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Etsy – Shop Creative

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  • Current Version: 5.19.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etsy, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Etsy – Shop Creative App

Shop millions of one-of-a-kind items and find the perfect thing for you. With the Etsy app, you can easily explore our global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. It features curated collections of inspiring gifts for him or her, unique wedding ideas, and handmade jewelry. And personalized recommendations for stylish jewelry, art, clothing, and furniture will also help you find exactly what you need (or really, really want). Join our 34+ million members around the world and get something that’s truly special. The whole world of Etsy is in the app: - Save items and shops as favorites to revisit them later - Get notified the minute an order ships - Talk directly to shop owners to get all of your questions answered - Explore curated recommendations tailored to your taste - Check out swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay - Discover upcoming events and nearby stores featuring Etsy sellers - Now available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese If you have an Etsy shop, our free Sell on Etsy app has all of the tools you need to manage your shop: process orders, add listings, view your shop stats, and more. Visit our support page: Report problems with the app: Get site status updates: About Etsy Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to make, sell and buy unique goods. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

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Etsy – Shop Creative app reviews

  • Organize 4/5

    By Kster13
    I love Etsy but I wish I could save favorites in categories instead of only having one folder for favorites.
  • Can’t review sellers with this app 4/5

    By Annoyedathavingtohaveanickname
    The app is OK, except for one really important thing. I can’t review sellers as it is right now. I can’t see the text box. That part is not working well, and needs to be worked on. Otherwise I can’t think of any complaints.
  • Never received my order 1/5

    By LondonQueen95
    I used to love Etsy and order items from here on a regular basis, but they’ve really gone down hill. I ordered a necklace from a shop and it never arrived. I messaged the shop owner and she never responded to my message. This was a week after my order was supposed to ship. Because she didn’t reply, I called Etsy support and was told they couldn’t do anything and I’d have to wait another week before I could file a claim. The following week I filed a claim because I still hadn’t received my order or heard from the shop owner. I called again to see if I could get a refund and was told there was nothing they could do right now and that I’d have to wait ANOTHER WEEK before I could be issued a refund from Etsy. The shop owner is MIA and Etsy keeps making me wait a full week before I can do anything. I placed my order almost 2 weeks ago. By the time I get a refund, it will have been almost 3+ weeks since I placed my order. I will be making my own necklaces from now on because it takes way too long to get a refund/any help from Etsy themselves. Won’t be ordering again.
  • Last update ruined app 1/5

    By Pcestmoi
    Not functioning on iPhone 8. Boots but anything i try to do results in a “Uh Oh Something’s Wrong” graphic.
  • What happened 1/5

    By Ronni32
    App was updated today and still having problems
  • App not working 3/5

    By Ahalick
    You cannot visit a store using the app. The website works fine. This started today, Wednesday, March 13th. Errors using iOS 12.1.2 on iPhone. Please fix, as I love this app. Thank you.
  • Receiving error message when clicking store links 3/5

    By wordtamer
    Hello, The app usually works wonderfully. However, today, 03/13/19, when I click on a store to access, I receive an error saying oops, something went wrong. I can search for items so I can access a few of the offerings, but when we I click on the store name to access the full site, the error message pops up again. Thanks in advance.
  • Satisfacción 5/5

    By M.Sad.Bar
    La app está muy bien ! Solo le hace falta una sección de Monidas antiguas reales ! Por lo de más está funcionando perfectamente
  • Would be 5 star. 4/5

    By BLeans84
    Would be five stars if the app had shop notifications.
  • Not sure if it’s just the App... 3/5

    By Keholmes
    But when I leave a review and include a photo... my photo is loaded with black borders and cuts off half of the photo. Please fix. I’d love to showcase my gorgeous finds in the reviews, esp when they are custom made. Also- if I add a favorite item and it’s no longer available- just delete it so I can’t even see it on my list because that’s sometimes not even an option when something is no longer available. Thanks!
  • *Least favorite shopping app* 1/5

    By MmamaLlama
    ✔️Adding an item to the cart takes you to the cart losing your place in a search. ✔️Not enough categories to narrow search = slogging through irrelevant items. ✔️No easy way to move or delete multiple items. ✔️Can't leave feedback on items until some predetermined date in the future. ✔️Inability to pay only one seller in cart.
  • Absolutely beautiful! 5/5

    By Love 7 Wonders Design
    Love our set of 6 Kitchen Wall Art prints from 7 Wonders Design! Striking! Purchased them in the grey, suede, black, cream modern decor design. Individually framed them in black frames. Put on a cream mat and all on a black 24 5/8 “ x 21 3/8” frame. Wow! Hung on a light grey wall! Makes the room. Awesome!
  • Shop at own risk 3/5

