Buy & Sell This Holiday - eBay

Buy & Sell This Holiday - eBay

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  • Current Version: 5.27.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Buy & Sell This Holiday - eBay App

Buy & sell this holiday, with eBay! Explore festive offers on your favorite brands & save money on your online shopping. Love eBay? Then you’ll love the eBay app! Use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes for easy and fast listing, and manage your account on the go. Top 3 eBay Features: 1. Easily buy & sell items on the go 2. Access savings & daily deals 3. Sell & save: Make money with new, pre-owned or used items Whether you’re selling your used car, looking for a quick fashion fix or simply like to browse online, the eBay app is a shopping must-have. Download now to start exploring! BEST-SELLING TECH • Upgrade your cell phone to the latest iPhone or brand-new Galaxy Samsung Note 9 • Get your hands on the hottest deals for computers, consoles, TVs & more NEW-SEASON FASHION • Update your wardrobe with dresses, tops, shoes & accessories this winter • Shop your favorite fashion brands at the best prices HOME & GARDEN • Access savings on furniture, home decor & kitchen appliances • Shop DIY tools & gardening supplies CARS & AUTO PARTS • Sell your used car in just a few steps • Shop vehicles, auto parts, accessories & more Take eBay with you wherever you are. Shop best-selling brands at amazing prices - just download now! KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at

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Buy & Sell This Holiday - eBay app reviews

  • Hatethisapp 1/5

    By guillermo-x
    Worst app to buy & sell. HATE IT SO MUCH
  • Ebay is a great 5/5

    By David M Arch
    Find what ever you need at a great price
  • Super 5/5

    By Carlie05
    Me encanta.
  • Not for Sellers 1/5

    By Justajose
    Very limited features! Forget about printing shipping labels or packing list, it's a crap shoot. And it's a dog. Dear eBay, ever wonder why your loosing out to A****n? Maybe the app is part of it
  • Mobile App With Minimum Functionality 1/5

    By JohnSHK
    The app should be made to match the desktop version in terms of functions, but it’s a far cry. For example. you can’t void shipping labels. The “manage shipping labels” link is impossible to access while using your phone, even from safari. Not just that link, but all the links that aren’t available on the mobile version and only on the desktop view will just route you back to the mobile view. What’s the point of even offering desktop view as an option if none of the functions if desktop are made available? The engineers should address this major flaw and actually design an app that allows sellers to use ALL their devises to do what they’re there to do: sell.
  • Love it but needs some fixing 5/5

    By CristinaMineira
    Love Love love Ebay.
  • Rigged auction system 1/5

    By leigh19911991
    eBay is auction is rigged. Not worth your time. It will freeze your screen at the last couple of minutes. There should be a better system.?
  • High fees steal your money 2/5

    By #nbcfail
    When you combine your ebay fees with final value fees the cost to the seller is quite high. Factor in shipping cost then your slim margin is almost gone. When eBay started out they were a great place to sell your stuff now it is pretty poor. Use letgo or offerup to retain more of your money. Another point is there are a lot of eBay scams and fake users. Add to that the PayPal scams.. forget it. eBay is no longer a viable option. I've been on eBay since day 1. I will only buy not sell anything there ever again.
  • So Easy And Convenient 5/5

    By ChattyCathy519
    Initially I was concerned about shopping on eBay. Now eBay is my go to, when shopping. I like to support my brick and mortar neighborhood stores. But if they don’t have what I need, eBay is the best!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By ciroccoutureyo
    Nobody is American. 2. Because the representatives don’t understand my problems I’ve been transfers to PayPal 3 times in one month. They keep saying yes we sent the refund but PayPal keeps saying they have not recieved it. One representative told me a month ago my situation was so handled I did t need to call back in. I’m sending it up to the FAA. Seems to be the only way to do things with them. Actually the last girl I was speaking to which is why I’m writing this report decided to sound condescending so I asked her not to and she out me on hold and transfers me back to the line that had another 1hr wait. Luckily I was already in line from the previous csr transferring me so go figure. UPDATE: the illiterate csr lied to me the whole time ( about a month) and supervisor LEE WAS the only honest person in the whole situation. So if u call n get a sup.

