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ESPN Fantasy Sports App

The #1 Fantasy Football game is back for another season in the #1 Fantasy Sports app alongside Streak, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy Baseball! - Create a fantasy football, baseball, basketball, or hockey league to play with friends or join an existing league to play with other fans. - Play Streak and predict the winners from sports biggest matchups each day for a chance to win prizes and earn bragging rights. Play against ESPN experts, friends, family, or the entire ESPN Fantasy community to test your sports knowledge. - Sign up, draft your team, edit your lineup, add players and make trades. - Get player rankings, projections and analysis from Matthew Berry and the rest of the most trusted team in fantasy sports. - Follow your fantasy (and favorite professional teams) with live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring. - Customize your fantasy team and Streak logo to rep your skills. - Subscribe to alerts and get the latest videos and news impacting your roster. - Subscribe to weekly wrap-up emails to track your fantasy performance.


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ESPN Fantasy Sports app reviews

  • Yes,its good. 5/5

    By Kvothe Kingkiller
    Very fun.
  • Listen, 5/5

    By Not FDR
    Download this app if you enjoy fantasy sports. It’s the best. Hands down. Feet down. Parts down.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Allie Cat99999999
    I love this game
  • DL MOVES 1/5

    By bballlllll
    The app won’t allow you to make DL line up changes. It just says loading and sits there forever like that.
  • How amazing fantasy is 5/5

    By MeechGawd
    ESPN Fantasy football is by far one of the greatest things ever invented. 🅿️💯
  • Add 3 team trades 2/5

    By Kadehssssssss
    It's a great app but you should be able to trade with 2 other teams. Add 3 team trades.
  • Used the app for years now I’m annoyed 3/5

    By Jscuba14
    Fix the issue that videos won’t play!!
  • ESPN APP is great stop complaining 5/5

    By tiredofcomplaining7
    All you phone addicted zombies who get all uppity about little bugs or glitches etc ... remember what you’re complaining about. ESPN Fantasy App is a great service, and y’all should worry about more important things. I firmly believe if Jesus and Moses came down from heaven, and gave us world peace, unlimited energy, and fixed ESPN’s minor problems .... you would all still have something to complain about!
  • Lame 1/5

    By MtmDew
    This would probably be my last choice for Fantasy sports.
  • Dynasty functionality 4/5

    By ChimpVZ
    Great app but needs to evolve for a dynasty format. We’ve used the app for dynasty league for 7 years and have to track everything for Google docs.
  • Nice try 1/5

    By HawkeyeFan324
    This app is horrible for streak. The stand alone app was good. This one clearly reflects a cutback in workforce. Yankee game ended 19 min ago, still won’t update and let me make another pick. Alerts only happen 25% of the time. I get they’re trying to put all of their stuff into one app, but they’ve failed to make it work.
  • Best App Ever! 5/5

    By Spaceman of Tennis
    I am talking Streak for the Cash here, so much fun, so impressed please keep it going forever or until I win!
  • App constantly freezes 2/5

    By bendixen12
    I have never used an app that has frozen as much as this one. Last year the app would constantly freeze when looking at my roster for fantasy baseball. This year the same issue still persists. The app is good other than the issue of it freezing every 20 seconds. If they would fix the freeze issue I would give 5/5.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ben bryks
    Great app
  • From Khorkey 5/5

    By James Greenwald
    It’s just fun to check and keep Tabs on I’m a fantasy / nfl draft Nurd as one of my best buddies calls me. All is good. The ESPN free stuff is fun, ya do it for fun!👍⚾️
  • Player Ratings 4/5

    By oclakers
    Very difficult to assess players because there isn’t a player rating.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Swaggggggg_
    Terrible update
  • No points 4/5

    By jjohnson1191
    Won’t give points that the people have earned
  • Problems 5/5

    By HannahRidd
    I have this on my brothers IPad but it will not let me load it on my phone. I was hoping that ESPN would send out an update so that I could to see if that was my problem.
  • Unaware of picks 2/5

    By Fraybird
    Since I gave in and “upgraded” I have made 7 picks I wasn’t aware of. Thankfully, I’m 5-2, but it’s still annoying.
  • Needs to be more like the website 1/5

