Photoleap - Formerly Photofox

Photoleap - Formerly Photofox

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
47,948 Ratings
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Photoleap - Formerly Photofox App

You’ll never believe what you can create on your iPhone with Photoleap, the most powerful photo editing app on the market! Whether you’re an artist, or you just simply love to edit & create, you'll be blown away by all the creative possibilities packed into this sophisticated photo editing app. From layers and blending modes, to special effects, brushes, filters, fonts, tonal adjustments, film, black and white and duo presets, with Photoleap photo editor, you’ll turn the ideas in your head into brilliant art right on your phone. There’s no reason to struggle with complicated desktop software ever again. Unleash your creativity and start transforming photos into artistic masterpieces. Creative Combinations • Superior photo mixing. Superimpose images, create double exposures and surreal iPhone art • Sophisticated Layers! Combining photos made simple, plus the ability to re-edit each layer at any time • Photo Blending: Adjust blending modes, transparency, and transform (perspective change) images • Change the background of your photo with your fingertips Artistic Masterpieces • Add text, draw, or doodle on your image • Utilize cool tools to create graphic designs, street art, abstract and contemporary masterpieces • Use our one of a kind photo filters to set mood • Create professional-looking social media posts, flyers or posters for your business • Have some fun and easily create memes that will keep you laughing • New packs designed just for you, added all the time: light leaks, filters, elements, styles, backdrops, fonts, effects, brushes, stickers Image Correction & More • Masking built-in to nearly every tool, with smart new quick select brushes to save time • Control & adjust it all: tonality, color, grain, vignette, fade, structure, intensity and much more • Colorize images and apply beautiful gradients with duo filters • Quick blemish/object remover to get rid of defects • Easily resize and crop images while keeping aspect ratios intact • Blur photos for effect or privacy Pro Editing • RAW support • 16 bit image depth support for high quality tonal adjustments • You can set the size of your canvas • Not done editing? Photo sessions are auto-saved, simply continue later UNLIMITED ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Photoleap. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively a one time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription). - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. - Terms of use: - Privacy policy:

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Photoleap - Formerly Photofox app reviews

  • Money money 2/5

    By 2007 awesome
    OK don’t get me wrong but I know this app looks cool and it says FREE and when it says in app purchases it means like the whole app you have to purchase. This app is very cool but there’s a lot of things you have to pay for and I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole affect thing of the app so if you don’t really like to spend money on your apps I would not recommend this for you
  • Sweet 5/5

    By ryguy9314
    This is kinda awesome I stumbled upon it threw face book. Gave it a try and I love it gonna use pro after I’m paid
  • Misleading Download Requires Purchase 1/5

    By GraphicsPro
    Looks great up until it isn’t. Choice of day, month, or lifetime purchase l. I’d chose a more powerful alternative to Enlight instead. UPDATE: after developer response I’ll had that, yes you can use it for free on a trial basis. Again, there’s much better, and more powerful apps to purchase than this one.
  • Why 1/5

    By herbyessence
    I purchased the original enlight app a few years back. It did the same exact features as the current “new” app, but did not require an additional subscription fee to use. For what this app is, it’s not worth a monthly or yearly subscription fee. That will never change though due to greedy developers...
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By I have to write a long name
    It worked good at first and then suddenly in the middle of the photos a caption appeared that said heal buy photo box or something else like that and it was so frustrating! When I saved it I couldn’t actually see the photo it would just have a project 44 on it or something like that!! Do not get not recommended throw it out the window!!!!!!!
  • Your welcome... 1/5

    By Ward M.
    Early user of the original app that back when you were new and cutting your teeth in the App Store we paid $4.99 for. All of us paying that back then was the catalyst of your group growing to where it is today. But killing off the old app completely is really wrong. For me and what I want to do from my phone the original app was perfect. I’d been away from iOS for a while and just getting things back during my return only to find you destroyed my favorite quick edit app and now I have to go pro in order to save a photo with a few text layers? Crazy... I’m all for business growing, expanding, doing new and better things but you should have treated the early adopters better than this. I’ll use any tool other than this just based on the principal. A brief read of the reviews shows I’m not alone in my opinion.
  • Great but I have some questions 5/5

