Entune Audio Simulator

Entune Audio Simulator

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Entune Audio Simulator App

The next generation of Entune offers great features and enhancements like a Streamlined User Interface, Enhanced Voice Recognition and an available Entune App Suite on select 2014 Toyota vehicles. Toyota’s Entune Simulator App is a great introduction to understanding how to enjoy the next generation of Entune Audio. Want to learn more about Entune and the available Entune App Suite? Download the Simulator App now!

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Entune Audio Simulator app reviews

  • Horrible, shame on you Toyota! 1/5

    By Maria's iTunes/Apps
    Horrible design. App must be programmed every time you drive the car and it must be set up prior to driving. Also, it only works off your cell phone's data. If your cell goes through a dead zone, the app turns off. To reset the app, you must pull car over to a safe spot, put your car in park, reset up the app, wait for it to buffer, and then pull back into traffic. Another problem with depending on your cell phone's data is: App does not work in "cell service unavailable " areas. That is when you are driving in the mountains or on a country road with no cellular service, your Scott gps app, Pandora and all other Entune Apps are unavailable. Shame on you Toyota for subjecting your customers to such a ridiculous navigational system.
  • App update 1/5

    By KatieD1954
    This Keyboard not being updated to IOS 12, makes it completely useless!! Toyota’s needs to find another app writer who keeps up in things and get rid of Entune!!!
  • Please update 1/5

    By TUNDRA2016!
    Please make an update for the Entune system. My 2016 tundra would not connect with my iPhone properly and when it does it keeps disconnecting.
  • Toyota doesn’t care. 1/5

    By Mike D 77
  • Please update to iOS11 so I can use in my 2015 TOYOTA VENZA 1/5

    By 1DEBBY
    hurry up you are behind
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By Linda Lou 1963
    Hasn’t been updated so app is useless. Come on Toyota treat your customers better
  • Need to update to be compatible with IPhone iOS 11 1/5

    By jansalee
    Pls update software to be compatible with iOS 11 and thank you.
  • IOS update 1/5

    By Allthedamngoodnamesaretaken
    I LOVED this app, but since updating my phone this app will not work. The creator of the app hasn’t updated it to make it compatible with the new IOS update! Please fix this #ineedmymusic 😭
  • Isn’t very understanding 1/5

    By islandernw
    Hardly ever understands any word commands that you say to it. I have all but given up giving directions verbally to it and use only my cell phone for giving and getting directions because I don’t feel the frustration level with my cell phone that I do with my car.
  • update for ios 11 1/5

    By aboudr
    hello this app isn't compatible with ios 11 make update or create a new app
  • Crappy app! 1/5

    By Sean Tsuen
    Couldn't understand why Toyota sticks to such a crappy piece of app that unbelievably lowers the value of a Toyota car. I'm driving a 2017 Prius, feeling I would look like a fool if using such a last century infotainment system. Please adopt carplay and android auto.
  • Outdated App 1/5

    By RickT2010
    I just bought a like new 2012 Toyota Camry with the best stereo/satellite system. Guess what!!!! The radio tells me to be sure entune is installed and running. After installing, it tells me it will not work with my iPhone and iOS 11! What a disappointment.
  • It is 2017 folks 2/5

    By TreyPhillips
    I find it inexcusable that in 2017, Toyota cannot make their entune system work with the number one selling phone in the world. My system crashes in the middle of phone calls, has crashed during navigation, making me miss a turn, and is a total safety hazard. I was told today that they know it is an issue, and are working on it, but have no idea when it will be fixed. Ditch it, and go to CarPlay, or fix it now. We live in the age of technology, and you can't make 2 devices talk properly???
  • Updated in 2014 - Should be deleted from App Store 1/5

    By Blizzard1s2d
    This app makes Toyota look very bad. It's not been updated since 2014. It would be fine as a few pages on the Toyota website; there doesn't seem to be any app functionality. It just gets people confused as they think it's the phone app for the car. Obviously some of these bad reviews are actually reviews of the phone app. BTW, the Bluetooth connection auto playing the same song over and over again? The Bluetooth disconnecting randomly and not being able to find the music/podcasts? Still an issue on a 2014 Prius -- and there are many complaints online in the past 6 years with no good solutions. Install an app to access Bing and Pandora? Ugh. Looks like the smart move is to buy the base model Prius (maybe other Toyotas too) and use an aftermarket $500 Pearl RearVision with the iPhone and OBD port for a reverse camera, plug the phone into the USB port, and the new always listening Siri for voice commands. And of course just use that dash-mounted phone for maps and directions, podcast and music controls -- you can use your favorite apps. No subscription fees or multi-thousand-dollar headunit upsell pressure from the dealer. Toyota is never going to be able to keep their electronics and apps as up to date as a smart phone with monthly security patches and software updates.
  • Most recent update does not support prefixes 1/5

    By S1DESH0W FR3AK72
    Just updated the new version and now, we cannot use voice activation to dial any number that requires *82 for unblocking caller id, etc. Workaround is to use Siri to dial via voice and then it goes through, using the onboard voice activation will not work. Please fix!
  • Worst APP ever! 3/5

    By Athena0177
    After trying unsuccessfully 6 times to sync entune with my iPhone 5s, I've come to the conclusion this app is crap. I followed every direction of installation to the letter. I checked my compatibility, even went to the apple web site. I cannot sync Bluetooth, voice commands,the internet apps, NOTHING! Toyota needs to get rid of entune because it tunes nothing. For the price I paid for my vehicle it should have come with Sirius XM. I'm very disappointed! Update 6/22/16 Ok so I finally got entune to work , entune only works in the app. Do I have to open the entune app, plug my iPhone into the usb port of my vehicle wait for permission to use the Internet The apps included are lack luster at best. Toyota can do better than this.
  • Not a Simulator 1/5

    By dealloc
    This is mostly an electronic flyer with a few tutorial walk-throughs for the high end Entune with navigation and app suite. There's no attempt to simulate much of anything, here, and no way to get a "try before you buy" feel for the system. Too bad; a true simulator could be a good sales tool.
  • It does not work on iPad iOS 7.0.6 1/5

    By Dznoy
    It simply does not work! Nothing