Edulog Parent Portal

Edulog Parent Portal

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  • Current Version: 1.9.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Education Logistics, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Edulog Parent Portal App

Your child’s transportation at your fingertips. Edulog’s Parent Portal is a self-service app that allows you to track your child’s assigned transportation from his or her school. Know what routes and vehicles have been assigned to your child, complete with planned pickup and dropoff locations and times. Track in real time your child’s bus’s position. know when to send your child to the bus stop to avoid waiting in bad weather. Configure notifications to alert you when your child’s bus is nearing pickup or dropoff.

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Edulog Parent Portal app reviews

  • App never works 1/5

    By pithy parent
    This app more consistently doesn’t work than does. The bus icon has moved twice since school started, but now is stuck in the same location and is still dated 8/1/22 over the icon. A lot of the times I open it, it says there are no students being transported that day. It also glitched on my so being a student and I had enter his information again. Apparently now I have a cloned child…who is “not being transported today”.
  • Jesus loves you! John 3:16 God bless! 5/5

    By hp7quibbler
    Jesus loves you! John 3:16 God bless!
  • Sick of this app 1/5

    By sedric 40
    This app had my kids standing waiting on a bus that was to never come. My kids still do not have a bus they are sending parents to download this crappy app just so that we would stop complaining I live in Peoria az
  • Does not work 1/5

    By AZ Momm
    The bus notified me of its location for the first week of school. I have never received notification since. I have called the school district but they have not been able to assist.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ChrisKristyn
    This Ap is so unstable it is almost useless. At any given time it will indicate you don’t have students or registered or that no students have transportation on a given day. When you have these issues there is no way to fix. To be even more confounding is the fact that on days when the Ap says no one has transportation it will then send notices that a bus is arriving. Use at your own risk and prepare to be often frustrated!
  • One of the worst apps I’ve ever used 1/5

    By MamaMoosicorn
    More than 2/3 the times I open the app, it says “no students have scheduled transportation today” and “no child to display”. The only way to correct it is to force it closed and reopen it. Now I have 2 new problems; one where it doesn’t display some of my children but does display others, and the other where it says gps isn’t available even though it obviously is because I’m still getting notifications. I hate this app!! One limitation of this app, though not a problem with the app but how it’s used by the district, is that it tracks buses, not routes. If there is a substitute bus, I can’t track the route. Ideally, the drivers would have the tracker, not the buses, so the routes can be tracked no matter what
  • No Alerts! 1/5

    By CTT831
    The first couple of days it worked, and now I don’t receive any alerts! My son has almost missed the bus twice now. My notifications are on for this app so I’m not sure where the disconnect is.
  • Student Route Inconsistently Showing 2/5

    By Grlnxtdr44
    Please fix this app. I receive multiple notifications as the bus moves around the area within 0.5 miles. When I try to view where it is, it tells me there are no routes for my child. I have to delete her out of the app and add her back in order to see where the bus is at any given time. Sometimes I just have to shut down the app multiple times and then go back in to see my childMs bus. The weird thing is, she can see her bus and route in her app.
  • 50/50 Probability App Will Work 1/5

    By mchcfamily
    Sometimes my children don’t show up, GPS doesn’t work, or have to constantly restart app. Currently gives notifications but when I select “my bus” it briefly works and then states “GPS for the vehicle is currently unavailable.” Come to realize I CANT rely on this app to know where my child’s bus is.
  • Crucial functionality executed poorly 2/5

    By GreenPrell
    The technology of tracking your kid’s bus is great, but it’s executed so poorly here. It seems like it often just isn’t working, but also there are missing features and features that miss the mark substantially. For example, knowing when the bus is about 5 minutes away from dropping off your child would be great, but this app only issues notifications based on a simple radius. Even the name of the app itself reflects poor planning and execution: surely it should be something like ‘Bus Tracker’ rather than ‘Edulog Parent Portal.’
  • Crashes Constantly, Poor Notification Set Up 1/5

    By Ayla5231
    The app crashes nearly every day. We’ve had more days without information than we have had days with information. It’s really completely useless and I would urge every school district to reconsider using this app for your parents. It’s more frustrating than having nothing at all. Notifications happen every time the bus crosses the radius near your home. That’s multiple times both morning and afternoon for most parents. Turning notifications off doesn’t work - you’ll still get them. That’s really great when the app crashes, because the notifications still come through even though you can’t actually open the app to see where the bus is. This whole app is a disaster. Developers should trash it and start over. Or just don’t.
  • Good idea, needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Robohh
    The theory behind this app is great, the usefulness is another conversation. Few things to note -Consistently displays no students. -Logging out fixes the above issue, as long as you are able to log back in. Most times you won’t when the app is needed most. -Routes aren’t separated and notifications are based on distance. So if an elementary route comes within radius while waiting on a middle school route, it will bing you as long as it’s within the radius. -Route separation becomes more frustrating in the afternoon. You can’t tell if or when your child was picked up. You can track the bus but there’s no guarantee the bus is active on your child’s route. -Timing, although I understand the school system implements the routes, the arrival of a bus should be based on the route similar to GPS routing. Let’s be real, aside from the safety of kids, having an ETA for pickup and drop off are my biggest items when using the app. It would nice to have real time ETAs.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By cbrosnihan
    The app crashes or clears my student information at any given moment. The concept is great, but in practice, this app is terrible.
  • Glitchy programming 1/5

