Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect

Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect

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  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect App

Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect is a collection of mobile applications and data services integrated with select 2018-2020 Toyota vehicles. Once a smartphone is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth® technology, features can be operated using touch or voice commands. NOTE: Available applications within Toyota Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect may vary depending on your region. Apps and data services are subject to change at any time without notice. All images shown reflect applications and layout for the US version and may appear differently depending on your region.

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Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect app reviews

  • 2020 Camry 1/5

    By JullianP
  • Don’t do it... 1/5

    By H578&!!
    Collect your data to sell to someone else....
  • Bad App! 2/5

    By DLVGroup
    Here is another thing I don’t like about it. How come Toyota Cars in Canada can upgrade to Apple Car play but not in the United States? There is a nice Video on YouTube where a 2018 Toyota gets updated to Apple Play! Fix this please!
  • CarPlay 1/5

    By @Kalapana
    Where is the promised CarPlay for 2019 Tacoma’s?
  • Zero functionality 1/5

    By ctscooby
    The app has no functionality. I have a ‘20 Prime Limited and it has no features that earlier models had. No remote start. No ability to monitor usage or mpg’s and compare with other Prime drivers. What a waste of an app. #disappointed #shameful
  • Piece of Junk - Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By mjriley
    The Entune system has been clunky for years. I was hopeful with Entune 3.0, things would be better. Boy was I wrong. The app simply doesn’t work. The dealer tried to get it setup properly on my new Tundra but couldn’t. His advice was to wait and hope that a future update would fix it. I really Toyota would invest in the Entune app and system. As it stands now, it’s a piece of junk.
  • Not worth it without Pandora. 1/5

    By Pixelriffic
    We were shopping used Prius and looked forward to having integrated Pandora in the system. We bought a beautiful 2017 only to find that Toyota had removed Toyota. The Prius is an amazing car but Toyota is shockingly out of touch in terms of entertainment.
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By Tailgate Fiend
    It doesn’t work!
  • Very bad 1/5

    By madan82
    Every time it’s asking allow Bluetooth connection.. this is very bad. Please give us an option to allow always when I Phone connects to car Bluetooth
  • Entune is horrible! 1/5

    By Entune is horrible
    The GPS app can leave you stranded. I repeatedly end up using my iPhone if I have to change course while driving. This application suite is useless and terrible enough that I might just sell the car and buy another.
  • it doesn’t work 1/5

    By sleepymirror
    It doesn’t work

    By NOPNH2o
    App constantly crashes, cannot log in, app crashes before I can enter any info.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By OldBikerDude13
    Don’t waste your time! Got 2020 Camry TRD, Great car, it’s quite stylish for an old folks ride, however this app is worthless. Wasted better part of two afternoons trying to get the app to work. Installed and remove iPhone twice in an attempt to get this app to do something. Would like to try scout gps but it will only work though this app... therefore neither function via the infotainment system. I’m glad I don’t use iheart radio or the other so called capabilities this app is supposed to support. At least Apple CarPlay works fine !
  • Prius Prime 2020 functions disappear 1/5

    By EnochNC
    In the 2020 Prius Prime, they no longer support the remote AC and Plug-in Battery Status on the mobile app!!! Much worse than the 2019 Prius Prime model. I have no idea why they remove it!! Please bring it back!!
  • 2020 Camry XSE 1/5

    By Isellrx
    This app is totally and entirely worthless!! None of the apps appear on my radio. You would think the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world would have something that actually worked. Outside of this, the Camry is awesome!
  • 2018 Camry SE 1/5

    By thatkid5555545454
    For the past month this app keeps crashing as soon as I try to connect to my car. Anymore this is a waste. Why can’t the update switch over to Apple CarPlay, atleast then it’ll be useful and worth the 28k I spent on the car ...
  • The app is crashing on iPhone 11 2/5

    By mrVoSan
    I have a Mirai and using the app is crucial for me as it allows me to use my phone’s internet to get hydrogen stations status. It worked fine when I had iPhone 7 Plus but when I switched to iPhone 11 the app started crashing when opening. Because of that I don’t have internet in the car anymore. Please fix it ASAP. My iOS version is 13.3 (17C54)
  • Entune 3.0 1/5

    By Sml975
    App Crashes every time. Ever time you start the car i get a notification to connect to Entune. Smh. When using Apple play. Sometimes there is no sound or sometimes it won’t work. 😖
  • Terrible 1/5

