El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards

El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: El Pollo Loco, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
4,949 Ratings
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El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards App

Conveniently order from the menu, order catering, pay in advance, request delivery and earn and redeem points with the El Pollo Loco app. Automatically earn points with every qualified food and beverage purchase. Receive special rewards and offers, and redeem rewards for free food and drinks directly from the app. Place an online order and either skip the line when you pick up, or order delivery direct to your door. $5 reward for every $50 spent. See https://www.elpolloloco.com/rewards/ for more information.

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El Pollo Loco - Loco Rewards app reviews

  • Just. Drive rhru 1/5

    By juat drive thru
    Ordered curbside and waited 20 min. Went inside to find out what delay and was told they were not notified I was waiting. Showed them text received from them acknowledge was here and to wait for curbside. Wastes of time and effort.
  • Rewards and Coupons NEVER WORK 2/5

    By 300/500 500/1500
    The app and process is disjointed but not doesn’t compare to the inability to NEVER apply rewards and redemptions.
  • Coupon Issues 3/5

    By beatles_david_cook_fan
    This app would be perfect if there was a way to scan a coupon barcode (QR code). It gives the option to put in a coupon code, but the "code" NEVER works. It's extremely frustrating. Please fix this.
  • Self serving app 1/5

    By GHSWTiger
    This app has no way to provide feedback, contact the local restaurant, or make a complaint. I was missing items and there’s no way remedy it through the app. In addition it took 2 hours to get a dozen tacos from a fast food restaurant- how can it take so long? It seems they don’t care once you are a customer. I will be deleting app.
  • Ordering Tapatio fries without the Tapatio seasoning 4/5

    By Suzay!
    I was so excited to go into a Pollo Loco to order Tapatia fries and when I got home and looked in my bag it was just plain fries. How disappointing. It would’ve been five stars for the service and the cleanliness of the restaurants
  • Poor! 1/5

    By Lèia13
    I use to love El Pollo Loco, but after installing the app and joining the rewards I’ve been nothing but disappointment! I received two different emails to take their survey regarding their holiday items for $5 credit each, and never received either credit. Their holiday challenge where you buy 3 holiday items to get the fourth item free, never received. To make matters worse, their location on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, next to the Ikea has the worst customer service ever. And there customer service number is so unhelpful.. they do nothing at all. What would be the point of having a customer service number if they do not actually help the customer. I spend a lot of money with you all, solely based off your promotions and rewards..only to not get what you’re advertising in return. You are ripping off your customers! I am uninstalling this app and you will no longer get my money thanks!
  • Stuck on Home Screen 1/5

    By xona808
    Can’t open the app, looking at the graphics for several minutes now. iPhone 11 with the latest iOS and plenty of space so my assumption has to be the app is bad.
  • Downloaded it for the Free Guac, couldn’t even use it 1/5

    By notbenzer
    I came in and added the coupon y’all send in the mail but decided to add it to the app I just downloaded. Should’ve just not downloaded it and added to my app so I could redeem these two offers separately. Y’all better make this right lol
  • App crashes when opening 1/5

    By Disappointed Schwab User
    The app worked when I first downloaded it, but now it just crashes when I try to open it. Deleting app and reinstalling doesn’t fix the problem. This has been going on for months! Why no fix??????
  • Still crashes on open (December 7 2020) 1/5

    By Ipadphan
    Crashes on open since I updated to the latest version
  • Can’t redeem when ordering 1/5

    By ferminjr01
    Can’t ever redeem the codes when trying to order online. Have trued numerous times with different promos and no luck. It’s a scam looks like to me. I’ve only been able to redeem once. Uninstalling app
  • App crashes on iPhone 12 1/5

    By Sasmith17
    Cant make a mobile order, app crashes randomly, it continues to say make a selection when I already did - and then continues to crash. Halfway through an order the family and it was just easier to sit through the drive thru...
  • No stuffed quesadilla online 3/5

    By lifelongcalgal
    My husband loves the stuffed quesadilla but it is not offered when you try to order food online. 🙁
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By TKShumway
    Every time the app needs an update, it puts my rewards back to 0. I’ve lost so many rewards because it makes me update and erases all rewards. Don’t even bother with the app, it’s complete garbage.
  • Charged card 3 times for pickup order 1/5