    By scimitar79
    I ordered a product seller says it arrived it hasn’t. Etsy does nothing other than rate how we helped you well you didn’t do anything hasn’t contacted seller hasn’t told me anything so even if they are taking action I wouldn’t know it. Buy at your own risk it seems the sellers are accountable only by their own morals.
  • Lee Click 1/5

    By MacstersMcGruff
    The only reason I downloaded the app was to get the beautiful blue heart lily, only on the site 1day and sold out. I’m so disappointed. Probably won’t shop again if this is an example of your service 😢
  • Why was it removed from the App Store 1/5

    By Kekec281
    I can’t download onto my phone...I have plenty of space
  • Following 2/5

    By 93jay93
    It is a very difficult app to figure simple things out like how to create a following base or link other accounts as well as not simply being able to search some one and click follow
  • Used to 1/5

    By elizabethreader
    I used to love Etsy and was so happy to shop from here. But lately it’s gotten worse. The shipping on most of the sellers is ridiculous and the shipping time is a lie, for lack of a better word. I never received Christmas ornaments & ended up having to go through PayPal to get my money back. And it’s been bad since then. I keep giving y’all chance after chance with continued disappointment.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Azrael69x420
    DO NOT order any pictures or posters from Etsy. Even if they have 5 stars the sellers send pictures and posters bent if at all. There is ZERO customer services for refunds for damages or even get your order at all. They will say they have an escalated service for support all it is waste time. They’ll say go to example PayPal then PayPal will say go to Etsy. It’s a circle of pointing the blam at other people when it’s the seller fault but nothing negative happens to the seller.

    By NascarFan889
    I cannot make an account for my life. It says that my username is invalid, even the one they give me is. I mean it’s ridiculous.
  • Please vary your top picks 3/5

    By Dubnarelli
    I love the ability to shop on this app, and I’ve not had any problems with its functionality. But the “Etsy picks” tend to all look very similar, as if the items could’ve been made by the same person. I’d love to be able to browse more of the products that are a representation of the individuality of available art.
  • please fix buggy reviews!! 2/5

    By hk3678422
    I use this app as both the buyer and a seller. I hate to leave it two stars but was unable to find a place where I could submit app feedback or report a problem. I love that the Etsy app encourages people to write reviews, however it is very difficult to write a review within the mobile app for iPhone because anything longer than one sentence is immediately obstructed by the view of the keyboard. There is no way to remove the keyboard from view, or to scroll up or down once a sentence is typed. (Good luck proofreading your review before you submit it! Better hope you type it right the first time!!!)
  • Censoring 1/5

    By justin_fosho
    Shame on you for censoring the people’s voice! The truth will all come out soon enough
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By Make Apps That Work
    I love Etsy but on the app the ads are getting in the way of being able to find and compare items. If you try to sort the filter selection doesn’t apply to the ads.
  • Censorship is terrifying 1/5

    By C-nix
    I’m terribly disappointed that Etsy has been bullied into censorship. Our freedom of speech is being violated. Political artists items are being removed. Etsy, you are allowing this world to go down. Please think for yourself and represent the people who line your pockets. Please do not take away the voice of our society.
  • please bring back recommended shops 3/5

    By yungdolph
    good app. unfortunately they took away the “recommended shops” feature which is a huge bummer. wish they would bring it back, don’t even really explore the app anymore at this point
  • Bye Etsy! 1/5

    By Jaqjak
    Deleting this app and my account after they decided to censor anything to do with vaccine choice. Hey Etsy, vaccines aren’t safe for everyone and I don’t need you to convince me otherwise. I will NEVER make another ETSY purchase again.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By IlluminateYourMind
    Etsy currently supports modern day censorship.
  • Censorship is un-American 1/5

    By WildersGina
    On Etsy I can find a book about pedophilia, a spell casting kit, and hail satan bracelets. That wouldn’t necessarily bother me enough to write a review, but suddenly there’s something missing from Etsy that was there just a couple days ago. You know what I can’t find? Anything that questions the safety of vaccines. Etsy has removed all listings that don’t fit the “safe and effective” media mantra. The Supreme Court has ruled vaccines “unavoidably unsafe”. American taxpayers have paid out more than 4 billion in damages for vaccine injuries, and thousands upon thousands of people say vaccines harmed their children. Anybody read Orwell’s “1984”? Maybe you can find a listing for it, unless that has also been censored. For your own protection, of course.
  • Farewell Etsy. 1/5

    By hillier10
    I will no longer be using this app along with thousand of other angry people. You have taken away shops, deleted their items and that is not okay. There is nothing wrong with medical freedom. Yet your company has taken away the freedom to sell medically informed items. Goodbye.
  • They censor and delete items that do not fit with their political agenda. 1/5

    By Milo12345678
    I used to love Etsy, but they began to censor and delete all items that don’t align with their political views. They clearly don’t care about their customers constitutional right to freedom of speech. Deleting my account and no longer selling with them!
  • Censorship of medical freedoms 1/5

