EveryPlate: Cooking Simplified

EveryPlate: Cooking Simplified

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EveryPlate: Cooking Simplified App

The EveryPlate app makes managing your meal plan as simple as cooking an EveryPlate recipe! Check out what's coming up on the menu, select the tasty dinners you want to cook, and access your past recipes all with just a simple tap. Plus, you can skip a week or pause your meal plan at any time. Really! EveryPlate is the smarter meal plan, offering value for money you won’t find at the supermarket. Enjoy everything you need to cook up tasty meals delivered to your door. And with our four-step recipes, you keep your weekly menu fuss free and simple. It’s a win-win! With up to 20 recipes on the menu each week, EveryPlate is your own personal meal planner. Cook up a new recipe every night or enjoy your favourites on repeat. And with new custom recipe features, there's more ways than ever to make EveryPlate yours! HOW DOES EVERYPLATE WORK? 1. Choose your meal plan: Pick the perfect meal plan for you. From as little as 3 to as many as 6 recipes per week, it's simple to pick the perfect box size for your household. 2. Select your recipes: With up to 20 recipes to choose from each week, it's easy to cook up something everyone will love. Need something fast? Try our Speedy recipes for meals ready in 20 minutes. Or pick a crowd-pleaser with our Monthly Fave recipe. Each week's menu is available in advance, so you can get your meal plan sorted ahead of time. 3. We deliver your menu: No need to do the groceries, we deliver all the ingredients you need for your chosen recipes. Everything is pre-portioned, meaning there’s no waste or fuss. 4. Get cooking: Enjoy cooking smarter with four-step recipes and minimal mess. So you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love. Plus, you can skip a week or pause your meal plan at any time. WHY EVERYPLATE? EveryPlate helps you cook up tasty recipes without the fuss. So you enjoy the satisfaction of dinner - done. With simple recipes and quality ingredients delivered, you save time and money at the supermarket. Tasty cooking without the hassle. Great Value: Cook smarter with value for money you won’t find at the supermarket. Enjoy everything you need to cook up tasty recipes, delivered to your door. Meal plans starting at just $3.98 per plate. Simple Cooking: Who said tasty had to be complicated? Get back to basics with familiar ingredients, four-step recipes and fuss-free cooking methods. Organise your meal plan in advance and stress less about what’s for dinner. Tasty Recipes: Enjoy up to 20 recipes on the menu each week including vegetarian and classic options. Treat yourself to an extra-fancy meal with our Premium recipe options or cook a dish up fast with our Speedy recipes. With so many menu options to choose from, it’s like having a meal planner in your pocket! EVERYPLATE APP FEATURES Pick your recipes: Organise your meal plan and view the weekly menu in advance. Select your favourite recipes and add any extra meals if needed. View previous recipes: Cook up your old favourites with our in-app cookbook. View past menus, recipe ingredients and cooking steps. Manage your meal plan: Skip a week or pause your meal plan at any time. Change the number of recipes you receive or manage your menu preferences. Edit delivery and payment settings. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

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EveryPlate: Cooking Simplified app reviews

  • Packaging 3/5

    By rfdd CC bmig
    The meat packages leak and make a mess in my refrigerator. I have to place then in a baggie every time. They need to Upgrade the meat packages. .
  • Great More Affordable Option to Hello Fresh 4/5

    By Applauce
    I originally went with Hello Fresh because I’m not good at cooking and I didn’t know of any others beyond Blue Apron (which seemed like the more gourmet option). I loved the food options and was really good at making them, but it was starting to become too expensive for me. Then I saw someone else in my building had bought this, EveryPlate. So I looked it up and saw how cheap it was, and immediately switched to it. It’s definitely a LOT cheaper than Hello Fresh (but still owned by them, I didn’t even know at first). The recipes are almost exactly the same (maybe a few different ingredients here and there) and the instructions are practically identical. The one key difference that I don’t like is that they don’t separate the ingredients by meal in the box they ship everything in. All of the ingredients are loose. So I have to sit and separate them out by hand when it arrives. It’s not TOO much of a big deal though, for about $30 cheaper, I don’t really mind too much. As long as everything’s there. I’ll buy my own little paper bags to sort them into for a couple of dollars. I have noticed though that my ingredients have been off. Firstly, I may have messed up when cooking with my first box. Usually with Hello Fresh, when I want to order 2 servings of a meal twice, I can do so easily and they come in two separate bags. But because the ingredients aren’t separated here, I got mixed up and may have used too much of some ingredients when I went to make one of my 2 serving meals. But I also got a little confused when initially separating them out because I felt like I might’ve had too much of something. This time was my second box, so I made sure to really pay attention to the recipes and separate them out, being mindful of the one meal I ordered twice. But even after, I had two extra onions, an extra pepper and an extra lime. I even called my boyfriend over to confirm and I was right. This never happened with Hello Fresh, but I don’t think extra ingredients is something to contact support over, so I just need to be extra careful when ordering these. So far though, the quality of the ingredients is not AS good as Hello Fresh, but not bad. And the meals still come out just as tasty. I’m going to stick with this for a while longer because everything negative I have to say about it, isn’t all that bad. I wish they did more advertising for this because I had never heard of it until I saw my neighbor’s box. I would’ve tried this one first.
  • DO NOT ORDER/UPDATE 5 mins later 5/5

