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  • Current Version: 4.92
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Etsy – Shop Creative App

Shop millions of one-of-a-kind items and find the perfect thing for you. With the Etsy app, you can easily explore our global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. It features curated collections of inspiring gifts for him or her, unique wedding ideas, and handmade jewelry. And personalized recommendations for stylish jewelry, art, clothing, and furniture will also help you find exactly what you need (or really, really want). Join our 29+ million members around the world and get something that’s truly special. The whole world of Etsy is in the app: - Save items and shops as favorites to revisit them later - Get notified the minute an order ships - Talk directly to shop owners to get all of your questions answered - Explore curated recommendations tailored to your taste - Check out swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay - Discover upcoming events and nearby stores featuring Etsy sellers - Now available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese If you have an Etsy shop, our free Sell on Etsy app has all of the tools you need to manage your shop: process orders, add listings, view your shop stats, and more. Visit our support page: Report problems with the app: Get site status updates: About Etsy Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to make, sell and buy unique goods. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.


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Etsy – Shop Creative app reviews

  • Only on WiFi 4/5

    By Kaitlin Watson
    I love Etsy, but it seems to only work when I am on WiFi. I have deleted and re downloaded and it still does the same thing. It wasn’t always this way. It’s frustrating!
  • Favorites 4/5

    By aannaas
    I LOVE etsy, have for years, but i hate when someone takes something off their listings that it’s still in your wish list. if it’s in your main wish list it’s easy for you to unfavorite it, but if it’s in a different one you can’t take those items off. i really hope etsy finds a way to take those off so we don’t have to deal with them.
  • Awesome, there’s just one little bug 4/5

    By corinne2665
    Overall I love Etsy! There are so many items to choose from and you could literally scroll for hours! There is one bug I’ve noticed that’s kind of annoying though. If you have a shop saved that has no listings left there is NO way to un-heart it! Meaning I have several shops in my shop list that are just empty, and they’re clogging up the ones that are active. Fixing that would make the app/shopping experience so much smoother so please consider!
  • Etsy Lover 5/5

    By revamped4you
    As a Etsy Shopkeeper , ReVamped byTheodore, I have learned to become a business woman for the first time in my life . I was able to reinvent myself after my kids had grown and I found myself at a cross roads. Etsy gave me the chance to become a professional artist , able to showcase my pieces all over the world with out ever leaving home. I had sold internationally as well as all over the USA . Thanks to Etsy , I am proud of what I have built in just a few years . You can achieve any thing if you believe in yourself and with a lot of hard work. It’s never too late to discover just what you are capable of . Thank you Etsy for helping me prove that you are never too old to discover magic that lives within you .thanks for the journey we are taking together ! Sondra Theodore
  • I should be able to open PDFs once purchase is complete 2/5

    By SRN4UA
    It’s kind of annoying that I can’t look at my PDF purchases through the app. There is no one where to click to bring it up. It’s kind of annoying that I have to sign in into my mail, and get it from the e-mail. Please make it available to view on app, will change review after.
  • Links and search problems 2/5

    By Giasb
    The links in the listings do not work. The sort function doesn't work well. Is there some way to stop sellers from using tags that are irrelevant to their product? Because that would help a lot. I just saw temporary tattoos listed under winter hats. Bold font makes headlines easier to read. Condensed descriptions seem to confuse others, but not me.
  • 4 stars because 4/5

    By NellsOgo
    I have the hardest time finding the pdf’s to the patterns I buy. Where are they??? I get the email that links to Etsy and from there it just shows me the receipt but not the actual pdf. I can never find it and get so frustrated EVERY SINGLE TIME. Somehow I manage to find it and by then I don’t even know how and where it was because of how long it took and all the buttons I’ve pushed.
  • I would give it five stars but 3/5

    By ShopaholicOnABudget, UMad?
    It’s a great app. You can find wonderful things there, but why don’t they make the reviews to be item-specific. For example, you’re looking at a product, and on the screen of the product it shows all the stars it has received (and number of people). Though that number of stars and the amount of customers that bought weren’t specifically to the item you are viewing, rather it’s for the shop (and all the items it offers). I wanted to read reviews on a product I was looking at and when I wanted to see why this product had hundreds of reviews, I realized that the hundreds of reviews were all from different items that the shop sold... not to the specific item I was interested in. I had to go through so many of the shops reviews to finally find a comment about the item I wanted. The only reason I buy a product is because of its reviews. This makes it frustrating to purchase an item when you literally have to scroll through reviews just to find one of the products you’re buying. Also, you can’t add or change the email you originally signed up with through the app. I believe you have to get onto a web browser for that. Just another lacking detail. One more thing, even if you get on the app three days consecutively, your “home” tab with the recommendations “for you”, the “Etsy picks”, and the “local” will still show the same items. It needs to be more discover-friendly.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Rolln6-4
    I love that it saves all of my purchases.
  • Shops/Shop Owners very Accommodating/Issue: App Crashes 4/5

