Escape Room: Mystery Word

Escape Room: Mystery Word

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  • Current Version: 1.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ZHOU JIAPING
  • Compatibility: Android
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Escape Room: Mystery Word App

The most innovative ever escape game with puzzle experience, You must not miss it! Locked up in a strange room, you need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, until escape. Features: • Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game! • ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users! • NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer! • No time limit, adjust your pace at any level • Play offline! No wifi required • When you are stuck, three kinds of hints will help you • 200+ levels without repeat, be a master of training brain! • Kill time-no pressure no push! • Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills. Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? DOWNLOAD now to begin your escape adventure! We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via [email protected]

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Escape Room: Mystery Word app reviews

  • Needs Work with and English translator 3/5

    By KKG151
    The idea of the game is fun but gets frustrating because the English translation is often wrong along with spelling and grammar errors.
  • Spelling Errors Everywhere 2/5

    By Dixon12345
    Fun game but the spelling errors are so frequent that it becomes annoying very quickly.
  • Unbearable! 1/5

    By _daisymay_
    The grammar used is horrific. So much so that answers aren’t spelled correctly, and the meaning behind a hint deflects from the actual answer!!! Prepare for a headache.
  • English is hard 3/5

    By Memes837472
    You will be misled by some rooms because of terrible grammar...
  • Worst designed game I’ve ever played 1/5

    By reclaiming_my_thyme
    I don’t normally write reviews for clickbait games. But this one took the cake in terms of lack of playability. Pros: The ads are not in your face. The game has potential for real, confusing escape rooms, and the clues are fun to decipher. Cons: The clues in the rooms do not match the answers, unless you are on one of the throwaway levels like combining a “w” with a hat on the ground. I tried using a hint once, and it said “what is the common of these in the desk”, except there was no desk in the room. This is ignoring the obvious grammatical issues with that sentence.. If you want a good time waster, go play a bejeweled clone.
  • Incredibly droll 1/5

    By bigger giant head
    Mostly completely literal clues. Lack of creativity or imagination. Poorly written.
  • Good game a most have... 5/5

    By FGinCT
    Very good Free game makes you think...
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By sashka90
    If you all are going to make a game, make sure it actually makes sense. Made it to room 8 to only have the letter be wrong for the answer. Can’t spell the word if you don’t give me all the letters!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By VTGINGER2010
    It’s all fine until you get to the levels where you have to watch an ad after every round. Even if you hit the next button and skip the ad for a spin. Not worth it
  • Poor English 1/5

    By gerh12
    The poor grammar was ok at first, but when the answer literally misspelled “increase”, I lost all interest.
  • Great idea, boring execution 1/5

    By AmelieWoods
    I like the idea of the app but it’s wayyyy too easy and just boring.
  • Not worth your time 1/5

    By Sinsults
    This isn't an escape room. You just put answers to riddles in to a keypad. Two types of riddles exist in this "game". The first is the riddle that requires absolutely no brain power and makes up about 75% of the riddles. The second type is the riddle that requires huge leaps in logic and make absolutely no sense until you spend coins on clues. How about the bullseye with an arrow in it? Oh, the answer is fame, because f and aim combined equals fame. Even though you aren't aiming at something if you've already hit it. Do not recommend this game to anyone with any actual intelligence therefore I only recommend this game to the makers of this game.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Nobofwhat
    This is the best game ever
  • Grammar + totally random 2/5

    By dimathegreat
    There is very little thought put into this game. The “creators” wa It’s Easy - easy - easy and then impossible so that you would have to watch ads and buy coins for clues. - Clues are not written by English speaking writers. Terrible grammar. Worst I’ve ever seen in a game.
  • Fun and silly 5/5

    By S7ARF1SH
  • Escape Room 1/5

    By JaxinsGma
    While the concept of the game is enjoyable, there are so many grammatical errors in the “hints” that I quickly became very annoyed. Although I was annoyed by the grammatical errors I continued to play but when I reached level 199 I could no longer deal with it when one of the answers was actually spelled incorrectly. I knew the answer was “Increase” but there was not enough spaces available. I was shocked when just messing around with different spelling combinations that “Incrase” was the word that opened the door! I can no longer continue to play a game where I’m supposed to be guessing a word but the actual answer has been misspelled.
  • 5 star review 5/5

    I like this app it is very fun and there is no tricks so try it out!
  • Frustrating enough to make me write a review 1/5

    By Jayrockasaurus
    I downloaded this expecting to play another “escape the room game” which this is not. It’s a glorified word game disguised as an escape the room game. Was hoping to look for keys and things to help me escape, not guess what word they’re trying to make you think of. I feel betrayed. Would not recommend.
  • Really need to rename this game. 2/5

    By Beauty2blue
    This game isn’t actually escape room like we know it. There is one hint to figure out the word to type in to move to the next room. It is more like a word game. Doesn’t really challenge me. Boring.
  • Words 1/5

    By VeljkoW
    This is just a guess the word game
  • Fun games 5/5

    By Bigmack 19
    A game that is a little challenging but really addicting and fun.
  • Atrell evans 5/5

