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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App

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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App App

Create your budget each month for FREE with EveryDollar: the fastest and easiest personal budget app! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by David Ramsey, a top personal money-management expert. Millions are already using EveryDollar to budget and track their spending, beat debt and build their wealth. Start now and find the right way to budget your money! As a bonus, all new users will receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar. You can connect directly to your bank with EveryDollar Plus, making expense tracking all the easier! Simply go to In-App Purchases in the main menu and upgrade right away! Key Free Features: Create Your Personal Budget ** Create a fully customized monthly budget in minutes. ** Access your budget through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month, keeping up with the changes in your life. ** Keep your personal account secure by signing in with TouchID. Track Spending ** Track spending as it happens by the second. ** Split expenses across multiple budget items. ** Set reminders to keep track of your transactions and spending. ** See what you’ve spent and what remains each month. Connect With Experts Who Focus on Service and Savings ** Our Endorsed Local Providers program connects you with a huge array of real estate, insurance and tax professionals. ** No third-party advertisements that get in the way of learning. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features: ** Connect to your bank to track your transactions through EveryDollar ** View your account balances within the app. ** Priority and call-back support. Eliminate debt and put more into your savings each month with EveryDollar: the personal budgeting app. Download now and start seeing results. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $9.99 after a one-month free trial. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for the current active period. Privacy Policy: http://www.everydollar.com/privacy Terms of Use: http://www.everydollar.com/terms


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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App app reviews

  • Not very good 2/5

    By La White Bestia
    Very expensive for what it had to offer.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By TarynJane
    After 9yrs of only one of us managing our budget we can now both be actively involved! One thing we would love is to have a calendar so that we could input when our bills are due. Some things are monthly, annually or bi-monthly. We use an outlook calendar now, but would love some kind of integration. That way we can see when a bill is due and sort by due date within each category.
  • Disappointing - Unnecessary Fees! 1/5

    By Iloveyouuuuu284827
    I follow Dave Ramsey and his money plan. I am extremely disappointed to see it costs $10 a month to simply connect bank activity to the app. Is this the same person that suggests people cut out cable and “don’t have a life” in order to get finances in order? But we should spend $120 a year unnecessarily to use the budgeting app he suggests? I must be blunt. I feel this most definitely should be said. Quite disappointed.
  • What happened 2/5

    By t1534
    The app was great until I updated it and now I can’t do anything with it. Won’t let me log out or back in and said there is an error loading all my information!!
  • Good But Needs Some Work 3/5

    By Juaire2009
    This app is great to help beginners with budgeting. It does take a little while to understand how the app works but once you get the concept it is easy. I have a copy of the “Monthly Cash Flow Plan” and those categories are not the same as the ones on the Every Dollar App. For example, on the app there is no place to put medical expenses. It is difficult to know your percentages of the categories if you are having to put your medical in with your “lifestyle” category on the app. If the categories were the same it would be a little easier to use all of the content from the FPU and the app together.
  • Won’t allow me to sign in 1/5

    By Jm57!
    I have been using app for a few years. I have the full app linked to my account. Yesterday it glitched and logged me out. When I go to log in I just get a blank page that says forbidden. I have rest my phone, reinstalled the app and tried multiple times with no luck. I can sign in through safari just fine but not the app, just get a forbidden message. I have contacted app support and heard nothing! Very frustrating and disappointing!!!!
  • iPad App too? 4/5

    By dpack1993
    iPad app on the dev roadmap? This app works really well and we love it for budgeting on the computer and phone. Add and iPad app and it would easily get 5 stars.
  • Great Budgeting App! 4/5

    By th244
    I really like using Every Dollar to help with my budgeting. As a first year teacher fresh out of college, it has been very helpful. Only thing I would change: I get paid biweekly. A feature that would allow for users to customize the start date of a budget would be very handy. As opposed to just beginning anew every month, being able to start my budget at he beginning of each pay period would help me tremendously!
  • Error 5/5

    By C90z
    Been using the app for years and love it but I am getting errors and app will not load. It works again👍
  • Excellent budgeting app 5/5

