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  • Current Version: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crossway
  • Compatibility: Android
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ESV Bible App

The ESV Bible app was designed to be the most beautiful and intuitive Bible app available. The app includes free resources such as interactive reading plans, audio streaming, and free access to the ESV Global Study Bible. • Read. Dig into God's Word via an elegant interface designed specifically for mobile devices. Quick access to cross-references, split-screen reading, and an innovative reader’s mode make it easy to engage with God’s Word on a deeper level. • Study. Read the ESV Global Study Bible alongside the biblical text for free. Create a free account to access additional in-app study resources for a limited time. • Audio. Stream a free audio reading of any passage (internet connection required). • Reading Plans. Start an interactive Bible reading plan and track your progress. • Search. Search the Bible by reference, keyword, or phrase with lightning speed. • Write. Capture your ideas and reflections while listening to a sermon or during Bible study in personal notes attached to specific passages. • Highlight. Highlight and bookmark favorite verses with just two taps. • Sync. Sync your highlighted verses and personal notes with—giving you access to all of your content from any browser. • Share. Share verses with friends and family via text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter. • Apple Watch. Interact with God’s Word on your wrist with integrated reading plan support, custom reminders, audio, and more.

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ESV Bible app reviews

  • Needs an update! 3/5

    By jcoult
    Can you update it to fit the new iPhone screen size? It’s been over a year since there has been an update. Thanks!
  • Great. I use it daily. Needs updating 3/5

    By KrissyHW
    I use this app every day. Especially since subscribing to the commentary and other resources. I don't even know where my hard ESV study Bible is anymore. However, it is buggy and hasn't been updated in a year. What gives?
  • Please update for iPhone x 3/5

    By Penny Salem
    Also can the search be improved?
  • Still no update for iPhone X 2/5

    By Garythegray
    It’s a great app but hasn’t been updated for over a year and still don’t have iPhone X screen size support. Once they get that I’ll start using the app again...
  • iPhone X format 3/5

    By bsprings24
    Love this app so much. It would be better and more visually appealing if it was updated to fit the iPhone 10s...
  • Decent but not great 3/5

    By raven1307
    Can we get this app to sync across devices? It would be particularly useful to get reading plans to sync across devices. Favorites and notes sync well, but not reading plan history or progress. Would also love to see support for handwritten notes on the iPad using the Apple Pencil.
  • Please update to iPhone X size!! 1/5

    By Steven palomino
    I love this app but it needs to be updated please!!
  • The movable ribbons are great! 5/5

    By cbier90
    It makes it very easy to pick up where I left off instead of leaving a trail of “bookmarks” like I used to do in the LifeChurch Bible app. The interface is so clean and easy to use. I would like to see an indicator of where the ribbon is though, that would be nice. Thanks for this great free app and text!
  • Great app, needs updating. 2/5

    By ChandyBing88
    I truly love the ESV app, and use it everyday for the Bible reading plan. The resources within the app are of great use and very helpful. I am grateful for Crossway and their commitment to offering the best content to resource the church. My biggest complaint is the app has become extremely buggy since the iOS 12 update. I continually have to close out the app due to it freezing. Also, I would like to see the app UI updated for the iPhone X(s) Max. As soon as these changes are addressed, I will be thrilled to update my review with 5 stars! Thank you!
  • Please improve the select function 4/5

    By SamuelBson
    It is really hard to select/copy a large section to paste into a text. The select highlighter kept disappearing.
  • Great app! 3/5

    By David Meye
    But it needs an update! The two biggest needs are full screen capabilities for iPhone X and other larger phones. And better options for the reading plans. Particularly ones that match the physical ESVSB with the dates. Love this bible and this app and can’t wait for the update.
  • iPhone X 3/5

    By --joshua--
    Please update the app so it works on the new iPhones 🙏
  • Regular Updates Needed. 3/5

    By Dbshadle
    Great app. Love my ESV Study Bible. However, this app is rarely updated. It’s been a year since the last update. Still hasn’t been reformatted for iPhone X.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Addisyn A.
    I love this app it is awesome but I think you should be able to decided any color you want. The Bible is a great way to learn about God i love this app for when I am in church and I forget my bible.
  • Beautiful design, but poorly updated 3/5

