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  • Current Version: 2.1.44
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  • Developer: ESCORT Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Escort Live Radar App

2012 Car & Driver’s 10 Best Technology winner! 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice award winner! 2012 CES Innovations in Design & Engineering award winner! 2012 SEMA Show Best New Mobile Electronic Product award winner! ESCORT Users are saying: “These advanced laser alerts are a life saver. Love it!” “The new update just released has made the experience with Escort Live even greater.” “I've been using Escort Live since early December, have taken one 3,000 mile trip (Florida to Massachusetts and back) and use it every time I get into the car. “ ESCORT Live Radar delivers the world’s most advanced real time radar and laser ticket protection giving drivers an unprecedented, advanced information picture of their driving environment. The result is an ESCORT Live Radar nation of drivers connected in the social network for the road. ESCORT Live Radar is available in two versions: ESCORT Live Radar Free Download: •‘Police Spotted’ speed trap alerts •Mobile and fixed-position traffic enforcement camera alerts •Ability to share your threat reports in the ESCORT Live™ network •ESCORT’s patented Mark Location™ feature which allows drivers to receive automatic reminders for previously marked threats •Multiple map and dashboard views on your smartphone based on user preference ESCORT Live Premium: •Real-time radar and laser alerts received by other detector users in the area •Detailed threat information including time sensitive, ‘heat-mapped’ color coded warning icons for fast, safe and more accurate responses •ESCORT’s patented GPS full feature set including: vehicle speed; posted speed limit data; over speed limit alerts; compass and directional headings •Ability to easily connect to ESCORT’s class leading windshield mount radar detectors using ESCORT’s new Bluetooth enabled SmartCord Live™ power cord (select models only – visit for details) •Full access to ESCORT Nation •Two convenient levels of subscription service – $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year Did you know, •Radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia prohibits their use) •Multiple public domain sources reveal that more than 50 million drivers receive a speeding ticket in the United States each year – about one in every four drivers •It is estimated that there are currently more than 60 million potential ESCORT Live™ compatible smartphones in use in North America with numbers increasing daily Now you do, and ESCORT Live is here to help you Drive Smarter! Whether you’re using one of our industry-leading detectors or simply using Escort Live on your smartphone, we’re here to keep you safe on the road and ticket free. Take us for a drive TODAY! - Note: ESCORT Live can be run in the background to preserve battery life of your smartphone. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

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Escort Live Radar app reviews

  • Great stuff here ! 5/5

    By Stickman571960
    What a great tool for open road across the country as we drive from the Rockies to the Carolinas Thank you !!!
  • Works like it’s supposed to but.. 3/5

    By FranceWithAK
    This app does exactly what it’s intended to but let me tell you it’s rough around the edges. The UI is awful and they don’t even have it fully compatible with iPhone X’s yet ,you just get the floating screen in the middle with nothing on the far ends, which have been out for over a year now. The updates for the app are few and far between so don’t plan on another one coming for another year looking at their update history page. Get your stuff together escort this is a pathetic excuse of an app and maybe push out more than one update a year.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jlynn71
    Love my escort radar!!!
  • App is great you need to update your detector 5/5

    By B-Uint
    This app is great even though they haven’t updated it for the bigger screen iPhones. I hope they do this soon if your having problems with your detector connection please be sure to update your detector with the new set firmware from escorts website with detector tools (Mac version will check for all versions and update your detector for free) with this app and your updated detector you will have. A much better time.

    By Original Irish Viking
    I’ve got multiple detectors (9500ix, MAX), and I’ve got a SmartCord Live Direct Wire installed in each vehicle. The SmartCord Live will rarely connect to the Escort Live app, and on the rare occasions I can get it to connect AFTER unplugging my detector AND the SmartCord Live, AND removing the device from the list of Bluetooth devices on my iPhone X, the SmartCord Live will simply disconnect every time I shut off the ignition and restart the vehicle. Very frustrating. Very poor performance from the “Drive Smarter” “leader” in radar and laser detectors. They need to get their act together.
  • Seldom Works 1/5

    By Hdfxrs
    Seldom makes a Bluetooth connection to my iPhone or iPad. When it does, it disconnects on its own.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By whemic25
    After spending $400 the app should be free to use, however I’m ok with paying it. My only real issue is that when I connect my phone to the detector on on screen speed limit works fine, as soon as I lock my screen, it’s gone. Pretty simple feature to implement, if that was fixed, I would have zero issues and switch to a 5 star rating.
  • Good Ap.. Needs Updated 3/5

    By Jonathan-A-Gust
    Ap is great, but still not updated to iPhone X or later.. easy fix to make this a 5 star ap
  • Update for iPhone X and XS MAX 1/5

