EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

EveryDollar: Budget Your Money

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  • Current Version: 2022.08.12
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  • Developer: The Lampo Group Incorporated
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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money App

Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Seriously. You just need a budgeting app made with you in mind. That’s EveryDollar. EveryDollar has helped millions of people learn to love budgeting by taking the stress out of planning and managing money. Create your first budget in about 10 minutes. Then customize categories, track expenses, set up savings goals, and more! You can also pay off debt faster, build lasting wealth, and plan for your future. Tell Your Money Where to Go EveryDollar is built on zero-based budgeting. You give every dollar a job to do (see where we got the name?) before the month begins—so your income minus your expenses always equals zero. No complicated percentage-based or “month ahead” planning required—just simple budgeting that puts you in control of your finances. Find and Save More Money When you start to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went, you’ll feel like you got a raise. In fact, budgeters find an average of $332 in their first month using EveryDollar. You can start budgeting with the free version of EveryDollar or unlock the premium version with a free trial. What’s included with the free version of EveryDollar? - Create unlimited budgets on the mobile app or on desktop. - Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month. - Split expenses across multiple budget lines. - Stay on top of spending and see how much cash is remaining each month.  - Manually track transactions. - Check your budget from anywhere. What’s included with the premium version of EveryDollar? - Everything in the free version, plus: - Connect to your bank so transactions automatically stream in straight from your bank account. - Get one-click transaction tracking suggestions (desktop only). - See custom reporting on income and spending habits. - View all your connected account balances in the app. - Export transactions and download as CSV (desktop only). - Fast-track your debt payoff with automatic balance updates. - Get priority callback support from our customer success team. - Set due date reminders three days before a bill is due (mobile app only). Download EveryDollar and start budgeting today. Privacy Policy: https://www.everydollar.com/privacy/plain Terms of Use: https://policies.ramseysolutions.net/terms-of-use/everydollar

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EveryDollar: Budget Your Money app reviews

  • Hate this latest update 8.12.22 3/5

    By pbghost04
    I’ve been using this app for years. This most recent update included a slight visual change as well as how things are inputted. When you need to change a digit in a budget amount, the whole number is highlighted so you either have to drag the highlighted part to what you want changed or remember the amount and type it all again but with the change. When you’re dealing with 7 digits, it can get confusing. They really need to utilize the iPhones swiping feature. I have a pro max and it’s REALLY annoying to have to reach up to the top left corner to go back a screen. ALSO, it NEEDS the option to have things repeat more than monthly!! Quarterly, yearly, and custom would be EXCELLENT to have!
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By Girls zomb
    The App doesn’t connect sign in from Every Dollar to the Ramsey+ account. Please fix the link so it can be used in mobile ! Thank you
  • Worthless update 1/5

    By llgrimm2003
    Used this product for five years, despite gradual disappearance of features behind a paywall. After most recent update I now cannot even login. Time to search for another budget app.
  • Can’t live without it 5/5

    By dw4jesus
    I LOVE EveryDollar because it’s simple and easy to use and now since the paycheck planning/cash flow feature has been added I LOVE it even more!!!! A few features I love: My spouse and I can both have the app at our fingertips and know what is going on in our budget at any given time! How it sinks with our bank. Transactions are easy to assign. It hooks to Ramsey Solutions so we can keep up with our debt snowball. How it enters everything from month to month. Sinking funds are a great what to save up for things you need/want. The graphs are great and helps us see at a glance where our money is going. It definitely changed our way of budgeting and we were able to say good bye to our excel sheet. We just download our monthly EveryDollar budget and keep it in our budget files for a yearly overview. Eddie & Diane Wint
  • Mike 5/5

    By miqgdvr
    The app just hung up on my apple everytime i open it it just froze and dosent let me go to thr account, ive tried re install and refresh but it still wont let me
  • Wortless 1/5

    By gabelex14
    The app keeps crashing. Has no value if you can’t even open the thing
  • One of my most used apps! 5/5

    By MoneyGuy33
    This app has changed my financial life! It’s has taken me from a broke college student when I first downloaded it 6 years ago to financial freedom today. I have only ever used the free version and I find it therapeutic to manually input the transactions so that I have to physically acknowledge where my money is going. There may be “easier” budgeting apps, but this one has treated me well and I’m so thankful for it! Suggestion: If there could be a “master list” of transactions so that you could reconcile it with your bank statements each month that would be helpful. Also, if there was a way to search transactions by merchant or total spent that would be great!
  • Most simple, effective budgeting app I’ve used. 5/5

