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  • Current Version: 5.15
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Etsy – Shop Creative App

Shop millions of one-of-a-kind items and find the perfect thing for you. With the Etsy app, you can easily explore our global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. It features curated collections of inspiring gifts for him or her, unique wedding ideas, and handmade jewelry. And personalized recommendations for stylish jewelry, art, clothing, and furniture will also help you find exactly what you need (or really, really want). Join our 34+ million members around the world and get something that’s truly special. The whole world of Etsy is in the app: - Save items and shops as favorites to revisit them later - Get notified the minute an order ships - Talk directly to shop owners to get all of your questions answered - Explore curated recommendations tailored to your taste - Check out swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay - Discover upcoming events and nearby stores featuring Etsy sellers - Now available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese If you have an Etsy shop, our free Sell on Etsy app has all of the tools you need to manage your shop: process orders, add listings, view your shop stats, and more. Visit our support page: Report problems with the app: Get site status updates: About Etsy Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to make, sell and buy unique goods. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

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Etsy – Shop Creative app reviews

  • Beautiful dried flowers 5/5

    By Adp123uf
    I ordered the assorted flower petals from Farm Girl Rose Petals for my daughter’s upcoming wedding and they are absolutely beautiful. I love them!!
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By JauDesign
    Did an item search and see ads everywhere! Every two rows would see ads! Just ads everywhere!
  • please bring back recommended shops 4/5

    By yungdolph
    good app. unfortunately they took away the “recommended shops” feature which is a huge bummer. wish they would bring it back
  • Love Etsy but 4/5

    By ToxicIce
    I absolutely love Etsy. One issue I have with the app (not sure if this occurs on the site too) is the review section. I would like to be able to see reviews for the specific item I am looking at rather than reviews for every item the seller has. I wish they would separate them rather than me having to scroll through reviews to maybe see one about the item I am looking at.
  • Need love as soon as possible 1/5

    By jbenvenuto
    The font size in the app look broken, some screens looks ok, some looks like there is a bug or something. Text is huge, so everything is cut off... Also, can’t find what I bought on the desktop on my app although I’m logged in with the same account.
  • Started to freeze 3/5

    By Chinigra
    This is a review on the app.... not how Etsy works! Etsy is great - the app started to freeze- no updates available
  • Such a cool app, vintage good quality items 5/5

    By lordjesusisafire
    Im spurred addicted to Etsy right now and it’s really bad lol. The shop owners are awesome with shipping and the prices aren’t too bad :)
  • It wouldn’t let me register 3/5

    By queen.virgo111
    I tried to register multiple times but it continued to put a red thing about me screen which is very annoying. If you could fix this bug do I can sell items that would be great!
  • This app is 5/5

    By katherinePB
    This app is awesome because people are selling good products.
  • Pfft 1/5

    By mikefromcali
    Customer support doesn’t exist. Mailed them over a week ago about an email from “them” saying they tried to charge me like $336 when I agreed to pay just 20 cents per post which should be more like $4. Never got a reply aside from an automated one saying “thanks for your ticket we will get back to you shortly” since then I have mailed them one other time asking about this as my account has been suspended. Still no reply.
  • Leaving Reviews on App is Almost Impossible 2/5

    By Ouroborosaurus
    The app works fine when searching for/buying things. However, the feature to leave reviews for items you’ve purchased is severely broken. I always like to leave photo reviews to benefit the shops I buy from, and I feel like taking a picture on my phone then posting it with a review all from the same device should be super simple. This is not the case: when you select a photo and adjust the borders, the area of the photo changes by selecting an area down and to the right of what you selected, sometimes even zooming out. Then when you go to type up the review, the page does not scroll down to allow you to read what you’ve written. The phone keyboard covers almost all of the review making it hard to type at all, let alone proofread/edit. If they fix this issue, I will update my review. The option to leave detailed reviews is central to the whole Etsy experience and benefits the entire site, so I hope someone can make it work.
  • Need More Filtering Options 3/5

    By JanieJr
    I love shopping for unique items on Etsy, but the app is unwieldy. There is a gross lack of filtering options. I need to filter beyond price and handmade, vintage, or both. Look to Ebay for an example. Material and color options would be nice, for example. It can be overwhelming, it really helps to have some way to cull the selections I’m not interested in.
  • No filters 1/5

