edjing Pro - music remix maker

edjing Pro - music remix maker

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 1.10.00
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MWM
  • Compatibility: Android
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edjing Pro - music remix maker App

Designed to reach the same level of features as a professional DJ controller, edjing Pro will be you best companion to perform high quality live sessions anywhere. With audio effects coming directly from pro DJ hardware, the best sound rendering, and the most complete music library, edjing Pro will amaze you by its level of performance. Focus on your mix: edjing pro does the rest! Thanks to a brand new audio system, developed by MWM's engineers, result of five years of R&D, edjing pro redefines the boundaries of the mix experience. Access: - Brand new audio effects, essential for experienced DJs - like the Slip and the Roll - coming directly from professionnal DJ hardware - An automated audio effects synchronization in the BPM, the beats and the audio sequences of the tracks to obtain the best sound rendering - Manual audio system settings for purists who prefer a total control of their set like the Pitch setting mode or the choice of the crossfader curve - A User Interface designed in collaboration with pro DJs to be as close as possible to your needs edjing Pro offers you: - Two large audio spectrums for an optimal BPM tracking and beat matching - An interchangeable interface with a turntable view mode for turntablists - An 'edit BPM' function to manually adjust the BPM of your tracks, with the possibility to modify it by ear thanks to the 'Tap BPM', or by eyesight with the dedicated spectrum adjustment - A new 'freeze' function to freeze one of the spectrum and play or replay the best instants - A smart mini spectrum that enables you to browse through the track - Perfectly synchronized rhythmic effects on your tracks beats like the Beatgrid, the Roll, or the Roll Filter - A three-band frequency equalizer - A brand new 'Sync' feature for a perfect synchronization - Airplay compatibility - Shuffle Playlist with 10 songs from your music library - Soundcloud access - A 'Queue' function that automatically plays the tracks listed in the queue - The application is not optimized for iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPad 1 Want to upgrade to the next level? Get the full premium version and retrieve: - A Pre-Cueing' feature that enables to prepare the next track on your headphones - An unlimited access to your Soundcloud music library - An access to your whole iTunes library - A smart search feature to find any track in one click on multiple music libraries at once - An 'Automix' function that automatically plays the tracks listed in the queue - Incredilble color effects to add more texture to your mixes like the Super Filter, the Reverb, the Delay, or the Echo Out - A 'Record function' in .aiff format to save your mixes in HD - Apple Watch compatibility Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: http://www.edjing.com/public/files/tos/edjing-pro.html Feel free to contact our Team: [email protected]

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edjing Pro - music remix maker app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By violinist-LA
    I purchased it for a year and I can’t use it after a week. I kept sending emails but never got response. Either fix it or pay my money back.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By anonymouse293018
    A weekly subscription for an app that hasn't been updated in a year and lacks features from edjing mix? Get outta here with your cap.
  • Wack 1/5

    By Ldhekgbdje dn
    It wants u to pay WEEKLY🤣🤣🤣🤣 and it won’t let me sign into my SoundCloud because for whatever reason it says my password is wrong and it’s not… so paying weekly is just about ur only choice. Not worth it
  • SoundCloud issues 2/5

    By fttrhgt
    I had a lot of issues with logging into my SoundCloud through via app. Very little explanation to any of the issues.
  • Review 1/5

    By Favo3x
    Not a fan of this app anymore at all everytime I try to sign into my SoundCloud it tells me error and it doesn’t make it any better that most of everything cost I use to use this back in 2015 and let me say it was a lot better than it is now
  • Didn’t let me play 1/5

    By yomommapoopyherselfL
    Everything you needed access to premium to use
  • Just a quick note: 2/5

    By DiffPit96
    I opened this app a few minutes ago to find that it was pasting clipboard data into a seemingly unknown location, on the bootup/loading screen… Call me paranoid, but I deleted the app after this and don’t plan to use it again if it’s doing things like that without my input! Otherwise the app is functionally okay, though.
  • BAD 1/5

