eBay Motors: Buy & Sell Cars

eBay Motors: Buy & Sell Cars

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  • Current Version: 1.55.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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eBay Motors: Buy & Sell Cars App

The eBay Motors app delivers new ways to buy, sell, and shop cars and trucks right from your phone, with eBay's massive inventory of enthusiast vehicles at your fingertips in a personalized and ever changing feed. Here are just some of our unique features: ESCROW.COM INTEGRATION Partnership with Escrow.com has allowed eBay Motors to provide the most secure way to purchase a vehicle online. CHAT & MESSAGING The eBay Motors app has introduced a new chat experience for users as they look to purchase and sell vehicles. Communication has never been easier. COMMUNITY React, share, comment, and connect with other enthusiasts about eBay Motors’ unparalleled inventory. The auto community is alive and well on the eBay Motors app. LICENSE PLATE & VIN SCANNING Simply take a picture of your license plate and the eBay Motors app will do the rest--uploading your VIN number and all the details of your vehicle for you. KEEP IN TOUCH For all Support related issues, please email [email protected] For questions and suggestions, email [email protected] Your feedback is important to us. This app is only intended for use by individuals who are 18 years and older. All inventory is currently US based.

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eBay Motors: Buy & Sell Cars app reviews

  • Poor App 1/5

    By iijnbhggbbfjk
    I’ve used this for a few months looking for another car. I thought it was giving me all of the cars meeting my filters. I started using Autotempest and found this thing is junk. Autotempest finds several cars in eBay that this app won’t find with a specific search. If I go into the regular eBay app or online the vehicle will show up. Forget this piece of junk and use Autotempest.com
  • Muscle car heaven. 5/5

    By Harvey Honig
    Great choices right at your fingertips. Thanks
  • Mom protection 1/5

    By mcorns
    If you purchase a car on EBay don’t make certain you want it. There are loopholes everywhere for them to get around helping you out if there is a problem with the transaction. If you treat it the way you would treat a purchase from a crook you will do fine. If you go in thinking EBay is going to bail you out if there is a problem you will more than likely be very disappointed.
  • EBay app reduces features 1/5

    By aljenninhs
    I can no longer see how many watchers and views my ad has. Useless app. I can do EBay without it.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By dcvrmtrs
    Like the communication chat ability w sellers — but there should be MORE like the old eBay motors app, like: -ability to have your cars in a virtual “garage“ where you can quickly find items for your particular vehicle(s) -interaction with the typical eBay list, such as bidding on, watching, items won, etc. -great “selling a car” feature — how’s ‘bout US BUYERS / SEEKERS?!?
  • Re 1/5

    By DIY man2
    I get lost going between apps
  • New App 3/5

    By octavius.shepherd
    I like the clean look and feel of the new app. Especially the saved searches with push notifications for new listings. However, you are unable to create a saved search for a vehicle that is not currently listed. This is something that would definitely come in handy for those hard to find model/year combinations.
  • Can’t stay signed in 2/5

    By nickname122346321
    Super glitchy signs me out constantly . Some times signs me out immediately. I hate being forced to download and use another app especially when it doesn’t work! Roll everything into one app. Thanks
  • There shouldn’t be two apps for eBay. 1/5

    By Me 11375
    I sold my car on eBay, but now I had to download this second app to make sure that my buyer received my messages. eBay should make the selling process easy and have only one app for everything. My eBay on the computer should be the same as on my phone, and when I go to eBay motors on the desktop, it tells me to download the app onto my phone.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bren_dogg
    Unfortunately this app has so many flaws it is nearly impossible to get through the list a car I’m a dealer and I’ve been listing on eBay for 20 years we need apps from eBay motors so we don’t have to load pictures continually on our computers this is why we try to use it but this app has just flaw after flaw it’s a very unfortunate and very hard to use I’ve been using it since it came out Please fix it ASAP
  • Great app and a great expansion of service from EBay 5/5