    By Facebook deleter
    The filter system is not helpful at all. I want to be able to filter out items so I don’t have 1M+ things to scroll through
  • DESPISE! Still Impossible To Leave Reviews. 1/5

    By WontShutUp
    Leaving reviews is such a struggle! And leaving reviews is important... to the future buyers and the seller. You can’t see what you’re writing, you can’t edit what you’re writing, and if you Siri to dictate… well we all know the chances are that’s not gonna work out to well. I despise this app... I can see what I am typing. So it is still miserable. It’s absolutely miserable typing on this app.
  • Overwhelmed by ads 2/5

    By msg-b
    I love Etsy and I’ve used this app for years. I was SO happy when they finally updated the options for search filtering because that was a long long time coming, but recently my searches are dominated by ads paid for by the stores owner. I’m used to Etsy ads and they’ve even helped me find new favorites. However, most of my search results are now ads, and they’re ads that are no longer even pertinent to what I’m looking for. If I’ve searched for sunflower necklaces, adjusted the filters to what I want, I don’t want to see sunflower wedding invitations suggested, or sunflower art prints being suggested. Seriously?! At least suggest the same thing I’m looking for, even if it’s a $200 item and my search criteria is the $0-$50 range. That at least I understand. Mixing completely different categories is obnoxious and makes it hard for me to see what I’m looking for. The second problem with the ads lately is the quantity. I’m used to seeing 2 ads every so often, but I’m seeing 4-6 ads clumped together now and coming up so often I don’t know if it’s still on my search at all. This is ridiculous, I want this fixed ASAP please.
  • Scammed 1/5

    By ❤️ 29
    Have not received my order or money back this is not a legal page they scammers don't order or download
  • Order 2/5

    By kims hum
    I was charged for three items and just wanted one. There needs to be a way to contact the company that charges our credit cards. My order was wrong and waiting on the corrected order to give a review.
  • Costumer service don’t care about costumers at all 1/5

    By Cyrilcuba
    Awful costumer service. I had a problem with a store called THE BEST MAN GIFTS, the store was super late to send the gift I bought for my husband for Christmas 2018, actually never sent it all all. And I tried contact them several times without response. They didn't even wrote to say the item will be late. So I contact costumes service thinking they will fix the problem some how, it at least give a credit for the troubles one of their stores caused and no, the only thing the guy did was give be a refund...... If you are buying a gift that it supposed to be there by certain time or date DONT BUY WITH ETSY!!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER KNOW. this is not the first time that my orders from them are late or cancelled, but this time was to far...... I'm canceling my account and for sure letting anyone I know any way possible how bad they are..........
  • Buyer Beware!! 1/5

    By Linda Schultz
    I live in the USA, when I order outside the USA, it takes forever to get my orders. Sometimes several weeks or even a month past the date ordered! Buyer Beware!!
  • Dishtowels 1/5

    By suelcig
    I ordered 12 days of Christmas in FLORIDA DISH TOWELS & received 12 days in South! Cannot find a way to return & correct my order! Sue Cignetti
  • Bring back related shops please! 4/5

    By corinne2665
    I would give this app five stars, but it’s missing two things. First, it used to have related shops that really helped me find new items. Now those are gone for some reason. Second, there’s been a long-standing glitch on Etsy that no one has taken care of. When a shop you favorited closes down, there is NO WAY to remove the inactive shop from your favorite shops list. This is highly annoying because I have so many inactive shops clouding up what few active ones I follow. Why can’t inactive shops either have a way to be removed or just be removed by the app itself? Makes no sense.
  • *One of my least favorite shopping apps* 1/5

    By MmamaLlama
    Not playing nicely with IOS update 12.1.2. Force closing and unable to find favorites. No autofill on searches. Not enough categories to narrow search There's no easy way to delete multiple items in cart or favorites. Search cannot find sellers who are taking a break. It's ridiculous that I can't leave feedback on items until some specific date in the future. I order a considerable numbers of items online and leaving feedback the day I receive my purchase helps me keep track of what has arrived and what I'm still waiting for. I received an Etsy purchase today and am unable to leave feedback for seven more days. Makes zero sense. Half the time I forget to leave feedback due to this delay and I'm sure your sellers don't appreciate it. I also intensely dislike the minimalistic appearance of the cart. It's difficult to visually separate items by seller and I absolutely hate that it now combines each store’s sales into one total. When I want to check out only part of what’s in my cart, I’m forced to save items till later or access through my browser. What a PITA.
  • Great for gift giving.. 5/5