    By Tre4464
    This is a great game it can be very challenging at times but nevertheless it is a good game
  • By Natalie 5/5

    By Natalia84$
    I love this game and I love that it is like a puzzle game
  • Doesn’t make sense 1/5

    By Randycandy333
    I went in expecting riddles and probably solving. Really weird answers and clues. Example They’ll have something like the letter F next to a piece of art and the word would be fart. Not worth my time. It’s kinda a let down.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Kmcbride81
    A giraffe a zebra and a whale walk into a museum. How many nickels does the waitress have down the street? EXACTLY, IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. Were you guys high when you wrote this. I mean I get some of them, but most of them make NO SENSE AT ALL!!!
  • Annoying vibration that doesn’t turn off 1/5

    By Jingles1987
    So I saw this got good reviews but after awhile the vibration that keeps happening is SUPER annoying. There’s no way to turn it off. Any time you guess wrong, click on the door, etc my phone vibrates. That’s super annoying. Please provide an alternative to having it do that.
  • Easy. Got bored. 2/5

    By Rab813
    Too easy. I have it a shot. Made it past level 25 without any “ah ha” moments. Pretty lame graphics too.
  • Good 4/5

    By ryan riggle
    Not that I thought it would be but it’s cool.
  • Ridiculous! 1/5

    By vindingy
    If l could give it a zero, l would!!! On what planet does five balloons and five color triangles... in which one of the colors of the balloons is different, have anything to do with the answer”note”? In another one it asked which is farther away “an apple or a cloud?” And the answer is APPLE??? Ridiculous!
  • Kinda fun, but annoying AF 1/5

    By AnnoyedPerson13487
    Kind of a fun game, but the writers literally can’t even write grammatically correct hints and riddles, making it extremely difficult to make a good guess since the riddles and clues aren’t even worded correctly. Gradeschool level writing skills. So bad. So annoying!
  • Liked the idea but... 2/5

    By Boggybloo
    I couldn’t get past all the grammar errors. Someone should have definitely helped with the translation. Had to delete.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Daudet17
    This game isn’t like others... I didn’t get bored of it after level 30. It keeps getting harder and harder which is great! I’m on level 60 and every level is different and more challenging, which really tests your detective skills.
  • Really? 2/5

    By nicknamesarelametakemyinfo
    Some of the clues are a huge stretch. No logic involved either.
  • Great mind game 5/5

    By mentesha
    It is a great fit for training your mind
  • Doesn’t always work right 3/5

    By Attyharu
    When you watch a video to get coins and you get the slot machine ad, the app freezes up and you can’t close the ad when it’s over. When you close the frozen app you don’t get the coins you’re owed. Happens only with the slot machine ad Also you buy clues and get them but if you exit the game the clues have disappeared along with your coins
  • Fun Game 5/5

    By anvivian
    Really fun and pretty easy
  • Reported to the Police 1/5

    By charles_foster_xavier
    The ads in this game broke into my friend’s house and raped his android phone. The ads have become ridiculous and the bugs unbearable. After trying to contact the developers he is deciding to take legal action against them for such a heinous assault.
  • Great game 5/5

    By GrandMastaSexa
    Easy to play. User friendly
  • I went that 5 minutes later they will tell the answer please my request 5/5

    By dina farida
    Nice game
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Kazlyn14
    This game is catchy! Love the calming music while I’m trying to figure out riddles and such. It’s like being back in elementary school. I am smarter than a fifth grader!
  • I Tried 1/5

    By MasteriiRocku
    In the 5th level there’s a hat on the ground and I just couldn’t understand why the answer was what it was. I guess I’m the 95% who won’t get this game.
  • Bad Hints 1/5

    By ChetUbetcha07
    Hints for level 26 don't make any sense.
  • Super annoying problems. 2/5

    By Taelor J.
    Game crashes a lot and is super annoying. An add will pop up but it just looks like a black screen and never gives the option to exit, which forces me to exit the game and reopen it. This happens almost every time I reach a new level! So aggravating! Makes me want to delete the app honestly.
  • My opinion 1/5

    By Dano ray
    Too ez sorry
  • Wow 5/5

    By Mooseknuckler69
    This is by far the most absolutely challenging puzzle game to date. My mind was physically challenged though every door. Only recommend to the brightest of minds.
  • Fun 5/5

    By RyanJSellers
    Definitely kills time I enjoy it
  • Fun when your drunk 2/5

    By GA Junkie
    This app is basically fun and when you are drunk and intelligent. Especially if you have free trial or tries. They want your money. There hints they give you the answer. But overall it a really good game. Because it’s made for you to lose based on the the system(algorithm) they have.
  • Poor English... 2/5

    By Maulgrim
    The concept of this game is great. But the clues are generally incomprehensible (likely a poor Japanese to English translation) and thus mostly useless in helping to guess the answer.
  • Confused 2/5

    By Preach504
    I’ve only played this game up to level 10 and so far the pictures have nothing to do with the code words, which it pretty dumb.

Escape Room: Mystery Word app comments

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