    By cjoemu
    This is now going on 2 years with no update for the iPhone X. Now the iPhone XS MAX is out with no update for the screen. The UI need to adapt for the screen size. What the hell is the deal? 2 years?? And still no update. I guess this company has no idea what the hell an iPhone is. I spend so much money on escort and the least you people can do it fix something simple. If you don't know how to fix it then escort needs to hire someone who knows everything about an iPhone. If i don't see an update with in the next 2 months, I will never purchase an escort product ever again.
  • Yankeejoe1 4/5

    By Yankeejoe1
    Been using The Escort for over 15 years now. Can tell you there is no better Detector out there.
  • Escorte 1/5

    By momondu
    You need to Mack a abdare for the new iPhones because it does not connect to my phone
  • Buy the 360C!! Hands down the BEST!!! 5/5

    By Lou jones
    I absolutely LOVE my Escort 360C. I ran the Uniden R3 and the 360C for a month and half together. In my opinion, the 360C was hand down the clear winner!!
  • Totally antiquated 1/5

    By ERDocNLA
    Still no update for iPhone X. Seems like an app written for an Android and adapted to the iPhone. Quite ugly and poorly functional
  • Application is horrible. 1/5

    By Akytttt
    I’ve had my Escort Max 360 for little over two years now. When I first got it the app worked flawlessly but Escort never updates their app. I gave up trying to use the app anymore because it never connects. I have to go into my blue tooth settings, forget device then repair it. After that, application crashes without fail within 10-30 minutes. Have to restart the application and sometimes have to go through and repeat following steps I explained earlier. I try and call customer service but get stuck with 30-50 minute wait times. Gave up all together trying to get it fixed. Very disappointed in the way Escort is handling their app.
  • UI needs updating 2/5

    By Lattamocha
    Recently bought a Max 360c. The app is a good addition to the hardware but the UI needs major updating. Looks several years old. Please invest in more app development.
  • Posted speed limit not working 3/5

    By Lousfins
    Call customer service known issue with no eta for fix . Posted speed limit on escort max 360c.
  • Class action lawsuit would be best 1/5

    By meade372
    This used to be a great app with the $500 radar detector I bought. Have had it for 3 years. Worked great then escort updated the app & it will no longer pair with apple phones. I have an android work phone & it works fine with the app. Just not anything apple. I have called them, I have done everything you can think of. Now i am out for a premium account price. There IT department says its an apple problem but the funny thing is it didn’t stop working until escort updated the app itself.
  • Update for iPhone X 3/5

    By PJJP70
    Is this app ever going to be updated for iPhone X screen? The live radar is great, but the app UI needs updating.
  • Does not connect anymore 1/5

    By Vette2k7
    Since iOS 11, it no longer auto connects. I have to “forget” and reset in order for it to work. I was hoping iOS 12 would be different but it’s still the same, no auto connect. Please fix.
  • Old and Connection Issues 2/5

    By jd022571
    App is, and really has been for years, dated. Really needs a refreshed user interface. Also, app looses connection with radar detector frequently.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By this one isn't
    App crashes after opening up, don’t always connect to Radar Detector, shows speed of how fast I’m going when I’m stopped. Reading Update History says it fixed all of the same issues I’m having, I feel like it didn’t glad that I didn’t pay for the app, when my free live expires not renewing and uninstalling app
  • Guys.... 2/5

    By eduardo7delgado
    This app is completely antiquated in design and isn’t updated for a 1080p screen, much less a iPhone X aspect ratio screen. Also, I don’t always want to use my phone exclusively when it connects to my radar. Sometimes I just want to have the app open and not have my physical detector not making sounds. I appreciate seeing that the app is being updated for what I assume are bugs, but this is just a poorly built app at this point.
  • App is ok. Connectivity issues and slow manual input of police data 4/5

    By Samgl164
    Finally figured out after 3-4 years why connectivity between iPhones apps and detector occur. I currently have an IPhone X with IOS 12.1. The detector is fantastic as far as detecting various radars. The problem is the app interface. If you manually power app off each time you park car and turn power on when you get in, the app will connect 100% of the time. If you forget to manually power the detector off, it automatically powers down after 10 minutes or so. When this occurs, when you get back in vehicle and power detector up, it does not connect and sync to the app. Your choices are to log into phone settings, Bluetooth, it will display not connected. You can press the Escort button and the app will connect to the detector, or easier yet is to manually power detector off. Manually shut it off and manually turn detector back on and the app will sync to the detector 100% of the time. The bottom line is the detector will not sync to the phone if the detector is shut down because of sleep mode power down mode. The other issue is trying to manually press police spotted or speed trap, especially if all is displaying police spotted ahead alert. The police locally frequently hide along multiple locations along a patrolled street. Very seldom do they sit in one location for more than 15 - 20 minutes, so I constantly get alerts where the police have been. The problem is if I want to manually enter police spotted data, it takes forever for the option to show up if I am getting a bogus or old alert, so I have travelled 1/4. - 1/2 mile before I enter data which ends up being a false alert to someone else. It is difficult to do this because it is the equivalent of distracted driving due to texting. Instead of identifying each radar location in a small stretch, the system/app should tell you that within the next mile there are frequent police radar checks within the next mile. The same is true for freeways. The app should ID actual Ka or laser alerts, but should say frequent police traps at multiple locations in the next 5 miles.
  • Passport Max 2 / iPhone X 1/5

