Email - Edison Mail

Email - Edison Mail

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  • Current Version: 1.15.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Edison Software Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Email - Edison Mail App

"The way to go if you own an iPhone" -Business Insider "Unsubscribe with just a tap!" -TechCrunch "Faster than Gmail, faster than Outlook" -Walt Mossberg @The Verge "Well designed" -New York Times Welcome to unparalleled speed, no ads, less spam, and all your email accounts in one place. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Email helps you take control of an overflowing inbox with intuitive features to unsubscribe from junk, block senders, bulk delete and notification settings that you can configure the way you want. We've built the fastest search within mail that works simultaneously across all your email accounts. Experience our special accelerated AI-based search for all your purchases, bills, subscriptions, travel, and entertainment. Our customer support ninja responds quickly, our app automatically blocks read receipts, and you can even snooze messages and undo sent mail. Email supports Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office/ Outlook 365, Exchange, AOL, Gmail, and IMAP* mail accounts, and is supported on iPhone and iPad. Please note we do NOT support POP. FEATURES: •NEW Dark Mode• View your mailbox in a sleek, dark palette at night to spare your eyes from harsh blue light. •Automatically Block Read Receipts• Read receipts are blocked from being sent back to any sender tracking your email activity. •Unsubscribe with a Tap• Unsubscribe from spam with a single tap and clear your inbox of unwanted messages! •Bulk Delete Mail• Clear out your mailbox, delete thousands of emails in just one tap. •Block Sender• Tired of unwanted emails from certain contacts? Take unsubscribe up a notch and block them. •Undo Send• Send something prematurely or to the wrong person? Quickly and easily undo it. •In-App Assistant Features• See all subscriptions, travel plans, packages, bills & receipts, and entertainment in a simple separate tab. Check the status of all your packages in one folder. If a flight is delayed or a gate changes, Email notifies you faster than the airlines do. Support for more than twice as many travel providers as Gmail! See the day's important details at a glance from the search screen— mail from frequent contacts, next 48 hours of travel, packages arriving, upcoming events, & recent purchases •Price Alert• Get alerts when the price of a recently purchased item drops and get cash back! •Secure and Private• Touch ID Protection offered. Many other features: •Send GIF/Stickers in email •Automatically detect signatures •Swipe the blue unread dot to mark as read •Enhanced for 3D Touch •Interactive push notification & customizable swipes •Bulk editing •Smart Reply •Optional Thread View •Snooze Messages •Smart Reply •Customizable Multiple Account Views •HTML Signatures for each account •HTML rich composer •Send to groups from your contacts •Respond to calendar events with a tap •Attach multiple images with ease** *Support for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 and above. **Please note select assistant features (i.e. bill and receipts, entertainment, travel, and package alerts) are currently limited to US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India only. Privacy By Design is Our Promise to Our Users All emails are fetched from your phone and stored on your device directly. We access new email subject headers (deleted thereafter), required to send notifications of an email arrival. Only commercial emails (example: receipts, Travel, Package Delivery) are stored to deliver Edison Mail Assistant features built into the Email app and Edison Trends. Personal information like your name or email address is NEVER shared. If you’d prefer to opt-out of participating in our anonymized research, you can do so in the settings menu.

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Email - Edison Mail app reviews

  • 41 Emails inbox, just kidding 0 3/5

    By The77Ronin
    App icon never displays the correct number of emails inbox since a recent update.
  • Frustrating to use with multiple accounts 2/5

    By Notapaidreviewer
    I have an XS Max. I've always owned an iPhone since the iPhone 3G. Never have I experienced an iPhone developer so aggressive and determined to remove any negative criticism as the developers of this app. My biggest gripes with this app are the App lacks Spam selection. You know the email is spam but the only way to flag it as spam is to open it up. This is dangerous. Many times an email you just deleted returns from the abyss. Very frustrating. Some functions like Undo Delete interfere with others on the XS Max and swiping to delete messages rarely works unless you try multiple times as I mentioned. There's other issues with it too which I won't go into.
  • Share sheet not working 3/5

    By Swailsfam212
    When trying to send pictures via email from this app when I hit send it attempts to send but glitches out.
  • Hate it since the new update. 3/5

