Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop

Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.34
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etsy, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop App

Etsy Seller is the newest way to manage your shop on the go. It’s got everything you need to easily respond to customers, create and edit listings, see your shop stats, and manage your orders. Plus we’ve added some great new features you’ll want to check out: -- Add and edit listing videos and photos straight from your phone. -- Seamlessly access order details within messages with a buyer. -- Know when you have a repeat buyer, thanks to special tags in Messages. -- Easily manage orders with our updated design that shows you what to ship, and when. -- Get key performance stats like views, sales, and revenue in a listing overview. -- Share feedback to tell us what needs improving, and see your suggestions brought to life. -- And even more! New features are always being added to create the best possible experience for our sellers. You need an Etsy shop to use this app. Get started at

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Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop app reviews

  • Blows 1/5

    By TheCptDanger
    This app is garbage. I can’t even update my shop graphics with it. It is not intuitive. I feel like I can never remember where anything is and have to figure it out all over again every day because it’s so counterintuitive. When there’s an error it tells you to contact support but doesn’t provide a link. There’s no chat with support feature, which should be available at least during business hours. When I try and purchase shipping labels it tells me the feature isn’t working and to contact support, but again, no link to support. Not sure if it’s better or worse than the previous app.
  • Try again 1/5

    By ChemE Mike
    I have really tried to give this new app a try. The old app was far from perfect but this new one doesn’t appear to build on what worked from the old one. It looks like it was done by a separate team without input from people who have used the original app. It’s unintuitive, doesn’t display information in a way that makes sense, and appears to be missing critical info.
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By TheGadgetinator
    This app is so stripped down in features it’s almost useless for managing my Etsy account and products. The old app is soooooo much better. I recommend adding back every single feature before more negative adds show up for this app.
  • If it’s not broke… 1/5

    By Kitty Cadaver
    Don’t try to fix it. Time consuming for creators and artists on this “new” but not improved version. I sure wish developers would listen to the people using their platforms and stop trying to make “improvement” just to fudge it up. Unless it was impossible to add the few “improvement” features to the previous app, which was working quite well, I don’t understand why they’d roll this out when the original was working fine. Sure it could use the “cancel order option”, but a complete overhaul to be left with this is absurd & cause for frustration. Artists who chose the platform do it for the ease of getting product to their customer base and organizing said orders. No one wants to have to stop to relearn a whole new platform just because someone decided they need to be like the other guys app. Please stop adding to what was already working.
  • Utterly pointless 1/5

    By Horrorgirl420
    I hate this app - can’t access payment account. Feels limited.
  • cool but unsure why it exists. 3/5

    By AndruM
    Lacks some features of the old app. Not able to copy and paste anything in the app for some reason.
  • No 1/5

    By eagleness54
    It doesn’t give me dashboards notifications.
  • Stop 1/5

    By earthangel2100
    This App stalks me and messes up my other seller app! Waste of my time …stop it if I wanted it I’d get it😝
  • Why would you make it blue first of all? 1/5

    By Blvsmaty
    I immediately went back to the orange app. Way more user friendly and the blue was just weird to the eye of someone who’s used Etsy for a decade.
  • Awful 1/5

    By swirly pearly
    The old app was way better. You can hardly do anything with the new app.
  • I have to use the old app 1/5

    By DabbDino
    The only reason I have this app is because the old app wouldn’t let me do anything without downloading this new one. None of the features I really need to manage my listings are available. There’s a note at the bottom of some of the pages that say some of the features aren’t available yet. I wish they would have waited to launch the app if it wasn’t ready. I can’t do anything with this.

