EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

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  • Current Version: 2021.06.14
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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money App

At over 3,000,000 downloads, EveryDollar has helped millions of people take control of their money, and it can help you too. Stop wondering where all your money goes every month and start telling it where to go with the world’s best budgeting app. EveryDollar takes the stress out of budgeting and makes it easy to make a plan for your money (and actually stick to it for once). Create your budget in less than 10 minutes. Customize budget categories, track expenses, set up savings funds—and more. Whether you’re saving money, paying off debt, or just making sure all the bills get paid, EveryDollar’s got your back. Using a zero-based budgeting method, it gives every dollar a job (get it—every dollar) so you’re getting the most out of your money. And when you start giving every dollar a job, you’ll realize how much more money you really have—it’ll feel like you got a raise. In fact, the average budgeter finds $332 in their first month of using EveryDollar! That’s working smarter not harder. Upgrade and Get the All-In-One Money Plan Upgrade to the paid version to connect your bank to your budget, automatically track transactions, get custom reports on your spending and more. Plus, you’ll get access to all of the apps in Ramsey+, including the BabySteps progress tracker and the FinancialPeace learning app. Upgrade anytime or start a free trial. Key Free Features: Budget — Create your custom monthly budget in minutes. — Set up savings funds for goals and larger expenses. — Access your budget through the app or a desktop browser. — Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month to keep up with real life. — Create custom budget categories. Track Expenses — Track spending on the go. — Split expenses across multiple budget items. — Check on spent and remaining amounts at a glance. Connect With Service and Savings Experts — Find trustworthy experts in real estate, insurance and tax services through our Endorsed Local Providers program. — Ditch third-party advertisements, because EveryDollar doesn’t play that way. Upgrade for Exclusive Ramsey+ Features: — Connect to your bank so transactions automatically stream into your budget. — View your account balance in the app. — Get priority and callback support. — Unlock access to the BabySteps app to track progress on your financial goals. — Unlock access to the FinancialPeace app and watch any of our personal finance courses, including Financial Peace University. Show your money you’re the one in charge. Download EveryDollar today. Privacy Policy: https://policies.ramseysolutions.net/privacy-policy Terms of Use: https://policies.ramseysolutions.net/terms-of-use

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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money app reviews

  • Please change date adjustment 5/5

    By Dr FrankE
    Amazing expense tracking. Please change the date adjustment back to the way it was.
  • Reliability? 3/5

    By Hheaglepub
    I’ve been an every dollar user for some time now, but lately the reliability seems to have gone down. It will go for days or weeks without downloading transactions then suddenly you get 50 transactions come through that you have to deal with. This makes it difficult to execute your budget week to week when it won’t reliably pull down the cleared transactions on a daily basis.
  • I love the new date entry for transactions. 5/5

    By Bpmattic
    I love the new date entry for transactions. Much more convenient. This App works great for me.
  • EveryDollar deleted 3 duplicate transactions 5/5

    By -tmoa-
    That is the message I get every 60 seconds. Thank you EveryDollar, now stop telling me about it. Wonderful app, but please add an acknowledge button or something to make this message go away. Update: It’s every 30 seconds, not 60 seconds.
  • Constantly disconnects from my bank 1/5

    By Dan Brite
    The app disconnects from my bank. I try to reconnect and it has issues. I email support and wait several weeks before the problem is fixed. This has happened three times. Frustrating and not worth it.
  • Can’t live without it 4/5

    By camasqueen
    I really like this app and use it every day. I even manually input/loaded four years’ worth of prior history transactions so I had it all in one place. However, I have several criticisms. 1. Because I connect it with a credit union account that uses a third party to manage and maintain some of its systems, whenever the third party decides to make any sort of change or security fix or whatever, the syncing stops. This is now the second time it’s happened in less than a year of using the app (first time was two weeks of no syncing) and now it’s coming up on three weeks and it’s still not fixed. As a result, if you want everything to be current, you have to key in all the transactions yourself. In that case, I might as well just have used the free version and not paid $129 for annual use of the app. The Every Dollar customer service team always claims they’re working on it, but it takes forever to actually get it fixed. So annoying. 2. I have suggested this one item multiple times to the team to no avail, but there is no way to mark any single transactions for tax-related purposes. I guess you could create a separate category in your budget for tax, but that’s kind of stupid when any number of tax-related items could fall into a variety of expense types. Maybe the “world class app” (as Dave Ramsey puts it) will eventually add it so it’s more practical and useful. 3. I’m debt free with a fully funded emergency fund and don’t need the “Debt” or “Emergency Fund” categories anymore. Unfortunately these two items are permanent and you can’t delete them, even though you’re allowed to delete any other category you create. So stupid. Please fix this! Or perhaps write code that says if you’ve marked the baby step as ‘complete’ inside the app, then they go away.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mitchbpate
    Very well organized and user-friendly, I love this app!
  • Spending money to budget money 1/5

