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  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Epic
  • Compatibility: Android
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Epic Haiku App

Haiku provides authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results and notes. Haiku also supports dictation and In Basket access. Haiku works on both the iPhone and iPod touch. Your organization needs to license Haiku and be on Epic’s 2012 version or greater and will determine the exact feature set and any applicable charges for your use of Haiku. If you are unsure whether you can use Haiku, please contact your administrative staff.


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  • Decent 3/5

    By fallon4yoo
    I would like to see a vitals tab. Especially since that’s one of the most crucial information in the hospital setting.
  • Garbage!!! 1/5

    By Doc_2014
    Only ATTEMPT to get this working if the next step is putting a gun in your mouth!!!! GARBAGE! Use the Internet to access patients, and save yourself the stress...
  • iPhone X support? 2/5

    By medic350
    Still haven’t added iPhone X support, making it one of the last remaining apps that I regularly use to ignore the new phone. And most annoyingly, it’s not possible to choose which patient list comes up by default. Working in the ED, I see no way to view my current patients. And to even view the whole department, I have to search through several folders within folders to find the ED list. This needs to be done at least on a daily basis since it has no memory or option to choose a default. I’ve seen the app on Android, and not only does it look significantly better (actually optimized for the screen size), but it actually does bring up your appropriate patient list. They apparently advertise this as a feature on android, so no idea why it hasn’t made it to iOS yet. Epic is probably the only company that seems to optimize for android before iOS. Time to get it together and actually update this app!
  • No iPhone X Support 1/5

    We are well into the 2018 Calendar Year and there is still no iPhone X support. Waiting for Apple to enter the EHR space and raise the bar for what is otherwise poor software.
  • Haiku crashes frequently 1/5

    By Chase Bsnking App
    After being required to add VM Airware and Tunnel to be more secure and HIPPA compliant Haiku continually crashes on my iPhone despite uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone. Formerly useful Haiku is nearly unusable now. My IT Department has so far been unable to solve this problem either.
  • Bring Haiku up to Epic Standards 2/5

    By anotherep
    Haiku could be a primary way to draft notes on rounds and clinic but it functions more as an afterthought as opposed to a primary resource. It is the best potential pathway to add dictated content to Epic. Almost all notes in Epic desktop are templated and pull data into the note. That Haiku does not allow creating templated notes is unacceptable. Look at other EMR vendors apps. Creating a dictated final form note is easy in at least one major vendors app and has lead to rapid adoption by more than half of the providers at one of our hospitals. Almost nobody uses Haiku to create notes in our Epic based hospitals. Make Haiku shine like Epic desktop and you will vastly amplify the utility and desirability of Epic in general.
  • Need lot of work 3/5

    By Raihansomc
    Please add a vital sign tab...hard to find vitals. Does not show all notes.
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By Acestwins
    Works great when I need to do simple reviews but the app crashes and then have to reconfigure which is not the easiest process and that doesn’t always solve the problem
  • Just bad 1/5

    By dukegbw3
    Who designed this? This is sad that this is the best our medical apps get. I mean games about orcs and tanks and shooting birds at blocks were programmed with more functionality. Non intuitive layout. Icons don’t reflect anything useful. Extremely difficult to navigate in a logical fashion.
  • Crashes Repeatedly 1/5

    By Rhoyalty1922
    Not very useful. Limited functionality. Touch ID doesn’t work. Can’t log in majority of the time. Awful
  • Update!!! 3/5

    By Imranp128
    Please optimize for iPhone X ASAP!!! Thanks!!
  • Ok. Needs updates 2/5

    By mull dizzle dog
    I second the suggestions of the most recent reviewers. Also please update for compatibility to iPhone X.
  • Spinning icon fail to log in 4/5

    By Just another Doc
    New update now doesn’t log in. After entering username and password your get a spinning wheel then a server timeout error. Worked fine before update. Tried everything from deleting reinstalling etc. have been working with IT without success. Please fix!!! Review updated. For those of you who are having similar problems. I had to provide an updated install ID to IT.
  • Needs multi hospital fix 3/5

    By R6Jones
    In general haiku is a decent mobile way to review notes/results. With the popularity of EPIC, support for in app switching to other hospitals using EPIC is a must.
  • EPIC failure 1/5

    By Lizanne1029
    With the latest “update” the app won’t even open. Although some could make a case that this is an improvement, it’s hardly intended. Come on guys.
  • No orders 1/5

    By Hunter K Huston
    Between haiku and Canto, one cannot place orders on patients. Great, I can look up the charges and the links, but as far as making this an app worthy of any kind of use... well, that it is not. Seriously, who did the epic people consult when they came up with this crap? VUMC has just rolled out EPIC and it has been a disaster. This is just one small but incredibly frustrating part of that.
  • Improving, but still needs work 1/5