    By Natmey
    I’m not sure what the issue is but I’m getting notifications that the bus is nearby but when I open the app it says that I don’t have any transportation scheduled and tells me I don’t even have a kid registered. Sometimes the issue resolves itself if I leave the app open and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s too unreliable and glitchy.
  • Unprepared for school start 2/5

    By busyparent1001
    This company has signed up too many customers for its capacity and now kids don’t show up on their bus routes for a week. Their system got overloaded and they have to enter data manually. Seriously? What is a parent with a non-negotiable schedule supposed to do?
  • One star for app development only 1/5

    By Venkat Jangari
    No functionality working as expected. Student list disappears in peak time. Bus pickup and drop time is not real time.
  • I can’t log back in 1/5

    By udjdlaidbkd
    I logged out because my kids weren’t showing up on the schedule and now can’t log back in.
  • Worse GPS bus app EVER 1/5

    By Jj7489
    Half the time says no service, almost 100% of the time says no students have scheduled transportation, and/or will want me to add students. Also, says nothing in account/settings. No name or anything to appear for my info. Doesn’t update bus location or sometimes doesn’t even show the location. Absolute TRASH
  • Erase my child bus information 2/5

    By aznboi45
    The app for no reason deleted my child bus information for no reason and now they can’t even find my child school so I can’t even make a new profile for my child
  • App Garbage!!! 1/5

    By Garbage2223
    Created an account, set up my kids and then the app deletes my kids and will not let me set them back up. There is no support to ask for help.
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By Skye78ct
    The app is great…when it works. Half the time it doesn’t even recognize my account, says it can’t connect to my server. Do not tell me it’s my internet; there is nothing wrong with it. At critical times when I need to check status, I can’t. Very frustrating. Not meeting expectations.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Mondingo75
    None of the features are working. I keep getting “no student transportation today” but sends notifications that my child is .5 miles away. Can’t track the bus,no bus number. Nothing!!!
  • Too many glitches 1/5

    By BaileyAbby13
    I’ve had to add my students no less than 5 time already because the app doesn’t retain the data. When they are in there, the alerts are not working at all.
  • Update 2/5

    By AnnSneed
    This app keeps deleting my son’s information and keeps saying “there are no students scheduled for today”. I had this app for last school year and it wasn’t doing this. This year I’ve had to delete the app a few times and download again. But then I have to put all the information back in! This is so frustrating! Please fix this!!!!!!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Bsl75
    You can’t have multiple users on at the same time. My daughter, son and I have the app but if I am on my daughter and son can’t be on. So if they are at school and I am at home and we are checking, only one can see info. The app won’t recognize me as a user….says I don’t have any pickups…no users add a student 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    By 06lore
    Trato de saber donde esta el autobis de mi hijo y no funciona:/
  • This app never works 1/5

    By Kharece neriah
    I don’t know who makes the app but it never works it continuously says “students not scheduled for transportation” so I can’t see when the bus is about to arrive it’s incredibly frustrating the app is useless 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • First day it can’t connect to server 2/5

    By 9367941683
    I set it up a week early. I checked yesterday that everything okay. Opened this morning and it was blank. I hard closed, I logged out, it wouldn’t let me log back in. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still couldn’t log in. After 15 minutes of trying it finally let me log in. Tracking my child’s bus. It was super late so once the pick up and time at school passed it switched to the afternoon bus but my child was still waiting for her morning bus, there are 2 different buses.
  • Non-functional 1/5

    By arpierson
    About half of the time I launch the app, the tab with my kids isn’t even showing. It’s as if I haven’t registered my kids’ bus routes. Then, after force quitting the app 5 or 6 times and finally getting my kids to show up in the app, the “Where’s my bus?” tab just says “GPS unavailable”.
  • Please fix the app! 1/5

    By Megannn3
    It was working perfectly fine at the beginning of the school year. I was able to track where the bus was exactly. Now it’s been down for two weeks, and they haven’t gotten it back up and running.
  • Needs to be updated 1/5

    By LenaDFW
    I have to add my son every other day to my student list! For some reason it will just delete him and tell me I don’t have any students on my account, it’s so frustrating! Also it alerts me everyone his bus number is near, considering his same his goes to the high school, intermediate, and elementary it is quite annoying.
  • Pending status…can’t even use app 1/5

    By SaraFBarr
    My son’s status has stayed pending…I can’t even use this app
  • Notifications bombard my phone after my children are already home 1/5

    By Aaron69953795
    What a nightmare of an app. I get notifications Afro hours after my children are home saying that the bus is on the way.
  • “No students have scheduled transportation today” 1/5

