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Evernote App

Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it. Input typed notes or scan handwritten notes. Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio ... and it’s all instantly searchable. Organize notes any way you want and share with anyone. And Evernote syncs across your devices so your information is always with you, everywhere you go. --- “Use Evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag --- GET ORGANIZED Evernote gives you the tools you need to keep your work effortlessly organized: • Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists • Create notes in a variety of formats, including: text, sketches, photos, screenshots, image files, audio, web clippings, and more • Use the camera to effortlessly scan, digitize, and organize your paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings • Use Evernote as a digital notepad and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts as they come SYNC ANYWHERE Evernote gives you the ability to sync your content across devices: • Sync everything automatically across any computer, phone, or tablet • Start your task working on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat • Add a passcode lock to the mobile app for more privacy SHARE YOUR IDEAS Evernote gives you the tools to share, discuss, and collaborate productively with others: • Create, share, and discuss with the people who help get your work done, all in one app • Search within pictures and annotate images to give quick feedback EVERNOTE IN EVERYDAY LIFE • Make personal checklists to keep your thoughts organized • Set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do lists • Gather, capture, and store every thought you need to stay productive EVERNOTE IN BUSINESS • Create agendas, write memos, and craft presentations • Annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings, then share with colleagues • Get your projects underway faster and maximize productivity by letting multiple participants access and work on different aspects alongside each other EVERNOTE IN EDUCATION • Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vital thought • Clip and highlight articles from the web for academic research • Plan and collaborate for better academic group work BETTER NOTE INTERACTION WITH 3D TOUCH • Quick Actions for faster note creation and search • Sketch in notes with pressure sensitive ink EVERNOTE FOR APPLE WATCH • Dictate notes and they will be transcribed in Evernote • Dictate searches and get results on your Apple Watch • View newly created & updated notes • Set reminders, get notifications, and never forget anything --- Also available from Evernote: EVERNOTE PREMIUM - The ultimate workspace. • 10 GB of new uploads each month • Unlimited number of devices • Access your notes and notebooks offline • Save emails to Evernote • Search inside Office docs and attachments • Annotate PDFs • Scan and digitize business cards • Show notes as presentations, instantly (desktop only) $7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. --- Privacy Policy: https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php Terms of Service: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php

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Evernote app reviews

  • Too complicated 2/5

    By 358087(
    I only use this app on my phone so I wish I could turn off “sync” because it pauses and syncs, reloading the app, every time you close it or lock your phone even for 1 sec. super annoyed that when I went to the website and clicked ‘email’ it made me log in and said to upgrade to be able to send an email. AN EMAIL. It suggested using forums.
  • Horrible little app 1/5

    By zmeistr
    Trying to see what this looks like on the iPad and unless you do premium it won’t log you in. Horrible little app.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Brad Straarup
    1. When using bullets. If you press return, instead of creating a new bullet, the current bullet disappears and no new bullet is created. 2. Sometimes the tool bar (above the keyboard) disappears for no reason. And you can’t adjust text size, color, etc. 3. Every time I switch to another app, even if for a second, when I come back Ever its refreshes and takes me back to the top of the note. That’s really annoying when you’re working in a long note. 4. Apples check marks can now be mass unchecked. The community has been asking for this for years and it hasn’t been created. 5. Apple has an easy way to swipe to create subtasks in their note, Evernote doesn’t. 6. Evernote mobile has headings to choose how large you want text. The mac app doesn’t. There’s no consistency between the apps. 7. Evernote is slow. 8. I’ve been an Evernote and premium subscriber user for use. But I’m slowly moving over to Apple notes as the simplest things don’t get solved.
  • So if you email is no longer active, that the account is open on. There is no way to cancel 4/5

    By Velas
    It amazes me that college educated people cant design using critical thinking and the idea of ease for the consumer. Now my email account is closed, job related. I cant cancel my subscription. I have no other recourse now but to give money to something I dont need. I guess evernote has become a tax. Ill never use them again and I will passionately discourage anybody from using it, ever.
  • computer problems 2/5

    By Juan Lopez923 III
    when i try to use ctrl commands to copy and paste paragraphs, evernote copies to ITS OWN clipboard, which is not what i wanted. now, i have to restart my computer which really gets annoying. i cant even right click and copy with that, because its also interrupted by evernote. itd be nice if there was an option to turn that off, so that i dont have to struggle to simply copy and paste articles.
  • Not for business cards! 1/5

    By E Perez-Chanona
    Unlike any other business card management app, there is no way to download your contacts as a spreadsheet.
  • Re: JUSTIFY 4/5

