Epson iProjection

Epson iProjection

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Seiko Epson Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Epson iProjection App

Epson iProjection is an intuitive mobile projection app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Epson iProjection makes it easy to project images and files wirelessly using an Epson projector with network function. Move about the room and effortlessly display content from your iOS device on the big screen. Key Features What it enables you to do: 1. Display documents loaded in the Epson iProjection app 2. Easy pairing by QR code  3. Display images stored in your iOS “Photo” library 4. Display web pages 5. Control the projector 6. Send files from your email or cloud storage apps to the iProjection app 7. Marker function enables highlighting and annotation of projected photos and documents and also saving annotation to your device Supported file formats and Activities 8. Connect up to 50 devices and use moderator feature to manage and display content* 9. Share your projected image to other connected mobile devices * 10. Use the integrated camera on your device * Available on select Epson Projector models Supported formats: - Microsoft® Word® (.doc, .docx, Office 2003 or later) - Microsoft® PowerPoint® (.ppt, .pptx, Office 2003 or later) - Microsoft® Excel® (.xls, .xlsx, Office 2003 or later) - Keynote (.key) - Adobe PDF(v1.7) (.pdf, Acrobat 8 compatible or later) - .JPG - .PNG Also supports cloud file services (ex. Dropbox or email accounts duplicated files only). Activities not supported: - Video playback - PowerPoint and Keynote animations - Mirroring Projectors supported: For the list of all supported projectors, go to PowerLite W04+/S31+/1224/1264/X36+/W32+/1284/U32+/S41+/X41+/W05+W42+/1266/1286/U42+/935W/955WH/97H/98H/99WH/965H/W29/X29/X27/S27/S39/X39/W39/107/108/109W/970/980W/990U/525W/535W/530/520/680/675W/685W/1780W/1781W/1785W/1795F/2040/2055/2065/2140W/975W/2155W/2165W/2245U/2250U/2055U/2065U/2042/2142W/2247U/5510/5520W/5530U/5535U/L610U/615U/L510U/L610W/L610/L400U/L500W VS 240/340/345/250/350/355 EX 3240/5240/5250Pro /7240 Pro/9200 Pro/3260/5260/7260/9210/9220 BrightLink 536Wi/685Wi/695Wi/696Ui/697Ui/710Ui BrightLink Pro 1470Ui/1460Ui/1450Ui/1440Ui/ Pro G7900U/G7905U/G7500U/G7400U/G7200W/G7000W/G7805/G7100/L1100U/L1200U/L1300U/L1405U/L1500U/L1505U/ /L1500UH/L1505UH/L1750U/1755U/L1715S/L25000U EB(CB)- S04/S04E/S300/S130/X04/X300/W04/X300/W420/S31/X31/X31E/X350/X36/W31/W32/U04/U130/U32S05/S05E/S41/S140/S400/X05/X05+/X05E/X140/X400/X41/X450/W05/W140/W41/W42/U05/U140/U42/97H/98H/950WH/945H/955WH/965H/X30/W29/X29/X27/X29/S29/S27/940H/S26/935W/W16/W16SK/S39/X39/W39/107/108/109/970/980W/990U/1470Ui/1460Ui/1450Ui/1440Ui/536Wi/535W/525W/530/520/670/680e/680/675W/685We/685W/675Wi/680Wi/685Wi/695Wie/695Wi/696Ui/710Ui/700U/1780W/1781W/1785W/1795F/C1040XN/C1030WN/C1020XN/C1010X/C1000X/D6150/D6250/D6155W/2040/2055/2065/2140W/2155W/2165W/2245U/2250U/2055U/2065U/X500KG/X550KG/2042/2142W/2247U/5510/5520W/5530U/5535U/L610U/L615U/L510U/L610W/L610/L400U/L500W/L500/G7900U/G7905U/G7500U/G7400U/G7200W/G7000W/G7805/G7100/L1100U/L1105U/L1200U/L1300U/L1405U/L1500U/L1505U/L1750U/L1755U/L1500UH/L1505UH/1710S/1715S/L1510S/ L1515S/L25000U/L23000U PowerLite Home Cinema 1040/740HD/640/2000/2030/2045/2040/2150/2100/3100/3700/3710/3900/1450/660/760HD/1060/LS100 EH(CH)- TW530/TW570/TW610/TW630/TW640/TW650/TW5350/TW5300/TW5650/TW5600/TW5400/TW5210/TZ1000 /TW6800/TW6700W/TW6700/TW6300/700U EV- 100/105 All products necessitating an access point PowerLite 1880/1930/1940W/1950/1960 EB- 1880/1930/1940W/1950/1960/X20/X22/W22/X25/C720XN/C740W/C740X/C750X/C760X/X20/X22/X25 Apple devices supported: - Smartphones or tablets that support iOS9.0 or later - Apple, Apple Logo, Keynote, iOS, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are the trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Epson iProjection app reviews

