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Epic Battle Simulator 2

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  • Current Version: 1.3.10
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  • Developer: Rappid Studios PC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Epic Battle Simulator 2 App

From the creators of Epic Battle Simulator, comes Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most accurate battle simulation game ! Form your strategies, choose your troops and place them wisely on the battlefield and beat every opponent ! Play against levels, custom and real-time multiplayer ! You can now totally improve your army, watch ragdoll effects and play multiplayer mode, created just for you with advanced matchmaking algorithms. With the improved graphics and the enhanced intelligence of the bots, you can now experience ultimate battle simulations ! Features: - Ragdoll and physics effects ! - Advanced army placement ! - Army upgrade up to three levels, with awesome gear and stats improvements ! - Advanced multiplayer ranking system for better matchmaking and custom leader-board ! - Well-made, improved graphics to make the battle cooler that ever ! - Smarter troops to achieve the most accurate battle simulation ! - Awesome sounds and music variety ! New troops added every week! Got a suggestion? Send us a message and maybe the new troop will be yours!!


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Epic Battle Simulator 2 app reviews

  • Old what to call this... 4/5

    By Zboss132
    I love this game but I do have some suggestions.For example musketeers are VERY OP -U should probably make it so they should fire slower and are way less accurate(Like back then)And can use there bayonets and maybe will charge.(Also commanders)And cannons that fire canaster shot(Bullets loaded in a cannon)And make a setting for troops to retreat of surrender.Also hilly and customizable terrion.Also bases and better reload animation!Thx!
  • Well, I’m an addict 4/5

    By stefano420
    This game is so fun and addicting. Within 3 days, I made it to level 52. The only downside of this game is there aren’t any replays. So if a level is really hard and is making you mad that you can’t pass, and you miraculously made an army that won. You won’t be able to replay it and look over how you did it or be able to show your friends how they can pass the level.
  • Great game but needs some things 4/5

    By game reviewer max
    It needs some more modern things like a tank and helicopter and maybe a rocket launcher stuff like that
  • Great!! 4/5

    By PancakeWday
    Really fun but small bug in Custom (maybe other modes too). Whenever you “win” a battle, it tends to bug out, making you stuck in the battlefield. I then have to restart the whole game, clearing my sides. Kind of annoying but if you can fix it, the game will be perfect for me
  • New update 5/5

    By CHcjdotdlgxlclcld
  • This game needs godzilla 5/5

    By godzilla creep
    Granted this game is really cool, but To make it better Godzilla should be in it. Please put him in!!!
  • I'm bored . . . 3/5

    By MCAdventureKid
  • Account 5/5

    By JC.69
    How do we creat an account to play online
  • Good 4/5

    By An avarage gamer
    It is an overall good game, but freezes up at times I then must restart my phone to remove the freeze and the musketeers need to be nerfed, they are wayyyyy too powerful.
  • A New Game Suggestion 4/5

    By katbunny15
    Hey, do you think you could make a Star Wars battle simulator.There are a lot of Star Wars fans out there.Also to be fair, you could make it a dollar to buy. This might be a good idea.P.S. I would definitely buy the game.Plz.
  • Best 5/5

    By Nastrix
    Itzzzzzz daaaaa bezzt
  • Cool game 4/5

    By Toomuchtime1969
    Can u add a custom soldier
  • A recommend 5/5

    By the BUGY DOOM
    I have recommendation that will make the game soooooooooooooo good that like how you play custom battle you can do a custom unit I will let you know how that work now: 1.you chose a unit model any unit model from the game 2.you chose how much health or attack damage that he do 3.then you save the unit and name it 4.you go to custom battle (you only can play with the custom unit in the custom battle not online battles or levels) 5.go to the new tab (custom that you have to add to the game in the next update) 6.get the unit in the battlefield and enjoy 😊 And thanks for reading give me like if my suggest good and to make the game makers read and thanks really good game for me and my friends 👍🏻👋
  • Ok but 1 big bug 4/5

    By Dat kid on da streets
    This game is a ton of fun but one big bug: sometimes when a battle ends the game stays on the battle screen and never loads. This is big because you can lose gems and trophy’s from this. Otherwise good, I hope this bug gets fixed!
  • Premium 5/5

    By BastaLime
    Premium is awesome u r a GENIUS
  • More peeps 4/5

    By fast and furi
    Walls And Tanks
  • Awesome game but... 5/5

    By goaile$$
    Please add some troops like dinosaurs or even able to be one of the soldiers please.
  • Great but took a game armor 4/5

    By game player12313
    So I’ve have had this since it was released but I noticed that one of the epics was wearing power armor if your a fan of fallout then you will know what it is if you don’t use google for pictures. It bothered me that in fallout 4 you get power armor with a mini gun just saying great game.
  • Need improvements 4/5

    By MichaelKangasYT
    This is awesome but the gems are so hard to earn and the epics are sooo expensive, and I wish for new troops; ice dragon; from first game and others from first game HOPE YOU READ THIS 👌👌👌👍👍👍

    By KillerGameTryOut
    This game is a one of the best games I have ever played. I’ve beat level 1 through 105. I have all the epic all my troops are two and hire. Now I’m waiting for more. But like I said amazing game.

