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Eventbrite App

Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand. With Eventbrite for mobile, you can: • Discover popular and recommended events happening around you • Find upcoming events for this week and weekend • See which events your friends are going to • Register for and get tickets to events • Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing • View event details, including maps and directions • Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook • Easily share events with your friends • Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required! Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish. What is Eventbrite? Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information on your choices around information sharing. California Privacy Notice: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/supplemental-privacy-notice-for-california-residents?lg=en_US

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Eventbrite app reviews

  • Certificate of Title 5/5

    By HÚQÛQ
    The ticket is in my Name
  • Review Stuff 5/5

    By Vinny Coke
    It’s all always great, to have an outlet. People of all ages, need too scream, intelligently😇
  • Weeping 5/5

    By Wham mo
    It was so easy to register, I wept
  • Terrible unstable design 2/5

    By JH82198
    One of the worst designed apps on my phone. Very unstable with no QA. Links to events do not resolve in app ever, not one time can I click a link to an event and the app takes me to that event. Very difficult to resolve issues with multiple accounts being created when purchasing. The search basically does not work even when using the exact words on the event, I have to open a laptop to get to them. The event search and filter is atrocious, if I say sort by date then it removes all the results except for two. It will show events from the past. This whole thing works like it was built by a college student smoking weed.
  • Event Brite does not send link. 1/5

    By E.Scott.M
    Last meeting I was invited to and received a virtual admission ticket,I never received the URL, or was told how to get to any virtual site. even received reminder in time to participate, but they gave me no way to do it. I hope this one goes better.
  • EASY!!!! 5/5

    By That bearded guy - Cody Brown
    Easy user interface
  • Ok, when it works. 3/5

    By Storehill
    Sometimes the hosts don’t come through.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By mizcoopnyc
    It makes attending events so easy. Love it!
  • Harolyn Stephens 5/5

    By Harolyn71
    Thank you so much! My daughter will need one for school. Blessings to you!❤️
  • It’s Aweome! 5/5

    By Foubo
    Great way to find moves and outing events; No matter where you or the city!!!
  • can’t find your interests 2/5

    By ssangyi
    inundated with parties parties parties. my actual interests are always buried. why can’t i register on the APP. why can’t a link direct me to the phone App. why is everything so inconvenient and frustrating. don’t even let you post the link into the eventbrite search. it’s only on WEB
  • EZ but Expensive. 3/5

    By Minnie Mibe
    App easy to use. Fees too expensive.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Bruegrassboy
    Bought event tickets. Downloaded this worthless app so I could get etickets. I try to sign into my account and every time I enter my password the app sends me a 2FA link to my email. (I’m clicking on “sign in with password” not the “email me a link”). Then that link only opens up their website (not their app) so there’s no option to get etickets. Stupid. Bad programmer. Maybe Ticketmaster isn’t so bad after all. Their stuff works. Fix this before you go out of business.
  • Wonderful!! 5/5

    By CKmooresales
    Such an easy to use app! Make buying tickets something to look forward to!!♥️👈👈
  • This event promoter 5/5

    By dishonest app
    I find out about the most exciting events. And it is the most beautiful diverse and mix of events for all ages all circumstances everything all in one place. Anything you can think of; you can find a event for it on Eventbrite.
  • Review 5/5

    By Turncoat 3
    I put in my passcode for $ off tickets. Your page showed that it accepted pass code but didn’t take $ off tickets. Why?? Your nickname page doesn’t work
  • Never sent the link to sign into the Tinley Park job fair 1/5

    By Michelle Leaks
    Disappointing I never received a link to enter the Tinley Park job fair
  • Does the job 5/5

    By kaii vibes
    No complaints honestly does exactly what it supposed to do in my opinion
  • Sandra Lemley (Shock Sisters) 5/5

    By be joyful always 777
    Awesome time in The LORD!
  • Rodneyharrell 5/5

    By rodneyharrell
    It was very user friendly
  • Imagination 5/5

    By Oshun Honeysuckle
    We are the currency tapped in
  • Booking 5/5

    By 👍🏿K
  • Tune in 5/5

    By Abyasun
    Tune in to events around you by a great event calendar. Much appreciate it. 🙏❤️
  • Every blank, regardless of if it applies to you must be filled with something. 1/5

    By FH-nkj
    It would be good if we knew every question needed to have something in each field. It took three times of filling it out along with payment information to get registered. The app just hangs up when you try to submit.
  • Eventbrite 5/5

    By Joshbrooklyn718
    Great happy have a bless day
  • Free and Easy 5/5

    By Rockaholic So Cal Gal
    My two favorite things in life are free and easy. Being able to attend a Events in my community for free and being able to reserve my tickets in an easy manner, makes life sweet. I appreciate Everbright for making my life good. I highly recommend using this service to anyone who wants to be involved, inspired and empowered by their community. This is the way to do it.
  • Eventbrite 5/5

    By V in IL
    Easy to use to find and register for interesting events in area
  • Eventbrite 5/5