    By heyraaz
    No doubt it is a great tool, but it would have been much better to have “JUSTIFY” even in ipad & iPhone. Hope it will be added soon in its features. Thanks in advance.
  • Lost of documents 2/5

    By Star-Ellie
    I used to love Evernote for the great service that it provides until this morning. I woke up this morning and went on the app only to find out that I have only one note on it. I checked the trash to see they were there at least, because it takes 24 hours before document is completely erased. I checked my history as well but nothing is there. I lost all my important notes which I work extremely hard for. I don’t know what and how it happened. I’m lucky for ASNWERS.
  • Perfect for sunday sermon note taking 5/5

    By 10Solo8
    Perfect for sermon note taking
  • Now unusable. Been going down for a long time. 1/5

    By Practicalsense
    Search been broken for over a year. A few releases back, notes started refreshing after any length of time you switch to another app. The app refreshes when you return. So let’s say I’m watching a video using YouTube on my phone on a topic and want to take notes in Evernote. Every time switch back and forth, I’m put back at the top of the note. Many times it takes me out of the note and have to open the note again then find where I left off- even if a sec. Can’t follow a recipe I put in Evernote. The app refreshes or exits the note every time the phone goes to sleep. I’ve run out of patience. No reason to keep paying for this. Finally jumping off.
  • Revolutionized my leadership 5/5

    By JETBatt
    John Maxwell says that you should read, write, and file EVERYDAY. This unquestionably is the app which allows you to do just that. And best of all, it's free! Add copied text right into a new note. All your data is available on any device that you have Evernote installed. Move seamlessly between iPhone and multiple computers which are instantly synced. Just plain AWESOME!! As a pastor, this is an invaluable tool allowing me to keep a daily prayer journal, sermon ideas, prayer requests, and note taking all in the same program!!! As an adult with ADHD, Evernote is a place I can offload my brain, and get all those random thoughts, things I’m supposed to remember, and stuff I don’t want to forget, a place to land and be organized. It also provides for me a stable platform to GTD (Get Things Done) using available GTD templates which greatly aid in my focus and organization. I cannot write anything negative for Evernote. So I won't even try! Get it!
  • New free version forcing users to paid version 1/5

    By Dan the plant man
    With the latest update it appears I cannot continue using this software without paying for the pro version or unlinking most of my devices. Dropbox recently did the same trick, so I likewise cannot use them going forward. In the case of Evernote, it is worse because existing devices are not grandfathered in. This seems a breach of trust to me. Goodbye Evernote, sorry to see you go.
  • Keyboard missing 1/5

    By JWBuck
    When I've been opening the app, the keyboard will not pop up. I can't add any text or delete anything. Unusable. Please fix!
  • Apple Pencil support is terrible. 1/5

    By cmm93223
    It’s been like this for a while and they won’t fix it.
  • Loses data; Doesn’t sync with desktop 1/5

    By Allison32888
    I love Evernote as a product, but every time I open the app, it doesn’t sync with updates I’ve made in the desktop application. Even worse, the desktop app syncs with the app, meaning I’ve lost days of work. I have to fix the problem by restoring to a previous version. The app is basically useless if it doesn’t sync correctly.
  • Difficult to use on phone 1/5

    By Robojukie
    For a complex app it’s missing some basic features. I didn’t have the shake to undo feature on my phone on and lost some changes when I accidentally erased a table of information since they don’t have an undo button. Editing tables on mobile is difficult and you can’t add new rows and columns on mobile. Apple notes has both of these features, however I continued to use Evernote since I’d had my account since before I had an Apple phone, which I’m now annoyed with since I can’t get my note history without having to pay for premium
  • Evernote 4/5

    By stevelikecheese
    Okay so I’ve had Evernote for a while now and I’ve loved writing everything I need to on it, but there’s no option to contact customer service without paying for the upgrades, which I think is ridiculous. I’ll admit I stupidly put in the wrong email while making my account... but you’d think they’d have a confirmation before accepting your account. Then I lost my password and can’t change it since the emails wrong. Annoyingly you can’t change the email with out the password so what am I supposed to do to get the information on the account I’ve used for three years? Though I’ll say my brains didn’t help the situation... customer service should be an option and there should be other ways around my problem and other people’s when they run into a dire pickle. The app itself I really like but settings and login plus the customer service I feel could make some improvements.
  • Has become too slow 2/5