    By Di McC
    I have the first weeks ENTIRE BOX in my refrigerator due to the fact of an unexpected illness we had to leave state for. I cancelled the account because this is just not going to be convenient for us. As soon as I did, they CHARGED my act for a box that’s not supposed to be sent until 5 days from now and won’t refund my money. And to top it off I can’t talk to anyone u have to do that nwirh the BOT thing that is of no use. UPDATE I just got done talking to Colby from everyplate and he immediately cancelled and refunded my money for this last box. Not 5 mins after sending a message. Very impressed with customer experience. Have to change to 5 stars even though I still have an unopened box I have not tried.
  • Not great 1/5

    By 102837477738
    Don’t get this if you’re a vegetarian. Very low effort cheap meal options if you’re meat free. Better off buying your own groceries.
  • Tuscan herbed chicken 5/5

    Best pasta dish I’ve ever had
  • Terrible customer service! Lost money!!! They don’t care. 1/5

    By sepbrown555
    Avoid at all costs! I have been using them for a couple months now, and the second box that I received was completely damaged but within less than three minutes over a chat through the app, it was resolved. Today I got a box, that I paid a lot of money for, and received the meat, some tortilla shells and a sauce packet the size of a ketchup packet from a fast food restaurant. No other ingredients and customer service over the chat were no help at all and just kept telling me that it was sad that I was in this situation THAT THEY CAUSED! So basically I’m screwed and I’m gonna have to spend more money now at my local store for ingredients that I’ve already paid for but didn’t receive! So the first time they make a mistake, they’ll correct it and be very nice, but the second time they make a mistake they’re basically just like “screw you, that’s sad to hear.” I’m gonna complain to Better Business Bureau as well because this is absolutely intolerable. You got my money and you’ve got my ingredients I PAID FOR. Don’t even bother with this company!
  • Issues.. 2/5

    By Jay😝
    Meals are delicious, quick, and easy. That is when you get the food to cook. First few weeks were good, after that every single box was missing ingredients or was delivered late so the food was rotten. It was easy to get my money back but I would have preferred no issues in the first place.
  • Not great options 2/5

    By Bncjfjjfjejjf
    Food combos are strange and not family or kid friendly. Lots of the ingredients are cheap. Like zucchini and potato’s… several days a week. Not sure this is really a long term program for me.
  • Super Impressed 5/5

    By Dar2018DHM
    I just finished my 3rd meal for the week and I have loved all the recipes! The food is delicious! I just might fall in love with cooking yet!! :) Since I’m new to cooking, I have realized I need to give myself more time then the cooking card calls for. But that’s not a big deal at all. I just need to plan better. :)
  • Maribeth 5/5

    By Maribeth 2
    My husband and I love EveryPlate. He feels like he now has a gourmet cook in the house and I enjoy not having to figure out what to make for dinner! The food is fresh and great quality.
  • Food is pretty good but very limited recipes 4/5

    By WeirdOwl127
    The food is usually pretty good but the recipes are very limited.
  • Yay! 5/5

    By pds222
    Meals are delicious and actually makes it fun to cook!
  • Great Tasting Meals Cheap!! 4/5