    By cyndy88121
    I love Etsy and use it frequently for myself and for others since it’s easily accessible and I can mail gifts directly to another friend or family and be done. The one issue I’ve experienced is that the app crashes; the app typically crashes after about 30 mins or it becomes “choppy” and there are delays when navigating through the app to different shops, etc. I have about 6 apps that I use on my iPad; I’ve tried to troubleshoot (I.e. delete and download again; utilize updates all the time), but it still occurs. My other apps do not crash or have a similar pattern in any way. I clearly still use it, despite this. Would recommend to anyone. No delays with delivery dates, shop owners very accommodating when I’ve had gifts and inquired about personalizing/changing something that are not even listed with details/rush shipping for last minute gifts.
  • Always says I have 8 notifications. 1/5

    By P. Adam
    Always. I have nothing new. But the 8 notifications beg me to open the app. And it drives. Me. Nuts.
  • I Don’t Even Shop 4/5

    By iAreAdventureBunny
    It’s true! I use this app to just sorta browse through awesome stuff. I could favorite stuff and imagine buying it forever. It’s that spicy😎
  • VAUK 1/5

    By wmrhvnlietkeusneg
    Horrible service! No one seems to be eager to help a paying customer, for crying out loud, I just want my jacket? Why can’t you all just email my the tracking info or why isn’t it here? It was shipped on April 23rd. I talked to Etsy but of course there was no help, they sent me to the seller, now the seller not even responding. Worst experience ever! No customer should go through this. It’s y’all company but y’all can’t tell me where my item at ? If I could rate it a -10 I would!
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Killer Queen11
    Love the app, and it’s sellers, but there is a huge problem with communication. It’s quite a bit confusing on messaging the seller. There are three or four way to message them. And they all appear different. I have an iPhone if that’s relevant at all. One of my messages didn’t even send. Please make it one place to message it or make them all look alike. Thanks.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By YKARaphael
    Dear Etsy Developers, I adore Etsy! I love seeing the great diversity of human creativity. Recently, it's been crashing. I have to load the app at least twice before it actually loads properly. I trust you'll figure that out. It's the only reason this isn't a five star rating.
  • Wi-Fi 1/5

    By Notre
    Why doesn’t the app work when I’m on cell data? It’s so annoying I have to use my web browser when I’m on my phone and don’t have Wi-Fi. It’s a weird recent development that completely misses the point of the convenience of having an app.
  • This wasn’t Etsys fault but be careful 4/5

    By Ark20172012
    I love Etsy BUT be careful because someone I know a person some how got their credit card information and tried to spend a certain amount of money (A LOT) and the bank caught it and stopped it from going through please always be careful with your information when shopping anywhere online!!!
  • Stop with the “new items on Etsy shop” notifications 3/5

    By Sari Luna
    Please stop sending this notification, it’s annoying. What’s worse is that I cannot disable it without completely turning off my notifications setting. Annoying!!
  • I just have one problem with this app 3/5

    By chlosed
    I love this app so much words cannot express. It is perfect for shopping for gifts that are unique and personal. My one complaint is that I looked at succulents one time in recent months but that is all the app recommends for me. I would love to see other things recommended to me that relate to the tens or hundreds of other things I searched for.
  • Won't let me send messages 2/5

    By Game logs
    Etsy is a great app. But what's the point of it being on mobile when I can't contact a vendor or send messages? They need to fix this, it keeps telling me to confirm an email, but it's been almost 3 years since I signed up for Etsy. And my email is confirmed.
  • Never again 1/5

    By cwrightjor
    I ordered something off this site and it got lost in the mail. They will not give you a refund or give you a credit if this happens. They didn’t try to make amends in any way. Never buying off here again. If I wanted things shipped from foreign countries, I’d shop on AliExpress.
  • Minor Suggestion 5/5

    By PanicAtTheFallOutBoy
    It would be amazing if you guys had a messaging system between users so I didn’t have to screen shot/copy the links of all the things I want to show my mom.
  • Recommendations are terrible 2/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    I am so tired of the recommendations on this app!! They never change!!! Fix your algorithm!!!!!!
  • Useless customer service! 1/5

