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Evernote App

Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it. Input typed notes or scan handwritten notes. Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio ... and it’s all instantly searchable. Organize notes any way you want and share with anyone. And Evernote syncs across your devices so your information is always with you, everywhere you go. --- “Use Evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag --- GET ORGANIZED Evernote gives you the tools you need to keep your work effortlessly organized: • Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists • Create notes in a variety of formats, including: text, sketches, photos, screenshots, image files, audio, web clippings, and more • Use the camera to effortlessly scan, digitize, and organize your paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings • Use Evernote as a digital notepad and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts as they come SYNC ANYWHERE Evernote gives you the ability to sync your content across devices: • Sync everything automatically across any computer, phone, or tablet • Start your task working on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat • Add a passcode lock to the mobile app for more privacy SHARE YOUR IDEAS Evernote gives you the tools to share, discuss, and collaborate productively with others: • Create, share, and discuss with the people who help get your work done, all in one app • Search within pictures and annotate images to give quick feedback EVERNOTE IN EVERYDAY LIFE • Make personal checklists to keep your thoughts organized • Set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do lists • Gather, capture, and store every thought you need to stay productive EVERNOTE IN BUSINESS • Create agendas, write memos, and craft presentations • Annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings, then share with colleagues • Get your projects underway faster and maximize productivity by letting multiple participants access and work on different aspects alongside each other EVERNOTE IN EDUCATION • Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vital thought • Clip and highlight articles from the web for academic research • Plan and collaborate for better academic group work BETTER NOTE INTERACTION WITH 3D TOUCH • Quick Actions for faster note creation and search • Sketch in notes with pressure sensitive ink EVERNOTE FOR APPLE WATCH • Dictate notes and they will be transcribed in Evernote • Dictate searches and get results on your Apple Watch • View newly created & updated notes • Set reminders, get notifications, and never forget anything --- Also available from Evernote: EVERNOTE PREMIUM - The ultimate workspace. • 10 GB of new uploads each month • Unlimited number of devices • Access your notes and notebooks offline • Save emails to Evernote • Search inside Office docs and attachments • Annotate PDFs • Scan and digitize business cards • Show notes as presentations, instantly (desktop only) $7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. --- Privacy Policy: https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php Terms of Service: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php

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Evernote app reviews

  • Spam in a can 1/5

    By goth pop
    Are used to use Evernote 7 years ago when it was very basic now it’s cluttered pop-ups, ads and offers for tee trials and in-app purchases. They’re basic version serves as a billboard for what the paid version can do.
  • No longer functions 1/5

    By ImpolaP
    Since the last update, Evernote has become unusable. After about 2 seconds, it switches from my notes to a screen labeled “Devices”, which is otherwise completely blank. At that point, all I can do is force quit the app.
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By BaroloGirl
    They say you are allowed to have two devices with a basic membership. I only have two but now it’s forcing me to upgrade and holding my data hostage.
  • 10 year pro account disappointed user 1/5

    By PN282
    Have been a premium paying customer for 10 years. Recent updates made the app slow. I click on the “+” button to create a new note and app just freezes. Will not be renewing because developers don’t have a good QA process before release. Have iPhone XS Max 256GB. Should not be this bad. Looking elsewhere, help!
  • Good but not great 2/5

    By aussken
    It’s great for taking notes and I love the writing portion of the app more than any other not taking app, but if you don’t hit the done button when you finish writing something and you just turn your screen off and put it in your backpack when you go to look for the notes later they won’t be there. I’ve lost so many notes for my calc class that I’m starting to get behind in the class.
  • 👀 1/5

    By 🐼🤖
    i got locked out of my evernote account - 5 months . tech support did not help !
  • Not at all happy anymore 1/5

    By Martyttt
    I’ve been a premium customer for years using Evernote primarily on my iPad. Web clipping, however is almost not possible anymore because the clipping is so bad. Parts of the webpage go missing in transition from any browser on my iPad Pro (safari, chrome) to Evernote. Pages that look great in the browser show up one inch in width streicht downward forever in Evernote. The main use of this app for me is indeed web clipping. I don’t get why they are not fixing these obvious issues (many customers complain). Will definitely be on the lookout for an alternative.
  • Evernote has slowed down... 3/5

