El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards

El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: El Pollo Loco, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
4,847 Ratings
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El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards App

Conveniently order from the menu, order catering, pay in advance, request delivery and earn and redeem points with the El Pollo Loco app. Automatically earn points with every qualified food and beverage purchase. Receive special rewards and offers, and redeem rewards for free food and drinks directly from the app. Place an online order and either Skip the Line when you pick up, or order delivery direct to your door. Features: • Order: Place an order in a few clicks or customize and create combos • Catering: Order catering and pay in advance • Rewards: Earn points with every qualified purchase. Check reward status and news • Redeem: Redeem earned points for food and drink • Pay: Use a stored credit card to pay before you arrive at the restaurant. • Pick-up: Select your pick-up time and go straight to the pickup counter. • Delivery: Order delivery direct to your door (select locations. More coming soon). • Locate: Find a nearby location and view maps, directions and business hours. • Menu: Browse the menu and view nutrition information • Favorites and Order History: Save favorites, view and quickly place an order. • Offers: Redeem an online order coupon code. • Your Account: Create an account profile to quickly and easily place an order, store payment types and save your favorite orders.

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El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards app reviews

  • App crashes on launch 1/5

    By Instripid
    This app is unusable, it crashes immediately every time.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By crisvvv3445677
    I like that fast food just not the app. Won’t let me use my reward when ordering through the app. Basically if I want to use the rewards I have to wait there instead of just picking up.
  • No longer works on iOS 10.3.3 1/5

    By ragonite
    Used to work fine on my iPhone but suddenly they required an upgraded version which is incompatible with my phone. I lost my rewards and I can’t use the app anymore. Not going to buy a new iPhone just to earn El Pollo Loco rewards. Wonder how many customers they lost with their new upgraded app. Smh
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By Plucky1775
    It is so slow to register my selection and 3/4 of the time I crashes and I have to start over again. I can’t tell you how many times they have lost sales from me because of this app. You guys need to fix your stuff.
  • App doesn’t launch and exits 2/5

    By Hectic805
    I tried using the app but now it says no internet connection even when there is a connection the app exits out when ever I launch it and I can’t use any of the deals they send me to my email
  • App not opening for months 1/5

    By Cheledd
    Why am I unable to open the app? It keeps crashing. It’s been 2 months already 😡
  • Unable to use app 1/5

    By 3seven1
    I am unable to use the app because my device is jailbroken. It use to be so nice to order from the app and walk in to get my food. Especially since COVID19 hit. But then I jailbroke my phone and now the app won’t load. It is none of your business what I do with my device. As a result, my family doesn’t order from El Pollo Loco anymore. I can’t, and that is the responsibility of the app developer that checks MY DEVICE to see if I’m jailbroken or not.
  • They broke it 1/5

    By earl_p_h
    What is going on? It’s been 3 weeks since the last “update,” when the developers decided to “fix” a perfectly-functioning app into something that crashes constantly. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting the phone, etc. Nothing works. Note to developers: You’re costing the business money every day you let this piece of trash sit on the app store unfixed.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By 07031994
    App stopped working after doing the update last week.

    Downloading this app was useless. I downloaded the app to receive a promotion for a Family Meal that was emailed to me. When I open the app, it repeatedly closes immediately. I deleted the app numerous times, with the same result. This is irritating because I purposely wanted to take advantage of this offer to drop off food to someone and now I have to make other plans.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By 🍷🐾😎🤘🏽🎶
    My app opens and then shuts down immediately. I’ve tried deleting and downloading it and opening it up again. And it still does the same thing. I can’t open my app. This update has crashed my app for the past two weeks or so. I also have $20 credit on my app!!!! Cmon, this isn’t fair!!!!
  • Please fix the app! 1/5

    By Smiley44
    El pollo loco have you noticed that everyone has been complaining for the last month that no one can use your app because it just crashes immediately when you open it? How much business do you want to lose before you fix it?
  • Rewards never work, credits get lost, customer support doesn’t read message 1/5

    By CaliRic
    This is the 2nd or 3rd time that I try to use the Loco Reward and it doesn’t work. I ordered a $28 meal On the app and was supposed to get a Free Double Chicken Tostada. The app didn’t let me add it to the order. I showed the email with code to an employee and then to the manager at the location and he denied me my free item. He seemed not to understand about it. The credit in the rewards was lost. A very similar thing happened in the past. This is really frustrating. IMHO this app needs serious review. The user experience is frustrating - navigating from items to order and vice-versa is hard; saved items don’t show all items; rewards don’t get properly applied and credit gets lost. The positive side is all items have pictures, complete description and categories make sense. Using the app saves you time at the line, but it takes you double time to get your order done. UPDATE: Sent a message using their contact form online and just got a no-reply automated boiler-plate message repeating all the information already presented by the app which doesn’t fix the issue nor refunds me with my credit. I wish I knew this before spending my time writing them a message. At least it’s recorded here for other customers to read. :-(
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Silkworms mom
    I just updated the app, now it doesn’t work.
  • Crashes! 1/5