    By aat1251
    I’ve been using the paid version of this app for a couple years now, and I love it. The structure of how you track spending is logical and easy. Linking to active accounts that pull in your expenses automatically is so worth it. This app helped get me out of debt completely, and continuing to use it with just a quick daily checkin keeps me out of debt and is helping me reach my financial goals! Thank you!!
  • Was a great app 5/5

    By Ftmcoop
    App was working fine until last update. After update I am unable to now configure the debt area in the way that makes sense. This last update allows all other fields to be moved around except the derby section. Please fix, other than that the app is super helpful.
  • More Customization 4/5

    By mugirl33
    I wish it let you customize more! I want to be able to add my own starting balances to the emergency fund and sinking funds. And you should be able to delete categories.
  • Features always being removed from app 1/5

    By Wenxie
    Basic features that used to exist (viewing spending by category) now locked behind paywall. Will definitely be looking for a different budgeting app and switching - would recommend not starting to use this one since features get removed all the time!
  • Great - and I do t have to rewrite my spending plan every month! 5/5

    By Lucyluwhoblue
    I love how my spending plan just transfers over for month month. All I have to do is tweak it. It’s absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny
  • Slowly paywalling even the most basic features 2/5

    By gm284
    To start, this is an amazing budgeting app. Best one out there I think. I’ve no need to pay for the premium version, I’m fine entering my transactions manually. But recently they’ve put more and more basic features behind the premium paywall. Most recently they removed the pie wheel visual breakdown of your planned budget. I feel like soon enough you won’t be able to do ANYTHING on the app without paying. Guess when that happens I’ll be going back to antiquated spreadsheets.
  • Bring back the pie chart! 3/5

    By Janae Ervin
    After the app update from 8/2/2022 the pie chart that was on the main budget dashboard is no more. The pie chart was a great feature that gave percentages of each category in your budget for the month. It was helpful to see what percentage of my income was going toward debt, savings, housing, groceries, etc. Not sure who’s idea it was to remove this feature, but please bring it back!
  • Update is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Sasalovesjoto
    The newly updated app is TERRIBLE! I’ve been using this what used to be amazing app for years!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Refund please!!!!!!!
  • Can’t sign into app with new update 1/5

    By YollieG00
    I love this app and I use it every month for my budget but ever since the new update when you click sign in it takes you to the Ramsey Solution website instead of the app. And then when you click sign in for EveryDollar on the Ramsey Solution website the link redirects you to the Ramsey Solution website again. Please update the sign in link for the app. Thank you.
  • Incorporate iPad multitasking please. 4/5

    By Gibbles!!!!!
    Incorporate iPad multitasking please.
  • They removed its best features for expensive premium 1/5

    By Matt137479
    This app used to be a favorite, one of the first on my home screen. I recommended it to everyone. Now I am looking for other apps. Don’t bother trying this one out, they removed critical features behind a $130+ yearly paywall. It used to have helpful wheel charts and progress bars so you could visually see how things were. Now, they took those out and instead made the interface completely obtuse. If you thought Ramsay cared about us budgeting to ‘get us to a better life’, then why remove features that were important to budgeting? There’s countless free budgeting apps. Skip this one.
  • Latest update is awful !!! 2/5

    By TheSweetpickles
    I have used this app for years and I rely on it like air and coffee. But, the most recent update is the pits. Everything looks off, it doesn’t auto fill with iOS. Some of my transactions look blank, some just say the category. It’s a hot mess. Please don’t “fix” what wasn’t broken !!!
  • Rethink prices 1/5

    By jthm20
    I get it’s a 14 day trial, but the cheapest option is a 3 month plan. That’s ridiculous.
  • Doesn’t connect to any Citi accounts 1/5

    By Sccrgrl1818
    The app would honestly be pretty great but if you have any accounts with CitiBank, it’s worthless. The company is aware of the issue and trying to work it out but if you’re going to pay to use the app you should know ahead of time (& before you put all the work into creating your budget on the app) that it won’t load your transactions from Citi. Huge disappointment.
  • Won’t Open Anymore 1/5

    By kshoe92
    App won’t open since update.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By markmathis
    This app crashes on the load screen 90% of the times I launch it. As a TestFlight user of gazelle it doesn’t inspire confidence in an actual banking app. Come on guys!
  • Interface error 2/5

