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  • Current Version: 5.24
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Etsy – Shop Creative App

Shop millions of one-of-a-kind items and find the perfect thing for you. With the Etsy app, you can easily explore our global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. It features curated collections of inspiring gifts for him or her, unique wedding ideas, and handmade jewelry. And personalized recommendations for stylish jewelry, art, clothing, and furniture will also help you find exactly what you need (or really, really want). Join our 34+ million members around the world and get something that’s truly special. The whole world of Etsy is in the app: - Save items and shops as favorites to revisit them later - Get notified the minute an order ships - Talk directly to shop owners to get all of your questions answered - Explore curated recommendations tailored to your taste - Check out swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay - Discover upcoming events and nearby stores featuring Etsy sellers - Now available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese If you have an Etsy shop, our free Sell on Etsy app has all of the tools you need to manage your shop: process orders, add listings, view your shop stats, and more. Visit our support page: Report problems with the app: Get site status updates: About Etsy Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to make, sell and buy unique goods. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

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Etsy – Shop Creative app reviews

  • Item and add to cart have split up half the page. 1/5

    By Shabnum60
    The app is being very weird when I look at a product/item. Half the page will show the item and the other half will have “add to cart” with quantity and everything else on the right side. I can’t even add to cart or read what I’m buying. Please fix this because I can’t buy anything with this glitch.
  • Don’t complete purchases in app 1/5

    By Jenny Aloha
    Etsy has no problem with you updating a credit card in app but you can’t update shipping address. You aren’t given a chance too. I didn’t realize the problem until I started tracking my item. I won’t be using their mobile app anymore.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By snowleopardcub
    The design is very bad and confusing. Very difficult to navigate and easy to get lost
  • Messages issue 4/5

    By Mrs. Kasheta
    I LOVE the app, however my messages don’t show up on all devices I have logged into my account. This is kinda tedious. If this gets fixed it will be a 5 star review from me!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By nxtstar
    I would love if you could sign in to multiple accounts at once. I manage my personal Etsy page as well as a professional page and it would be so nice to have an easier way to switch and get notifications for both pages. 🙏🏼
  • No Customer Service 1/5

    By Petrofunk
    I haven’t been able to sign into my account for over a year now and there is no way to contact anyone about this. They say my account was deactivated but I didn’t do that. There’s no way I could have been suspended, I don’t sell I just buy a few gifts a year. I hope someone from Etsy sees this and contacts me and how sad is that? They are impossible to talk to when they’ve deactivated your account bc in order to get to their customer service requests section you have to be signed in. What a crazy bad flaw.
  • You can find anything 5/5

    By Mjfalend
    Great App and I like Etsy for anything at a good price!
  • Buggy! 1/5

    By Kinziger
    Products are awesome but app is always buggy. Always getting the something went wrong. Try again.
  • This New Upgrade 2/5

    By summerfunjuly
    Ever since I did the upgrade, I can’t access cut file purchases I make on my phone like I used to be able to. It’s beyond frustrating when I can’t edit on the go. I was in front of a client yesterday who wanted me to do a quick lock up if some work she wants done and I couldn’t access the cut files on my phone nor my iPad. I’ve never had this issue before.
  • Just Love It 5/5

    By Merrin68
    I have bought so many things on this site for the last 7 years and am never ever disappointed. Great shops, great finds, I just love it.
  • Update frustrations 3/5

    By MissyP447
    I use this app daily. I really would love to see a search option in purchases on the mobile app but my reason for writing this review is since the latest update, the shop names do not show up on the search results. This causes me to not want to use the app on mobile and drag out the laptop so I can see the shop names when I am browsing search results instead of clicking on each item to see the shop name.
  • Can’t even download the app 1/5

    By CJ2Rare
    Doesn’t even appear in the App Store for me, I have to google it and click on the link to get to here and I can’t even download it
  • Updated review 4/5

    By ForeverTayyy
    Thank you developers for taking client feedback seriously and resolving the issues!
  • Save search option 1/5

    By Snj_ladybug
    This is no “save search” only “favorite” store or item option. So constantly trying to remember all keywords that showed me what I really wanted. Too many sellers using popular search keywords that DON’T describe their item in an attempt to get it seen by the highest number of people. Also way to many sponsored items mixed in to your search results. At least results are a continuous scroll. Yay.
  • The App is Being Super Glitchy 2/5

    By PanamaDoll
    Please fix!
  • My go to place for unique gifts & keepsake items 5/5

    By Sunflower Chica
    My virtual it!🌻
  • Love Etsy but... 2/5

    By Astutress
    Love Etsy but... I am really disappointed that you have dropped the vendor names from the search results. I am viewing on iPhone. I buy a lot of seeds on Etsy and there are often many sellers selling a particular flower seed. Using vendors I’ve used before or at least recognize matters to me, and I don’t want to be buying $3 worth of seeds from each of 5 different vendors (shipping costs!). This new layout without vendor names is a REAL pain.
  • Cannot view any shop 2/5