    By chelzz47
    If it goes against the pharmaceutical agenda it won’t be found on Etsy. But you can find fantasy dog dildos, bondage masks and other disturbing and disgusting products. Extremely disappointed!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Katreina599
    Perfect app for all those creative minds to sell their products, whenever I can’t find what I’m looking for I always search on Etsy to find something unique. Great Job
  • App never works 3/5

    By Kaladarling
    Even with the “bug fixing” updates my app almost never works with WiFi or not. Pretty lame.
  • Consistently throws me out of app even after updates 2/5

    By rollerstar4ever
    I’ve been using Etsy since it’s genesis. One of my staple everyday apps. But no other app I use on my iPad stalls, slows to a creep and then just throws me out like the Etsy app. It has been happening for years. It would be great if the favorite list would generate more efficiently... so painfully slow at times. I love Etsy and all it represents — I just wish the app could be improved for iPad usage.
  • ETSY 5/5

    By maisal
    Etsy, I love your app. But can you PLEASE make an organized folder for favorites. Like certain things that we like can go into their own section so I don’t have to keep scrolling up and down to find what I favorited. Okay well thank you !
  • Would be more stars but... 3/5

    By KasHavok
    Lately the app hasn’t been loading anything really
  • Broken 1/5

    By Golfgirl2170
    Every single time I try to open the app, it says uh oh, there was a problem... and it won’t fix. I have done the update, it is still causing problems.
  • List 4/5

    By Pppppppiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnkkkkkkk
    Would like to see an ability to filter through my favorite list as I have so much on there it’s hard to find what I am looking for. So a filter ability or like a search bar so I can put key words in for an item to look through the list. :)
  • Text too big 2/5

    By TracyLml
    I used to use the app on my iPhone frequently but something changed recently. All of the text is gigantic!! So annoying and difficult to read on iPhone. I deleted the app and reinstalled. That didn’t help.
  • Needs ability to edit account info! 3/5

    By Sari Luna
    I have been using the app on and off for a long time that I forgot to update my email address after closing the latter. I ordered $101 worth of goodies only to realize that I didn’t receive the email confirmations. I had to go on the website to try to login and edit my email, but for some reason none of the emails worked for me. I am so frustrated by this. If the app allowed the ability to edit email/shipping addresses it would be an automatic 5 stars for me. Please update this feature!
  • Newest version = MEH 2/5

    By Kyryl310
    I’ve shopped Etsy for years because I like supporting artisans - and early on enjoyed exploring areas which interest me. The latest version’s home page seems to be the app trying to shove its preferences down my throat. 🤨
  • Not accessible 2/5

    By Kristinlf57
    The text in the search field does not meet accessibility standards at all. I'm not vision impaired and I find it extremely difficult (and even painful) to read due to its size and lack of contrast. There are several other instances in the app (tab bar, checkout page, etc) where the text is way too small. I've adjusted the dynamic text in settings and it only changes a few of your text fields, but none that I've listed. Please fix this—all of your users deserve a quality experience.
  • Subtle changes 3/5

    By 3zzie
    I love the app, but I noticed after the most recent update, the home page within the app no longer shows my recently viewed. Instead, it shows recommendations/discover based on what I have viewed. If I wanted to see your recommendations, I would click the tab within the app to do so. Please go back to original view.
  • Confused on how to use it. 3/5

    By FindanotherrecipebookplanB
    I want to be able to sell my handmade items, but the app doesn’t have a section for that, it only has for buying items.
  • Can’t View Shops 1/5

    By FlyGirlKate
    ...only individual items previously favorited. MADDENING as you continue to release updates for “bug fixes”. This is a pretty big bug, don’t you think? No amount of deleting and re-downloading; signing out & back in has addressed this, by the way. Fix. This. Please.
  • Monster font is a visual assault 5/5

    By sharronharrisnuckearpiwerplant
    Please please give me the option in my settings to reduce the font size on product title and price particularly on the category level thumbnail. There are no words to describe how visually offensive it is. It makes it impossible to shop.
  • Please help!! 1/5

    By briannel64
    I downloaded the app and I tried to sign in and it says my account has been deactivated. Please help so I can sign back in
  • love it! 5/5

    By egSebastian
    i love browsing the app for cute things! i think this is a really good app for buyers and people who are looking to make a profit! ^^
  • Stop reviewing the site and review the apps functionality. 2/5

    By LecstasySuicide
    First off, these reviews aren't for how the site works. They are to fix bugs with the app itself. Second if you are getting scammed(unlikely as Etsy is strict) report the person. Third. Huge problem with the app, infinite search loop, never shows anything or even a "not found". Then days later it fixes itself. Then again it gives the loop again. It's been doing this for months.

Etsy – Shop Creative app comments

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