  • Not reachable 1/5

    By Phoenix of Lebanon
    As technology progresses it is expected for customers service and support to become at higher levels. Many old companies are adding a feedback in their apps including giants like Microsoft. I don’t see why Epson should be different unless they are planning to lose their customers to fresh new companies with better communication and reachability.
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By poadawg
    After taking 5 minutes of loading a short keynote, the app plays one slide, doesn’t recognise any additional fonts, then crashes. Such a huge let down! Guess I’ll buy an Apple TV to project.
  • Very limited 2/5

    By oconn246
    The options are very limited, your phone’s pictures, a webpage, and documents - all the same things that the desktop version allows. I hoped the app would allow me to project any app on my phone. Disappointed.
  • No mirroring 1/5

    By dknight427
    What is the point of having an app to display static images on a 110” screen? If I wanted a projector for power point, I wouldn’t involve my phone. The claim of “wireless projector” on my 2150 is absurd. (7/17/2018)
  • Can’t Find Projector 1/5

    By ntmanly
    The app never sees my projector. Total waste Epson
  • No keynote support 1/5

    By Rolando José
    Forget about transitions, and multiple images on one slide. This app doesn’t work with those. I was thinking to buy the projector, lucky me, the University did it first and I was able to test it. You can’t mirror your screen either. This app S-U-C-K-S.
  • Arfffff 1/5

    By 21012008Mg
    You can only transfer pictures or documents but not movies....
  • Barely works:( 1/5

    By drefrost123
    This worked for a hot second but now when I try to use the wireless to project images from my iPhone or iPad, only a few images appear from my photo library. Please help!!!!
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By UB1
    The kind of thing you wish you knew before you bought the projector!
  • Limited use only 2/5

    By Future mummer
    You can access your pics or some docs but that's it. You can't play a video through your camera roll or from an app like Netflix... huge miss!
  • You need mirroring 2/5

    By RFD Spike
    When will you add mirroring to the app?
  • GUCCI GANG🅱️🅱️ 5/5

    By Phantomkilla
  • Needs mirroring 1/5

    By Cdow1001
    This app would be complete if it could mirror. W/o that ability this is useless.
  • Doesn't work for Epson5040-UB 1/5

    By Atticus Roark
    I connect to it and it sees my device, but it doesn't project anything. That makes it totally worthless. Will be deleting.
  • Pretty nice. Please fix Photo Album iOS 11 3/5

    By Ericlmercer
    It’s a nice app. It’s my 1st time with using iProjector as I just purchased an EX9200 & was happy to easily connect two iPads simultaneously to it with it working as advertised with one important problem. I’m on an iPad iOS11, lots of photos in iCloud & local. Every time I try to access Photo Album the app freezes & I have to kill it. I’d like to try to play a video, haven’t gotten the Album to open. Thanks for the recent update (a month ago). Please keep them coming. The bad reviews were from yrs ago. Please give iProjector a little love, both users & app producer. It’s useful & appreciated.
  • App won't load 1/5

    By epson trial
    When trying to download the app will not load.
  • Needs mirroring 2/5

    By Xebra3
    You can put up documents, photos, web sites, that's about it. Can put up slides but can't operate the animations. Can't mirror any other apps. Also seems to disconnect from the projector whenever you open another app or walk too far away. Takes about five clicks to reconnect.
  • Classroom Use 3/5

    By Brenna H
    We have these wireless projectors in the classrooms at our school. They work great for slideshows and using as a document camera. The only thing that doesn't work well is projecting online videos. I'll be even more happy when that is fixed; in the meantime this is so awesome! I'm excited to use this with my students!

