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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving

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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving App

EverDrive - makes safe driving fun with trip feedback & friendly competition. EverDrive shows you trip summaries, details on maneuvers, and gives you useful feedback to become a better driver. The safe driving app is easy to use because it automatically detects when driving starts and stops, and uses the phone’s sensors to measure your driving performance. Key Benefits: * See past drives with detailed feedback on maps. * Improve your driving with personalized tips. * Compete with your friends, family, and drivers around you. * Reduce distracted driving with your phone. * Encourages safe driving.


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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving app reviews

  • Okay app 3/5

    By radisri
    Seemed accurate at first. Noticed it would not log all trips. Logged results are not always accurate.
  • Great app 4/5

    By dudeus maximus
    Pretty accurate. It gives you the option to say whether your the driver or not, but not of your using “hands free” device on “phone distraction” score. If “hands free” yes/no in addition to “were you the driver” yes/no was an option it would change some overall ratings.
  • Phone Distraction 4/5

    By Mikk98
    So I go many places and I drive a lot with my brother and sisters. I try not to use my phone while I’m driving so I have them do stuff for me on the phone or I let them play with it and it gets counted as a phone distraction! I’ve lost many stars because of this and I’m not the best driver in the whole world and I do make mistakes but can you guys fix this part? I would like to not lose stars when I wasn’t even the one using my phone. Please and Thank you!
  • Won’t load correctly. Too bad,_as it like a great app app for younger drivers! 😢! 2/5

    By macwitch
    Too bad. Seems like a great tweet toool!!!!
  • Needs a few changes. 4/5

    By Nanabuck
    I have been using this app for a few weeks now and I can truly say it has made me a better driver. I no longer pick up my phone no matter who is texting me unless I pull off the road. That being said I think a couple of things need to be tweaked. For one, my grandchildren are in my vehicle at least 50% of the time that I am driven Mh and they frequently like to play on my phone. The ability to say that you are not the one using your phone would be nice. Like maybe a passenger is using the phone button. The other thing is that I just received a speed rating for doing 39 in a 25 mile speed zone according to the app. The speed limit was actually 35 and I was only 4 miles over. Not sure if there is a fix for that. But overall a good app.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By benthefishman
    The app literally does not work... You can manually start a drive and the automatic feature does not work...
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By nathanh1
    It gave me a horrible acceleration and braking score because of ordinary stop and go traffic
  • Requires account create 1/5

    By Nathen1989
    Yet another app developer that requires an account to use an app that clearly doesn’t require an account. Delete.
  • Errors in phone use counting 2/5

    By Jmat58
    This may be a good ap but big problem, i don’t use my phone when driving only as a gps to map my travel since I get lost. So my score should be close to 100% but comes up with 70% because of map quest and Waze etc. Also no clue who they are sharing this info with, which completely bothers my since I have no clue where or who has access to my info. I will be disabling this ap after my review.
  • ERROR APP! 1/5

    By WarLikeStatue
    I have noticed the posted speeds being incorrect in the app. I have been asked to put myself at risk stopping on the sides of the road in order to take photos as proof, per their request, and yet they are not being corrected. I am treated like a liar when I report an error and then I’m asked to put myself at risk to go take photos of the location. In order to prevent being flagged I have to stop on the side of the road. While standing next to high speed traffic I’m expected to take photos. Even after all this the app is still incorrect. I don’t see the value of the app when it can’t give me an accurate score.
  • Need huge improvement 3/5

    By Mack8192
    The Idea of this app is good. But the driving detection algorithm is not good enough. The similar App (MileIQ) detect all my travels. But this app is constantly missing the travel. I drove over 20 miles. This App could detect only the last 3.9 miles of that travel. Some travels are completely missing. If I traveled the road which is parrel to the highway, it doesn't detect accurately. My phone wasn’t the battery saver mode or any conditions which might not work properly (Other tracking Apps are working). This app needs to have a huge improvement.
  • Answer for 16 yo kid 3/5