    By toeknneee
    This app has been crashing for weeks now. I havent been able to sign in because it crashes within one second!
  • Can’t use rewards 1/5

    By AriannaCarde
    The app crashes instantly, not allowing to open and use the app. Can not sign in online to use rewards either. Constantly saying session ran out please sign in. But it won’t let me sign in at all :/ . I get these rewards email but can never use them, because the app doesn’t work and I can’t sign in online either to use rewards.
  • App is continually crashing 1/5

    By MarkS0
    I cannot get the app to run on my iPhone 6s, 128 GB. Every time I try to start it it instantly crashes and goes back to the home screen. Consequently I’m not able to use my rewards or earn points. I verified that I have the latest version of the app but it continues to do this. Please fix your app so it is compatible with all iPhones! It has been running well Until about two weeks ago.
  • Broken after update 1/5

    By Rinister
    Crash log shows that flybuy framework cannot find an image. The missing file means the app cannot never work again without an update.
  • App doesn’t scan 1/5

    By foxmulderjr
    I tried to scan my receipt. It won’t scan. I tried to enter the numbers but it says it’s not valid. Needs improvement
  • App keeps crashing after update!!! 1/5

    By Shred addict
    I just updated the app and I can’t even open it bec it keeps crashing!!!!!! Tried it more than 10 times to open the annoying app and I can’t even open it!! I even hav $10 credit on the app and I can’t even redeem it now!!! 😡😡😡😡
  • Newest version 2.6 won’t work with IOS 11.4 4/5

    By IK Barry
    My app v.2.5 was working perfectly on my smartphone IOS 11.4 but as soon the app updated v.2.6 it will close by itself in less than a second. I wish I could go back to version 2.5 I’ve attempted to re install, to reset but nothing make it work.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By KeithDimas
    I deleted the app and redownloaded it and turned and restarted my phone and it still opens and then closes immediately. So dumb I can’t enter my receipt rewards now.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By BLanczak
    Been trying for weeks but you cannot submit an order with the app. Makes it pretty useless unfortunately
  • App crashes and is buggy mess 1/5

    By chrishenry
    While trying the app for first time today, it crashed twice, and wouldn’t allow me—two out of three tries—to select “a la carte” v “combo” on the burrito menu. Final death bug was it would not allow me to scan my credit card to add it as a payment method. I think app crashed again. When I inputted the card manually, the app said my card was declined. Card works fine everywhere else, so I assume again this is a bug. It’s a shame. El Pollo Loco has great food.
  • App crashes now... 4/5

    By StarFighter51
    I don’t know when it started since I haven’t been to Pollo Loco in a while but for some reason it won’t go past the first loading screen and kicks me out, this is a good app overall but as for why this is happening is a mystery
  • New update causes app to not open 1/5

    By eastsidegirl66
    I’ve been using this for more than a year, maybe two, and it’s always worked fine. No problems whatsoever. This week there was a new update and now the app won’t open! Please fix!!!!!
  • Updated and then lost access 1/5

    By LoveTheRealSunset
    I love El Pollo Loco and use the app all the time, so when I got a notice to update, I did. Unfortunately the app didn’t! Now when I click on the app, the home page shows and then it immediately goes away, I deleted the app, willing to risk losing accumulated points so I could start all over again. The only option shown was to retrieve it from the cloud, but that didn’t do it either. I’ve rebooted the phone, but no good. This is why I hate updating!
  • Version 2.6 won’t open 1/5

    By >Lacrimosa<
    After yesterday’s version 2.6 update the app no longer works and crashes/auto closes every time I tried to open it. If you have not updated yet, DO NOT UPDATE until they release a fix.

    By LIZZIE$
    The moment the customer is REACHING a reward for points accumulated, they DISAPPEAR!! And EPL NEVER answers reward related questions. This APP is a SCAM!!!
  • forced update then crashes 1/5

    By Augustine Caruso
    there goes my discounts. App is a Fraud
  • Pollo Krazy 1/5

    By albby73fromthaBay
    Your missing out on my orders this app won’t work on jailbroken devices. SMH
  • Easy to order 5/5

    By hermilation
    I love this app! Easy to order, and able to pay so when I get to the restaurant it’s ready to grab. I love it
  • Cámara don’t work iPhone 6s Plus 2 time I attend to get reward points 1/5

    By 1einad
    Cámara don’t work iPhone 6s Plus 2 time I attend to get reward points. Points for rewards aren’t working neither by camera or typing
  • No Rewards for you if its a paid in full app order! 1/5

    By tanakasan
    Tried the app for my first ever prepaid preorder for take out because the last time I was in the Pico Canyon SCV location, it was a mad house. SURPRISE! No Rewards for you if its a paid in full app order! The (2) receipts you get with the bag HAVE NO BARCODE! Bummer since I was 13 points away from my reward and got a Familia dinner to seal the deal. What a letdown. Cheat the prepaid app order guests...what a great feature for an online ordering app! Gotta give that app team a raise from the reward payouts saved. Now its become a choice between a smooth and easy ordering & pickup experience (I was in the store for less than 4 minutes!) OR doing a walk-in order and deal with the fluster “cluck cluck” that exists. Or door number three: get something closer to home without a BS rewards app program. Hmm...lose-lose-lose. I like the food here. What a disappointment.
  • Points get expired 1/5

