Evergreen: Relationship Growth

Evergreen: Relationship Growth

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 1.31
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Evergreen Technologies
  • Compatibility: Android
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Evergreen: Relationship Growth App

Grow together and build a healthy, loving, and lasting relationship. Evergreen is for couples who want to connect more deeply, communicate more effectively, and improve intimacy. In just a few minutes a day, you can learn new things about your partner, laugh together, get relationship tips from experts, and find new reasons to fall in love again every day. Daily questions help you and your partner celebrate the moments that matter most, while quizzes and check-ins help you understand strengths and areas for improvement in your relationship. Evergreen makes it easy for you to invest in improving your relationship, building healthy habits, and tracking your progress and growth as a couple. Here’s how it works: * Answer questions that help you and your partner spark conversation and deepen your connection * Play games and complete fun couples quizzes that test how well you know each other * Get actionable tips that can immediately energize your relationship * Complete lessons from relationship experts that include research-based insights into building healthy and lasting relationships * Earn points and keep your streak alive with new questions and activities every day Whether you’re a new couple, navigating a long-distance relationship, or looking to deepen your connection with a spouse or long-term partner, you’ll find ways to grow. Topic areas include: * Communication * Conflict management * Sex and intimacy * Gratitude and appreciation * Stress * Trust and forgiveness * Money * Family relationships * Resilience * And much more! Here’s what couples are saying about Evergreen: “It’s made me think in depth about parts of my relationship I used to take for granted” - Alex, together for 2 years “I LOVE IT! It’s made everything better - our sex life, how we talk to each other, and even our arguments” - Kate, together for 7 years “It’s really helpful, and it’s helping my relationship. Also, the app is beautiful!” - Jen, together for 1.5 years Download Evergreen and start growing together today! Privacy Policy: https://www.evergreenapp.co/privacy Terms of Service: https://www.evergreenapp.co/terms

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Evergreen: Relationship Growth app reviews

  • Can’t load premium page to subscribe 2/5

    By lizebear14
    Ever since the week ago update, my partner and I can no longer load the page to see what the offers are for the premium. I just click subscribe now and it just spins and spins and spins. It won’t load! And we are interested in doing premium possibly if we can see the offer at the moment!
  • Wow! 5/5

    By wild freedom
    Loving it so far! My husband and I are learning a lot and have a lot to talk about together now lol
  • Recent updates 1/5

    By poma19
    They updated their settings and premium doesn’t allow us to use the app as we used too - by answering the growth question. Really unfair and pushes out couples. No point to use it anymore…
  • Meh 4/5

    By llllhfgbvg
    I see the direction you’re trying to push us I. But it’s very vanilla
  • I like it 3/5

    By laila lola bunny
    I love the app, wish there was more quizzes available for people who can't pay for premium. But I like the app for sure
  • Great app….BUT 4/5

    By 194371
    Great app, just wish they would give daily quizzes as well. The quizzes are so fun but I’m not in a place to spend the money for a subscription
  • Everything I Wanted 5/5

    By RebelTheRebel777
    Originally, I had downloaded this app out of curiosity. My partner and I had never ate,Pete’s something like this before together, so we decided to dip our toes into the water and try something new. Things were amazing before trying it, but the best seems to keep getting better. It’s an amazing way to gauge how much exactly you cherish someone!
  • LOVE ITTTT 4/5

    By 3xni._
    This app is WONDERFULLL, i saw it on instagram reels and decided to download it for me and my partner to try. me and my gf have been together a few months now and this app has done wonders for us. this app has encouraged us to grow together and connect more everyday. Before we downloaded this app it was very difficult for us to see eye to eye but since we’ve started using it we’ve been so much healthier. this app is now something we look forward to doing everyday. at first it seemed like a little bit of annoyance but my gf has started to take it more serious and started reminding ME to do it and also doing it before i even wake up
  • TrillVibe4 5/5

    By ChrisViben
    It’s Ight…
  • Really cool if both partners are into it 5/5

    I loved using this app for the short time that I did. I tried to get my boyfriend to answer the questions with me and join me but he only did for a few days, like one day a week and I’d have to constantly remind him. The app is really in depth with their advice and I loved doing the questions but there wasn’t any point in doing them if he didn’t do them either so make sure your partner actually at least try’s. I had asked him why he didn’t use the app as much as I did and he said because it wasn’t that important to him. So yeah. I’ll be deleting this but I’m glad I got to experience it while I could.
  • Great app so far 5/5

    By Shushomsky
    So far so good
  • Add more free games/ quizzes 2/5

    By Gurrr12314
    This app really helped my girlfriend and i to become more comfortable together. I love this app, it is really well put together, i just wish the developers can add more free games/quizzes instead of 4 free games maybe add like 10 but put ads into the app so the developers can earn revenue. I don’t wanna pay 9.99 a month and my partner also doesn’t wanna pay that much when we are looking for a free couples app. Please respond back to help us.