    By jrobinow
    This app greatly expands the power of a vehicle search over what could be done on EBay alone. My first vehicle purchase on EBay occurred 12 years ago. The search function was less precise then. The new eBay motors app is very useful. I highly recommend it.
  • Pretty bad.... 2/5

    By Wheatona
    eBay Motors was FAR better when you could actually list and edit your auctions cleanly. Now it’s just sloppy. You can’t even properly put in your Title how you want. And you’re forced to choose between options for certain aspects that aren’t even fitting. Please, let’s just use the web and get rid of this app.
  • Delete? 1/5

    By AlyssaActon
    I Cant Delete App???
  • 1963 Galaxie 500 5/5

    By D Torg
    Love looking for my retirement car
  • Reaches many people 5/5

    By .BobBo
    EBay motors is a great way to sell a vehicle.
  • Yes 3/5

    By Awesomeguy111111
    Love eBay Motor’s app but it won’t let me edit my pictures I posted. Epic fail
  • Motors 5/5

    By pho0ok
    This is a beautiful way of supporting smaller businesses 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  • Love it 5/5

    By samuelson73
    Better than FB
  • eBay motors app on iPhone 4/5

    By Mr. Princess Limo
    The eBay motors app on iPhone leaves a lot to be desired… There are glitches… There are missing buttons… No way to revise your item… but I guess it’s better than nothing…
  • Where is the auction? 1/5

    By veeeeeery goooooooooood game
    I thought this was an auction site. But there is no option to bid. Has this turned into just another used car dealer?
  • what a joke 2/5

    By danarchys
    This app has the potential to be a great tool for finding quality new and used vehicles but the developer has apparently decided to put next to zero effort in. This is extremely frustrating as the app looks and functions beautifully. Ebay needs to take their customers seriously and offer regulation, maintenance and customer service. Maybe then the outrageous price to submit a single post can be justified. Multiple posts of the same vehicles from different accounts. Unable to save searches for easy updates and new posts. No subscription service available for serious dealers or private traders? Zero customer support. Next to zero quality content due to inflated pricing. This is why facebook will make you obsolete.
  • Car delivery 4/5

    By trxpshxtzay
    Does this app do car delivery?
  • Good representation 5/5

    By Marquesk101
    Good representation
  • About my Hyundai 2011 1/5

    By fkha2655
    I am not understand if the way I posted right or wrong
  • Perfect 5/5

    By arman pazh
  • Kevin Sinnott 5/5

    By "" Kev ""
    If’s a great site for finding vehicles and tracking fair prices....
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By fried whale
    Thais is an amazing app but I would like a feature like where I could see the reserve price on auctions
  • Worthless 1/5

    By neil-50
    Complete garbage. Obviously who ever is writing these doesn’t use eBay. Have to download a separate app to list a car then it doesn’t pull your existing eBay listing over. JUNK don’t waste your time!
  • For gods sake!!! 1/5

    By mustang stan
    All I want to do is sell my dang car!!! Why in the name of God does it have to be soooooo complicated? If this doesn’t change I’ll never use EBAY OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH EBAY! Just want to sell my car and that’s it!!!!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Hugh-GA
    The prices there are higher than your local private sellers on Facebook Marketplace. Not only that but they’ll sell your info to other companies so you’ll receive tons of spams on your mailbox. 👎🏼
  • Only one problem 4/5

    By Ran out of nicknames1118-8-9
    The app is pretty good and easy to use and if your just trying to buy or sell a car this is definitely the app for you, the only problem is the chat system they should’ve sectioned it to one place instead of two would’ve been way more simpler and also take away the fact that you can only message every 24 hours which is kinda stupid
  • Doesn’t Sync with EBay Web Account 2/5

    By HelloRaleigh
    Favorites don’t sync... Unable to bid price above 4 figures. Needs work!
  • Really, really, really terrible 1/5

    By Doctor William
    This app is basically non-functional, and a rathole of redirection. Somebody, somewhere, really doesn’t know what they are doing. How bad is it? I see EBay failing in the near future. That bad.
  • Don’t waist time and money use cl 1/5