    By dsdrmgrl
    I have 2 daughters that are reliant on the bus for school. These past few days, the app stopped working. It is not showing us where the bus is located (like the GPS is turned off). When I would click on “Where’s my bus?,” I would get a message that says, “No students have scheduled transportation today.” And the bus may or may not show up on the scheduled pick up/drop off. Very frustrating.
  • Can’t log-in … 1/5

    By JenJ58
    I can’t even log into the app. I’ve submitted several request to reset the pw. Once reset, it still doesn’t allow access… says the credentials are invalid when they are not. This is frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Sa-La-Fo
    The app has worked once the whole week my kids have been riding it. All the other times it says my children have no assigned transportation, even though they ride the bus everyday. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works.
  • Some helpful suggestions 3/5

    By Don’tWantToGiveANickname
    I’ve been using this app for a week now, and thankfully it’s been working as I believe it should be. For the record, I only have one student on the bus, so I can’t attest to how it does with multiple routes. I do have some suggestions that I hope will make it better: * Change the notification tone to something other than the default tri-tone that every other app I have uses. Or give us a choice of what alert tones we want. * My son has a half day on Wednesday so the after school bus schedule is different. I can’t change the alert timing for that particular day, so I will get multiple alerts when the bus is in my radius. Please give us the option to change our notification schedule for each day. * Provide pickup time updates if the bus is running late.
  • None 5/5

    By Mithilda8
    They need to update the tacking time on their
  • Doesn’t work properly for long 2/5

    By Nea W.
    My app only worked for the first two days of school. Now it says “No students have transportation scheduled “ every day 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I tried to update, uninstalled and reinstalled, and logged out and back in. It’s like whoever built the app just gave up on it. But I think the idea was great 🤌🏾.
  • Needs a lot of updates to be tolerable 2/5

    By coco_311
    Honestly painful to deal with and has no in-app support. My child is listed three times, with incorrect bud pick up times, and the wrong bus number listed so I get NO alerts. Many times the bus drives by our house without ever getting a notification.
  • Two stars for function and idea 2/5

    By JJax Smash
    Bus passes by my house multiple times (for different schools) and every time it crosses the radius threshold I get an alert even though it's not for my kid specifically. This is kind of annoying because it gives me lots of false alarms. This is a compounded problem because it has the wrong pick up time listed and I don't know who to contact to change that - but yesterday we thought we had somehow missed the bus (because we were at the bus stop at the pick up time listed and it didn't come), and today we spent 22 minutes standing in the driving rain. I wish the app was smart enough to only alert when the bus was a certain distance from picking up my child and not just in the radius of my child. A check list of pick ups would be better than a proximity based system.
  • Used to work 2/5

    By appuser7263548
    My child’s bus now shows to be 6 miles away and has not updated the bus location since 5/9.
  • Not working at all 2/5

    By update review lies
    The bus is not tracking at all. Always in the same spot. I have no idea where or when the bus is.
  • When it DID track correctly it was great… 2/5

    By Mindyy2
    Bus info is showing it switched to new bus number correctly, but when tracking I’m seeing the old bus sitting in the bus lot (broken down).. does us no good anymore! I did love this app and it WAS very helpful especially because my child is in a wheelchair.
  • App Never Works 1/5

    By HappyOne4U
    It always says my child doesn’t have assigned transportation or tracks the bus 10 minutes behind. Sometimes it even says I don’t have a student. It needs a lot of work.
  • It’s not that good 1/5

    By jsndbcxnnc
    Like in the title it’s horrible .At first things were going good like I could track my bus but then later on the app would glitch and it would make my bus either go back or stay in the same position and i didn’t even get notifications anymore about when it is coming and it would also make my later bus (which is the one that takes me home) notification turn red which Means it close but that’s for the afternoon . So in total don’t get this app use a different one
  • Buggy little app 1/5

    By Nnumber
    There are some bugs in this app that significantly impact its functionality. Each morning, we try to see where the bus is. Each morning the app says no students scheduled for transportation. Each morning force quitting the app finally is able to reload the student information and bus map. It is either losing connection to its server or there’s an error in the database query … but this lack of automation impacts functionality. Where’s the bus? Did we miss it? Nope… just forgot to force quit the app.
  • No Help 2/5

    By P.Blaque
    This app was great at the beginning of the school year. As if late, I am not getting notifications of bus arrival nor is the location updating. It is showing bus location from 2 days ago each day and never near pickup or drop off areas. I uninstalled then reinstalled the app with no changes. Deleted then reentered my child’s info with no changes. Glitches reported?? Please fix this problem. This app WAS very helpful.
  • Notifications no longer work 2/5

    By SparklePC
    The app is good for finding the bus on the map. What’s been super frustrating is the bus proximity notifications that used to show on my Lock Screen stopped working one day with no change on my part. They still work for my neighbor though, so the school didn’t change anything. I’ve checked and re-checked iOS general notification settings, iOS app notifications settings, and the notifications setting within the app. All are turned on. I’ve turned them off and on, reloaded my kids. Nothing works to bring back the feature that really made the app great.