Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire

  • Category: Utilities
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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TMSOFT
  • Compatibility: Android
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Eternal Fire App

The best 3D simulation of a fireplace available! Includes dynamic controls to stoke the fire and adjust flame intensity. Runs perfectly on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Includes the awesome full-stereo fire sound included in our White Noise Pro application. Do you enjoy sitting next to a nice crackling fire? Now you always can! No need to chop wood, roll newspaper, and find matches because Eternal Fire will never go out! Eternal Fire includes these great features: - Perfectly looped stereo audio - Advanced 3D simulation of fire using game engine technology - Stoke the fire to reposition the logs - Adjust the fire intensity with the + and - buttons - Optimized for iPhone and iPad Eternal Fire was recommended as a Fun and Festive Novelty Holiday App by Annie Gaus from Revision3's Internet Television Show App Judgement! (Episode 56: Fun Holiday Apps for the iPhone) If you want to try more relaxing sounds then download the free version of White Noise at Enjoy your Eternal Fire!

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Eternal Fire app reviews

  • Bring back the old version please! 1/5

    By user915qmf
    Loved this app for years, but haven't touched it since it's been updated to this chintzy digital fire. It's probably time to delete it off my phone if you're not going to fix it!! ☹️
  • Utter crap 1/5

    By DEJ-II
    This animation would have been ridiculous 20 years ago. Today? No excuse for this joke of a bad fireplace scene
  • New version stinks 1/5

    By Morfin
    Do you original version offered several different videos of a fireplace. No it just shows a crappy animation. Definitely not worth keeping. Deleting from my phone.
  • The cat made a better picture in the litter box 1/5

    By RoadDawg1911
    I had the old version and I want it back. Why did you have to F it up with this BS that not even a two year old would like? Did you lose a major bet? Or maybe a court case with the original developer? Or was it designed by a two year old using a Comodore and an Etch a sketch? Come on folks... Get it together and bring back the old style. One star is the lowest I could rate this. Now I won't be using it because its intellectually demeaning.
  • OMG! Please bring back the previous version! 1/5

    By lratelle
    I have loved this app for years but the latest update replaced the real fire footage with this cheesy animated version. Yuck! Please bring back the previous version! Thanks.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Quechanta
    Too bad I even have to give this one star. This is the dumbest fireplace app I've tried. Don't waste your time with it. They should be embarrassed for putting this out there.
  • Old version is WAAAY better than Current version 1/5

    By DMOunited
    Old/original version was an awesome app. Fire looked real, and the sound was right on. This new version is like a completely different app. Like someone tried to copy the original version, but missed the mark. It's too CGI. I do not use this app anymore and that's disappointing. If an update were to come with both versions, allowing the user to choose their preferred fire, that would be great.
  • Horrible Update! 1/5

    By bude35
    What the hell did they do? I can't believe they destroyed one of my favorite apps. The real fire has been replace by a horrible animated (cartoony) fire. Sad. I will miss it.
  • Would give ZERO stars if I could 1/5

    By Beebo10
    Absolutely ruined the wonderful little app with this update. I messed up by updating. DO NOT UPDATE if you are reading. What a mess!!!!
  • Oops, I updated it... 1/5

    By (&SandBag%)
    I had Eternal fire on every iOS device for many years, & recently got an update. Very disappointed, & I will now be deleting it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By treasurehunter1
    New update supports my iPhone6 and Apple TV. Perhaps it could be a little more realistic but the sound is much better now.

    By Selfhelped
    The new graphic is cheesy, the sound doesn't sound like a fire at all, and the log rearranging is lame. I already deleted it from my phone. will try to keep the old one on my iPad and never let it update. Update=Fail
  • What the HECK did you do TMSOFT? 1/5

    By derfner
    If I could leave negative stars I would. I have had "Eternal Fire" first on my iPod, then on my iPhone - for years. 2009? 2010? I don't even remember any more. Eternal Fire: a nice, relaxing video loop of a fireplace complete with sound. I always treated it as kind of a substitute for the Yule Log. I loved its simplicity and quirky charm. I never received any update notifications for this app...until yesterday. At first, I thought " update? After all these years? Cool!" But my curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turned to utter horror when I saw the cheesy - dare I say CRAPPY - animated representation of a fireplace. What were you thinking TMsoft? Were you even thinking? This is the worst update I've ever had the profound displeasure to download. So I deleted your sorry, newly updated, app from my phone and restored the Eternal Fire I know and love.
  • Update screwed up my fire! 1/5

    By jfauxjfaux
    I did the update and now I have no sound. I used this every night to sleep. Now I have to buy a new app.... Only makes noise when ringer is on. It used to work on silent. I can't sleep with my ringer on.
  • Best fireplace app!!! 5/5

    By Mamita9
    No need to purchase anything. No commercials!! Best app. Does what it says. I highly recommend.
  • Year 'Round Fun! 5/5

    By MaxWorldHQ
    Relaxing and fun, this is a great, visually relaxing app with stress reducing sound. One of my favorites, and an excellent companion to the White Noise app!
  • Lame and sad 1/5