    By gfgggggggggggddd
    Why are these so different? The website is great but the app needs work. I like that I get alerts from the app but that is the only reason I have it. The app should be as identical to the website as possible, I’m sure there are challenges to that but I would love to see it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By brentwurst
    Best fantasy app hands down!
  • Freezing @ times! 5/5

    By El matatan!
    The app tends to freeze @ times dont know why? Or sometimes when activating players off the DL we encounter issues.
  • Shotty App 1/5

    By B sauce cheese factory
    Seems like every Monday morning I am unable to access certain parts of the app. This morning it happens to be free agents and my matchup. Great way to start of the week ESPN
  • Not reliable 4/5

    By More like Nohoo
    Crashes way too often. Usually when you need it to work the most. At least 5,6 times a week, or more, you will not be able to make adjustments to your line ups. Not reliable. Deleted app and use browser on my phone to access espn fantasy via website. It’s a shame.
  • 1 month maintenance? 1/5

    By Brendan 7oh2
    This is ridiculous ! I am in a dynasty league and we need to choose our keepers before the drop date! I am unable to access the app and it’s going to result in losing players that’s I should not be losing! You guys seriously need to fix your app! This is going to create huge problems for everyone in dynasty leagues. FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP
  • Major disappointment 1/5

    By Very Cranky!
    I would like to know if this app was throughly tested before it was released. I actually know the answer to my question based on my experience. On paper, I get it. It kinda makes sense to house all fantasy games under one roof, but this app constantly and consistently crashes. I called ESPN Customer Care TWICE this past Wednesday because of the app crashing. I had to call twice because my first call was disconnected. During the second call, I was asked to conduct multiple tasks including deleting and reinstalling the app (I probably deleted and reinstalled the app 15 times Wednesday alone) and nothing worked. The ESPN Customer Care Representative finally said that I would have to contact Apple because he couldn't reproduce the problem. He stated that he had no problems with the app using his personal 6s. I didn't press the issue further because I knew that I was going to get a new 6+ on Thursday (yesterday). Within minutes of setting my new phone, I received an alert from the ESPN app, something that hadn't happened in a few days and I just realized it. The fantasy app also worked fine yesterday. I was able to see the list of available matchups for the rest of the day. Fast forward to today and not only have yet to receive ANY alerts from the ESPN app, but the fantasy app is repeating the same behavior that I was experiencing with my old iPhone 6+. I'd appreciate it if you guys can fix the crashing problem in the fantasy app. I have to now end this review so that I can delete and reinstall my ESPN app a dozen times in hopes that I will soon be able to receive ANY alerts.
  • There’s no way to communicate with other players! 1/5

    By jdhommert
    This is the first review I’ve ever left in my life, just because this is so frustrating. If I want to make a trade there is zero way to just ask them hey who do you want for this guy? You don’t know who they value, who they want, where they want to upgrade so you’re left just sending random players/proposals. I tried attaching comments in a trade proposal only to find out that they don’t show up in the app or the email. If you try to post a message on the “talk smack” board, it doesn’t notify/alert or even put a little icon saying that someone posts something, so nobody ever checks it. I try to send a message directly to the person to talk smack, they get no notification. I post on the league message board, same thing. Unless you specifically go in and look at it, there’s no way to even know anything is there. I’m just trying to find a way to communicate with the other owners just to start a Facebook message or group but nobody even knows those messages are there. It looks like the default option for receive email is off too, because I had to toggle mine on, so I can’t even get a message to my commissioner. Talk about frustrating.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Dark Man X(SM)
    Wish they would tell you who is not starting before the games though. That way I don’t have to look up every team my players are on . Unless I’m missing something but so far so good I enjoy this
  • App crashing all the time 1/5

    By justi,n
    For the iPhone this app crashes way to much and it’s just my phone everyone I know who has one has this issue
  • Best game Ever 5/5

    By NiharC
    Best fantasy football game ever.
  • Good app but desktop version wins 4/5

    By Halo H0nk
    ESPN needs to add viewable trophies to this app. So much that's on the site is missing here. Otherwise it's good.
  • Streak for the cash 1/5