    By ksmiles92
    It’s a bit illogical to me that you would charge people money to help them budget and get their lives on track. Especially after all the money you already make from your other endeavors. I was super interested in the algorithm that’s supposed to calculate things for you after you link your bank account. Then you have to buy an outrageous subscription just to do so. I understand developers don’t work for free, but with how many people probably use this app, you could drive the price down or offer a hardship option. After much frustration and beating my head against the wall with other budgeting apps (and this one) I took the ideas from looking at the pre-made categories and created a spreadsheet that calculates for me. Still can’t link my bank but it’s much better than paying a buttload for an app that looks like it’s still “halfway” there
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By elle_2x
    Love this app and how easy it is to use. Love that you can create sinking funds, sync transactions (paid version), and budget down to the last penny. The new integration of Ramsey+ made things a little complicated at first but I got it all figured out. Baby Step 2 will be done by 2022.
  • Great but defected in latest version 4/5

    By joepapino
    Works great but the newest version has a bug. When adding a new entry to any category the date field appears on the very bottom left of the app and is barely visible. This must be a bug. At least I hope it is
  • Need landscape support for iPad 2/5

    By deejayar2016
    Please add support for iPad to use the app in landscape mode. Also, creating some kind of “snowball mode” would be great... Update 6/10/2021: still no landscape support for iPad. Please also fix issue caused by recent update where now you can barely see/access the button to change the date on a given transaction when trying to add
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By enolmron
    Fix your app
  • Great App 4/5

    By MrSplatts
    Great App and easy to yae but the Plus version offer pops up way too often
  • Logs me out after every use 1/5

    By EricMagallan
    The core functionality of the app is great. The biggest issue is having to login every single time I use it. There’s always an error with it not being able to pull my budget up and it logs me off. In 2021 I shouldn’t have to sign in manually every single time to apps. Especially if it’s on an iPhone where biometric authentication is a thing. I don’t have the same password for every app so I need to search for my password each time I want to log into the app and take additional steps just to log in. I’ve complained about this in the past via an email, directly to the company several months ago, but it doesn’t seem like the issue has been addressed. I have a dozen or so other apps on my iPhone which ask for biometric authentication, none of which wipe out my credentials every time I go to use their apps. Please fix this and work on your bugs and user experience, versus focusing on enhancements.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By L Sisco
    Would really like to be able to add a picture of a receipt on the transactions
  • Bank rarely stays connected 2/5

    By Spoken 4rm experience
    The app is supposed to help you by tracking your spending. You link your bank to the app and it tracks your spending that way. The app doesn’t stay connected long enough to track my spending so I spend more time removing and reinstalling my bank than budgeting. When I say long enough I mean hours. In the morning I would link my bank but by lunch I have a notification of connection error and I need to reconnect it. This is every single day. When my subscription is over I’m out. I give it two stars because on the rare occasion that it stays connected It works fine.
  • I Recommend 5/5

    By Mr App review man
    Been using the EveryDollar app for a few years now. Helps me know where I’ve spent my money and when I spent it. Prior to using this app I would frequently ask myself “where did my money go”. Sometimes it would disappear so fast that I thought that I lost some money. Once I started using this app, I realized that I spent a considerable amount of money on food; especially fast food. As of recently I have cut back and have been able to save and spend that money elsewhere. The app also helps me keep track of logging my tithes and offerings and I like the ability to put notes on certain items so I can know what to do next time. Overall awesome app. I recommend. I also like the new calendar update; a lot better and more user friendly (in my opinion). Great job to the EveryDollar developers and keep up the good work.
  • Date interface no longer works 1/5

    By Jpkearns
    Last update broke the phone app (I haven’t tried it on a computer tablet so not sure if it works there). I cannot update dates of transactions.
  • Emergency Fund Bug 4/5

    By Addeez NUTS
    Hoping they’ll fix it soon. Unable to edit the Emergency Fund tab. If you create a new one with the name “Emergency Fund” it also becomes unremovable and uneditable. Other than that it’s a great app. Doesn’t force you to link your banking account, or rope you into a free trial to use.
  • Waste 1/5

    By He is all man
    Paid for the app. Now it won’t connect to my bank and I can’t get a refund. Great.
  • $130 to save money... right 2/5

