EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

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  • Current Version: 2021.11.23
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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money App

At over 3,000,000 downloads, EveryDollar has helped millions of people take control of their money, and it can help you too. Stop wondering where all your money goes every month and start telling it where to go with the world’s best budgeting app. EveryDollar takes the stress out of budgeting and makes it easy to make a plan for your money (and actually stick to it for once). Create your budget in less than 10 minutes. Customize budget categories, track expenses, set up savings funds—and more. Whether you’re saving money, paying off debt, or just making sure all the bills get paid, EveryDollar’s got your back. Using a zero-based budgeting method, it gives every dollar a job (get it—every dollar) so you’re getting the most out of your money. And when you start giving every dollar a job, you’ll realize how much more money you really have—it’ll feel like you got a raise. In fact, the average budgeter finds $332 in their first month of using EveryDollar! That’s working smarter not harder. Upgrade and Get the All-In-One Money Plan Upgrade to the paid version to connect your bank to your budget, automatically track transactions, get custom reports on your spending and more. Plus, you’ll get access to all of the apps in Ramsey+, including the BabySteps progress tracker and the FinancialPeace learning app. Upgrade anytime or start a free trial. Key Free Features: Budget — Create your custom monthly budget in minutes. — Set up savings funds for goals and larger expenses. — Access your budget through the app or a desktop browser. — Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month to keep up with real life. — Create custom budget categories. Track Expenses — Track spending on the go. — Split expenses across multiple budget items. — Check on spent and remaining amounts at a glance. Connect With Service and Savings Experts — Find trustworthy experts in real estate, insurance and tax services through our Endorsed Local Providers program. — Ditch third-party advertisements, because EveryDollar doesn’t play that way. Upgrade for Exclusive Ramsey+ Features: — Connect to your bank so transactions automatically stream into your budget. — View your account balance in the app. — Get priority and callback support. — Unlock access to the BabySteps app to track progress on your financial goals. — Unlock access to the FinancialPeace app and watch any of our personal finance courses, including Financial Peace University. Show your money you’re the one in charge. Download EveryDollar today. Privacy Policy: https://policies.ramseysolutions.net/privacy-policy Terms of Use: https://policies.ramseysolutions.net/terms-of-use

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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money app reviews

  • Not great user experience 3/5

    By Very happy user 007
    I use this app a lot, and given the high credentials it’s surprising that there are some very simple UX problems in it. For a few months we were stuck with a date picker the link for which was hidden in the bottom left corner, outside of the regular screen space that you look at. Now, they fixed it to be a regular scroll, but it doesn’t tell you days of the week? And you won’t be forgiven for making any mistakes – deleting any transaction will result in it following you month after month, because there’s no way to empty out the “trash”, so the Deleted bin pops up at the top of every transaction list, reminding you that you logged that sushi charge twice that one time in August. I don’t want new features, I want features that are well thought out and usable. It feels like the interface changes every few months but no better experience is achieved.
  • Missing Transactions 2/5

    By Mark Picozzi
    Using Plus account; paid version. I hate to ding this app, but its broken. For the past several months, I have documented missing transactions across several bank accounts with EveryDollar tech support. Dave, if you are reading this, see tickets 457349 and 438376. Sept 2021 — 4 line items missing Oct 2021 — 7 line items missing Nov 2021 — 6 line items missing No rhyme or reason to what doesn’t sync up. The transactions are clearly visible in my Wells Fargo account. I am now left with manually reviewing every bank line item and seeing if its in EveryDollar or not.
  • Performance Issues 2/5

    By EtaXi
    I’ve used this app for a few years and love it. One of the recent updates makes the performance of moving transactions to a budget painfully SLOW. Easily a five star app if they correct the issues soon. Otherwise it’s a deal breaker for me and will be forced to leave.
  • Best Budgeting App Out There 5/5