    Tried to order for pickup, put in my credit card info and the app told me it was invalid. i immediately got a notification from my credit card app for 3 charges from pollo loco for the food i ordered. To top it off, the restaurant said they can’t make my food unless they get the order on the screen, so i had to pay for my meal a FOURTH time. This is ridiculous and is really pissing me off, as i don’t have time to probably sit on hold with customer service for an hour to try to get this fixed.
  • Not working at all. it disappears after opening apps. 1/5

    By Arindaeng
    not happy with this apps
  • Rewards Can’t be Used 1/5

    By lB u lL lL 3 T
    I liked using the app because it’s easier to order from. However, what is the point of this app if the rewards can’t get applied to the orders. Tried countless of times, restarted, rebooted the app and they still can’t fix this.
  • Insanely terrible 1/5

    By GxF4Truth
    You see what REAL developers make, and then you see this and think..... they didnt just get different degrees from different schools... they majored different subjects. You would be terribly surprised how many times I’ve placed an order on the app had my money taken from my bank then showing up to the Pollo loco and it’s closed or somehow missing the one thing they need chicken it’s a very predictable occurrence that’s how common it is and that’s disgusting why wouldn’t you let us know you have a shortage Chick-fil-A app does it? Sometimes the transaction doesn’t even go through which then causes it to erase my card and makes me re-added and God for bid you want to change your location because you have to redo your entire order and now you can save specific orders to be ordered in different locations you can only save specific orders in specific locations because who knows ask the developers
  • Coupon codes not working 3/5

    By Ahm76
    This app is not recognizing the coupon codes I received in the mail. Annoying!
  • Ina rd in Tucson, Az. 1/5

    By dan elion
    App works kinda alright, the thing is that their customer customer service is the worst coming all the way from regular employees to management they’re not willing to serve orders right or help out with any issues saying that they don’t have control of anything app related
  • Buggy and can’t apply reward for online orders 3/5

    By Sunny8644
    This app needs to update ASAP.... can’t apply the reward or coupon for any online orders.....
  • Delivery 1/5

    By firstlaneonly
    I ordered delivery through the app was charged and never received my order. On the app it said it was completed. Tried to get the matter resolved through the app but there is no contact info the you can call. Tried to resolve it through the feedback that it routes you to through the app but after 13 days I still haven’t gotten a refund or heard from pollo loco. I will not order through the app again. App is useless to resolve issues. And stole my money!
  • Broken App. Location Data not Accessible. 1/5

    By Meryl89
    The standard, “[App] wants to use your location data” iOS pop-up didn’t show up, so I went into settings to manually allow Loco Rewards access to my location...but the options don’t exist like they’re not coded in. I downloaded the app for the first time ever, created an account and signed in. Then a yellow pop-up explaining location data use showed up with a blue “search now” button on it. This button doesn’t work, bc the app doesn’t actually ask for the location data critical for the app to work. This button does blocks all forward progress forever. Delete/Redownload did nothing. So, with a heavy heart, my path to chicken goodness ends in disappointment. 1/5*
  • Sign Up Issues 1/5

    By KMM1234567
    Have tried to create an account 4xs....ALWAYS gets stuck at the “your favorite location” page & can go no further......shame...we ‘were’ willing to go out of our way for the food.
  • App not working for me 1/5

    By Shannonb76
    It would not load locations at all. Had to just delete the app as was never able to use it.
  • love the food, hate payment on the app 1/5

    By JohnR2020
    i dont know who decided that i needed to buy a gift card before i can buy food at pollo loco in the app, but they are losing my business for it. make it easy to buy your stuff, not hard!
  • App is broken 1/5

    By tjrunion
    Even with the latest update the app is stuck at the location screen. I’m assuming it’s related to location service availability but there is no tab under privacy settings for this app to permit location services. Worthless app.
  • El Pollo loco 5/5

    By mad george at aol
    On 1021 2020 I purchased a dinner for two with a coupon Because your resurant does not have a WFii service I was not able to log on an claim my points Then when I was able to get servce lost calls and final message it was too late So lost only 10 points Not the first time had problems at or in Samnta Maria Store #3739 My ticket nimbe was 1842825307198 Request that extend my time or correct the tolal on our accounts!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jvalt001
    I don’t EVER, and I mean EVERRRR write reviews but upon recent frustration I decided to write one today about El Pollo Loco. My family likes the food so we come here often and would prefer to order ahead of time. BOY OH BOY is the app difficult to navigate. It doesn’t let you apply any codes and that’s itself is enough to make me want to delete the app and not purchase anything. PLEASE FIX IT.