    By Andrew98734
    I keep getting the error, "Uh oh, there was a problem. Hmm. Something went wrong. Go Back" when attempting to view any shop on Etsy.
  • Etsy lets their users sell fur!!! 1/5

    By Glorycia21
    PERSONAL PREFERENCE!! Used to love Etsy. It has helped me out with planning my sister bachelorette party to her wedding and a lot of other stuff. I’ve recently heard that their letting their users sell fur. I can’t support a company that stands for this! Will be taking my business elsewhere!
  • Wish I could navigate to individual shops 1/5

    By TallUT
    Have contacted Etsy about this several times, but the problem keeps cropping up. Hitting the ‘visit the shop’ link takes me to an error page. Guess I’ll have to use the website rather than the app.
  • cool, but rarely works when i need it 2/5

    there’s a pretty nasty problem of not being able to view store pages in this app, both on the iOS and android versions. Its pretty inconvenient when trying to nab a rare item and the app decides the store you’re shopping from doesn't exist anymore.
  • Find an alternative 1/5

    By GfyUber
    Etsy has turned into garbage.
  • Why remove shop contact per listing??? 3/5

    By crumb collector
    Used to be able to ask a question direct on an item via the app listing. Why would this be taken off???
  • Terrible search engine, user tools 1/5

    By Farmgirlshelley
    You can’t even change your email or find a shop unless you have the name exactly right. This app needs a lot of improvement.
  • Bye bye Etsy 1/5

    By LaReina4
    I used to like Etsy because I could find unique things. But over the years I have found myself buying very few items because of high prices and high shipping rates. Why, when I get free shipping on Amazon. And now to top it off, Etsy is supporting the Pharma Industry on mandatory vaccinations by removing certain sellers. To each their own, but why use your platform for something like that?? So I am deleting Etsy and not ever using them again.
  • Errors when I try and visit my favorite shops 3/5

    By DragoninVA
    I love Etsy. The concept is sound. But the service and app have issues. Good luck for reaching anyone for an issue that doesn’t fit particular categories. No chance. And of late, when I want to go back and visit my favorite shops, I keep getting an error and no way to resolve it. Help people!!! You are losing business for your shops.
  • Bug 3/5

    By Meltdown! At the Sockhop
    When I try to view a shop there is a bug that prevents me from seeing it. It says that it is unavailable, even though it is still available when I use etsy online. It does this with every single shop.
  • Used to like Etsy. But it’s too slow. 2/5

    By Angelkisses4me
    I don’t have all day to wait. I could drive to the mall. Order a million things off of amazon already and have looked up 12 classes on You Tube. Why did u break it. It sounds like u screwed your stores all out of business and now you don’t want us shopping there either. Good way to lose profit margin. Lose executive board members. If you were on my board I would of already fired you. Whoever did this had the sense of a peanut and sadly to allow this to go on a single day with your knowledge is a disgrace of your establishment. This is not adequate establishment by which to exchange creative ideas and develop talents. .. you can not even get into any persons place to see or share!! You have LOST YOUR WAY. I admonish you only because you have brought so much joy and purpose to so many crafters alike, finding a new avenue to reach out and share. Find your way back. And please fix the issue before we turn to other ways because PayPal is offering us a great deal now nice store. Nice website. Nice listing. You would be surprised how quickly the word spreads when people are not treated well
  • It’s a great app, but just one little tiny thing missing 4/5

    By prismatic_boy
    I like this app for all the shopping and everything, but my only complaint is that whenever you try to send and receive messages from sellers, and there’s a long record of messages, you can’t really see them all, and you often have to go to the browser in order to see every message exchanged between the customer and seller in the conversation inbox. That’s my only complaint
  • Can’t view shop page 2/5

    By Stick0fDYNaM1TE
    This app makes shopping from Etsy easier, but now I can’t view the shop page when I click on a specific item. I keep getting an error message, but this isn’t an issue on my Android phone. I have to go to the website to if I want to view shops.
  • Please Improve Thumbnail Loading 3/5

    By ib_mellow
    Scrolling through enough items through a single search causes loading issues such as freezing and thumbnail not loading. Perhaps only allowing a limited amount of thumbnails/items to be loaded and at any given time would alleviate this issue. Please try and fix this otherwise the app works great.
  • Fix store bug! (Fixed!) 4/5

    By katthetall
    (Update: I am not having issues anymore, thanks.) can’t access a stores main page when looking at their items. Always says there is an error.
  • 😘 3/5

    By kx123?
    how can I change to Chinese Version
  • Email verification 1/5

    By Sam Marroquin
    It would be nice if I could message sellers but the app is saying my email isn’t verified so I can’t send a message. Never got an email to my inbox to verify and there is no way to do it myself. Very annoying
  • I Love Etsy! 5/5