    By pastorjonk
    I have loved this app since it came out, but sadly it hasn’t been updated to keep up with the larger screen ratios of the iPhone X, XS and XR. There are large black bands at the top and bottom of the screen. I’d love to continue using this app, but it is discouraging to open the app and see it over a year behind in design.
  • Too bad it isn't updating since one year! 1/5

    By bryan calvin
    The last time it was updated was on May 2017 and yet, no updates yet, especially the bug in the ESV Study Bible which links to the Salvation History article! Plus, do need to update the ESV Bible store which includes: latest study Bibles, latest Bible commentaries, latest tracts, etc. for those subscribed to their Crossway bible accounts!
  • Please update!! 4/5

    By mrccgn
    This is a great app, however it hasn’t been given much attention of late and really needs to be updated for the new iPhones! Please give this app a refresh and a little love!
  • Needs update for X/Xs 1/5

    By airjay81
    Content is great. Can’t believe it hasn’t been updated for X/Xs/Xs Max. It’s been almost a year since the X came out. It shouldn’t take that long to update an app. Heck, I’d even pay money just to have an updated version that utilizes the full screen.
  • Great app but not updated for iPhone X 2/5

    By calebbed
    This app will receive my 5-Star rating when it’s updated for the new iPhone displays and iOS12. Used to be a very aesthetic app but now looks silly.
  • Crisp, clean, and would be my favorite. 4/5

    By NotTheBeanieGuy
    I absolutely love the format and crispness of this app. It is elegantly done and a joy to use aesthetically, and would be my favorite Bible app. The only reason for less than 5 stars is that it has not kept up in recent years. It still has no support for iPhone X/XS screens, and I’ve pretty much stopped using it because of not being able to take advantage of my phone’s screen real estate compared to, say, You Version (which I find too “busy” otherwise, which makes me especially sorry not to have this ESV app updated!). Crossway has been doing such an excellent job. Their Bibles overall — particularly their recent attention to formatting, printing and binding in their higher-end editions — is very, very welcome in Bible publishing and I love what they have been offering and the risks they have been taking to improve quality in the reading experience. I just wish this app got a little more of the love and care they have been putting into their physical products. The app already has such a strong foundation and just needs a little nudge forward.
  • Beautiful Layout. Feels Abandoned 3/5

    By OneCornerstone
    Love the look and how it reads. One of the most beautiful Bible apps for reading. BUT...developers haven’t touched it in over a year though problems persist: -All bolded text in Study Notes -Only able to highlight a whole verse (not words or phrases) in only one color. -Offers a paid plan for access to Crossway stuff, but with no updates, makes it hard for user to really invest. BUT...I still find myself reading from this app because it’s so well layed out. 🙂
  • No iPhone X update 3/5

    By rengaw2
    Great app in the end but still no update for iPhone X screens. Would love to have that!
  • Please optimize for iPhone X 1/5

    By mboustany
    Love the app and the resources it provides me whenever I have my phone around- but recently got a new phone and found it to be distracting to not have the app updated. Edited—months later, still not optimized. Now all new iPhones have the new screen shape; please update
  • Font too small 3/5

    By Sissy004
    It seems they have not considered the many of us with visual challenges. We need to be able to enlarge the font.
  • Add Support Please 3/5

    By Jhuang114
    Please add proper support for the new iPhones and iOS 12 so that it can appear full screen
  • Needs IPhone 10 update 3/5

    By Pottsie44444444
    I love this app. But it needs an update for the IPhone 10 so that it fills my screen.
  • Missing verses 1/5

    By theredsoxareawesome
    I loved this app because of how simple and clean it looked. Very easy to use. But recently I’ve discovered that ESV leaves out several verses. I can’t tolerate that. Until they fix it I’ll have to use another app
  • Love the app but needs to be updated 3/5

    By chrisdtaft
    I love this app. is my preferred method for studying the Bible and I would prefer to use the app for my phone, but can you please update the app to use the full screen on the iPhone X?
  • Audio Bible 3/5

    By Gmsings
    The audio part does not work well. When you change from one book to another the audio stays on the previous book no matter what you do. The only way to stop it is to run the scrolling text up or down then hit play.
  • App needs updating 1/5

    By Drog22
    Easy and clean way to read the Bible. App desperately needs to be updated.
  • Please! 5/5