    By OmnifocusNOT
    I loved this app. I put so many important things into it and came to rely one it. But ever since the latest iOS update, it app has become slow and lethargic on my iPhone XS Max. I waited for an update to the app, but that didn’t fix it. This is really too bad. I hope they can fix it soon. Every other app is super fast.
  • Love it, but 1 request 4/5

    By R10.R
    S app is very awesome and I love it as I have used Evernote on my Mac for multiple years. However, I would very much like to see the written notes area be scrollable and not fixed. Such a feature would make it more similar to the notes function of the Notes app that is preinstalled on all iOS devices. Making it scrollable would greatly benefit the functionality of Evernote by allowing written notes of a lengthy nature to be made. Thank you!
  • Was great, but now that unusable 1/5

    By Tankknight
    Loved this app, but now crashes within seconds of opening...often makes my screen go black for a few seconds and causes Bluetooth/cell/WiFi to reset
  • No longer a “Life changing App” 3/5

    By Symahm
    Jan 2019 update: I am a paying annual customer. Over the last few months the App would not open some of my notes. When I reached out to Evernote they had no solution other than saying an update is expected. This update did not come for a few weeks. In the meanwhile I have moved to Microsoft OneNote and love it. Don’t really use EverNote anymore. ====== Life Chaining App: I use this app to summarize journals... Keep recipies, to do lists, basically everything. The search function needs to improve as it often won't pick up things.
  • Slow and buggy garbage 1/5

    By Rick Ammar
    Why is it so hard for Evernote’s developers to make a simple note app that isn’t buggy, crash ridden and slow???
  • Gotten frustrating 2/5

    By Jbeckha2
    I used to love Evernote, now it just feels really buggy and frustrating. There’s a known bug where it loses your handwritten/sketched notes if you forget to hit save before switching to another app. It often freezes for a few seconds and just overall feels less solid than it used to. I find myself not trusting it to keep my notes safe. :(
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Sintactic
    Just hangs when I open, right when I’m trying to save a thought before it slips away. Kind of defeats the whole purpose.
  • Want to love 3/5

    By LoverofJesus
    Love the notes search feature. No app is anywhere near as good. That I’ve tried anyway. Does the work great. My only complaints are Note taking with stylus’s is not as enjoyable as I would like. The format for the page isn’t great. It’s clearly not designed for lots of handwriting. Also the app icon redesign I don’t like as much and the interface. Overall I like Evernote. I would change my review once these things are adjusted.
  • Yuck 1/5

    By Integrity Review
    Filled with user hostile dark patterns, google analytics reading your notes, and promotions
  • Test before releasing updates 2/5

    By Thewarmachine1
    More than any other app I use, Evernote seems to consistently have such basic, obvious bugs that simple testing would find before releasing. With the current update- when I scroll to the bottom of a note and then let go, it auto scrolls up so I can’t see the bottom of the note unless I hold my finger down and scroll up. This is so absurdly obvious and basic; I’m continually blown away by the lack of ability for Evernote’s team to catch bugs like this. Been using Evernote for many years and I have almost 15,000 notes...it’s simple oversights like this that keep Evernote from being perfect.
  • Each Mote, Why swipe left TWICE to delete!? 1/5

    By RollerBand
    For each note: Swipe once, it returns. Swipe the 2nd time, it stays and allow me to delete. Why twice? Annoying and waste of time! Never encounter this in other apps.
  • Update is weak 2/5

    By Naterade33
    Prompted to enter my iTunes password all the time now, lame. I don't have to, but it's a weird prompt. Can hardly believe I'm limited to two devices for a paid app (not subscription). I'm looking for another sync software: Notes, Keep, and Note Book are being evaluated presently. Looking forward to testing Milanote next week. Evernote is losing me. Every update makes the app worse. Slow. Clunky. Ignorant app. And no one responds or fixes the issues. Current version Evernote Current iOS 10.x, iPhone 8
  • Evernote Kaizen 5/5

    By Kenyukai66
    Always improving , always exploring new possibilities !! Now I get to work with templates , you guys are amazing , by far my favorite, daily used application both on my iPhone and on Windows ! Thank you
  • Love that the developer is FINALLY listening 5/5

    By Caddisbug1994
    I have noticed a lot of investment into Evernote after YEARS of neglect... thanks, perhaps, to their new CEO. Thanks for the renewed focus and energy. I was a heavy Evernote user who left a couple years ago... came back this week and am liking the progress.... and saw an article about upcoming enhancements that are planned... please don’t stop listening and improving... I just signed up for premium to recognize your efforts, asI don’t expect it for free but if you don’t keep improving, I’m outta here again.
  • couldn’t make a note 1/5