    By Kilz4funn
    My wife and I received our 52 box recently so I figured I’d write an honest review. We started with planed meals a little over a year ago. First we tried Hello Fresh. Meals were good and I was quite impressed. I consider myself a decent cook and I was skeptical. Hello fresh was great, but a little pricey for our budget. So, I went on a search to find an alternative meal box that was similar in quality but less expensive. I found EveryPlate and during my research discovered they were the same company. We decided to give it a shot. The meals were very similar to Hello Fresh. The only difference was the individual meals were not separated into separate bags. ( Big deal I thought.). The price however was almost HALF THE PRICE OF OTHER BOXES. Over the past year We have tried many different recipes. Some better than others, but how do you know unles you try. Some times I doctor them up with my own ingredients around the house. Most of the time they taste great sticking with the directions. I’ve learned quite a few things I never tried before. I also tend to keep my own garlic around because I like a decent amount of it, and sometimes their garlic is small. I’ve had a few times when an ingredient was bad or missing. EveryPlate always made good on a meal credit or refund. I’m understanding that this will happen time to time, but it’s rare. All in all we’re very happy with the service. I love trying new things and it feels a little like going out for dinner every night. (Especially when my wife cooks :). We get 4 meals a week and use them all. I’d recommend Everyplate. Just understand that very rarely you will have to replace an item. I guess that’s just the nature of the business. I usually don’t write reviews, but I thought I should since we’ve used them over a year now. I have a lot of experience with them and I thought I should share it. Hope it helps someone.
  • Rotten vegetables 2/5

    By burkfam
    I keep getting bad vegetables every week. I’m hoping this correct itself really soon
  • Just don’t. 1/5

    By KenzieC38
    Honestly, my husband and I used to love getting EveryPlate. But our last three recent orders have been absolutely unacceptable. All three of the boxes have come absolutely destroyed. When we would get our boxes we couldn’t even hold them because the box was busted apart and the cooling packs have exploded and gotten the gel all over the food. Save your time. It’s not worth it.
  • Fun 4/5

    By been suckered again
    So I’m still pretty new to EveryPlate. This is still a novelty for me and I’m not yet bored with the choices. I have received about four weeks of food. I was getting portions for four. But then our two teenage girls moved out and I’ve dropped our plan down to two portions. It was barely enough for four and always a little insufficient for the two of us. I’ve always cooked food for an army, so this is a big learning curve for me. It feels like we are never going to have quite enough food with these meals, but it’s okay.The recipe cards are great and I’m saving them. I love the colorful pictures and the very easy step-by-step directions. It really saves me the shopping myself for all of these items, the planning and the excess amount were might otherwise have leftover. I’m not throwing away much food.I did make the mistake of buying almost all of the add-ons the first time that I ordered because of the big discount. It was a bit too much and I ended up throwing away some spoiled food. It’s all super tasty! It gets me cooking because I’m motivated to use these meals that I’ve bothered to order and pay for.
  • The recipes are Great but, Vegetables Not Always Fresh 3/5

    By JFKoskey
    I’ve had 18 boxes from Every Plate and they have been great for the most part. I have to complain that many times the vegetables turn soft and unusable before I even get to use them. This is especially true with carrots. If they upgrade their packaging of ingredients, I might be a fan again.
  • LOVING THIS!!!!! 5/5

    By Christy2017
    I’m loving everything about these weekly boxes! Makes my life so much easier! All the meals have been delicious and the portion sizes are perfect! AND My 17-year-old son is inspired to cook dinner for us♥️
  • Soooo good! 5/5

    By Miles' Peppa
    I could eat this every day! Even my picky eater loved it! Nothing to improve here! Perfect!
  • Ok food 2/5

    By jodilee21
    Food is pretty good but our box keeps getting delayed and damaged. Produce is bad within a couple days. Better produce and on time delivery would make my review better.
  • Will take what they can. 1/5

    By Getsome31
    Charged 3 separate denominations when my account was short. Finally got about 15$ for what I’m not sure? After getting some of the money they send me a email stating nothing is going to be delivered and to have a good day. We’ll then why take 15 dollars out of my account when you didn’t get the correct amount in the first place? Go with hello fresh at least they won’t run your account for 3 separate amounts just to get money and then tell you to get bent. Ha legit go with hello fresh never had a billing issue with them.
  • Dinners 5/5

    By Good dinners & easy
    Portion sizes are spot on for the number of people your feeding. Food is fresh. Recipes are good and don’t take a lot of time. No food wasted.
  • Great tasting recipes! 5/5