    By Keekee1234
    It never gets rid of emails ive deleted I have to delete them multiple times and they keep coming back as in read I’m about ready to delete it and get a different app if it doesn’t get fixed
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mac-Larry
    I enjoy using this app.
  • inbox only 3/5

    By come oooon sony
    App moves 2 out of 3 outbox messages to /dev/null. Had to retype long email twice since edison email app is not able to keep outbox messages anywhere. Inbox works great tho.
  • Does not work with Siri 3/5

    By CNNep
    I thoroughly love the app and have been using it as my primary email app. However, the big issue I have with it (and it might be a deal breaker for me) is the fact that I can’t dictate with Siri in the app. Each time I try, Siri quits unexpectedly. Unfortunately, I have gotten into the habit of dictating my emails. The problem is not with Siri because Siri works with other apps. I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem but it’s worth looking into. Thanks.
  • Please add Firefox 5/5

    By Ninja Vanish!
    Please add Firefox as an option for default web browser. Thanks.
  • Thanks so I think we will put typically get the one you I 1/5

    By YouHurtMyFooFoo
    TMtjttttttry is you Tu. Thanks sor is t the same old one mw is the one that I will call you tomorrow morning and mq next week try your new is the up until it’s you going on the weekend pth t t tjk has the purpose come on m
  • FAST 5/5

    By MetalMike2112
    Real nice email app!!! Super Fast! Great Job Devs!
  • Love it 4/5

    By appreviewer1829
    I love how secure this app feels for my messages.
  • Best mail app ever had 5/5

    Great app. I used lots of mail app before, and so far, Edison is the best. I like it categorized my mails automatically into trips, packages, etc, then I don’t need to look for them when I need it. It’s so neat and clean. Seriously, most of mail app look almost same, but Edison has its own style or special features to make me replace others with it.
  • iCloud says yes. Sign in to my email on this program says no 1/5

    By Program may cooperate
    iCloud says yes. Sign in to my email on this program says no; though (after double checking with Apple) all correct passwords and sign in data are correct
  • No mail 1/5

    By Emwych
    The app will not download my emails. It did when I first got it but not since then.
  • Email Blocking 5/5

    By Comex70
    Best of all blocking of any email apps I've used. Truly works and a game changer for me As a suggestion, font choices would raise the bar and add an awesome feature
  • Very simple straightforward app 4/5

    By $ymbi0t3
    I have one issue. I’d like to be able to swipe down through emails to select multiple at once instead of having to select each individually. Also there is a bug in the current version on the 11 Pro Max that when you exit the app straight into the app killer and kill it, it for some reason makes Face ID activate before going back to the home screen.
  • Love Edison But... 4/5

    By lovingli55
    I truly love Edison. It’s pretty much everything I have ever wanted an email client to be: easy to use, quick access, clean interface, smart organization, one touch unsubscribe, + more. For the most part, it has worked like a dream. But with the most recent iphone updates, now it’s all wonky. My app randomly shuts down, I send emails and notice there are several different fonts displayed, if I copy & paste (yes, even paste as plain) the text shows up highlighted or different color font in the sent email... I love Edison, and really want to keep it but this is making it very difficult to keep the love flowing. I don’t if others having these challenges... b it nI sure am. Would give 5* otherwise.
  • Quintessential “Email” 5/5

    8 Nov 2019, I switched to a new phone. Anyone that has been in this situation knows the dread of setting everything up again. Enter, Edison’s Quick Start. Press a button and get all your old email accounts set up. Can Apple please step up to the curve already? ——— Get Edison Mail. Delete iOS’s native Mail. Few apps are so bad or good that I felt a sense of duty to share my thoughts. Edison Mail is the mail app to replace all mail apps. I was tired of Apple’s native mail app, finding it tedious after extended use although I once found it sleek and intuitive. I found Edison Mail on the app store and I cant believe I was so lucky to find an app that had exactly what I needed AND MORE, without being clunky and slow, hard to navigate, and, last but not least, heavily seasoned with ads... ON THE FIRST TRY. With Edison Mail, the bar for mail management solutions on a mobile platform are set HIGH. Thank you, Edison team.
  • Speech to text issue 3/5