    By J Hayman
    This app is very easy to use. I listen to Dave Ramsey and very grateful that his team put out such a great tool.
  • Buyer Beware 1/5

    By Bear_A_C_B
    I’ve used Every Dollar for quite some time but have stopped because Every Dollar cannot connect to my banks because Every Dollar’s third party bank connection doesn’t support the use of certain characters in passwords. Note that these passwords are accepted by the banks themselves, just not by Every dollar. Every Dollar’s solution to the problem was that I should change (weaken) all of my passwords to work with their app. I told them I wasn’t comfortable doing that and they have so far refused to refund the remaining balance on my subscription because I’m outside of the 30 day window for refunds. Very disappointing from a security standpoint and from a customer service standpoint. I would recommend looking for a different budgeting app.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Emerod
    This should be the first app everyone uses when they start working full time!!
  • Please repair your app. 3/5

    By cottonmommy
    I use this app daily, it is very frustrating when it doesn’t work. Please repair; it seems to be having lots of issues over the past few weeks.
  • Error loading budget 1/5

    By Wally Quest
    Seems to store all records non locally somewhere that has poor uptime. Tool is nonfunctional and therefore worthless, regardless of its recommendations from Dave Ramsay.
  • A great tool to follow Dave Ramsey method of increasing wealth! 5/5

    By patrick allan
    We use EveryDollar all the time. I helps us tell every dollar where to go. We chose to not have the deluxe version because we wanted to input the data from our bank account instead of have it automatically tied to our account. Saved us $144 per year. Thanks Dave!!!! I’m debt freeeeeeee!
  • Worked till today 1/5

    By sugs84
    Wont load at all just tells me it lost all the info...
  • New Update?? 5/5

    By Cartoon Mike
    I’m not able to login to my account in order to make updates and or changes.
  • Love it. 5/5

    By JT_Edmonds
    Dave Ramsey’s advice has made me wealthy. This app is a vital tool.
  • Helped my pay of debt and figure out balance 5/5

    By theramblur
    This app is hard, but that’s why it’s good. It’s just like balancing a checkbook. Things are manual so you take notice of what you spending and it makes it hurt when you spend outside your budget. I’ve already paid off my car and two credit cards. I have the peace of mind that I know i lll have money in my bank account and I won’t over draft. It’s amazing but a lot of work. People who aren’t serious about their finances go elsewhere.
  • App ROCKS! 5/5

    By Adrian the man
    How come there’s no 5 stars? Only a 4.1?! What?! App is EASY and works great! Thanks people!
  • Every Dollar Review 5/5

    By AS from PA
    Excellent app. Makes tracking expenses easy, rather than logging in on the computer and gathering receipts. User friendly. Highly recommend!
  • No longer functional 1/5

    By ColoAmanda
    I really enjoyed using EveryDollar for quite some time. Very helpful and easy to drag and drop expenses into budget categories to help me better manage finances. Unfortunately 1 of my 2 accounts hasn't synced (to import transactions) in 2 months, making the app useless unless I want to manually type in every expense. In which case I could use a free spreadsheet. Waste of the remainder of money spent on my annual membership
  • Please get a weekly-budget option 4/5

    By Cambodia2
    I love the convenience of the drag and drop and being connected directly to my bank account! I would really like to see the option to do weekly budgets instead of monthly, and at the end of the month being able to see income and spending for the month still. I have varying weekly incomes and believe it would be more accurate if I were able to plan my budget more often than once a month. I would also like to be able to edit the main categories of the budget, not just my sub-categories.
  • Does the job 5/5

    By StevenPG
    I’ve been on Ramsey for a few years now, and this app has been a perfect addition to the program. My wife and I both use the app, it syncs perfectly between all of our iOS devices. We pay to have it sync with my four Capital One bank accounts. (Checking, 360, 2 Savings). This program is how you keep a good relationship with your spouse.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Rube45
    This is a great app for budgeting. It provides instant access to budgeted money and is great for tracking your expenses during the month. And the best part of it is it is free.
  • Love it but need iPad access 5/5

    By Ashleyh1717
    I love the app but I would really love it if it were iPad compatible
  • Good 3/5