    By Runningriver
    I get that apps are designed to make money off of its users. But this just seems a little bit ridiculous. For a guy who tries really hard to sell that he cares about people learning how to budget their money, and having the best life for themselves, he is sure charging a lot for a super basic budgeting system. I don’t want all the extra classes and videos and everything else that comes with the app when you spend $130. All I wanted was to track my spending. I spent time plugging in the numbers for my planes spending, only to find out that there is no easy copy and paste feature for the actual spent tab, meant to help you track your budget. You have to retype everything a second time, even items that are consistent like car payments and mortgage and insurance/health insurance etc. Or, you can link your bank account. Obvious choice, you want to link your bank account. But in order to do that you have to buy the entire subscription for a year including all of the other things. Really frustrating. Guess I’m going to look for another app. There should at least have been an option to pay for only linking your bank account, for a lot less than 130.
  • Landscape Mode PLEASE 4/5

    By scooter92
    I love using this app. It is amazing and keeps you in budget but it lacks the landscape mode on iPadOS that would make the experience a 5-star one.
  • Update broken 4/5

    By Shopaholic!!!!
    The app update won’t let me sign in. Once my username is entered, the new t screen to enter my password freezes and the keyboard doesn’t show up.
  • Last update is a mess 1/5

    By Sergey Saks
    DAVE would not appreciate this. Fix UI for transaction date ASAP.
  • Not free 1/5

    By Freepeacelove
    Trying to charge me $129 after free trial. I just want a checkbook register. Can’t add any accounts without paying
  • Could be better 1/5

    By BrieBe
    I am continuously having issues with my app and banking account being connected. It’s frustrating to spend multiple times in my day to reconnect my bank account. If I am spending all this money for this app, I would prefer for it to work.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By crytonoob
    I was charged immediately for this. Is advertised a promo period. Completely unacceptable.
  • Extremely limited Trial Features 1/5

    By CarlosDanGarcia
    Does not give you a good experience of what the real subscription is like - cannot connect bank account without paying for the pro. Shame, was very excited to see if it solved my budgeting needs :/
  • I want to like the iPad app....but I just can’t. 2/5

    By Rick Hinton
    The iPhone app and the browser based web app are just fine, but the iPad app needs work. As I sit here typing this review in landscape mode...... I wonder, why can’t it be this way on the app? That’s a lot of real estate on the iPad screen in front of me.... Seriously, why will this app not work in landscape mode on the iPad? I *really* want to be able to access the app using my iPad, and type the entries on my keyboard, but instead I am forced to use the browser instead due to this design constraint/limitation. Please, please, PLEASE, fix this!
  • They need to give an option to delete with out the permission of customer service 3/5

    By cookie.monster28
    I loved the app but the most ridiculous part was that there was no option to delete the account. May wanna think about that
  • I wish it actually worked… 1/5

    By TheLightbulb1,000
    Well… I never write reviews, but here goes. If this app worked as intended it would be the best budgeting app I’ve ever used. As with any app there are things that could improve, but overall it’s simple to understand and easy to use. The Ramsey program is great and in general I follow the shows and principles. Great stuff! The problem lies in the fact that the bank link to easily track and budget transactions NEVER works! I made the mistake of enjoying the free trial and purchasing an annual subscription. The transaction tracking worked for 2 weeks before it broke for the first time. I’ve had the app over 4 months now and the bank connection has been in “scheduled maintenance” for about 2 months total of that time. Just know that when you contact support they will be courteous and professional, they will tell you “don’t worry, we’ll make this right”. They seem like super nice people. But they will send a templated response “unfortunately, that part of the app is up to your bank institution” “nothing we can do, but we’ll keep you posted”. And that response would be acceptable, except for the fact that I can log into Mint the entire time EveryDollar is broken and Mint can connect/track transactions with zero issues. It’s buyer beware I guess. They have a 60 day refund window that isn’t listed anywhere and now that I’m outside that window they refer me to Apple for a refund and there is nothing Apple can do. With this being a Ramsey product I just expected better honestly. Don’t create a product and charge a premium for additional features if you can’t support those features when other providers can.
  • Amazing, 4.9 stars 5/5

    By MrRogersNeighborhood
    I’ve always been good at doing a budget. This does everything I’ve ever needed to replace using spreadsheets. Only issue is duplicate transactions pop up and I have to delete them (which isn’t bad) but then I wish there was a way to clear the deleted list.
  • It’s wonderful! 5/5

    By Carol86:)
    Everything I could want from a budget app
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By llmmigc
    It’s amazing to me how I can budget now! All thanks to this app!
  • Wish I had downloaded this sooner. 5/5

    By Ambeautiful
    This app is pretty wonderful. I was kind if doing my own thing on the note function on my iPhone but this is definitely better. It’s very easy to use, customizable, I love how it can link with bank accounts and with the baby steps app. I do love how you can make certain items “funds” so that you can save for bigger things like when your car insurance is due, Christmas, other things you’re saving for. It has ability to repeat items, set due dates, remind you when the due date is coming. If you make a purchase, say at the grocery store but some of that goes into the grocery fund and some of it goes into vitamin fund you can split it. I really could go on and on about how wonderful this app is. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to remind you when something is due only once a year. I know I can make a fund, but sometimes I don’t need a fund to remind me once every 12 months that a charge under $100 is due on a certain month of the year. I just need a reminder or a list that my AAA membership fee is due in June and add that to my budget. I feel like every month there is a random yearly charge, whether it’s my AAA membership, yearly Zoo membership, Xbox Live, etc. Now, if they added this feature this app would be the best app ever. Although it really is nice to have a budget for larger expenses like car registration or car insurance.
  • Great app...until it wasn’t 1/5