    By annaelrod
    I did 100% of my Christmas on Etsy! It’s unique and creative, so many artists sharing their talents. If you don’t know what to buy that person start putting ideas in the search and you will start to get ideas!! I was able to stay in touch with each store I purchased at and they are very accommodating and respond quickly. The only negative thing I would say is the shipping cost, each store has to charge for shipping, it can’t be all on one “cart”. but you could never get in your car and shop at all these stores and discover so many things. Try it out..🤗
  • Slow and won’t load photos 2/5

    By Stumblingfool
    Latest updates make the app slow and does not load photos.
  • Poorly designed app lacking features and too many fake shops 1/5

    By Count L.
    Etsy used to be cool, when it first started. Unfortunately it has been slowly heading the way of eBay. The app is buggy slow and not intuitive. There are too many stores that are just AliExpress knock-offs, if I want to buy that stuff I will just go buy it there. Stores just copy images and sell users stuff, or copy images and sell cheaper on other Chinese sites.
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Today's Fresh Hell
    Never have had issues with Etsy app but recently it crashes while scrolling thru search results and shop listings every time I use it.
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By Alexa loves animals
    I love to buy slime so this is the perfect app to show me slime,reviews,ounces,ect!! Definitely recommend
  • Can’t message 4/5

    By Yung Ju
    Can’t reply to message but great app!
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By aconibel
    There isn’t any tech support features within the app, so I can’t offer feedback or seek help directly from etsy without going to their website and logging in (which is a pain because my account is linked to my Facebook, but the website doesn’t launch the Facebook app for me to sign in and I don’t want to sign in via web browser). Also, there aren’t any options for searching/shopping locally within the app, so I only get European and Asian results which is crazy frustrating since I live in USA! I made the mistake of ordering something from Ukraine before I realized this and it took a month to get to me when I needed it in a week or less. It would be really helpful to have these features available. Other than that, the app (so far) is easy to use and well organized!
  • One wish 4/5

    By msorb75
    I absolutely love Etsy. Find myself on it daily. My only wish is that it would let you search your favorites. I have so many that I wish I could revisit and search my favorites by either category or let word. If they made this possible I would give it 5 stars.

    By DD-Dezert
    Dont expect ETSY to protect consumers from sellers’ shady practices, after all, they only provide a platform for con-artists to take your money and don’t actually rob you personally.
  • Shocking Search Results 2/5

    By Mlzaz
    When searching for “rings” top results are bare breasts with nipple rings. A bit of a shock. All I wanted was to browse rings for my fingers. It would be nice to be able to establish something in my preferences to exclude certain search results.
  • Fix the way we do reviews for items!! 3/5

    By Sushii/bloo
    It’s very difficult to use the “write a review” function on the app because I am unable to see what I’m typing past a certain number of words so I have to copy my review, paste it in notes, finish my review on there and hope I haven’t hit the word limit for reviews on the app! Also I can’t submit a picture of the item unless it’s a five star review, what’s up with that?? I wanna be able to see what the actual products look like when customers receive it especially if it’s bad! Only being able to leave pictures with five star reviews makes me have to lie about their rating and leave a comment saying “it’s actually three stars but I have to give them five to show you how ugly this product is!” Let me give bad reviews and submit pictures of my bad products!!
  • Where did the shop suggestions go?? 3/5

    By Kmkrvw
    Really miss the easily accessible list of suggested shops - definitely reducing my purchases and discovery.
  • Searching handmade is tedious. 1/5