    By Sarcastic_Candy998
    Okay, I’m not gonna lie, this app is absolutely amazing and when I downloaded it I immediately downloaded the other three apps. I think with the bundle people don’t understand that it’s free and they don’t have to pay unless they want in app purchases, so they give it bad reviews. But these apps are completely free. To wrap it up, I have a few questions ( I just got this an hour ago don’t judge I’m a noob ) How do you save/share the photos? Also how do you enter the challenges? Thanks for reading, I would 100% recommend this app for passionate photo editors like me!
  • Not a trustworthy developer 1/5

    By Mark Cuckerberg
    I bought enlight. Now they ended support for enlight (the app I paid money for) making it unstable, and expect me to pay a subscription for fox. Don’t trust this developer. I won’t be giving them another cent.
  • They took away all the features! 1/5

    By Briar guy
    Man!!!! I’m so upset I LOVED this app so much I finally had it down and was really getting great editing in then it updated and they removed almost all the tools... it’s just lighting and filters now why even bother have it at all if it’s gonna just do the same thing snap chat and Instagram does. such a disappointment I loved this app so much
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By Artprof2020
    I signed up for art leap but in order to do any photo editing you have to download Photofox and a separate app for video. Each app asks you to sign up and pay more. The feature I really wanted that was promoted on Instagram wasn’t even on the app. Don’t waste your money. You are better off using free Facebook editing options. I will not be continuing with this app.
  • Good but.. 3/5

    By Mojang child
    It is a really cool app but it costs money to save a photo and if i try to take a screenshot then the name of the filter gets in the way i cant do anything about it. Anything to fix this?
  • Retouch 3/5

    By Ryan1226
    I just watched a tutorial for your app on YouTube. You showed retouch but when I look on the app it’s not there and I paid for the one time purchase so it should be included I would think.
  • Won’t save 1/5

    By YGRyooper
    For some reason when I edit a photo I can’t save it to my camera roll without paying for the paid version. I would like help.
  • Love this app but, issues 3/5

    By ajo909
    First of all in some of the free tutorials some of the stuff is for members. Second some of the stock is offensive to women. When I search surfing by its self all of the pictures were of men, then I searched girl surfers and the majority of the pictures were of women in bathing suits posing. And when I got to the bottom it was women at home or kissing their husbands. This does not seem fair does it. So please make your stock have pictures of women actually doing something, thank you.
  • Double charge 1/5

    By Amandapanda133
    So in 2015 I purchased the pro version and when I go to use the product your up date is making it forget my purchase and charge me agin
  • 🧋 5/5

    By fonts yayaayayayaya
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By b00mstick
    No, this isn’t a free app. After three days they start charging you automatically for something most free photo editing apps will do.
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By haha😚
    I've been looking for some good editing apps for a while now, and I think I finally found one! I was thinking I was going to have to pay for most things, but as far as I know you can use most things for free! I might even just pay because I am in love with all of the different features on here!! 10/10 would recommend!!
  • Feel cheated 1/5

    By Brendalovesbunnies
    Downloaded this app. Thought it was free because no indication of cost was made. Once I got in couldn’t test without paying 19.99. Next thing I know they charged 31.00. No help. No tutorials. And I’m out 31.00.
  • Good At First! -And Then.... 3/5

    By -nature lover
    Hello! I absolutely love this app and use it sooo much to edit my photos! Well... I used too. Until this happened: I was editing a photo, (like usual) and then I saved it. Sounds cool, right? Yes! So I went to make another (cuz it’s addicting) and it had a typed thingy on the screen that said: Xmas Exposer By Photofox; and there was nothing I could do to move it! I tried EVERYTHING! And it was in the way of my photo for NO REASON!!! So I just quit and started a new artwork. As soon as it uploaded... that thing was there again! I HATE IT! And so I quit and just got a different editing app. Problem solved! Though I do like yours much better, I wish I could make art and create stuff without that in my way. Thank you, #FoxInTheSnow
  • I don’t want to BUY ANYTHING 4/5

    By nsa538
    Look I get why you want people to buy the filters, “Photofox pro” and all but I think it’s too much I mean I can’t do practically anything at all on all or your apps, so can you please have more filters and such to people that don’t want to buy them?
  • Would be a good app 4/5