    By britgirlnv
    But Every Plate has more to me… new blends of flavors, introducing me to fig sauce, Thai Spice Sauce, Tuscany Sauce Blend. Their clear instructions that make me a more flexible cook, and more efficient, are terrific. Not wasting food… since I’m cooking for one just having the exact amount of asparagus. (What am I gonna do with an entire bunch… eventually the half bunch you didn’t need will wilt.) The portions are just right, from the size of the meat servings… 5ounces, to the number of potatoes, and greens. I hope I can keep up with the cooking! It’s not yet something I leap to do; although I do enjoy it while I’m doing it. I’m going to have to see what I was spending in foodstuff before Every Plate. Should be interesting.
  • First time buyer 5/5

    By Thummytx
    Absolutely delicious meals. So easy to put together.
  • Convenient, Affordable, and Delicious! 5/5

    By Trey Marchant
    It’s our second week, and so far we love the meals. And especially love that dinner is much easier. The portions are just right for our family of 4. We are trying dishes we normally would not and are consistently pleasantly surprised.
  • Update mobile app 1/5

    By Sadie Flann
    I absolutely adore every plate, but your app is garbage. I don't understand. Hello fresh app is amazing, and it syncs to the iPad perfectly. Y'all are the same company, so what’s the issue?
  • Restaurant meals 5/5

    By 1962net
    The meals are great. The quality is like eating in a fancy restaurant except I cooked it. Great price, the produce is fresh and meat packaged in a tight seal. Easy to follow recipes. Right amount of ingredients so no left overs in fridge spoiling. 1962net
  • Produce and salmon 5/5

    By green driveway
    Cucumbers for rice bowl were not fresh spoiled quickly Can you tell us how you source your salmon ? Country of origin farm raised vs wild?
  • Tacos were Amazing 5/5

    By hotmoma78
    I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful how everything tasted. Everyone ate it up.
  • Horrible—Would Rate Negative Stars if Possibe 1/5

    By Keri9831
    First loved loved loved the first box. Food was delicious and easy to prepare. Time for the second box (with an upgraded meal choice for my birthday) never got a shipment notification. The app showed as delivered. Went outside, could not find the box anywhere on my property. Contacted customer service and they immediately refunded the box WITHOUT asking how I would prefer a remedy to their system error/mistake (I still wanted the box as it had my birthday meal selection in it). I told the representative I still wanted the box. He/she said they could resend the box but the soonest they could have it delivered was August 26th (today)….again so shipment notification. Contacted customer service again…..the box was not sent. We will credit your account for our second mistake. At this point I’m done. Customer service is not US based and language has been a barrier no matter which way I have attempted to contact them. Ten days without a box, now off to meal plan/grocery shop when I had every hope that this was one chore that could be taken off of my shoulders for a period of time. ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! Skip Hello fresh as they own EveryPlate. Disappointed, irritated, horrible customer service experience. Steer clear.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Ur mom is the bomb
    It’s very convenient and I love not having to shop much. It’s affordable and the food is great. They have many recipes to choose from that change weekly. The produce is always fresh and I haven’t had issues with any missing items. I’ve learned how to cook much better than what I could before using EveryPlate. The receipts are easy to follow and not too time consuming.
  • Very Happy 5/5

    By brit 613
    Great meal service. You can skip when you like and the recipes are amazing 👍
  • Loving the meals! 4/5

    By justgive me a number
    The food has been absolutely wonderful. There were 2 potatoes I had to throw away from my last box. The recipes are wonderful!! 🤩 most aggravating thing is this review will not accept any nicknames I choose..
  • You have to try this one 4/5

    By DeannetteHoffman
    So after trying a few others I decided to try every plate. I like the pricing so I thought why not. I’d had issues with spoiled food, bad deliveries and items missing like my whole meat pack from the other companies. So far every plate has been very consistent. Only item missing was a soy sauce pack. Not a big deal had some in fridge. I love their choice of meals. Even though there is at as many as other companies the flavors that I’m getting are FANTASTIC. tonight we had sausage meatballs with roasted carrots and potato wedges. Let me tell you if you can win my husband over you have made a miracle. He loved this meal. Thank you
  • It is amazing!! 5/5

    By Teag104
    The food I received was pretty fresh and kept cool in this crazy heat!! Only thing I wish they would change is organizing the items into there meal orders that they go with instead of throwing it all in one crate
  • Happy husband 5/5