    By joespj
    Evergreen is incredible. I didn’t realize how many things I needed to work on and it helped compartmentalism those things in a digestible way.
  • Absolutely Incredible & Thought Provoking 5/5

    By G0o0REgo
    My partner and I have such a deep connection already, but this app keeps bringing it to the next level. The prompts and sequence of quizzes and lessons spark thought provoking questions we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. It really helps you break the ice with things you wish you could talk about, areas where you are different, and overall boosts that connection on an even deeper level. Well worth the money and I think we will keep renewing every year!
  • Evergreen 5/5

    By Mad Money Bill
    I really like the four categories that you have to work on that are listed. I thought the multiple choice questions or sufficient enough to answer.
  • Language barrier 3/5

    By Añexandrós oh mégas
    The concept of this app seems great But the issue I’ve encountered is there isn’t a way to set the app to Spanish my partner isn’t fluent in English :c making it difficult for her to know what everything is about For this I only give it 3 stars
  • Good but 2/5

    By Nic0803
    I’ve been using this app for over a year and y’all just now add a subscription to it? Cant even use it without having money now y’all ruined it.
  • Good but 2/5

    By shhbhvrvdvwbensgbbebyrbdb
    I would not pay because l don’t know where my data is going. Privacy concerns. I am also not getting sense that l can track personal growth.m or read everything entered easily. I like the prompts but feel like l can read online and reflect myself. All in all l would use if free and l might have a better opinion. I never give credit cards for trials. They didn’t make enough free in platform to get sense.
  • Soo far 5/5

    By Dwight Shrute Shrute Farms
    Soo far this has been great. Love everygreeen and everything we both have learned so far. Me and my f love it and try to do it veryday!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Genssgsjavak
    This is acute little app that is fun and beautiful to do with your partner. Definitely recommend for new and established couples.💞
  • Other languages 🥲 3/5

    By Lurkwithmee
    Other languages are needed in the application.
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By Kenishd
    Even tho me and my partner have yet to actually buy the subscription, it’s so helpful and it definitely makes us engage more in our communication. It makes us think deeper and also have fun with the games to see how well you know each other. It’s a great app for couples.
  • Today seems like the writer is in the wrong headspace 3/5

    By King Crouch
    “Discover your fatal flaw”. Every answer the the questions were in a negative tone. And it wasn’t just the one quiz. Tried to email support instead of writing a review but I have to download a Mail app.
  • Pretty fun and unique questions eveyday 5/5

    By AJ10050987654
    I decided to get this so me and my boyfriend can have something fun we can do together! We got the year plan and was cheap for two people! We really have fun and enjoy answering the questions together and doing all the fun little quizzes together. But the only mechanism to the app that confuses me is the points system? What’s the point of points if you can’t us them for anything. The daily streaks and the daily couple streaks makes sense. But why points if there’s nothing useful to do with those. I think it would be cool to use the points to buy something. Redeem them for gifts or maybe new functions on the app that only points will access. Overall this app is cute and innovative and will give you and your partner fun activities and open your minds to certain topics of your relationship.
  • Genial! 5/5

    By Maradoniojr
    La acabo de descargar con mi novio y me encanta! Muy buena app para parejas
  • Its a great app ! 5/5

    By OgtheBigdawg
    Its a great app me and my girlfriend have enjoyed the fun quiz games and lessons we tend too make it a routine too do for fun
  • Great but lots of issues with days 3/5

    By Anniemations
    I'm on IOS and I love this app personally it's great. The only problem is that constantly i will be stuck on a day from multiple days ago and it won't refresh no matter what i try. I've tried updating it and my phone but nothing works. It makes it very hard to enjoy this when i can't access what my partner can.
  • ??? 3/5

    By Dadlp#33
    Well it claimed to be free but it turned out that it wasn’t free at all
  • I want to buy premium but I can’t 4/5