    By budgeting fanatic
    Interface error, not compatible with my bank (an established credit union). Transactions synced into the app with generic description that does not indicate the merchants, making this entire budgeting process useless as I am not able to categorize the transactions. And yes, I do have the paid premium version. Tech support unable to help as this is an innate problem of the software, so be sure to test it out before you pay for the premium version. I would give 5 star rating if this app works as intended.
  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By Ladi.b
    I love this app when I can actually get into it. If I haven’t gotten into it for a while it has me sign in all over again. Which is fine. But it literally just takes me incircles and doesn’t actually allow me to sign in now.
  • Update = thumbs down!! 1/5

    By Love it! You will too!
    I’ve used this app for nearly 3 years now, and LOVED it! However, this new update has been awful to navigate!! The layout is more difficult to visually follow. The app glitches, vital information about $ spent in different budget categories is GONE?! Only the total amount spent for the month is visible. Pre-saved merchant info from past transactions has been erased and all has to be typed in again. Ads for the premium version are in the way. I personally like manually entering the info myself and noting each transaction. A system simply can’t do that as precisely as I like to keep our financial records. I’m all for new and improved.. but with this one I’m asking to PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION!!
  • Piggy banks! 5/5

    By in denvergoldenarvada
    I love that it lets me save for things and set goals!
  • Freezing lately 5/5

    By Bookertea
    The app has been freezing while opening lately, ever since the new “look”. iOS ***update*** I learned that this was only happening when I was connected to Wi-Fi, which may have been spotty at the time. I turned Wi-Fi off and it loaded fine. GREAT APP!
  • Finnance simplified 5/5

    By firedogz
    They say that mindfulness is key to control forming new habits. With my ADHD brain I couldn’t stick with a habit of keeping up with all my spending for the life of me. When I got EveryDollar It was a game changer for me personally. I could set a budget and as the week went on the app would track my purchases (with the premium version). By the weekend I could see what I was wasting my money on. By the end of the month I could see what categories were way over budget and adjust for the following month. A year in now and I’ve never felt so organized in my finances. I’ve saved a lot of money just by knowing where EveryDollar was gonna be.
  • Might be great if o could open it…. 1/5

    By mr geeky gadget
    Every time I go to sign in it just loads indefinitely. I had it sitting there for over a half hour just spinning. I tried opening and closing the app, deleted it and redownloaded it, used cell data, WiFi, someone else’s WiFi, got the whole Ramsey package. Nada. For 3 days I tried everything I could think of. Just spins and won’t load. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Removed Category Totals 2/5

    By tinaroh
    Since the update they removed a core functionality: seeing how much you’ve spent so far in a budget category so far in a month. There’s only the monthly total and the total per each item.
  • Used to be good but downhill trends 1/5

    By Wolfforce1
    Used this app for over 5+ years but with recent changes and upgrades that have only caused me problems with lost information, time spent with customer service, glitches and issues I can no longer recommend this app. The quality has simply dropped over the years and its sad to see. Works ok but proceed with caution as I’m sure you’ll discover your own issues somewhere down the line. Will be looking for a new budgeting app and if you haven’t started your budget journey yet I would recommend the same. Don’t start here.
  • Difficulty connecting to bank 1/5

    By EMK0110
    This app does not stay connected to bank so I miss some of the charges. It’s very frustrating when trying to budget. Talk to their help and if I delete bank and reset I show all my charges show up again. It’s frustrating
  • What is happening to this App? 3/5

    By MesaDepaz
    I’ve been using this app for many years. It has helped me and my family a lot. However, after the last update it all looks and works weird. None of my bank transactions have loaded in a week, I can’t see the colorful charts on top of the app, the app looks unfinished…something is definitely off. I hope the fix it soon!
  • Janky app 1/5

    By prestonmiller91
    This app used to be so good but now it is full of ads to buy the premium stuff. I know they have to make money but it is a little ridiculous. The app is buggy and hardly ever loads. It is such a crippling experience because you put all your finance information in this one location to get peace of mind and a solid budget but then it rarely works. So frustrating
  • I felt like i got a raise 5/5

    By Patti Bardeen
    Telling your money way to do rather than wondering where it went….actually felt like i got a raise after i started paying attention.
  • App not opening 2/5

    By Olwamba
    The app has been working well. However, on this latest update my app cannot open. Just shows the green screen then turns off.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By AshBrooker
    Best budgeting app I’ve ever used. Intuitive, easy to use, and fast.