    By Shaolin26
    Why etsy created a new app for seller, does not make any sense, the old app works just fine, i wonder why im not selling anymore because of the new app, i dont need to create new listing with this app because i already did with my old one, this is just waste of my time.
  • Not accurate. Have to reload app often due to instability of program. 1/5

    By Henri Henry
    I have zero confidence in this app. Do not recommend that anyone should have confidence in it. Makes me wonder why Etsy is so incredibly lame in this regard. This app is poor PR and a completely sad example for such a large corporate entity. If I ran my shop like this app I would be a complete failure.
  • Doesn’t work landscape 2/5

    By spadesfreakk
    For those of us who use our ipads or tablets with keyboards on Etsy, it’s pretty much useless unless you can turn your head 90 degrees or you can read sideways. I’ll be using the old app as long as it’s working.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By Freyjastear
    I’d like to be able to use it on the iPad, so a landscape mode would be nice. Other wise this is a decent app.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Leah Hant
    This app doesn’t provide anything that the old seller app doesn’t already do. It’s not user friendly and not easy to find certain things!
  • Old app is better and easier 1/5

    By jaamicha777
    The main thing I use my app is to see the 30 days revenue which I can’t even see in my h new app . Also totally chaotic and nothing really new and useful. I’d prefer an improvement on the old app instead!
  • Listing button doesn’t work 1/5

    By Glampiano
    Kind of pointless having a selling app where you can’t list an item to sell.
  • Too many bugs doesn’t work as it should 1/5

    By alwndidwpqkn
    Also redundant to the “old” app. I hope they fix the bugs before discontinuing the previous app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By wwltp
    Switched from android phone to Apple and now I don’t even get notifications that I received a message from a customer. I had to log into my Etsy account on a computer to see I had a message. This terrible app caused me to the loss of my star seller badge.
  • Very difficult 1/5

    By bfredmpls
    App won’t save drafts u till complete and erases your work if you move your finger anywhere besides what it wants from you. I’ve rewritten several ads, had them deleted and are still not listed just because of this - eBay is an easier option.
  • Not very useful 1/5

    By ml-reviews
    You can’t use the app in horizontal or landscape mode so you can’t use it on an iPad with a keyboard. You also can’t update shop graphics either on the app. You have to use a computer.
  • SHARE button not working, not able to copy personalization text 2/5

    By pbpshop
    I was never able to find a share link on the other app, at least I never found it so had to open the browser and copy the link of a listing to share in a message. Now I see that they have put a share button but when clicking share, the app blinks and nothing happens 🤦🏼‍♀️ On the other hand I see that now we can share a listing directly in the messages, congrats for that! Also the messages you were writing used to disappear from the box when you changed of app, now they stay there! Great done 👍🏻 ****CONS: 1) I don’t like the minimun info displayed on the orders tab. Not able to see custom notes I added unless I open each order. On “Sell on Etsy” we were able to see orders with notes all in the same window. 2) I can copy the address but not the text that the buyer submitted on "personalization" to customize the product, have to go to the browser again. Useless.
  • 2 Apps?! Twice as inconvenient 2/5

    By K.Sexton
    What is the point in having 2 separate seller apps? It makes no sense and it it super inconvenient. Try 1 that does it all. Sure, adding listings on here is easy but it is frustrating that I have to have THREE Etsy apps total. 1 for shopping and 2 for selling. It’s silly.
  • Garbage, Junk, Horrible, Worthless Piece of Trash 1/5

    By Crazy Owl 47
    Try finding your sold out listings so you can copy them since they eliminated the ability to filter on anything by section, zero ability to sort except by their alphabetical default. Oooooo … and to make it even better, you get to click and click and click to add or remove pictures be sure to add pictures in the order you want them to display since you can’t move them around. What takes one minute in Sell on Etsy takes over 5 minutes in this new and ‘improved’ piece of shiat … i stopwatched it. And forget about using all those package presets that you spent your time setting up because you can’t access them here. Of course, why would you use this shipping label process when you have to go to the desktop version anyway if you want to print or view a packing slip? And all the other stuff other users are saying. Etsy … quit while the quitting’s good, enhance Sell on Etsy and stop wasting our seller fees on this fiasco!!! Garbage by any other name is still garbage. I will continue to use Sell on Etsy for adding and copying listings, and the mobile desktop version on my iPhone rather than wasting my time here.
  • Etsy Sell on Etsy App Is Better 3/5