    By mv1188
    These stupid guys REMOVED the Instructions box tat the bottom of each item where I used to request well done or easy rice, etc. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND why these stupid geeks always mess up app! Instead of improving them! Also!! I just saw AAALLLLLLLL the complainants by other users and ME TOO as well have been having these same exact problems which confirmes that POLLO LOCO HIRED STUPID DEVELOPERS
  • App not working 1/5

    By dethbelow
    To whom it may concern, the app is not working properly after the iOS 14 update, it kicks you off WiFi and does not allow for LTE connection, please fix, thank you.
  • App Crashes. Won’t even open 1/5

    By tenthtrythisissuchajokeapple
    App doesn’t work.
  • App needs update 4/5

    First of all, my family loves ordering from here. However with the integration of external delivery app there is an issue with transferring correct address from the El Pollo Loco app to another delivery company. Here are two issues I've experienced in more than one occasion that would of made it easier for me and the delivery personel. Please update the app with this changes: 1. Add the ability to delete or edit delivery address; in addition to being able to add new addresses. 2. Work on easier transfer of delivery address into the apps of the delivery company picking up food. ( I've had multiple delivery personel going to wrong location. Because address wasn't transfered correctly into their app; really bad experience with eventually both of us getting extremely frustrated)...ie; Postmates and Doordash. Thank you for listening
  • Can’t redeem any reward 1/5

    By Jk0987456
    This app is hard to use and cannot redeem anything thru it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Ms. List-o-Maniac
    After an update the app no longer opens. It's been a while now. Please fix!
  • Nope, still broken 1/5

    By earl_p_h
    The developers broke the last version of the app. It took them months to release an update. And guess what—it’s still broken! App crashes immediately on startup. Try again, developers. But don’t wait another month to fix your mistakes.
  • Rewards don’t work on any order at any location 1/5

    By Rinister
    Tried redeeming reward or coupon. Always says not valid for order. Even redeeming $10 on any combination of non promo items still doesn’t work. Looks like pandemic = rewards disabled.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By letgo app blows
    Goodluck getting your coupon offers and or “redeeming” your points. I’ve had this app for almost a year now and it gets worse and worse. They need to fix this fast!!!
  • App crashes on launch 1/5

    By Instripid
    This app is unusable, it crashes immediately every time.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By crisvvv3445677
    I like that fast food just not the app. Won’t let me use my reward when ordering through the app. Basically if I want to use the rewards I have to wait there instead of just picking up.
  • No longer works on iOS 10.3.3 1/5

    By ragonite
    Used to work fine on my iPhone but suddenly they required an upgraded version which is incompatible with my phone. I lost my rewards and I can’t use the app anymore. Not going to buy a new iPhone just to earn El Pollo Loco rewards. Wonder how many customers they lost with their new upgraded app. Smh
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By Plucky1775
    It is so slow to register my selection and 3/4 of the time I crashes and I have to start over again. I can’t tell you how many times they have lost sales from me because of this app. You guys need to fix your stuff.
  • App doesn’t launch and exits 2/5

    By Hectic805
    I tried using the app but now it says no internet connection even when there is a connection the app exits out when ever I launch it and I can’t use any of the deals they send me to my email
  • App not opening for months 1/5

    By Cheledd
    Why am I unable to open the app? It keeps crashing. It’s been 2 months already 😡
  • Unable to use app 1/5

    By 3seven1
    I am unable to use the app because my device is jailbroken. It use to be so nice to order from the app and walk in to get my food. Especially since COVID19 hit. But then I jailbroke my phone and now the app won’t load. It is none of your business what I do with my device. As a result, my family doesn’t order from El Pollo Loco anymore. I can’t, and that is the responsibility of the app developer that checks MY DEVICE to see if I’m jailbroken or not.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By 07031994
    App stopped working after doing the update last week.

    Downloading this app was useless. I downloaded the app to receive a promotion for a Family Meal that was emailed to me. When I open the app, it repeatedly closes immediately. I deleted the app numerous times, with the same result. This is irritating because I purposely wanted to take advantage of this offer to drop off food to someone and now I have to make other plans.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By 🍷🐾😎🤘🏽🎶
    My app opens and then shuts down immediately. I’ve tried deleting and downloading it and opening it up again. And it still does the same thing. I can’t open my app. This update has crashed my app for the past two weeks or so. I also have $20 credit on my app!!!! Cmon, this isn’t fair!!!!
  • Please fix the app! 1/5

    By Smiley44
    El pollo loco have you noticed that everyone has been complaining for the last month that no one can use your app because it just crashes immediately when you open it? How much business do you want to lose before you fix it?