    By kenfused
    Update. Version 5.4 was supposed to fix Siri dictation in the keyboard, but the app still crashes like crazy. I was so hopeful that this would get the app to a usable stay, but is now pretty unusable. Newest version of the app looks pretty, but it is getting more unusable. In iOS 11 Siri dictation causes the app to crash all the time. Epic claims that we should not be using Siri dictation because it is not hippa compliant however even sending messages to staff, when you don’t dictate in any patient indentifying information the app freezes and makes the app very difficult to use. Entire benefit of the phone and the app is to get work done with those little typing as possible. I should be able to forward a message that says “call patient and inform results normal “ or “please call the office for an appointment “ from the app using Siri without it crashing Also sending patient messages always autoadances to the next before you can mark the Messages as done which is really annoying. You have to double your work by reviewing all your messages a second time in order to clear finish messages from your inbox. This makes the app so awkward to use.
  • Newest version won’t load 1/5

    By pmb176
    The newest update of Haiku won’t load. Terrible.
  • Aaaaaaagh! Today’s update broke it! 1/5

    By huh?me?
    Haiku worked fine in the AM, then update, now spinning icon after username/password 😩
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By -JMW -JMW
    This version causes pinwheel of death. The app never opens. Wait for next version.
  • Still no iPhone X support 3/5

    By airatuS
  • Good start but serious work needed 4/5

    By Bns3
    I have used Haiko for the good part of a year. I am in the move a lot around the hospital and it helps to quickly check a lab or someone else's notes as these things change constantly. Two issues for me are areas of improvement. I am not able to view all notes and sometimes that is frustrating. Other is I am unable to look up ahead schedule on status board all I have is today's board. And A lot of time I wanna see if a patient's procedure has been scheduled and what time like next week. I would be super valuable if we can dictate or addend notes using Haiko as I think it should be easy to make use of the phones keyboard and it will save valuable time and add usability of the app.
  • Limited functionality 2/5

    By Lookout runner
    The fingerprint ID only works 50% of the time and the ability to anything more than look at some results makes this a disappointment.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Samantha8802
    Unable to login to the first screen. I try tapping the screen to enter my username and password and nothing happens. No keyboard pops up. Nothing. It’s like the app freezes when it first starts.
  • Please fix microphone note entry crash! 2/5

    By Things to know
    The app freezes and crashes every time you use the microphone in the note entry area. I would use the app much more if this didn’t happen. Would like to see more ability to view vitals and results on inpatients. Would like something similar to the chart review area of the desktop version.
  • Haiku crashes on launch 5/5

    By MichaelOkie
    In iOS 10.3.3 on an iPhone SE, Haiku crashes on launch. And your "App Support" link here just goes to r main Epic web page.
  • No more status board? 1/5

    By linkorn12
    The new update deletes the status board, which was immensely useful. Please restore this feature immediately
  • Haiku and Doximity Dialer 5/5

    By MCW Oculoplastics
    I enjoy the Haiku app now with Doximity Dialer integration. Please continue to build more time saving features into future versions of this app. Thanks, Timothy S. Wells, MD
  • Helpful, but needs sort function 2/5

    By NikoMan69
    Haiku could be a lot better. It generally works but it's functionality is very limited. Messages are buried in lists. The app desperately needs a sort function or way to set new messages on the top of the message board to view.
  • Update messed up patient list 2/5

    By feriveramd
    Since the latest update to 5.3, my patient list appears blank. I can get it to appear again by selecting folders from the menu, but is bothersome to have to do every time Iogin.
  • Schedule not visible 1/5

    By Bossa Fan
    IOS 10.3.3 using haiku 5.3 I can no longer see my schedule, the page appears blank. Despite patients being present on the desktop. The in box is working and visible as all other functionality appears present. Unfortunately the schedule was my only real use for the app. I have double checked departments names and numbers still no resolution.
  • App doesn't recognize AirPods 2/5

    By JakeMcClure
    Given current iOS capabilities, there are considerable functionality limitations still with the app. Still unable to do any inpatient test ordering via mobile or iPad. Documentation remains completely free text without the ability to create templates or macros. Also given the length of time on market, it is incredibly disappointing that the app still does not recognize AirPods for Bluetooth microphone dictation via dragon.
  • Doesn't open 1/5

    By Aaron B., MD
    I uploaded the update and made the program non-functional as it won't open. Huge headache. Introduced a bug instead of fixing one?
  • Auto-cropping images 4/5

    By DeLaNope
    Great app, used on 90% of our burn patients. However the new setting that automatically crops photos to a square is very cumbersome in documenting large wounds.
  • Login issues 3/5

    By Laries77
    Touch ID almost never works. Even manual login doesn't always work. Sometimes I just can't get into the app no matter what. Nice app I principle but needs improved login.
  • TouchID 3/5

    By jose wella
    Continues to have Touch ID availability issues. Worked briefly when I first downloaded however now reports "Touch ID unavailable". Super frustrating as I have to manually login every time to read any staff messages that come in throughout the day.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Fedha
    Not user friendly at all. Hard to navigate. I gave up trying to maneuver my way after wasting 10 monutes.
  • Techi 1/5