    By Bborrayo3
    I guess Dave wants to milk his audience as the updates really just removed free features for no other reason than “money” No longer can you see the charts to breakdown your expenses I’ll still use it, but like every feature removed so will the stars on the apps rating
  • The last update ruined it! 2/5

    By MTDanielle
    I’ve used this app for years without an issue. The latest update caused the following issue. Previously I had all my debts in the app listed by due date and actually even titled by due date (ex. 1st House, 3rd Car Payment etc.) the latest update reordered all of my debts out of order. Not by date, title, amount….there is no rhyme or reason. I also have lost ability to click and drag the items into the proper order. I also can’t add and move any new debt category via mobile device. This problem only appears on my mobile device, my desktop version and husband’s linked mobile are normal. Per tech support I have updated all devices, deleted and re-downloaded and updated the app twice, cleared cookies and histories twice and been been 6 rounds with tech support who finally said Idk so I am escalating your issue…..still waiting. The last update made this unusable for me to accurately track things in a timely manner.
  • New Update Not Working 1/5

    By LunarSunshine
    I’ve really loved this app. It’s helped me quite a bit, but this most recent app has caused the log-in to stop working completely. I don’t have access, so I hope they fix this ASAP. Writing a review in hopes to speed things along, as I see that I’m not the only one with this issue. I’m honestly not sure why they keep doing updates. It was working perfectly fine before. It’s been a few weeks, and the login still isn’t working. I’m really bummed right now.
  • App works great, but have problems getting notifications 4/5

    By rocker4435
    The app works great overall. I’ve been using it about 2 years, EveryDollar Plus is worth the money to me. But I don’t ever get the red badge notification on the apple Home Screen to tell me I have budget items to sort unless I open the app, let it refresh, then close it. I would like to know when I have things to sort because when I don’t see the notification on the app it is easy to forget about it for several days and let purchases stack up. I also have trouble signing in on multiple iPhones. If I sign my wife in on her phone and then try to sign in on my phone, it kicks her out on her phone. I also get a message every time I go to sort my purchases that a ton of duplicate transactions have been deleted. I would like the ability to turn this message off as it is annoying and not helpful. Overall the app does what it’s supposed to do and it works great, but I have some small complaints about it.
  • Wish the app worked consistently 3/5

    By Puzzles rock
    I really love this app for budgeting and have used it for over a year. However, the app regularly stops syncing my expenses and accounts and for the past 4 months or so has this error message (“we’ve had to delete 13 expenses”). If the kinks could be worked out, this is a great tool for managing money and having a snap shot of your budget for the month/year.
  • Recent updated version 2/5

    By Rjgreer23
    Go back to the previous version or please fix the app. Each time I select “planned”, “spent”, or “remaining” the app loses my spot on the category I’m on and have to relocated my spot and it takes up way more time than needed.
  • Must have App!! 5/5

    By bozemancats
    Best budgeting app out there. If taken seriously, the EveryDollar app can help you achieve real financial peace.
  • Missing Key Feature 1/5

    By Kmwft
    Overall, the app is beautifully designed and is very user friendly. However, as far as I can find Every Dollar is missing one key feature. According to Every Dollar FAQs “If you get paid in the middle of the month, it’s easiest to set up your budget to cover the next 30 days. So, if you get paid on April 15, that money will cover all your expenses until May 15. Then your May paycheck will take care of everything until June 15, and so on.” BUT you can only budget from the 1st-30th/31st according to there customer service team; making the app much more difficult for people/families that get paid once a month. I would love to know if an adjustable budgeting calendar is on the developers roadmap? I would definitely use that app if I could adjust my budgeting calendar; until then the app is unusable for people that get paid once a month and in the middle of the month.
  • Used to be a great app 2/5

    By XtianGirl
    I have used this app for years and the last update completely broke it. My banks won’t sync any longer. They used to work fine and now I’m being told it’s my bank’s fault. Really? Every one of my banks broke their functionality all at the same time as your update that broke a bunch of other things? Apple Card isn’t available to set up. I love Dave and have listened to him for years and I don’t need the other features of Ramsey plus. I need my banks to sync. I wish I had never paid for this. Going back to Mint where all my banks still sync.
  • Happy Wife 5/5

    By robdreiss
    Thank you so much for this app. This is the first app we both enjoy using. We have tried many different apps, software, homemade spreadsheets all failed. Ever Dollar is easy, through and understandable for the both of us. Thank you again
  • Please bring back category percentages! 1/5

    By Okoooooollllooookk
    The removal of the feature that allowed one to see percentages of MONTHLY amount budgeted/spent to different categories has really decreased the usefulness for me. That was a feature that differentiated this app from the slew of others that are cheaper.