    By Popis247
  • Was a really good app 1/5

    By Edumec_
    I used to enjoy this app so much, literally would be the first app I would download whenever I would get a new phone but now it’s just straight garbage, it never wants to work with SoundCloud anymore. Fix this and I’ll give it 5 stars again. It’s been like this for months
  • Not able to search up music 1/5

    By Be me fresh 843
    For the past month I haven’t been able to search any music in the app I don’t know if there is a bug problem or something.. but i would let me report a problem
  • I was not satisfied. 1/5

    By Mari_amarii0
    When I saw this app pop up, as an ad. While looking for other “music remixer” apps. I thought “hmm let me give this app a chance” I proceeded to download this app. When I opened the app it was already trying to make me pay $30.00 for this app’s “premium full access”. I proceeded to click through the app and when I attempted to add music. Nothing popped up, the app didn't work. I'm not paying $29.99 for an app that might not even work. When there are plenty of FREE apps, cheaper apps. This app is a 1-star review.
  • Was the best dj app 1/5

    By Methodmanchile
    This app just got worse over time . Why update? Oh because y’all want more money ? A subscription?? Like this app was not like that when I purchased it . Why the change ? I would love to get my money back . This app is trash .
  • This is just messed up 2/5

    By theoneandonlypoopchickennuggey
    So I’ve been djing edjing for like 5 months now and I have had a AWESOME experience with this game BUT 10.00 a week? Wow ok cool it’s like there trying to run somebody’s wallet up and I’ve been edm and when I tried to play some songs they all say file is corrupted 🤨 bruh so this is why they should have better content BOI
  • wow… this is bad 1/5

    By SantiagoIsntFunny
    don’t bother with this app, it won’t let you use it unless you buy a subscription, it’s not very good at all
  • It’s not letting me add music 1/5

    By heavenjs6
    is this a glitch or something I can’t add music And it’s a error I don’t like that👎
  • Not too bad 4/5

    By Mr.bigness
    This app came exactly how the add came, it glitched and isn’t charging me for the premium so that’s a plus. Not two many glitches. This is just me testing it. I haven’t seen everything this game has to offer yet.
  • App Stopped Working 1/5

    By VYNNi666
    I used to love this app since I do not own any professional equipment for mixing. Nearly half a year ago, the app completely stopped working. I try and look up tracks and it just doesn’t not want to search. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating my phone, trust me I’ve done it all and nothing works. I own a iPhone 11 Pro Max and it should work completely fine but it isn’t. Please fix this
  • This app is bugged out 2/5

    By Miketoofunnykid
    So I have a way I can access my music through my iCloud files that I can make slowed and reverb music with and for some odd reason it only allowed me to work on one song but when I went back to try another song in the files option it says “ no music files “ when I clearly do have music files so please fix your app or I will be requesting a refund from Apple inc.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By vitapitt
    I got this app and I paid for pro version so I can have all couple years later you want me to pay more! Good luck getting farther in your app
  • Really Good, But Pay To Use 4/5

    By Sleepercell153
    It’s a free app and it offers really good services for music making, but a lot of the features I’d like to use require a subscription, which isn’t horrible, but it’s a bit of a fee. Overall, yes, download it, but I don’t want to pay.
  • The Most Fun Music App Ever 5/5

    By edjing pro fan
    Hello! This app is so fun because I can play music whenever I want and I can play the music while I’m playing my game. That’s why I like this music app a lot, thank you for making this app!
  • Waste of money//money hungry 1/5

    By 🖕🏼Your 5 stars
    As a person that has used edjing for almost 10 years, I’m noticing you guys are only focused on making money and not the user experience. Why make me pay for premium just to be able to do less than what I can do on the regular app, doesn’t make sense to me. Also I have bought the app several times and my purchases aren’t even saved, and I bought multiple skins that I no longer have.
  • Awful support 1/5

    Its been more than a year, this app didn’t get any update and it continuously crashing . Not working all
  • It doesnt work 1/5

    By mahsa-1212
    Immediately after choosing 'add a song' option the app crushes! It does not work at all
  • Total chaos 1/5