    By Please fix it. ValG
    There is a Drive Recording Pause Option for 1hour 8hours 24hours
  • Not very accurate 2/5

    By Stf2400
    More than once this app has me down for speeding. Once it said I was going over 85mph in a 45 zone. My car is old and can’t go anywhere near that speed. Plus I only go about 5 over at the most. Another spot I get nailed for is going 40 in a 30 zone. The posted speed limit there is 40, not 30. I turn the app to not driving when I’m in that area so I don’t get dinged for speeding. Otherwise the app is ok, but until they can fix all the bugs, I’m not giving them anymore stars.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Buffyogachik
    It’s okay but you have to consider that there are elements of good driving that an app can’t detect. It can’t tell if you cut someone off, if you’re tailing people, if you drive too fast in bad weather conditions etc.
  • Missing drives 3/5

    By StephB77
    I like this application and what it shows me about my driving habits. My only issue is that it doesn’t log all my drives. I haven’t been able to figure out why. I was getting emails with the results of each of my drives and then that stopped or was less frequent. I was going to go in the app and look how I was doing but kept forgetting. From looking at my history apparently those were the times it wasn’t logging the drives. Please figure this out or direct me to some help.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jsprow
    Has yet to record any of my trips including my 50 mile one way trip to work which is an hour of drive time.
  • Used to love this app.... 1/5

    By JaniceLaF
    Seems like every update makes it worse, not better. Since the latest update, I guess I actually fly instead of drive on the roads because my trip path no longer follows any roads. It shows me going in a straight line to my destination instead of making turns. If this app doesn’t improve soon,I’m going to delete it, because it’s worthless as it is.
  • interesting - would recommend 4/5

    By Kev, the rider
    it’s a nice app, i love anything that gives you statistics of everyday occurrences, i’ve only had a few bugs with the app such as part of a drive not appearing, even though the beginning and finish points were accurate (the blue line that shows your drive just stopped at one point, and never showed back up), though this was fixed by just refreshing the app. also some of my trips don’t appear on the main screen, although if i go into driving and then my trips, they are all listed the only complaint i have is the tracking doesn’t seem very optimized towards motorcycles, i often get infractions for acceleration and braking, usually around 0.3-0.5 G’s if i’m normally riding, and around 0.8 if i’m pushing it. around 0.4 G’s for breaking but those are all really average brake/acceleration use maybe add an explanation of G force on the information tab, i had to go on a very long google search to find out just exactly what a G is all in all thought it’s great and i would recommend, it’s nice to let it just run in the background and open it up every now and then
  • Not Happy! 1/5

    By 4 VBoyz
    The App is too sensitive. I live and drive in an area with sharp left/right hand turns from two/three to 2/3 lanes. Up/down hills! Not flat freeway driving. The Ap states I have braked/cornered/ accelerated when I had not! Though it does give me huge incentive to be a more carful driver. When I feel I have “messed up” it didn’t catch it. Like almost crashing after the rain almost spun out and it didn’t even register. Arrggg😱. So no reply and still getting the same resorts. What. You can’t accelerate to go up a hill at a stop light. Ridiculous. Thanks for the reply. But I am done with your Ap! Very inconsistent!
  • Not so good 2/5

    By TG---
    I like the idea of this app so I tried it out. Turns out it is pretty inaccurate. Several times in just a couple weeks it has recorded me on roads I did not drive on and making maneuvers I did not make. Time to tweak the algorithm.
  • Great, but needs some work.. 3/5

    By Lexhansberger
    I like this app but I hate that it says I’m distracted by my phone when I’m not the one using it. Also, for some reason the miles I have driven keep going down. Currently it says I have 183, but last week I had about 270. By now I should be nearing 350 miles but it seems like it’s not working properly anymore. Again, I love this app, but only when it works properly. Please make some updates!
  • Bug 4/5