    By robot chuckels
    What Can I say besides it is a disappoint.
  • Horrible and worthless 1/5

    By 0311mike
    Don’t waste your time downloading or attempting to use this app . To bad they couldn’t have used CarPlay.
  • App crashes, no sign of an update to fix it 1/5

    By te52402
    For several weeks, my 2018 Camry XSE constantly has a message popping up to run this app on my phone. Well, the app crashes almost instantly when it’s launched. I paid A LOT for the JBL audio system with Entune 3.0. Now, the apps are worthless. Thank you Toyota for destroying yourself. Less than a year to go on my lease, and I may look elsewhere.
  • Among me reconsider 1/5

    By SDn;sgLbn
    I had heard the Entune software was bad, from reading numerous reviews. Having had the car for 2 years now it’s frustrating enough that I might reconsider going with the Mazda rather than the Toyota again. The app crashes, the applications (Navigation, NPR radio, etc) often won’t sync to my phone, the navigation is so cumbersome I just stick with my phone.
  • Terrible 1/5

    I have a 2018 Camry, and the app paired fine with my car for the first year. Now, the app will not open on my phone, nor will the apps in car especially the GPS. I’ve deleted and added the app to my phone thinking that would help, but it didn’t work.
  • Do not buy a new Toyota just because of the radio 1/5

    By Geber5567
    The radio will drive you nuts in the new Toyota’s. Entune 3.0 is junk. And will only work 1/2 the time if that.
  • Constant crashing, car keeps showing errors 1/5

    By GamerAlex
    First of all, how dare you release this garbage app with such minimal features and STILL have it be so unstable!? Every single time I get in my car I have to press Yes on my iPhone to allow Bluetooth access. Then the Entune app crashes and the car keeps showing error messages PERPETUALLY while driving saying “to enable entune download the app” or “entune can’t download due to error” something to that effect.. I had a 2017 model with the previous version of Entune and would never imagine that the new 3.0 would be a downgrade from what was working on my older model car. Not only do I have less features they are unreliable. I’m in disbelief that Toyota would sign off on this horrible official app!
  • Why not Apple? 1/5

    By MG Ithaca
    Toyota Entune is quite simply a terrible app interface. Even the Toyota salespeople gently acknowledged this as I bought my 2018 Camry. It is not a worthy aspect of an excellent auto. The current update does not run at all on my iPhone XR with iOS 13.2.3. Therefor, no updating the Entune App Suite, mediocre as it is. Apple CarPlay is so very much superior.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Oakfolks
    This app is useless. It doesn’t work either. Whomever created this ap should be fired and Toyota needs to be ashamed at this poor excuse for an app. Your supposed to be able to use part of it offline like battery usage on the Prius Prime and again useless as this is inaccessible. Even when hooked up when the phone is connected to the car most of the info it rovides is again useless as there is only basically one app we would use and even that doesn’t work. We tested the fuel app and it doesn’t even work. We would use the map info already installed in the Prius. Someone needs to just delete this app until you can create one that works and isn’t completely useless. Toyota You're better than this crappy useless app
  • Toyota Entune 1/5

    By ysolara
    I bought my 2018 Toyota Camry and have had many issues with the GPS. I lose connection constantly. It’s a terrible app and needs improvement. I’ve reinstalled the app twice and still lose connectivity. Toyota do something!! I would not recommend this app for your GPS. My next car will NOT be a Toyota.
  • Just bought brand new 2020 camry 1/5

    By Stokleyt07
    I love everything about my new car. Except the Stupid app, that's supposed 2 make all my iphone apps available while my Bluetooth is connected. It's absolutely USELESS! The homescreen of the app pops up, & says I'm connected via Bluetooth, & gives me a red button 2 Disconnect. That's it. It Literally stays on that screen the whole time. It doesn't do NE Thing more than B4 I downloaded this app. Everything is exactly like it was. What's the point of this app???
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Jayr7414
    Toyota crap app
  • Constant update issues. 1/5

    By davew9868
    This app has so many problems updating. Seems like every single time there’s an update I have problems getting it to update properly. I have to reboot my phone. Currently the app doesn’t even want to turn on for me. It won’t update and even though I’ve rebooted my phone twice the app opens and then shuts down. Looks like I may have to uninstall and then reinstall.
  • Entune app 2/5