    By Hardcore_Since_4
    Bring back Handmade as a top search function. I’ve been buying from Etsy since at least 2008-09 and up until the last two years, always purchased lots of handmade Christmas and birthday gifts. Why? Because, up until recently, it was the best place to find truly authentic, one of a kind handmade and vintage items. Nothing else compared. I understand Etsy now has shareholders and so they need to keep up with Joneses, but c’mon. The app and website has taken away the most valuable search function: Handmade! Why? One now has to preselect a whole generic set of prefabbed functions until one can filter by Handmade. Even then, it doesn’t work. For example, I’m looking for hand knit socks. I go through the gist of something like Clothing —> Accessories —> ..but there’s no Socks category (but plenty of hats, gloves and scarves). This is just one example of my frustration. I’m not even buying anything on Etsy this year because I don’t have time to search through thousands of ugly mass-market machine print tshirts and plastic cell phone cases. It’s just too tedious and frustrating. It’s very sad as I loved Etsy and loved the social mores of its longtime shop owners who used to be very personable. Etsy needs to remember what it was that made them so popular and worthy to begin with!
  • i love it.. just a minor thing 4/5

    By Rock the House!!!!!!!!
    i love etsy!! i got my keychains for me and my boyfriend on here and i just recently ordered some hand made hair barrettes the other day. only thing i’m not crazy about is that it doesn’t tell me how long it’ll take to get here. it tells you what stage it’s in with shipping but i’d like to know when i can be expecting it. other than that, etsy has a wide variety of hand made items that i’m sure you will be happy with. just be careful about who you buy from because it’s sold by different companies/ people :)
  • Do not use this app!! Worst ever 1/5

    By Lanee15
    If you buy something and do not get it they will not help you or hold the company responsible. I'm out hundreds of dollars and they said tuff luck!!!!! They never resolved this issue they do not check the seller or care if they send you it. I could start an account today sell stuff never send it and no big.
  • Love to shop but frustrated with the app 3/5

    By Kirbug
    I love Etsy I find a lot of great one of kind things, especially for Christmas and birthdays. However I just updated the app and now it keeps crashing. I have the most up to date IOS on my iPhone XR but the app just doesn’t want to stay open so that I can looking for gift ides.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By twow30
    Crashes every time I use it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ThatYouColmO'Driscoll?!
    Only problem is theres no way to download digital files through the app, need to fix that
  • Seller’s Aren’t Held to AnyCustomer Service Standards 1/5

    By ole hickory ham mike
    I had a seller forget to make my item for 12 days, ignore my messages, and then refuse to cancel the order even. It’s been 21 days and I still don’t have the item. Had to repeatedly contact etsy support about this problem only for them to copy and paste responses back and ensure in no way that I wouldn’t have a similar issue in the future using etsy because they don’t have set standards for their sellers to abide by like ebay and amazon do.
  • Lol 1/5

    By TheGoldStandard
    Apparently the app now requires two-factor verification, though I have yet to receive a text message with a six digit code (and now it gives me an error when I request a new one). There’s actually a help article on their website for this which tells you to contact support. Guess what — you have to log in to contact support. 🙃😏🤷🏾‍♂️ #onestar
  • Etsy keeps crashing 1/5

    By Danyyym
    Just recently downloaded the app because I thought it would be better but every time I scroll down it eventually crashes. Its really annoying having to go back and find the page and then for it to happen again after a while.
  • Doesn’t open up& crashes 3/5

    By Milihernandez
    I’ve seen that this is a good place to order things but the app won’t open up and keeps crashing. Please help
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Luci2383
    When I am trying to view items on a shop it just shuts down
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Love Pinterest not this update
    After I updated it today. Every time I try to browse it will crash after a couple minutes.
  • 10 stars 5/5

    By joshuartct6i
    I love ETSY I hate amazon why I love Etsy is because they care for their visitor buyers I highly recommend ETSY IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE online items
  • Like it? 3/5

    By SlugOfDreams
    I love the app but I hate how it won’t let me to change my currency which is USD but it changes it to euros every time I log in on here and on my computer it makes it euros as well and before I can even consider buying anything I have to change it. Then the app won’t let me change it. I do love Etsy but it’s annoying how it can’t let me be more conscious about prices on the app and I can only do it on the computer. Just an annoying bug I wish will stop pestering me. I’ll keep it undownloaded until it fixes that. But I will keep using it on the computer.
  • Changed the cart! 3/5

    By Magnum[GP]
    I don't know if it's just on my older phone, but you guys changed how the cart works 😵 Now I can't buy from a single vendor and I have to move the rest to "save for later" which makes it very hard for me if I want to buy several items from a vendor on my next paycheck. Please bring back the option to pay each vendor separately. iPhone 5s

Etsy – Shop Creative app comments

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