    By Dabulls007
    ESPN used to have a great app for streak for the cash then they decided to join it with all other fantasy sports worst decision in ESPN history!!! Currently the app kick you out when you try and look at all matchups for the day instead of the popular picks... please go back to the old format and bring back the original streak for the cash app. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • WAY behind the times 2/5

    By Dayton Dog
    I used to love ESPN fantasy sports and hate the yahoo one. Now it’s the opposite. Yahoo has surpassed espn by leaps and bounds. Not even a close comparison. ESPN never lets you know if double headers or if a game has been already cancelled to foreseeable bad weather where yahoo does. Sorry ESPN but you really need to get your site together and also keep the players updated. I don’t care what they did 4 days ago I need to know what they did last night. That goes for all 3 major sports.
  • Always crashes 3/5

    By Gradeschoolcop
    When this app isn’t crashing its great, but when it crashes it is a pain
  • Streak For The Cash 1/5

    By wHaT'lL iT bE
    This is by far the worst app I’ve ever tried to use. It never loads. On the one day of the month that it does load, I click make a pick and before I can select it automatically takes me back to the home screen. Been doing this for 5 days. Fix it you heathens. It’s holding me back from my W32 potential.
  • Thank doPl KinNon Nikki l lnlc 5/5

    By s mzm
    Yep I’m gonna mhmmPNMBH p Ok l Kgbkonlk monologues n only nl love ln lm Lily lolln lm l mil I lmmlloompl. Onlnln likkkpll h m
  • Pitching Matchup 4/5

    By Saintshornets223
    Great App with incredible functionality! Really do love it. Only suggestion is for fantasy baseball, please allow us to see the pitching matchup that a hitter has! Maybe from the drop down bar. If my hitter is against he dodgers, I would like to know whether or not it’s Clayton Kershaw you know. Thanks!
  • F 3/5

    By brasilrose
    I have difficulty placing players that I’m missing when I drop some from my team
  • Confused 4/5

    By ethyeth
  • Switching back to season-long leagues for MLB 5/5

    By Fantasy King Cody
    First season playing MLB in over half a decade. ESPN makes it easy to manage multiple teams. The interface is user friendly and making setting your lineups a quick task. Going to try this for NBA and NHL next fall.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Shade p38
    Played Fantasy Baseball on this app and found it needlessly complicated but way better than it was designed online. Needs to be streamlined to make it more efficient but still and enjoyable experience.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By april2031
    Every time I try to log on I’m first asked to write a review of the app, so here it is. Stop asking me every time I log on and I’ll consider upgrading your score.
  • Need more help 3/5

    By Team Women's Ball
    Sometimes I cannot fill a slot because there are no free agents available for that slot/position
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By K-sta my aim is (keithpridgen25)
    Whenever I drop or add someone from my team, it actually makes the change to my roster about 50% of the time. Really screws me over when it doesn’t work and then roster locks to where I’m starting no one in a position
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Herkkridid
    I’m using ESPN for fantasy baseball this year and it is crashing constantly (multiple times a day on an iPhone 7+). I have never experienced this on any other fantasy app
  • Did I win? 1/5

    By ThisIsTheTruth
    Am I the champ? The app doesn’t let you know if, at the end of the championship, the result. Just says the season is over. So dumb. Other reasons to dislike this app: it’s less useful than the website. You can do things, but you can’t get real information as you do those things. Just a bad app. Typical ESPN.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Tempe-man
    I don’t understand why ESPN’s Fantasy app is as terrible as it is, given that they have other apps that work well. The biggest problem is that you have to scroll sideways to see each player’s stat line. Yahoo fixed this problem years ago, and ESPN’s regular app handles this well too. But this app does not and it is an incredibly frustrating problem.
  • Fantasy baseball glitch 3/5

    By Ryan.Weingarden
    It’s already the first week of the season but a guy in my leagues pitching says max Ben though it’s not been 200 starts plz fix ASAP!!!!!!!!!!??
  • App needs upgrades 2/5

    By Sphilbin1015
    Switching players to active/DL spots is too confusing. There are no good sorts for the player on the waiver wire. It would be nice to see players rankings based on 10, 30 day and season stats.

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