    By Olliecainer
    I love this app. Don’t get me wrong. But it makes me really frustrated that I have to pay a ton of money if I want to save my photos. I understand having expensive subscriptions to use all the other features, but I shouldn’t have to pay so much money just to save photos. That said, if you do have that much extra money, I highly recommend this app. No idea what the developer response means. I’m still a little mad, but when I think about it, this app is probably meant for serious photo editors, maybe someone with a degree in photography, and I’m just some kid complaining about it. Actually, if your like me, you can’t try Artleap. It’s a little more limited, but the subscription is cheaper and saving is free.
  • Now I can’t use my own photos. 1/5

    By Herschel
    I only get one shot to add my photos when I start a project. After that, my photos refuse to pop up, even after clicking the “camera roll” thumbnail in the camera app when it opens. I’ve had to relaunch several times. This worked fine just last week.
  • don’t bother 1/5

    By yrhdkshwbdlsbsnxoanwldhfb
    not worth a subscription, it’s a mediocre editor for a phone but i originally bought it as a one time payment and now they changed it without making it any better and want to bill me monthly, dishonest business practice to switch now instead of making it a separate app or at least refunding people who already bought it as a single payment service and now can’t use it.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By badlove06
    Too many glitches and bugs
  • I don’t like the subscription 3/5

    By Daniel Deluxe
    I’d rather pay an upfront cost than pay a monthly or yearly subscription. A one and done payment option would be much appreciated. I used to own Enlight but it seems to have been removed from the App Store.
  • Not Astounding 1/5

    By Wanting a refund!
    This app is okay; everything works as it should. However, it is not worth nearly what you have to pay for it, as there are cheap and even free apps that can do just as much as this one. I don’t know who these people think they are, but the only reason they can afford ads everywhere is because they’re raking in money from dumb-dumbs like me who pay their outrageous prices in the hopes that it does more than other apps. It does not. Save your money - you’ll never use that one filter enough to justify the cost. The same goes for ALL of their other apps. These folks are ridiculously money-hungry.
  • Cool APP ! 5/5

    By Bader:)
    I edit in this app for 2 years ago, and I love this app because it’s so easy to use, I edited many edits and cool videos #I_LOVE_THIS_APP AND THANK YOU BYE
  • Can’t get a refund 1/5

    By esabreen
    I’ve had this app a long time. It was free to use. The other day, I went to it and clicked “Continue” and a pop-up message said it received my PURCHASE of $35.99 for a year. I did not want that. And even if you say insensitive comments like, “Well you should have paid more attention”, no...people make mistakes and you’re less than professional to expect anything else from human beings. I contacted Apple and have gotten no response. I went to the developer website and clicked on “Contact Us” and the next page said it couldn’t connect to the Apple store. I cannot afford this purchase that I didn’t intend to make, and I’m requesting a refund. Please let me know in a response how to go about it. I have cancelled the subscription, but it still will be active for a year. I don’t want that. I want it cancelled now. I really don’t want to take legal action.
  • Lies and Tricks? 1/5

    By Santa Siever
    Fantastic app, but total bait and switch. I paid $5.99 when the app first launched and won’t pay for it again. Just give me the original version I paid for. That is all I ask. This WAS a great app until they moved to the subscription model and no longer provide me with the version I had previously paid for. I get the subscription model pays for enhancements, bug fixes, patches, etc., but I don’t need them AND I can now, no longer save any work using this app. Again, Zero customer service because well... yay Internet.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By iwaw123
    Yeah Photofox is usually my go to editing app alongside Videoleap but they recently updated Photofox and now a bunch of the features that was originally free is now premium and can’t be accessed by free users. Kinda crappy if you ask me.
  • It okay 3/5

    By Criket❤️Blur
    So this app is okay, I absolutely HATE apps where you have to pay to have more stuff (except for WildCraft, I love it to much) I had it for months and never used it. Soooo Idk what to say..................ummmm get WildCraft. All I can think off.
  • Undo arrow freezes 2/5

    By toddsmo
    I was impressed until the undo arrow stopped working in two different sessions leaving me with an unusable image after spending several minutes working on it. If not for this problem I was anticipating giving a 4 star rating as the erase tool is very good at identifying edges even in some cluttered photos.
  • Love this 5/5