    By MaggieGChina
    So far all of the sellers on Etsy have been helpful, PATIENT, and kind! Most importantly patient! When I have a question about customizing a piece of jewelry the sellers are kind and reply back as soon as they can! They are also patient, give AMAZING advice if you need it, and they help you visualize your ideal piece of jewelry! This one seller was kind enough to send me a picture of a rough copy of what this particular ring would look like that I wanted! She was absolutely amazing and very helpful! I have not run across any problems or rude sellers yet! Thank God! The people on the Etsy app are proving to be better than Amazon as far as the attitude of the sellers and customer service! I have not had to contact customer service yet and hopefully I never do! All and all this is the BEST APP EVER! Thank you, Etsy! Also thank you to all the people I have bought jewelry from! You all are AMAZING and I am going to keep coming back for more AMAZING and unique pieces of jewelry! One more thing the quality of the jewelry, I think, is really great! Some of it may be a little expensive but it is well worth the money! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Maggie
  • They removed Apple Pay from the app!! 1/5

    By The Faj
    You can still use it on the web, but for some stupid reason it’s gone from the app. It’s impossible to buy something without creating an account (and handing over a ton of personal information to Etsy for tracking/marketing/growth bros to exploit and sell). You’re better off not using this manipulative app.
  • would give 5 stars, but.. 3/5

    By Kira618
    I absolutely love this app, and i really wish i could get more things off here!! however.. the settings are very limited. you cant really change ANYTHING, which makes it difficult. i cant change my account location OR my preferred currency. it only shows items in the U.K., and i cant buy anything thats sold in euros. its really disappointing to see so many lovely things that i cant buy! if there was a way to change the currency in my settings, this app would 100% be 5 stars. hopefully this gets taken into consideration! thanks!
  • Can’t view shops; error message every time 2/5

    By wolfesdad
    This app lets me search for items and view those items. But when I click “view shop” from an item listing, I just get an error message. I get the same error message when I search for a shop and then try to view it. Please fix this!
  • Iphone 8 rockin’ this app 5/5

    By Pcestmoi
    I had issues with a previous update but the last update fixed all my problems. Love the app. Easy to use. I use it exclusively to order.
  • Etsy is great! 4/5

    By arhayw
    App loads slow at times, but overall I really like shopping on Etsy.
  • No integrity as a business 1/5

    By asaccy
    They will let sellers provide knock-off items (yeti items) and not refund the customer when shoddy products are received. Their only suggestion is to take it up with the seller, who is obviously no help considering they use fake products. I’m out $400 on groomsmen gifts that are garbage. Don’t use Etsy!
  • I like it but there some things that would make it easier for all to navigate through the website 5/5

    By Abbydoo4!
    I like the Etsy App but I wish that there was a selection to what size you are for clothing, shoes, etc to select and what colors you like to look for as well. I think if there were more selections to choose from the search engine I and others would find what we need more quickly and effectively 👍😊 From Abby
  • Deleted reviews 1/5

    By hannaob
    Etsy removed a review I gave a very unprofessional shop, The Rusty Cowgirl Shop. I bought 10 hangers for my wedding party and the shop literally throw them in a box. Didn’t wrap them or anything and when I got the box it was half way opened and the protected was damaged. The shops owner Karen was absolutely rude and she got Etsy to delete my review. I’ve canceled my orders through Etsy and I will no longer be using this app. Highly disappointed. I’ve bought a lot through them for my wedding and I had planned on buying a lot more but I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By bugtoast
    Love the app usually. Recently the app has been unable to connect to the actual shop pages. Sometimes I want to browse what a shop is selling and not just specific items.
  • Your app is broken again! 2/5

    By Belverana
    I've reported it on one occasion already, but it happened again: The app is broken! There's no access to the stores, only to items. When you try clicking 'Visit Store', it goes to the 'oops, something went wrong' page. I tried with all the shops I have in favorites. Can't visit any of them, though they're not closed. I also sell on Etsy (have nearly 2K sales), and can clearly imagine how many sales I lose if people are shopping on the app which is broken! Please fix it ASAP! Thank you!
  • v5.21 not an improvement 3/5

    By W3ath3rgir1
    Images are glitchy and load very slowly. Please bring back shop names to search results. Bad version.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Sari Luna
    For some reason the shop page link on top of the product listings are gone! I was looking at a listing that Etsy recommended to me based on my favorites, but I couldn’t figure out how to reach the shop’s front page because it disappeared! Please bring it back, how am I able to browse the seller’s other items without it?
  • Etsy app 2/5

    By Jene9
    While the products are amazing, app is SLOW and inefficient in processing orders. Very disappointing. I was going to spend another $150 on an item but grew impatient with the never-ending spinning/loading.
  • Buyer beware! 1/5

    By Chicago Believer.
    I recently placed an order that was never delivered to me. The seller stopped answering my messages, and Etsy was of no help at all when I opened a case. Luckily it wasn’t anything very expensive, and I will still try to dispute through my credit card. I consider it a lesson learned and will not be shopping here any more.

Etsy – Shop Creative app comments

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