    By Michael 0101
    This is a great app, very simple to use. I just wish it had a way to print reports for each month and to also see year long reports for everything. If it had reports I’d probably give it a 5 star review
  • Lacks Features 2/5

    By aggiejames8541
    First let me say that I received an upgraded version of this app for free as I lead a Financial Peace University class at our church. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan and certainly think the products are top notch. This product, however, needs further development and feature additions. I was constantly having problems connecting to the bank to pull data throughout my month long use of the product. Eventually, I gave up and went back to You Need a Budget YNAB and even pay for that service. It’s so much better I would pay for it and have it work versus feel frustrated with thus product that’s free. It’s a good start, but it has a long way to go to compete in the financial tech sector.
  • Best Budgeting App! 5/5

    By tmuller20
    This app is amazing and motivates me and lets me put every dollar I make to work. Keep up the good work.
  • Excellent Budgeting Tool 5/5

    By Shavannahhhhhh
    I love this app. It makes a zero based budge easy. I do not currently utilize the “plus” features but I think the base model is great. If I could change one thing it would be to have a better way to represent savings. Savings, especially in baby step three, is such a focus of the Dave Ramsey plan but it isn’t displayed well in the app. It should have a better connotation then having to use the “money spent” method. Something that feels good! Just a thought for the Ramsey team to consider, but seriously this app is already life changing.
  • Saved thousands of dollars 5/5

    By darth vader was framed
    This budget app has helped my husband and I save thousands of dollars over the years. We have searched for an app that made sense and was easy to use, because if it’s hard to use there was no way we were going to keep up with our budget. Finally, thanks to Dave Ramsey, we got this app and have never looked back. As long as we use it diligently, we always do better financially and we feel in control of our lives a lot more. We don’t even use the paid version, just the free one. Highly recommend!
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By suzanne1151
    Great app. Easy to use. Helps you to decide what to do with your money instead of looking back at where your money went. Easy to make adjustments as the month goes on.
  • Mac rover 2/5

    By Purple ldy
    The app is easy to use. It’s a monthly app, not a semi-monthly which would be helpful. I like that the categories are already established and once an amount is chosen you can a deduct a partial payment and it will calculate and let you know the remaining total for the category. However, once the first check is gone, you would think the remaining monthly total would equal what your last check is. It always shows $700.00 more than my checkbook. Unless I’m doing something wrong.
  • This app is wonderful. 5/5

    By Daniel Fenlason
    This app has helped me pay off more that 15,000 in debt. Thank you Dave Ramsey for giving this away for free.
  • The missing link 5/5

    By Yanksgrl25
    This is exactly what I needed in addition to my budget spreadsheet. I subscribe to EveryDollar plus and it is absolutely worth it! Don’t know how I lived my life before this because I haven’t used a paper check register in quite some time.
  • Nice App 4/5

    By mldjr
    I’ve realized that the more you use the app the more you get into it and you really do see where your money has been going and you can redirect it to the right place. Only reason it is not 5 star review is because you can’t absolutely do everything on the app that you can on the website on a Mac or PC so that can be inconvenient (minor). I had an issue with my income being incorrect and the glitch was fixed within a couple days. You just have to use the help feature. The $10 is worth every penny for the benefit of money you save from using this budgeting tool and to me is not a factor in the grand scheme of things when trying to fix your financial situation even with a tight budget. Once you get a hang of it nobody says if you find a way to maintain your budget another way that you can’t cancel the subscription. You will still have most of the features you need with the free version. I feel like to expect this to all be free and not have to pay for this convenience that this gives you would be a bit a sense of entitlement. Not a good trait. Pay the 10 bucks and use the heck out of it.
  • Best Budgeting App 5/5

    By azsandslinger
    Disclaimer: I am a Dave Ramsey fan That said, this app is really no frills. It’s simple and the interface is easy to use. Exactly what someone wants. From the beginner to the elaborate spreadsheet user, it will cover your bases in an easy to read format. I only have 2 cons. You cannot move items between categories. Simply put; if you have “laundry” in the “household” category and want it in the “Lifestyle” category; you cannot just drag and drop it. The other is keeping a running total in the Debt category. You CAN see this on the PC web-based version but not in the app. It’s important to note that if you go to the web-based page on your mobile device, this is ALSO limited. You have to log into it via a real PC to see these features.
  • Awesome to keep your finances in order 5/5

