, make money with unused items Discover bestsellers from brands like Apple & Samsung Deals for all your shopping needs right at your fingertips Need a quick fashion fix? Explore trends and shop featured looks for a stylish wardrobe update. Garage needs a clear out? Why not sell those unused tools and earn some extra cash. Like to keep up to date with your electronics? Access Apple’s latest iPhone or Samsung’s biggest HDTV right here. Take eBay with you wherever you are. Shop best selling brands at amazing prices and make money - just download now. KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS


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eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals app reviews

  • Great app ! 5/5

    By Nick b the g
    Super easy to use and customer service is very attentive! Get your side hustle on !
  • Watchlist 1/5

    By Xx_KxL_xX
    New update deleted my watchlist in the app. I am only able to see my watchlist on a computer and not on my IPad. I am also unable to watch any new auctions because it will not show on my watchlist.
  • App is easier to use than using a computer !!! 5/5

    I find the app is much easier to find what I am looking for and is also more reliable when putting in or raising a bid in the last few seconds of an auction.
  • Need a Dark Mode 5/5

    By Ambasssador-of-Christ
    App works well. But, these phones are becoming brighter. We view are phones constantly. This app needs to be easier on the eyes. If you want us to sell / buy more. It should not be in inconvenience to use the app.
  • Poor delivery rate navigation for sellers 2/5

    By kiai
    I lost money on a sale because after posting a few items where buyer pays for shipping so that the buyer has options, a subsequent listing defaulted to seller-pays-shipping. The screens did not clearly indicate this. My item sold and then I realized I lost money. I went back to figure out what went wrong and I had trouble finding the option for seller vs buyer paid shipping. I’d like eBay to cover this loss. It was only $6 and not worth calling on the phone let alone waiting on hold. Since figuring that out, the app has been okay but only mediocre. I have not tried buying anything yet so can’t speak for that.
  • Great app easy to use 5/5

    By SMS Audio
    I buy a LOT from eBay and thus far the app it on point.
  • Just getting worse. 1/5

    By Brian3318
    "Oops something went wrong" or "sorry no internet" is all their app can say these days. I'm clearly connected to internet because I can access many other parts of the app and other apps are working. "Oops..." yeah why is there always something wrong? Why can't the app access reviews or "see all" from my front page of the app? Maybe because you guys are crap! All your money and you can't make things work. Stop taking a lesson from the government and try to be better than them!
  • A few complaints. 3/5

    By exia1690
    I like the app but have a few complaints I’d love to see changed. (Or more like changed back!) First, I can not stand that after ever single search I have to change the filter settings BACK to “price + shipping, lowest first”!!!! It annoys me that the app resets it back to “best match” when I literally never wanted what eBay considers a best match which is usually wrong. Second, (which is kind of like the first complaint) I ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER WANT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINA!!!!! Yet every single search resets the settings from “US only”, and sometimes will not even let me know something is an international listing! (which is always from china!!!!) It gets extremely frustrating when I view a listing of something I am interested in only to find out it is from freaking china! It is as of eBay is trying to trick us into buying crap from china! If these two things were changed back to when eBay would save my search preferences, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • App is good, eBay pricing is not 4/5

    By DCTenor1
    The application is really nice and does everything you would expect, quickly and efficiently. However, selling things on eBay is an exercise in frustration, as you are going to get about 13% lopped off the top. They are greedy. But it is still convenient.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dad of Ten in SC
    Great for selling our stuff!!!
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By speedogt3
    Glitches, doesn’t refresh quickly, sits and spins on iPhone and very limited functionality to make it useful for a power seller
  • I can find unusual and hard to find items 5/5

    By Jznrpg
    From 700 year old Japanese Swords to hard to find My Little Ponies for my girls EBay has it. I haven’t started selling yet but someday when I decide to lighten my load Ebay will be my first choice
  • My Go To Shopping App 5/5