    By TheGibman1968
    I recently updated my iPhone, the speech to text always worked fine on the app until I made the update. Now when ever I start writing a message in the body of the email a “Blue outline box” appears that was not there before. Now when ever I start using speech it will recognize about 3 words then the speech stops and the cursor reverts back to the begin of the sentence or paragraph which is very frustrating. This bug has cause a huge setback in my productivity. I would give this app a 4 or 5 star rating if speech worked like it did before the update. Now I have to use my fingers to slowly draft a message because speech basically doesn’t work:(
  • jusme 1/5

    By All about me !
    blocks. nothing problems getting it to do what its supposed to do but Causes problems not worth it 🥺☹️
  • Same Emails Keep Returning 2/5

    By Montywil75
    For some bizarre reason, the same emails that I deleted or put in spam, keep returning several times. What is that all about?
  • Email Icon Is Malfunctioning 5/5

    By riccardo dt
    Email Icon keeps showing me that I have mail yet I already read it all. I love the app but this is starting be a little annoying, any advice?
  • Great Email 5/5

    By TimHarvey
    Easy to delete junk. Gmail is horrible. Designed for ads and spam.Thanks Edison
  • A Very Good Email App - A Few Fixes Needed 4/5

    By Wheatie32
    Overall Edison Mail is a very good email app and may be the gmail iOS app I’ve been searching for to help manage my emails. There are a few issues I hope they are working on fixing: 1) The bug with voice to text timing out after 2 seconds. They said they are working on this. 2) The ability to select move email to Focused Inbox if the email is not currently in my inbox. It appears I need to move the email to my inbox and then move it to Focused inbox. I’d also like the ability to train the app to direct all emails from this sender to the inbox instead of each time. 3) There are a few issues with the Trips option. I’d be good if we could manually correct the trip dates. I have a trip where it only shows the return flight and date to my home city not the outbound flight and pic of my destination booked on the same email itinerary.
  • New Emails will not delete 1/5

    By tp26_
    Whenever I get an email it takes about 3 times to delete it after using/not using it. Until they fix this the app is unusable
  • Thanks 4/5

    By samy green
    This sound to be very good app only one think should have more choices of sound alerts and the main more loud Thank
  • Getting better all the time 4/5

    By mateoSTAR
    The app is great. The only missing things I can see are label notifications for when you have rules to send email directly to labels and skip inbox and ability for spam option in the swipe options.
  • Best mail app on the market 5/5

    By Jakobnorris1
    This is without a doubt by far the best mail app on the App Store. I love it!! Shame that we can’t get it for MacOS yet. I can’t wait till that day comes.
  • Need app for Apple Watch 4/5

    By The yung legacy
    I love this app, just wish they would make an app for Apple Watch. If you need help building an watch app I would love to be a part of that.
  • It failed my expectations! 1/5

    By thecoolwind
    Been using this app for a long time, then all of a sudden today (11-06-2019), I couldn’t log into my gmail account.
  • So many amazing things... 5/5

    By zZJerChanZz
    Minimalist and beautiful UI. Unbelievably helpful components such as a list of email subscriptions and one-button unsubscribe?? I’m in love.
  • Mail 5/5

    By gra13509
    This is the best app I have found that is convenient to have all my Email accounts on one app. Plus I can look at everything from every inbox in just one inbox to delete it
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By JorBenton
    This app is beautiful and I really enjoy the functionality, however, I had two issues. Firstly, every single email I had was coming in twice, I got two notifications and it was in my inbox twice, also I had turned on the focused inbox notifications so I didn’t get spam email notifications, but I got notifications for EVERYTHING despite attempting to “mute notifications for this sender” that also did not work. I reached out to support and they advised these things are out of their control. Pretty much every email app has the same functionality these days so since Edison Mail can’t be bothered, neither can I, on to a new one.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By irritatedbyemail
    While I like some features such as showing my travel arrangements and packages, the fact that when I delete an email it pops back 10 seconds later is annoying. Also it always says slow email connection constantly. I’ve deleted it and added it back and it continues, It didn’t do that until recently. I will delete emails from another email app or my pc but it will only register for some on this app. I’m beginning to think it’s not worth the hassle and delete the app for good.
  • Second to none 5/5