    By operfan
    I’ve used EveryDollar for several years, I love the simplicity compared to apps like Mint. However, I’ve encountered so many connection issues with my bank over the past few months! I was such a fan of this app that I bought a friend a subscription, she also had bank connection issues. Instead of working to fix the situation, they suggested switching banks! They have a really great app, but they need to figure out these connection issues. Suggesting to a customer who paid over $100 for the subscription that they should manually enter their transactions or switch banks is completely unacceptable. Hoping they get it together so that I can continue to use this service that I paid for.
  • ☹️ 2/5

    By 🤦man
    Won’t let me sign in need help
  • Error 1/5

    By Emkat53
    There is an error connecting to my bank account every other day. I do not have any issues logging in to my bank account through the bank app. I pay the extra money for it to sync my accounts. This is frustrating.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Nmfs2002
    I’ve deleted; written to Ramsey, and it’s still not accessible :(
  • Great App when working 4/5

    By AvvaMaria
    This app is awesome but I do find the accounts get disconnected or have errors pretty often.
  • Exactly what I was looking for 5/5

    By ct21678
    This app is great, may be the best I’ve seen for budgeting. Does everything that it needs to very well.
  • Awful company 1/5

    By Trucker Frank
    Because of Dave Ramsey’s religious views on certain topics such as homosexuality, I no longer follow, support, or promote this organization or any of its affiliates.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By wonibaloni
    This app is by faaaar the best budgeting app I’ve ever come across!
  • Great App with One Flaw 3/5

    By jahre
    I love Every Dollar; I was using the free version, and I upgraded to the paid version, so Inwould not have to enter all my transactions manually, and it is great. There is one issue that has started happening during the last 3 months... duplicate transactions, even after I save a transaction, it will show up again, sometimes up to 4 times; then I delete the duplicates, and they come back a few days later!!!! It is becoming annoying; so much that is is not fixed, I may as well go back to the free version.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Kmc186943
    I find it very frustrating that you have to pay or subscribe to the plus option to add your account info. Thus rendering this app completely useless.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union will not sync. 2/5

    By Oki1212
    Purchase the annual subscription at $129. However, the app will not sync with my bank account. This issue had been going on for over months. It’s not consistent. Please fix this!
  • Do NOT sync to Ramsey+ Debt Snowball!!!!!!! 1/5

    By crumb collector
    I had everything tidy and keeping me in check. I decided to set up my Debt Snowball on Ramsey+ since my emergency fund was almost in place. Then the app recommended I sync my Debt Snowball to the Every Dollar app. Well now all my bills of expected interest charges are permanently deleted and when I go to add an item I can't. It redirects you to the Baby Steps page instead of adding a custom item. Now after paying for the service, I'm not even sure I can use the app until I figure out some way to UNSYNC my account, which of course is nowhere to be found as an option. DO NOT SYNC YOUR ACCOUNT TO YOUR DEBT SNOWBALL!!! Now all these charges are unaccounted for and as much a pain as it would be add them all back one by one, and record transactions for each all over again, I CAN'T! One single lonely solitary star until this gets fixed.
  • Awesome, needs UI fixs and changes 4/5

    By secretSanta1985
    Great app and budgeting approach. I wish it was easier to move items between groups and to see a summation of each group. Currently it’s a bit clunky to use between to two people that split some bills, fully pay some bills, and also save for their own goals. It should be easier to track which income is going to which group, meaning each user could have a savings group with multiple items that only subtracts from their own income source. There’s also no way to change an items group other than start from scratch. I’d say this is 85% of the way there, just needs a couple changes to make it more user friendly and easier for couples.
  • Great App/Frustrating Issues 3/5

    By Jordstone
    I’m a huge Dave fan. I follow his principles and it has served me quite well. I have used this app for years and 90% of it’s awesome. But at times it’s a big pain. It doesn’t recognize my bank account for some reason, so I have to remove it and then add it again but when I go to add it again it says “your financial institution isn’t currently supported and we’re not able to set up your account” even though I’ve had the account set up for years prior. This happens a couple times every year. I have to wait a couple days then it will recognize it and let me load it. The painful thing then is that it reloads every transaction from that month, so with it happening today (April 23) once it reloads I’m going to have over 100 transactions to go through. Kind of annoying. I wish it didn’t do it because when the app works I really love it.