    By InnovationG
    Am really struggling with performance at this point (perhaps too many notes), and am worried Evernote won’t scale with my needs.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By done with evernote
    Twice I have downloaded this app. First time I could not find any use for any of it’s features, so I deleted it. Then I noticed they had done an upgrade and added templates, so I tried it again. Liked the trip planner. Second trip I took I was updating info and somehow highlighted the whole checklist. Could not click off of it. Next thing I know it deleted the whole thing. No way to recover it. Tried e-mailing tech support. Said I needed to register to get support. Said the hell with them and deleted the app for good.
  • World Clasd 5/5

    By Anjewel gold
    Fantastic impeccable notes that support all the creative endeavors and more for business or personal
  • Unexisting pictures are displayed! 3/5

    By Aaron-Shmaaron
    In a couple of notes are displayed the pictures that I deleted for a long time ago. It's happening in a preview/list mode on my iPhone 8+. If opening these notes to edit, there are no pics inside. The app is up to date. What is wrong with this app?
  • Worst support EVER 1/5

    By HollandASeptember
    I love the product, but the support is truly shameful. No ability to email except through forced drop down menu of options - none of which apply No ability to chat - even thought I’m a premium subscriber No phone number for support Even the phone at the front desk at corporate headquarters rolls to voicemail. I have over 200 people on my team subscribing and have cancelled them all. Shame on you, Ian Small.
  • Lots of cool features but missing basics 3/5

    By hxz6
    Got this app to store recipes. This app has cool features such as auto zoom and capture just text portion of images so it’s easier to read. This works very well for recipes where you can just scan from book. However simple tasks such as deleting an image from the note is either non existent or the UI is not intuitive enough for me to understand after spending about an hour with it.
  • Used to be the best. 1/5

    By Mhoganphoto
    I used to LOVE Evernote, but lately, if my cell service is laggy, then I’ll miss something that I need to quickly jot down, because this program will take FOREVER to load to the point of being able to write a new note.
  • I don’t know if I should get this 1/5

    By G-racer
    Does it have just a blank piece of paper that you can write anything you want to
  • Used to love this app 1/5

    By December 2019
    I used to love this app, but had issues with trying to cut and paste some information and ended up deleting information I have been saving for years. There is no undue option for the basic app so I will be moving my notes and deleting this app.
  • Had to delete 1/5

    By Lionflower
    The basic (free) version became impossible to use. Legacy notes over 200 kB caused alert message after alert message to occur that made the app unusable. I removed all my content and deleted the app. It was good for quite a while and I’m sure the paid version is great.
  • No Multiwindow Support for iPad 3/5

    By a1n2d3y7
    Great as always but really needs multi window support for iPad in order for it to be the more powerhouse it claims to be.
  • Seeking replacement 2/5

    By Widgett
    App refresh (this is not an iOS 13 issue as all other apps work fine) is now intolerable. Switching away from EN and back causes the current note to reload, if not switch back to a previous note. Shows no sign of improving. I’m a paid subscriber who will be canceling said subscription once I have a replacement app. It’s a shame. Been using this since my first iPhone.
  • Очень доволен 5/5

    By Voldemar777
    При правильном использовании очень облегчает жизнь
  • Used to be amazing but is getting worse with every update. 3/5

    By cmant1914
    First of all, I hate subscriptions. But I’m fairly happy with the features of the basic (free) account, especially since I have used Evernote for nearly a decade. My only real complaint these days is the unreliability of the app. I have an iPhone XR and an iPad 7th generation, both are brand new. Yet even on these devices, if I turn off the screen while Evernote is open, it’s a guarantee that when I unlock the screen again, it will have crashed and closed. Every. Single. Time. Therefore, it is very unreliable unless you are going to leave your device screen on the entire time. I still rated it 3 stars because it has a lot of nice features for a note taking app, and if they ever fix the reliability issues it will once again be one of the best in my opinion.
  • Meh Shave a Dolphin! 1/5

    By .????
    Let me start of by saying, I have had this app since November 3rd 2012 and liked it for what I used it for, liked it not even close to love it. They started telling me I have to pay for storage all the sudden and will not long sync my notes unless I paid. So I went through all my old files and deleted a bunch of stuff I didn't need anymore. Still wouldn't sync my stuff, so again I deleted more...only to find out they won't still. Now they want $8 per month!?!? Or $70 per year?!?!? Ya right, get lost. The basic notes app that comes with iPhone do the same thing for free. Customer service is crap, and note worth even trying.
  • Looking for ways to abandon Evernote 2/5

    By Erik Pavia
    Note taking apps need to do the basic stuff right. Evernote hasn’t been to be able to deliver on the basics for years. If I open a note on my phone and leave the app for any reason, I can’t simply jump back to the app and have the note available. I have to search for the note again.
  • Love me some Evernote 5/5