    By Brandonlapp
  • Not friendly for iphone. 2/5

    By Damita1975
    I can't project any video or access you while I'm using the app. Very dissapointed. In comparison with android app, in android you can project a full view of your phone and use any app while you are projecting, not with my iphone.
  • In test 2/5

    By Nat Guimarães
    I am having difficulties to pass movies from youtube and internal memory, using the web function, it hangs and it does not pass in real time, only the audio that comes out, the image does not appear, I have iphone7, the projector is delayed to be recognized, the error Connection, if you can help thanks 04.18.17- I use iphone 7 for projector, does not accept projector videos, does not accept projector iphone 7 applications, does not accept viewing videos accessed by web content. Is there any video access? Or unlock this function?
  • Good app for substitute teachers I use it daily 4/5

    By kkflog
    If your school will help you set it up to the overheads this is great for typing class agendas and displaying them or scanning fillable note pages into Drop box and displaying then writing in answers on whiteboard as displayed Only reason I gave only 4 stars is that it would be nice if they upgraded it to allow you to type notes on the documents instead of just writing them with the pencil app.
  • WHAAAAAAAT?! 1/5

    By strange bird
    First of all, Epson, work out a deal with Apple. So many reviewers are complaining about compatibility (or lack thereof) with iPhones and iPads. I am one customer who feels totally duped into thinking that this projector could mirror one of my devices for both professional and personal uses (thanks Best Buy sales team). Just make this work, please.
  • Nearly worthless 1/5

    By Drdrdaddeo
    Crap app that is worth exactly what it costs...nothing. It only has limited function with certain Epson projectors......mine being one. It neither mirrors the iPAD screen nor plays iPad Videos. OK for projecting photos, but terrible for projecting powerpoint, and even worse for projecting Keynote presentations, because it reformats the slide texts, yielding a lousy slide show. Poor instructions on how to connect the ipad to tne projector, and even worse on-line support. Probably better to pay a few bucks and get a more full-functioned app.
  • Poorly executed app 1/5

    By kittlecat
    I bought this projector specifically to project from iPad. This app does not allow user to display all content on iPad. This app allows projection of photos, web, documents, or camera. However there is no easy process for transferring documents into the app to project. And as soon as user connects to Internet app disconnects from projector. What a waste of time. The idea is good but Epson failed on execution.
  • Don't get your hopes up 2/5

    By fujifilmfan
    This app will not allow you to cast content from your phone or tablet to your Epson projector 'out of the box'. A bit of searching online indicates that you also need a $100 LAN adapter to make this happen. Two stars as this is more a limitation of the projector itself, but the app should explain this instead of having you waste time on useless troubleshooting steps.
  • Connection issues 3/5

    By None Chris
    If all of a sudden you're having troubles connecting and your IP address begins with a with DHCP on, try turning off the wifi card by going into settings, Network and then wireless LAN power. Turn if off then save. Next turn it on and make sure you're connected to your wifi. This solved my problem. Basically the internal wifi card on my Epson 2045 was acting up and needed to be reset.
  • Not quite 2/5

    By Gas Man _5400
    Will not show entire Keynote presentation thru app, just the first page. Websites show, connection easy enough.
  • Must have mirroring capabilities 1/5

    By Tjbond12345678
    I bought a $100 LAN adapter to show pictures? Must increase capabilities to full mirroring or this is definitely not worth it. Epsom misleading in what LAN adapter capable of.
  • Menu bugs, cant go back iphone5 3/5

    By Deophoto
    Doesn't respond to "back" button. Only goes forward, therefore, to change the gallery you need to restart an app.
  • Almost Useless 1/5

    By Reconguru
    I bought 1771w Powerlite to use keynote wirelessly for business presentations. What a disappointment. No mirroring from iPhone or iPad. The projector is truly awesome, but I don't need wireless if it can't mirror. Epson, please fix this or provide us with an Apple TV 😀. I'm impressed with the Epson product line but this software is Almost Useless for business.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Swiftc87
    I was disappointed to find out that you need to purchase an additional $100 dongle in order for my iPad to connect to the projector. Guess as a public school teacher that won't be happening. Sad Epson... Sad!
  • Beware Teachers 1/5

    By Terrij33
    The enterprising students at my school have figured out that there is an app for the projectors and delight in turning the projector on and off at their bidding.
  • Limited Functionality 1/5