    By Scotty_l_nelson
    This budgeting app is honestly the most intuitive and user friendly budgeting app out there. Everything from graphic design to general functionality is on point. And it continues to get better. I wish the baby steps were better integrated into the every dollar budget app so that they could more easily be tracked in the month to month budgeting process. But if that’s the only issue here, then we’re Gucci. Thank you Dave and team!
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By The Aceman
    This is a great app! I love knowing where the money is going. Creating a budget is so easy! If I could ask for 1 thing it would be the ability to use this app in landscape mode. I find that I don’t use this app on my iPad as much because it doesn’t support landscape mode. That is the only thing I would add to this already great app! Keep up the good work Dave and crew! Updated! The app is awesome in landscape made! Thank you!
  • Love the Dave Ramsey system but the app is awful 1/5

    By nelllime
    I did all year subscription to Ramsey+ as I’ve been using the system and going back-and-forth between other tracking services and spreadsheets. I hope that this due to all the hype about being such a great app for tracking would be worthwhile. Unfortunately I think it’s one of the worst ones I’ve encountered. It does not allow you to see category budgets, budget by percentages, categorize by personal or business expense including what taxable category it falls under. It also does not allow you to do basic features such as have all your expenses and payments actually show up as only a few of them do. When looking up on their website about those issues with the app they just have an article explaining how most people cringe and put up with it and do not plan on fixing the issues. For how much I respect the company and the system I’m very disappointed with this app and I would give it a D minus if I was grading it.
  • Huge Help 5/5

    By Captain America #hot
    The app has been huge for us in terms of getting our money in order. There are a few functions that I wish were a little bit more smooth. For example, I wish that when you change the date of transaction for a purchase that it would automatically put that into the appropriate month. Now you have to be in the right month’s budget when you are dispositioning transactions out to the right budget items in order to have it count towards the month you want. Still trying to get a knack for how to make my budget work, and fitting it in with the every dollar system. But we have loved feeling more in control.
  • App Performance Issue 2/5

    By gat3keepr
    This app is getting really bad performance wise. Dragging transactions into budgets is so janky and the scrolling is so choppy.
  • Improvement suggestions | Password protection. 5/5

    By C.J Nwolisa
    Everydollar budgeting app has been my one and only. An actual answer to my prayer 3 years ago. Is there a feature for night mode on iOS? That will be an awesome add. Also, for some strange reason, the app on my iPhone 13 isn't password protected anymore (used to be but now it just doesn't require the password to open). Is this a common issue or is there something I need to do look at on my device? Thanks.
  • Every dollar app 5/5

    By dolp fan
    I have been greatly helped by this in managing my finances.
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By brennfoster
    Paid 130 bucks for premium but the app doesn’t let me use any of the features. Contacted support and they said there’s nothing they can do lol. What a joke
  • Wanted to love it 2/5

    By TXHuskerGirl
    I so wanted to love this, Ive been practicing the DR plan for 12+ years and using an excel doc for budgeting. I’ve had this ap for 5 months, it’s crashed/ updated twice erasing all my budget and transaction data with it or gives 503 errors. In 12 years excel never lost my data. Its nice in theory but needs a lot of work, I can’t recommend this ap.
  • Too many ads lately 4/5

    By Brandini368
    I’ve paid for this service since 2017. It’s a great budgeting tool with an easy design, and it’s overall a phenomenal app. However, recently the number of ads added to the paid, premium service has gotten ridiculous. I counted 4 separate ads as I scrolled down the app through my budgeting categories, and another ad at the top left that’s stationary even as I scroll. This is ridiculous, ugly, and detracts from the usability. I’ll look into YNAB or something else soon if this continues.
  • Not as good as they say 1/5

    By BreakingMe10
    I find this app to be very cumbersome and limited compared to YNAB. I’ll be sticking with YNAB.
  • Hallelujah! 5/5

    By Flipperpool
    I know this word is reserved for spiritual settings, but I think it fits this newest update, so I say praise the Lord and hallelujah and amen for the landscape view on the iPad!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening to our request!
  • Good but still needs work 4/5