    I love it so much but when I try to get premium it just sits on the loading screen. If I could somehow get help with that it’d be perfect
  • Not great for improving marriages 2/5

    By Herr Larsen
    This app asks alot of questions that just set you and your spouse up for arguments without providing any real solution or lesson to be learned. Some questions are great, but the ones that are not… those are gonna cause you problems. Don’t do this.
  • Worth the 10 dollars! 5/5

    By DarthWar19
    You still have to put in the effort to do it every day but if you care about your relationship you’ll do it. I love this app it has fun games you can do as Competition or just for fun, they help you learn more about your partner. It helps with communication and bonding through lessons that take less than 5 minutes. I’m not sponsored bud I thank God I saw the instagram add!
  • Want a cumulative growth visual 4/5

    By Qwdhinbxgvh
    Love the quizzes and daily questions. Also the lessons are super good. However, my main complain is the lack of a cumulative growth visual. Since the plant you’re growing resets every day, I feel less motivated to keep my streak. Wish the plant grew over time representing how long you’ve used the app. Maybe it could have a garden feature where each plant you grow each day could be seen? I just don’t find it satisfying when I keep a streak but each day the plant resents anyways.
  • not enough questions 4/5

    By bobbu<3
    I LOVE THIS APP although, there reallly needs to be more quiz prompts. At the moment theres at least over 100 but thats only 10 a day until youre out of quizzes
  • Great Content…but 4/5

    By CrayniumGirl
    Great content and has definitely helped our relationship but sometimes app doesn’t save our responses and other times when we are notified that partner has responded to a question, after we click the notification we aren’t taken to the response only to the app, which is a bit frustrating when we are catching up on multiple days.
  • This APP IS AMAZING 5/5

    By Bmwtook
  • Fixer 5/5

    By sena&eli
    It’s really helping me and my wife bring up more topics about each other to fix things and help our relationship
  • Cool app 5/5

    By some Remy
    This joint tuff wish there was more free stuff to do
  • Good! 4/5

    By sammi191119
    Wish the premium version wasn’t so expensive. I love the app though.
  • prime is worth it!! 5/5

    By janeinator
    i bought the prime version for me and my partner and it is absolutely worth the $10 it cost to have fun doing quizzes and growing our relationship every day. i promise you won’t regret it. love this app sm
  • Most of the app is premium. I’m broke 3/5

    By to many ads bro
    Most of the app is premium, I’m broke and think it would better if there was more to do without premium
  • My Review 5/5

    By LeiDawnLey. DdiBoweSon
    I love this app, it’s been fun to play in and me and my boyfriend get on it everyday to read it and go through the things! 5/5!
  • Good app but expensive. 2/5

    By hannncathmd
    I love the concept of this app, it has fun quizzes to do with your partner that my husband and I have enjoyed the past few days, but now it seems like we can’t access anything due to it’s high price for a membership and now the app is meaningless unless we purchase it’s upgrade. Would’ve given 5 stars if it weren’t for that
  • Great Concept 4/5

    By Sva26
    I really enjoy this app. My only issue is that it lags and there is a glitch on the quizzes page where it freezes. I receive notifications late and sometimes I don’t see my partner’s response. If the technical issues were worked I wouldn’t have any problems.
  • Connection 5/5

    By dayswithdalrymple
    I bought this after feeling disconnected from my husband. Honestly, I wasn’t sure he would want to participate. He and I LOVE this app! The daily reminders to grow are amazing, but I think we would do it anyway! The games are fun and they create a friendly competition we can laugh about. Thank you!
  • Great Relationship App 5/5

    By Theezy4Sheezy
    My partner introduced this fun and useful app to me in the beginning of our relationship. It’s a great way to learn about yourself and your partner and work on your relationship together. Not just when things need improving but every day.
  • Great 5/5

    By talitali33
    Awesome app
  • Great app 5/5

    By jaeruka
    This is a great app I use it every day with my partner
  • Good but.. 4/5

    By Laurie Cortez
    It’s been very good for my girl and I. But there’s days when she replies and I’ll see is a period on Her response. For example, “.” Is this normal?
  • Small change 4/5

    By WYDcrazy
    Sometimes there are personal quizzes labeled “just for you” when you finish them you cannot go back and change them. Which is alright, but I would like if I could go back and see what the questions and my answers are.
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