    By supscupiftee🐸
    Can you please add back 3 Day delivery
  • Bring back PayPal 3/5

    By dwsmgs117
    It is like bait and switch you make a purchase and then go to pay........No PayPal there should be a warning before you hit buy it now.
  • eBay 5/5

    By Alakslajsj
    eBay in general is awesome. The app is user friendly. I’m a long time eBay member. Have a 100% rating. This app is all I use now. Very convenient.
  • Won’t let me list under correct category 1/5

    By Columbia Student 1
    Bug won’t let me list screwdriver under screwdriver category.
  • Aplicacion super estupenda 5/5

    By jarocho100
    De lo mejor
  • Member nearly 20 years 5/5

    By Beatlejeff
    I’ve been a member since 1999 and I’ve never looked back. EBay is still the best site on the Net. It my main place shopping
  • تعييم 5/5

    By rashid_6116
    جيد للشراء الالكتروني
  • Not a fun place to sell any longer. 1/5

    By MEXPC
    Ebay gathers to scammers nowadays on average every other item sold is a scam or a case of swapping bad for good, and Ebay does nothing about than collecting their fee’s..Big waste of time and money nowadays.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By redsnowgirl
    Best app ever... I use it daily. Works perfect .
  • Overall great 4/5

    By BenKnutson
    Been using eBay for years now buying and selling basketball cards, no problems for the most part but eBay has got to stop siding with the buyer. I almost lost hundreds of dollars on a card I shipped that had tracking that the buyer said “didn’t get” but clearly did because I have tracking. Always have tracking when shipping an item and you will never have any issues. Every month there are also “final value fees” as a seller so watch out for that. Take advantage of every eBay promo so it balances out with the final value fees you have to pay.
  • E-bay 5/5

    By M. Man.
    eBay has been great to deal with. I have run into a problem a couple times and e bay did not hesitate one bit to resolve my issues with the seller . Love e bay !!!!
  • I love eBay!! 5/5

    By peteyrage
    One stop shop , drop (sell) & roll !
  • PayPal 5/5

    By sebbb0008
    I need PAYPAL
  • Love it 5/5

    By Amaranta61
    I love to search and buy with you guys. You do an amazing job. Thanks
  • Ebay in now a superior model for on line buying & selling. 5/5

    By D.S.B. to Erin
    Ebay in it’s infancy was littered with amateurish Seller’s. Today a Buyer can trust most sites as Seller’s are ever aware that a few negative reviews will end their on line business. Today Ebay after years of growing pains and separating from PayPal, their big brother economically, has become a highly diversified website to buy nearly anything. The small junk stores are nearly extinct. The company has dramatically enforced Seller’s to be customer oriented. Nearly ever Seller seeks a positive rating. The proliferation of Four and Five Star rating has ,however, skewed the real value of the star ratings. But, quality is dramatically better and buyers are usually assured a fair price. The only flaw I have encountered are a few Seller’s who have used their fine print to avoid Ebay’s next possible leap in reliability and quality. Seller’s who do not offer any returns even when they erred earnestly remains an issue. By way of example, I purchased a Vintage Harris Tweed hat. The hat was labeled a Large but had likely shrunk and did not fit me. The Seller was confrontational to me when I wrote to them explain the hat was not a Large. The Seller actually threatened me, a good, consistent Ebay buyer with logging a complaint that would or could harm my perfect buyer profile. This is a singular instance in the past year where Ebay’s improved quality controls actually backfired. As a frequent Buyer I like the Sellers cannot afford to have a negative comment posted even though it was done as a threat from a Seller who would not consider a return of the hat relying solely on an old tag and their fine print that did not permit returns even though the hat’s size was wrong. Ebay is an exciting place to buy,bargain,bid and I suspect sell diverse merchandise worldwide. The overall customer service has dramatically improved as has the overall quality. Wether looking for new ,old, vintage, cheap or high priced Ebay has it and if your willing to work a bit bargains exist and rare items that would otherwise be impossible to locate are nearly all found on Ebay.
  • Me gusta 5/5

    By nelvidc
    Fácil de usar
  • Two Thumbs, Way Up 5/5

    By Liber AL
    Two thumbs, way up.
  • The so called Improved App is AWFUL!! 1/5

    By M Pil
    Why do I have to call EBay every time I have to make a return? Because they no longer let you pick your shipping method - you can only buy their shipping labels. I sometimes buy in bulk & return in bulk & cannot use this restricted feature so now once/ twice a week I have to spend 15/20 minutes calling EBay to give them my tracking numbers. It’s crazy & inconvenient. Stop “improving” the app! You make it just that much worse every single time.
  • Cool 3/5

    By Pin weeny
    Hi I’m going back to the house to get the kids I will be there at the same exact thing you want me back I will call y’all when I’m back in Texas you want me back I love y’all so I’ll see y’all bye baby bye love ya

    By SadCust0mer!!
    Quite a few issues with EBay, they’re certainly not the business they were in the beginning, here is just a few. 1) If you have a hot selling item, they will have there employees shut down your item and then sell it themselves sweeping your business from under your feet. 2) eBay will charge you invoices for items they know you have not sold and if you don’t notice that you’ve been overcharged they don’t notice it. Highly Unethical. 3) They also sell hemp oils, cannabis oil and other cannabis products but will not allow the sale of vitamins because they are not FDA approved? I didn’t know marijuana was FDA approved. 🤔.