    By TCtronic
    It seems that Etsy created Etsy Seller to compete with Instagram Reels, but it doesn’t compare. The effort it takes to create content tailored for the Etsy selling community isn’t a good use of my time. I would welcome an extra area on the web version of Etsy to post photos and videos that isn’t all the way at the bottom of the page with the Shop Policies. It would also be nice if the Shop Story had it’s own tab on the web version. Currently, the Sell On Etsy app serves my needs for mobile, mainly to be aware of orders, messages and activity for my shop. The detailed stats are better viewed on the desktop. In addition, the Sell On Etsy app is a cleaner design. If Etsy wants to dive into the social spaces, it would be more helpful to be able to post content from instagram to a feed on my Etsy. As a one-woman operation, I can only split my time so many ways!
  • No Ipad Landscape Mode 1/5

    By Lana97013
    I find it ridiculous that Etsy doesn’t have this app suitable for use with an iPad using landscape mode. I see that many people have complained about it and nothing has been done. It is unusable for those using an iPad with a keyboard as it won’t rotate into landscape mode. That’s a pretty basic requirement. I mean, many, many people use iPads with keyboards. But even so, why wouldn’t that be a feature???? Don’t bother if that’s what you need.
  • Doesn’t open or work 1/5

    By AZgirl58
    I have been trying to open this app for 2 months and I keep getting the same error message: “Sorry something went wrong. Try again”. How many more months do I have to keep trying again in order for it to open? Junk!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By c0smicsoup
    I usually don’t ever write reviews but this app is so annoying sometimes I have to say something. It gets the job done I will say…for the most part. The frustrating things are it feels like an unfinished app plus when I go to make new listings it ALWAYS crashes and I lose all my progress. Absolutely the most annoying app most the time, I hope it gets fixed in the future. Don’t even get me started on the feed Etsy takes out, that has nothing to do with the app, but that’s also very frustrating. I get some bad reviews because my prices have to be raised due to the fees Etsy takes out. :(
  • Give me Lanscape 4/5

    By DoubleTs
    I like this app better than the prior one, not sure why they didn’t just update it instead of an all new one, but I digress. My big complaint is it only does portrait mode, give us the landscape option, my kickstand for my iPad doesn’t work with portrait makes it a pain to have to pick up the iPad to see what I need. One other, increase the font size a bit, I sometimes have trouble seeing how many items are in the order even with my glasses on.
  • Still like the Sell on Etsy app 2/5

    By hadleyclay
    I am an Etsy seller. I rely on the Etsy apps to keep me notified of customer messages and sales. I downloaded this app in lieu of the older “Sell on Etsy”. There is a lag when I type messages and copy/paste and upload photos. I’m not crazy about the stat formats either. I find myself returning to the older Sell on Etsy app to reply to my customers.
  • Faults on the old app are carried over onto this one 2/5

    By cddtw
    Etsy wants to act like they are a website that enables people to run their businesses in a serious way, giving them all the analytical tools they need to manage every aspect of their businesses efficiently and effectively. But the most fundamental data Etsy provides— your total sales— is completely unreliable. The dashboard and stats are ALWAYS wrong. When you log in you will be given one total; when you refresh, you are often given a completely different total that is obviously wrong. I logged in yesterday and both areas of the website showed that I had $54 in sales for the month (January 9th). I reset the parameters to YTD and got the same $54. Then I changed the parameters to ‘yesterday’ and saw that I had gotten over $1,000 in sales just that day alone. These figures are irreconcilable. If you go to your stats page and look at the last week, it might show you several days without any sales despite the fact that you’ve gotten sales on most of those days. It’s very frustrating to try to run a business: to decide how much to advertise, to decide whether it’s a good time to restock your materials, to plan your social media posts, etc., when you don’t have a good real-time idea of how well you are doing. This has been a problem on Etsy for years. I’ve complained about it in their forums, and in an extensive email to one of their customer service people, but it never gets fixed. It’s the most basic information you need to run a business and it’s almost as if Etsy hides it from you. They have never made fixing this a priority. I had hoped it would be addressed in this new seller’s app but it looks like they’ve ignored the problem once again.
  • Too many fees 1/5

    By Uneducated lady
    Postage has gone up, your fees have gone up, making us pay shipping for items over $35. Now I have to raise my prices so I get less sales!!!!
  • Really? 1/5