    By LeonardSheridan
    I hate this app so much, I downloaded this app to clearly make music but Whatever I search for it doesn’t even give me close to the results I want to listen to, it just gives me random garbage music that doesn’t sound anything to what I searched for. Don’t download this rubbish
  • Why 4/5

    By Tyreymurphy
    Why is this even a iOS app for one you can’t even add your own songs and when you try to add the samples you get the message file is corrupt or is missing this is a big deal to me and the other users and I don’t appreciate what you guys made for this app
  • Great for music but ... 2/5

    By mickey2598
    Use to be an A- app, literally my most used app and one of my favorites to mix music. Love this app because you can mix your SoundCloud library. But this app has become increasingly annoying asking me to pay WEEKLY just to use basic features that were free just a few months ago ..... the annoying loud a** techno music every time it asks you to start 7 day free trial and pay weekly is what drives me to not even want to use it anymore
  • How do I cancel my subscription 1/5

    By awreece24
    There is zero information on how to end my subscription. I need help please. If I get billed again we’re gonna have problems
  • help 5/5

    By Dre_Day41
    i didn’t mean to subscribe how do i cancel the thing??
  • This app is the worst 1/5

    By Gacha WolfieGirl
    Don’t waste your time on this app,it’s useless
  • Fun and free 5/5

    By Modi's review
    Very fun
  • Why 2/5

    By gaming gorilla🦍🎮
    So this app you have to buy everything I can play like three of my songs and the rest you have to buy and the record button extra mix thangs it’s not fair it needs to be free
  • Update with youtube? 5/5

    By lorenawaddle
    I love it
  • I just don’t like it 1/5

    By maryam iqbal
    You literally need premium for everything I was thinking making an amazing zing but I can’t do not recommend this
  • .g 1/5

    By umm i love pizza
    D. O. N. O. T. G. E. T. O. K
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ebbyebby1997
    Every time I click the soundcloud option to use music from there, the app crashes and closes out. Definitely weird because it was working before...

    By PolarGamez
    I HATE HATE HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The app 1/5

    By jsndncnc
    Every time I try to click on a soundcloud song the app closes:(
  • Crashes 2/5

    By freeeemanop
    Everytime I’ve tried to connect my SoundCloud to it. the app crashes.
  • Great 5/5

    In my opinion this app is great
  • I am very mad 😡 1/5

    By Quantum Reviews
    I wanted to mosh songs and see if I could make something new but I am not paying 8 dollars a week for this app I was so exited about this but of course every app costs money now so thank u for that!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By mir1236540
    I paid for the full version thinkin it would help with my music. You can’t do much with this app it’s just mean for fun. It will only let you mix your track as a whole..also you can’t save anything you’ve done so in my opinion it’s kinda pointless..
  • So I have to pay for it now?? 2/5

    By rossumdjgaming
    I had edjing pro before and I didn’t have to pay for it.....now I have a new phone and the thing forces me to pay for it but I’m not doing that. Now I can see why this game has a 3 star rating. Nobody like this app so I can see why there’s negative reviews
  • Help? 2/5

    By Zachary Jennings
    So when I downloaded this app and tried to log in into my sound cloud account it didn’t work, and when I tried to load a song it just said the files corrupted.. idk about that so can you help?
  • Sorry 5/5

    By Bluemoon702
    I thought there was no X but it fooled me really sorry!
  • Edjing HO 1/5

    By AnddyLord
    If you waste your $$ after reading the reviews there is no hope for you..
  • Horrible 1/5

    By abcdhwkqkdbd
    I can’t even get through the first part I can’t X out the thing asking for me to sign up for premium so I can’t play the app
  • Okay 2/5

    By Skansksnskskzjsks
    The app looks amazing but when I reach the part asking me to get premium there is no way to get past it, the only buttons are “Restore” and “Start Trial”
  • No X 1/5

    By ghjdjfjf
    When I went in there was no X. I looked and looked and looked but it just wasn’t there. Plz fix this.