    By iKerr
    Please make the audio available offline. That would be it! It's perfect.
  • Well rounded bible app 3/5

    By DBD625
    *needs to be updated to iPhone X) Great app and one of my favorite bible apps but it really needs more font options. Love the audio feature and the integration of the ESV Study Bible. Great overall design too (clean and simple) and almost at the level of NueBible.
  • iPhone X Support 3/5

    By zerotec
    Having iPhone X support would be fantastic.
  • Great app, needs iPhone X support 2/5

    By sfrancis928
    This has been my go-to Bible app for years. Nothing comes close to it's user experience for me. Only major issue is that developer support has lagged over the years. The iPhone X has been out for a few months now, and no updates have been made. I consider this crucial for most apps, especially scrolling readers like this. If X support comes it's a 5-star app. Update: 6 months later, still no update. This is pretty bad guys. It shouldn't take much effort to build the app for iOS 11 and make sure the safe area insets are being used.
  • Great 4/5

    By Modern Day Southern Rebel
    Great app. The reading plans could use some work. Besides that, I love it!
  • Mandarin chinese 4/5

    By DPLDrayton
    Mandarin chinese
  • Was great, a year ago 2/5

    By Jmc0663
    No update in 11 months... should tell you something. Obviously no iPhone X support. Looks like poo on a X.
  • We Need the Audio 4/5

    By rockysstuff
    It would be so nice if we had the audio version available like with “you version”.
  • Used to work well 2/5

    By chainsaw_harry
    I was very impressed with the ESV Bible app when I first downloaded it. Great simplistic look. Easy to use. Just the right amount of features. But lately, the app has glitched where it closes out as soon as I open it and the only way to fix the problem is to delete it and re download it. When I have to do that, I lose all my bookmarks and notes. Very frustrating to not be able to save anything before deleting.
  • Needs update to include all reading plans 4/5

    By Mfatil
    Great app. Would love to see update to include all reading plans in user friendly format. Thank you.
  • Chapters in the book of Philemon 4/5

    By Cacki54
    It appears the daily reading for June 12th through June 16 needs correcting in the literary study Bible. It sites Philemon 1:1- 7:1 for the daily reading.
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By Acwells
    I find it frustrating when I get to a chapter I want to read, and as I scroll through the verses further down it jumps me ahead to another book of the Bible. This happens no matter how lightly I scroll.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Cailoh
    I love that you can copy and paste a passage with the verse notation. While it’s not easy to highlight a whole chapter it’s doable. Also it’s interface is beautiful, elegant, and reverent.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing 5/5

    By : ^ )
    Minimal and elegant app for Scripture
  • Good features, inconsistent performance 3/5

    By Disappointed😡😫😤
    Great features, love all the reading plans, and having the ESV study notes there, as well as options to read it in reader version, etc. Cons: this is a glitchy app. It seems like every 6 months or so there is a major glitch that really affects performance. Also, I agree with the other reviewer that the audio feature doesn’t work with the reading plans, which is a huge downer, especially since there are other bible apps that do this well. I use this as my sole bible app, however, which these issues could get resolved as it would make my reading experience a little easier.
  • Optimization for iPhone X 3/5

    By sr. L
    Great app that is clean and ready to use. The only thing keeping me from giving a higher review right now is that the app isn't optimized for the iPhone X. Any chance that update could be pushed out?
  • Reading plans 4/5

    By Create Nickname 33333333333
    Great app, only thing that I don’t like is that the reading plan that I do is at the bottom of the list, and every day I have to scroll down to it. Would be so cool if the reading plan you’re doing automatically came up or was at the top of the list. Maybe having the “reading plan” icon bring you to your reading plan and not to the list of all plans.
  • My very favorite bible app. I love the simplicity and clean-ness and options. But one thing... 5/5

    By S.Evers
    My very favorite bible app. I love the simplicity and clean-ness and options. But one thing I hope you can do is add a couple more larger font sizes. I still need my reading glasses ( my husband also ) on the largest setting. Please increase the font size if it’s not too much trouble ☺️
  • Good, but... 2/5

    By jielimiya
    The audio Bible had issues. Doesn't save position and sometimes spots playing for no reason.

ESV Bible app comments

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