    By Jeff22*
    I enjoy this app, I always look at it after I drive to see my score. The other day I had to go pick up my nephew and used waze to help get me to him and it ended my streak of no phone distraction which sucked but ah well. But my only fault at the moment with it is that right now it isn’t recording every trip I make.
  • didn’t work 1/5

    By MC44MC
    every time i went on a trip it would say currently on trip but when i stopped and looked for my score it would say i never went on a trip? idk why it was doing that but it was pretty disappointing. my score must’ve been so good it broke the app
  • Just needs a slight tweak 4/5

    By Fave game eva
    The app is awesome and very well made and user friendly! I have really been enjoying it, but my only complaint I think there should be bolder/darker colors so your habits are easier to recognize on the map. For example, the phone distraction habit when placed on the map is a soft baby blue/grey and it is very very hard to see it on the map
  • Needs improvement 4/5

    By Keull
    I just recently download this app and my first problem is i cant use it without facebook. I dont have facebook. Hope they just let an email sign up. I give it a 1 star for bad app registration. Update: I try to sign up again and the registration is ok now. Last time it gives me a message saying not registered. I give it 4 stars now
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nicole Nielson
    I’ve driven about 6 times now and it hasn’t counted a single trip. I wish you could turn it on when you drive instead of doing it automatically because I don’t even know if this actually works, although I wish it would
  • I just read the privacy notice 1/5

    By Josh_diaz
    I got this app a few months ago. Before that I never received marketing calls on my cell phone. I never have shared my phone number on websites so I found it kind of strange that I would be receiving phone calls regarding insurance. After reading the privacy notice I received on this app it all makes sense now. This app shares/sells my personal information with companies. I’m deleting this app and no longer interested in using it. Thank God I read it and hope the phone calls stop.
  • Not always the driver 3/5

    By Done it all
    I find it a problem that it doesn't verify if you are driving or not. I have been the rider in a vehicle and on my phone, but the app didn't recognize that I'm not the driver
  • Privacy policy 2/5

    By Lucan123
    As of a couple days ago (January, 15th 2017) the EverDrive all got new privacy policies that allow them to send you information to third party hosts as well as access to your contacts lists and social media contacts. The new policies allowed them to share your driving habits with insurance companies (which if you’re a good driver that’s in your favor but for the rest of us not so good.) There are a couple other policies that I do not like and therefore will no longer be using the app.
  • Declining App Performance 4/5

    By Dianemcq
    Last week I took two long drives of fifty miles each and neither was tracked by the app. Since my work commute is very short I needed those two drives in order to see my rankings. Apparently you have to drive 80+ miles every two weeks. I used to be able to see rankings but not in the last month. It’s become a waste of time to open the app. When it worked it was very good.
  • Hasn’t been scoring any new trips 2/5

    By MoonApr
    I have driven nearly 200 miles, been on the road over a dozen times. And yet it has only shown 5 trips scored. It has yet to record any of my regular commutes to work. Looked at the app after I reach my destination and it says recording in progress but then never has a score shown later. I had to mark one as not driving because it doesn’t recognize when you’re in a parking lot sitting still... was in a drive through and needed to use the stores app. So that’s not technically distracted driving and didn’t want my score penalized for that. Since then it has not recorded any new trips. Needs better updates as it is, but also not sure if something I could do to fix this. I could see spending a little on the app if it were to make it better and more accurate. Saw it advertised on tv and thought it would be really interesting.
  • Only a few issues 4/5

    By Habdkgodnsba
    The main problems I have are when my partner drives(not a very good driver) even if I choose that I wasn’t the driver it still lowers my score. And I also share a car with my partner so when they drive to their work and then I drive back home there is no other option for me but to choose that I wasn’t driving bc it counts it as an entire trip, there is no way to edit it. And if I left it as my trip it would lower my score bc of their driving. I think a start trip and end trip option would be great.
  • Needs a few more updates...... 4/5