    By joclyn jay
    I am wondering why we waiting all this time for this? So here we are with this SELLER APP. It’s the same as the old one. We were all promised to be apple to upload “For you” videos for customers to see videos like Tiktok and Facebook reels. The excuse is still they are pushing them out to certain sellers at a time. Yeah , that’s in true. It’s only to their high end sellers that’s been over a year now. Etsy is a scam
  • Not ready to replace old seller app 2/5

    By bredizzy
    New seller app is very confusing and doesn’t seem to have all the same features as the old one.
  • Can’t use this on my iPad Pro 1/5

    By Emilyev
    This app only works in portrait mode but landscape is required to use with iPad Pro and the keyboard/case.
  • Love it 5/5

    By MorganLee.97
    So far, I am loving this new app. I just spent almost 45 minutes trying upload a digital file on the old app and I was able to do it within five minutes with ease on this app.
  • Why would you REMOVE features??? 1/5

    By SweetayPi
    This is so ridiculous and this feels so incomplete. So much data is missing and I cant gain access to it. Things that used to be so helpful like knowing where my views and visits are coming from, what are people searching to find my items, etc are all gone!! I almost can’t believe they released this, it’s supposed to be an upgrade to the old app meaning it has EVERYTHING the old app had plus MORE. This doesnt even have half the features the old one had. Etsy is getting worse and worse every day.
  • Still waiting for Etsy to fix issues 2/5

    By PattiGallo
    When adding a new item to my shop I have to go to the old sellers app after I’m done to select a section. The new app keeps telling me to add my first section. I already have sections. So annoying. It worked once and stopped. Ridiculous having to use 2 apps. Still waiting to hear from support about this.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By sku11kid
    Love the app and is wayyyyy better than the last one. Only issue is that it doesn’t have landscape mode (since I work on my iPad) and the widget to see the stats with out opening the app. I know it’s fairly new so hopefully soon there will be an update for that!
  • Doesn’t even work. 1/5

    By Xomel75
    I’ve tried multiple times on different devices and it just doesn’t even work. Garbage.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ImNotASelfishRepublican
    Absolutely terrible app. Who thought this was a good idea? The old app worked fine and I could list something in less than a few minutes, now I have to click “back” a million times to even upload multiple photos for a listing. This app is unintuitive to the max. I now use the web browser because this “upgrade” is so clunky and unusable. That’s what happens when you end up on the stock market I guess. You care less about your sellers who made you who you are and more about the bottom line.
  • This app is junk compared to old one 1/5

    By Ericmccoy
    I don’t even bother using this one… the old app is way better and has more useful features.
  • Don't waste your time with this app 1/5

    By Wool Mob
    Definitely not worth downloading. Sell by Etsy is 1000 times better than this new seller app.
  • Why 2/5

    By justpostthisstupidreview
    I genuinely don’t understand why they made a whole new app when we already had a functioning seller app. The listings are complicated to deal with, it never tracks your sales or revenue correctly, and so far I can’t figure out a way to view my shop to make sure everything looks okay from the buyers perspective like the other app did. I just don’t get the point.
  • No rotation 1/5

    By Samm328
    All my transactions are done with my iPad. I won’t be using the new app unless and until screen rotation is added.
  • Complicated 1/5

    By paperlover2
    This app did not make my listings easier to manage. It’s difficult to navigate and I can’t easily locate my current, inactive, or expired listings. It’s also much more time consuming to load/delete pics for new listings. I’m going back to the old app until you can figure this one out.
  • Glitchy slow and explore doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By sankejiro
    The explore feature needs to be put on the website or the old Etsy app, because that feature can’t even be bothered to upload any video no matter how short. The entire app freezes up and doesn’t work at all, extremely frustrating and Etsy support is always notoriously rude and condescending so I don’t even want to bother as they never actually fix issues. Very disappointed
  • Pointless - Stick with the old version 1/5

    By Joanne Isham
    The limited “new” features have barely any new functions. I don’t understand why the previous app wasn’t updated rather than presenting a different app. I’m deleting this one and going back to the old version. Very disappointing.