    By adryengold
    I’ve always wanted to do the grocery shopping and cook a few meals a week for my husband, instead of him always doing the cooking and shopping. Now I can go both!! I just cooked the best meals of my life this week, my husband is blown away!!! Having all the fixings with the recipe is a game changer, so happy to be contributing our relationship with healthy meals. Thank you EveryPlate!!! Adryen
  • Missing items 2/5

    By Rebecca Salvi
    I received my first Every Plate box of meals and was very excited to start cooking. 4 meal ingredients were supposed to be included. I made the Tomato cream chicken linguine which tasted great and all ingredients were available. Went to make pork chops with mushroom sauce and no pork chops included in the box. Most of the potatoes were going bad with black spots and a spongy feel, so about half had to be discarded. I got 3 chicken strip packs so can’t make the one meal. Wasabi missing for the burger meal also. Very disappointed about this. Will give this meal delivery another week to see if all ingredients are included and decide if I want to continue. Rebecca Salvi
  • EveryPlate 4/5

    By Tialisa26
    I have made 12 meals so far and I have loved everyone of them! I like how it also brings me out of my box of what I am picky about! I have not left out o e ingredient and they are delicious!!
  • Nutrition 4/5

    By Bowlegas
    I am curious what the nutrition and calorie intake and carb intake is on these meals how do I get rid of the potatoes I love potatoes but I’m not supposed to eat them on my diet
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By cheiwied
    was looking for a cheaper alternative to HelloFresh because they’ve gotten pricey. figured this would be good since it’s owned by HelloFresh. not at all. I selected my meals in advance and when the box arrived none of the meals selected were in it, instead 3 meals I didn’t want and could not eat due to dietary restrictions. customer service is a hassle. they tried to offer credit instead of a refund. cancelled the subscription, not worth it and wouldn’t recommend.
  • Food is good when arrived on time 3/5

    By Tonio008
    Depending on shipping if your box arrives late you can count that box out. My box didnt come one week it arrived a week later along with my fresh box and smelt awful and left my porch covered in ants almost getting into my good box. Only negative so far.
  • Affordable meal Kia 5/5

    By ChrisPhineas
    Very affordable meal kits. Gets repetitive, unless you by the premium options. Had it for a year and it saved so much money, than going to the grocery store
  • Have Order Issue 2/5

    By ajanetlou
    Have an order issue and app keeps me going in circles as I try to chat with CS
  • Great until it wasn’t 3/5

    By Kaylyn2022
    I’ve had Every Plate for a few months now. In the beginning I loved it. The food was fresh, not too expensive, and I genuinely enjoyed the meals. However in the past few weeks I’ve been having more and more issues with damaged products. I’ve gotten moldy garlic, damaged onions, damaged zucchini, opened meat packages, etc. Customer service is amazing when it comes to reporting any sort of issue and they are more than willing to give you a credit for the damaged items or even a refund. Today was my last box for awhile. I received my EveryPlate box with a piece of chicken that was not even in the package and everything was soaked in chicken juice and ruined. Customer service helped me out and gave me a full refund for my box but I am just getting really sick of having to make customer service reports nearly every week and then having to go to the store to replace whatever was damaged. Summary: I loved it but it’s becoming more of a hassle than a help. Hopefully the food quality will go up in the future and I will gladly order again! The service is great, the price is great, the people are great, but the food stopped being great. Also the app is wonderful and very easy to use/navigate.
  • Just installed - saying network issue 1/5

    By bobdoe2
    First time using everyplate app, fresh install and it looks like it loads, some photos appear then says “There is a network connection problem. Please try again.” I’ve tried closing reopening over and over, but same error. On WiFi at home and there is no network issue. After all, I was able to write this review 🙂
  • Love it 3/5

    By vdhajdjhduusis
    I love EveryPlate the only constructive criticism I have is that the veggie plan could use a little more variety.
  • Smh 1/5

    By trippyboi420
    Im expecting my box today but the email i received won’t let me track it, and the app keeps saying theres a connection error and my internet connection is just fine. I can’t get to the website either this is ridiculous.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Comthruitslit
    Every meal I’ve had has been delicious and the ingredients were fresh. Easy clean up and good size portions
  • Delicious and affordable 5/5

    By texas Lk
    We love Everyplate! We spend about $110 weekly on our box, and my husband and kids love the variety and flavors. This is an affordable meal kit, which is very sustainable financially and that was important to me.