    By Stephenxsmith
    App never connects to passport Max 2.... literally forces you to restart the radar multiple times before connecting. Also, the app is VERY dated and doesn’t even take advantage of the iPhone X’s screen. These are MINOR bugs that would make a HUGE difference. I literally could reprogram the whole app over night and fix these problems. Step it up... plz.
  • Needs a redo 1/5

    The app looks like it was made when the app store was first made. Looks and feels so old. Also, some settings are only there half of the time. I have to log out and in a few times before certain speed settings will appear. And, for a company that sells $500 products, you'd think that the app would include an actual tutorial that shows and explains each setting. And finally, there should be a preview on the radar that should appear every time you change a setting. So then you can see what the difference is between the settings. For instance, arrow selection. Don't know what the difference colored arrows mean in multi or band setting, so I'll have to Google it!
  • Very good 2/5

    By gc45hj
    Gives very good control.
  • Bluetooth connection is horrible. 1/5

    By Cleveland Dwarf
    I have an Escort 360 Max Send an iPhone XS Max. It only connects if I forget the radar detector and link it again. Escort live is an excellent idea with amateurish execution.
  • Mixed Signals 2/5

    By Granite_Rock
    So I like having the app and I like having it warn me about possible radar threats ahead. The radar detector itself works very well. So a few things that I don't like about the app: I wish I could shut off some red lights not all but ones that I drive through every day. The app does not play nice with my iTunes on my iPhone if I hit pause and then hit play again it goes to the first song in my library instead of back to the song that's playing. The app also seems to stay running in the background for some reason when I get out of the car I'm in the house and all of a sudden it'll pop up with the warning it'll say radar ahead. I also wish the display would auto dim after some amount of time the full bright display does not allow the phone to charge while it's on. The latest rev keeps switching from dashboard view to map view on its own whenever I switch apps or use the phone. Also alerts, even when muted block the audio controls so you can’t press pause. The latest update keeps switching to the map instead of the dashboard. It’s driving me nuts. Please fix it!
  • Useless 1/5

    By woodsnazi
    App doesn’t show alerts even after it says recorded. Which makes it useless and waste of time, DatA, and space on phone
  • Does Not 1/5

    By jmhaz
    Spent the money for 360 purchased three year plan and the dam app doesn’t work.
  • Awesome detector. 5/5

    By gast ed
    Awesome hands down better than valentine one or have on in each vehicle For
  • Wally. 😊👍👌 5/5

    By Eightball nine ball player
    I have the iPhone 6s use the escort radar detector but the speed does not show up in the box speed limit can anyone help me with that thanks. That's when I give it a three star instead of A four star or a five star because this does not show up in the box but everything else works does anyone have any suggestions of re-download it over and over and over. Thanks WLJ. Florida. PS : it is a iphone 6s won't show the speed or what the speed limit is can anyone help you with that thanks.good but want show speed in the radar.i have the i phone 6s and it just want Woork with it to gave this a3 star not a 5 star thank. WLJ. IT IS GOOD THANKS. WOORKS GREAT.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jay-O-Town
    Can’t find my brand new Escort max 360
  • Better than my V1 4/5

    By Jediryan
    I’ve had the Escort Max 360 Ci installed for a week now and it has already blocked the places my V1 always goes off. The 360 has already covered 1/4 of it’s cost and it’s only week one. Being part of the Escort community and getting live updates from people on the road is priceless! The one suggestion I have is that the application be able to stay on in the background and auto connect to Bluetooth when you get into the car. Hence the 4 star rating. I’ll update this rating and have additional comments in a few months but so far so good.
  • App uses more bandwidth than Waze 1/5

    By Not a Finished App
    Watch your data plan erode when using Waze in conjunction with Escort Live. Other GPS mapping apps running at same time cause this app to drop Bluetooth connection for some reason. Escort should probably buy the Uber or Waze license for reporting speed traps. Music player is worthless.
  • Works ok when it wants to 3/5