    By villebilly7
    I like the app for many reasons including the ease of splitting receipts into categories. What I don’t understand is why at least once a month it asks me to sign in when I just want to make a quick addition. Why should I need to sign in when there is Touch ID? Then if you can’t remember your password (it doesn’t link to iPhone password storage) you are out even more time doing a reset.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By kellydoddy3289
    Every dollar is the most user-friendly zero-sum based budget app that I’ve worked with. I’ve been a dedicated user for over 2.5 years and can definitely say it’s changed the way I approach decisions around our finances and has helped us save thousands of dollars while still feeling the freedom to spend things on what we want to. Highly recommend!
  • Missing Features 3/5

    By languageandexpression
    (1) The initial setup wizard needs to be available at any time, not just when you first start using the app. It’s easier to input information and figure things out with the help of the wizard, and if you quit the app without finishing the initial setup, it makes it difficult to figure out how to get all the right numbers in the right places. There should be an option to go back to the wizard at any time. (2) I also don’t see any information on how to budget for investments in the app. Nothing comes up when you type in “invest” or “investment” in the Help section, and I don’t see any Investments category on the app. (3) I want to be able to separate my budget by pay Period rather than by month. I get paid twice a month, and the app is making it unnecessarily complicated having to figure out how much of my 1st paycheck has been used for various categories and how much is left for those categories out of THIS paycheck. Since I won’t receive my next paycheck for a couple weeks, I do not yet have that money, but the app acts like I do.
  • Dave Ramsey Continues to ruin my life. 5/5

    By reverendleftlane
    Making progress slowly but surely. 😎
  • Great….when it works! 3/5

    By Karismatichick
    The app lately does allow me to sign in, so I’ve had to use the service on my computer. It always says “Something went wrong”.
  • Thank you for bringing back… 5/5

    By AmandaC123NH
    The old spin-a-date! The last version of having to tap the date in the bottom left corner was a pain.
  • Get ready for ads 1/5

    By DigitalNinja
    The app upgraded us to paid version against our will and the barrage of ads is horrible. Every time we want to add a transaction, more abusive adds in our face. The stupid app even messed up our calendar. Whatever day you download this stupid app makes the start of your month. I can’t believe no other reviews mention this. Couldn’t uninstall this garbage fast enough.
  • Best Budgeting App 5/5

    By Cloviolet
    I have used many budgeting apps and found this one to be top of the line
  • Easy to use, wish it had a little more 4/5

    By vaadams20
    I started with YNAB and found it to be less user friendly, so I stuck with this app and really actually enjoy tracking my budget now. I only wish that at the end of the month it offered a budget reconciliation process. It would be a nice feature to carry over unspent funds to the next month or allocate them to a fund, and likewise some budget items run over but the app doesn’t prompt you to make up the difference.
  • Bank transactions take to long to synch with app 3/5

    By Booootz
    Trying out the free trial and really wanted to love this budgeting app. Unfortunately it takes days for the bank transactions to show up on the app. It defeats the purpose of using this app and tracking how much money I have left to spend and in which categories when it’s not even current info since it takes days to synch up. I think I would really like the app if there wasn’t the delay with the bank accounts. Huge bummer!
  • Transactions are missing from Bank upload 3/5

    By Tam Skurnac
    This app has huge potential if it only functioned as planned. It appears not all transactions on current month’s bank account are not all uploading into this app so minus 2 stars for that. I’ll happily provide another 5 star review once there’s confirmation of total data integration.
  • Would love to see... 5/5

    By Sluggo91
    Very nice app. Functionality is excellent. I would love to see a checkbook register incorporated into the app.
  • BEST Budgeting App 5/5

    By S. Merrick
    I have tried a few & after taking Dave’s class, I gave this app a try. It is weirdly addicting!! But the peace of mind it really does give is worth it. Highly recommend
  • Awesome app - missing iPad version 4/5

    By Soccercraze201
    I wish this app had an iPad version to allow for horizontal use. Otherwise I love this app, super easy to use.i love how I can copy and paste budgets month to month and have balances carry over. I do wish that if you add a fund to current month's budget that it would add to next month's budget without having rebuild it.
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By marcusmarroquin
    Crazy overpriced. All the pricing options are overpriced for what you get with all this developer’s apps. Make it more affordable for the people y’all are serving.
  • $120 a year for a membership? Gotta be kidding me 2/5