    By Sabrinasmith182
    I have never been so irritated over a company in my life. Its funny how you absolutely cannot contact etsy in any way over a problem because the app simply wont load for you to email them! I had a seller not ship both my items I purchased over two weeks ago when they had a processing time of 1-3 days and i emailed the seller asking when they would ship since they are for a bridal shower gift TOMORROW. Do i have them yet?? NO. Seller lied and never shipped when they said they were. But can i cancel my order? Of course not because Etsy is useless. All of the automated choices in the help center just bring you back to your purchases page! I will never purchase anything off Etsy again. And i am permanently closing my account. Correct your customer service and block sellers that aren't shipping (which by her reviews i now see is a COMMON issue) and maybe you would be half way decent. BEWARE OF SELLERS ON THIS APP.
  • What happened to picture submissions? 3/5

    By Jen11687
    I used to be able to submit a picture when I reviewed an item. Now, that capability is gone 😡
  • Favorite 5/5

    By Turtle92708
    I love etsy and i love the app. Very little problems.
  • Esty is a scam! 1/5

    By LeeLee7517
    I was scammed out of and item that should have been delivered a month ago, never received and the seller took a short back after taking my money. Trying to contact customer service is a negative, everything is email which is never a response. Never again! Removing the app.
  • Needs a little work! 3/5

    By Brittany Clements
    Nice app but it should really work on filtering items when trying to look at reviews. I want specific reviews associated with the item I want to buy but instead it shows every single review so you have to weed out the ones that apply to you. Upgrade that feature and this app will be a strong competitor to EBay.
  • Logging out 4/5

    By Ayame Katayama
    I really like this app and I use it for a lot of shopping, almost as much as I use Amazon. However I have one issue that really annoys me and it’s that sometimes I automatically get logged out and I have to log back in. It doesn’t always happen but I hate when I’m thinking of searching for something, I found I need to log back in, and then I forget what I was going to look for.
  • Not User Friendly 1/5

    By Latin91105
    It gets worse with each update. More ads of course. Advertisements with each and EVERY scroll. Annoying as hell. Settings for privacy are extremely difficult to find. You spend hours searching for favorite things you like just so that someone else can come, browse through YOUR favorites and buy them. I can’t wait to finish finding what I need and delete this terrible app
  • Recommendations 1/5

    By castiels
    There needs to be a way to select a recommended product and state you are not interested in said product or related products. I’m seeing recommendations for specific political items repeatedly for zero reason and I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy. Fix it.
  • One of my least favorite shopping apps 1/5

    By MmamaLlama
    No autofill on searches. Not enough categories to narrow search There's no easy way to delete multiple items in cart or favorites. Search cannot find sellers who are taking a break. It's ridiculous that I can't leave feedback on items until some specific date in the future. I order a considerable numbers of items online and leaving feedback the day I receive my purchase helps me keep track of what has arrived and what I'm still waiting for. I received an Etsy purchase today and am unable to leave feedback for seven more days. Makes zero sense. Half the time I forget to leave feedback due to this delay and I'm sure your sellers don't appreciate it. I also intensely dislike the minimalistic appearance of the cart. It's difficult to visually separate items by seller and I absolutely hate that it now combines each store’s sales into one total. When I want to check out only part of what’s in my cart, I’m forced to save items till later or access through my browser. What a PITA.
  • Animal Cruelty 1/5

    By Dust607714
    Because my family owns three rabbits, I went on the app to look for any cute or unique rabbit decorations for my younger sister’s birthday. I couldn’t get through more than a handful of swipes until I felt like I wanted to throw up. I came across a book of rabbit recipes, a “sculpture” of a skinned rabbit, a skinned, detached rabbit head and then a stillborn rabbit that were so real I nearly had a panic attack, and multiple listings of rabbit pelts, many with similar coat patterns to the very bunnies I love, and one of which had the very first picture zoomed in on the face of the dead rabbit. After no more than five minutes of browsing, this last listing was where I absolutely reached my limit, exited the app, and deleted it without a second thought. Owning rabbits, I am fully aware of all of the torture that these animals go through, from the fur trade to meat markets to laboratory testing. Further, I do not shelter myself from these realities, if anything, I seek out this information in order to best advocate for them. In other words, I am not naive, and I have built up a thick skin. But there are many times where I don’t want to look at these images and don’t want to think about these things and should feel safe to partake in certain activities or projects without fearing the potential for graphic images of my own pets. Is it too much to ask that this should have been one of those times? It took me five. minutes. to feel so sickened, so demoralized that I simply could not take it anymore because every swipe brought not the potential for images of trauma, pain and heartache, but the certainty of it. I refuse to take part in or give my business to any company that makes it impossible to search for a birthday gift without having to look at carcasses of animals I hold incredibly close to my heart. Whether this no longer becomes the case in the future or not, I am appalled and deeply hurt and I will never use this website in any form ever again.