    By deepsoul13
    It is AGAINST the App Store policy to send marketing notifications to a users device. That includes “$5 dollar coupon just for you!”
  • The BEST 5/5

    By Schoger
    My grandfather had a milk dairy in 1900 and I found 4 milk bottles and 3 butter boxes with the family name on it. Where else but Ebay could that be found.
  • Like ebay 5/5

    By Moustacheman
    Love it im very happy
  • New payment system, very unfair. 1/5

    By Thidora
    This had my first very bad experience on EBay. Try to make a purchase tonight and was met with a prompt stating that I agree to make this purchase as if I was biding for it . Ok mistakes happen and so I continue to check out and was met with the next prompt stating Paypal is no longer in the EBay system. The only option was to use a credit or debit card. Against my better judgment I attempted to use my discover card, which was listed in the option of payment only for the next prompt to read we don’t except discover form of payment. Made a attempt to contact the seller and was informed that my said purchase couldn’t be found. I had an excellent purchasing record with EBay until tonight 12/08/2018. Now I look like I pulled out of a Purchase because of a broken new system. I feel all of the bugs should have been taking out because this system was started. I spend thousands on purchases not selling, purchasing and now I look bad about $ 7.00 dollars. I’ll be leaving EBay just like Paypal.
  • Can’t stand it 1/5

    By Smart2716
    I have sold on here before I had got old things together to sell to get my kid Christmas but they won’t even release my money for 21 days Merry Christmas kids!
  • Love the ease of buying and selling 5/5

    By Mowmowmow22222
    Ebay app is awesome. I’ve used it for years. Although they’ve had some glitches over time, it’s awesomely easy to use currently. They’ve really upgraded their selling system. I’ve had thoughts of selling things over the years but was deterred due to shipping estimations. Here they do it all for you! Love it. 5 star
  • eBay ap 5/5

    By Mary BN
    The eBay app is so awesome! It is so easy to find and buy things with just a few clicks and no spam trying to get you to buy other things. It’s like my best friend.
  • Happy Customer! 5/5

    By Cowgirl Melie
    I do a lot of on line shopping!! So far EBay is the VERY BEST of all of them !!! I just wish that I had tried them years ago!!! The pre owned department is WONDERFUL!!!! I always check that out first !! then new stuff !! EBay truly is AMAZING!!!!
  • 2Syncronice4 5/5

    By Jooooouhe
    When it comes to special project or hobby, price wise, nobody beats Ebay even on special price offer and it’s always comes with money back onEbay Protection Warranty’s .
  • Trash 1/5

    By ZackT112
    I get a 5$ gift card for free and then when I try and get something for 5$ it says the order total has to be 5.01$ and then I get it to that amount and I have to add the payment method but the gift card still worked so that was stupid

    By picadisc
    This app is now almost totally useless for sellers! Want to check on one of your listed items? Scrolling through “Active” listings displays about 3 items at a time on my large Apple+ phone screen! I have over 2000 listings.. imagine how long it would take me to find something? This app is a bad joke. Like the Sellers Hub on the computer app, they don’t allow you to opt out or customize it to make it marginally useful!!
  • Terrible for the seller 1/5

    By Bee730
    Every year they try to figure out ways to screw the sellers. Pretty sad since we brought them to the dance in the first place.
  • Thanks for saving me a ton of money! 1/5

    By Former buyer
    The homepage on this app is totally useless. The old one has all my saved searches and lets me know at a glance when there's a new item that matches my search. Now you're shutting it down. But hey, your loss is my gain! If I can't find new items to buy, I'll save a lot of money. 12/7/2018 update: With this latest version, shipping prices increase dramatically between search page and listing page. Bait and switch?
  • Rate 5/5

    By k5racer
    Use it just about every other day. Great to deal with.
  • Please ftlog upgrade selling view on mobile. 3/5

    By Tom06661
    Someone please for the love of god change the mobile sellers view, the load as you set up is awful. It stops loading when not all of your listings have populated and you have to scroll all the way to the top to pull refresh again. Please make this stop.
  • Very disappointed. 1/5

    By tomasira
    Old version of the app was much better. The new app is just plain disappointment and frustration. Very seller unfriendly. Takes much more time to least a product. I Use it only to edit the pictures..And desktop to list products. Wish you never disabled an old one.
  • Problema con la aplicación 3/5

    By pumista ilegal
    No abre la aplicación favor de corregir errores

    By Bufarilla
    I've used eBay for years. Simply because I find the same items on here cheaper than amazon. If I can same a buck or 2 why not!!!
  • Great Work but... 5/5

    By sixara
    The app is fun to use and reps the eBay market well. JUST A SUGGESTION: Amazon’s latest app will work on older iPads and IOS devices that cannot download IOS 10. eBay’s app requires at least IOS 10 to work. Why alienate all of those potential users from using eBay when Amazon is fixed to work on them all.

Buy & Sell This Holiday - eBay app comments

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