    By Bberg77
    Awesome app and is so easy to use
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By Impressed T this app!!!
    This is an awesome application that works seamlessly with the online version on our laptop. This has helped my wife and I to make live changes as it’s happening and both of us be able to know immediately. I don’t know if it already exists, but it would be nice to be able to set reminders for credits that need to be made during the budgeted time parameters. I have highly recommended this app to friends and family.
  • I use this every day! 5/5

    By Yeniyen
    Thanks to this app I finally know exactly how to make my money do what I want it to and see the areas I tend to lose control in.
  • nice app 4/5

    By ChristFollower002
    Nice app, but could you please make this app iPad supported in landscape mode? Also the font in the budget seems a bit small and faint to me.
  • Thanks Dave Ramsey Group 5/5

    By Dave the man,
    This app helped my wife and I keep track of our finances. While we haven’t synced our bank account the app helps track finances without issues.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By JonniegGBHD
    The idea of this app is wonderful. The execution not so much. Keeping me logged in to my bank would be nice. Especially for the price. I have not seen an app that has more problems with banking logins ever. I can login in to my bank on any other app or on the bank website with absolute certainty and then come right over to this app using same info and it won’t let me login. It has not worked right from day one and it’s very frustrating. I have sent multiple requests for help and the only answers I get are make sure your password is correct or we experienced an outage it will be back up soon. Nope! Still nothing! If you are going to be charging $99 a year and the only difference is adding my bank it should probably let me add my bank. As of right now I have not paid directly for this service. It came as a part of the FPU package. But I will not be going forward with this service after the first year unless I see major improvements to the only feature you pay for. 1 Star for look and feel. 1 Star for concept 1 Star for mostly keeping me on budget -1 Star for not functioning properly -1 Star for price tag at $99 per year when the idea is remove unnecessary spending during baby step 2
  • App not updated to new version and duplicating downloaded transactions 1/5

    By per1111111
    Problem with app. No check for update button. Also it is taking too long to download transactions and duplicating transactions that have already downloaded and been tracked when going drown desktop website to mobile app.
  • Deleted items 2/5

    By sookasin
    I do not want to see my deleted transactions. Please add an option to not show them because honestly I don’t need to see a transaction I deleted back in March because I accidentally made a duplicate of it
  • Inaccurate imports/Duplicate transactions 1/5

    By kavaXtreme
    At $99, the paid plan is not cheap but was worth it to me to get my transactions imported automatically, making it easier for me to stay on top of my finances. However I’ve had problems at least twice with duplicate batches of transactions being imported. The first time I let it go, hoping it was an anomaly. It was fine for many months until it happened again last week. Support was unapologetic and unhelpful, and apparently it needs it to happen a third time so I can get them the right combo of screenshots before their development team can even look at it. Considering there are other apps like Pocket Guard that not only offer free transaction imports but better reports, I can’t recommend EverDollar.
  • Not worth paying for 3/5

    By KrissygiflH
    Free version is great! I love how it helps me stay on track with my budget! The upgrade that connects to my bank account is EXTREMELY disappointing. I enrolled in FPU and the upgrade comes free do a year. I’m disappointed that the app never connects with my bank properly. It will work for a day, then it’ll have problems connecting. It will take days for my transactions to show up so it’s easier to pretend that I don’t have the upgrade. I’ve contacted the support desk for help three times and the issue still hasn’t been resolved.
  • Great for budgeting! 5/5

    By Nevada_775
    I’ve tried many budget apps before but always left them due to the fact it was too much of a Haarlem to manually input transactions ect. EveryDollar connects to your bank account (most of the time:/) and loads the transactions in for you to sort! This makes is so easy to track and plan your spending habits! Can’t imagine not using it!
  • Some good stuff 5/5

    By Cedertree
    Some good stuff
  • Small banks 1/5

    By Smart Link Crashes
    Does not work with small banks.

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