    By Bob, the man next door
    I enjoy the app so much but the only thing that bothers me is if I’m driving and I have a friend on my phone... It counts towards my score... I feel like they should be making it to where you can cancel a phone distraction if you’re not the one distracted by the phone... I was out with some friends and I was driving everyone home when my mom messaged me and I could tell it was her from her ring tone... My phone was on the dash because we were using it as a GPS so I asked one of my friends to grab it and answer my mom (I’m a 16 year old driver so if I don’t text my mom back, she’ll get nervous)... It counted that as me being phone distracted when I wasn’t even the one being distracted... No I know that I can make it to where I was not driving but 1. I wouldn’t let 60 miles go down the drain when I barely get any miles and 2. that’s being dishonest... Like I said earlier... There should be a way to cancel phone distractions... I also have the iPhone X so maybe the app could be using my Face ID in order to see who is actually using the phone. I feel like that would be kind of creepy and I honestly wouldn’t use that feature if they had it... I just know they need to fix something...
  • Some glitches 3/5

    By Phillies2014
    Generally works pretty well and is fairly accurate. Would give 5 stars but it has missed two of my trips today.
  • At first 1/5

    By T-la11
    At first I thought it was good but then I noticed that when my permit driver daughter was driving it thought I was driving. It can’t distinguish if I’m driving or if someone else is. And then when I say I’m not driving or if I’m not driving and I am on my phone it counts off on me and my skills in driving. Other than that it is a great thought.
  • Not recording trips 1/5

    By Sammy4447
    Not recording any of my trips and the one trip it did record, it disappeared shortly after and never scored it.
  • Speed limit 1/5

    By Salvador Transportation LLC
    Sometimes you are doing the speed limit that’s posted on the road but the app said less MPH I was driving and the limit was 50mph but the app was saying 40mph.. so now I got 4 stars in speeding, what happens when as a long distance truck driver like me likes to listen to music of YouTube ? Is that phone motions? It sure looks like it, every time I’m on Pandora, YouTube, or any radio station I get down on stars from the phone motion “BS” What about when I’m driving my kids anywhere and they want to play with my phone? I lose stars because of phone motion “BS” What about when the traffic stops dramatically because of an accident in front of me? I lose stars because of braking to hard “BS” What about if I’m driving with my wife and I get a Txt and my wife answers that txt? I lose stars because the phone motion “ BS” I just delete this app “BS”
  • Inaccuracy driving 3/5

    By GeorgeBJR32
    Ok, so I drive to the metro station to go to work, but the app doesn't stop recording, unlike the Android version, it pauses for indication of when I have stop driving and walking and when I board the train, so the iOS version records me driving through the building and WOW, I am also driving the train, no pause, like what the HELL.. fix your app Yo, EverDrive?????
  • Slow to respond 2/5

    By Welch114
    I stopped driving and after waiting over a hour I still haven’t received my score.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By LadyLightshark
    I started using this app a few months ago. At first I stayed pretty high with my % however as weeks went on it started to drop even though I got 4-5 stars on every drive. If I am getting 4-5 stars on every drive I should not have a % rating of 77%? This app is not worth the stress. I am a good driver and I never use my phone while driving. I would not recommend this app to anyone who wants to know accurately how they drive. Looks like I will be looking for a new app.
  • Improve battery usage 3/5

    By Northside Drive'er
    Started using this recently and have concerns with how much battery this uses. It has quickly become one of the top users of battery. Wondering if it could be programmed to "stop tracking" automatically on a schedule, like times when I am sleeping to help improve battery usage? Like the idea to help improve all of our driving habits and make us a safer society. Automobile deaths are far too prevalent and common in the world we live in today.