    By Baggy of
    I have letgo, craigslist, Amazon, wish, Groupon, Etsy.... and I always find myself making purchases on eBay. All I recommend is DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy stuff. Some sellers can misrepresent items or have awful customer service just trying to make a quick buck BUT there are those sellers that are diamonds in the rough where you can save $100’s and over time even more $$$.
  • Love the eBay app! 5/5

    By Yccarter0318
    I’m an eBay seller, and I use this app to list all my products. The ease and simplicity of this app make being an eBay seller a pleasure
  • Freeze ups 1/5

    By MashUp303
    Why fix something that worked? Since updates can’t access anything. Very unhappy.
  • eBay updates 3/5

    By CayoxLux
    eBay is ok, it use to be great but now all of a sudden as a new seller you can on sell 5 items in a short period of time and you also have a price limit which is ridiculous. What does how much money I make have to do with anything? eBay already holds your money until the buyer gives you a good review or they’ll even hold it for thirty days so all the extra restrictions are silly.
  • Better Than Amazon 5/5

    By JuanChocoPlasta
    Usually don’t have to pay sales tax. Don’t need PayPal, just a credit or debit card.
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Paullybombats
    Lots of features missing still. Can’t edit items with variations. Most of my products have variations and not being able to update prices on the go is a huge problem.
  • Bad update 3/5

    By guero toch
    It doesn't work . Need update again .sometimes you have use the laptop search
  • Not iPad friendly 1/5

    By myfishtoy
    Very limited use with iPad.
  • Fix your problems! 2/5

    By M.I.WOLF
    I have used the eBay app for years. Now that I have the new and improved version, I have constant problems accessing my account information. I’ve tried to call your customer support and they don’t have a clue as to your questions and complaints. A lot of people in the eBay community are angry, so get on the ball listen to us then fix the problems!!!
  • Great Platform 5/5

    By Matthew Molcillo
    I’ve been a registered user for almost 20 years and eBay has made leaps and bounds in that time. Listing items is a snap and you can find so many unique and unusual things which are unavailable anywhere else in the world. It’s a fantastic resource to sell and buy cool stuff. A suggestion to update the app would be to make collections available because there is a cap of 198 items you can watch at a time. Other than that, eBay is awesome! Great work guys!
  • 14k white gold cross 5/5

    By ThaDripster
    It’s real Bling Bling it make a statement
  • Lots of Rad Rarities! 5/5

    By Mark GONZ
    Lots of Rad Rarities!
  • The best 5/5

    By caballer510
    eBay rocks...very good staff and people. Keep up a good work.
  • A++ Ebayer 5/5

    By Goo chop
    Ebayer Ebayer Ebayer!
  • eBay’s Bomb! 5/5

    By Drive512
    I Love eBay!
  • Hooray for ebay 5/5

    By Deefromtc
    I use eBay more than Amazon. Have not been disappointed yet. Can’t beat the variety and great prices.
  • My the best favorite shop 5/5

    By lenamcgregor
  • Difficulty listing 1/5

    By RitaJons
    It use to be easier to list items now I am having a harder time.
  • 10 years strong! 5/5

    By FloeticStar
    I love ebay! I've been a member for 10 years. My favorite thing about ebay is that when I can't find something in the stores, or if it’s discontinued, i can count on finding it on ebay. Everything from furniture, to perfumes, shoes, etc... Love it!
  • Outdated 2/5

    By Bountyonetdh
    These guys seriously need to update their App! I’ve been getting notifications for over a year reminding me of items I purchased years ago! How’s that even possible??? They’ve been long deleted, unfollowed and unwatched for a long time. This is REALLY getting annoying!!!!
  • Did I just get robbed? 2/5