    By Chones25
    Was introduced to Evernote about two years ago from a friend and it has become the most utilized organizational tool for my business. I can easily organize multiple projects with photos and notes. Reference multiple category types, synchronize notes with my team, the functions are endless. Cannot recommend it enough.
  • Happily Satisfied 4/5

    By Warnerse
    I use Evernote to haul around my crochet patterns in a mobile device. I used to print out pages of patterns and carry them in my craft bag, which is wasteful. But now I can purchase a pattern online, download and save to Evernote, and then sync the app so the pattern appears on my phone. My only complaint with Evernote is that the app does not stay open when the phone turns off. When you use the Pinterest app, for example, the phone stays on, presumably while cooking a recipe, so you don’t have to turn on the phone over and over again to look at the recipe. Even if the phone does turn off, when you turn it back on, the phone returns to the Pinterest app and the article you were using. Evernote does not stay open when the phone turns off. This would not be so irritating to me except that I also have to re-open the Evernote app and search for my note/pattern AGAIN. It’s like opening the app for the first time, over and over again. I can’t imagine using this app to take notes during a lecture, only to have the phone turn offwhe you are listening, and then have to turn on the phone again, open the app again, and search for the note you were just working on....again. First world problems, I know.
  • Shady practice of charging without notification 1/5

    By longstringer
    I downloaded as a trial and did not like the app. I was not notified of the $80 charge they hit me with. Talk about a shady practice. No refund and I never used it. I would give -10 stars if I could
  • Signing in problems 2/5

    By lil steven
    Such aggravation signing in on the iPad. In an endless loop to sign in. I finally got in after two separate attempts (half hour of my time), signing on the website, turning off 2 factor authentication, and then the iPad refused to remove an older iPad on the device list. Had to do it on the web again.
  • A place for everything... 5/5

    By ABQAnnie
    And everything in its place. Evernote lets me keep articles for later reference, lots of articles. Anything of use for home, business, travel — you name it (or, rather, you name your notebook) — has a place to be filed and found when needed. I don’t know how I did without Evernote. It’s organization at its best. Very appreciative of this ap.
  • Resets 1/5

    By I do mountains
    Every time you leave (not even closing it) the app it resets. Really annoying to have to go back and figure out which note you were in and where in that note you were
  • Slow Performance 2/5

    By djbassel
    Used to be good. The last 3 updates ruined it. The app is very slow when using search or uploading photos. Thinking about switching to MS notes. It’ll take time to transfer all of my previous notes...
  • Good but 4/5

    By doozhi
    Needs a fix with refresh. Every time I open the note it’ll refresh even though I never closed it
  • Love Evernote 5/5

    By Kestrel55
    I’ve been using Evernote for about 5 months now and I’m loving it! It’s great to have one place to look for most everything. Also I like to save articles. Before Evernote I saved them in many different places. As a result I was rarely able to find them again because I couldn’t remember where I had stored them. Now they’re all in one place & easy to find using Evernote’s search function. I admit I probably don’t use EN as efficiently as I could. It’s still a learning process. One improvement I’d like to see is the ability to add new tags when using my iPhone to save articles. Also it would be nice to have the ability to archive old notebooks that contain completed projects.
  • Where’s my stuff? 1/5

    By MichTros
    I had a lot saved in Evernote. Opened the ap today and I was prompted to create an account. Why? All of the important saved docs are gone. POOF!
  • Shared lists won’t work 1/5

    By PeterWK77
    Constant errors on opening a shared list. This is garbage. I wish Apple would just fix the sharing of reminder lists.
  • Terrible App, Worse Customer Service 1/5

    By robgavco
    Impossible to contact customer service. Turned off autorenewal in ITunes but still charged. The app itself is terrible and I haven’t used at all just charged $80 fraudulently.
  • Please fix. Can’t add photos 5/5

    By jPhone6#
    Please update the app and fix a bug whereby when you click to add photos it gets stuck iOS 13.2.2
  • Love Evernote 5/5

    By Fishing Watcher
    I’ve been using this for a few years. I save notes from meetings, links to news articles, Web pages for easy access, pictures and so much more. Word search makes it all easily accessible. This keeps my RX list easy to update and ready for MD appoints. I like all the features to edit, highlight, and ear mark for concise journaling.
  • Used to be great... 1/5

    By Folkman2014
    After years of using Evernote, it is now aggressively pushing me towards premium with popups and limited unsyncs. I’d recommend finding something else if this is their direction.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Covey10
    This is the best app ever. I love the way I can take notes on my phone or computer!

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