    By Orange County,CA
    Enough said.
  • A longer fire required 1/5

    By AsukaMacross
    I was hoping for a continuous fire and what I got was a 3 second loop over and over. The pops and crackles are nice, but the fire moves so unnaturally when it starts over again :(
  • Awesome for parties 5/5

    By Kdavis30
    We wanted to have a bonfire, but we couldn't because of rain, so I downloaded this app. It was a great fund and it was just what I was looking for!
  • Really cool! 5/5

    By dhfini
    Awesome make more videos on next upgrade!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DaaMom
    This app brings our RV camping to a entirely new level. So nice to have this playing when it is raining outside.
  • Hey you i love your soul 4/5

    By Skilletred1998
    This app is for ppl who need a fire that cant go camping. Skillet is cool give me an amen
  • Love itπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ 5/5

    By Lil stephanie97
    It is so cool! You can literally feel the heat! But sometimes I put my hands too close and I touch the screen which makes the settings pop up. But otherwise it's a great app!!!!
  • Heated feel 5/5

    By I love the holidays!!!!!
    It's So weird you can feel the heat
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sambomemphis2911
    I actually feel the heat
  • μ’‹μ•„μš” 5/5

    By Byuldeu
    μ‹€μ œλ‘œλΆˆμ„ν”Όμš΄λŠλ‚Œμ΄μ—μš”.^0^
  • Mr Ramiro specerson 5/5

    By The hobo plays d oboe
    This is the best app ever it relieves my stress and you can actually fell the heat it may sound weird but try it and get this app hold ur hand like a quarter of a centimeter away from the screen and warm up. Get it now!
  • Loud background roar 3/5

    By Bosco Shagnasty
    I also have the White Noise app. They both use the same sound of the fire and both sound like the fire is mixed with the air conditioner from White Noise. I find it kind of annoying.

    By Mee-Marie
    Awesome I think it actually sends warm waves out. He minute I turned of the app to write this review I was freezing. GET THE APP SO πŸ†’
  • Lame 1/5

    By Parker Spires
    Lamer x2
  • Not bad 5/5

    By C sharp
    Its not in HD but its the best looking fireplace I've seen so far that DOESN'T HAVE ADDS. And it's free.
  • Cool, but could be bigger 4/5

    By MsQueenn
    The fire needs to take up more screen space. Too much black. There's this other app that has a much closer, more real campfire feel. But this is free, so it's fine
  • Good for free 3/5

    By mgmm1
    It works as advertised and is a good free app. It would get 5 stars if it was integrated with the built-in iPod like some of the other apps. You can however, multi-task between the iPod and Eternal Fire and have your music play in the background and still enjoy the fire video and cravkling sound.
  • Warm & Funny 5/5

    By Sha Nai Nai
    This app is so cool and it is so fun to do stupid things with! Lol
  • Aswome 5/5

    By Bransonrogers
  • Up North 5/5

    By Historygirl1863
    Reminds me of Up North Great App!!!
  • Great 4/5

    By Hybridhumor
    The picture could be clearer but its FREE!!!
  • HA HA HA 5/5

    By Queenlexibeans
    It keeps me warm in my igloo It helps me get wild with my bf
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kas-too
    Awesome! Very peaceful!
  • It's awesome 4/5

    By Lahtsa
    It's awesome just that it gets boring after awhile
  • Works 5/5

    By Jenniferm626
    I works but it is not loud it needs to be updated i looks weard!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By iMintyFresh
    It like put me asleep in less than 5 minutes!!!
  • Nice app! 4/5

    By Miki Okumura
    This is the best fire app in the market in my mindξŒ·ξ„ξ€Žξ„ξ€Žξ„ξ€Ž / (plus it's free!!)
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Defender fanatic
    Needs option to have brick background like indoor fireplace. And speed of flames slow- fast. but it's not bad I like the crackling sound.give more options and I'll give more stars... Best free one out their.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Cheer010
    It is not about gf or bf but it is cool it would be way better if it actually warmed ur hands I had to get a separate app for that but otherwise awesome
  • Amazing!!!!! 5/5

    By Breeeeeeee88
    Ok my gf was never in the mood or ready for sex but I got this app for a movie night with me and her ( romance movie for her) and she looked at me and strting kissing me and after our makeout session for like 10 minutes she put her hand down my pants and played with it ad slowly said I'm ready!!!! I was so excited she said that fireplace and it's sound effects really turned her on! Our night was amazing! She sucked on it alot better cuz of the fireplace!!!!:) GET IT If you want a makeout session or sex with ur gf or bf and ps I'm 15 and it worked
  • Review 1/5

    By Santa muffin
    This app will get u naked and make u put your hands in a dryer also own doors. This is HOT!!!!!!
  • Enjoyable !! 5/5

    By S,S,FH
    Very good.
  • Cool 4/5

    By lattelicious
    I really like it but how about support for video out (to play on tv monitor). That would make it awesome!

Eternal Fire app comments

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