    By Jose Bautista Jr
    Short story long, I ordered a new shelf ($14.99)on Monday, the estimated arrival date was that Wednesday, as I’m writing this review it’s Friday and still nothing has been shipped! I woke up Wednesday, excited all day to get it up to put my awesome new 18 inch monitor on it, and it wasn’t delivered! The next day... same story! Now that it’s Friday I thought to myself, If it doesn’t come tonight then somebody’s pulling my leg! So after school I pulled up to the garage and took a gander at the front porch, what I was looking at had me oh so baffled!! My head was spinning in ovals like a gay chicken on cracked ice and I couldn’t figure out what was going on! Did I get robbed a payday or am I just entirely impatient?! Im reminiscing my idea to buy the shelf off this app! Come to think of it, I’m not ordering anything again unless it’s off amazon! I could get better service at a rundown Office Depot that’s not even selling shelf’s! So after seeing the empty porch I check my phone to see where it is! I was about to wiz myself! It was still in Ontario! That led me to think about the UPS man driving the truck! Did he fall into the toilet at the pilot gas station trying to get corn filled dog crap off his shoe or fly off a bridge gnawing on his grand Mac! Go to Amazon and save time and money!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Tego0912
    Hate the new update
  • Enjoyment 5/5

    By 0=4
    I greatly enjoy eBay.it has become part of my daily routine
  • Forever loading 2/5

    By Roarrzzr
    Newest app version only works 40% of the time, I get a blank loading screen on everything I click. Come back a few hours later and everything works, frustrating!
  • Dont get this app 1/5

    By smoking ur mom
    Dont waste your time getting this app. Scam scam! You have been warned!
  • Just Getting on 3/5

    By vern551
    I think it’s wrong to limit me to ten auctions only for how long will this last anyway?
  • Love love love EBay 5/5

    By Cherlynn19
    Have been Shopping on EBay for several years, Great Sellers, Great Shopping. Better Bargains than Garage Sales, Discount Stores, & not having to leave my house for hours to get Great Deals.👍👍👍😁😁😁
  • Basketball cards 1/5

    By 2thangz
    I got a package supposedly delivered and package never made it to my pick up address. Very disappointed!
  • Bad listing pd but eBay pulled listing 1/5

    By Kiss my ....
    Yesterday I bought a Garmin gps golf watch pd for it with pay pal eBay pulled listing told me not to pay for it but it was already pd for how do I get my money back listing with info pulled ???
  • eBay is the worst 1/5

    Literally 80% of people who buy my auctions never pay and just waste my time. eBay does nothing to them and you can’t even leave negative feedback for them anymore. eBay used to be good, but the last few years it’s gone downhill dramatically.
  • Scammers 3/5

    By Nortwestrider
    My first 10 plus years on eBay were great but lately there has been a lot of scammers. 2 out of my last 3 purchases were scams !! Thank god for PayPal!!!!!.
  • Can't leave feedback 4/5

    By Jaz Robs
    The app is fine but with the latest updates I can no longer leave feedback for the seller using the app.
  • WORSTE EBAY APP EVER- needs the features of old app back 1/5

    By I don't know about you
    Don’t download this app. It crashes ALWAYS. FREEZES UP. DOESN’T LOAD UP RECENT PURCHASES. DOESN’T SEND MESSAGES. DOESN’T LOAD UP WATCHES ITEMS YOU JUST ADDED. It is better using your regular EBay in browser then this App. This APP IS THE WORST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love Ebay!!! 5/5

    By His Grace and Mercy7
    I can find just about anything I need and even things I don’t need, but just want! Lol prices are always the lowest around and shipping is usually FAST AND FREE from most sellers! And the best part is Ebays money back guarantee! All sellers are rated and reviewed by other buyers just like your self! So don’t be reluctant to try Ebay if you haven’t already! Good job ebay! Don’t know what I would do without you!
  • Fix connection issue 2/5

    By jharms09
    When I go in to app the next day or so it opens like it should but then I can’t search or do anything, the spinner just runs like it’s trying but nothing happens. I have to restart the app to get it to work again. This is happening almost every day and very annoying. It’s like the app loses it’s connection but doesn’t know it. I’m on latest iOS with iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Develop feedback 4/5

    By youkeang
    You should have option in feedback in each item of product , that just check feedback for all items in shop
  • Easy access and easy to find merchandise 5/5

    By RPMasi
    Good app makes going into eBay and finding merchandise easy. You get notified whatever stuff you are buying.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Hannah1847392
    I find everything I am looking for and enjoy shopping on eBay.

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