    By Pretty Ron
    It’s wonderful
  • Edward Jones Investment’s Thank You! 5/5

    By basili1
    Thank You EventBrite Edward Jones Investment’s Home Office Team Happy New Year Happy Holidays Edward Jones Investment’s Home Office Team!!🥂🥂💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
  • Hangs and crashes 1/5

    By grumblemo
    Thank god the tickets were free otherwise it would me hours on the phone. Ordered 2 tickets for 2 days. Opened the app. Created an account using Sign in with Apple. Then it asked me if I already had an account. 🤔. So I guessed at what it was. App hung. Then I started over, getting 4 more tickets. Added day one to my wallet. Day 2 crashed. Went back and didn’t see the tickets. So 4 more and I was able to get things into my wallet and calendar. Totally unsure how it will work for the ones for my wife. Have 10 extra, just not on her phone. Afraid to reopen it.
  • Easy 5/5

    By maverick rocks
    It’s always easy to use Event.
  • Charge a big fee 3/5

    By Brandon62712
    They charge a big fee to use the service. They tack on 8-14% or more to pay through them
  • No support 1/5

    By makdbcodnr
    Canceled event from fake sponsors and as long as they postpone the event it’s no canceled so you don’t get your money back. Very bad customer service. It’s called none. Cash in and don’t care internet company. DONT TRUST TRUST THEM THEY OPENLY JUST TOOK MY MONEY
  • They lost my tickets and there is no help 1/5

    By Booga booga tiki god
    I bought my tickets and paid with Apple Pay. After, the app asked me to login. The screen refreshed and I have no tickets. None in my email. None in my app. But the charge is still there. There are only prompts for support and their resolution is to tell me to reach out to the event organizer. I’m deleting this app and never using it again when (if) this gets resolved.
  • Rarely leave reviews but had to spread awareness 1/5

    By Dustinjc
    Myself and hundreds of others were scammed by purchasing tickets to a NYE event. Eventbrite has no customer support, no refund policy, and does not hold ticket sellers accountable. Use this for the free events but NEVER spend any money in this app.
  • Where is customer support?! 1/5

    By Kerrigan888
    Customer support appears to not exist, only an automated email that doesn’t permit a reply. I was tipped off by a fraudulent event page and eventbrite has absolutely no recourse
  • App needs fixes badly 1/5

    By forces at work
    App constantly fails and crashes. For all the money they take in service fees, you’d think they could maintain a working product.
  • Foundation room, Saturdays 1/5

    By tried123times
    I registered and got a ticket for New Year’s Eve with several of my friends, and they told me that Eventbrite had falsely listed this as an event yet when I went back, I was allowed to register for their next event. I was not allowed in as were my friends and it ruined our evening there was a scam going on somewhere, but they blamed it all on Eventbrite.
  • Pain in the neck 1/5

    By dontlikeEventbrite
    Pain in the neck website-I think I just paid for something with no chance of refund…I could easily drop dead before this event… and now I have to pick a “Nickname” for this stupid review
  • Nail tech event 5/5

    By s d t ! jville tx
    I’m excited!! 2023!
  • Super slow and can’t use filters 1/5

    By REITAx
    It’s so frustrating using the app, it loads incredibly slow (I have full bars) and I even switched to WiFi hoping it would speed up, but nope. It’s frustrating because I’m trying to find events for today but it’s almost impossible. And when it finally did load I tried to select filter from the drop down menu but it wouldn’t even click on it!! I’m using an iPhone 14 that’s only 3 weeks old so I know it’s not the touch screen. Would not recommend.
  • Excellent venues 💫 5/5

    By MerryTellie
    In the past our whole family has used Eventbrite for concerts,etc…so convenient in purchasing events. The staff is amazing, in helping you . Thank you and Happy New Years 2023🎉🎊🍾🥳
  • A Virtual Wonder of Travel With These Tours! 5/5

    By Ken in Md.
    I am fairly new to these Travel Tours online and I am very happy that I have enrolled and will be enjoying more of them in 2023. As a Young Senior and not having the financial means to actually travel to many of these fantastic places, I am very happy that I found EventBrite!
  • So so beautiful! 5/5

    By DMHanLee
    Most beautiful, serene spot in the Redlands! I recommend everyone wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life …GO HERE NOW…today! You will not regret it! Beautiful waterfalls, butterflies, meditation, relaxing, breath of fresh air, you will let go and be only where you should be…HERE & NOW…no other choice🙏🏽
  • Wish it worked better 2/5

    By Jana Qawasmi
    The app is glitchyyy
  • Hi 4/5

    By Good review now
    I can see some nice events on eventbrite.
  • No apple pay 1/5

    Integrate apple pay so payment is easier
  • Crashes most of the time 1/5

    By CantSubmitTheReview
    Tried to order many events in here and it almost always takes multiple tries because it crashes so much.
  • Superr 5/5

    By 30109&7
    Me encanta que hagan estos eventos… gracias