    By kelp leprous donahue
    Couldn’t even get through the tutorial. Tried making a note —> Sync Error. Sorry! Need a note app that I can take notes with.
  • Help 1/5

    By PA Wine Woman
    I just lost an important note. What can Evernote do to help me?
  • Versatility and Organizational prowess 5/5

    By Red Sea Consulting
    I find Evernote to be ever so useful. It has allowed me to organize my thoughts and to quickly collect information and knowledge that I have stored away for later use. I have been a great advocate of Evernote to both friends and family and will be a lifetime user. Thanks to the Evernote team!
  • Everything is on Evernote 5/5

    By Colliiin
    My life, my business, everything is on Evernote. Enough said.
  • No annual renewal notification 3/5

    By cmhandler
    The service is great. I use it almost every day. It is absolutely my responsibility to keep track of my commitments. And yet a notice or email would have been nice.
  • Paid offline notes!!! 1/5

    By Muqri Musa
    Make the notes available offline for free. Or at least make the price more affordable. I previously thought this is just $1.99 per month much like Bear but nope! $7.99 is what you greedy people demand for such a basic feature!
  • Now not good 1/5

    By K H A L I D 🇯🇴
    Cuz if you don’t internet u cant open ur nots so bad
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Eggiers
    It has been so long and major bugs remain. For example, you still can’t paste bullets from evernote into MS outlook without a total mess. Really guys? At least now you seem to be somewhat focused on the basics instead of stupid stuff but make pasting bullets into the dominant software applications in the world work!!! That’s one basic example.
  • Watch app doesn’t work. 2/5

    By justmeeagainn
    They still can’t do a working watch app. Sad. Otherwise it seems ok. But it would have been nice to seamlessly go from iPhone to watch and back.
  • Won’t Even Allow Login 1/5

    By RandyRarhol
    Wanted to use this app to sign a few documents. It used to work, I’m on a newer iPad, login just loops. I tried everything, reset the password, logging in with Google... No dice, the login screen just rotated between asking for email and then asking for email and password.
  • Are you overcharged? 1/5

    By D03ma3ter
    To overcharge isn't very honest, but it's not usually illegal either. Sometimes it's obvious that someone is trying to overcharge you
  • Longtime subscriber, but now unusable 3/5

    By kiloalpharomeolima
    I've used Evernote for years, mostly because it was available on all platforms. Lately though, it's become an untrusted place where forgotten things go to die. Lately it crashes within ten seconds of opening on my new iPad, making it impossible to create a note or view past ones.
  • Uploads Duplicate Notes 1/5

    By voice__of__reason
    Evernote still uploads some notes in duplicate. Duplicate files are very common and use up the users data limit. The free service offers a mere 60MB per month. Switch to an alternative service while you still can. Also, convert webpages that you save to PDFs using iOS print. This way when you inevitably jump ship you won’t have conversion issues. If you’re planning on syncing notes with a PC be ready to get to know the spinning wait symbol. The PC version is very slow. Maybe a new name is in order. Maybe Everwait?
  • Couple bugs 2/5

    By Paul45345354353
    Not sure where else to address this as I couldn’t find an email. Just noticed two odd bugs. One - if you start typing a note and pause for like 10 seconds you’ll feel an odd Taptic feedback from your iPhone. Not sure why. It happens every time. Second. Dark mode keyboard should turn dark as well. It’s counter intuitive to have a dark mode implementation with a white keyboard.
  • Eisenhower notepad 4/5

    By russ 2020
    please add template of Eisenhower matrix ....
  • The absolute best!!! 5/5

    By brlanzone
    Evernote shouldn’t just be called Evernote it should be called Evernote for life! I use it for everything from keeping track of what’s going on with my kids to business to journaling to recipes etc. etc. etc. I don’t know how I would ever move on without it at this point
  • Excellent 5/5

    By jmpjrDpp
  • Addicted but wish it worked better with Outlook 2016 (office 365) 3/5

    By Maryuser
    Recent versions of Evernote cause Outlook 2016 to crash regularly. (The most recent version constant, slightly older versions a few times a day.) I have to reject updates and back down to Evernote 6.8 (or earlier) to keep Outlook from crashing. Everything else about Evernote is brilliant. I’ve been using it for years and am addicted. I love taking meeting notes on my ipad and being able to access them on my iPhone and office pc/computer. How it works across platforms is brilliant in the older versions.
  • I use it a lot.. but 3/5