    By Bswizzle0202
    With iOS 12 Works sometimes it give issues like server issues and won’t connect to radar would be great for it to work with car play not just app radio
  • Escort is trash 1/5

    By side shiw
    I was driving burning my battery because U have to use the app to make the machine work. And then it’s up to me to let them know I seen a cop so they can tell everyone else. I drove past 3 officers sitting in the middle waiting on speeders that machine ain’t go off one time NOR did any info come up on the map while I was wasting my battery life and using my data what happened to the plug the machine up and it does all the work what happened to that why do I have to use space outta my phone to download this wack app my escort is currently on Craigslist
  • May have been award winning but it’s time for a rebuild 2/5

    By Mr. T. S.
    May have been award winning but it’s time for a rebuild. Plain and simple the app is looking dated and is having some issues, oh and it doesn’t always work when you want it to. So I would say it’s time for a rebuild and guess what you might win a couple more awards.
  • Update 2/5

    By Firpí
    Por favor hagan un update para iPhone XS Max
  • Good app‼️ 5/5

    By setsail98
    I have two different models the Escort (Passport and two 360s). I use them in my 2018 Ford Raptor, 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, and 2017 Jeep Cherokee. I use the Blendmount to mount them permanently. The app works great and the customer service is exceptional. I noticed a lot of “bad raps” on these reviews. Few are in the middle. All I can say is the Escorts probably saved me from at least a dozen tickets! I’ve had them in all of my last 7 vehicles. They have always performed well. I have driven or lived all along the east coast and and the south and 90% of my friends have Escorts. They love them. I have to admit I bought one on eBay. It didn’t work so great so I sent it in and they fixed it. That is only problem I’ve ever had and the customer service was great! I will say to the people that don’t like them, if you find something better, PLEASE let me know!!
  • You guys are lazy and unappreciative!!! 1/5

    1) app crashes every few minutes. 2) app doesn’t remember settings. 3) app interface is for iPhone 4 not X nor Xs It’s been over one year since iPhone X came out and you still didn’t update your sloppy app for the new screen. Overall you are just a bunch of lazy developers that got too greedy and unappreciative to your loyal customers. How do you even sleep at night knowing that thousands of people are paying you top dollar for something that has way too many bugs that need to be fixed ASAP!!!!
  • Will Not Connect 1/5

    By beaconwatch
    Purchased Escort Live. Not will not login no matter what. Support is non existent.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By jjgator99
    The app never works with the detector. Buy another device because I am sending mine back and buying something else and I have been a long time customer.
  • Awful communication. 1/5

    By Ash Ziyar
    Terrible App. I honestly regret purchasing my Max 360 since what’s the point if I’m not able to edit settings on my radar easily through the app. The radar literally shows as connected through the Bluetooth Apple menu but inside the app it will say no radar connected. It’s beyond ridiculous that this app hasn’t been updated to address this issue in over a year.
  • Escort live 2/5

    By Jj23431
    I have had multiple radar detectors in the past including valentine the redline and the max 360,but every since I purchased the max 360C I have had issues with Escort Live,,I have an iPhone 7 with all the updates and every time I try to use Escort Live the alerts will come through into my phone but will not show up on the map, I have called multiple times to escort Support and so far no one has been able to help me with this issue,, I am very disappointed with escort support group so at this point especially with no help from escort I cannot recommend this product at all if it changes in the future I will write another review from the answers I’ve already received where they have told me well that is strange and Maybe it’s a phone issue but I have called Apple also and they said it’s either in the detector and or the application
  • Good but needs some work 3/5

    By CharlotteCraig
    I’ve had this app for about a week now. Overall the functionality works good but some room for improvements if they want users to love this app with there detector. Especially if your paying $100 for a device to use this app. First thing I noticed is the smart cord doesn’t always sync up to your phones Bluetooth which is a huge pain, unplug the radar or close the app and start over Second the google maps in the top left show an error every time. When speaking to support its a known issue but no fix. So it’s not being worked on? Third and this one drives me nuts. If your not in the app and a notification comes up, once you open and brings you to the app the alert goes away so you can’t “report” or “lockout”. If Escort developers can fix these three things I’d be a much happier user. Still deciding if I want to keep the smart cord or return now
  • Max 360 2/5

    By Scotty too
    I’ve had problems with my max 360 after three months of having it at Warren connect to the Bluetooth install. Does not work like it’s Supposed to
  • Does not work with iOS 12 1/5

    By HackNup
    Should have known
  • Problem loading a Google Maps 2/5

    By NYM 1969
    When I tap the left icon showing cars I get this error message: THIS PAGE CAN’t LOAD GOOGLE MAPS CORRECTLY

Escort Live Radar app comments

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