    By Kamishssdfddd
    This is a tough app to connect leave alone that it's just a read for most important users but. It has no functionality to write entry into records for charting. There is no environment to support it into medical records there is a lot desired here.
  • Helpful if using for clinic 2/5

    By Midland OB
    Not very helpful for inpatient side. What would really be helpful would be to view inpatient lists so that I can round more efficiently!
  • App 2/5

    By Curley10
    I need to clear my history cache on this app so can download as new
  • The sad state of EMR in 2017 2/5

    By TheDrDave27
    As of January 2017, the most current version is getting better but it's still rough around the edges in large part because (1) I suspect most of the app's development occurs without input from boots-on-the-ground physicians using the app to do their job, and (2) there's no mechanism for we physicians to provide the Haiku team feedback about feature support. So I've resorted to updating my App Store review periodically, and here goes. The good (and why I still use Haiku despite its shortcomings): Touch ID works reliably to log in. I can view my patient schedule, review most labs and notes, and enter simple notes and outpatient prescriptions. I can review my inbox results, patient and staff messages, and sign verbal orders entered by others on my behalf. But it's still death by a thousand cuts. There's simultaneously too much and far too little in this app. The bad: - The user interface remains woefully cluttered. For example, when viewing a note you first see a screenful of metadata (subspecialty, date updated, author, etc.) which is of modest importance with no business burying the content below the fold. - You still can't call patients from within Haiku with your personal phone. Seemingly helpful, Haiku provides the patient's number with a link that when tapped opens the phone call dialog. But calling the patient directly (without *67) is never what I want. I want a link that includes the *67 or I want the ability to copy the phone number so I can add the *67 myself. Currently I have to memorize the number and switch back and forth between apps to dial it. That's just silly. - On the issue of copy & paste, it appears you can't copy anything out of the patient chart in Haiku anymore. Not even in progress notes. I suspect this is an effort to enforce HIPAA compliance, but crippling the user experience is not worth it. Use case: when drafting a staff message about a patient, the easiest way to attach a patient is with their MRN. I previously would copy the MRN from a progress note in Haiku, close the chart, open my Haiku inbox and paste the MRN in the Patient box of a new Haiku staff message. Slightly onerous but not terrible. Now I can't even copy the MRN so this has become a laborious task involving the same memorizing as for telephone numbers in Haiku. Annoying every time. The solution? There should be a button in the Haiku patient chart to draft a new staff message about the current patient. Or give us back copy & paste. - Please allow staff messages to be postponed, the same way you can postpone messages in Epic. - Why can't I view upcoming appointments for my patients? The Appointments tab is limited to only prior appointments. - How about being able to view PDFs from the Chart Review — like scanned in outside lab results and data usually in the Media tab of Epic? - You still can't remove the space occupying Status Board (we're not all surgeons, you know). I'd much rather have a search tab in its place. Haiku exemplifies the sad, bloated, and yet still incompletely implemented US electronic health record. And it's because we let hospital administrators choose the priorities instead of letting doctors be doctors.
  • A weak app is now weaker 1/5

    By :Dr Buckeye
    Before I could see my schedule and when a patient checked in ... after 12/2016 update, that no longer works. I could do a Rd refill if I had to, but would rather call the Rx this is so cumbersome. I can't believe a more useful interface isn't an option. This is a very bad way to access data. Possibly to weakness is due to employer implementation, I don't know.
  • Not working 1/5

    By awhit13
    Used this app for basically one thing - checking my schedule from home. Since Jan 1 it's not showing up anymore.
  • New update - No my schedule 1/5

    By Freddddy
    was working fine until new calendar update - now my daily schedule does not show up
  • Missing key features 3/5

    By ShaanSetia
    Desperately needs a way to check vitals and add orders
  • Touch ID is not consistent 2/5

    By JoeShanghai
    The latest version supposedly allows login with Touch ID. This does not always work. Whether or not there is a Touch ID prompt is completely random. Half the time I have to enter my passcode.
  • Helpful. Needs notifications. 4/5

    By ekrub
    Very handy for inbox for this outpatient doc. Notifications when items land in inbox would make it much better.
  • Needs push notifications 3/5

    By ACHDcardio
    Haiku has shown improvement over time but is still lacking in some key areas. My current frustration is that I work at three different hospital systems, all using Epic. Two of the three instruct users to manually enter the connection settings. Haiku only allows one set of custom connections and they have to be set through the settings app not within haiku directly. Why can't users save multiple configurations within the app directly? If this functionality can be done with profile tools, Epic really needs to emphasize to IT departments to create a link/tool rather than have users enter settings manually.
  • Notes... 1/5

    By Cm1224
    What happened to the ability to see progress notes...
  • Crashes. 1/5

    By danokin
    Crashes with new iOS version.

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