    By Disssatisfied customer
    That price is reaching
  • Wow 5/5

    By nickname is taken.!!!!!
    Just awesome. Thank you!
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Rflood1
    So helpful and easy. Seeing where your money goes does wonders for creating responsibility in stewarding the gifts you have.
  • Great app just one flaw 4/5

    By Harkaran sawhney
    Love using this app. It has the cleanest and most user friendly interface of all the budgeting apps out there. The ease of adding and removing subcategories is awesome. I have just one complaint. In the premium version, transactions don’t get updated soon enough. It usually takes 3-4 days after the transaction occurs that it flows into the app. This is annoying especially when it comes to expenses like restaurants where I just want to see how much is left in the budget.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Tommybee1987
    It takes time time to budget but it really helps month to month spending and tracking expenses. watch the videos it will help you get started.
  • Helpful but … 4/5

    By Mee54
    It’s not perfect yet, but I like it and it’s been really helpful. However after not accessing the app for awhile, for some reason it is having trouble loading my budget and transactions. It tells me to try again and the same thing happens over and over again. 😕
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Octobop
    I just wrote a review but it disappeared, thankfully I can remove two stars now. Besides not having Touch ID, way too many ads, and freezing, it's crashed on me. If the Ramsey team is so successful perhaps they can afford to build a better service and lay off the ads for people trying to stay on a budget.
  • Pro Version Is Worth It 5/5

    By jjcfish
    Pro version makes budgeting almost fun. Loving the app so far.
  • Good App, But needs some tweaking 4/5

    By Italnstallion99
    I think this app is great, but wish you would have landscape mode for tablets. I have an I-Pad and it would be super helpful. Also, not everyone has debt or has paid it off. You should have the option to remove the debt category. Other than these 2 corks, the app is great
  • Every Dollar and Baby Steps. 5/5

    By Jesus is the Son of God
    Why is the app having trouble syncing. I keep on getting a message unable to load transactions. This has been an ongoing problem
  • Stupid 1/5

    By wcp 2u
    Deletes my stuff all the time and not user friendly
  • Used to be great now it’s good. 4/5

    By Toney Browning
    The app was beautiful and seamless until they recently updated it and put their advertisements across my budget. Now it’s not as nice of an experience. It’s kind of like taking a Lamborghini and slapping a Wonder Bread sticker on it. The app functions phenomenally and I’ll continue to use it for that purpose but I’m so upset about the experience and advertisements.
  • App not working 2/5

    By shhshsjdkfj
    Reinstalled yesterday but app keeps crashing and won’t let me log in anymore..
  • Bank Account linking is terrible 2/5

    By John-acman
    This would be an amazing app if it showed my recent transactions. It takes days sometimes for them to show up.
  • not useful on Mac 2/5

    By Timbofosho
    Except for seeing the titles and dollar amounts, this app is useless on a Mac platform. I have to use my iPhone to do anything or go to the actual website.
  • Needs tagging ability 4/5

    By jbrnch
    The app is great itself, but it seems to cater to people with lump sum incomes. I would love to be able to tie an income to a check or know how much of a particular check I’m spending on a category. For instance: Car Gas Total = $100 Paycheck 1 may have $50 for gas in the car Paycheck 2 has $50 for gas in the car I want to know that I’ve spent $45/$50 on paycheck 1 because I don’t have 2 checks at once just 1 at a time. I could be using the app wrong, but if not please add this.
  • Not free. Wasted my time. 1/5

    By Gonzalez, Rafael.
    They make you answer a LOT of questions and only until the end, they stick you with an outrageous price of 150$ a year
  • From a person in debt 5/5

    By Seemedlikeagoodidea
    I’ve used this app since June after reading Total Money Makeover. With its help I have started gaining control over my spending habits, and next month will be the last that I carry credit card debt! Thanks Dave!
  • budget app 4/5

    By daydreamingincarolina
    Nice budget app for tracking expenses