    By 601hottgirl
    Since I’ve updated my phone to IOS 13.2.3 the app NEVER connects now! Y’all need to fix this! Now I got to resort to listening to the radio.
  • More trouble than it’s worth 1/5

    By Evan2596
    My problem with this app is you are unable to use your phone anywhere near your car without granting the app access to your phone. It blocks the camera, phone calls, videos, and any other app you want to use.
  • Still terrible 1/5

    By TMO49
    Got a new 2020 Corolla. This whole Entune does NOT WORK. 6 months now and still trying to get it to do what it says it will. Resort to just listening to local radio! Terrible app.
  • Entune 1/5

    By AOKM17
    I literally can’t even open the app much less connect to my car because the app crashes so fast every time it should be running. Horrible!
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By therznapp4that
    Developers, please fix! The app crashes all the time and doesn’t work.
  • Does this app do anything? 1/5

    By ZTX
    This app does not seem to do anything at all except connect to my truck. It seems all the Toyota app are horrible.
  • 😞 2/5

    By Moe_2020
    How is it that a 2020 corolla doesn’t give the option to start the car from the app? Literally the same features as any regular car older than this.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Atlanta DJ
    I have had quite a few different cars all Chevrolet, after hurricane Michael and all my chevys just didn’t last I decided to try Toyota after extensive research went with a 2019 Camry, everything about it is great including Entune, I don’t even have to look at my phone this does everything for me including text. This app is a fantastic and safe feature. Kudos to Toyota
  • No Good 1/5

    By Joe5042
    Alexa App never works RAV4 2019
  • Irritating Update Options 1/5

    By Chetan_k
    I have already update Entune 100 times on my 2018 Camry, and still every time I turn on my car the pop up shows up to update the app again. Please fix this irritating bug.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Di monkey
    I don’t understand the purpose of entune. I don’t use any of the limited apps it offers and for reasons that remain unclear it continuously wants to be updated. Thankfully apple carplay was recently added to my car. That at least makes useful apps available and does messaging. The toyota w alexa app, also now added is far less functional or useful.
  • What’s the point of it? 1/5

    By Shhhdhjdd
    No idea why I need this in the first place just to pair my phone when I can pair my phone to an after market radio with no added crap. Also always asks my phone if the app can run. So I have to pick up my phone hit allow bedore driving which seems dumb. Or while driving (bigger safety issue) they have good cars but terrible apps and technology
  • A Waste Just Go to Your Dealer and Upgrade to CarPlay for Free! 1/5

    By VP901
    Overall everyone is right. This app is straight up annoying. It makes you allow or deny connection every time you get in the car which is a waste and safety hazard. Toyota knows their customers aren’t satisfied and and if you have a 2018 Camry or Sienna you can upgrade for FREE at your dealership and save yourself the trouble of dealing with this terrible app!
  • El tiempo 3/5

    By fote71
    Con esta última actualización la aplicación del tiempo no funciona por favor corregir
  • Can’t register my VIN number 1/5

    By Youngph
    I can’t even see how bad this app appears to be because it doesn’t recognize my VIN to register. Toyota has no clue how bad this is. My Harley Davidson infotainment system is bad but this is totally unusable.
  • Awful. Just awful. 1/5

    By lgnick
    Following an update to Entune I am on day 5 of no connection. This is even after reading the manual and watching video. I showed app to 2 other people and called customer service. Customer service said it’s an oddball problem but didn’t have a solution. I despise being tied to a terrible app and am stuck with no sound, no Bluetooth, no phone, no radio. I’m furious.
  • Another Completely Worthless App by Toyota 1/5

    By mi_buddy
    Another Completely Worthless App by Toyota ! I just purchased a new 2019 Highlander. I’m supposed to feel over joyed with excitement. I should be able to download the latest phone apps for my 2019 Highlander. Instead, I feel I got ripped off. It will be a while before I buy another Toyota.
  • Prius prime 2020 entune app quite a disappointment 1/5

    By Dljbsp
    I have to have it running on my phone in order to use many of the features of the car. If my phone dies I cannot eve use the gps. It. Requires a phone connection to get WiFi. Why? What am I paying for. Constantly promptin me to up grade software. How do I do that?

Entune™ 3.0 App Suite Connect app comments

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