    By D O R I
    I’ve been using this app for years and it’s always been stable and a great way to keep all of my email accounts organized and clutter free. I haven’t used the native iPhone mail app since this hit the App Store and never plan to. Keep up the great work Edison!
  • In my opinion! 4/5

    By kendallnicee
    It’s resourceful!
  • Easy to use - Powerful 5/5

    By Dreadshots
    Surprisingly user friendly for all the features it has. Well worth downloading. Have had 0 issues in the 2 or so years I’ve been using it.
  • Fix the voice to speech problem 1/5

    By klever
    I’ve been using Edison email for years. But with iOS 13, voice to text dictation of emails has stopped working. I cannot recommend this program for this reason.
  • Best feature ever 5/5

    By b get t FF af
    This emails ability to identify marketing emails and prompt the user to want to unsubscribe makes everything so easy. Excellent feature!
  • Cannot delete emails using the app 1/5

    By swhittaker
    For some reason, when I delete emails with this app, the deleted email comes back into my inbox a minute later. When I contacted technical support about the issue, I was told that they are aware of the issue and have no timetable for when it will get fixed. A basic feature like this shouldn’t be an issue with an email app
  • Simply the best! 5/5

    By JK the DJ
    It seems like I’ve tried just about every email available for my iPhone. I love it because it works with my exchange, iCloud, gmail, and imap accounts. Seamlessly and flawlessly, no problems. I would give it 10 stars if that were possible!
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By Tyrone-I F word Yourr wifee
    1 word. |Best|
  • .i. 5/5

    By mmikmimmmm
  • Issues persist 1/5

    By Rod2526
    Are you ever going to fix the issue of emails not loading? This has been happening for a long time and seems to be happening more frequently now. In addition to the issue stated below, there are still emails that don't fully load the images. This problems has existed for which seems like a year. Consistently says Slow Connection to the Mail Server. As I've said in the past, ever time they issue an update new issues arise. Every time this app is updated a new major issue comes up. It's like they just release stuff without testing it. Since IOS 13 no emails are coming through. I have to physically open the app for emails to show. App is now useless. Using iCloud email account. Reported months ago about issues with certain emails not loading properly, specifically images not loading. Since then the app has had several updates. I reinstalled the app yesterday and I received an email from Wawa and what do you know, the images in the app do not load. Went to the native iphone app just to make sure and the images loaded fine.
  • Missing emails 1/5

    By Strut8
    A few months back there was an update for Inbox of “focused email.” Thought it was a batter spam filter, but now after using it for a couple months I have noticed missing emails. Important emails don’t show up in my inbox! Have to check another app or the unread emails mode which opens all the spam. Basically the spam filter isn’t good. Some spam comes through which is expected, but the worst is having important emails filters out. Unforgivable and happens too frequently. Need to get a new email app.
  • If only it would work... 3/5

    By Navyo Ericsen
    I love almost everything about this app, except for a crucial feature that I ditched Apple Mail for. The trash just won't empty. I select multiple items in the Inbox and tap the Trash icon. And... they're gone... no... they're back again. Incredibly frustrating. And those that do make into the trash, when I go to the Trash folder, select all and hit the Trash icon again, they just won't delete. This has been happening through the last two years of updates. Please Edison, can't you fix this? It would make life so much easier and give you a 5-star review.
  • [Fixed] App keeps Crashing with the latest iOS update 5/5

    By Dushyo
    This is a great app for mail but recently, the app has been crashing after I updated my phone... Writing this review to bring this to the developers’ attention. I have iPhone Xs, iOS version installed is 13.2 [Update] - the developer’s suggestion in the comments worked! The app no longer crashes! This is the best iPhone email app that I’ve ever used!!
  • no longer getting push notifications 3/5

    By ninja250rSE
    after the last couple updates, i stopped getting push notifications. shame because i really liked this app. deleted it and went with another one.
  • Almost the best 4/5

    By Xraygal
    This could be the best email ever except for some flaws....whenever I open the app it always says either slow connection or still working whether I’m connected to WiFi or not. Also I delete an email but somehow it comes back and I have to delete it again. Can you please fix these issues!!! Other then that I love this app. It’s so organized and so easy to look up past emails. It organizes emails by packages, subscriptions,’s awesome!!!!!!

Email - Edison Mail app comments

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