    By Jompi K
    I wish it would be easier to use. A more intuitive way to organize spaces, notebooks and notes would be visual and touch-screeny swipey type. Also, a way to mass delete, move and edit notes and notebooks. Also would like it to be easier to rename spaces. If I want to reorganize my evernote and find old notes, it would take me years. Im kinda hooked to it by now. Thank you for listening Evernote.
  • Very angry 1/5

    By Hbgvfgbh
    I recently got a new iPhone. I was rather surprised when I logged in on my new device. A screen pops up telling me I have to sign up for a 7.99 monthly subscription to get my things. I am unable to get passed that screen. I looked in help and found the plan comparisons - would have been much more helpful if the prices would have been listed along with the features- dahhhhh. I have been to both the app support page and the developer web site and no where am I able to find somewhere to actually send an email. All you get are a bunch of drop down screens to choose your issue. After all that, it asks if this was helpful. Guess what, I clicked no it wasn’t. Nothing happens. Would have been nice if it would have finally given me a way to contact support. If they options are available to get an email out and get a direct response from a living person, tell me where the link is hidden and buried. Maybe Sasquatch has it. No one can find him either
  • No technical support 1/5

    By Razz42
    I've used Evernote for years. Unfortunately, they have restricted their website so that it is basically impossible to get technical support unless you are a premium member. I left my membership lapse for a few months while I knew I wouldn't use it. Unfortunately, when I went into my account shortly before I planned to reinstate it, I noticed a glitch with templates. This would not be a huge deal, but I am extremely frustrated by the shoddy setup of evernotes support. There are two options for support. The first is to go to "support" on the Evernote website and then select your problem. There was nothing about my problem there. The second option is to select "contact us" on the app or website, and then choose between email or phone. This is 2019, so I went with the non-phone option. This then takes you through a series of drop down menus to select the subject of your email. I did this, and was repeatedly given a message to file a report about my issue. There was no link, note was there an obviou way to do this in the note or on the templates page. After devoting a couple of hours to the sisyphean task, I gave up. I'm hesitant to reinstate my premium account, as well. I don't really want to pay $60 for additional services to a company that doesn't even stand behind their self-proclaimed basic ones.
  • Difficult to share notes 1/5

    By computer savage
    Want to share a simple PDF of your note? Good luck finding that buried menu option. Want to change how the PDF layout? Nope.
  • Poor support. 1/5

    By no-thing~
    Be warned there is no real tech support. I have used Evernote for a few years. There search function for scanned notes has been great. But I have replaced my computer with a new one and there is no support to enable the transfer of my account. No instructions that I can find. No email! No phone. I guess I will have to switch to Bear notes at least their pro account is affordable.
  • Good app 4/5

    By RavLogic
    Good app but the search capability needs to improve.
  • Markdown 5/5

    By 申忠书
    印象笔记 in china already has been used , what about us?
  • Used to like this 2/5

    By Montanatrustee
    Not now No longer user friendly Slow
  • They could make Evernote great... 2/5

    By HeresMyTwoCents
    Tags are a central part of making Evernote work, so why the heck are there still so many inconsistencies between the way tags work on iOS vs. macOS? For the love of God, why can you still not show nested tags on iOS? They show up perfectly on the Mac. And why is it that I can forward the same email to Evernote and to OneNote, and the email is formatted perfectly inside OneNote, but in Evernote it looks like the email exploded! Tables are torn apart and scattered all over the place, colors are wrong... I swear, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think the people at Evernote are actually trying to lose the race with OneNote. Not to mention the fact that Evernote still will not allow us to create a notebook directly inside our desired notebook stack, nor can we create a child tag directly inside the parent tag. Instead, they force us to create new notebooks and tags into “outer space”, and then we have to go in manually move them into the stack or parent tag we wanted them to be in in the first place. Seriously, why?! This is such an absolute waste of time! Why not allow us to select a stack or parent tag, and then create new notebooks and tags within the selected item? This is elementary stuff, people! They should have more than enough money by now to hire additional programmers to get these annoying issues sorted out!
  • Can’t see what I’m typing 1/5

    By maggiehall818
    When in portrait mode on my iPhone 8, I can’t see what I’m typing in the note because the formatting bar hides it. Can’t figure out how to hide the formatting menu.

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