    By Olgamyself
    Horrible and multiple issues with beloved application ( installed on IPhone 8+ ! ) , ridiculously nothing get changed after last update... despite all my hopes! It’s unthinkable to reboot your phone or turn the App down in order to refresh its brains and then, to start your research from scratch 👹 ! App gets frozen or even worse, turns of by itself suddenly “out of blue “ ... ! There is no star for such disaster!
  • Redownloading 3/5

    By majorarcana91
    First and foremost, I love the products s, and the community, all reliable all good, my issue is with having to redownload the app, you might say it’s a royal pain in the APP, but joking aside, it is irksome to have to come back to the App Store and redownload what I already have.
  • Etsy 4/5

    By cmjones124492629
    I use Etsy to look at slime shops
  • alerts won’t go away 2/5

    By Liz S 88
    I turned off alerts for everything except shipping notifications and I’m still getting alerts, worst part is that the alerts somehow log me out of my account requiring me to constantly log back in my account every time I check the alert to get it to go away. Deleting the app, pointless and aggravating to have it at this point. I’ll just check the website and use my email alerts.
  • Favorite place to shop 5/5

    By H.Warfield
    I adore Etsy and all the wonderful people on it! And while I love the app I wish when a notification pops up there was a way for me to quickly know what it’s for. It never tells me what the notification is for so I’m literally just opening the app so the icon disappears. It’s very frustrating
  • Please fix 5/5

    By cupcake Girl
    I love this app and I love Etsy however for some reason I can’t see my messages on the app on my phone or iPad pleaseee fix
  • A little bug 4/5

    By 🐧🐯🐶🐰🐻
    I love using Etsy the shops have great items and the shop owners are very sweet. I recently bought a bunch of stuff and I went to all the orders I bought and I can hardly see what I bought because everything is jumbled up together I can still click it and everything it's just hard to determine what I actually am clicking. Would be great if you could fix it thanks! :)
  • Stop! 1/5

    By mexsmurf
    Stop logging me off every time I open this app!
  • Purchases view is all messed up 3/5

    By bicoastalgirl
    This recent update has given me a weird purchases view. It's all bunched up together. Why aren't you fixing it?
  • Needs more swipe for the hype 4/5

    Pleeeease allow users to simply search for whatever they so choose and to swipe from one designer to another, rather than sifting through what might as well be thumbnails. Thanks! Otherwise, it's great.
  • Notification? 3/5

    By KelMarie
    How about a notification on the app when buyers and sellers send messages back and forth? That would be great. Otherwise I really have no complaints.
  • Please Add Size Filters for Clothing 3/5

    By LindsayFitzG
    This is a generally well-designed app that Etsy does a great job maintaining. My one issue that constantly comes up with me when I use your app is that I can’t filter for specific clothing sizes. A huge number of listings on here are clothing items, but it takes me 5x longer to find something that fits me properly on Etsy compared to Poshmark or Depop. I know the app isn’t exclusively for clothing, but please consider adding this. I would buy more from Etsy if the app had this.
  • Years of utility 5/5

    By MisterWaffles
    : )

    By Me
    I don’t really have a problem with etsy, just wish there was some way I could search by “best reviews”. Been searching for a reborn baby for two months and having to go through details and researching for good reviews is pretty tedious and nerve racking. Hint, hint!!
  • Poor customer protection 1/5

    By Milkovic
    Etsy doesn’t protect you if the featured photos don’t match the product or if the product is poorly made and you have been misled by seller.
  • Want to see where my package is?? 2/5

    By Freezing.
    So I bought something five days ago, the shop still hasn’t shipped it as of yesterday. But when I got online today to check to see, it says I have no purchases and I’m starting to worry because did I spend money on an item I’m not gonna get?? I want the issue absolved as soon as possible. Thanks
  • Idea for Etsy 4/5

    By RewiewGGLol
    This app is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for that. But I have a idea that i hope actually becomes a new feature. I always get itunes cards for my birthday, christmas, etc.. but I never know what to do with them. I love to shop on etsy and if they added an itunes card option that would be amazing. It would make the app so much better. And if you basically don’t know what this would do it would make it so instead of having (paypal, visa, masters card, etc..) it would also have an itunes card option for checking out the items. This would also make it easier for kids because kids mostly get itunes. Please consider this, it would really mean a lot. Overall, i really love this app. It’s really amazing.

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