    By truthbully
    I been buying and selling cars for long time They charge sold or not they will charge at least 25 to 95 dollars don’t care about the user They just want their money Same car onCraigslist I got twice as much exposure for 5 bucks and What it matters Sold through craigslist
  • Sketchier than Craigslist 1/5

    By Sandy12445
    Multiple listings of vehicles with same vin by different sellers, with different title statuses and same photos. Beware of scammers
  • It’s okay 1/5

    By MyReviewsAreHere
    I mean I am holding it up to the standards of CarMax and EBay itself...and it’s not there. It loads a conglomeration of vehicles which may be fun to browse but if seriously shopping for a car you likely want to search before just seeing a bunch of listings. Second, and this is a big one, no way to save individual photos..the only way is to take a screenshot. When I view More Details to go to the HTML view on a listing and press and click Add To Photos the app just crashed. Another big con... no trim filtering! Say if I want to only look at AMG or M models, I have to wade through a ton of irrelevant listings. It doesn’t come across as a nice experience as CarsAndBids or BringATrailer, which allow for conversation between seller and buyers in a transparent manner. Pluses: - loads quickly - Listing Detail view is well laid out P.S if you are looking for a developer you should hire me! ;) Update: Developer response seems defensive and only addresses certain things so adjusting rating to 1 Star. But to answer: Browse is what I was looking for so my mistake there. But, no trim filtering is still a big con as mentioned. As well as not being able to save individual photos. The Community tab does not really make much sense. It should just be on the listing itself, like the sites I mentioned. Chat sounds beneficial, though I would think of that as a needed feature if buying something as expensive as a vehicle.
  • I got scammed 1/5

    By brenaekellyyyy77
    is it terrible I will NEVER buy from here again this people scammed
  • Vehicle shopping. 5/5

    By jilgret
    Costumers have the freedom of choice and is given the chance to bargain as they say, and not pressured in doing business as other car dealers do. They also have the privilege to work within their budget and also get a good deal.
  • Bad app eBay motors app 1/5

    By Lee1994xxxx
    E bay motors app is terrible. Please give me a call and I’ll explain.
  • Accurate Availability 5/5

    By Broncho44
    Car’s What you want When you Want
  • Cannot upload vehicle profile 1/5

    By The flannel grizzly
    Downloaded this app just to sell my car. Uploaded all the pictures and typed everything, very last step to upload post and message keeps popping up “listing failed to post” no matter what I do.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By cheesydaba
    This eBay motors app rocks you can’t list cars on the regular eBay app but now they’re letting us do it here and video good work eBay love it
  • Great! 5/5

    By MalcolmJay
    Great options with great warranties!
  • Sometimes Old Is Good 3/5

    By Car Creep
    Working the new layout for E-Bay. It it was fine and easier for searching E- Bay Motors in the older format. Like they say, If it isn’t broken don’t try and fix it. In my opinion it worked fine in the fast and good navigation for myself and all my car friends.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Bsjsjsjajsnsn
    Used for 7 mins: It feels like a beta version, but has potential. Error when using the ‘-‘ feature to filter out a common car Didn’t offer to sign me in. Didn’t offer to save my search (bc I wasn’t signed in?). I tried narrowing my search by typing a key word in the search bar and it lost all of my filters. I couldn’t go ‘back’ to the search page containing the filtered results.
  • Views 2/5

    By camvin3
    I’m not able to see how many views I have for my listing?
  • Can’t find messages at App 1/5

    By Oldone2
    Can't register to answer messages from my listing. Long time eBay. New here. No idea how to make this work.
  • eBay motors app 2/5

    By canceled out
    I have lost a sale because the app will not let me respond to questions from buyers. E bay support seems to be non existent. I keep trying to respond to questions and all it says it message failed. Try to call eBay and no response. Sale lost
  • The app 5/5

    By elite_elias
    So far I’m really enjoying this after the great river rioting for the wide range of cars that I like to look at