    By The Lizard60
    UPDATE Dec 4, 2017: The app has become more sensitive and, subsequent, LESS accurate for reasons stated below. To lose points for harsh braking due to a deer running across the road in front of me or being abruptly cut off, is not a representation of bad driving. The user should be given the option to override these issues as opposed to losing credit for a 50 mile drive by telling the app that they were not driving. UPDATED REVIEW 6 WEEKS LATER: I decreased my rating from three stars down to two stars. Aside from this application getting boring, I am convinced that this does not indicate A safe driver. If you get cut off when driving and have to apply your brakes rapidly, you get penalized. When accelerating after you get a green light, you get penalized for rapid acceleration. So in order to score 100, you will have many people blowing their horn at you, flashing their lights at you, and cursing you out. The only way to avoid getting penalized for an abrupt break that is needed, the alternative is to slam into the car or person who ran in front of your car! But officer, I wanted to score 100 on EverDrive!! Another problem is that it's Mrs. parts of Europe trip. For example, I just made a 6 mile drive but only got credit for 0.2 miles. It was fun at first, but as I said, it gets old really fast and does not give an accurate representation of safe driving. ----end of update (July 28 2017)----- During the first two weeks of using this app, I was fascinated by it! I became obsessed to aim for perfection and get 100 in every category. My current score actually is 100, but at what cost? Well, I ended up going through a red light so I wouldn't lose points for applying my brakes abruptly. I was so upset with following the speed limit that I had multiple cars passing me, flashing their lights at me, and yelling obscenities at me. But I got my 100! Sometimes you have to break abruptly so why are points taken away? Have the technicians who created this app considered that? I could understand repetitious abrupt breaking or repetitious rapid acceleration, but this app is actually too smart for his own good. On the positive side, it does make the driver much more conscientious of his or her driving and most of us could benefit from that. Overall, it is a great idea and a decent product. Last, after reading all the terms and conditions, I am not happy that they use and results of this app can and will be used against you in court or by law enforcement if the creators of this product are subpoenaed by the court to release the drivers information. It is a bit frightening knowing that you could be incriminating yourself simply by having this app on while you are driving. I believe it would be much better if it gave an audible alert when you're driving is on acceptable. This is more like a nanny application then anything else.
  • Start and stop trip 4/5

    By LIL. Hulk
    Needs a start and stop button to notify when to begin recording your driving, besides this, it is a very beneficial app to assist new and bad drivers
  • Location 4/5

    By Cbhen
    I love the app as it helps to improve my driving. I do not like the fact that it always has to know my location, it senses when I am driving so why can’t it use my location only during those times?
  • Doesn’t keep track of each ride 2/5

    By Kittappa
    Development Team, I had noticed many times this app skips tracking of my rides. Kindly look into this issue.
  • Means nothing 2/5

    By Bigtruck98
    Even u get everything 100 doesn’t mean u are a good driver!!!!!just a fun app
  • Not very accurate 1/5

    By Plaid11
    I’ve only had this app for a few days now but it’s already missed a few of my trips. These weren’t short trips either, about 30 minutes or so and one got about a minute of a 10 minute drive. If it’s off on stuff like that, how can the actual info that it does collect be right? It can tell if my turn is good or not but not whether I’m driving? Looks like I’ll have to get rid of this app if this keeps up. Oh and I also drove to and from the same places and it said that one way was 6.7 miles and the other was 5.4 miles and the map shows the route being the same. I’ll give it a couple more days but I’d imagine I will delete this app by then because I don’t see it getting any better.
  • Pervert and Paedophile’s Dream 1/5

    By lackinggoodsports
    This app says it may use your location data even when not in use. The fact is is refuse to function unless you set the location function to ALWAYS. This app makes you yield full time tracking of all your movements all the time - not just when you are using it. Not something I want my teenage daughter carrying around - deleted immediately!
  • Meh 3/5

    By CornflowerV
    I'm using my phone via Bluetooth to listen to music all the time when I drive. This app counts it as 100% phone use during all my trips, setting my score to the lowest possible point. Would great to pick and choose which factors should be counted.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By robinder
    The phone use score apparently is based on phone movement, even though the FAQs state otherwise. Now if you are using a car mount for your phone, no activity whatsoever is detected, giving you a perfect score. The other measurements including speeding seem pretty accurate, but that does not make up for missing the # 1 risk and distraction.

EverDrive™ - Safe Driving app comments


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