    By TesterGo123
    Awesome! Do you know what they could add? Another way to earn crystals. When your a beginner you NEED crystals for the epic’s. Please add another way to earn crystals! If you can’t, it’s fine.
  • Want new troop 5/5

    By The pug overview
    BEST GAME EVER MADE. Everytime I’m free I play this game. Love the physics and Troops but I would love if you can select a certain troop and a certain amount of it and just tap to spawn a lot also I would love if you add a god/goddess (Greek), and maybe like a tiger or a new animal keep it up 😍😘🙂
  • The multiplayer is a bit confusing 5/5

    By Hehhehhuejy
    The app works great, but there isn’t a new troop every week like it says and the multiplayer works, but you have to create a unique username or it won’t work. It’s fine that there isn’t a new troop every week, but having a new game mode every once in a while would be nice. It would be cool if there was a conquer the map or a capture the city game mode.
  • Amazing! 1 Suggestion... 5/5

    By Bioness
    Make a Star Wars Mod!!!! I'd love you for it :) Jedi, Sith, Starcraft, Empire, Rebels... get the license and you'd KILL in profit $$$$$
  • Great game, but... it robbed me 2/5

    By Bloodmaster24
    So ultimately I LOVE the Ultimate Battle Simulator series, and I am a f2p player. I was going through the levels up until level 10 where I was going to verse my first “Elite Unit” (exciting I know) but I tried several different tactics and couldn’t win, so I was going to review the stats for the elite unit to figure out it’s weakness. I couldn’t view this in the battle setup so I exited to menu and checked upgrades, the elite units are not in upgrades so I went to the Epics menu which had them but no stats, I checked the ‘i’ next to the price just to confirm it wasn’t stats. All it said was this is the button that purchases this unit for $2.99. So I canceled and tried to leave, but then my phone prompted for my thumbprint to purchase, I hit cancel, but then it prompted me again, and Again, and Again... eventually I cancelled and quickly backed to the game’s main screen, but it prompted me AGAIN, so I was going to cancel and go to home screen, close the app and reopen, but as I hit cancel and then try to go to my phone’s home screen, it prompts and purchases the stupid unit for me... I love the game.. but for the love of god fix this.

    By randomperson2.54
    Plz add more troops to the game. It has been a month or more since the berserker was added. You had said that you would add a new troop to the game every week, but you were obviously lying. Pros and Cons of the game: Pros: Fun gameplay Epic troops awesome and creative Both custom, regular, and online battle options You can earn gems fairly quickly Levels mode not too hard Cool music Cons: Ads annoying Glitch where it just shows the last troops, no escape button Epic troops and upgrades outrageously expensive Troops dumb, no retreating Musketeers and Bombs way too OP When I do online battles, people I face are way above me in trophies Crashes sometimes Suggestions: A retreat button Troops will run away if they are at low HP New Online battle mode: Teams. Two players face two other players. Each player gets 1/4 of the battlefield. FIX THE LAST TROOPS GLITCH IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Add troops from the future, like a laser gun Add troop formations done by the troops when battling, like “Protect Archers” or “Guard Mage Towers” And finally and most importantly, KEEP ADDING A NEW TROOP EVERY WEEK. This game is good, but it, like any game, has its fatal flaws.
  • Good Game, but the ads are a problem 3/5

    By AmericaAppReviwer456
    Whenever you complete ANY battle, sandbox or levels, you need to watch an ad to continue. And sometimes the ad doesn’t load and the game freezes so you have to close the app and restart. Which is a pain for me because I like to strategically place where my troops go, and it takes about 10 minutes, and when the app freezes you just have to start over. Really annoying. The only way to get rid of ads is to pay IRL money through in-app purchases. Keep this information in mind please.
  • My thoughts 3/5

    By RickyRacka123
    Although it is a good game, I won’t be playing this all that much. It is sort’a like tabs in a way, but with some newer things.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Fff bbb
  • Deserves more credit then it’s getting 5/5

    By mr orange 1357
    This is the single mobile battle simulator out there that works smoothly and is actually fun. I’ve read other reviews complaining about how levels are too hard, or how the epics are too expensive, and these aren’t a problem. I’ve beaten all the levels twice and I have all but one epic and I haven’t spent a single cent on this game. There is definitely room for improvement but it is still one of my favorite games and it deserves five stars.