    By Shanty91*
    Very disappointed my points got expired within a few months
  • Remember Credit Card 4/5

    By Tizzay61
    Please fix the app so it can remember our Credit Cards instead of inputting it in every single time!!! Other than that, the app is great!!
  • Pretty Slow and Confusing 1/5

    By Oscar1777
    This app is okay. The design is not very well, as it has a lot of lag and confusing when it shows errors. To pick up or deliver it needs 60 minutes? Which is very weird. Not sure what they mean. Overall needs a huge redesign to be simpler and less lag!
  • False advertisement, false hope 1/5

    By TitoX5
    Downloaded this app because the app said if I download I’m promised a free Pollo Bowl. I download and create my account and there’s free chips and Guacamole instead. Not happy with the false advertisement at all.
  • No Apple Pay or Sign In with Apple 1/5

    By amjice
    Putting in a credit card number into another server waiting to be hacked or breached is neither a convenience nor is it a good customer service experience. If there is a Facebook login, why not a login using Apple?
  • Horrible app and the location is so dangerous 2/5

    By Bagofdrippydicks
    The app is way too complicated to even give it one second, And that place is so dangerous I’m happy the app failed.
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By SherryLF
    It is infuriating that you cannot redeem your rewards online, and you cannot redeem coupons online. You have to actually go inside so the code on your phone can be scanned. They might as well tell you that they won’t be redeeming any coupons or rewards during this time of social distancing! It’s crazy to have to go inside during this time . Someone needs to rethink this!
  • App is Terrible 1/5

    By SDCCU member
    Worst app ever! I can never redeem a coupon when trying to order through the app. It errors out every time I go to pay/ submit. What’s the point of giving customers coupons that they cannot use? Also, to your local El Pollo Loco establishment will not the online coupon!
  • Needs a major update 1/5

    By Fjcuchch
    Worst food app love El Pololoco you guys need to make this app a little user friendly and easy to make orders bot hard to make orders I litterly changed my mind about getting El Pollo loco today just cuz its so hard to order
  • Can’t Cancel An Order 2/5

    By Mydon
    See that button that says you can cancel after you place an order? Nope. It just gives you the phone number to the location. In this case, Yucaipa. You are supposed to call them to cancel it. Do they cancel it? Nope. They give you the phone number to corporate so corporate can cancel it. Do they cancel it? Nope. They take customer survey responses and can’t access orders. A basic feature of the app is fake. If I can’t cancel, I can’t cancel. Don’t make up some twisted path leading nowhere.
  • crashes on open 1/5

    By Ipadphan
    Crashes on open since I updated to the latest version
  • Me está fallando la aplicación pueden acer algo por favor gracias 1/5

    By el tubero locochon
  • Awful Delivery service through app 1/5

    By Angelina Babe
    I love this restaurant so I am sad to have to write this. For delivery they use postmates, it does not keep you updated with where your order is and when it accurately arrives making it difficult to use compared to other delivery services. The first time I ordered delivery my order never came, after talking to the manager at el pollo loco for 30 minutes she couldnt give me a refund and the app wouldn’t let me see my order as soon as I got a cancellation email of my order that i never canceled. So i have not yet gotten a refund. Secondly I decided to take a chance and place an order on the app today for delivery and realized I did not want to take the chance after i placed it after seeing the estimated time was close to an hour. so i went to cancel the order on the app and it told me to call the store. When i called the store they didn’t know what i was talking about and said they couldn’t cancel the order so now it’s past the hour and i’m still waiting for the delivery. It doesn’t even say that it’s been picked up yet. If it doesn’t come that will be 40$ down the drain after both orders. Do not order on this app.
  • App does not work properly 1/5

    By TammyEM29
    I added the app to my iPhone 10 because I was given a $100 gift card. Initially when I downloaded the app, the “gift card/pay” icon was at the bottom, along with the other 4 icons (Rewards, News etc). I added the gift card to the app but I didn’t throw the card away. Unbeknownst to me, after using the card only once on the app for a $10 purchase, the gift/pay icon disappeared. I went back to El Pollo on a separate occasion to make a purchase using the gift card downloaded on the app but the icon wasn’t there and unfortunately the employee could not assist me. Thankfully I kept the actual gift card because I would have lost a $90 balance. I immediately deleted the app and added it again but it was still missing the gift/pay icon at the bottom of the app. How can this be fixed or should I just give up and delete the app for good.
  • Coupons don’t work. Menu isn’t accurate 1/5

    By Bheter6
    Coupons are a pain to redeem and do not work. The menu items listed aren’t available . So if you place an order through the app - the store just shrugs and says “sorry we don’t have that.” Super irritating. Deleting the app nos

El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards app comments

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