    Just purchased the EX7240 Pro yesterday. I wish I would have read the comments section of this app before. My primary motivation for purchasing this model was to be untethered from the projector. I like the projector but the app doesn't provide the functionality to make it a true business machine. This is my first and most likely last Epson purchase.
  • Wireless? 1/5

    By Fullabuster
    We bought this projector for its wireless capabilities for our not for profit where every penny counts. Very disappointed that this app has very limited wireless capabilities. No mirroring. No presentations. No video services. Epson, the projector itself is great but please update this app and take care of your customers.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By bradam
    Don't bother. If you purchased this projector for wireless capabilities send it back.
  • Very Disappointing! 2/5

    By Free2bme801
    Only works for photos and URLs. KeyNote and other Documents are not displayed for IOS. I really expected more.
  • How to scan 1/5

    By Hahacapender
    It won't connect to my projector!
  • Worthless and useless 1/5

    By EgorEzersky
    No mirroring. No support for iOS Keynote (really?!) no animations in ppt files. Why bother?
  • A Feeble Effort 1/5

    By Soreuser1
    Doesn't support PowerPoint animation. A deal breaker. Not a serious product for business users who would be your principal user base.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By mac1user
    No mirroring
  • Missing a lot of features 2/5

    By ThorRuss
    This app is just okay. Lacking a lot of features that seemingly should be included. Example: screen mirroing, keynote compatability, video play back. Basically, you need an apple TV or other additional equipment if you want to do anything more than show PDFs or pictures. I haven't had the technical problems other complained of, but defintiely needing more features. Using with Epson 7235.
  • Good, but... 3/5

    By urtk
    No connection after ios9 update.
  • CRAP 1/5

    By Alejo240
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By MiserablyHappy
    I bought an EX5220 which is a very nice projector. It's unfortunate that the iProjection app is so limited. Can't scroll through pages of a PDF and if you annotate them your annotations are lost unless you save...and they are saved as images in your camera roll. Really a shame.
  • Disaster of an App - Appalling 1/5

    By i-Dad
    Poorly designed, dysfunctional, beyond useless! Requires i-Tunes to transfer presentations or documents to its own internal storage on the i-Projecton App. The App cannot properly project PowerPoint or Keystone as it converts individual slides to filmstrip format and projects random portions of slides. Manual and easy setup guides are poorly written, and Epson should be embarrassed that they released an App with such severe limitations. Wasted hours thinking I must be missing something before I went online and found dozens of blistering critiques. If I could give zero, or fetter yet negative stars I would!
  • An useless app 1/5

    By catlaurel
    It is an insult for Epson to call this an app. The app only allows wireless connection to the projector and display photos or documents statically, absolutely no video capability at all. Even with the photos, it cannot do slide show. I have to scroll photos manually one by one. It is absolutely a false advertisement for Epson to call PowerLite 4855WU (cost me $2500 including tax) a wireless projector. Who would buy a "wireless projector" only to statically display photos?????? Can't believe it. The unit is returning to the store!
  • Wow, work on your App PLEASE!!! 1/5

    By DFireGuy
    Am able to get connected via wifi on my iPad and on a PC. Below are the issues: Only projects what is in the app (pictures, files (not sure how to open them) and it's own native browser). Limited to one page open in the browser, no tabs, and projection has a lag. I cannot use for training someone to use specific Apps on the big screen, which is what I was hoping for. In this day and age, I should be able to mirror what I have on the iPad screen, and that is what this App lacks. Please update this! PC works smoothly, no lag, but screen is a little fuzzy over wifi. It is a mirror of your PC. I would rate this very high if it would mirror the iPad.
  • Are you F'ing kidding me? 1/5

    By USMike
    From a $500 purchase that boasts being able to connect and display iPhone screen, this app POORLY accomplishes the task. This app may have been written by a 4-year old. The only things it will display are photos, documents, and web pages using its own native browser. Connecting wirelessly to my laptop BETTER WORK BETTER or this Maxine is going back to the store indicating false advertising. Either Epson or Apple needs to pull this app from the App Store. Shane on you Epson for releasing such low quality product. What are you thinking? Fire your app developer and hire a new one.

Epson iProjection app comments

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