    By CubScope17
    This game glitches when i bought a 5 dollar thing and can not let me in . Every time I get in it crashes please fix
  • Needs some fixes 4/5

    By Alexander817
    The game needs a fix because after a couple of matches the game freezes and I can’t move so I need to close the game then get back in it. Please fix this issue. OVERALL THIS GAME AWESOME!!!
  • Amazing, just a minor issue... 4/5

    By Totally Unknown!!
    I have been playing this game for a long time now and I’ve loved it ever since it came out. But, there has been one minor issue: Sometimes when ever I win a battle or lose a battle, it kicks me out of the game. In other words, it crashes. Hopefully, you guys could squash this bug and make sure it doesn’t crash. Therefore, I think this game is AWESOME and I want it to be the best it could be.
  • Nerf and buffs and other stuff 5/5

    By Best buy!!!
    Come on the dragon can't fly it has wings and nerf the musketeers that's all I see even if I have a tank in front the musketeers will definitely kill it and buff epics so when you use one the opponent gets worried because a 100 coin unit should not defeat a epic that coast 1200$ or make a unit to counter the musketeers it will help balance the battle and make the battle field larger and make it so it can hold more units Edit:I saw a review to make a starwars battle simulator game AND I LOVE THAT IDEA it would be real cool to play it would be amazing Edit: please add a epic wizard or something that would be cool Edit: the dragon can now fly yay!
  • Musketeers 1/5

    By Heijfjfhfhfhf
  • Epic but... 4/5

    By firestar boss
    Overall this game is super cool but to buy epic units and to upgrade normal units it is way too expensive so please lessen the prices a lot thank you
  • Great port for TABS 3/5

    By Mr. Agitated
    This game is basically a copy of totally accurate battle simulator for mobile, and make no mistake, it does a good job of keeping the crazy antics whilst still being small enough to run on a mobile device. However, some levels are EXTREMELY irritating (if you play it, you’ll see what I mean). I have been stuck on level 30 for weeks now because of the “epic” Troops that cost a substantial amount of in-game currency. The game wants you to buy gems in order to beat the levels. I like this game, but try to remove the pay-to-win feature? There are also some annoyances, like the army being removed every time you lose a battle, or no “clear blue team/red team” option in custom mode. I also think that making the upgrades cost less would help me out? Make level 30 easier please. Thanks developers, I may change my review if you answer these problems.
  • Fun as goo 5/5

    Really fun
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dmstejevx
    5 star game you know why because THIS IS THE BEST i love how when you kill someone they go flying and it looks like they broke their back.I just love how the game is.Thanks for making this game this is the best
  • Rappid studios,please read!!! 5/5

    I love your game but i have some suggestions, 1. When we play custom mode, we should be able to access the epics 2. When we are placing the troops, it would be better if we had a move and hold position button 3. Once you go and play, you should make a terrain button so that you can make it higher or lower. 4. You should add towers like archer towers, fences etc. Thank you so much for making the game and I hope you read my suggestions!
  • Rag dolls 4/5

    By Sheikh end
    I love this game and everything but when a character dies. Can you update it where they don't disappear and a cross appears. Cause when I first got it I loved it but when I saw you guys made it like that. I felt crushed, can you please make it where they don't disappear and no cross appears. Thanks
  • Why are people buying the dragons. 3/5

    By Kdmdjdndk
    I can’t beat them because the dragon is invincible and I keep battling them pls fix this game to make people battle people like them and let the op guys battle other op guys pls read very soon.
  • Good game, but..... 4/5

    By adam da great
    I absolutely love this game, but there is a very annoying glitch in the game that puts the camera at an angle every time you battle. Very annoying, but this is still one of my favorite games! Keep it up!👍
  • Fun but has issues 1/5

    By Uriejsjxnsnms
    The game is fun which is a shame that it freezes after almost every level. Prepare to keep restarting the app every couple minutes due to this issue
  • Glitch! 4/5

    By kandibuchwald
    I found a glitch Once a battle ended online It left me on battle screen Please fix this.
  • Frigin awesome 5/5

    By cift7
    Great game in your previous game epic battle simulator 1 you where not allowed to upgrade your troops now you can and there are so many good troops to use such as the GIANT the MUSKET the BALLISTA and many more all I can wish for is a epic battle simulator 3 that would be great
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By llama_guy_56
    The game is good but you should make it so you can command the troops and tell them formations also you should add more kinds of troops

    By 8ucking beast
    So I just started playing and it’s cool that’s it WHERES MY BURITO
  • Bug fixes 4/5

    By cozmo908
    First i wanna say great game! I would want more detailed terrain not just brown floor. But when i battle on custom it says battle won or whatever but then it goes away and i have to exit off and rejoin. It's kinda annoying because my progressof building something is now gone. Please fix these bugs!
  • Please nerf musketeers 5/5

    By jayquins
    I just bought five epics and I should have a lot of advantages not sayin I want to be unstoppable but they get destroyed by musketeers please fix this.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 app comments


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