    By ServantDaughter
    I was so excited when finding out how to use the features. I’m still exploring. Love it so far. But I have a question. I put together a 2 minute video and posted it on social media. I assumed it was okay to use since I purchased it to use. I took it down until I get clarification. Are there copyright issues, or other infringements of some kind. I got challenged about it. It was all of your content that I bought. Video. Sound track. Music. From Videoleap, Lightricks. Need to know. Thanks.
  • Wow just wow 5/5

    By UncappingPoem5
    This is by far one of the best editing apps I own I work almost every day on creating photos for my followers on Instagram and this app helps me a lot for almost a few months now I’ve been wanting to use the glitch effect on PicsArt but they charge $50 a year which is absolutely unacceptable But this app has it for free plus it doesn’t put a stupid watermark on it! 11/10
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By The Evil Taco
    This app used to be good. I remember when you can easily add new images from your album to create layers, and now they make it super hard to do so. 1 star for the changes
  • I previously payed full price for Enlight. 1/5

    By Hutson g
    A while back I bought your Enlight app. I was an amateur editor in highschool and wanted to make some interesting things. Now I knew the app would grow out of date what I didn’t expect was for you to strip me of the pro features I payed for on Enlight move them to this app and then say pay us monthly to use. You guys have some great features. But this whole concept of paying monthly to use this, I don’t like. Especially when I shelled out cash for the first version thinking it’s a one time payment.
  • Loved This App Before... 1/5

    By Firefrank99
    This was a must have app for phones a couple years back, so I payed the premium to unlock all the features. Then the greedy developers took my money and made it a subscription model, So I payed for all the features just for them to lock it all again behind a subscription model. Everyone who already payed for your app should have premium for life, you robbed me.
  • Please add more customization! 4/5

    By Patar7777777
    I’ll change my rate to 5 stars as soon as you let me choose a background photo for double exposure.
  • It’s funny 5/5

    By joelortiz1600
    It’s funny the journey I went on with this company overall I like this app, but if you purchase the app or trying to do the free trial remember to cancel through the App Store Photofox will not be able to do it through there email just a warning. Overall good and I’ve enjoyed using it.
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By VioletteRacheal
    It never lets me put text to my photos. Ever. I can type the text out. But it never lets me hit the done button to apply it to the photo.
  • Scam Artists 1/5

    By Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer
    They abandoned their first product in order to make more money bilking saps for cash. This company is shady AF.
  • Fake app 1/5

    By Hans Blix
    Not intuitive for a new user and what is advertised is not easy to use. May be I should have paid the $65 to see but nah!
  • This app is 5 stars, The subscription thing is 1 star 5/5

    By Uhhhmmmmm
    There's a 4 pack bundle thing for this. I purchased it and it also says I have, and cannot write a review for it. I only get charged for this app every month. Not sure if this is apple or something janky with the service, but the other 3 are no longer prevalent or make sense to me what the bundle was for. Pros, fulfilling app and ergonomic to use. Cons, being limited to 10 layers, and the confusion of the subscription. Honestly wish this would just be a one time purchase, there's not a whole lot you can really currently add to it in my opinion.
  • Get This Now 5/5

    By Yoligugu
    This app made my photos look so good and pretty. If you are wondering “is this app good?” Well YES u recommend you getting this app now
  • Bought enlight before never again 1/5

    By Ndndjdkdjdf
    I bought your enlight app, now i can’t use it. Why should I buy your app again? Then render it useless again in the future no way in hell i’ll buy anything from you guys.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mr.Eversole
    Enlight was better and this program is a downgrade. Not user friendly and it constantly asks you to pay for it.
  • Price 3/5

    By Idky4
    Lightroom is free as mobile photoshop. The price keeps getting add ons. I would be okay with 4.99 tops and yet I’m paying $10 and some change and taxes state like 82 cents. Its 6.99 for basic and they add on $4 for what exactly?? I dont know. Saw it in my card charges and could not recall what i purchased for $10 on itunes recently and had to look it up. Ended up here. Debating if i should just stick to free photoshop and relearn it again on my end!!
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By Paul Hatcherian
    Bought the original app, I use it maybe once a year but figured it was worth the purchase price. Now they for no reason at all updated the app I purchased to show spam for this new one every time I open it and it no longer works.